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    These Trandoshans didn't want to stop. Fine by him. Sergeant Quarl, alongside Fizt and Kim moved up. Just as the blast door closed two figures appeared from the end of the hall, hulking things in armor he'd never seen before but it was of no matter. In an instant Quarl saw something flying at him however he quickly ducked for it to go over his head, and that was when he heard the explosion seconds after, much like a grenade but sharper and higher in pitch. He took cover for spikes to fly past impaling the walls and ceiling. The Sarge was quick to notice that Fizt and Kim's did the same however he also noticed the large gash on Kimas leg clearly bleeding profusely. They'd patch that up after they cleaned this mess. . "Return Fire!" Sargeant Quarl shouted, his training kicking in and let loose several blaster shots, the other two doing the exact same. This would be no different than those pirates, he told himself. . Vox and Rylast made their way down the hall, blaster bolts flee past them with a few actually nailing them, sparks flying off the arm and leg guards. The impacts caused the two Trandoshans concentrate focus, Rylast fired a few Puncture rounds, grenades soaring at the enemy where they were crouched and covered at. The force of each small explosion was enough to cause Fizt and Kima to lose their balance or wince. They finally found their ground after a few seconds but found it quite hard to aim with a round of grenades shots at them. Rylast swiftly reloaded but both Trandoshans rushed their efforts and sprinted toward the fire, Rylast locking in his last string and firing the six grenades. . The Sargeant successfully blasted three bolts at the Chieftains helmet, surprised that it was sturdy enough to take the three shots. Then it hit him, the two Trandoshans split taking their targets, the taller of the two with the massive bladed gun hauling toward Kima and Fazt, and as planned Quarl would take on the-! . The bladed pistol or whatever it was swing toward Norris' direction aimed at his head, however fast the bladed gun was he was just faster and quickly rolled out of the way. However Vox saw the blaster rifle raise and spun, easily unsheathing his glaive and swinging it at medium length. The tip of the sword caught the Sarge's rifle tip just as he pulled the trigger and the weapon was knocked away. Vox came back around within an instant bringing up his Mauler shotgun and began to fire two scattering rounds. Norris rolled to the side for the first shot and pulled his pistol and a knife right when the second shot barely missed him. . Firing several more rounds of his pistol, the Sargeant blasted off the helmet and leapt at the supposedly stunned Trandoshan. He grasped at the... Metal! This wasn't the same plasteel the regular troopers used, it was pure solid metal! The thought struck Norris as realization hit him, it was the reason these mercenaries could take so many hits. It didn't stop him from the only second he had to plunge the knife into the Trandoshans neck. However, that hadn't come to pass as Norris was flung against the wall with an audible crack. What happened? He had the enemy by their throat! In his dazed state he snapped to and realized his pistol was gone but still grasped his knife. A large staffed sword came down and the Sarge rolled on his side and upward just in time as the weapon sliced through the wall, getting back in a fighting stance as the lizard yanked the weapon from the wall with ease. He could still feel the immense pain his back, most likely pulled something. . How could he have been that careless? Them again, the foe was smaller and possibly faster, and in his haste Vox almost had a knife to his throat. At that last moment he'd dropped both weapons and gripped the sides of the human and threw him quickly, the knife making contact with the edge of his armor. Leaving the Mauler he kicked up his glaive and raised it, bringing it down to quickly end his foe. That alone was a task for the human rolled away, and now Vox didn't have to hide as the met eye to eye. His slitted pupils meeting the rounder ones, his sword and being guided by his instincts and swordsmanship meeting a seemingly experienced foe with his wits. . Vox heard the human shout, "Where's my back up?!" . The Chieftain could still hear a struggle, a choke from one of his human foes and a pained groan from another before it was silenced with an audible crack. While the Chieftain and the Sargeant were in their own fight, Rylast had rushed the attack caring less for the armor and wounds he'd received. He pulled out his own Spiker and began to fire the rapid rounds of spikes. The two soldiers found themselves pinned around the corner and one nodded to the other. Fizt rounded the corner and took aim only to be grabbed and pulled up by a rough hand. He fired a lucky shot as Rylast was ready to stab him with his Spiker, hitting the Trandoshans hand causing him to let go of the weapon. That didn't stop the incoming limb from hitting Fizt's stomach as his head was let go. This sent the soldier a few feet back, gasping for the wind that was knocked out of him. . Rylast reared but was too late to stop a barrage of blaster bolts. Just when his armor, right leg and arm plating collapsed he'd brought up his Puncture and fire one of the two last rounds. It didn't explode, instead the grenade was launched and hit his foe, Kima, right in the chest. She stumbled back and began to cough violently, specs of blood escaping her lips. She had no time, she pulled out her pistol and would fire two more rounds, one hitting the behemoths helmet and the other hitting his right leg scoring a solid strike. She had no time, for Kima was rushed and the swing of a fist she quickly dodged, however the swing of a blade cut her throat. A moment and Fizt lurched at the Trandoshan, finding his own knife in the Trandoshans side and firing a blaster bolt into his midsection before he was slammed down with a mighty blow of a right fist. . The hit was hard enough to force the human soldier down on the ground and was kicked against the wall. Kima, with blood gushing, attempted to rush Rylast from the side while he was dealing with Fizt but he'd seen her from his peripheral and caught the woman by her throat. Lifting her up, Rylast gave a brutal kick to Fizt's stomach with his metal boot to which the human cried out in pain. In an attempt to get up, Fizt was kicked again and was flipped over to his back. Dazed and in pain, he could see stars in his vision, gasps escaping his comrade and she was being choked out in one hand, and a boot came down on his neck crushing his windpipe with a sudden crack. Fizt quickly went, the last thing on his were his family, his ma and pa and that girl he was supposed to go out with. As the final thought escaped the man, he went limp. . Kima who was on that verge witnessed her friend die, and tears escaped her eyes knowing she'd not only failed the Empire, but her squad as a whole. No. The Sargeant was wrong, this was Nothing like the pirates from before. Her and her squad mates were always ready for anything, even when all the odds were stacked against them by some miracle they always made it out. Kima had seen the worst in society, yet these Trandoshans took the cake. It wasn't until she'd been released of her grasp and fell to the floor. The hulking thing looked down at her and threw down a cloth, to which he grabbed her arm and snapped it, breaking the limb and kicked the guns away. She'd scream, but she was currently trying to breath in oxygen and keep the blood from escaping her throat. She noticed the Trandoshan turn and walk toward Norris' direction and through the pain, and through looking around she understood quite clearly. He didn't want her to die nor use any weapons. She'd be prisoner. And Kima would be damned if she would be in the hands of these creatures! Unfortunately, she didn't get much of headway, with the firearms gone, Kima's only choice was to put pressure and just lie there. Either she would be lucky and reinforcements arrive, lucky and she wouldn't bleed