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  1. "While the Empire has always striven to protect its soldiers from the enemy on a physical level, surprisingly little has been done to prepare them for mental attacks and manipulation. An idea was put forward to rectify that through controlled exposure to allow you to build up a resistance to Jedi sorcery and deceit. I'm going to perform a mental strike, such as conjuring a fear, issuing a command that you are compelled to obey, or deep diving into your head for information. You will do your best to resist it, or failing that, at least familiarize yourself with the feeling of the attack so that you can start to build a foundation to minimize its impact. Also, Sith Lady, because you know, all of the lady bits. If this training shows promise, Dark Hand may see some restructuring. In some ways more will be asked of you, but more in turn will also be given. Special privileges, increased salary, new toys, and access to resurrection protocols through cloning just like Sith and high ranking imperial officers. My father believed in the worth of the soldiers of the Empire, and that by cultivating their talents they would thrive together. He retired eventually from Dark Lording, so I'd say that it worked out pretty well for him. I know that the reputation of the Sith has often been one of ill portent for those that serve under them, but I assure you that your captain is no fun when he's all mopey, so I will be doing my best to keep you all alive and structurally sound. That being said, I'm going to start now." She looked over the troopers like an architect surveying a castle for flaws in its defenses. There was no sadistic edge to this, nor was it a game for her amusement. She wouldn't delude herself by claiming that she had no taste for such things, but it was far too easy to lose control when she was having fun. While Krath could conjure demons of smoke and fear from the darkness, Nyrys instead went a much more subtle route, breathing life into the demons that lurked in their minds, made of regret and sin. The older soldier had traces of poison clinging to his veins, a former slave to a violent romance with spice. It practically did half the work for her, whispering in his ear all of the things that might bring about the satisfaction of a broken promise. They would need to watch this one for relapse down the line. People liked to anthropomorphize everything, including their own darkness, but for Frostwin the darkness was naught but a thought and a craving. Just think about when you were high, it will help calm you for when the witch begins probing your mind. It's been... too long, but you need me to be your friend right now or she will tear through you. Perhaps even down the road you can use the real thing to keep it together, excel in the training beyond the others... The woman was harder to read, she suppressed her pain beneath layers and layers of scar tissue that would react reflexively to her probing. The face in front of the damage was pretty, Nyrys was starting to wonder if Ca'aran picked the majority of his unit from glamour shots. Frostwin being the exception to the rule. She knew that Ca'aran had occupied other shores within his unit, but Nyrys hadn't seen him with specifically this one, so there was no reason to be jealous. The wounds of the past often isolated their bearers, leaving some to distance themselves from anything that could cause pain, and others to seek out anyone that could understand a hurt that could not be comprehended. She seems different from the others, usually Sith just want to use and discard us, but she seems legitimately concerned about us and the captain. Maybe this isn't a death sentence after all. Maybe afterwards they could get drinks, shoot the shit so that she could get a better read on this new mystery the captain gotten wrapped up in. And then to cover her tracks with Sigrid she dumped a couple gallon buckets worth of illusory spiders on her. She wouldn't undermine the whole point of the training just to achieve her own agenda, she could multitask.
  2. “I think that I would want another Sith to be the one doing the poking and prodding there, just so that I don’t become associated with any past trauma lurking in your brain. If you’re going to be terrified of me, it should at least be for something that I actually did.” Nyrys moved the copper basin onto a heating element and began mixing in various alchemical components. The blood began to bubble and hiss, and filled the room with the smell of burnt ozone. A somber lament began to emanate through the Force, the wailing of those left behind when tragedy claimed so many. As each piece of Sith steel armor was completed, she applied the crimson unguent to it, infusing them with the mystical concoction. If everything worked properly they would develop a burnt copper hue after she removed the treating compound. “I’ll push your troops, but I won’t break them, and I’ll make sure that whoever works with you understands that you are not to be permanently damaged.”
  3. The working of steel and spell had a song to it, a universal rhythm found in every forge and on the lips of every smith. There was something truly sacred and intimate about taking a part of the universe and with hammer and flame rendering it down to be remade as an instrument of your will. Untouched the galaxy was just a jumble of purposeless mass and energy, existing simply to exist. It was capable of so much more under the right guidance. She had come into the Sith with untested beliefs and blind faith, too overwhelmed to find her own truth. But just like the metal that she was reshaping now, fire and fury had led her to new purpose, reformed into something beautiful. I mean seriously, her curves were jaw droppingly amazing. It was more than that though, it was a surety of direction, a guiding pyre of flame that called to her stronger and clearer than any of her chaotic impulses. Every fall of the hammer was another step on a path that she could see clearer than ever now. Before her a key to victory began to take shape, a creation of pure focus and intent. It showed its elegance through its lines and its refined clarity of design. The weapon could be divided into three measures of eighteen inches, the extended grip and flared root, the stem and slender of the blade, and the bloom and point at the tip. With her first blade, Nyrys had gone to extreme lengths to interlink blade, armor, and self into a singular tapestry. This time, such intricacies felt unnecessary as her prowess and command of the Force had grown beyond such aids. The connection between her and the blade felt more direct and less diffused than it had with Gwn Marwolaeth. Her old blade had been quenched in the blood of her most hated enemy, which due to a host of insecurities that she had been drowning in at the time had been herself. Those same insecurities had doomed her on Corellia, acting as a sinister poison that held her back from her full potential. With the clarity of confidence and ambition, her true enemy had been revealed at last. With ritual reverence she laid out the artifacts of her past self on the ground outside of the workshop. A crystalline heart that she thought would serve better than one that had been broken so many times before. A pair of crimson pearl eyes that revealed secrets but blinded her to so many truths. A sword that misled her into thinking that she couldn’t trust her own instincts. Honestly the armor had performed satisfactorily but it had so many ties to everything else that it needed to be a part of this too. However, she did carefully and gently extract the souls of her family from the armor, greatly relieved that the holy demon that she had fought did not steal them away as well. These things were parts of herself that she had moved beyond needing. They were paths to misfortune that promised no benefit other than their wretched familiarity. She raised her newly forged blade and in the moment of striking knew its name to be Drych Ysbrydion. Again and again she brought the blade down on her past bonds with storm and fury so great that others in passing might have mistaken the sound for errant peals of thunder, and great clouds of sundered soil exploded into the air. There was an incredible lightness of being when she finally stopped, her ecstatic trance having put a great furrow in the earth. She let loose a victory cry that resounded throughout the grounds and scattered the dust and debris of her old self to the winds. Within her chest, her heart pounded with the fury of war drums, exultant. Her chains were broken, and at last she was truly free. With a bounce in her step she returned to the workshop to begin work on her armor. The first pieces that she worked on were gauntlets, into which she worked lanvarok disc casters. Originally these traditional Sith weapons had been full-on polearms, but technological advances had refined them down to a much more practical size, and while they couldn’t penetrate modern high end battle armor, they could hit with enough force to unbalance an armored opponent. Ca’aran returned to her as she finished the gauntlets. She suppressed a vocal squeal at his response, keeping it from escaping by kissing him deeply. Her hands shamelessly gripped him in a way that locked him tightly against her, and with a good squeeze she truly appreciated the firm work of the Kaminoan genetic science division. “I don’t know how effective it will be, I couldn’t really find any past history of it, but I’d like to try training any candidates that you flag as having Darkwatch potential in resistance to mental attacks. If nothing else it will help prepare them for exposure in the field. I know that both of us understand and respect that we are going to be going into hazardous situations routinely, but I want to do what I can to keep you as intact as possible, both inside and out. What do you think about that?”
