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    A loud patter of metal woke him from his sleep. How long had it been since he allowed himself the luxury? Many moons had passed, and his body took advantage of the short reprieve. A tingling sensation dribbled through his arms, stirring awake separately from where they hung loose in suspension. "Jeeves?" His voice managed to call out curiously. Searching, his hand felt slowly across the fabric of the seat, attempting to release himself from confinement. Guided by memory, he clutched the release and pulled, dropping his mass from the upended control seat. His equilibrium was off, and the fall was heavier than anticipated. Over two-hundreds pounds of flesh and metal buckled into the durasteel plating below, sucking the wind from him. The blood that drained from his nose splattered where he lay, and the sound of small laughter crawled from his throat. "Aziza! You better still draw breath.. The breaking is upon us. You will never be more ready than you are in this moment. You must survive." Hyperion is a name connected to a man who enacted a savagery that would never be forgiven. His mentors were ecstatic with his extraordinary performances and his swift knack for strategy in the battlefield, while his peers inherited a sheer hatred for him in the same vein. There were many that wished for his head on a plate, and his arrogant eyes served to the black crows of Pelko. He had matured much since his youthful dominance, but his rivals had remained within the red planet, scheming with long-lasting grudges to fuel them. They would see the Archer butchered before he could return to rank within the Sith Empire, or they would die at his feet trying. Amadeus stood from his fall, unsteadiness wearing on him alongside the fatigue. There were aches and pains that riddled his body from the impact, but nothing immediately impairing. Many others were dead, and he didn't need to see them to know this, for his senses immersed itself in the emotion of death. There were few who yet lived, and those were the few that they would make their stand with, soon they would come. Au Raa staggered towards Aziza, now watching her move slightly with exhaustion on her features. He had missed her feat of the force, but he watched her inquisitively, trying to see traces of how she survived without his hold. Time would draw more from her, if she was worth enough to endure further. "Sith live by the inclination of natural selection. To us, strength is not only the ability to weaponize the force, but also the capacity to tailor ourselves to unfavorable conditions." Hyperion wiped the blood from his nose, smearing the bright metal that sheathed his mighty arms. "In the mind, those most fit to conquer, must endure by all means. For this reason, affliction and misery is a natural state to the Sith, and those that are hamstrung by such difficulties, are inadequate." He lectured as he drew closer, stepping over corpses mutilated by the impact, paying careful attention to the roaring sound of the winds just outside of their crash site. "Miles apart from assistance, and those that will come, are no more than hostiles. We were shot down with intention. What supplies remained intact, are most likely limited. What bodies remain, will be stricken with fear and injury. The power has been punched, and the storm outside has just begun." "Rise apprentice, and lead us from dissolution." As he reached a hand out to help her up, slight footsteps and clamors from the rest of the ship could be heard
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    These Trandoshans didn't want to stop. Fine by him. Sergeant Quarl, alongside Fizt and Kim moved up. Just as the blast door closed two figures appeared from the end of the hall, hulking things in armor he'd never seen before but it was of no matter. In an instant Quarl saw something flying at him however he quickly ducked for it to go over his head, and that was when he heard the explosion seconds after, much like a grenade but sharper and higher in pitch. He took cover for spikes to fly past impaling the walls and ceiling. The Sarge was quick to notice that Fizt and Kim's did the same however he also noticed the large gash on Kimas leg clearly bleeding profusely. They'd patch that up after they cleaned this mess. . "Return Fire!" Sargeant Quarl shouted, his training kicking in and let loose several blaster shots, the other two doing the exact same. This would be no different than those pirates, he told himself. . Vox and Rylast made their way down the hall, blaster bolts flee past them with a few actually nailing them, sparks flying off the arm and leg guards. The impacts caused the two Trandoshans concentrate focus, Rylast fired a few Puncture rounds, grenades soaring at the enemy where they were crouched and covered at. The force of each small explosion was enough to cause Fizt and Kima to lose their balance or wince. They finally found their ground after a few seconds but found it quite hard to aim with a round of grenades shots at them. Rylast swiftly reloaded but both Trandoshans rushed their efforts and sprinted toward the fire, Rylast locking in his last string and firing the six grenades. . The Sargeant