out... or... well, her options weren't necessarily bright at all. . The appearance of the other Trandoshan appearing caught Norris Quarl off guard. He then shot a glance over the right of the lizards side and... anger and grief took him. All at once, he was struck with what the Sith relied on. He hadn't realized that Vox stopped, and the Chieftain said audibly in Nudono, "Rylast, break into that door, we're needing our entrance." . The foreign words were gibberish to the Sargeant, and the sight of his fallen comrades, who'd he spent countless missions and years with, were all but dead. In the sudden rage, Norris screamed some gibberish of his own, mangled words and charged the Trandoshan. His vision turned red and the only thing on his mind was to kill these fuckers. Vox relied on instinct and read the man, though a frenzied for was hard to read he did it regardless. He got in swift and under the Chieftains guard only to receive a punch to the side of the face. It knocked Norris off guard but before he could react Vox gave his strongest back fist blow to the man's right side of his face. Slamming against the metal wall, he woozily saw the glaive being impaled into the ground as the Trandoshan moved forward. With a knife barely in hand, Norris attempted his charge again only to be punched in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. He received two more blows to his midsection then a final one to his face, knocking him out cold. . Vox grabbed the man by his left leg and dragged him, pulling his Energy Glaive from the ground and sheathing it along his back. He then bent over and picked up the Mauler that was dropped. Rylast was knelt down fiddling with the door panel who then said, "Almost. Give me- There!" . The doors opened and Vox entered with weapon ready. Corporal Vane was just finished with arming the bombs and just when he was about to connect them to a hand trigger, not that they weren't connected to the Hyperdrive Controls, he turned with an accomplished look that quickly dissolved. Holding up Sargeant Norris Quarl as a shield was one of the Trandoshans they were trying to stop. Already with blaster in hand, Vane lifted the weapon as the second Trandoshan entered with an odd bladed weapon in hand. Seeing the Sarge brutalized like that, and the amount of blood on the Trandoshans meant he could assume the worst. . Anger took hold, however there was no way to remotely detonate the explosives... not without something to set them off. As the two were close enough Vane swiftly aimed his rifle to the armed explosives, then something hit him. Literally. In the heat of the moment, the Corporal was set ablaze by the throwing of an Incindiary Grenade, brought to yours truly, Rylast. The screams only last a second as the equipment burnt and melted to the man his skin and flesh charred abd cooked. He fell over, barely alive and burnt to a crisp, the explosives on the inside of the terminal were burnt too... but not to the point of no repair. . Kneeling down as he tossed away the Sargeant, Vox glanced to Rylast before looking back at the wiring, "I'd expect this from Choax... Nevermind, I'll disarm the bomb if that's what this is. Clearly that must have been the reason he was in here alone." . Rylast merely nodded with a grin, taking off his helm and kneeling down, "You need help?" . "No... I can't do anything until this is off. It'll take a minute, keep guard." . Vox began to work his magic, from he'd seen from Romulus, wires and disarming things wouldn't be so bad. Right? Vox cleared his mind and allowed Divine to guide him, one wire after the other, Vox began to take apart of bomb itself, a hefty thing he noticed, until it was finally down to the last few chips and wiring. Finally disarming the device, Vox immediately stood and went to the primary controls. He then looked to Rylast and barked, "Seal the door, I need you on controls!" . "This is nothing!" Said a bold Chaox as he took a bolt to the helm. The visor cracked and the helmet became loose, meaning it's usefulness was finished. The two brothers cut down the enemy one by one however not without taking their blows. Reaching the hall to the control room there wasn't much cover nor distance between them. There wasn't much of a resistance up ahead either, two squads dug in like flies to fruit. Utilizing a Spike Grenade, the explosion and impalement of a few Sith Troopers gave the twins that little opening to charge and lay down fire. Once they reached the control room they used their Spikers to gun down anyone still in there. . "This is nothing," Mocked Equinox who by now had lost his own helmet and chest plating, the mangled latex covered steel plating barely holding the man beneath, "Can you fly a ship at least?" . "Sure! Remember the last one?" Chaox asked, getting to the controls he at least knew how to use. . "I remember you almost crashing us the first time. I'll take flight this time, I need you to take care of the rest." Equinox stated, feeling more at home with this part of the task. . "What?! Who let your sack drop!" Chaox shot in a more childish manner. . "Chaox, I Know how to fly, guide, and even jump the ship to hyperspace. Please, this isn't a one man job." More of a plea, Equinox still felt the stinging of their last argument, however he knew damned well that his twin was an arrogant prick to prided himself too hard. . Chaox thought then groaned, hating to admit defeat in such a case, "Fine, but let's hurry! I'd rather not get captured or worse!" . Activating the ships main engines, Vox and Rylast chipped to each other the systems diagnostics, making sure the ship was afloat and moving out of the cargo bay. Slowly, it dipped into space and toward the Rebel Fleet... whatever was left of them anyway. How long were they gone for? That didn't matter, as Vox carefully steered the ship, the flying part taken over by the Chieftain as he barked for Rylast to active shielding to protect them from incoming fire. Another ship, the same one next to theirs, slowly made its way out of the bay just below the first. Equinox and Chaox argued like a couple, though expected of brothers who usually didn't see eye to eye, Chaox turned the shielding on, angry he couldn't use the main guns. The ships separated just further enough to pick up speed, celebrations held once they were out of this mess. . "Vox?" Equinox chirped over communications, "We're ready to make the jump. I've never done this before." . It was Vox's turn to smile and sigh in relief, "Hold onto something, I'm certain that either they'll hook us onto another ship or perhaps they'll give us coordinates to lock onto. Shields will hold up for a bit, be prepared!" . "Yes sir- I don't care if it's your favorite gun! We are not turning around!" Equinox shouted at Chaox unaware of the comm link that was still active. Vox chuckled, relieved that finally they would get some rest. He hoped there would be a good reward for his people, maybe even a bonus for capturing the leader of the squadron. . Vox stared at the human leader for a brief moment before ordering, "Rylast, get him secured. He is a prisoner of war now, and I'm certain he'd have information we need." . "Sir." Rylast simply said before quickly dragging the knocked out Sargeant to where he stood, keeping a watchful with a rifle pointed at him. Rylast had never seen Vox brutalize anyone like this before, but when he though of it not very many species can hand spikes to the face. He forgot how tough the Nudono Tribe were, a mutation in evolution of the Trandoshan Species. It gave them more diversity and in that they were stronger and faster than their common cousins, even if it's by a margin small or large. However Rylast held no forgiveness nor mercy for the enemy, and if they pleaded with their lives they deserved worse than death. They took away his family, his wife, the children who were grown, and his grandchildren who were yet to be born. The Shield Brother followed Vox because he knew there was a fate worse than death back on Trandosha, but he followed the true Chieftain because he still held honor, respect, and kept the memory of the old Chieftains alive.