  4. “When I was growing up I used to think that they were just security experts, my Dad always engaged their services whenever things were getting rough or we were gathering with high profile people, but what I’ve been reading since I’ve had an actual security clearance is that they were retrieval specialists who relied on martial excellence and top tier gear to act as first responders and evaluators of Force anomalies, and retrieval experts for unique items and individuals. Lots of covert ops shenanigans. Sheeenaaaanigaaaans. Such a fun word to say.” Nyrys was giddy with her newfound fount of vitality, and emotion, and energy. She still felt the blackened patches in her soul where the abomination had torched her, but they were starting to fill in again. Her relationship with hunger had changed, and while she could develop an appetite or know when her body needed sustenance, there wasn’t the insatiable undercurrent of desperate desire that was once her near constant companion. Instead, there was a wonderful clarity of focus on the people and things that mattered most to her. She had thwarted death through her power and knowledge, and was certain that she could do the same for the people that she cared about. She had friends before she became a Sith, only a handful admittedly, and she had kept them at arm’s length to protect them from herself. At least, only a handful if you didn’t count the rather long list of associates with benefits that she had ended up with over the years. No amount of wealth or family status could change that she had been the alien at the imperial academy, okay for guys to sleep with but not to ever bring home to their families, or even openly act as a couple. She had reacted as exactly as immaturely as one might have expected her to back then, using her own feelings of rejection and lack of self worth to fuel a raging storm of bad behavior that torpedoed any relationship caught in its path. She had been unable to find her own happiness, and anyone who had was somehow to blame. Amazingly, sleeping with bigots didn’t actually cure bigotry, no matter how often and hard she tried. Through it all though, she had a small circle of friends that had been there for her through her various stages of pfaskery. People who were there for her at her worst, well pre-Sith worst anyway. She wanted to see them again, and it was easy enough to make the arrangements to have them brought to her. Sith ordered people the same way that normal people ordered food delivery. There were times during her dry spells that she had considered taking advantage of that for her own satisfaction, but she wanted romance as much as she wanted to get laid. Romance promised fulfillment of her need to be needed, her desire to be desired. She felt like she had that now with Ca’aran. In the past she would have obsessed over the uncertainty until it bred paranoia, but she was growing up now. “I want us to be a thing beyond just the pfasking and the dark rituals, is that something you want too? Think it over and come find me in the workshop when you have an answer, I need to get started on repairing my kit.” No manipulation, no sorcery, and no seduction. Just genuine honesty and trust. This was the best thing she’d ever had and she would kill anyone that got in the way of it. She gave Ca’aran a kiss and left the room, grinning and humming a tune. ---------------------------------------- The original workshop tools were mostly an eroded mess of poor aging and obsolescence, but Nyrys had expected as much and requested replacements be brought in with the first wave of supplies. She just needed some alchemical staples to get started. She spotted an idle slave and gestured for him to come over. He was a physical laborer, they had started designating roles on the slaves so that the least valuable, most easily replaceable ones were sacrificed first should sacrifices be necessary. She had actually been raised pretty anti slavery despite her father’s Imperial past, both parents had taught her that all sentient life was to be valued. Not everyone found their worth however. The slaves knew better than anyone why their roles were marked, yet this one had failed to improve himself or increase his value to the empire, even for the sake of his own survival. “Did you know that inside of you is a measure of greatness and power? Not that same spark that lets me break the laws of reality, but certainly an echo of it. A raging inferno can be started with a simple naked flame, and I have a lot of fires to start.” Darth Nyrys led the slave over to a runed copper basin and handed him a knife. Even armed, the slave didn’t register in her mind as a threat. He knew what would happen if he raised a hand against her. “I could just slit your throat and take your blood by force, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to give it to me instead. Pretend this is like the ancient days and I am a goddess, and there is nothing more important in your existence than appeasing me. I would be so very happy if you did that for me.” The slave cast panicked glances to the left and the right. She had heard that she had a reputation as one of the nice Sith. The label didn’t bother her, and it certainly could have its advantages, but compassion offered nothing but phantom comfort without greatness. So this man would die so that Nyrys could nourish and protect the ones that had risen above their destinies. She grabbed his chin and locked eyes with him, forcing her will upon his. She let this grand love that she had subsume and replace his cowardice and unwillingness to contribute to greatness, until his eyes and veins bulged, and blood trickled from his nose. A rictus grin overtook his face and he drug the blade across his throat in a rough, deep gash. It felt good to be treated like a goddess. This new form, this new legacy that she would build, deserved nothing less. Out of idle curiosity she stuck her finger in the bowl and tasted his blood. Nothing. That part of her was definitely gone. A new chapter then. She ignited the forge. The words would be written in fire, blood, steel, and sorcery. A smile crept onto her face.
  5. “I haven’t really looked at the kitchen setup here, but I doubt that it’s anything close to resembling modern, so if we ordered Bothan we wouldn’t be able to nuke it back to being warm again. We could always hunt something and cook it here, plenty of wildlife in the surrounding area. Or maybe the new apprentice can bring something down, you know, for training.” The world once again held an overwhelming bouquet of sensations, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures that could once again tantalize her. Her muscles surged with vitality that she had thought lost, and looking at her lover who had stood by her through some of her most pfasked up moments in her recent acid trip of a life made her heart beat faster. “I know that even with all of the sorcery and illusions, what you did for me was a big ask. I’m alive again, and I couldn’t have done it without you. You are my knight in special issue commando armor, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to express to you how much that means to me, but I’ll certainly try. I’d kiss you, but right now I’m pretty sure we’re both covered in corpse sludge.” She still hugged him anyway, he deserved it after what he had just soldiered through. It was supposed to be a brief thing, but she found herself caught up in listening to his heartbeat. It reminded her of her own rhythm in the forge, powerful, yet consistent. “The mansion here is only part of the grounds, the family that once lived here were members of the cult of Freedon Nadd.” Nyrys giggled at the unfortunate surname a bit, because who wouldn’t. “There’s also a large workshop, stables for creatures of unusual size, servants’ quarters, and something that at one point used to be extensive gardens. The slaves can work on clearing everything out and restoring it to working order. Probably there is a temple or maybe a shrine in or near here, on account of the cult, cultists love their temples. I’m going to try and find some running water, utility or natural, and get cleaned up. The master bedroom is on the third floor if you want to stow your gear. Even before you told me who my father was, I had read up on Dagon. It’s said that he had sought out the best and most respected warriors in the Empire to serve as his Darkwatch, a fellowship of soldiers dedicated to loyalty, truth, and the preservation of knowledge. I think that you and I could rebuild them in the name of the Dark King, and solidify our place in his Empire. What do you say Ca’aran, do you want to be my full time hero?” ------------------------------------- Slaves and other servants of the Empire began arriving to restore the grounds to something resembling functionality. Just as Darth Nyrys had been reborn, so too was the mansion remade with new purpose and luster. And even more importantly, running water.