successfully blasted three bolts at the Chieftains helmet, surprised that it was sturdy enough to take the three shots. Then it hit him, the two Trandoshans split taking their targets, the taller of the two with the massive bladed gun hauling toward Kima and Fazt, and as planned Quarl would take on the-! . The bladed pistol or whatever it was swing toward Norris' direction aimed at his head, however fast the bladed gun was he was just faster and quickly rolled out of the way. However Vox saw the blaster rifle raise and spun, easily unsheathing his glaive and swinging it at medium length. The tip of the sword caught the Sarge's rifle tip just as he pulled the trigger and the weapon was knocked away. Vox came back around within an instant bringing up his Mauler shotgun and began to fire two scattering rounds. Norris rolled to the side for the first shot and pulled his pistol and a knife right when the second shot barely missed him. . Firing several more rounds of his pistol, the Sargeant blasted off the helmet and leapt at the supposedly stunned Trandoshan. He grasped at the... Metal! This wasn't the same plasteel the regular troopers used, it was pure solid metal! The thought struck Norris as realization hit him, it was the reason these mercenaries could take so many hits. It didn't stop him from the only second he had to plunge the knife into the Trandoshans neck. However, that hadn't come to pass as Norris was flung against the wall with an audible crack. What happened? He had the enemy by their throat! In his dazed state he snapped to and realized his pistol was gone but still grasped his knife. A large staffed sword came down and the Sarge rolled on his side and upward just in time as the weapon sliced through the wall, getting back in a fighting stance as the lizard yanked the weapon from the wall with ease. He could still feel the immense pain his back, most likely pulled something. . How could he have been that careless? Them again, the foe was smaller and possibly faster, and in his haste Vox almost had a knife to his throat. At that last moment he'd dropped both weapons and gripped the sides of the human and threw him quickly, the knife making contact with the edge of his armor. Leaving the Mauler he kicked up his glaive and raised it, bringing it down to quickly end his foe. That alone was a task for the human rolled away, and now Vox didn't have to hide as the met eye to eye. His slitted pupils meeting the rounder ones, his sword and being guided by his instincts and swordsmanship meeting a seemingly experienced foe with his wits. . Vox heard the human shout, "Where's my back up?!" . The Chieftain could still hear a struggle, a choke from one of his human foes and a pained groan from another before it was silenced with an audible crack. While the Chieftain and the Sargeant were in their own fight, Rylast had rushed the attack caring less for the armor and wounds he'd received. He pulled out his own Spiker and began to fire the rapid rounds of spikes. The two soldiers found themselves pinned around the corner and one nodded to the other. Fizt rounded the corner and took aim only to be grabbed and pulled up by a rough hand. He fired a lucky shot as Rylast was ready to stab him with his Spiker, hitting the Trandoshans hand causing him to let go of the weapon. That didn't stop the incoming limb from hitting Fizt's stomach as his head was let go. This sent the soldier a few feet back, gasping for the wind that was knocked out of him. . Rylast reared but was too late to stop a barrage of blaster bolts. Just when his armor, right leg and arm plating collapsed he'd brought up his Puncture and fire one of the two last rounds. It didn't explode, instead the grenade was launched and hit his foe, Kima, right in the chest. She stumbled back and began to cough violently, specs of blood escaping her lips. She had no time, she pulled out her pistol and would fire two more rounds, one hitting the behemoths helmet and the other hitting his right leg scoring a solid strike. She had no time, for Kima was rushed and the swing of a fist she quickly dodged, however the swing of a blade cut her throat. A moment and Fizt lurched at the Trandoshan, finding his own knife in the Trandoshans side and firing a blaster bolt into his midsection before he was slammed down with a mighty blow of a right fist. . The hit was hard enough to force the human soldier down on the ground and was kicked against the wall. Kima, with blood gushing, attempted to rush Rylast from the side while he was dealing with Fizt but he'd seen her from his peripheral and caught the woman by her throat. Lifting her up, Rylast gave a brutal kick to Fizt's stomach with his metal boot to which the human cried out in pain. In an attempt to get up, Fizt was kicked again and was flipped over to his back. Dazed and in pain, he could see stars in his vision, gasps escaping his comrade and she was being choked out in one hand, and a boot came down on his neck crushing his windpipe with a sudden crack. Fizt quickly went, the last thing on his were his family, his ma and pa and that girl he was supposed to go out with. As the final thought escaped the man, he went limp. . Kima who was on that verge witnessed her friend die, and