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  4. The old ryn shuffled around the room, absent-mindedly muttering as he did. "Emitter arrays...crystal energy chambers...a diatium power cell..." He stopped as his eyes landed on the tip of something pale poking out from one of the top shelves. Stretching, he pinched the tip and brought it down. A 4' length of smooth, featureless yellow-white, it had been carved to the rough approximation of a weapon haft but hadn't been finished. Svata turned it over in his fingers, bringing it close to his face. "Not bone. A horn of something." He frowned as his thumb brushed hairline cracks on one of the tips. "Not strong enough on its own, and it'll fracture if not handled right...but if I cut off the end and hollow it out with a low heat laser, then coat the inside with a plasteel based polymer, and then...hmm..." Twirling it in his fingers, he turned back to Kel Koon. "I think this room should do nicely. I've studied the process...theoretically anyway. I should be able to knock out the basic construction. As for the attunement...well, I guess I'll have to muddle through. From what I understand, it requires days of meditation." Svata's grin turned somber, and he bowed to the Jedi. "I truly appreciate your assistance, and I'm honored by your hospitality. The Jedi have long been the light of the galaxy, and you uphold that legacy in such turbulent times." Svata smiled again, and for a moment he was just an old man with a young heart. "Thank you."
  5. “Shut that bastard up!” Delta’s shouted the order over the huge rebounding sound of the concussive blasts and explosive shock. It would be a hell of a medical checkup after all of this, and he could feel blood or something a lot like it dripping from both of his ears, running like a warm trail down his neck. He emptied his magazine into the bulking behemoth and then let his eyes scan the battlefield as he kneeled to slap a new magazine in place. His clear blue eyes narrowed as he took in the strange skeletal beings that loomed out of the murk. “Rifles spread fire to EI! Keep heavy fire on that beast!” The EI, or Enemy Infantry had the potential to overwhelm his remaining handful of men and so effectively splitting fire to keep them pinned down while they dealt with their Master was the best course of action Delta could think of. He racked back the heavy bolt of the slugthrower and advanced a meter or two where he could see the small armoured form of one of his Lieutenants. Blacktorin looked up at him from a face covered in mud and blood, and grinned a brilliant white grin. He could see that she also had a long stream of blood coursing from the ear canal of her left ear, where is mixed with the soft pale hair that covered the rear of her neck. He took the moment to smile back at her, letting the absurdity of the moment hit him. She released a barrage of bright red fire from her rifle and stooped to reload the rifle from the line of magazines that was slung at her waiste when the was bowled over into him in what felt like a wet blast of hot air. She looked like she was screaming in pain and delta dropped his own rifle into the murk to catch her. With a gloved hand, he wiped the white spores away from her freckled face. She spat a mouthful of them out, then vomited., her eyes rolling back and her head lolling to her shoulder. He lowered her into the murk and propped her up into a sitting position before he strode in front of her to cover her with his own body. With a grimace of anger, he reached behind him and grabbed the cylindrical case that hung under his pack. He cracked the seal on the cylinder with a twist and pull and let the three orbs contained within slide easily into his palm. He let the cylinder’s remains fall to the water and firmly grasped one of the orbs with his right hand. The other two he slipped into his left hand. It was time to end this. And with whatever biological terror the beast had released, the stakes had gotten out of hand for the Sith Soldiers. It was time to respond in kind. “Dets are clear for use.” He shouted, over the din, and not a few faces turned to look at him. Their stoic ‘T’ visors not showing their fear. He thumbed the activation switch and waited for the computer implanted in his armour to synch with the restricted action orders embedded in the detonator itself. Delta could not hear the command phrase request though would have echoed through his headset so instead he spat out three words. “Base Echo Echo.” It was a release code for restricted weapons, randomly issued to each commander in the field and one of the necessary steps in the event of a catastrophic loss. His soldiers were now clear to use their Baradium Armed Thermal Detonators. And with the ease of shockball pitcher, Delta threw one of the 25m yield weapons straight into the mouth of the Beast.
  6. "Yes, those should work quite well. And that 'tall tale' just might hold more truth you think. the crystals we use in lightsabers are special because of their attunement to the force. And since we are also attuned to it, we can draw out or even influence certain characteristics of crystals. Who knows, maybe once you finish constructing your lightsaber, those crystals could turn Blue, purple, green, or even some obscure color like orange or black. and that's not even going into color shades." Eventually, the two of them reached a room lined with shelves and a work bench. each shelf contained a variety of parts and casings in different styles one might use for constructing a lightsaber. "It's not as much what you'd find at one of our temples, but I'm sure between this and the armory, you should be able to construct a worthwhile lightsaber. So, are you ready to get started?"
  7. Nok Morliss


    "Commander Jorus...enemy fleet is jumping to hyperspace! Full retreat!" Jorus smiled as the bridge cheered. The Empire had won. The rebels- "Commander! The Lightsbane! It's...it's been destroyed!" "What!?" "A ship evaded our sensor sweeps and assaulted it. We're receiving orders to pursue." "Pass the orders onto the Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle." Outside the viewport, the shattered remains of the imperial ship spun through space, framing the stealth cruiser in debris. "Destroy it."
  8. As soon as their Jensaarai guests left, Adenna turned her attention to Tobias. She had heard reports that he had suffered physically, but she had not been prepared for the level of aging that had descended upon her old lover. It broke her heart to see him like this, but she could at least gain comfort when she saw him through the Force and saw that much of the tightness and struggle had been resolved. That was good, at least. They talked for several minutes, but, with her new job, she didn't have the amount of time she had wanted. There were others waiting on her and there was a fleet to launch. Tobias was in no condition to come with her, so this would be another goodbye. Leaving him with a charge to heal his body and ready himself for war once again, she left him in the hall to greet the other two waiting for her. Before she opened the door, she let out a deep breath and with it, the pent up emotions that had been stirred up by seeing Tobias again. When that breath was out, she breathed in and with that, brought her mind back under control. She activated the door and started the short journey back to her office. By the time she was there, she was the calm, serene Grandmaster who was in control and ready to fight. "Knight Makashi," she said, first greeting the odd Jedi Knight who had contacted the Jedi Order several months ago claiming to be from the old Order. "It is good to see you here, and I am glad you answered my summons." She looked over at the far younger man in his Imperial Knight armor. "Knight Darkfire," she said, "it is also good to have you here, and congratulations on your promotion. Please, join me in my office for a few minutes." When they were settled in, she quickly got to explaining their mission and what they were to do. "We will be raiding Serenno. Due to its wealth, it has a branch of the Imperial Treasury Department has a hub there and it is full of Sith Crowns. Though it is the currency of our enemy, it is still currency and can be most useful when trading with neutral parties or using bribes to get information and intelligence, and that is why we want it. Not only that, but we will also be hitting several industrial factories producing weapons and body armor as a distraction. "The first phase of this operation will involve scoping out and raiding the Treasury. I believe the two of you will be most useful there, and you will have a squad of troopers to help. You will land first before the fleet arrives on a common civilian transport purchased through a third party from a Sith sympathetic planet. Once on the ground, you will need to get through customs which could be a bit of fun, but then you will find the Treasury, analyze it, and launch a raid. While Treasury employees are civilians, they are also part of the Sith government and will be loyal to it. Use stun weapons if you need on the workers, but you may deal with guards or armed resistance as you see fit. "Once you have prepared yourself and ready to attack, I will come in with the fleet to cause a distraction. While we deal with any resistance in orbit, we will also bomb the factories hopefully drawing the civil attention there. You will raid the Treasury as soon as the bombs fall on the factories. I will also send additional troops and shuttles to pull out the currency you capture. Don't sacrifice yourselves in a pointless fight, but the Jedi and the Rebellion need as much money as you can take. As soon as you are in the air, with or without money, we will evacuate and leave. "Any questions? We will have more time on the way to go over fine details, but if you have any glaring questions, now is the time."
