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    The liquid cable launchers pulled the commandos of the Darkhand brigade further into the massive tangle of caverns, launching them in groups from one side of the chasm to the other. Delta’s eyes searched the periphery of the cavern’s entrance as he waited for his men and women to form back up behind him. Seventy odd commandos in the caverns hunting the ghosts of the Jedi order, while the rest of the Darkhand fought and died topside. His eyes took in the long ago carved wall of the cave system, its stone still strong after what could have been centuries of unuse. The internal comm on his helmet chirped, Blacktorin’s voice, cool and soothing, spoke over the command net, Something only the Lieutenants and above could hear. “We are on their heels, let's get going.” Delta nodded his head and looked behind him. The unit of men were ready, blasters, sonics, flechettes, up and pointing towards the entrance where the Jedi had very likely gone.He waved his hand and together they began to move into the cave system. Delta led alongside Blacktorin while the rank and file, sergeants and privates moved in several fluid firing lines behind him. Lines that with a nod of the head could pour a wicked fire onto whatever they found. But it was the Jedi that found them first. The ominous sound of an old fashioned slugthrower’s rear hammer was surprisingly loud in the quietness of the cave, especially through helmets that amplified the sound of low level noises. But before he could react a voice shouted out from ahead and Delta and his first firing line fell into a crouch, rifles and carbines tracking for the noise. The IR lights of the firing lines and Delta’s own E-22 revealed a red faced Zeltron holding what looked like a slugthrower and a single thermal detonator. And a single lightsabre on her belt. She looked less than ten meters away and Delta cursed himself for not sending out a group of skirmishers that would have found this threat far before it reared its head to his company. The second firing line stepped up behind their crouching squadmates and doubled the number of rifles pointing downrange. Delta spoke softly into his helmet comm unit as he triggered it back to Darkhand company. His thumb sliding along the fire selector switch of his rifle as he did so. “Non lethals only are cleared for action-” But before he could give the command to eliminate the threat posed by a single unarmoured Jedi, a second one pushed past her and lowered her slugthrower with his hand. Also thereby eliminating the threat of her thermal detonator. There was no way she would not just frag them both with the thing if a single blaster bolt tore through whatever defenses they might have. Delta blinked. What was their plan? Then the man spoke as he planted his staff and moved to cover the woman with his body. A valiant effort and Delta mentally saluted his courage. He hadn’t been on the briefing, but a Jedi was a Jedi and these two were the bravest Delta had ever seen. For both were unarmoured, and undefended save for the single stave planted in the cave’s flooring. Their Lighsabres were even on their hips. It was enough. As tempting as the man’s offer was Delta couldn’t easily take it. They couldn’t afford a jedi to be conscious in their midst, even restrained. It was like inviting a Rancor onto a schoolbus, no one was that stupid. And Delta was far from foolish. He had no desire to risk more lives than he needed. So they didn't need to kill either of them. But they needed to eliminate the threat. And there was no time to negotiate. Blaster rifles, flechette launchers, slugthrower carbines, and Sonics were pointed at the human who had loomed out of the darkness like some great beacon of light. Well with dozens of rifles pointed at him, most of which carried IR glowrods underneath their forward grips, he did quite look like a man standing in a beam of sunlight. At least this Jedi and the girl behind him would have one more day in the sun. Delta nodded, squeezing his trigger as he whispered the firing order through their helmet comms. And like a wave, dozens of rifles discharged at the man and the girl behind him. Lighting the cave up in a storm of blinding light. If Delta hadn’t been wearing his helmet, his ear drums would have been ruptured by the accompanying blasts of the sonic weapons. Sonics screeched towards the two Jedi along with a wave of stun rounds fired by blaster rifles. The first to split and destroy eardrums and balance, the second to eliminate the threat completely. No Jedi could keep up concentration from unshielded ears and two dozen stun blasts.The commandos holding slugthrowers and flechettes kept their weapons ready and trained should the first assault fail. <<Capture Shot Requested on Mjan Sadow Iv-Adas and Sara Corion>>
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    An old aquifer maybe? But the murky liquid that barely reflected the light coming from his underslung glowrod told him the real truth. The Jedi in classic form, had gone through sewage to escape from even confronting the Sith. If it had not been for his close interaction with Jaina Jade, he would have begun to question if they even existed at this point. Or if he was just chasing pale ghosts. “Command fall in, make sure your armour is sealed.” He looked out down the distant sloshing tunnels. “No open flames. Fire only upon target acquisition with enough units to overwhelm Jedi defense.” He took the first step, and sinking up to his waist in the murk, he grinned. Thankful yet again for the issued helmets they all wore. And behind him, as the lights from each glow rod was extinguished, the command unit for darkhand, alongside a detachment of Charlie company from the second infantry battalion moved forward. A long line of seventy-odd marines, wading through the murk in a ghost hunt, for a bunch of untrained Jedi. At least they could sanisteam their armour. As Landgraf and Blacktorin moved beside him so that they could all easily cover the large, expanse of tunnels, he let his HUD flicker through its filters. NOD returned very little other than a low green