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  1. Cryomancy All those who obtain power fear that the same cycle will cause them to lose that power in due time. Cryomancers study the metaphysical forces of stagnation and stillness to cement any power they achieve. By stagnating the Force and preventing natural cycles from occurring, the cryomancer creates a frozen well of power to draw upon. This methodology is extremely corrupting, leaving the Sith with a doll-like appearance, with their skin becoming pale and rigid, and over time cracking to reveal black ichor underneath. Cryomancers are able to solidify the souls of sacrifices and defeated enemies into a material called soulfrost, which they use to construct labyrinthine citadels. These sorcerers readily support the Sith war effort and slave trade so that they may easily obtain the resources to expand their domains. As cryomancers prefer to spend most of their time in their frozen lairs, many of them amass great archives to both pass the time and to entice other Sith to perform tasks for them in exchange for access to their archives. While cryomancers don’t use traditional Sith sorcerer powers, their ideology is incredibly Sith oriented. This disparity is a good pick for new players upon reaching lord rank, as apprentices may have trouble acquiring the resources needed to make this disparity shine, but the concepts of it are easy to learn. Cryomancy spells and rituals Creeping Doom: The cryomancer conjures metastasizing ice crystals on the ground and walls that expand and try to envelop the sorcerer’s enemies. The ice hates heat, life, and motion, and wants to silence it all in its smothering embrace. Anyone caught in the expanding ice is in for a slow and painful death as it entombs them and saps their life force while cutting off their oxygen. Enemies killed this way find their final agonies preserved for the cryomancer to add to their collection. This spell requires continued focus for the ice to expand, and should be used more as a means to force enemies out of cover like a fragmentation grenade than a stand alone threat. A wise lord uses the downfall of others to gild their own throne. A victory not capitalized on in full is a wasteful, thrashing bout of foolishness. Hope Denied: With a great inhalation the cryomancer sucks the life, heat, and energy out of the area in front of him, leaving only cold misery behind. While not a lethal spell, it can effectively shut down any build up of energies by enemies and leaves those afflicted open to a pressed attack. What is the strength of a lord who cannot hold to their own power? Hope and courage tremble and flee at the coming of my desolation. Glare of Cruel Disdain: The cryomancer attempts to overwhelm an enemy that they can see with unnatural chill, trying to shatter focus and disrupt aim. Limbs seize and tremble, resisting the will of their owners. It doesn’t matter how right you feel, or what you think is at stake when you strike at me, in the end your fate will be the fate of all fools. Garland of Winter Blossoms: While the cryomancers prefer their frozen kingdoms to the light and lustre of the outside world, they are not always immune to the charms of its inhabitants. This ritual is equal parts binding ceremony and indoctrination, a mockery of the institution of marriage, and turns the victim into little more than a blankly staring puppet. The sole respite for any victim to this ritual is that the cold no longer affects them, but that’s hardly any consolation for the half life that they must endure. Stripped of personal will, infected by the sorcerer’s own darkness, and forced to watch themselves obey the sorcerer’s every command as if in some suspended nightmare dreamstate, these cursed individuals quickly go mad while also being consumed by Dark Side corruption. People of considerable will find the ritual instead targeting their grip on reality, driving them into a delusional state that rationalizes their obedience to and obsession with the Sith that bound them. (Intended for use on NPCs, PCs require direct consent) In time all creation will be frozen belike your heart, and the rule of our sovereign desolation will be undeniable. Unlike our misguided kin the dichotomy of light and dark does not suit me, so I will remake creation as I see fit. The Jedi were right to pick a side in an attempt to make it prevail, they just picked the wrong one. Throne of Oppression: This cryomantic ritual is core to the beliefs of the cryomancers and begins the journey of their greatest works. Upon gathering enough souls to sculpt the necessary soulfrost, the cryomancer crafts the central heart of a new frozen temple. No cryomancer has ever truly finished their grand artifice, as their ambition is boundless, but to an observer these temples swell to hauntingly grandiose proportions. This ritual is the source of the unnatural chill that perpetuates the soulfrost structure, and a necessity to creating any kind of permanent layout. The darkness that emanates from the throne is so suffocating that the light cannot reach it from beyond its walls, attempts to disrupt the ritual must be made from within the throne chamber itself. In long lost Ryllacethos a forgotten princess sits a frozen throne. She bides her time plotting as she awaits the return of her intended with a gift worthy of her hand in marriage. Upon her necklace is set the frozen heart of an ancient flame, and empty rings await its last few embers. Crown of Desolation: Another ritual for cementing power, the crown of desolation creates a mystical link between the cryomancer and their temple allowing them to channel the bitter cold into the world around them. At this point the cryomancer has internalized the stillness and is unaffected by cold and can move unhindered across ice and snow, however the ravages of the Dark Side feed on the festering power of stagnation, twisting and ravaging the cryomancer’s body. There is no lasting escape from this, as even if the cryomancer steals the body of another, deformity will rapidly consume the new shell. Cryomancers that choose to embrace this power find their ability to excel in the physical techniques of the warrior and assassin paths hobbled, and powers from those paths based on strength, endurance, and agility are treated as being performed as a rank lower, and master level physical powers become unavailable. A cryomancer with this power that is using cryomancy with no weapons drawn or readied and is focusing entirely on cryomancy spells treats their attacks as being a mastery level more powerful. In battle the cryomancer becomes a fount of bitter cold, sapping the life out of those around them and inflicting painful (but not lethal for PCs or tactical NPCs) harm to any that stay in the aura for too long (Like all cryomancy spells, this is not an attack that absorbs the energies/life that is lost). A cryomancer doesn’t kill their enemies, they wait for them to inevitably die. When the cryomancers earned the favor of an ancient Dark Lord for averting a foretold doom, they sought the boon of forming a new dynasty to cement their future place in the order. The Dark Lord’s son gifted their chosen sorceress with a ring that made her the fairest to gaze upon, and she treasured this