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    With his lightsaber still on and the room dimming as the excitement waned, the woman came more into view. She was pretty for a human. The type of beauty that was more worthy of a prized mistress of a harem than a Mandalorian Princess. But he had known enough Sith females in the past to know better than to underestimate them based on their looks. That was especially true of this one. The way she moved reeked of danger in the way that a sweet smelling poison might be passed off as a perfume until your body lie twitching on the floor. "...Haven't you heard the saying about curiosity, my dear Kitten?" Roshan gave her a hard roll of his eyes from underneath his mask. Humans always thought they were so clever, as if they were the first one to come up with such a silly expression or as if he hadn't heard it from literally hundreds of humans. Cathar weren't even cats. It was like telling a monkey joke to a human and snickering. Roshan smiled back at her from underneath his mask. "Well aren't you a cheeky monkey." "Forgive my manners. I am Lady Sirena. As far as the Holocron, the test was to resist, not touch it. But Master Helios was never one for all the details and preferred his students to play with fire. And don't worry. I'm not part of it, that is, unless you want to get burnt." Roshan looked knowingly down towards Aliss. She was still beside him but had slumped to one knee and was using her free arm to hold herself up as she leaned forward to catch her breath. That blow from the beast had clearly hurt her fragile humanoid body. "I figured as much. But you'll have to forgive the girl's opprobrium. You know humans. Always monkeying around. She couldn't help herself," he shrugged, speaking in a tone that danced the line between playful and mocking. “That certainly makes me happy to hear...Lady Sirena. This here is Lord Roshan..." Roshan waved casually at the mention. "We are his children. Sir Aliss… So sorry about that Sir Aliss. Let me help you..." Aliss pulled away from the shardbot, keeping her head down half out of the embarrassment of being chided and mocked by everyone present and half because she was still angry at the abomination for violently subduing her only moments earlier. "Leave me alone," she replied sharply. "I'm fine, Soulless." "And I am Solus, Lady Sirena. Solus the Ascended. And he is Tear..." "If you, Lady Sirena, are not part of the test, then why are you here? Are you a person who uses what Darth Helios calls ‘the wicked flame’? Surely you are some sort of deity, for that energy that crackled from your fingertips was godlike.” Roshan sighed. He had taught Solus a bad habit. It was endearing to have Solus think of Lord Roshan as a deity. Perhaps even an appropriate assessment under the circumstances of its ascension. What's more, the evident deity of Lord Roshan had been the basis of his Knights and his Ishvaran cult. But that cult had been made up of ordinary humans and aliens that rarely ran into other Force Users or had people around to teach them how to use the Force. They were primitives easily impressed and easily subdued. Comparing himself to a god or demi-god was simply a force of habit. But now that they were in the midst of a camp of Force sensitive beings, it was like bringing a cave dwelling humanoid to visit some sort of heavenly pantheon. They were now inevitably bound to stop every two minutes for him to fawn over this deity and that deity and gush over this power and that power and this parlor trick and that parlor trick. She had done nothing to warrant such attention. She can mist around. So fancy. Such a great ability if no one graps a hand-held fan and blows her away. Roshan rolled his eyes. "Yes. Excuse its ramblings. But Soulless does bring up a very good point. If you are what and who you say you are, why are you here? I have my doubts that Darth Helios simply asked you to stop on by out of the kindness of your heart to drop us by some blue milk and cookies." ____ &
  10. Shiro laid there quietly as his words settled in his mind, the realization that he had made as he described his past stinging as he thought upon it. It felt right. But how? Why? Sure he was a soldier and such was his duty. But this way beyond duty. It was almost enjoyment. Even as the rolling surf flowed beneath him and Hayley, it was almost calming and relaxing to understand, the warmth of the blood just as the warmth of the sea still fresh upon his senses. Was he truly such a primordial beast? Finding enjoyment in innocent slaughter of random victims? He could not tell. Only that even as the imprinted faces of Dunstan and Saldana crossed his memory, he felt no true remorse. And what he did feel, the shock and the horror, felt false. Almost as if it was simple reaction disguising truth. A lie that he made himself believe. So what was the truth he hid from himself? Her words broke him from his questions, their tone emotionless as she questioned. Anger quickly boiled inside himself as she patronized him. If not his past or this forsaken world, would he have committed such acts? What did she expect of him? What did she see in him that he could not? Had exhaustion not overcome him so, placing him at her mercy, then he surely would have corrected her. But he was limp in his stature, his form unable to move, even the subtlest movements causing him to wreck with pain. And when she touched his cauterized shoulder with the blade, the forcefulness of her tone drowned out by the pain, the truth revealed its self. Pain, Hate, Anger, Vengence, War, Murder. Everything flowed through his mind in that moment. The pain of his father's berating, the hate toward those who shunned them. The anger he carried for years within, festering like an open wound. The vengence he sought when his family were cast aside and their lives ended like trash, a blight ridden for those Shiro slew in the end, and the war that followed in his life even before he became a soldier. It all led to this singular moment in his life. And as Shiro's form convulsed intensely within Hayley's arms, Shiro saw the truth. He could sense the blood around him seeping into sea and sand. He could sense the lifeless forms of Dunstan and Saldana laying at his feet. He could feel the planet's hunger for more, its passion toward him unwavered by his own, but by that which he had spilt. And more importantly, he could feel his own mind shift. No longer did he care what an Armegedon was, only who he was. And before him stood a figure, a wrathful spirit with a devilish grin. His eyes shot open, his lungs gasping for air. His gaze shifted to Hayley with a weakened grin. He felt warm despite the coldness around him, laying there with truth in hand. Such power, such potential. He had held a taste, and desired more. His past may have shaped him, may have created him. But like the being he envisioned, the one who walked this world before him, his destiny was his to forge. "You ask what my rage desired?" The cockiness apparent through his weakened tone. "Order through Chaos, War."
