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  1. Nar Shaddaa Astrographical Information Region: Mid Rim Sector: Hutt Space System: Y'Toub System Orbital Position: moon of the 3rd planet Moons: one of 5 Grid Coordinates: S-8 Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Primary Terrain: cityscape Points of Interest: The Imperial Mission, Nar Shaddaa Spaceworks Societal Information Indigenous Species: Ganks Immigrated Species: Hutts, t'landa Til, humans Primary Language(s): Imperial Galactic Basic, Huttese, Faction Affiliation: neutral Defense Rating: Level 4 JediRP Canon Under Control of the Rebel Alliance with the Imperial Remnant making the majority of the initial investment into the planet. See below for major installations: Old description in spoiler:
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