token and would spend long hours gazing at her illusory beauty in a mirror. In truth, her visage had been so twisted by corruption that none could bear to look at it. Shrieking Wail of the Accursed: The Cryomancer shatters a soulfrost talisman to unleash the tormented souls bound within. Driven mad by their confinement the souls scream in agony as they streak through the air, rupturing eardrums and emanating chaotic energies to disrupt the light. Curse of Hollowing Despair: Unsealing a crystal phial, the cryomancer releases a miasma of distilled despair that clings to any living or powered things that it touches, sapping away both emotional and technological energy. Victims of the curse suffer immediate severe depression and apathy, and machines afflicted by it struggle to function on the barest minimum of power. The cone of effect is short but broad, reaching ten feet away from the sorcerer but spreading thirty feet wide. Curse of Howling Agony: Opening a bottle of purely refined agony, the cryomancer unleashes a narrow vortex of freezing winds and razor sharp ice crystals. Anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the trajectory of the curse is swarmed by the ice crystals relentlessly while being slammed back by one hundred fifty mile per hour winds. The cursed ice shards crawl over the bodies of the accursed, flaying but not killing them. The area of effect for this vortex is five feet wide and eighty feet long. Curse of Weeping Regret: Shattering a bottle with a fat belly and slender neck, the cryomancer releases an oily concoction of shame, self loathing, and regret. The hydra-like unguent substance spreads out to a radius of fifteen feet, entangling and affixing itself to anyone unlucky enough to be in range. While it can feed off of a target’s own negative emotions and psychological burdens, it is also able to infect victims with the inner darkness used to create it. In these cases, the victim experiences the alien memories and feelings as if they were their own dark secrets. Malevolence of Eternities: Within the halls of a cryomancer’s abode, the walls do occasionally weep a distillate of suffering that collects in torpid pools in the depths. These wells of curse laden water are used by the cryomancers as an unholy medium for the creation of limnal blades that carve frozen paths through the air, freezing joints and turning armor brittle with a touch. Victims that have survived being struck by a limnal weapon have reported feelings of extreme numbness, apathy, and despair, along with energies of both a physical and spiritual nature being sapped away. Limnal blades are so potent in their purpose that they cannot be wielded by someone wearing metal or powered armor without the armor ceasing to function. A limnal blade can serve as a conduit for the cryomancer to channel preternatural cold into surfaces and inanimate objects, but with significantly less efficiency than a Stillblade.(These weapons do not in any way store or absorb energy, they only bleed away the energies of the enemies and objects that they strike) The same misery wept waters can be used to treat textiles and metals for armor, although only Sith warriors have the stamina and strength to effectively battle in a full suit of cursed Sith steel armor, making such things a common item of trade between the two castes. Both forms of armor sap the energy and momentum of attacks, in particular ranged attacks, but only the metal variant offers significant protection from melee strikes. Attempts to wield both limnal blades and cursed steel armor have been fatal at best, with the sum energies overwhelming and killing anyone that has tried. (This statement is not meant to be read as a way for your character to show how amazing he or she is at mastering the Dark Side, it’s a warning that you will die if you attempt it, and the other Sith will point and laugh at you.) Stillblade Chrysalis: Using profane sorceries and offering up foul sacrifices, the cryomancer denatures a lightsaber crystal to create a darkness that devours rather than a light that blazes. Often one of the first steps that a new cryomancer takes on the path, the weapon becomes a focusing conduit for their inner darkness. While activated, frost crawls across every nearby inanimate surface, and freezing mists emanate from the cryomancer, partially obscuring their outline and movements. If used with Crown of Desolation, the cold is significant enough to blot out thermal vision. If used with Darkness Reigns, the cryomancer is treated as being a rank higher. The cryomancer must be actively wielding an activated Stillblade to gain these benefits. As a weapon, Stillblades are interchangeable with lightsabers in terms of damage and materials that are resistant to lightsabers. Casual Dismissal: The cryomancer conjures a spear of ice, either from water in the air, a nearby body of water, or souls, and uses it to strike down an enemy, preferably while they are restrained by ice or otherwise incapacitated. While the cryomancer is capable of making the spear travel quickly, they often prefer to make the attack appear effortless like the name suggests while they put down defeated foes. The penetrative power that a cryomancer can muster depends on their rank as a Sith, but the attack must always be a single spear that originates from the cryomancer's general area. It is not a fire and forget attack, requiring dedicated focus throughout the spell, but in return this makes the attack significantly harder to deflect or redirect through counter TK. Deny the Coward: The cryomancer can slowly seal off doors, tunnels, or hallways with soulfrost walls. The creation of these obstacles is too slow to be useful as an effective mid duel defensive move against attacks. Maw of Inevitability: The frozen surfaces around the cryomancer metastasize sharp spikes like teeth, creating a plethora of deadly traps for drained and weakened enemies to be driven into. Tyranny of Winter: A cryomancy ritual of intricate invocations and complex sigils, this is the cryomancer’s answer to enemies that would try to press them with hordes of troops and mechanized assaults. The battlefield is consumed by a blanket of white and visibility dwindles to nothingness as bitter winds and snowfall obscure all vision. Superstorms meander through the blizzard flash freezing anything caught in their eyes. Infantry are forced to take cover or freeze to death, and machines find their inner workings failing in the extreme cold. While the cryomancer is channeling this spell they cannot leave the ritual area or hide their Force presence in any way. The storms cannot be used to target specific PCs or NPCs, think of the spell as a means for mass suppression of armies rather than a way to snipe high value targets. Darkness Reigns: Cryomancers can choose to manifest their TK as a blast of freezing winds. Upon reaching the rank of Lord, the winds are able to persist for a few seconds beyond the initial blast. At master rank the winds become a persistent channeled effect, ending only when the master loses concentration or chooses to end the effect. A master that is using a Stillblade or Crown of Desolation’s unarmed power boosting option can treat the use and upkeep of this spell as an innate passive ability.
