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  1. Ryu let out the laugh that Armiena had imagined Darex trying to stifle. He had considered standing up to defend himself after he'd admitted his name, anticipating that his insistence that he was unworthy of mercy might convince her to put him out of his misery, but remained passive. Now he was glad he did, as her body language told him clearly that she was fully prepared to strike. She recognized him, knew more about him that he knew about himself. Just the sound of his name seemed to expose her fighting instincts. She was prepared to fight him, but at the same time, offer him a place as their traveling companion. The contradiction struck him as absurd, and he couldn't help but chuckle. "And where would we go? I wonder about you, Miss Armiena Draygo, despite your criticisms of the Jedi, you seem to know a lot about their history, their thoughts, and how they will likely respond to my existence. Combined with your lightsaber, the Jedi here apparently sending you after me first, and your friend here addressing you as master, I'm led to believe that my assumption that you are yourself a Jedi was not likely far from the mark." Ryu glanced down at the ants gnawing at his arm. Having only one hand, he tried to remove them by swinging his arm, but they held tight. He tried rubbing his arm on the grass but only a few came loose. Annoyed, he decided to hold his arm in the flame. Some burnt off and rest were driven up to his shoulder, where he was able to pinch them between his fingers and flick them into the fire. "So if what you're saying is that I can either be pursued by the Jedi indefinitely, or come with you and face them directly, then the choice is clear. I will go with you willingly. Running forever doesn't sound that appealing. As long as you're not going to shepherd me into another cage, I'd rather face my fate head on." Ryu tore off a fresh slab of Nerf and took a bite. Then, speaking with his mouth full, he digressed. "Unless you're some kind of Jedi outcast yourself and you mean to say you know someplace we won't be followed, in which case I'm fine with that too."
  2. Primary Account: Kakuto Ryu Discord Username: Kakuto Ryu/ProfDriftwood Real First Name: Dan Active Characters: Kakuto Ryu, Kane Wartide
  3. Ryu cautiously took the canteen from Armiena. He wasn't sure if he believed they would not turn on him, but after such a long isolation he was more in need of companionship than he was willing to to admit--even to himself. He took a sip from the canteen, then after a moment contemplation, a second much longer drink, half emptying the canteen before passing it back. As the boy rekindled the fire he decided to take a seat. Ryu listened intently as he spoke, ruminating on the boy's glib explanations of where he was, and why they had followed him. He sat in cold silence for several moments following his line of questions, apparently lost in though. "My plans do not extend far beyond this moment. I'm hoping to find some new clothes and a replacement for my arm. I was planning to tear one off the next droid I encounter, though in this wilderness I don't expect that would happen any time soon. If it is true that I'm not being pursued by anyone but you, then I suspect my past is quite lost. I don't know where I came from, and you who came after me when I escaped that prison don't seem to know why I was there either. I have no direction other than away from that cell." Ryu stared into the fire. A few remaining ants from the Canteen were crawling on his arm, but as he he watched the flame he did not seem to notice them. Do you remember anything related to your past? The words stirred up what little recollection he had within him, horrific visions of an endless war on all that lived. He could hear the screams of countless dying men and women, and in the fire he saw entire worlds burning. He did not really understand what it all meant, when or where he was remembering, but he had a dreadful sense that the violence that haunted him was his own doing. He felt sickened by the notion that this carnage was all that laid behind him, guilty that he was likely the cause of immeasurable suffering but lacked any sense of why it had happened, or what had driven him to do it. He knew that despite Armiena's condemnation of his imprisonment, the words of the baleful specter that had haunted his cell were most assuredly correct. He did deserve it. He had earned that suffering and much more. The ants were biting into his flesh now, sharp mandibles tearing away minute hunks of his flesh. He remained motionless, his eye still fixed on the flame. He opened his mouth to speak, but still took several moments before he found the words. He considered denying that he knew anything at all, sure that any admission of truth would change the Jedi's minds about their desire to chat. Yet, a sense of penitence drove him to admit what little could form into a coherent thought. "All I know is that my name is Ryu. Kakuto Ryu. And your mercy is most certainly wasted on me."