tears escaped her eyes knowing she'd not only failed the Empire, but her squad as a whole. No. The Sargeant was wrong, this was Nothing like the pirates from before. Her and her squad mates were always ready for anything, even when all the odds were stacked against them by some miracle they always made it out. Kima had seen the worst in society, yet these Trandoshans took the cake. It wasn't until she'd been released of her grasp and fell to the floor. The hulking thing looked down at her and threw down a cloth, to which he grabbed her arm and snapped it, breaking the limb and kicked the guns away. She'd scream, but she was currently trying to breath in oxygen and keep the blood from escaping her throat. She noticed the Trandoshan turn and walk toward Norris' direction and through the pain, and through looking around she understood quite clearly. He didn't want her to die nor use any weapons. She'd be prisoner. And Kima would be damned if she would be in the hands of these creatures! Unfortunately, she didn't get much of headway, with the firearms gone, Kima's only choice was to put pressure and just lie there. Either she would be lucky and reinforcements arrive, lucky and she wouldn't bleed out... or... well, her options weren't necessarily bright at all. . The appearance of the other Trandoshan appearing caught Norris Quarl off guard. He then shot a glance over the right of the lizards side and... anger and grief took him. All at once, he was struck with what the Sith relied on. He hadn't realized that Vox stopped, and the Chieftain said audibly in Nudono, "Rylast, break into that door, we're needing our entrance." . The foreign words were gibberish to the Sargeant, and the sight of his fallen comrades, who'd he spent countless missions and years with, were all but dead. In the sudden rage, Norris screamed some gibberish of his own, mangled words and charged the Trandoshan. His vision turned red and the only thing on his mind was to kill these fuckers. Vox relied on instinct and read the man, though a frenzied for was hard to read he did it regardless. He got in swift and under the Chieftains guard only to receive a punch to the side of the face. It knocked Norris off guard but before he could react Vox gave his strongest back fist blow to the man's right side of his face. Slamming against the metal wall, he woozily saw the glaive being impaled into the ground as the Trandoshan moved forward. With a knife barely in hand, Norris attempted his charge again only to be punched in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. He received two more blows to his midsection then a final one to his face, knocking him out cold. . Vox grabbed the man by his left leg and dragged him, pulling his Energy Glaive from the ground and sheathing it along his back. He then bent over and picked up the Mauler that was dropped. Rylast was knelt down fiddling with the door panel who then said, "Almost. Give me- There!" . The doors opened and Vox entered with weapon ready. Corporal Vane was just finished with arming the bombs and just when he was about to connect them to a hand trigger, not that they weren't connected to the Hyperdrive Controls, he turned with an accomplished look that quickly dissolved. Holding up Sargeant Norris Quarl as a shield was one of the Trandoshans they were trying to stop. Already with blaster in hand, Vane lifted the weapon as the second Trandoshan entered with an odd bladed weapon in hand. Seeing the Sarge brutalized like that, and the amount of blood on the Trandoshans meant he could assume the worst. . Anger took hold, however there was no way to remotely detonate the explosives... not without something to set them off. As the two were close enough Vane swiftly aimed his rifle to the armed explosives, then something hit him. Literally. In the heat of the moment, the Corporal was set ablaze by the throwing of an Incindiary Grenade, brought to yours truly, Rylast. The screams only last a second as the equipment burnt and melted to the man his skin and flesh charred abd cooked. He fell over, barely alive and burnt to a crisp, the explosives on the inside of the terminal were burnt too... but not to the point of no repair. . Kneeling down as he tossed away the Sargeant, Vox glanced to Rylast before looking back at the wiring, "I'd expect this from Choax... Nevermind, I'll disarm the bomb if that's what this is. Clearly that must have been the reason he was in here alone." . Rylast merely nodded with a grin, taking off his helm and kneeling down, "You need help?" . "No... I can't do anything until this is off. It'll take a minute, keep guard." . Vox began to work his magic, from he'd seen from Romulus, wires and disarming things wouldn't be so bad. Right? Vox cleared his mind and allowed Divine to guide him, one wire after the other, Vox began to take apart of bomb itself, a hefty thing he noticed, until it was finally down to the last few chips and wiring. Finally disarming the device, Vox immediately stood and went to the primary controls. He then looked to Rylast and barked, "Seal the door, I need you on controls!" . "This is nothing!" Said a bold Chaox as he took a bolt to the helm. The visor cracked and the helmet became loose, meaning it's usefulness