  2. Cut off from her access to the Dark Side, and untrained in the Light Side to any degree that could charitably be referred to as proficient, Ailbasí did what she could to at least reorient the attacks to land parallel instead of perpendicularly. The arrow shafts shattered on her armor, but the stilettos struck with ruinous force even on their sides, and one that had remained unturned pierced through near her shoulder. The fire that the attacks burned with could no longer find any purchase on her soul, having already let go of the Darkness within. She didn’t even have a weapon drawn. Maybe it was the severe trauma, burns, and blood loss talking, but she could swear that she felt strange alchemies within her, the transfiguration of fire and blood resulting from the transgressive use of holy flame on someone who had chosen a new path… or at least had abandoned the old one. She didn’t know what the future held. Maybe her story ended here, after all, her connection to the Dark Side was gone, so there was no guarantee of a repeat of what happened the last time that she had died. She could find some measure of acceptance with that, she just hoped that if that was the case somebody else could put down this monster before it hurt more people. ((Closing Defense))
  3. Nyrys grinned behind her mask, thrilled to have such a capable opponent. Every challenge was an opportunity to improve one’s measure, and the greater the adversary, the more a warrior was forced to grow. Or perish. This one would be a boon to Nyrys’s reputation if she could be put down. Trusting in her skill, the warrior let her blade leave her hands, sending it into the dirt with explosive force behind the Jedi. This freed her body to move significantly faster, and she evaded the thrust spear tip by twisting her torso sideways which progressed into a roll away from the Jedi. She felt the Jedi trying to burn away her darkness from within, and rather than flee from it she spiritually leaned in on the attack. Fire burned indiscriminately, and the connection between the two put her enemy’s own wrath and hunger within range to be set ablaze with equal conviction. She could feel her own appetite for the consumption of mortal flesh slipping away, and while it limited her power, that desire had always seemed… alien to her, having never been particularly gluttonous before she became a Sith. Perhaps it had been imbued upon her by her first master, Sheog, who was known for his cannibalistic gluttony. She wanted to lash out at her enemy, to destroy the Jedi in an overwhelming display of force, but she had grown so much since her earlier days of recklessly charging every obstacle head on with her newfound power. A direct confrontation of strength and spiritual power would be foolish and just playing into the hands of her opponent, she needed a different approach. So she put aside her own passions and propelled herself back into the miasma of smoke and flame that was enveloping the field. Neither light or dark, but a being of dusk. She had hated the weakness that had defined her old life, and in the clarity of the flames that burned her hunger, she realized that she could not excuse away the sins of the strength that had defined her new life. “You need me to fight to justify the sickness that you’ve been nurturing inside of you. Because the more monstrous I am, the more excuses you can make to feed your own pfasked up delusions that what you are doing is necessary. But the truth is you’re just as broken as I am, trying to force some measure of control on a galaxy that is beyond anyone’s ability to rein in. I am not your villain.” Phantoms of past versions of herself gathered around her, snapshots of her in times of weakness and strength, and she broke the chains to each of them in turn, until only her new truth remained. The ghostly figures each had a measure of the Jedi’s flame blossoming within them until they each became a pyre. They surrounded and closed in on the Jedi with haunting deliberation, each one a torchbearer of the exorcist’s own hypocrisy, conjured to bring her own flame back to roost. Even as they left her, Nyrys knew that she wasn’t alone, the memories of her family that she carried with her were more than just her last moments, and they stood by her through vengeance and forgiveness, because that’s what family did. “I no longer need them, but I think that you still do, so hack away at the shadows of the past if it suits you. When the fires die, there will still be enough of me left to go on living. I wonder if the same can be said about you?” ((3))
  4. A two pronged attack was being hurled Nyrys’s way, making her thankful that she had not simply charged in. This allowed her to pick her poison, so to speak, and that was an easy choice. Most Force wielding duelists used their powers of telekinesis to move objects and other people, but assassins were taught to think about applications of the Force in unconventional ways. Of the two choices, the fire was by far favorable to the puncturing bite of the stiletto, so in the precious fractions of seconds that Nyrys had, she exerted her will to evade the blade and face the flames. Her armor blazed with eldritch pathways and dark glyphs as hungry flames washed over her. The fire was unnatural, and bit at her like a rabid hound, while the force of it sent her flying backwards. She recognized some of her own hunger in the bite marks. Split second moments of self reflection crashed and tumbled through her brain, questioning if she was truly on the right path. Faces of friends, of happiness, of shared moments crept into her psyche. And yet, her hunger had never been an expression of inner greed, but starvation in a galaxy that often had no place for people of the “wrong” species. It was through her pain and rejection that she had found the people that had come to mean the most to her, other than her parents. Her flesh sizzled under the relentless heat, nerves screaming in agony before falling strangely silent. Mustafar and working in the forges had to some degree prepared her body for how to fight through intense heat, but this was something that even surpassed those experiences. Nothing could have ever truly prepared her for this. Even as the monster inside of her raged at her to get up, to charge forward and tear the thing that had wounded her apart limb from limb, a great lethargy fell upon her limbs. The blast carried her back with such momentum that she actually slid on the dew slick grass once she hit it, eventually coming to a stop several meters away. Would it be so bad to just let things end here? She felt so tired, and as she lay in the grass she could see beyond the liminal sky into the void beyond, a place without pain or despair, only silence. Wouldn’t that be nice? She felt a hand on her shoulder, and looking over saw one of her little nephews on Kuat, ginger haired and freckled, he wanted to show her something. She must have fallen asleep on the couch, studying for school was always wrecking her sleep schedule. One of her uncles made a joke about cat naps, but it was the good kind of joke, not one soaked in acid or venom. Something was cooking in the kitchen, these family gatherings always meant lots of food. Frankly Ailbasí didn’t know how her aunt did it in such a small kitchen. Every year her father would offer to host, but none of them ever had the leave to be able to get away from the docks. It seemed like mandatory wartime work shifts were never going to go away. Her nephew started to say something, but was interrupted by a cough. He got out his medbreather, asthma was fairly common in their family. A deep coughing fit tore from his lungs, and soon was echoed throughout the tiny habcube. This wasn’t asthma. The coughing did not cease, and black smoke began erupting from everyone’s mouths and nostrils. What had once been joy upon everyone’s faces was replaced with panic and terror, and blisters of melting flesh started blooming across their skin. Ailbasí felt the heat too, coming from her armor? A final wave of incinerating heat surged through the room, and Ailbasí was back in the park. She hadn’t been there when the Jedi had attacked Kuat, but the burns that she had just now received had given her a new intimate understanding of how her family