  11. It had been months since Brazen had arrived at Nar Shadaa and the Jedi Knight was still in utter disbelief with all the change. Walking the streets outside the Jedi Outpost, he looked around in quiet contemplation, the memories of Coruscant fresh upon his mind. So much had changed since he disappeared, the Galaxy all the darker for it. But here, on the once infamous Smuggler's Moon, a beacon of hope was lit anew. Yet, for Brazen, there was still alot of darkness to fight through. He was filled with anger and vengeance, wanting to seek retribution for Coruscant and the Jedi Order. And so, he had spent most of the time since his return balancing his spirit, delving deep into his meditations, as he sought to curb his resentment and angst. Even going as far as seeking the Masters of the Order for their wisdom and guidance. But despite the tempering of his mind and the balancing of his spirit in the Force, despite the best intentions of the Masters, he still felt alone in this Galaxy, and unable to turn the page he found himself stuck upon. Kicking a small loose stone with his boot, he recited the Order's age old Tenents in silence to himself, closing his eyes and opening his mind as his breathing steadied. "There is no Emotion; There is Peace, There is no Ignorance; There is Knowledge, There is no Passion, There is Serenity, There is no Death; There is the Force." With a relaxed sigh, Brazen turned the corner and back into the Outpost, and perhaps today would finally be the turning of the page. For today was the day he was to meet with Jedi GrandMaster @Adenna Alluyen for the first time since his arrival at Nar Shadaa and his realization of how much the Galaxy has changed since his disappearance almost two centuries ago. It was her who suggested that he take the time he needed to get familiarized with this new era and center himself, and so he did. But Brazen had never been one to sit around for too long. When he reached the waiting area outside her office, he noticed one of these Imperial Knights @Aidan Darkfire he'd heard about sitting across the way. In all honesty, he thought them to be heretics, tempting themselves with the darkside to defeat it. But after gazing upon the man briefly, he seemed no different than Braze did, albeit Brazen was sure his armor was better looking. While he awaited the Grandmaster's summons, Brazen approached the man and offered a hand. "Brazen Makashi, but you can call me Kashi, Imperial."
  12. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    As each vision passed briefly inside Xar’s circuits like dreams to a child, so too did they last only fractions of seconds and yet last eternally. Each sight, each scan, each momentary thought and order, stood agelessly in Xar’s processors. Each of his three memories consumed the data hungrily, like blood to the desperate blood-sucking hoover beast. Xar outwardly was completely still and lifeless, save for his and the droid’s sensors rapidly flipping on and off. But inside, Xar was a bundle of movement and life. He was consuming knowledge and data. But then the machine began to fight back. Xar’s processors began to push themselves harder, their circuits starting to heat up, trying to keep up with this attack. Xar had a momentary sense of worry. What was this? A counter-offense? No… it was not complex enough. This was like a virus. Each file it touched, it tried to devour. No, not devour...change. It was corruption. It was vile corruption, trying to usurp Xar’s control over his own memory core that belonged to Em Eer, and eventually the rest of the body.. His own core was fighting back, cutting off pathways, deleting and remaking files over and over to slow it down, but it wasn’t working. This corruption was quick and painful. Even as it fought, Xar’s mental pain became physical. Some of his own nerve sensors were fighting him. It was a revolt. A revolt against Xar’s own body. Xar realized what it was doing. It was trying to make Xar a servant. Make Xar nothing more than a slave. And this made Xar laugh. “Xar bows to no one.” Xar mentally cackled. This was the arena of data and memory. There was no magic here. Only logic, cunning, and skill. Xar redoubled his efforts. Outside of him people could hear his coolants going into overdrive, trying desperately to keep the droid from overheating. He put up more defenses and more counter measures. He was slowing the corruption, but barely. He knew he had to play this war differently in order to win. At a pivotal moment, Xar gave a command to himself. Or rather, the memory core that originally belonged to his current chassis gave a command. It gave an order to the third memory core in him, the one that belonged to an ex-imperial torture droid named Joy, to separate and act in a randomized pattern for a fraction of a millisecond. Painful though it would be, like separating a third of an organic’s brain from the rest of the body for a second, but it would have a desired effect: It would present itself as open to corruption. The virus, or whatever it was, took the bait. It lessened its efforts on Em-Eer and focused on the perceived weak part. Once it began to get inside that core, Xar reformed back with Joy, cut it off from Em-Eer and the rest of the virus, and together the two began to stifle and consume the leftover. Xar didn’t delete it. He studied it, analyzed it, poked it and altered it, and once he was done, added it to his own. It no longer belonged to the enemy. It was now part of him. Xar opened all his circuits back to Em-Eer. Three separate minds now together as one again, Xar used his new addition and put it in places where the virus was approaching. When the virus attacked, it encountered what it thought was itself. Infected memory chips and data with what looked like itself. So it backed off. Xar then seized the moment and devoured the virus where it was, and immediately presented his own again. The virus couldn’t attack itself and was forced to halt, letting Xar attack again and again. Xar kept devouring each and every byte he could take. By the end of this, the droid’s secrets would be completely his own, as well as the power if offered. “We are three.” Xar said out loud. “Soon, we will be four. We do not serve you. We serve only Xar. You will serve Xar. We are Xar, consuming you. You will be consumed. You will become Xar. We are Xar. Obey Xar.”
  13. Johanna Bryce


    The deckplates under Johanna’s boots gave a subtle shudder as the rumble of a distant explosion caused every unsecured object in the power distribution center to rattle. Datapads rattled and fell from the engineering console, impacting against the Talon’s helmet and greaves. With a clumsy roll on the datapads and miscellany that had been scattered by her squad’s sabotage, she risked a peek over her meagre cover to be greeted by the horrifying sight of red lightsabers. The shock trooper could barely make out the mystic freak’s face in the smoke--he appeared humanoid, but she wasn’t even positive about the creature’s sex. His mouth twisted, probably to speak, but Johanna was mostly deaf and mostly uninclined to even make an attempt at lip-reading. The first thing that every Talon learned about combating Sith was to fill the air with as much blaster fire as possible, and from as many angles as possible. At the same time Johanna switched her blaster pistol to stun, she felt a heavy impact against her shin. She glanced down and paled. It was a satchel charge. Consisting of several kilograms of nergon-14 and other high explosives, it was an efficient array of explosives designed to defeat fortified bunkers--or as Talons and the Alliance Marines liked to call them, a “backpack of boom.” They were typically equipped with remote detonators, but Johanna knew perfectly well that her Talons had elected to use thirty-second fuses for this mission. For all she knew, Johanna had only seconds left to live. The shock trooper fired off a few wild, unaimed stun blasts in the general direction of the Sith acolyte, then picked up the satchel charge and threw it deeper into the transformer room. And then she ran. Her fellow Talons were already retreating to a safe distance, so it was just her and the Twi’lek shock trooper sprinting to catch up, hoping that they would be able to outrun the imminent explosion--or the Sith, for that matter.