  6. “I feel like I traded one form of doubt for another. I was having… concerns about what the Sith path was doing to me, and whether I wanted to keep running down it. I thought that I was having a moment of clarity, like waking up from a bad dream, and all I wanted to do was lay my head down and rest. I thought that I was finding some sort of closure or peace with the galaxy, but I now know that I was just losing my way, losing my grip on what I had become. When I came back, disillusioned of the peace that had momentarily seduced me, I was convinced that I had failed because I was too weak by measure of raw power. I started down a new path blindly chasing what I thought would give me the power I needed, but in the end I just felt disconnected from myself, trading away pieces of who I was for phantom promises.” She moved her hand across his forearm, springing the vibroblade into action, the surface distorted by constant motion. With casual curiosity she pressed the blade through the palm of her hand, and noted that she only felt an odd pressure, no pain from its razor kiss. Blood oozed from the wound with languid hesitation. “I feel so very numb, a dispassionate observer of my own existence. I think I know how to find my way back to myself, but I’m going to need your help to do it. You’re an anchor point whose fetters I can climb to reach that place again.” The longer that she inhabited this state of being, the more abhorrent it became to her. It was a hollow shell of porcelain, devoid of passion, and sensation, and thrill. She pulled strands of desire from one of the ghosts that haunted her lover, and in a stolen moment of passion she tore off his helmet and pressed her lips against his. For the sweetest moment some measure of her forgotten vitality was present, but it vanished with damnable brevity. It would take more wraiths and faded echoes than had ever forlornly tread upon the worlds to truly recapture the storm and the fury of her vibrant lust for life, or even just her regular lust. In spite of the pain that he had caused her, Ca’aran had always been her favorite, and nostalgic aches in her still heart told her that it was best that he was the one that was here. “It’s hard for me to show you right now how much I’ve missed you, but I’ll do my damnedest. Especially once we’re alone.” The shuttle landed, with the pilot giving a look to ascertain that they were sure that this was the location. She departed the shuttle with an otherworldly grace that might have been mistaken for gliding with her legs concealed by the dress draped around this cage of frail bone and rotten flesh. Taking her companion by the hand, she led him into the murk and decrepit opulence of her new bed of bones. The grand double doors of the entrance foyer retreated inward at her approach, granting them passage inside. The manor whispered to her, its insides quaking and groaning with anticipation at what it thought was a meal meant for it. Ravenous shades gathered along the periphery of reality, forms coiled to pounce at the new presence. “I’m going to mark you up with blood before we get started, and draw some of your blood. Don’t worry, it won’t be from anywhere arterial. Once the ritual starts, think about me and only me, I’ll be doing my best to hold your attention and keep you focused, both with my feminine wiles and a bit of sorcery. The basic idea of this ritual is to use my power and your desire to have me be alive to force reality to conjure up a living vessel for me to claim. You’d be amazed at what the galaxy will offer you if you spank it hard enough. Oh, and you’ll want to take your armor off, because you will get wet on this ride.” The sorceress began using the coagulated blood from the wound on her hand to mark her lover with runic sigils of power, desire, and obsession. Whispering in his ear she wove a gossamer web of need, desperation, and thirst. It was a potent but fragile spell, she didn’t want to break his mind like the last person that she did this too. “With blood of the hated enemy, taken by blade, I mark the petitioner and make our intentions known. We seek to make whole what was stolen from us, to break and reform the world to what should be rather than what is.” She took Ca’aran’s arm, biting down until crimson joy gushed into her mouth. It was like putting her tongue on a reactor powering a city, and for a brief moment she considered exploring this new path. This was different from her past experiences with cannibalism, more akin to the act of seizing life energies, whereas before it had been about sensual consummation and physicality. She swallowed and felt vital fire sweep down her throat and surge through her limbs. It took every ounce of her willpower to finish the invocation instead of jumping the Ca’aran… the gun and ruining everything. “WIth blood of the petitioner, given in sacrifice, I anoint the vessel and the one that was lost.” She could have handpicked a new vessel to inhabit, stealing another life, but she was done with being other people. She tore off the dress, it was never really her anyway. Calling upon her own hunger, she drew in the wraiths around her like flitmoths to an open flame, consuming their ancient passions like an ashen banquet. “Now we turn that which makes life into that which defies death, and if the natural order protests, well, bite the pillow. Now Ca’aran, do it! Don’t hold back, and think only of me.” They pressed together with manic energy, and while there was no sense of instinct or animal desire to guide her, she pushed herself physically and spiritually to make the moment dominated by her beguilement. Dark figures came out of the blackness, chanting in ancient Sith dialects. She hadn’t expected any spectators, but between the dire necessity of the ritual’s success and the heady cocktail of stripped passions that she had just consumed, she just went with it. She felt the emotions fading, slipping away. She tried harder, desperation and panic now starting to take hold. It didn’t matter. There was no faking it till you make it here. It was soul crushing as the last sands of passion slipped through her fingers. Her body went limp with despair, too depressed to keep up the facade of life, and her face disappeared beneath the turgid waters. She couldn’t actually drown, being undead and all, but wishing she could was an absolute mood that she was having. From somewhere deep in her primal core, a repressed terror broke from its chains and surged through her mind like a wailing banshee. She had no idea where this lost memory had originated from, but it was definitively hers, and in spite of her inability to recall any details, felt foundational to her most dearly held convictions. The fear of drowning struck her like a tidal wave, but she repositioned her lover’s hands to keep her under. This was what she needed, a connection to a formative moment so strong that it had followed her beyond the veil of death. Fortunately for Ca’aran, her current form was too feeble to do anything more than thrash around as he kept her submerged. The universe twisted and cracked a bit, and then a smell like burnt ozone pervaded the room. She kissed her lover long and hard, even if the ritual wasn’t done, he was, in the infuriating way that males were. She felt the same now, but surely there had been something in that moment. “Was it good for you too?” She felt something inside of her, a presence both unrecognizably alien and intimately familiar. It blazed like thermite inside of her and for the first time she was really glad that she couldn’t feel pain. Her abdomen became distressingly swollen as the invader swelled in size and intensity, tearing her apart from the inside. She felt a call from within and she followed her own voice to a new place. Within, both storm and inferno gained wicked strength until an explosion of dark and strange creation and the cage of feeble bones and rotten flesh was broken. The raw intensity of the ritual’s final opus vaporized the murky waters into steam, blanketing the room in obscuring clouds of wet heat. Darth Nyrys rose to her feet atop the ruins of her old body, and for the first time ever, she felt like she was exactly who she was meant to be. Her skin was an angry red, and her hair black silk. Her face felt neither human or cathar, possessing protrusions unfamiliar to her. Most importantly though, her body breathed and felt and sang with vitality. “Do you think that we could get delivery out here? I feel like I could eat an entire nerf by myself.”