  4. Ryu was confused by the actions of his pursuers. Despite efforts to allay his fears, he was still deeply distrustful of their words. When the female disarmed herself, he wondered if it was a ruse. Even so, without a ranged weapon it seemed unlikely that she would able to attack him if he left his cover. Grudgingly he decided to stand up, revealing his sorry state. He looked like a ghost in the moonlight, his skin, hair, and eye in varied shades of gray. His flesh was a tapestry of scars, telling a story of violence that spanned hundreds of encounters. He was thin, emaciated from only intermittently eating what was provided for him in the cell. One of his arms was missing, a dark gray mechanical socket indicating that there had once been a cybernetic arm attached. His face was largely hidden behind the wild unkempt hair and bushy grey beard, his one glittering silver eye peeking out from the mess. No Longer hiding, he studied the two before him. The boy seemed unimposing, looking like a fairly average spacer. He could see the lightsaber on his hip, but Ryu's intuition was that he hadn't a lot of experience with it. The woman concerned him more. Her gaze was stern, her stance told him that she had seen many battles. Even disarmed, she could be a a threat if she meant to be one. Looking in her pale green eyes, he sensed something... familiar. His muddled memory could not place what it was though. He had some slight inclinations of his past, but he knew only what had come back to him in the hallucinations he experienced from his cell. "I..." Ryu began to speak but trialed off, hesitating. "I am lost. I think my memory has been tampered with, and I do not recall how I came to be here. I'm not even sure what planet this is. What..." Ryu trailed off again, taking a few steps forward from the dense grass. "If you don't intend to kill me or to put me back in that cell, what is it you want from me? Why have you followed me, and what do you intend to do now that you've caught me? "
  5. Ryu's blood ran cold at a the figures stepped out into the open, the sight of the lightsaber filling him with terror and dread. He was certain now. They were Jedi--or at least one of them was. His instinct was to run as fast as he could, but in his heart he knew he was unlikely to be able to evade pursuit for very long. The second person spoke up, affirming his desire to have part of Ryu's nerf. Though his heart screamed for him to run, he decided to continue leaning on the art of diplomacy. After a few moments of Shuffling in the grass, Ryu popped up into view with a large slab of bloody uncooked beef in hand. With a heavy groan he launched the still warm mass of flesh toward Genesis's head. Despite having only one arm to throw it with, the meat sailed through the air with alarming speed and accuracy. Without waiting to see where it landed, he dove back into the grass. "Here! That's all you get though! No more! I'm not going back to the dark place! It's... Too... damn dark! You can't make me! Take my meat like you took everything else! There's Nothing left!"
  6. The Holonet is for posting about communications made over holonet. It's kind of like the Internet/Cable TV networks for Star Wars. You're deep down the rabbit hole now--you're looking at the internet, within a fictional RP Universe, within the Internet. Tag your posts as "Public" for broadcasts anyone can view, and "Private" for encrypted transmissions between specific people. The Darknet subforum is for RPing outside of RP canon, and is generally used for unofficial character dueling and testing beta mechanics.
  7. Ryu's ears rang with the sound of the stun blaster, adrenaline pumping and cold sweat forming on his skin. On impulse he dove into the grass, keeping his body low to the ground to try to obscure himself in the brush. He didn't see who fired, but he saw the stun blast go skyward--a clear signal that it was a warning shot and not meant to hit him. He was overwhelmed with indecision. Was it a Jedi, or maybe just some farmer? Perhaps somebody looking for the Nerf he'd slain. If they meant to kill him or throw him back in the cell, a stun blaster and a warning shot didn't seem like a good start. His instinct was to run, but abandoning the spoils of his hunt seemed unappealing. He tried to peek out through the grass to see who was coming, but he couldn't make out anyone in the darkness. He settled on attempting diplomacy. "What do you want? Go away! This is my Nerf. You can't have any! It's terrible anyway, you wouldn't want it!" Ryu shouted to the unknown person approaching, then whispered to his meat slab, "I didn't mean that, you're wonderful" Ryu's attempt at negotiating sounded a lot more crazy and desperate when he heard it out loud. His voice was course and raspy from disuse. He began to crawl slowly, through the brush, toward the river. He was prepared to make a run for it based on what he heard in response, or as soon as he heard an approach.
  8. Ryu trudged on through the cavern, heading up a steep slope. The crystal made his progress faster, but what guided him now was smell. Mixed in with the damp cave air, he smelled grass, and better, the air was moving now. He was close. Around the next bend, he saw light, and with a growing sense of urgency he began to run forward until at long last he felt the light touch his skin. Immediately after passing through the mouth of the cave he fell to his knees in pure bliss. He saw the setting sun ahead of him, the open endless sky above him, and felt overpowered by its beauty. The cool wind blew across his skin and filled his nostrils with fresh air. He raised his hands into the sky, reveling in the glory of freedom, and stayed in that very spot for nearly 20 minutes. It was such a relief to see sunlight again, to be out from under a roof again. In that moment he became certain that he would bite off his own tongue and bleed out before he'd spend another day in that cage. He would accept only freedom or death from this moment forward. ---- A stray nerf grazed idly in the tall grass, lifting it's head to look around upon hearing a shuffle. After a few moments it lowered its head and resumed chewing the dense grass that covered Dantooine. It heard a second shuffle, and raised its head to look around with a mild but noticeable sense of anxiety. When it heard and saw nothing more, it tried to continue feeding, when suddenly Ryu leapt up from the grass and landed on its back, jabbing it in the neck with his Kinrath Claw. The beast thrashed, but bled out quickly from the wound on its neck. When it stopped moving, Ryu grabbed it by the horns hauled it off into a clearing by a stream, where he had started a fire using primitive methods. He eviscerated the creature clumsily with kinrath claw then suspended some of its meat above the fire. He smashed the creature's skull on a rock then took a horn to replace his claw. While he waited for the slab of meat to cook, he went over to the water, taking a drink and then stopping to look at his own reflection. He barely recognized the filthy hobo that stared back at him. His beard was huge and bushy, his hair was extremely long, matted and unkempt, and his body was covered in dirt and blood. He decided to wash off some of the filth while he waited, and climbed into the stream. He let the current of the river do the work, just staring up at the sky until the stars appeared. When he was done he sat down on the nerf pelt and tamped out his fire with a rock, afraid he would be detected but unwilling to do anything more until he ate. He took his charred hunk of nerf flesh by an exposed bone and bit into it. It was, by far, the most delicious thing he'd ever tasted.