had died. She saw them now, the way she always saw them in her nightmares, nightmarish parodies of her family covered in weeping burns and denuded by the raw heat of the turbolaser blasts. They gathered around her with twitching, broken gaits, and seeing them made her desire feel shameful. They pressed in on her, but as they laid their hands on her she did not sense judgement from them, only sadness. This was her family, and even through death they were here for her. They picked her up off the ground and came together in a great embrace. She could feel them giving her their pain, their sorrow, their regret, and in time each one had melded into her armor and her soul. Their faces could now be seen amidst the molten surfaces of the exterior, a mark of the truest form of sacrifice. She had wept for their loss since the day she had found out about it, but now she had a greater understanding of their pain, and it had come to reside within her. A ring of fire roared outward from Darth Nyrys, woven of pain and memory. The nearby trees ignited and the grass steamed off its sheathing of dew before also succumbing to flame. Only the Jedi, protected by its innate Force aura, remained untouched. Darth Nyrys looked upon the creature in front of her, and saw in it the same hatred and obsession that had been with the Jedi and the rebels when they had set Kuat to the metaphorical torch. When Exodus had asked her about her place in the Darkness, she had told him that she had wanted to be a righteous devil, and before her she saw someone worthy of the most vicious torments. She would strangle the vile sinner with its own chains and cast her into a pit of flames whose black smoke would form pillars rising up into eternity. Sacred wrath blazed through her muscles, consuming the false peace that her wounds had tried to seduce her with. Readying her sword, she gathered the smoke and heat that the world was bleeding around her and advanced with terrible focus. Her sword blazed with anticipatory revel and roared a primal, wordless battlecry across the ether. She launched into another lateral movement, but this time she used the Force to redirect her momentum as she closed into a direct charge. The smoke that she had gathered was imbued with the thermal, concussive, and spiritual energies that her armor had stored from the Jedi’s attack, a screaming malformed thing made of both their souls, and launched as a roaring wave with the intent to push aside the Jedi’s spear and disrupt her song with smoldering ash. Hot on its heels came a downward diagonal strike that sought to capitalize on the potential for an opening. The blade was nearly weightless on the rise but fell with meteoric force, the unseen power of a Sith warrior who properly wielded a Sith sword was in the manipulation of the interaction between the physical world and its mechanical energies. What to an outsider looked like a simple sword swing was both an expression of physical and spiritual might, the unity of purpose expressed from without and within. "Choke on your own hypocrisy, you motherpfasking kath!" ((2, forgot to number post 1))
  5. Whatever stood before Nyrys was no Jedi. That much was apparent now. There was a sickness to her that felt unnatural even to Nyrys. Unlike the Sith, who mastered the Dark Side and used it to achieve their own goals, this thing was enthralled by the darkness, like some kind of zombie or rabid beast. “Clearly you are in pain,” Nyrys spoke in firm, measured words as she drew Gwn Marwolaeth, “Allow me to offer you some measure of peace.” The warrior adopted a boar’s tooth guard, right foot forward and blade angled downward. Advancing quickly but not at a full on charge, she moved towards the peripheral, ready to dart away or deflect an incoming attack as needed. The spear was a defensive weapon, and engaging an enemy required careful consideration, and foolishness was a great way to get skewered. So rather than charging in, Nyrys called upon her assassin training, fanning the flames of hunger and rage that she felt within her opponent. She was no stranger to either emotion, and ever since her first Force bond, with the Krath master Sheog, she had an intimacy with starved frenzy and the thrill of consuming others.
  6. The Sable Blade, a Sith shuttle from the Fair Lady of Iziz, finished it’s microjump from the orbit of New Centerpoint to Corellia, and began its descent to the world’s surface. The planet was slowly choking itself under the mantle of industry, a fate shared by many worlds that were entangled in the webs of the intergalactic military industrial complex. Kuat had the foresight to build their production facilities in orbit, but many other worlds had sacrificed their own viability in exchange for the vast amounts of credits that the business offered. The grime and oil covered most of the populace like an unctuous outer layer, as if to subsume them into the machines that they serviced. Many had resigned themselves to their fates as part of the colossal contraptions that served the shipyards, but others fought against the crushing of their spirits. Ironically it was the shackles of industry that most likely fueled the populace’s obsession with ships and piloting, ships were freedom, the chance at a life unbound to the gears and the ceaseless grind. Those that could fly, fix, or con well enough were able to escape the planet’s clutches, to break their chains. It was a perfect example of the Sith code at work, the ordinary becoming fodder for the great, while the truly talented rose to live a life of their own. Such people were always interesting, and Nyrys looked forward to meeting them once Corellia was liberated from the Alliance’s yoke of mediocrity. The shuttle landed, and the Sith warrior disembarked alone. She had Gwn Marwolaeth sheathed to her back, and Gwell Na Rhyw thrummed excitedly in its sheathe on her hip. The two blades could be considered to represent the twin driving forces within Nyrys, the sword being her dedication to the warrior path, her discipline in training, and self improvement, and the machete embodied her passionate side, her embrace of the visceral world, and the acceptance of her own desires. She was drawn to a rare jewel in Coronet City’s cityscape, the botanical and zoological gardens. There was the sense of confinement and hunger in the air, an iron bulwark sealing away a savage hunger that was bordering on starvation. Oh and there were animals there too. But as cute and boopable as the durni were, Nyrys’s focus was narrowing in on the the pangs she felt of an emaciated beast that conjured the image of an axe, a sharpened edge empowered by raw force. The park was closed, with the sun on the verge of setting or rising, Nyrys didn’t know and it looked like it could go either way. She stopped at an unattended snack cart, and after perusing the options she grabbed a few bars, leaving some credits on the cart’s surface. The Sith Lady pressed onward into the botanical section, finding herself amidst a grove of trees. In spite of the constructed nature of the park, this place resonated with natural songs, and Nyrys wanted to run, and pounce, and hunt. The Jedi liked to claim that they had a monopoly on the natural world, but in truth the Sith could be equally at home amidst the wilds, although it stirred a different part of the psyche in them. She spotted the one that she was looking for, a sleight woman with ebon locks and violet eyes. At first glance she looked human, but decidedly inhuman tendrils were protruding from her mouth. Nyrys’s unnatural eyes saw within her a coiling hunger, held within a steel ribcage that glowed whitehot with focus and rage. In another life the woman would have made a fine Sith warrior. She took out one of the snack bars and tossed it in the woman’s general direction. “For the love of all the stars and planets in the sky, we can go grab a meal before we do this, but at the very least, eat the motherpfasking Crunchamunch bar. I could literally sense your hunger from low orbit. Like I can ZapaMap us a nearby diner or something and we can get you some food, my treat. Are they not feeding you guys, or is this like a body image issue thing, because sweetie, you don’t have to kill yourself for some impossible male standard, you look great.”