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    Round Three Fleet Results Attackers Defensive Actions |Alexandra| detaches from |Anastasia| |Phobos| Guards |Aeneas| |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Interception(Forward Deployment) Attackers Offensive Actions |Aeneas| attacks |Wings of Glory| which takes 8 DPS |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Bombers Inbound on |Wings of Glory| 3 dps (Covered by interceptors, reduced two points to shield damage) |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Bombers Inbound on |Wings of Glory| 3 dps (Covered by interceptors, reduced two points to shield damage) All Task Forces retreat Defenders Defensive Actions Defense Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil (Colossus) is covering Golan Engineering Support Cluster: Bucket Brigade (Chariot) is covering Phantom's Spear Mobile Disruption Escort: Net of Hate covering Phantom's Spear Interception (Forward Deployment) Defenders Offensive Actions |Vulcan| attacks |Sairdonga| for 8 points of DPS, launching ordnance at Sairdonga that will hit next round |Sith Resurgent| attacks |Alexandra| which takes 6 damage |Phantom Spear| attacks |Alexandra| which takes 4 damage (This includes the minus two penalty for stacking fire and the partisans) |Through Power, Victory| attacks |Anastasia|, but is intercepted by |Alexandra| for 4 damage (AWC attacks at fast speed) |Golan| attacks |Sairdonga| for 4 damage Bombers Inbound on |Sairdonga| (Veteran Destroyer), Forward interception shifts one damage to shields Three Bombers Inbound on |Romanova| for 9 damage(One of which from each attack is converted to shield damage by forward interception) Technical errors reduce shields on the |Sairdonga| by three, it's probably nothing... Technical errors reduce shields on the |Anastasia| by three, must be a bad motivator... Technical errors reduce reduce shields on the |Misercordia| by three, checking for mynocks... No cloaked ships detected
  8. "I mean, with bestest friends pants are usually optional, but if you want to be a prude, yeah, we can find some pants for you. As for equipment, there's a full on military base here, or if you want to get creative I'm about to set up a workshop at the new place that I'm working on turning into an evil lair, as one does." Darth Nyrys gestured to Delta's soldiers, "Lets get some clothes for the man so that you crazy kids can finally get some rack time." The troopers quickly found some measure of clothing for the magical angry hobo, no doubt motivated by the mention of a brief reprieve. As they searched, Nyrys felt a familiar presence begin to claw at her mind, a part of herself that she had thought lost. She had commissioned smugglers to retrieve her gear lost on Corellia, expecting it to all be a slagged into useless hunks of scrap with naught but sentimental value, yet the energies were too strong for that to be true. The beast that struck you down did not linger, instead trusting in the lie that the Light is greater than the Dark. Much that could have perished was allowed to persist, and the fire was greatly doused by your own choices and the spirits of our dearly departed kin. There's a way back, if you wish it my dear alley cat, or you can continue on this new path with my guidance. "I wasn't strong enough to defeat her, even at the height of my rage my attacks were cast aside casually. If I want to protect the people I care about I can't hold back, I need to embrace a deeper darkness, even if it will cost me." You were beaten by a master that was using both the light and the dark, with a skill set practically tailored to specifically ruining a warrior's day. I have no reservations about you learning sorcery, but do it for the right reasons. Besides, the galaxy has a tendency to balance out these occasional imbalances in the Force, I've seen it happen time and time again over the years. "There's never going to be peace is there?" You had peace when you died. You don't want peace, you want justice. All of those years growing up on imperial human centric worlds and going through education surrounded by xenophobic little goblins who constantly got away with breaking every rule that you tried to exactingly follow, you raged against the injustice of your plight. Peace is a lie, but the dark side offers many pathways to true and meaningful vengeance. Just focus on what matters, the galaxy will never stop burning, but we can choose who gets used as the kindling that keeps the blaze going. "I've been running from asking this for a long time, but is Mom okay? Something had to have happened to you or else you would have picked up a comm instead of... haunting me, I guess." She misses you, but the disease that once ravaged her is gone, destroyed by my sorcery. I had to die to pull it off, but your mother was worth it, and it also gives me the ability to keep a spectral eye on you and dispense sagely wisdom when you need it. But right now you need to be scampering off and forging your destiny or whatever it is you crazy kids call it these days. Nyrys was sure that the soldiers were used to seeing Sith do weird stuff like talking to people who weren't there, so she didn't worry overly much about what they had just seen. They exited the hospital with haste only to find a woman outside of marked determination and purpose. Her intent came off of her like waves of heat and windborn sand, balanced with the refinement of an educated upbringing. The woman had the potential to be a valuable asset to the order, if her training didn't break her. But there was a name held tightly in her mind, and Nyrys wasn't one to poach apprentices. "Looks like you have a new friend waiting for you. Maybe you should have waited on the pants. We'll be at this location if you decide to join up with us." She pinged the coordinates and contact info to a freshly provided comm. ----------------------------------- The museum staff, quite used to getting shipments of bizarre origin for their mysterious masters, simply hauled the crate off while one of the foremen transferred payment over to the smugglers, double the agreed upon amount as a bonus for the speedy recovery. Darkwatch would take the package to its final destination, for the sake of security. ----------------------------------- Crisis averted, the pair headed back out, with some prisoners with jobs and her gear heading out to meet them on site. Officially, she had tagged Ca'aran as performing special duties, which in a way was true. Unofficially, she had hoped that he could be a distraction from her new... situation. Alas, the sensations and passions of mortality were muted to her now. The memories of those things were there, and she longed to feel them again, but they eluded her like the details of half remembered dreams. She had a decision to make. As they left the safety of the city walls and plunged into the wilds, the compound and the mansion within loomed malevolently at the edge of her senses. The half sunken nature of the mansion appealed to her in her current state, a resonance that at the time was hard to explain. Dead things belonged beneath the surface.