  9. Ryu inched onward through the darkness for what seemed like hours, freezing when he heard noise, in constant anticipation of Kinrath attacks. Had run into two more since he entered the cave, taking a few claws to his chest and knees before he was able to blindly grapple and stab them to death. He could feel blood trickling down his left leg from where he'd been gouged. Passing around a corner, he noticed a dim light ahead. He approached slowly, concerned that it may be the glow of a lightsaber, but was relieved to instead find a cavern illuminated by glowing crystal formations and bioluminescent moss. He breathed a sigh of relief and approached the cavern. On one edge there was a small pool of water, and several Kinrath eggs. He approached a redi/pink crystal and hacked at the base of the shard with is severed kinrath claw until it broke off. He shoved the crystal into his waist band so that it may serve as a dim lantern. He could now see the blood that was running down his leg. He walked over to the edge of the small subterranean steam, washing off the blood and packing the wound with mud to prevent it from bleeding further. It was deep but the pain wasn't severe. He was more concerned that the Jedi would follow the trail he was leaving behind than he was for the wound itself. Strange... he pondered, I would have expected the Jedi to be catching up with me by now. I must be better at spelunking than I had thought I was. Ryu stood and began to head for the nearest exit to the cavern. He hadn't gotten very far before he heard the crunch of an egg under his feet, along with the angry shriek of a kinrath in the distance. He muttered a slew of curses as he wiped the gooey contents of the egg no the floor. Then, raising up his severed claw, he waited for the Kinrath to come into his reach.When each came close enough, he slammed the severed claw downward into each of their heads, dispatching them very quickly. It was a lot easier to stab the insects when he could see where their heads were. Ryu pressed forward, disappearing into another path opposite of where he'd come in. With the new crystal lighting his way, Ryu continued into the depths of the earth.
  10. Kakuto Ryu emerged from a cell in the deepest level underneath the temple, a dim and dusty untrafficked subbasement. He still wasn't sure if he was dreaming or just hallucinating in the dark, but in either case he planned to make the most of the opportunity. Down the hall he heard the chittering and squeaks of a large arachnoid. He contemplated his options carefully. He could either try to escape from inside the temple, where he was likely to encounter Jedi and be killed or worse, be placed back in that cell; or he could try figure out how the beast got into the temple and use its route to get back outside. At his disposal he had nothing, the rags he wore and his fist--and only one fist at that. He inched down the hall slowly to try to see what manner of creature awaited him. He peeked around a corner and saw it shuffling in the dark. It was Kinrath--a large 4 legged insect with one big digging arm. Not an especially fearsome beast, but one that lived in hives. To get outside, he would surely have to cross paths with many of them. Even so, it seemed like a better bet than facing down a bunch of Jedi. He began to worry that they would be coming for him if he waited too long. Surely the Jedi would be notified of the failure of his prison cell and come to investigate. Without the force he would have no way to sense their approach. There was precious little time to plan. Abruptly he heard the kinrath begin to shuffle down the hall. He didn't think it had seen him, but after a decade in a cell with no shower it most certainly smelled him. Ryu held up his hand and prepared to engage it. As soon as it peeked around the corner he grabbed it by its sharp digging claw and lunged at its head, sinking his teeth into its neck. It squealed with hostility, thrashing its arm to try to stab him. It had a hard exoskeleton, but with great determination and a small amount of fear he might have his journey end at the hand of such a humiliating foe, he managed to bite through its neck and tear the creature's head off with his teeth. Ryu spat out the insect's head and bitter disgusting blood, more than a little disappointed that his prey didn't taste good. After a decade with bland synthetic paste to eat, a steak was high on his list of priorities. It would have to wait though. When the kinrath stopped twitching he put his foot on its digging arm and tore off its claw. It wasn't much of a weapon, but it was better than nothing. Tracing the path of the kinrath back to where he had seen it initially he found a large hole in the wall, an entrance path into a pitch dark cave. Evidently the creature had burrowed straight into the temple. He noted a torn cable sticking out of the wall where it had come through, suggesting this was what caused the door to his cell to open. For a moment he almost felt bad that he had bitten the head off of what was actually his savior. Perhaps if it had not tried to stab him he would have left it for the Jedi to deal with. He felt a bit of dread at the prospect of groping blindly in a cave that, for all he knew, could be miles in length before he reached the surface. Still, it seemed like a better option than fighting his way through Jedi with a kinrath claw. Reluctantly he entered the cave and began slowly feeling his way along walls, his severed kinrath claw raised--ready to stab the next one he encountered in the face. "At least I won't have to kill the next one with my teeth."