  7. Darth Nyrys’s Sith fleet reverted into realspace in position to form up with the other forces of the Dark Lord, with the exception of the Abyss Triumphant, which remained out of range of the conflict for the time being. All captains reported green across the board and were ready to bring the Emperor’s wrath to this rag tag band of terrorists, pirates, and dissidents. “Captain Ladrimayne has the con, ready my shuttle, the darkness guides my blade to Coronet City.” Nyrys had seen enough battle to learn how to discern where the most interesting opponents, and an enemy that she had not yet encountered loomed on the horizon of possibilities.
  8. The beeping of her comm awoke Darth Nyrys from her reverie. A new war had come, another chance to make the people that murdered her family pay. She scraped the remains of the failed Krath off of her armor and departed for the fleet rendezvous.
  9. Task Forces Overview Task Forces are the primary unit of combat and each comes with their own composition requirements, unique abilities, and usefulness. There are three major types of TF's, though more may be developed over time. All Task Force names are for flavor and clarification. PC's are still able to post creative narratives of the actions being taken, but those actions must be in line with the abilities of their TF's Some Task Forces have specialized abilities such as Interdictors. The Cruiser or specified ship is considered the source of those abilities, so if it is destroyed or disabled (such as by the ion cannons of the Surgical Strike TF), that TF cannot perform the abilities. Escorting TF's and smaller ships part of that TF are critical in protecting those primary ships so they can continue to contribute to the battle. Offensive These Task Forces are geared towards dealing damage to the enemy, usually though the Focus Fire ability of Capital Ships and Cruisers, but also through fighter/bomber actions of Bombers Inbound. Though other types of TF's can deal removal damage, these are the primary ones that can destroy opposing enemy forces. Escorts Escort Task Forces are designed to be attached to other TF's to serve as a sort of shield to protect the other TF from damage. This is especially useful if there are highly experienced TF's that may be focused on by the enemy because it lets them stay alive longer and use their Elite abilities. Some of them also have additional perks and abilities that can supplement the offensive or defensive capabilities of the ship classes they are made up of, such as additional protection from bombers or incoming Focus Fire. Special Forces These Task Forces are offer special and unique abilities for a deeper, more complex strategy. Stealth, Interdiction, and Medical Task Forces can provide a savvy commander the ability to surprise the enemy or mitigate damage done. While these TF's may have seemingly limited uses, when used properly, they can drastically change the outcome of any battle. Task Forces Offensive Destroyer Group [Turbolasers]: Focus Fire Capital Ship or 2 Cruisers Green: The TF can target an enemy ship and subject it to a withering hail of turbolaser fire using Focus Fire. Veteran: More potent turbolaser gases and higher quality crystals allow the ships to better chew through enemy shields. Once per attack, the TF causes two additional damage if a capital ship or one additional damage each to the hull regardless of shield status Elite: The TF can put all power to weapons, causing allied task forces to do one point of hull damage when attacking the same target. Destroyer Group [Rail guns]: Focus Fire Capital Ship or 2 Cruisers Green: The TF can target an enemy ship and subject it to a destructive barrage of rail gun fire using Focus Fire. Veteran: The TF has been allocated special armor piercing rounds for punching through enemy ships. Once per attack doing hull damage to an enemy escort or support ship does two damage if the destroyer is a capital ship or one damage each if the destroyers are cruisers to the ship being protected. Elite: The TF does not suffer damage penalties or the one round delay to attacks on distant targets like artillery. Destroyer Group [Missiles]: Focus Fire Capital Ship or 2 Cruisers Green: The TF can target an enemy ship within range and subject it to an explosive salvo of missiles using Focus Fire. Veteran: The TF may treat its Focus Fire damage as similar to a Bombers Inbound action, Ignoring Cruiser and Capital escorts but making it vulnerable to interception by corvettes. Elite: The TF has been allocated specialized high explosive cluster bombs for targeting Corvettes. When the TF uses Focus Fire on Corvettes in a Round, they do double damage, but only to the Corvettes. Spillover and all other damage to other ships is reduced to zero. The target can choose to scatter to reduce the damage to normal, but in doing so they lose their round action. Precision Strike Carrier Group: Fighter Command Capital Ship or Cruiser supported by Frigates and/or Corvettes Green: The TF controller can perform an additional two Starfighter Action for the round, that must be Bombers Inbound. Veteran: Bombers Inbound does an additional point of damage. Elite: The TF controller can perform an additional Starfighter Action for the round, that must be Fighter Escort. Hellriders: Hit and Run Tactics Corvettes only Green: The corvettes can engage Cruisers or Capital Ships to support either a Focus Fire or Bombers Inbound removal ability. The targeted TF can either choose to focus on the Hellriders, costing the Hellriders two Corvettes but doubling the base value of the chosen ability, or they can ignore the Corvettes and take three hull damage as the Corvettes exploit vulnerabilities on the ship’s flanks and aft sections. Veteran: Hellrider formations tend to draw the most brash and aggressive captains, risk takers that owe success to high stakes gambles rather than experience and discipline. This TF has a reputation that makes recruiting these men and women easily, and does not have to sit out the next battle if they suffered heavy losses. Elite: Gut churning space acrobatics allow the Hellriders to reduce their losses to one corvette if the enemy TF they targeted chose to focus on them. Escort Battle Line Escort: Tradition of Excellence Capital Ship Green: The TF regains two points of shield damage at the end of each round. Veteran: The Battle Line can focus all power to shields and halve (rounding up) the power of any direct removal abilities (except for artillery) for the Round. While this ability is in play, abilities that would normally bypass shields from TFs like the Hellriders and Covert Strike Force hit the shields instead. While this ability is in play, the TF takes double damage from artillery attacks, and enemy ships do not suffer penalties from combining fire on the ship (although the three TF cap for combined attacks remains). Elite: If the fleet is in danger of total destruction, the TF can launch a suicidal assault to allow all other allied ships to flee the battle. Doing this wipes out the Battle Line TF, but it can prevent a wipe by an Interdictor supported enemy fleet. Additionally, the TF can reduce one source of removal damage to one damage once per battle. Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil Capital Ship Green: The TF has been fitted with heavy armor, and has an additional ten hull points. Veteran: The TF uses its heavier armor to close the distance with threats and engage them at close range with weapons designed for high damage at short range. Non artillery and detected TF's that attack ships being escorted by this TF or the TF itself take three removal damage in return. There is no limit to how many times this damage can be triggered per turn. Elite: The TF adds an additional damage to its counterattack for each non artillery and detected ship that attacked it or the TF it is escorting this turn. Rapid Intervention Escort: Timely Response Two Cruisers Green: If held in reserve, the TF can perform an escort action during the arrival phase. Veteran: The TF can reposition to cover another TF at fast speed. Elite: The TF decides which ally it will support after actions are declared but before they resolve. Light Defensive Escort: Suppressing Fire Frigates and Corvettes Green: Starfighter actions on the TF or allied ships that the TF is supporting are resolved at normal speed. This TF can attach as escort to allied TFs that already have one escort. Veteran: The TF can treat itself and any TF that it is supporting as being targeted by Interception(focused deployment). Elite: Any enemy Bombers Inbound and Snubfighter Escort actions that target this TF or a TF that it is attached to suffer a one round cool down before they can be reused. Mobile Disruption Escort: Aggressive Defense Corvettes only Green: Coordinated and highly disciplined evasive maneuvers effectively translate to corvettes in this TF having a second point of hull damage. Veteran: Rather than attaching to an allied TF to cover it like normal for escorts, the MDE can attach to an enemy TF with removal abilities and force it to target them first. If the enemy TF is a Carrier Group, its Bombers Inbound action is treated as going through an additional Corvette screen. Elite: Localized jamming causes the targeted TF to be unable to participate in coordinated attacks with its allies, and the MDE Corvettes are now considered to have three points of hull damage for the purpose of removal abilities. Special Forces Interdiction Cadre: Interdiction Field Interdictor Cruiser supported by Frigates and/or Corvettes Green: Gravity wells severely hamper retreat, allowing the TF commander to nominate a number of task forces equal to the scale of the battle each round, those task forces cannot withdraw or microjump for that round. Alternatively, allied TFs may be nominated to make them immune to enemies using microjumps or precision jumps to flank them. Veteran: Interdiction fields can be used to precision deploy fleet assets, but this damages their hyperdrives, preventing them from being able to withdraw early for the rest of the battle. Elite: As long as the Interdictor is functional, its crew can largely prevent any ships from fleeing. Enemies can only withdraw one task force each turn. Electronic Warfare Pod: Information Control Dedicated EW and Comms Cruiser with Frigate and/or Corvettes Green: The TF can jam long range communications. Veteran: The TF can jam enemy sensors. Elite: The enemy penalty for targeting the same TF with more than one TF becomes a cumulative -3 instead of -2. Covert Strike Force: Silent Hunters One Stealth Cruiser Green: The TF uses stealth armor and sensor baffling countermeasures to prowl unnoticed along the edges of the battle. As long as the cruiser does not engage, each Round they can bank three points of damage while stalking an enemy TF. On the TF commander’s order, the banked damage can be applied to a target ship, ignoring support ships and escorts. Banked points are not lost if the TF disengages to avoid scans, but are lost if the target is destroyed or the TF starts stalking another target. If the ship is discovered before it applies its banked damage, the damage is treated as a normal attack that can be distributed to support craft and shields. Veteran: The TF has a cloaking device, making cruiser and capital ship direct damage be treated as if there was an additional ship firing at the same target, reflecting the difficulty of targeting the cloaked ship. Furthermore, this ship does not generate an extra sensor ping when firing. Elite: The TF carries special ordnance such as gravity bombs and can bank five points of damage instead of three when targeting a capital ship. Medical Support Cluster: Guardian Angels Frigates Green: As long as the Task Force doesn’t engage the enemy, it is considered a war crime to target them. The TF can support an allied TF by attaching to it, that TF reduces the end of battle damage penalties it suffered by one degree. Veteran: The frigates can split into two groups and move to support two different task forces. Elite: The frigates can split into three groups and move to support three different task forces. If the enemy has fought honorably(IE not committed war crimes), both sides benefit from the presence of medical rescue teams, and task forces that are wiped out lose one XP instead of an entire rank. If the enemy has fired on medical ships this campaign, only the medical support cluster's side gets this benefit. Asset Denial Force: Surgical Strike Cruiser with Frigate and/or Corvette support Green: A heavy ion cannon barrage disables one unshielded ship at fast speed for that Round. Disabled ships cannot contribute their Focus Fire or other special abilities (such as Interdiction or Comms Jamming), withdraw from battle, provide support or escort, or issue additional starfighter commands. Veteran: The TF can perform its ability on arrival if coming in from reserve. Elite: The TF has an experimental new type of hyperdrive that allows it to choose to ignore interdiction fields and make precise micro jumps, allowing for constant repositioning. The TF can ignore Supporting and Escort ships or TF for its ion cannon attack, but only if the target is not the same one that was targeted last Round. Fleet Command : Flagship Capital ship, one per faction under the command of the grand admiral. The grand admiral does not need to use his or her flagship, but only they can command it if it is on the field. The grand admiral picks one upgrade to start, and selects a new upgrade after the completion of each new battle. Since the upgrades are specific to the ship, abilities that prevent veterancy loss cannot be used on the flagship. Axial Weapon (MK I-III): The ship may perform Focus Fire as if it was a Destroyer Group(Turbolasers). At MK II, its damage becomes eight, and at MK III, its damage becomes nine. Target Saturation (MK I-V): The ship is flanked by a number of up armored and heavily shielded transports used to provide cover, halve focus fire damage to it for the first round that it is fired upon. Each additional upgrade grants an additional round of halved damage. Precision Deployment: The ship house a small gravity well generator that can be used to precision deploy fleet assets, but this damages their hyperdrives, preventing them from being able to withdraw for the rest of the battle. Advanced Sensor Suite: Gain an additional scan every round. Ultra-Heavy Flak Cannons (MK I-IV): The ship carries a network of remorselessly deadly flak weapons. At MK I, treat the flagship as supported by Corvettes. At MK II, treat the flagship as having been targeted by an Interception (Close Support) action. Add an additional Interception (Close Support) for MK III and IV. Meditation Chamber: Force Users can use these specially designed rooms to increase the efficiency of their forces, either gaining an additional Starfighter Action or allowing two TF's to choose the same target for Focus Fire without penalty to damage. Citadel Overshield: Superior shield management prevents attacks that ignore shields from going straight to hull damage, instead being treated as regular attacks. Pocket Dreadnought (MK I-3): The flagship is far larger than a standard capital ship, allowing for heavier armor and more powerful shield generators. This translates to an additional five shield and hull health. Each further upgrade grants five additional shield and hull health.