  9. Darth Nyrys


    Round Two Fleet Results Attackers Defensive Actions |Alexandra| Guards |Anastasia| |Phobos| Guards |Aeneas| |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Interception(Forward Deployment) Attackers Offensive Actions |Romanova| + |Sairdonga| Attack |Wings of Glory| 12 total DPS |Death Harvest Catchers| Attack |Phantom's Spear| Dealing 4 dps and reducing Incoming DPS by 2 |Sith Eaters| Attack |Sith Resurgent| but are intercepted by |Net of Hate| dealing 4 dps |Aeneas| attacks |GSDP| but is intercepted by |Colossus| which takes 8 DPS, launching ordnance at Wings of Glory that will land next round |Anastasia| attacks |Phantom's Spear|2x Bombers inbound 6 dps (Covered by Forward Interception, turning hull damage to shield damage) |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Bombers Inbound on |Sith Resurgent| 3 dps (Covered by interceptors, reduced to shield damage) |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Bombers Inbound on |Sith Resurgent| 3 dps (Covered by interceptors, reduced to shield damage) Defenders Defensive Actions Defense Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil (Colossus) is covering Golan Engineering Support Cluster: Bucket Brigade (Chariot) is covering Sith Resurgent Mobile Disruption Escort: Net of Hate covering Sith Resurgent Interception (Forward Deployment) Defenders Offensive Actions |Vulcan| attacks |Aeneas| 8 points of DPS, launching ordnance at Sairdonga that will hit next round |Sith Resurgent| attacks |Alexandra| which takes 6 damage |Phantom Spear| attacks |Alexandra| which takes 2 damage (This includes the minus two penalty for stacking fire and the partisans) |Through Power, Victory| attacks |Anastasia|, but is intercepted by |Alexandra| for 6 damage |Golan| attacks |Romanova| for 4 damage Bombers Inbound on |Sairdonga| (Veteran Destroyer), Forward interception shifts two damage to shields Bombers Inbound returning from artillery deployment Bombers Inbound returning from artillery deployment Bombers Inbound on |Romanova| for 3 damage(Two of which is converted to shield damage by forward interception) Technical errors reduce shields on the |Sairdonga| by two, it's probably nothing... Technical errors reduce shields on the |Anastasia| by two, must be a bad motivator... No cloaked ships detected
  10. The truth about her father was an unexpected revelation that rocked the foundations of her sense of identity. Dark Lords didn’t retire and start families, they either died at the hands of their sworn enemies or their covetous allies. But Dagon had vanished, right before the formation of the Galactic Alliance, believed by the GA to have died at the Death Star battle, but only tagged as missing by the Sith. Dagon had been considered one of the more egalitarian Dark Lords, much to the chagrin of some of the more hawkish Sith under him at the time, but many of the Krath revered him with the sort of devotion normally reserved for divinities. Records suggested that Dagon had been integral in the restoration of the study of Sith sorcery, often referring to him as the father of modern Sith sorcery, and was highly sought after for his craftsmanship. She did the best that she could to gather herself, glad that the weapon that Delta had handed her could function as a walking stick and keep her on her feet. “Oh, Delta is just very shy meeting new friends for the first time, it makes arranging playdates so bothersome sometimes. Can't get him out the front door without promises of candy toys. If attacking you was our intent, we would have done it already, from orbit. You have something of a reputation, Master Ryu. I know that Sith don’t always play nice with each other, but for what it’s worth my father fought beside you, you would have known him as Dagon. I believe that he made at least one of your hammers”
  11. Darth Nyrys


    Round One Fleet Results Attackers Defensive Actions |Alexandra| Guards |Anastasia| |Phobos| Guards |Aeneas| |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Interception(Forward Deployment) Attackers Offensive Actions |Romanova| + |Sairdonga| Attack |Vulcan| 6 total DPS | Death Harvest Catchers| Attack |Wings of Glory| Dealing 4 dps and reducing Incoming DPS by 2 |Sith Eaters| Attack |Phantom's Spear| Dealing 4 dps and reducing Incoming DPS by 2 (Intercepted by Net of Hate) |Aeneas| attacks |GSDP| 8 DPS resolved next round |Anastasia| attacks |Phantom's Spear|2x Bombers inbound 6 dps (Covered by Net of Hate, turning hull damage to shield damage) |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Bombers Inbound on |Sith Resurgent| 3 dps (Covered by interceptors, reduced to shield damage) |Fleet Commander Starfighter Action| Bombers Inbound on |Sith Resurgent| 3 dps (Covered by interceptors, reduced to shield damage) Defenders Defensive Actions Defense Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil (Colossus) is covering Golan Engineering Support Cluster: Bucket Brigade (Chariot) is covering Golan Mobile Disruption Escort: Net of Hate covering Destroyer Group [Rail guns]: Phantom’s Spear Interception (Focused Deployment) on Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil (Colossus) Interception (Focused Deployment) on Destroyer Group [Missile TF]: Sith Resurgent Defenders Offensive Actions |Vulcan| attacks |Aeneas| 8 points of DPS resolved next round |Sith Resurgent| attacks Carrier |Anastasia| but is intercepted by |Alexandra| which takes 6 damage |Phantom Spear| attacks Carrier |Anastasia| but is intercepted by |Alexandra| which takes 4 damage (This includes the minus two penalty for stacking fire) |Through Power, Victory| attacks |Romanova| for 4 damage |Golan| attacks |Aeneas| for 2 damage (Damage against artillery halved, rounding up) Bombers Inbound on |Sairdonga| (Veteran Destroyer), Forward interception shifts damage to shields Bombers Inbound on |Aeneas| (arrives next round) Forward interception shifts damage to shields Bombers Inbound on |Aeneas| (arrives next round)Forward interception shifts damage to shields Technical errors reduce shields on the |Sairdonga| by one, it's probably nothing... No cloaked ships detected
  12. The 237th defensive response armada exited hyperspace, joining its brothers and sisters in arms in the defense of Fondor from the rebel terrorists. The Myrmidon began spewing out clouds of TIE Hunters, while Catastrophic Oracle and Wayward Serpent moved into attack positions. Promised Razor: 9/9 Lamia: 3/3 Cassandra: 2/1 Sibyl: 2/1 Egeria: 2/1 Pythia: 2/1 Temple of Vipers: 9/9 Coiled Hatred: 3/3 Nidhoggr: 2/1 Moin: 2/1 Goin: 2/1 Svafnir: 2/1 Myrmidon: 25/25 Green Advanced Warfighter Cadre (Cruiser, one frigate, four corvettes, 1 XP) Catastrophic Oracle The Promised Razor is an Insidiator class Xian'tii cruiser using state of the art components seized from the Mon Calamari shipyards. Its captain, a man of Onderonian stock, is said to consort with necromancers who provide him with grim auguries. Rumors abound of a significant portion of the crew being undead raised from crew lost at Corellia. The Lamia, an Ardent class frigate, and the Vigil class corvettes Cassandra, Sibyl, Egeria, and Pythia serve as support vessels providing cover from enemy fast movers. Green Tactical Support Escort (Cruiser, one frigate, four corvettes, 1 XP) Wayward Serpent The Temple of Vipers is a Gladiator class imperial cruiser whose command crew was handpicked by Karalynn Ladrimayne from her former academy classmates while she was in recovery from wounds suffered at Corellia. The officers are hungry and eager to prove themselves, especially after the standard that Ladrimayne set in her first battle. The Coiled Hatred, an Ardent class frigate, and the Raider class corvettes Nidhoggr, Moin, Goin, and Svafnir offer antifighter support. Green Precision Strike Carrier (Capital ship, 1 XP) Unforgiving Rebuke The Myrmidon is an Impellor class carrier crewed by clones from the recently restored Kamino cloning facilities. The ship's hangar bays are primarily occupied by slews of TIE Hunters carrying heavy ordnance. Sith commanders are hoping that swarm tactics will allow more successful contact than slow moving bombers that are often picked off by the more agile rebel craft. The ship is currently playing host to a team of Imperial cloning science officers who are evaluating clone performance. The Myrmidon's captain is a falleen specifically selected for a low empathy rating due to expected pilot losses.