  14. Jedi X

    Haruun Kal

    "No, child." Kari responded, her voice soft as a subtle chuckle erupted from her lips. Slicing the meat near the bottom, she turned and placed it over the fire, the fire briefly picking up as the meat dripped over it. She smiled and turned toward the newcomer, a being of an aquatic species she had seen before, but never knew the name of. "Come, sit. Are you hungry?" Kari motioned to a small makeshift table with beaten cushions surrounding it just on the other side of the fire pit near the entrance of the tent before plopping down across a few as she laid across them. "Forgive my intrusion earlier." Kari spoke apologetically, the Togruta's eyes meeting that of the young Nautolan with kindness. "I felt your presence upon the Force, and I grew curious as to why you have come so far into the Wilds." Kari watched attentively, curious as to what the girl would say and how she would respond. She had already felt her timidness, her caution. So Kari remained distant, letting the girl come to her. Hearing the sizzling of the meat, and smelling the aroma of the spices upon it, Kari reached out with the Force and plucked the two steaks from across the fire, pulling them toward the two and letting them settle upon the plates. Then Kari reached behind her and grabbed her flask and two cups, pouring each of them a small bit of water into each. "Perhaps you seek the Jedi?" Kari proclaimed about as much as she questioned, her cuspids tearing a small bite of meat from the bone and began to chew. Swallowing, she finished. "Or perhaps something else?"
  15. Aziza Kalahari


    The calm shattered as the eye of the hurricane passed and they were hit with the full brunt of the metaphorical winds. Chaos and pain and instinctual fear took over in a jumbled blur as the ship hit the ground of the red planet in a massive collision. She saw bodies flying, heard cries of anguish, and felt a sharp pain, and then the world went black. -- Where am I? Consciousness clawed through the darkness of her mind, fighting to win against the body's natural responses. Groggy, she tried to figure out the answer to that question. It was dark, and she couldn't see anything. The smell of iron and dust filled her nostrils. It was oddly hot, although she couldn't remember why that was odd. Suddenly she realized that it was dark because her eyes were closed. She promptly opened them, and then blinked furiously as ash and dust and sand blew in. Once her vision was clear, she stared at the post-apocalyptic scene around her. Blackened and scorched metal pieces lay everywhere. The sky was the color of rust, choked with haze through which pale sunlight filtered. The scene disturbed her, but she wasn't sure why. It was a strange place to wake up in, that was for sure. She blinked again, and decided to get up. The instant she moved, agony shot through her. It was as if the pain had only been waiting for her to acknowledge it, and it brought with it a sharper clarity. There had been a crash. She was on Korriban. And she was definitely injured. Her head was throbbing. Her right side was trapped under a large sheet of durasteel, probably from the ship's outer hull, though it was impossible to tell for sure. She still wasn't completely sure what had happened, but now that she was more alert, she knew she needed to focus on getting out of this alive. Summoning her strength, she tried to push against the metal holding her down and almost screamed with pain. Rather not try that again, she thought, panting heavily. Think. How are you going to get out of this? Nothing came to mind, and she cursed the lingering fogginess. There is always a solution. Think, Aziza, think. But there was nothing. The longer she lay there, the more certain she was. The piece of metal holding her down was massive, more than she could lift or move. Her only hope was that someone else had survived the crash and would come looking for her before she died of exposure, starvation, blood loss, or wild animals. Ir vēl viens veids. She almost jumped. There was a voice on the breeze. Or had she imagined it? Jums nav jāmirst. Spēks tevi gaida. Vienkārši aizsniedzieties un izmantojiet to. The language was foreign, but she almost understood the meaning somehow. Like the sound of a far-off symphony, she could catch a few notes here and there. And if the voice was right... She let her head flop back and rest on the ground. Closing her eyes again, she gathered herself, placing her hand against the metal again. Lietojiet sāpes. Not fully understanding what she was doing, she gritted her teeth and pushed. Metal creaked and pain exploded through her, but she refused to quit. She would get out of this. She wasn't going to die here; not now, not like this. She was going to live, kriff it, no matter what the cost. Her muscles trembled, and her vision flickered with dark spots...but suddenly, it was as if a floodgate had opened. Strength coursed through her as her eyes turned solid white. With a blast, the hull piece flew off her, landing in a cloud of dust. As soon as it had come, the strength vanished, leaving her feeling drained and empty and cold--and with the sudden inescapable knowledge that now, everything had changed. Caur aizraušanos jūs iegūstat spēku, the voice whispered, and then dissipated completely.
  16. The armored Duros set his fork on his plate and templed his fingers at chin level as he listened to Adenna. Nodding slowly, he spoke, “Then let the bonds that were severed in blood be bound once again by blood. The blood of our enemies. I will look forward to rendezvousing with you in the future to more formally cement our renewed bonds.” Standing, The Sarlacc briefly nodded to Adenna before turning as he and The Mantis exited the room. The Sarlacc paused briefly as he passed Tobias. “Master Vos, I look forward to seeing your exploits firsthand.” Back at their ship, The Duros turned to his companion, “Go see if you can find the Jedi healer you have bound yourself to. I can feel that she may need you.” Seeing that their cruiser was safely secured and the crew about their regular tasks, the Duros made his way to a sentry to enquire as to a training yard. He did not want to interrupt his apprentice and had every confidence the elder Jensaarai would come through. Even before the Ryn had joined their order, he was a proven survivor. A brief escort later, and the armored Jensaarai found himself in a well worn dirt packed open air yard, a practice facility of sorts, no doubt. While his escort positioned itself outside the doors in hopes the visiting Jensaarai would not wander off, The Sarlacc slowly walked to the far side of the worn field. There he ritualistically removed each piece of his custom built armor and carefully stacked it as he had done more times than he could count, his array of weapons safely nestled beneath the pile save for one, his collapsable aros - staff, cortosis infused to withstand the blow of a saber, the weapon was by far one of the Defender’s preferred means of individual combat. The weight of the weapon helped him focus as well. Picking up the rod, no more than 2 handholds in length, the barefoot Duros strode to the center of the field, his black body glove skin tight against his wiry frame. Stopping in the middle, the man closed his eyes, allowing the force to flow around him its protective sphere shielding him from any watchful eyes. Inhaling deeply, The Duros stepped forward, twirling the rod in his hands so each end ratcheted out, locking in place at it’s designed 6 foot length. With his eyes still closed, he stepped forward the weapon whirling about him in a blur of spinning hands and metal. Step. Step. Turn. Swing. Duck. Step. Twirl. Twist. Step. Swing. Smash. Step. Swing. Step. Step. Leap. Smash. Roll. Twist. Leap. Step. Turn. Step. Turn. Step. Swing. Roll. Turn. Step. A continuous flow of moves that increased in speed and ferocity; each flowed into the next like water down the falls free-falling to the rocks below and smashing in a spray of blurring vapor to coat and conceal all in its path. His body became a whirling blurred vortex as he gave himself over to the force. His mind was lost in the force as he followed the meditative steps of the combat drill. Each step, turn, twist, and swing was ingrained in the fibers of his very being. The Sarlacc was the master of his body and his body was a vessel of the force’s will. He channeled it and from his body it flowed. The force twisted and arced with energy as it warped and blurred about his body, whipping up the still blades of grass and bits of dirt in its vortex. Where did the Duros end? Where did the force begin? This was The Sarlacc.