  10. Darth Nyrys


    Round Five Results: Defensive Actions The Glutton's Shadow rapid intervention task force moves to support the Sith electronic warfare pod. Black Bracer heavy brawler task force continues to support the Herlov. Sith starfighters move into intercept positions around the Herlov, electronic warfare pod, and Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet. Offensive actions The Herlov focuses fire on Misericordia. The Misercordia withdraws. The Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle focus fire on task force Dorn. TF Esk's remaining ship restores functionality and withdraws. TF Dorn withdraws. TF BloodSteele withdraws. EWar No further scans made. Fleet actions are at this point concluded. If your task force is over fifty percent intact for non capital/non specialist task forces, or your specialist cruiser or capital is at over 50% hull integrity, then your ships have survived well enough to both gain an experience point and be able to attend your next battle. If you lost half or more of your task force, you still gain an experience point, but cannot bring that task force into your next engagement. Any task forces that are lost completely lose a rank or have their progression to veteran status reset, and do not gain experience. Flagships that participated and survived have unlocked another upgrade.
  11. Darth Nyrys


    Round Five Results: Defensive Actions The Glutton's Shadow rapid intervention task force moves to support the Lightsbane. Black Bracer heavy brawler task force moves to support the Herlov. Sith starfighters move into intercept positions around the Herlov and the Lightsbane. Offensive actions The Herlov focuses fire on destroyer group Esk The Lightsbane focuses fire on destroyer group Grek. Mordecai's surgical strike task force targets the Syndic with an ion barrage, disabling it for this round. Mordecai's Covert strike task force fires on the Bikadinir, destroying it. The Misercordia continues to fire its axial laser on the Lightsbane, but is intercepted by the Glutton's shadow, dealing three damage. The Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle focus fire on the Reborn Allegiance destroyer group, destroying the Bikadinir. Rebel starfighters continue their bombing run on the Lightsbane, doubling down on the attack and supporting it with a snubfighter escort. The Lightsbane takes six damage. TF Esk withdraws, with the Syndic left behind. TF Forn withdraws. TF Grek withdraws. TF Dorn successfully launches a covert torpedo strike on the Lightsbane, destroying it. TF Besh withdraws. TF BloodSteele receives an order that they are unable to comply with. Sith bombers attack the already gutted Bikadinir. EWar TF Dorn has been detected and is now able to be targeted.
  12. It had been months since the Krath had departed save one of their number. The passage of time had felt like treading water, and while Nyrys felt like her physical form had returned to somewhere near where it was before she had stolen this new body, there was a lack of true evolution. It was time to break the mold that she was casting herself in and redefine her limits under new terms. She found herself in the forge, a place that had become symbolic to her of new beginnings and traversing further down the warrior path. She basked in the fires of creation and undiscovered potential, every ingot containing within it the possibility for infinite outcomes. Even the past could be remade into new tomorrows here. Nyrys's armor had served her well in the early days of her training, but she had come so far in her training since she had crafted it, and it was time to move beyond her origins. What could be reclaimed from the original armor was melted down, alchemically treated, and forged again with a more firm and skilled hand. Like a droid mechanic carefully wiring the internal components of a unit, Nyrys meticulously integrated the plates and their crystalline lattice into a unified web of singular purpose. Furthermore, she layered ceramic plates The armor had a presence to it now, an intensity like jaws ready to snap shut on prey at any moment. The fingers on her new gauntlets were tipped with Sith steel vibroblades to give her added lethality at ranges too short to deliver a proper weapon swing. The archaic leather sub-layer was replaced with a nanoweave gambeson of alchemically treated alloys, a lighter, more flexible material that provided the same protection. With the assistance of the Krath, her new helmet now had an optical relay that could feed visual data through a hardwired connection, giving her something resembling traditional sight again. A similar setup was used on a high caliber slugthrower that transmitted the data through a connection in the grip. A silken cortosis ribbon was tied around her waist, a combination of aesthetics and practicality, reinforced in its necessity by phantom pains located in her abdomen. That wound had come from a vibroblade, but as a Sith warrior lightsabers were the far more likely threat. Consulting scrolls and tomes, Nyrys wove spells, compounds, and alchemical reagents together into a ritual that she then applied to the surfaces of her armor plating. The sorcery gave the armor the appearance of black molten rock, cracked with jagged spears of glowing orange, and shrouded in liquid smoke. In truth, the surface of each piece was smooth and polished, but the eye was not difficult to deceive. After her armor was complete she began the process of smithing four new weapons, each in their own way a departure from her traditional emphasis on sword weapons. Datrys Torrwr was a maul with a four foot haft and a head with a flat Sithsteel hammer on one end and a variable thrust plasma engine on the other. She had read enough reports of enemies using stalwart forms of armor to validate the creation of a weapon that could bring low such an opponent. It took several attempts to fashion a design that could withstand both the force of Nyrys's attacks and the strain of the thruster, but after using alchemy to bend the laws of physics until they screamed in silent torment, a functional weapon was produced. Diwedd Gormeswyr was a six foot long cross spear, a foot and a half of which was made up of a piercing blade, meant for killing large beasts. The cross guard prevented the weapon from sinking too deep into the prey, and the spirit of a ravenous beast was infused within the blade. The feral wraith had no interest in smaller game, but any living thing larger than a wampa would start to be slowly consumed from within following a successful deep blow, until predator or prey were brought low. Bwytawr Cnawd was a three foot long Sithsteel club with eight spinning rings along the shaft that moved in alternating directions and were lined with vicious blades. An activation trigger could extend six inch monofilament strands from the rings to give the weapon an eerie howl and an invisible extended bite. In all honesty, there wasn't a need that the weapon was filling, Nyrys had simply made it because she wanted to. The fourth weapon, Gwell Na Rhyw, was a straightforward machete with a hand guard that doubled as a form of brass knuckles. The entire piece was crafted with Sithsteel, with the handle featuring an elegant red crystalline inlay. It was the most attuned to the dragon pearl that served as heart of the four weapons, an expression of extreme aggression, dominance, and rage. Simply holding the weapon in her hand made the blood moving through her veins tingle with potential energy, and her mind filled with wicked fantasies. Of all of the weapons, Gwell Na Rhyw spoke the most intimately to her darkest, most monstrous desires. It demanded satisfaction with the intensity of wrath and lust entangled in a single need. The door opened. Her fingers tightened reflexively around the handle. She saw the outlines of form but not particulars like the face. She chose not to restrain herself. She chose to revel in her monstrosity. The blade plunged deep and her body trembled at the sensation. This was fulfillment. This was satisfaction. She thrust again. And again, this time all of the way to the hilt. She pulled the blade out slowly, feeling what it felt as if it were her own skin in place of the blade. The stunned figure crumpled to its knees. She swung a wide arc, and blood sprayed everywhere. She needed more. She bit down on flesh, tearing off a chunk and filling her mouth with hot, wet viscera. She forced the figure to the ground, biting, striking with her weapon, and tearing into exposed flesh with her free hand. A great release of pleasurable pressure moved through her every nerve, and she greedily consumed flesh down to the bone in some places. When she had her fill, she rolled around in the pile of gore so that its scent saturated her and the warmth of the kill permeated her flesh. She felt... rejuvenated, in a way that she hadn't felt for quite some time. She had seen the ravages of the Dark Side on the faces and bodies of other practitioners, but now she wondered if the sickness was from trying to control the darkness instead of embracing it. Her senses were on fire, keenly detecting every scent, every texture, hearing every sound. She ran her tongue along the jagged edges of her meal one last time before rising to her feet, dripping gore, and curled her fingers around her new pistol. With the optical feed she admired herself in a way that her lost eyesight hadn't allowed for some time. Her skin was a milky alabaster white, unnatural in its perfection, and the blood that coated it seemed to seep into her pores and enhance its pristine nature with effulgent glory. Her tongue, now serpentine in its length and split tip, felt personal to her, like she was working with the Darkness to remold herself into something... wondrous. She wanted more, deserved more after everything that she had gone through. For the longest time she had wanted someone to love her, but now she was truly beginning to love herself.