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  14. Wave Two New Mechanics Wave two introduces artillery cruisers, rear line fire support with slow but powerful attacks. Artillery cruisers do eight damage against cruisers, capital, flagship, dreadnought, and space station targets, but only half damage against frigates and corvettes. Artillery halves enemy focus fire damage as long as other non artillery allied task forces are present (representing the extreme range and other ships keeping the enemy from closing the distance), but their removal abilities are resolved in the following round, instead of the round of their activation and announcement (an artillery attack must be stopped before it is initiated to cancel it, not before it resolves). Artillery damage does not spill over to other ships after destroying its target. Redeploying an escort to an artillery TF takes a full turn regardless of the escort’s ship classes. Fighter actions targeting artillery have a one round transit delay before they can engage, but attack or intercept on subsequent rounds at regular speed until they target a non artillery target. The transition delay occurs each time that they shift between the two zones. Artillery can target other artillery without halving damage due to range. Artillery cannot fire if escorted by anything larger than a corvette. You also now have access to assault lance task forces, short range task forces that often gamble their own health to deal heavy damage to the enemy. Third, we have legendary task forces and the campaign system. The dominant faction will start the campaign cycle with more legendary task forces, but must spread them out throughout their holdings. The underdog faction will have to pick their targets carefully, slowly dismantling the dominant faction’s forces through surgical strikes while liberating/subjugating worlds to expand their own forces for a final no holds barred battle at the capital. Without spoiling too much, there are stats for dreadnought class ships. Seizing the capital will be virtually impossible for the underdogs in the beginning of the campaign, but each high value enemy target destroyed and shipyard captured will shift the balance. Our initial plan is a three tier escalation, with each tier having two legendary task force hunt missions and one assault on a fortified hardpoint. The hardpoints will increase in difficulty as the campaign progresses, with the attackers having to overcome increasingly more formidable threats such as golan defense platforms. Each time that the underdog forces manage to defeat a legendary task force, they gain a legendary task force of their own. Each hardpoint defeated decreases the size of the capital’s naval garrison while giving the attackers additional ships during the final siege. When players are doing fleet battles at non campaign targets, legendary task forces can only participate in engagement scale battles, and each side is limited to one legendary task force. The dominating faction is limited to one legendary task force in missions where the underdogs are hunting them, and cannot use them in assaults on hardpoints (The attackers will already have enough on their plates with the special defenses). When the underdogs attack the capital, any legendary task forces that have not been hunted down will be present for the defense of the capital, along with a dreadnought class battleship with a terrifying amount of firepower and health, and a golan defense platform for each hardpoint not taken, plus one additional platform. Controlling the dreadnought in the final battle replaces a player’s allotment of task forces for that battle, and controlling one of the golans replaces two task forces. After the destruction of a hardpoint, the dominant faction launches a reprisal mission on the rebel base, with the option of using any or all of their legendary task forces while the underdogs try to evacuate as many of their forces and materials as possible with each defending commander running two task forces instead of three. The goal of the defenders is to successfully evacuate at least half of their transports(of which there are four, each taking three rounds to make it to the evac point), which they can launch together en masse, in groups, or separately. Success earns the underdogs another legendary task force, but if the dominant faction manages to destroy over half of the transports, the underdogs lose a legendary task force and the dominant faction gains one. This new legendary task force can be targeted by a hunt mission as per normal. The underdogs can use whatever legendary task forces that they have unlocked so far in the campaign on any campaign missions (Hunts, Assaults, and the final siege). Each hardpoint taken grants an additional unowned destroyer or escort task for the final siege. Numbers are not final and are very subject to change. If the underdogs fail to take the capital, the most recently captured hardpoint is retaken by the dominant faction, and the campaign continues as normal. If the underdogs successfully take the capital, control of the galaxy changes hands, and the newly dominant faction gains control of the narrative for the status quo of the galaxy. Both sides reset their experience for their task forces as a period of peacetime dulls the edge of their soldiers, and the flagships for each side have their upgrades scaled back to one upgrade each. For two months there is a period of peace for players to catch their breath and enjoy their conquest/plot their revenge before hostilities resume. The new dominant faction chooses its pool of legendary task forces at this point and the cycle continues. Wave Two Task Forces Shadow Warfare Pod(Stealth Cruiser): Catalyst Cascade Green: The task force uses hackers to disrupt and corrupt critical systems. Instead of a regular attack, this task force infects a targeted cruiser or capital ship. It must be within scan range to do this. At the end of the round, damage equal to the number of infected capitals and cruisers (max 3 damage) is done to each infected ship. Infected ships act at delayed speed. If the cyber warfare pod is destroyed or withdraws, the infection stops as a failsafe to prevent the viruses from going rogue. Veteran: The malicious code is self replicating and can jump to other ships trying to coordinate with it. Whenever task forces combine fire on a single target, escort or are escorted by, and in the case of cruisers perform an ability together with an infected ship, the infection spreads to up to two capitals and cruisers. Elite: The cruiser’s stealth kit is upgraded to include a cloaking device, and infected ships also take a single point of hull damage at the end of each round. Assault Lance [Kinetic Ram] ( Capital ship or Cruiser with support craft): Juggernaut Green: The TF is equipped with a kinetic ram, and is able to charge enemy task forces. When the ship charges a task force, it can do standard removal damage to a target as normal, or if the target is escorted by a cruiser or capital ship, half to the escort and half to the original target. Smaller enemy support and escort ships can try to intercede, but such efforts are pyrrhic, destroying the interceding ship and causing light damage to the TF (2 damage for corvettes and 4 damage for frigates)(Clarification, these ships do not reduce the incoming damage, they just cause damage to the assault lance). Corvettes and frigates are too small and nimble to be directly charged. Veteran: Once per battle, the TF can charge at increased momentum, dealing full removal damage to both an escorting ship and the TF that it is protecting, at the cost of three hull damage to itself. Elite: Destroying the targeted TF completely restores the Assault Lance’s use of an increased momentum charge. Artillery Battery[Incendiary] (Artillery Cruiser with support): Long Range War Crime Green: The Artillery Cruiser does artillery damage, declaring a target each round and resolving it in the following. Veteran: Ships and stations hit by this weapon take one hull damage each round until they spend a turn doing nothing other than fighting the flames or they all burn to death. Elite: Space stations and Dreadnoughts take two damage a round, instead of one. Burning ships cannot be repaired until the flames are extinguished. Artillery