  11. GENOCIDE AND GENESIS In pure darkness laid a man. Alone on a stone floor, he sat in silence. Could it truly be this black, or did I go blind? Is it really this quiet, or am I deaf? Am I truly so alone, or have I am I just no longer able to reach anyone else? It feels like I have been here forever... He focused on the cold stone floor beneath him. Though all his other senses were blank, he could feel the cold, and cling to the hope that at least it was real. "Perhaps I am already dead, and this is purgatory." The man ruminated on the sound of his own words. It too seemed real, though it offered him little comfort to consider that it might be. He could remember nothing of who he was or what existed outside of the suffocating darkness. He wasn't even certain that there ever was a world beyond the blackness that enveloped him. "You are not dead yet." Echoed a metallic voice. The voice sounded very close. He groped blindly for its source, but found nothing but cold stone. "Is someone there?" He pleaded. With a flash, a white light pierced through the oppressive darkness, radiating from the blade of a silver lightsaber. It was held by a tall, imposing figure, clad head to toe in bone white armor, with dark metal hand. A mask covered his face, its empty dark eyes giving the impression of a skull. The strange voice hissed from the masked man, "You ARE alone, Ka-ku-to Ryuuuuu." The man looked down to see his own hands, pale gray skin in the white light of the ghastly figure's blade. Hearing the name aloud, he felt a certain that it was his own, yet could remember nothing more about himself. Ryu picked himself up off the ground to face the armored man. "How did I get here?" Dimly, he saw the outline or a transparent cylindrical tank. Ryu approached, a dull blue light illuminating a body inside from below. Though the frame was smaller, childlike, he recognized it as his own. Ryu put his hands on the glass tank as he studied the figure. In the reflection on the glass he noticed two men standing behind him. They were tall with tan skin and silver hair much like his own. One held a datapad while the other scanned the floating body with a handheld device. "You really screwed up this one. You said you'd run the simulations before you tried anything novel. The Boss is going to be mad." Remarked the man with the scanner. "I did run the simulations. They came out exceptional! This one will be strong and durable, an excellent laborer. Look at how this muscle tissue is forming, it's nearly twice as dense as predicted. Sensory and motor neurons are hyper responsive. Its skin is remarkably tough. It's even growing faster than the other samples." Said the other man with the datapad. "But it's not taking the cognitive entrainment. It might not even be able to understand basic at this rate. The point of this project was to create workers who would require a minimum of training, so we could put it to work on complex tasks. We weren't paid 250,000 credits a head to make mining drones!" Replied the first man, visibly annoyed. "Okay, fine, maybe integrating the massassi DNA sequences didn't work out as well as I expected, but It's not a big deal. These things happen in experimental eugenics. It's not as if there aren't plenty of asteroids to mine. The boss will still get his money's worth, I'm sure." The two figures turned and walked away, fading into the blackness. When Ryu turned to try to see where they were going, he was met instead with the man in the skull mask. Before could react the masked man grabbed him by the top of his head. Ryu's hands gripped tightly around the the cold metal wrist of the Masked man, powerless to break free. "You hear that? You were a mistake. If only they had any idea how massive of a mistake it was, they would have put you down when they had the chance." The Masked Man repositioned his thumb on Ryu's left eye, pressing in. Ryu screamed in agony and horror as his eye made a grisly pop and blood sprayed out onto the armor of his tormentor. ---------- Ryu was awakened by a bare light fixture activating on the roof of a cave. He squinted and opened his eyes, finding himself laying on a roughly hewn rock floor. Packed tightly in the unfurnished room were dozens of others who looked like him. Men and women with ashen gray skin and silver hair, dull silver eyes. They wore ragged, dirty jumpsuits, with metal rings around their neck, wrists, and ankles. Each began to rise to their feet, their bodies stiff from the rocks they had rested on. "Rest interval has ended. Line up to receive your nutritional supplements and work directives." Crowed a black overseer droid, standing just inside a doorway. Four identical droids flanked him, wardens subservient to the overseer. One was holding a tray of doughy grey bricks and the rest loaded with an assortment of mining equipment. The others in the room did as they were told, leaning over to receive one of the small bricks of synthesized protein before being sent away with a droid. Still on the floor, Ryu noticed that a woman in the line was staring at him, her eyes revealing an unspoken concern. Before he could wonder why Ryu was hit with sudden wave of pain. The cuffs on his limbs and neck began to emit electricity with an loud crackle, sending him into convulsions for several seconds. In that moment Ryu felt his consciousness pull out into a place that felt distant, until he was high above, watching himself be dragged away by the warden droids as they scolded him for delaying the work schedule. I had forgotten this place. This was my first day at the mining camp. The first of too many days to count. This was a hopeless, joyless place. Except... The view of that room faded to blackness, and in the next instant Ryu found himself in his body again, face to face with the woman who had been staring at him before. He had become aware he was trapped in a memory, and could only