glow, and thermal optics did little better, being that the sewage was at about body temperature. He flicked it again to the IR spectrum and clicked his rifle’s glow rod to infrared and shouldered it. It worked ok, other than the static reflections that passed beside as the IR was scattered by adverse pockets of methane. He grimaced at the thought of Jedi waiting right around the corner, but he kept the rifle up. Ca’Aran Now why was she here? Sharp blue eyes reflected from one of the pockets of gas and Delta almost unloaded the rifle at it. But with a blink they were gone. He checked his suit seals, fearing that he might have been exposed to mind altering gaseous fumes but found no cracks. Landgraf yelped and looked around, her rifle tracing an unseen line of infrared light on the ceiling as she also checked her suit's seals. “Status?” But those eyes were there staring at him again. “I’m hearing voices, commander, its really creepy like.” Ah. He popped open the protective cover for his arm mounted datapad and clicked her face on the sheet that was displayed for his officer corps. He file flashed up in black and green on the small screen. But it his instincts were proven right on the second scroll through her information. She was Force Sensitive. He snapped the cover shut and looked back at her. “Keep your helmet on Landgraf, whatever the Jedi are doing down here, we are getting close.” She hunkered down next to an outcropping, and Delta moved to cover her. As did Blacktorin, who pulled herself up onto the outcropping itself and held out a hand to him. He took it and pulled himself up onto the duracrete partition. A tunnel of some kind perhaps? He kept his rifle towards the unknown as he adjusted his comm. He triggered his SCI, and after an excruciating minute of encryption the cool voice of the Devilfish breathed into his ear, broken by static. “Go for Darkhand Intel.” “Information, pin location, there is an apparition of some type in the tunnels down here. Let the Dark Lord know that we are close to something. I dont think it's the Jedi, but we may have found something better. Something uh...” He searched for the correct phrase. “...Darkside oriented? A place where the force is strong, it's effecting a lot of my men.” He would certainly not say it was effecting him. He couldn't. It would be seen as weakness. And out of all the traits a commander could have, weakness was not one. “Intel copies.” And with that the line cut. Delta took a long breath of filtered air and was hit again by a distant voice. The voice whose laughter sounded like a waterfall of joy and he could feel a tingle of painful memory move up his spine. He took another breath and waved his hand to tell his men to move forward but when he stepped forward his step came down on something soft. He looked down, then pulled at it. Holding it up in the offered light of a glowrod. A jedi robe?
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    Low laughter came suddenly in response, almost a growling as it first started, but then the humor grew as loud as the roaring winds. The creature had to double over with hand on knee, contradictory to the usual rigid appearance of him and his kind. But then he readjusted, straightening himself while leaning more of his weight onto the make-shift staff. He eyed the flame that he had captured earlier, and then returned his gaze towards the rather strange collection of sentient or semi-sentient bodies. They were serious, and it was only now that the creature had realized what they had just asked for. The storm was opening up somewhere near, but the skies were too choked with dust and clouds to pinpoint how far out the chaos really was. Anas buti zo grezmenes faejon va, Hisxis.. That is a dangerous request, Cathar.. He let the thought sink in, the very notion of how dangerous the masters of the dark side could be. Their reputations were of an ill-kind. Capable of stacking the odds against them and coming out on top, each and every time. The power that the masters of the dark side held within them, more often than not, drove them sick with unquenchable blood-lust. There were few left if truth be told, most burning out like a flame to waxen wicks. Those that hungered for the knowledge and the power grew in significant numbers, while those that had achieved both of these things, were a dying breed. The creature used his free hand to pull his hood up, and cover his face a little better than before, the sand hitting his charred face was far from pleasant. J'us zenoti tave lirza, kad sis buti nie dits bauztipe latraha. J'us buti takjona, su yunoks katesi askal tu'iea vadinti.. You know the tongue, but this is no charter school. You are strangers, with little merit behind your names.. The heavy accent of his Sith diction came out rough, nearly as if anger was attributed to his entire speech, but this was just the sound of the pyromancer at large. His watched them all, with a curiosity to match his natural paranoia. This world was one of savages, creatures willing to sacrifice their lives in the name of ascension. What stood before him, was untested, and perhaps a small threat to these sacred sands. .. Armijio. Ar sis buti tu'iea geida, na j'us nayir rajidona tu'saen stai ir dabar. Nuo j'us ir tu'iea idevoka, sekleti buti stuyi. ..Yet. If this is your wish, then you must surrender yourselves here and now. For you and your intentions, shall be tested. Kam zodis j'us? What say you?
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    Aidan might have sat in the seat, but it was Kel's R5 astromech next to him that was doing most of the work. As soon as the route was calculated, Aidan activated the engines of the autopilot, carrying them away from the Vigilance. The massive craft already had a lilt towards the nearest black hole, indicating its orbital positional stabilizers had finally given out over the strain of the fight. "At least the Sith don't have it. I can't imagine what they could have done with the secrets it kept." He half muttered to himself, sitting near Sandy. The mission was technically a failure, but they'd survived. And right then, that was all Aidan cared about.