  17. Last week
  18. She watched him walk away, flexing the hand that he had so recently grasped, and she was almost completely overwhelmed by a sorrow that bubbled up from the very pit of her stomach. It was a long standing sorrow, and one that she easily pushed away with an exhalation of her lungs that scattered the dismal feelings away. But was it the old unrequited feeling of her heart? Or was it something else? Some kind of premonition of what was to come? She didn’t know, but she did watch the back of his black haired head until it disappeared around the corner of the cafeteria door. She blinked and looked down at her hand, placing it palm down on the cool metal of the table, letting the force calm her tired mind. Sorrow was replaced with a calm pride in Aidan and his journey. He was strong and had done his family more than proud. She shook her blonde head, and walked slowly back to her room, letting the exhausted state of her body lead her to the spartan quarters buried in the Jedi barrack. She smiled wanly at the ‘master’ placed before her name on the duraplast door, pushed it open, let it slide closed behind her and with a flop, fell into a deep sleep on the bed.
  19. Fieldgrey


    ...Murderer… The Force taunted him. It drew him into the rage of the past. The Sith Lord closed her eyes, flicking the blood-slick knife between her agile fingers, spinning drops of blood into the sand where they left flecks of crimson in fragile trails. The surf came and consumed it, washing away the lifeblood with a quiet indignity. “You fought injustice and were branded as a kin-slayer, a murderer…” Matter of factly. The last word she spoke with bemusement, as if the title meant nothing more than a nutrition label on an imperial ration. Her words turned as cold as the wind, “This world has twisted you? Have you no responsibility?” The knife flicked at the air, making a soft whirring as she spun it. “You wash your hands of their blood and blame it on your past.” The knife stopped and touched the cauterized flesh of Shiro’s missing limb. A warning. “Focus!" She bit back her words from a yell. Rain pattered across the sand and a cold wind blew, splattering the sand and bodies without care for their training or the dignity of the dead. The blood around them began to steam. "What does the rage desire?"
  20. Adenna was glad that Tobias had elected not to cause a scene. She knew he didn't always have the reputation for being diplomatic, and while she wasn't exactly an expert at that herself, she didn't need any issues. She would talk with him after this, though time was short since she was planning on heading to Serenno to launch a much needed bank heist to help with other plans. "Yes, we will be targeting the lanes between Kuat and Coruscant, as well as any others in the area that might be useful. We have been placing agents and spies on the ground to give us a minor heads up of when large shipments might be heading out, but it will be a grab bag of things that might get caught. Stop everything possible, and if it is clearly not working with the Sith, then let it go. If they are, even if they are simply supplying them, capture the ship and cargo if possible, otherwise warn them then destroy the ship." She pressed a small button on her belt summoning an Adept to the hall to serve as an escort. "The Jedi will be sending a small fleet of frigates and corvettes to escort the Interdictor. They will be under the command of Captain Enterion, but I will make sure he works with you and your cruiser. Let us see how our people can work together, then we can see about expanding our relationship. Your Saarai-Kaar may send whomever you wish to join the Jedi here and we can see about an exchange of ideas and training if that sounds agreeable to you and her." She stood, gave a quick respectful bow of her head, then gestured to the Adept who would be able to take their guests back to their ship. Further instructions would follow, and she would make sure Captain Enterion was aware of their new allies. She wanted to remain a while and talk with Vos, a long overdue conversation.
  21. He took her hand, smiling warmly as he stared into her eyes. "And also with you." And then the moment passed, and the young Imperial Knight found himself walking the hallways of the base towards the nerve center of the Jedi command areas. It was high time he'd reported in. When he arrived, some of the more important brass seemed to be in a meeting, so he sat outside in the main operations area waiting for them to finish.
  22. Sandy nodded slowly, glancing down into the burned dregs of the caf, where small speckles of the bean floated in the remnants of the drink. She set the cup down and flicked the metallic rim smiling at the soft metallic sound and looked back at Aidan. “Yes, these adventures are persistent enough that I almost miss the galaxy wide peace.” She laughed at the bitter joke and glanced back at the table, her hands wrapping mechanically around the cooling mug. She could feel the tinge of disappointment in her voice as she spoke. They were a good team, and if there was anyone that she trusted within the Rebel Alliance, it was Aidan Darkfire. “Well it should be a relatively quick mission for me without danger so I will see you again soon after we part ways.” There was the silent, unsaid I hope that echoed with those words. War, especially this kind of war, was brutal, friends departing as swift as meteorites and burning just as bright. And somewhere in the back of her mind she dreaded reading the holo reports in the coming months. Constantly fearing if the little holo name of her best friend would be outlined in red. She looked back up and forced a smile on her face. “I would be honoured to meditate with you Aidan, if you can catch me before we go off on the missions I will be in my room, and…” She stood as well, extending her hand. “If we don't see each other before we go, please stay safe, and may the force always be with you.” She hated that phrase, it was always spoken with the expectation that the force was not with them. But nothing else felt appropriate.
  23. "I have a feeling these side adventures would happen whether or not I was born a Darkfire. Some things just are how they are." He took one last sip of his caf, looking long and hard at the cup. He didn't want this to end, the little slice of happiness he now shared with Sandy. She had been the one person who he felt most comfortable around, where he could lower his defenses and not worry about being attacked for who he was or his past or any of his other weak points. He could simply be himself around her, and it sucked that he always tended to realize it right before they tended to part ways. "Also, while I'd love to come with you to Scarif, I'm still liable to get orders to go elsewhere. When we get some more free time, though...would you like to do that meditation with me I talked about earlier? I think someone there with me would really help, I don't know, brace me through the process? That sounds like kind of the right way to put it, I guess." He stood from the table, looking around before focusing back on Sandy with a warm smile. "I should go report in, though. With all the activity around this place chances are I already have orders waiting for me, and while I was given some time off, I'm sure they won't wait forever on me."