watch as the events unfolded as they had in the past. "Take this." Ryu said aloud, extending his hand to the woman. "The overseer did not want it. He said it was a different from what we usually dig up." Ryu dropped a transparent silvery crystal into the hand of the woman, who brought it close to her eyes to inspect it. He saw her smile as she turned it around between her fingers, seeing how the light danced across its surface, reflecting colors they had never seen before in their monochrome existence. To her, it seemed like the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. But for me, it was her smile that was captivating. Like the shimmering colors in the crystal, it was something I'd never seen before, and it became the only thing I valued. After that day, she would spend every moment she could at my side. We could only be together between labor shifts, when we were told to sleep and the few minutes before and after. She would lay next to me in the dark, and I would feel the warmth of her body, the softness of her skin. In that rocky prison, she was the only thing that had ever been warm or soft. We rarely spoke, and now I can't even remember what her voice sounded like. But even so, I think that I loved her... Ryu heard the metallic voice of the masked man, laughing derisively. "You think you loved her?! Ahahahaha-" Ryu found himself in the mine, a sonic hammer clutched in his hands. "You don't even remember her name, or a single word she said!" Ryu Raised the tool up over his head, and then slammed against the wall of the cave. Crumbled rocks fell to the ground as he raised it again. "A monster like you never loved anything, it's not a feeling you're capable of!" Ryu brought down the hammer again and again, bits of rock flying through the air as he tore through the wall. "If you ever felt love, it was for violence. You only know how to hurt people." Ryu continued flurry of strikes, a large fissure spreading vertically as he pounded. "You deserve to suffer." Ryu stopped hammering, but the fissure continued to grow, splintering more and more. He took a step back, but it was too late. A roar of wind accompanied the collapse of the wall, sucking him out into open space. He tried to scream, but his lungs were emptied of air. He could see the tears in his eyes turning to steam as he felt his body decompress, his flesh expanding like a balloon the the vacuum. The pain was unfathomable, simultaneously freezing cold in the shadow and boiling hot in the sunlight. It was less than a minute before he passed out, but it felt like an eternity. Ryu reawakened in the black room, laying face down the floor. With his one good eye, he could see blood pouring from his hollowed out socket. He felt a heavy boot on his shoulder, and the cold metal hand of the masked man gripping his left wrist. His arm was bent backward, already dislocated from its socket. "This is your punishment." The masked man began to pull, Ryu howled in agony as his flesh started ripping. There was a nauseating shredding sound as his muscles and sinew were torn apart, until finally his arm completely detached, only to be discarded on the ground in front of him. His body grew cold from the loss of blood, and quickly he fell unconscious. ----------- "Amazing... He's waking up." Ryu's eyes opened to the sight a bright examination lamp. Every inch of his body ached. One of the Arkanian scientists was taking readings off him with a medical scanner "I've never heard of anyone surviving 10 minutes in a vacuum before. You've gotta be the luckiest slave alive. If we weren't afraid that a cargo ship might pick you up and start asking questions, we wouldn't have even bothered to retrieve your body." The Arkanian set down the scanner and began making notes on a datapad. "Needless to say, nobody expected your heart to still be beating when we got you back inside." The scientist left the room, pausing just outside the door to inform the warden that he would be ready to resume work on the next shift. When the morning came, a droid led him to the main barracks where the slaves slept at night. He entered the room as the lights kicked on, and the overseer began the day as he had every other. "Rest interval has ended. Line up to receive your nutritional supplements and work directives." Ryu didn't expect much reaction from his fellow slaves, but he had anticipated at least one person would smile when they saw that he was still alive. "Where is -̴̢̢̝̤̰͚̄̈́↑̸̨̨̡̝͚̯̟̬̂͝☺̷͓͓͉͠♠̵̯̻̹̼̥̔̉̋̈́ ?" Amid the solemn faces, he did not find the woman who he cared for. Though they all looked much alike, to him she was unmistakable. The way she carried herself, her expressions, the way she walked--in the time he'd spent there, these were the only things he'd thought were worth learning. He began to pace around the room, double checking everyone's faces as they were lining up for food and being sorted into groups. "Why isn't she here? Where is -̴̢̢̝̤̰͚̄̈́↑̸̨̨̡̝͚̯̟̬̂͝☺̷͓͓͉͠♠̵̯̻̹̼̥̔̉̋̈́ ?!" The familiar buzz of the stun cuffs rang in his ears as waves of electricity ran through his body. He fell to his knees, but recovered as soon as his punishment ceased. "Terminate all communications, report for work directives immediately." the Overseer insisted. Ryu begrudgingly approached the overseer and snatched up his brick of synthesized protein. None of the others were going to speak for fear of being shocked, and the droids weren't going to start being helpful now. "Follow Warden Delta to Sector 6." Crowed the droid. Ryu gnawed on the tough flavorless lump as he walked toward his assigned area. Upon arrival at the mining site, he picked up his mining hammer from the warden and began to strike the wall. "Alright, I'm smashing rocks, looking for gems. Now, will you tell me where -̴̢̢̝̤̰͚̄̈́↑̸̨̨̡̝͚̯̟̬̂͝☺̷͓͓͉͠♠̵̯̻̹̼̥̔̉̋̈́ is?" Ryu shouted back at the droid as it watched to make sure he didn't stop