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    Leena's powers of persuasion were lost upon Mjan, his presence within the force growing voided and empty, like a black hole in the depths of space, replaced by a hunger to fill its emptiness. But he smiled in return, nonetheless, and began to follow, using his cylindrical stave as a means to move about in the dark. It wasn't his first time fumbling around in the dark, but unlike last time, he had grown smarter, relying on his other senses to atone for what he lacked in sight within the pitch black. With each step he took, he waved the metallic tip back and forth a few centimeters above the floor in his path, moving around anything it touched with a subtle clink until he drew close enough to see with his own sight what the droid illuminated. Shifting his gaze about, he felt an uneasy settle upon him, especially after his gaze fell upon the deceased Quarren. Stepping closer to get a better view, or as best as one could get in the dimly lit room, a voice whispered from below. Like the spirits of old tales, the annunciation of death foretold, it started afar as a whisper before it rushed forth to a booming overtone, causing the loose rocks and tunnel behind them to rumble. Out of instinct, Mjan settled in a defensive form, waiting for an attack. And yet nothing came, only the chanting of an unknown tongue lost to the ages of Dac and beyond. Relaxing, but remaining alert, Mjan continued his look around, even inspecting the Quarren's corpse. "Something dark happened here, and not recently." Mjan spoke for the first time in awhile, his finger tracing a considerable amount of dust from the overturned furniture. "If I was a betting man, given this dyslexic chanting and the poor sod there..." Mjan pointed toward the Quarren corpse. "I'd say whatever lies below has something to do with above." Of course, Mjan couldn't prove it, nor could he see any signs of evidence to back his theory. But he knew darkness. He knew the consequences of it. And he knew what his people had done with it for thousands of millennia. His gaze shifted to Nox briefly. "Nothing good ever comes from Darkness." With that being said, his gaze continues to shift briefly to the droid. "And Darkness consumes all who walk willingly into it, so yeah, I've got your six." As Nox and Xar began the trek farther in, Mjan looked to Leena and briefly to Sara. The deeper they got, the more he felt the pull of the hunger below. But he wasn't sure why. In truth, it worried him, especially considering that he was beginning to notice that it was all he was able to feel, the Force almost completely untouchable by him. And within him, a separate hunger was beginning to grow, a hunger to fill the void and pain he felt. Whatever laid below was powerful, and it was feeding on misery. And in return, something within Mjan was beginning to change. And because of this, there was fear evident in his gaze at the two.
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    Nar Shaddaa, by this point was dotted with garrison stations and training grounds. The largest of these was situated at MARPROG at the Alliance's headquarters, but Captain Johanna Bryce was stationed planetside in one of the smaller garrisons--little more than a repurposed warehouse, but Bryce had seen worse rust in her time in the army. As for the rust in her unit, it was clear that they hadn't had occasion to assault a capital ship in months. “Slow this time, Talons,” Johanna Bryce began her debriefing of the latest training evolution. She held a helmet to her hip and paced from side to side in the briefing room, not making any use of the room’s voice amplification. Shouting was a skill she had learned decades ago. “Four minutes, thirty-seven seconds from the hangar to the bridge, that was enough time for their troopers to mount a response and make our job a lot more difficult. And if a Sith was on board,” the towering marine flashed a quick smile. “We would have had to earn our pay.” There was no misunderstanding as to what Captain Bryce had conveyed with that last statement. The Bridge Rush was a training evolution that Talon Company had developed during the war while they were still serving under Starlisk: the objective was for a single platoon of shock troopers to storm the bridge of a mid-sized capital ship--typically a Victory-class or Carrack-class--and keep it until the marines could bring aboard reinforcements. Speed above all else was critical during this operation--if they were not free of the hangar within fifteen seconds, they were at risk of being vented out the magcon. If they were not on the bridge within four minutes, they were in danger of being bogged down by counterattacks from the ship’s stormtroopers. And if there was a Sith on board… attempting to scuttle the ship from within was an option worthy of consideration to the hospitality that the Empire of The Spider was offering prisoners. Pacing around a holograph of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Iron Fist, Johanna walked through the results of the training evolution and the numerous mistakes of her platoon. Hangar: walking wounded marine continued with the squad and should have made their way back onto the assault shuttle. Secondary engineering: no need to assault the room, just toss two grenades into the compartment and continue the charge. An amateurish delay in hot-wiring a blast door cost them nearly ten seconds of time. And finally, fourteen seconds of lost time in clearing the bridge, and an overexcited Private had left their carbine set to kill and destroyed the Conn. “Remember Talons, the goal is to be fast, not thorough. Use your concs and follow up. With luck, we take the bridge before the captain can transfer controls to the aux. Hit the showers, hit the miss. We’ll repeat the drill at twenty-hundred. And then we’ll run it again if we don’t get our time down by at least twenty seconds. Dismissed!”
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    DUEL VERDICT Sarna vs. Relmis
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