  13. Darth Nyrys


    Round Four Results: Defensive Actions The Glutton's Shadow rapid intervention task force moves to support the Herlov. Black Bracer heavy brawler task force moves to support the Moon Beetle and Broken Beetle. Sith starfighters move into intercept positions around the Herlov and the Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet. Offensive actions The Herlov focuses fire on the Reborn Allegiance for six damage, cracking the shields The Lightsbane focuses fire on destroyer group Esk. Mordecai's surgical strike task force targets the Divine Justice with an ion barrage, disabling it for this round. The Reborn Allegiance destroyer group's remaining cruiser switches targets to the electronic warfare pod, dealing four damage The Misercordia continues to fire its axial laser on the Lightsbane, which is currently undefended, dealing six damage. The Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle focus fire on the Reborn Allegiance destroyer group, dealing six damage on account of stacked attacks. Rebel starfighters begin a bombing run on the Sith E-war ship and Lightsbane. Corvettes manage to harry the bombers on the E-war ship to prevent hull damage, but it still takes two shield damage. The Lightsbane, lacking frigate or corvette support, takes three hull damage. TF Esk continues to fire on Mordecai's electronic warfare pod, doing six damage on account of stacked attacks. TF Forn focuses fire on the Lightsbane dealing six damage on account of stacked attacks. TF Grek tries to disable the Lightsbane with ion weapons, but with its shields still operational at the start of the turn, the attack fails to disable the target. Our Velvet Ire launches a stealth torpedo into the Ghost of Carida, targeting a vulnerability and destroying the carrier. EWar Scanning on both sides is inconclusive.
  14. Darth Nyrys


    Round Three Results: Defensive Actions The Glutton's Shadow rapid intervention task force moves to support the Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle. Black Bracer heavy brawler task force moves to support the Lightsbane. Sith starfighters move into intercept positions around the Lightsbane and the Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet. Offensive actions The Herlov focuses fire on the Reborn Allegiance for six damage. The Lightsbane focuses fire on destroyer group Esk. Mordecai's surgical strike task force targets the Divine Justice with an ion barrage, disabling it for this round. The Reborn Allegiance destroyer group continues to target the Herlov and its escorts, with support from the Imperial Gunrunners. The Herlov chooses to ignore the Hellriders. The Herlov takes four regular damage and three hull damage. (Divine Justice is disabled this round) The Misercordia brings its axial laser to bear on the Lightsbane, but is intercepted by the Black Bracer. Black Bracer takes six damage. The Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle focus fire on the Imperial Gunrunners, wiping them out. Rebel starfighters begin a bombing run on Shadow's Sleight and Lightsbane, but are intercepted by Sith fighters. TF Esk focuses fire on Mordecai's electronic warfare pod, doing eight damage. TF Forn focuses fire on the Lightsbane but is intercepted by Black Bracer, dealing six damage to the escort ship due to multiple TFs attacking the same target. TF Grek tries to disable the Lightsbane with ion weapons, but Black Bracer intercepts it, and with its shields still up, the attack dissipates. EWar Scanning on both sides is inconclusive.
  15. Darth Nyrys


    Round Two Results: Defensive Actions The Glutton's Shadow rapid intervention task force continues to support the Herlov. Black Bracer heavy brawler task force moves to support the Herlov. Sith starfighters move into intercept positions around the Herlov/Glutton's Shadow and the Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet. Offensive actions The Herlov and Lightsbane continue to target the Imperial Gunrunners, with the Glutton’s Shadow choosing to ignore the Hellriders this time. This reduces the Imperial Gunrunners to three corvettes, with one of them at no shields. The Imperial Gunrunners are considered to have suffered heavy losses at this point. (Two capital ships focusing fire for six damage each, minus two from attacking the same target.) The Reborn Allegiance destroyer group continues to target the Herlov and its escorts, with support from the Imperial Gunrunners. The Glutton's Shadow continues to intercept the attack, but this time does not benefit from its damage reduction ability, and the ships additionally take three hull damage from the Hellriders. This destroys the Gleeful Glutton and damages the Shadow’s Sleight, leaving it at 8/9. Glutton's Shadow is now considered to have suffered heavy losses (Two cruisers focusing fire for four damage each, plus three hull damage from the Hellriders.) The Misercordia brings its axial laser to bear on the Lightsbane, which is currently unprotected. The Lightsbane takes six damage to shields, leaving it at 8/20. (One capital ship focus firing on a target with no escort.) The Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle focus fire on the Reborn Allegiance destroyer group, dealing eight damage to the Divine Justice's shields and hull, leaving it at 0/2. (Two cruisers focusing fire for four damage each, with no modifiers) Rebel starfighters begin a bombing run on the Herlov but are thwarted by interceptors. EWar Scanning on both sides is inconclusive.
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