working. "You are not authorized for requested information, and slaves are not authorized to speak during labor interval. Terminate all communications." Ryu seethed at the response. There had been other laborers who had disappeared like this in the past. If they were injured while mining, they usually returned once their wounds were treated. But others had disappeared without warning, and they never returned. For Ryu, neither possibility would be acceptable. He lowered his hammer and turned to face the warden droid. "And what if I refuse to work until you tell me?" Ryu demanded. The warden's response was predictable. The stun cuffs and collar began to pump electricity throughout his body, bringing him to his knees. Ryu's jaw clenched, the pain only serving to anger him more. Ten seconds later the voltage halted, and the warden repeated his orders. "Terminate all communications and resume labor immediately." "No." Ryu spat back defiantly. Again electricity surged through his limbs and neck. His flesh started to bubble up, lines of burns in the shapes of the electricity scorching into his flesh. His arms and neck tensed, but this time, he stood firm. Ryu grit his teeth and began to scream, both for pain and for rage. He raised up the hammer he used to break the rock walls and began to march toward the warden droid. The Droid looked around as if in confusion. The nearest containment door began to close, and an alert siren sounded. The hammer smashed into droid's chest with a satisfying crunch, crumpling its torso and sending its pieces flying in 5 different directions. The stun cuffs deactivated with the droid, allowing Ryu to breath a sigh of relief. By luck the droid's torso slid into the door frame, blocking the door from sealing fully. Ryu sneered the droid's severed head then gave it a kick across room. He didn't really know what he would do next, but the path forward was clear. He slid his hammer under the door then, feet first, followed behind it. Ryu made his way to the part of the facility that was ordinarily restricted to slaves. He had only ever been to the medical bay, and so that seemed like a good place to start looking. He arrived to find it empty, the lights off, the exam tables and bacta tanks inactive. His jaw clenched in frustration. Undeterred, he checked the other rooms nearby. Across the hall was the cloning lab, unmanned and filled with empty maturation tanks. The next door down seemed like a sort of storage facility, filled with chemicals, equipment, and unused droid parts. It wasn't until the fourth room that he ran into one of the Arkanian scientists. The scientist gawked in disbelief for a few seconds before frantically digging in his pocket and withdrawing a control device for the stun cuffs. Disbelief gave weigh to panic when the stun cuffs activated but failed prevent Ryu's advance. "Oh c'mon these are supposed to subdue a wookiee!" the Arkanian shouted, smashing the button repeatedly. Ryu smacked the stun cuff remote out of the scientist's hand with his hammer. The remote clacked against the floor, then crunched beneath Ryu's foot. The scientist, meanwhile, recoiled in horror at the sight of his hand, which had snapped at the wrist and was dangling straight down. Ryu disregarded his cries of pain to scan the room. His gaze fixed immediately on a set of transparent capsules lined up along the walls, one of which contained a female body. Its surface covered in frost, Ryu approached it with purpose and began to scrape away to get a better look at the face of the woman inside. There was no mistake. It was definitely her, her eyes closed, a peaceful expression on her face. She seemed serene, as though sleeping, and so he started to knock excitedly on the glass. "Hey, wake up, we're getting out of here!" The woman remained motionless, unresponsive, even as he began to pound his fist into the glass. Ryu sensed that something was wrong and he began to grow frantic. He turned to the scientist, now quivering in the corner and clutching his wrist. "Why isn't she waking up? What did you do to her?!" Ryu shouted. "Shes... She's in Cryogenic suspension. She's being shipped off colony tomorrow. You can't wake her." Answered the Arkanian, increasingly fearful of what the slave might do. Having never heard of Cryogenics before, Ryu had no idea what this meant, but was rapidly growing impatient. "Fix it. Get her out of there, now." Ryu Growled. "I can't, we-we-we don't have the facilities to revive her on the station--" The Arkanian Quivered. Ryu grabbed him by his broken wrist and threw him into the wall. "GET HER OUT NOW!!" Ryu insisted, his demands echoing throughout the whole facility. "It-it- can't be done, I'm sorry-" The Arkanian admitted, grudgingly, between wails of pain. Ryu howled in anger. He looked back at the capsule, then raised up his hammer--intent on opening it himself. "NO, YOU FOOL!" The Arkanian cried out impotently. But it was too late. Ryu shattered the tank with a single swing of his hammer, a radial web of fractures spreading across it's surface. He jammed the handle through the glass, careful not to hit her. Gripping the hammer near its head, he pried the glass away, then tore away the broken pieces with his hands. His palms lacerated and bleeding, he reached into the tank and touched her face. "Wake up -̴̢̢̝̤̰͚̄̈́↑̸̨̨̡̝͚̯̟̬̂͝☺̷͓͓͉͠♠̵̯̻̹̼̥̔̉̋̈́ ! We're going to be free. -̴̢̢̝̤̰͚̄̈́↑̸̨̨̡̝͚̯̟̬̂͝☺̷͓͓͉͠♠̵̯̻̹̼̥̔̉̋̈́ ...." Her skin was cold and hard. She was motionless, not even breathing. He slid one hand to the side of her neck, taking her hand with the other. His bloody palm print stained her cheek. "Please... -̴̢̢̝̤̰͚̄̈́↑̸̨̨̡̝͚̯̟̬̂͝☺̷͓͓͉͠♠̵̯̻̹̼̥̔̉̋̈́ ...." A hairline fracture formed across her face. Ryu gasped in terror, and then more fractures radiated from the first, until she was covered in a web of cracks that enveloped her whole body. Ryu held his breath, his heart sinking, and