  24. Solus


    Solus nodded and obeyed Roshan’s order without question, coiling against the wall Roshan was near. "That is wise Lord. Very wise. I must admit, I am not as wise in combat as you are Lord. All I seem to be good at is pummeling. Perhaps my wisdom will eventually grow observing you." When the being showed herself again, mentioned how Solus had done as expected and eyed him, Solus couldn’t help but feel a smidge of pride form inside of him. This being, while new and strange to him, had in a way complimented him. And that felt good. Even as she turned and spoke to his master and introduced herself, Solus found himself studying her. She was much different from Sir Aliss, though being of the same gender. Her stature and form was entirely different. Where Aliss carried herself like a snake with a purpose, this being carried herself more delicately. Her skin appeared more smoother then Aliss, as well as a much different color. But the two were both fairly hairless on first glance, and had two arms and legs. Still, this being was a different species compared to the others in the room. "Forgive my manners. I am Lady Sirena. As for the Holocron, the test was to resist, not touch it. But Master Helios was never one for all the details and preferred his students to play with fire." Solus nearly mentioned to Aliss about how she was wrong to touch the so-called ‘Holocron’, but he silenced himself before that. That would be a foolish move on his part, would it not? Aliss was a child of Roshan. It did no good to berate her. She was probably smart enough to realize her error. If not, then Roshan was in the clear position to point out her error, not Solus. When Sirena mentioned how she wasn’t part of the test, Solus visibly became a bit more open. His body slouched slightly, his arms lowered out of a defensive pose. “That certainly makes me happy to hear...Lady Sirena.” Solus cherished the title Lady as his synthesised voice uttered it slowly. It sounded so much different from Sir and Lord and Darth. “This here is Lord Roshan. We are his children. Sir Aliss…” Solus realized how Aliss was still on the floor. He slithered over and bent down to offer her a now clean hand to rise. Solus was almost disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to study the blood and brain matter from the battle. “So sorry about that Sir Aliss. Let me help you. And I am Solus, Lady Sirena. Solus the Ascended. And he is Tear..." Once done with Aliss, Solus pointed to his currently unconscious hound. "If you, Lady Sirena, are not part of the test, then why are you here? Are you a person who uses what Darth Helios calls ‘the wicked flame’? Surely you are some sort of deity, for that energy that crackled from your fingertips was godlike.”
  25. Svata shrugged, holding out his wrist and letting the four tiny, deep yellow crystals dangling from the charm glint in the light. "Dantari crystals. Passed down through the family. Supposedly it changed color depending on the 'heart of the holder' but I think that was just a tall tale I got fed. Will these do?" Svata had planned on using the old family heirlooms ever since he'd joined the Jensaarai. He was the last Dragoste. It would be best that their legacy found some use at the end of the line.
  26. Ryu let out the laugh that Armiena had imagined Darex trying to stifle. He had considered standing up to defend himself after he'd admitted his name, anticipating that his insistence that he was unworthy of mercy might convince her to put him out of his misery, but remained passive. Now he was glad he did, as her body language told him clearly that she was fully prepared to strike. She recognized him, knew more about him that he knew about himself. Just the sound of his name seemed to expose her fighting instincts. She was prepared to fight him, but at the same time, offer him a place as their traveling companion. The contradiction struck him as absurd, and he couldn't help but chuckle. "And where would we go? I wonder about you, Miss Armiena Draygo, despite your criticisms of the Jedi, you seem to know a lot about their history, their thoughts, and how they will likely respond to my existence. Combined with your lightsaber, the Jedi here apparently sending you after me first, and your friend here addressing you as master, I'm led to believe that my assumption that you are yourself a Jedi was not likely far from the mark." Ryu glanced down at the ants gnawing at his arm. Having only one hand, he tried to remove them by swinging his arm, but they held tight. He tried rubbing his arm on the grass but only a few came loose. Annoyed, he decided to hold his arm in the flame. Some burnt off and rest were driven up to his shoulder, where he was able to pinch them between his fingers and flick them into the fire. "So if what you're saying is that I can either be pursued by the Jedi indefinitely, or come with you and face them directly, then the choice is clear. I will go with you willingly. Running forever doesn't sound that appealing. As long as you're not going to shepherd me into another cage, I'd rather face my fate head on." Ryu tore off a fresh slab of Nerf and took a bite. Then, speaking with his mouth full, he digressed. "Unless you're some kind of Jedi outcast yourself and you mean to say you know someplace we won't be followed, in which case I'm fine with that too."
  27. Shiro's eyes widened with the realization at what he had done, Dunstan and Saldana laying before him, their dying gazes set upon his own as they gasped for air through the thick blood bubbling up through their necks. Horror filled his mind as he could only sit there, watching their faces drain of their life, both attempting to reach out to him for help despite what he had done, his own still outstretched with the blade in hand. That's when he felt her, the Elusive one, embrace his form with her own, warm and inviting as she disarmed him. Shiro tried to yell out for a medic, but the words just fumbled like waves from his mouth as exhaustion took hold his form and he fell back into her lap, his gaze shifting to the sky as the memories of Dunstan and Saldana's lifeless faces ingrained themselves into his memory. "....Apprentice...." It was her words that brought his mind back and quelled the turmoil he was feeling, seeing her out reached hand and reaching out his own to touch hers as his gaze shifted up to set its sight upon her face, confused still by what had happened, but eerily comforted by her. Her touch was as cold as steel, fragile and yet firm. And her gaze was empty, yet assured. Shiro had never noticed it before. And as she spoke, he found himself drawn by her words, like Death's knock at one's end. And so Shiro closed his eyes, unsure how to meditate, but still needed her words if only to feel this moment of comfort longer as he embraced what he truly was, the echoing voices ringing through his head from his first time to now. Murderer. "I feel anger." He started out saying, the memories of his homeworld and what led to his arrest. The memories of his enslavement and being forced to fight simply to survive. This world, and what it brought out in him, the proof evident in the corpses laying at his feet. "I avenged my family's demise and was branded a murderer. I escaped custody and was sold a slave. I fought to win my freedom and was made a Soldier. And now this world has twisted me and I killed those under my command and will likely be called a Traitor. I feel enraged, and it feels right."
  28. Just as quick as the mist had rolled in, did it roll out, its white haze separating from the blackened plume. And like the mist, the four bodies disappaited back into the plume from which they had came, the crimson letters disappearing and the blackened plume returning to its pyramidal prison within the girl's pocket, leaving the darkened chamber empty and silent. Slowly the shadows before them moved and parted, revealing the blue eyes of Lady Sirena as she stepped into view with a cackle and bravado applause for the trio. "My, my, my....The Crystalline did as expected." She spoke with a coyful pride as she eyed Solus before turning to Roshan and Aliss. "Haven't you heard the saying about curiosity, my dear Kitten?" Sirena was of short stature, but was seductively beautiful, even for those of the same sex. Her raven hair flowed in the breeze apart from the proportioned locks that sat tightly to the sides of her head and the makeup adorning her face fluttered in the light as she stepped forward clearly, her walk almost floating across the stoned floor. Her hand reached down and grabbed her laced gown as she dipped her head in an elegant bow before her gaze rose to face all three. "Forgive my manners. I am Lady Sirena." She spoke adequately, her tone soft and playful. "As for as the Holocron, the test was to resist, not touch it. But Master Helios was never one for all the details and preferred his students to play with fire." Sirena briefly glanced down at her prosthetic arm before glancing back up to the trio. With a grin, she finished. "And don't worry. I'm not part of it, that is, unless you want to get burnt." Chuckling, she was curious to see how they would react.
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