Battery[Gravity Crusher] (Artillery Cruiser with support): Maelstrom Green: The Artillery Cruiser does artillery damage, declaring a target each round and resolving it in the following. Veteran: Targets hit by the gravity attack have their actions delayed as the crew is sent reeling by competing gravity fields. Elite: Escort ships hit by this TF are knocked out of position and cannot intercept enemy attacks that round. Artillery Battery[Beam Cutter] (Artillery Cruiser with support): Determined Destruction Green: The Artillery Cruiser does artillery damage, declaring a target each round and resolving it in the following. Veteran: Each round that the TF targets and hits the same ship that it hit the prior turn, its damage increases by one. This is a cumulative effect that continues to increase damage until the target is destroyed or the chain of attacks is interrupted. Elite: The cumulative damage increase is now two each round. Tactical Support Escort (Cruiser and support craft): Jack of All Trades Green: The cruiser can do removal damage. Veteran: The cruiser does an additional two damage when it is the only ship attacking its specified target this round. Elite: When supporting a focus fire action from the TF it is escorting, this TF can outflank an escorting enemy TF and hit the escorted TF. Combat Air Patrol Carrier (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): No Fly Zone Green: The TF controller can perform an additional two starfighter actions each round, that must be interception. Veteran: Interception actions from this TF are declared in the reaction phase, with the bombers inbound attacks declared. Bombers Inbound actions that are forced to redirect by interceptions involving this TF’s interceptors suffer a minus two damage penalty, instead of minus one. Elite: When interception actions from this TF are stacked on a single TF, if the enemy targets it with any starfighter actions, the enemy will lose that many starfighter actions for the next round. Advanced Warfighter Cadre (Cruiser and support craft): Superior technology Green: The cruiser delivers precise fire at greater speed on account of its superior targeting computers. The task force does removal damage at fast speed. Veteran: Greater familiarity with the targeting computers has allowed the crew to line up shots on obscured targets more effectively. The TF commander can choose which ship in the enemy TF it is hitting. This does not allow it to bypass escorts, if an escort is attached to the targeted TF, it must pick a ship from the Escort TF instead. Elite: Extremely rare components have been installed in the cruiser’s weaponry, allowing it to do six base removal damage instead of four. Search and Destroy Cruiser (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): Ghost Hunters Green: The TF controller can perform an additional global sensor sweep. Veteran: If the TF or its allies successfully locate a stealth ship, specialized jamming ordnance is launched that nullifies any damage that it has banked. In the case of a shadow warfare pod, additional firewalls are established and the virus can no longer spread (But continues to damage ships that it has already infected). Elite: The TF controller can perform an additional global sensor sweep, and sensor hardening is ignored. Heavy Gunship Carrier (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): Hit and Run Tactics Green: The TF can deploy its complement of gunships to support attacks on enemy ships. The TF controller chooses an enemy TF, and all allied TFs that hit the target this round do an additional point of damage. If the targeted TF is escorted, the additional damage effect is transferred over to attacks on the escort. Gunship support from multiple TFs cannot be stacked on the same target. Gunship support actions are treated as Bombers Inbound when determining how many starfighter actions can target a TF. If an interdictor is targeting the same task force with a grav well, the heavy gunship carrier owner allocates the bonus damage with the option to ignore supporting vessels. Veteran: TFs targeted by this TF cannot use abilities that allow them to regenerate shields or hull damage, or benefit from repair or medical abilities being used on them. Elite: If the targeted TF has support ships, they take three damage from the gunships, with the carrier TF controller choosing which ship is hit. If the targeted TF does not have support ships, the damage that it adds goes straight to hull. Cyber Warfare Pod (Cruiser and support craft): Go for the Eyes Green: The TF controller can attach any number of its support frigates to enemy TFs to serve as Relays. Enemy TFs that have Relays attached to them reduce their damage by one as hackers compromise their targeting computers. Frigates serving as relays cannot intercept damage for their parent TF or benefit from escorts attached to their TF. They can be targeted individually by enemies, but if they are destroyed damage does not carry over to other ships in their TF, unless there are other frigates acting as Relays. Multiple Cyber Warfare Pods cannot stack their Relays with each other. At this rank only one Relay may be attached to a given TF. Veteran: Disrupted TFs do removal damage at delayed speed. Up to two Relays may deploy on a single TF. Carriers disrupted by Relays from this TF contribute one less fighter action. Elite: Each frigate is now its own datacenter, and no longer relies on the cruiser to do the hacking. If the TF controller opts to keep a cruiser in the TF, Relay penalties to damage are doubled while the cruiser remains in play, and loss of the cruiser does not remove the TF’s ability. Alternatively, the cruiser may be swapped for three more independent frigate relays. Up to three relays can be deployed on a single TF. Targeted TFs cannot target this TF’s cruiser unless all other TFs have been destroyed or are invalid targets. Engineering Support Cluster (Cruiser and support craft): Bucket Brigade Green: Specialists on the frigates transfer repair materials stored on the cruiser to damaged ships. The TF attaches in a similar manner to an escort, but does not take up the escort slot. Each frigate in the TF can transfer enough materials to recover one damage on the targeted TF. Veteran: The TF may stop ongoing damage effects such as fires from incendiary rounds or viruses from the Shadow Warfare Pod. Elite: Frigates can now restore two damage each, and ships they are repairing only have their actions delayed by TF abilities like ion cannon strikes, rather than being prevented entirely. Partisan Militia Force (Corvettes): Overly Enthusiastic Bystanders Green: A group of civilian vessels serving as partisan forces or having been seized by ultranationalist paramilitary forces, this TF can deal one damage per three corvettes, and task forces hit by them have their damage reduced by two for the round (This reduction does not stack with other Partisan Militia Forces, does not apply to carriers), as their bridge crews try to sort out hostiles from civilians. Veteran: The TF has become better at blending in with civilian traffic, and is not considered a target until it opens fire, and is not announced at the start of the battle. All attacks targeting the TF do minus two damage unless the attacking side sacrifices a starfighter action to verify targets. Elite: The TF adds one to its overall damage, and destroyed corvettes from this task force do one damage to their attackers as their fanatical crews make a last desperate act of defiance by bullrushing the enemy. Legendary Task Forces: Krath War Menagerie (Cruiser supported by two colossal Sithspawn, considered to be roughly cruiser sized themselves): Monsters in the Darkness Note: Sithspawn are considered to have the equivalent of ten hull health, and deal three damage to shields or five hull damage if the hull is exposed. Green: A conspiracy of Sith sorcerers guide their unnatural creations to acts of destruction and butchery in the void. Each Sithspawn can attack a separate target. Veteran: The sorcerers have perfected a new form of Sithspawn and can’t wait to share the results (Choose from the Sithspawn Mutations list below). Elite: The TF gets a third Sithspawn. Sithspawn Mutations Storm Beasts: The task force is always considered to be benefitting from