a moment later she shattered into thousands of pieces. Ryu stood stunned, trying to process what was happening as shards of her hand slipped between his fingers. The silver crystal he had given her fell into his palm, having evidently been in her hand when she was frozen. Ryu clenched his hand into a fist, lowering his head to see the grisly mess of her remains. Shaking now, he closed his eyes and screamed again. "NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!" The Arkanian scientist stood in stunned horror. Ryu turned toward him slowly, tears streaming down his face. "What have you done-" Before the Scientist could complete his sentence the mining hammer struck the top of his head, fragmenting his skull and shooting bits of blood, bone and brain matter in every direction. Ryu watched as the lifeless torso slid onto the floor, blood pooling from where its head used to be. He stood there, unblinking, blind with rage. The anger that had been building since he was born had boiled over, and in this moment it became an overwhelming madness. Ryu walked into the hallway outside the cryogenics lab, where he met with another Arkanian scientist and the remaining four droids. They had come to find the source of the commotion, only to find Ryu splattered with the remains of the first Arkanian. "Subdue him." ordered the second Arkanian scientist. The droids activated the stun cuffs on Ryu, but this time they had no effect. The electricity flowing through him strobed, lighting up the hallway as it danced along the surface of his neck and limbs. The droids drew stun batons as Ryu turned and raised his hammer. The scientist began to panic when he saw Ryu's furious gaze, a feeling which increased ten fold as the droids were smashed to bits by four swings of the blood soaked mining hammer. Before he could bring himself to run away, Ryu's hand was around his throat, the electricity of the stun cuff passing into him and making him convulse as Ryu strangled the life from his body. There was a awful crunch, and the scientist fell limp, his tongue hanging from his mouth and his eyes growing empty. Ryu dropped him to the ground with a sneer then proceeded to smash the remains of the droids into smaller pieces until the stun cuffs stopped firing, and then a little more after. When the droids were barely recognizable hunks of metal, Ryu did the same to the body of the second Arkanian. He began to howl like a wild animal as he crushed the body into bone fragments and bloody paste. A terrified whimper came from the other end of the hall, and Ryu turned to identify it's source. A third Arkanian screeched in terror at the grotesque scene. Seeing Ryu's white skin painted head to toe in blood was enough to make him turn his back and run as fast as he could. Ryu's bloodlust still unsated, he took up the chase, letting out a bestial growl as he began his pursuit, bloody footprints trailing in his wake. Having seen his colleague mutilated, The last Arkanian was prepared to abandon the station entirely. He sprinted to the hangar and ran up a ramp to a cargo shuttle. Barely in the door he shouted for the automated droid pilot to take off immediately. Before he could even reach the pilot seat the gore bathed hammer shattered his spine. He doubled over, his stomach touching the floor but his head his chest facing the ceiling. Blood pouring from his lips, he gurgled and sputtered. The last thing he saw was the blood cloaked nightmare looming over him, raising the hammer into the air and bringing it down on his face. ----------- A couple hours later the cargo shuttle touched down on a landing pad in the snowy wastes of Arkania. A dozen of its inhabitants rushed out of a nearby facility to meet the shuttle. As the landing ramp opened a particularly well dressed Arkanian began to voice his confusion. "Hey, what's going on here, this shipment isn't scheduled for another..." The Arkanian trailed off when he saw a blood soaked man with a hammer run down the ramp. Ryu charged headlong into them, taking each man out with a bone shattering swing of his hammer, one after another until only broken bodies remained. He continued in through the door they had emerged from to continue the slaughter. The massacre would end some hours later, the base still and silent, purged of all life save Ryu's. Fresh blaster burns and vibroblade wounds marred his flesh, but were ultimately insufficient to stop the rampage. The other slaves who Ryu had left behind ultimately starved in captivity, no one left to free them or bring them supplies. In effect, it was a sort of suicide, as he had erased every trace of his existence by eliminating every person who knew of it. At dawn he sat outside on the landing pad, a plume of flame billowing out of the door of the secret facility, blood and bodies around him freezing in the bitter harsh wasteland. Ryu turned the crystal over in his fingers, watching the light of flames and the rising sun flicker across its surface. He hardly noticed when a massive flying reptile arrived at the scene, attracted by the stench of blood, and began feasting on the corpses. It was nearly as big as the ship he had rode in on, black with two massive wings and a mouth big enough to consume a man whole. He looked up at it, and it stared back at him for a moment, but gorged on the dead, it did not seem interested in Ryu, and flew off without bothering him. Some time later I would learn the beast was a rare arkanian dragon. At the time, I remember thinking that it could have killed me but chose not to out of some form of kinship. It and I were just beasts that existed to terrorize weaker forms of life. Now I look back on that day and think that it spared me because it believed that by doing so, I would make more corpses for it to devour. "It was right." Ryu was back in the dark room, atop masked man, pinning his arms down with his knees. His left arm and eye gone, he repeatedly bashed the skull mask with his remaining fist. His knuckles grew bloodied and bruised, staining the white mask as he relentlessly pummeled it. Finally the mask began to crack, then fell apart to reveal his face. Beneath the mask Ryu found his own face, and in it he saw flashes of a lifetime of murder, a trail of flame and mangled corpses that had led him to this point. Unphased by the horrific memories, he did not relent in pummeling his doppelganger, instead smashing his head against the ground over and over until the face was no longer recognizable. ----------- Ryu found himself in the center of a large windowless room with a single light overhead. He was trapped in a small round forcefield, unable to move. His left shoulder was just a socket where a mechanical arm was mean to attach and his left eye merely a hollow socket. His body was covered in fresh wounds from what seemed to be a recent battle, one that he had evidently lost. In front of him was a massive stone door, nearly a meter thick, in through which filed a procession of cloaked Jedi. They took positions surrounding him, their hoods up and their faces obscured by shadow. "We are gathered here to pronounce sentence on the Sith Lord Kakuto Ryu. For your crimes against society, for the innumerable lives you've ended, and for the instability and chaos you've sewn across the galaxy, we believe that are too dangerous to be allowed to exist. Yet, it would be against your principles to simply execute a defenseless man. Thus we have decided that you will stripped of the Force, you will be stripped of your memories, and you will be stripped of your freedom. You will be confined to this cell, deep underneath the temple, where you can never harm another again." The council reached out their hands in unison, calling on the force to invade his mind. He could feel them prying open the gates around his thoughts, unlocking his memories and then obliterating them. He tried desperately to fight back, to lock his memories away, but before long there was nothing left. He felt the force being cut off from him, his sense of the universe that surrounded him growing silent. In the end he was an empty shell, isolated within himself, and purged of all sense of identity. He fell to the ground, alive but catatonic. The Jedi filed out of the room, and sealed the door behind them. The force field deactivated, leaving him all alone in an empty cell with just a wall mounted food synthesizer and a hole in the corner of the floor. The single light deactivated itself moments later, leaving him in complete darkness. There he would remain for nearly a decade, his mind struggling to repair the damage that was done to it in this place of quiet and shadow. Ryu finally understood that this was the place he found himself at in the present, and that all the hallucinations he had experienced were his mind trying desperately to piece his memories back together. Where he had once felt the force, he now experienced a scar on his soul, a great emptiness that was even worse than the darkness and the silence that had filled his days. His newly found sense of self only served to magnify his suffering, and he contemplated smashing his head into the wall until he could end it for good. Unexpectedly, in his darkest hour he saw a thin strip of light leak in from the door frame, growing to a blinding glare as his cell opened to the outside world again. Unsure whether it was real or another hallucination, he got up from his spot in the floor and approached the doorway. Struggling against his own disbelief, he exited the cell. The moment of his rebirth was at hand.
  12. "If you want to save him, you need only bring him with you..." The words rang in Ulan's ear as a distant memory what had transpired. His recollection of the time after passing through the beast's jaws was gone. In his green, ooze coated claw he clutched the hood of a shallowly breathing Gavin.Though he miraculously bore no mark of the struggle, the echoing pangs of an all too real dismemberment would haunt Jedi Knight. Amidst a crater full of flaming robot parts, what was once the Sith's ship now lay decapitated and scattered across a Bespin City Block. The reunited apprentice and master found themselves in a pool at the center of the impact, just too sticky with the putrid ichor to be on fire. Kakuto was gone. The Cloud City Management, aware that the carbonite reactor was soon to blow, detached lower blocks of the city to mitigate the collateral. Among the city lost in the sky that day was the last known location of Sith Master. It is unknown whether or not Kakuto Ryu was able to escape the drop into the clouds. He is presumed lost in the groundless skies of Bespin.
  13. Nar Shaddaa Astrographical Information Region: Mid Rim Sector: Hutt Space System: Y'Toub System Orbital Position: moon of the 3rd planet Moons: one of 5 Grid Coordinates: S-8 Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Primary Terrain: polluted cityscape Points of Interest: Rimmer's Rest, Promenade, The Slag Pit Societal Information Indigenous Species: Ganks Immigrated Species: Hutts, t'landa Til, humans Primary Language(s): Huttese, Galactic Basic Faction Affiliation: neutral Defense Rating: Level 4 JediRP Canon History: …to come… Old description in spoiler: ((Summary compiled by Amidala Skywalker. Thank you!))
  14. OOC Note: The chronology on this is a bit askew, bits are thrown about everywhere, but the only thing that's important is that everyone is The Streets of Bespin Waves of blaster fire washed the mech as it besieged the Streets of Bespin, the commander's speeder backpedaling to stay out of the beast's way. A cigarra spike clenched sharply between his teeth, he yelled at the visibly quaking driver in the seat next to him. ”œDear Woden Man, don't stop now! This is robot county!”
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