the starfighter interception action, and hull damage by the Sithspawn disables the targeted ship for the next round. Devouring Leviathan: Instead of multiple Sithspawn, the TF has one Sithspawn that does double damage and has double health (Triple in both cases when the TF reaches Elite). If the Sithspawn is part of an attack that destroys a cruiser or capital ship, it can spend a round eating to restore its health to half or full, depending on the size of the ship. Damage to it is halved during this round. (It is possible but difficult to kill while feeding, health is restored once the round that it fed is completed.) Whisperers: Whisperers can mentally subjugate enemy crew into briefly serving their will. If whisperers destroy an enemy cruiser or capital ship, it persists under the control of the Sith for one turn per Whisperer still alive in the TF, with the Sith able to use its abilities if appropriate or attach it as an escort if it is an escort ship. Each round the Whisperers can redirect one source of damage targeting them originating from a task force that they have damaged to an enemy task force. Shieldeater Wyrms: Shieldeaters steal any shields that they damage, gaining a number of shield health points equal to the amount of shield damage they caused in their attacks. Any time that they attack, Shieldeaters can deal additional damage equal to their shield health, although this expends the shield health. Dreadmaws: Terror incarnate, Dreadmaws infect the ships that they attack with crippling fear. Task forces damaged by Dreadmaws suffer the delayed action effect for as long as the Dreadmaws are alive and present on the field. Each time a Dreadmaw would damage a ship, the TF leader can instead opt to do nothing next round in exchange for taking no damage. (No abilities can be used and if the targeted TF is escorting another TF it is considered separated for the next round). Annihilator Swarm: Instead of two (or three) massive beasts, the annihilator swarm is composed of corvette sized wasps, with each colossal Sithspawn converting into six of these darling little homemakers. The TF gains the escort ability, and whenever an enemy ship of cruiser size or greater is destroyed, as long as there is at least one wasp alive and present, the wreckage becomes a nest the following round, producing one wasp each round. Nests can be destroyed by targeting them with any amount of damage. Detected non artillery ships that attack the swarm or the task force that they are escorting take one damage for every six wasps in the swarm, with partials rounding up (Since all damage is happening concurrently, remember that it’s the number of wasps at the beginning of the round, not the number of wasps after damage is done, unless the attacker has something giving them an early attack). Jedi Conclave of Vigils (Capital ship): Battle Meditation Green: A council of Jedi mystics sit arrayed in peace with themselves and the galaxy. Each round the TF leader can pick another TF to make a second action. Veteran: Through shared meditative focus, the Jedi manifest the will of the Force that they serve, choosing from a number of effects (See Light Side Manifestations below). Elite: The TF can both give an allied TF an extra action and manifest the Light Side in the same turn. Light Side Manifestations Reveal: The Jedi bring light to the darkness, effectively scanning all allied task forces for a stealth frequency this round. Barrier: The Jedi create a shield of light around a target, causing it to take half damage from all sources for that round. Hope: The Jedi bolster morale in a task force, allowing it to resolve its action for the round early. If the targeted task force is already under a delayed action effect, the two cancel each other out. Foresight: An allied task force can declare its action after actions are revealed, it resolves at normal speed. Jedi Starfighter Aces (Capital or cruiser supported by frigates and corvettes): May the Force be with us Green: The task force controller can perform two starfighter actions each round. Veteran: When this TF is performing Bombers Inbound with its starfighter actions, attack speed cannot be delayed by forward interception. Elite: Corvettes do not make Bombers Inbound actions from this TF go to shields instead of hull. Rebel Scrappers and the Patchwork Raven Escort (You could technically call it a Capital Ship, if you’re feeling generous and have very low standards): Oooh, piece of shiny! (Note: This ability cannot steal effects tied to Force powers, Hero TFs, or ships being a different size, such as abilities for corvettes focused on maneuverability.) Green: The scrappers of the Patchwork Raven are enthusiastic, to put it lightly, about “borrowing” salvaged tech. The TF can spend a round salvaging a destroyed task force’s wreckage, adding ten hull health and gaining the TF’s ability at green rank. Veteran: As above, but the ability stolen can be at veteran rank if the destroyed task force was at veteran or elite. Elite: As above, but the ability stolen can be used at up to elite rank, depending on the level of the salvaged task force, and abilities salvaged in the last turn resolve at early speed because of the crew’s excitement to play with new toys. Imperial AVATAR Command Module (Capital ship or cruiser with frigate and corvette support): Predictive Algorithms This Task Force doesn’t have levels of experience, instead it builds a series of statistical models as it observes the battle and develops strategic dominance. Each round that the TF is present, its simulation bank increases by one, and it can use the simulations to activate abilities from the following list. There is no cap to how many abilities it can activate in a turn as long as it has the points. Unspent points are lost. Each round the points are regained up to the new cap. The simulation bank does not reset between battles, only reverting to the starting value if the ship is destroyed or the campaign ends. Feint(1): An allied TF may choose a different ability target after actions are announced. Parry(2): An allied escort task force may choose to escort a different task force after actions are announced. Thrust(3): An allied TF may perform an attack ability at delayed speed but causing an additional three points of damage. Query(X): The TF can spend X number of points to scan that many frequencies on itself or an allied task force to look for stealth vessels. Efficiency(4): One combined attack this turn suffers no penalties. Clarity(8): The enemy forces reveal their actions first, rather than concurrently. All actions still resolve at normal speed. Amkhara the Destroyer (Capital ship): Symbiosis Green: The star destroyer bristles with weapons wreathed in coruscating flames of Dark Side energy. It can perform a focus fire attack like any other destroyer group. If unescorted, the TF takes half damage on any round that it is firing at an enemy. Veteran: The TF can use one of the veteran benefits from the turbolaser, railgun, or missile destroyer group task force. Furthermore, if the TF is attacking alone and not as part of a combined attack, it deals an additional two damage. Elite: The TF can use one the elite benefits from the turbolaser, railgun, or missile destroyer group task force. Additionally, if the TF is destroyed, if there is another allied capital ship destroyer group in the battle, it becomes Amkhara the Destroyer while keeping the new host’s original rank and current health. Control of Amkhara shifts to the owner of the possessed task force. If more than one option is available to possess, the controller may choose which task force becomes Amkhara. This may only occur once per battle.
  15. Genesis Vs Rose ruling After reading through the duel, I felt that the most poignant issue to address was Genesis's approach. While we feel that a strategy focusing on defense is viable for winning duels, that strategy must build up to a believable win condition, and I did not see anything presented as to why Rose would cease fighting. (Side note for future reference, any kind of bladed hit on the crease of the arm, if referring to the inner elbow or armpit, is a very bad time due to how much blood moves through that part of the body). Result: Victory for Rose Cariadus
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