was finished. The two brothers cut down the enemy one by one however not without taking their blows. Reaching the hall to the control room there wasn't much cover nor distance between them. There wasn't much of a resistance up ahead either, two squads dug in like flies to fruit. Utilizing a Spike Grenade, the explosion and impalement of a few Sith Troopers gave the twins that little opening to charge and lay down fire. Once they reached the control room they used their Spikers to gun down anyone still in there. . "This is nothing," Mocked Equinox who by now had lost his own helmet and chest plating, the mangled latex covered steel plating barely holding the man beneath, "Can you fly a ship at least?" . "Sure! Remember the last one?" Chaox asked, getting to the controls he at least knew how to use. . "I remember you almost crashing us the first time. I'll take flight this time, I need you to take care of the rest." Equinox stated, feeling more at home with this part of the task. . "What?! Who let your sack drop!" Chaox shot in a more childish manner. . "Chaox, I Know how to fly, guide, and even jump the ship to hyperspace. Please, this isn't a one man job." More of a plea, Equinox still felt the stinging of their last argument, however he knew damned well that his twin was an arrogant prick to prided himself too hard. . Chaox thought then groaned, hating to admit defeat in such a case, "Fine, but let's hurry! I'd rather not get captured or worse!" . Activating the ships main engines, Vox and Rylast chipped to each other the systems diagnostics, making sure the ship was afloat and moving out of the cargo bay. Slowly, it dipped into space and toward the Rebel Fleet... whatever was left of them anyway. How long were they gone for? That didn't matter, as Vox carefully steered the ship, the flying part taken over by the Chieftain as he barked for Rylast to active shielding to protect them from incoming fire. Another ship, the same one next to theirs, slowly made its way out of the bay just below the first. Equinox and Chaox argued like a couple, though expected of brothers who usually didn't see eye to eye, Chaox turned the shielding on, angry he couldn't use the main guns. The ships separated just further enough to pick up speed, celebrations held once they were out of this mess. . "Vox?" Equinox chirped over communications, "We're ready to make the jump. I've never done this before." . It was Vox's turn to smile and sigh in relief, "Hold onto something, I'm certain that either they'll hook us onto another ship or perhaps they'll give us coordinates to lock onto. Shields will hold up for a bit, be prepared!" . "Yes sir- I don't care if it's your favorite gun! We are not turning around!" Equinox shouted at Chaox unaware of the comm link that was still active. Vox chuckled, relieved that finally they would get some rest. He hoped there would be a good reward for his people, maybe even a bonus for capturing the leader of the squadron. . Vox stared at the human leader for a brief moment before ordering, "Rylast, get him secured. He is a prisoner of war now, and I'm certain he'd have information we need." . "Sir." Rylast simply said before quickly dragging the knocked out Sargeant to where he stood, keeping a watchful with a rifle pointed at him. Rylast had never seen Vox brutalize anyone like this before, but when he though of it not very many species can hand spikes to the face. He forgot how tough the Nudono Tribe were, a mutation in evolution of the Trandoshan Species. It gave them more diversity and in that they were stronger and faster than their common cousins, even if it's by a margin small or large. However Rylast held no forgiveness nor mercy for the enemy, and if they pleaded with their lives they deserved worse than death. They took away his family, his wife, the children who were grown, and his grandchildren who were yet to be born. The Shield Brother followed Vox because he knew there was a fate worse than death back on Trandosha, but he followed the true Chieftain because he still held honor, respect, and kept the memory of the old Chieftains alive.
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    With his lightsaber still on and the room dimming as the excitement waned, the woman came more into view. She was pretty for a human. The type of beauty that was more worthy of a prized mistress of a harem than a Mandalorian Princess. But he had known enough Sith females in the past to know better than to underestimate them based on their looks. That was especially true of this one. The way she moved reeked of danger in the way that a sweet smelling poison might be passed off as a perfume until your body lie twitching on the floor. "...Haven't you heard the saying about curiosity, my dear Kitten?" Roshan gave her a hard roll of his eyes from underneath his mask. Humans always thought they were so clever, as if they were the first one to come up with such a silly expression or as if he hadn't heard it from literally hundreds of humans. Cathar weren't even cats. It was like telling a monkey joke to a human and snickering. Roshan smiled back at her from underneath his mask. "Well aren't you a cheeky monkey." "Forgive my manners. I am Lady Sirena. As far as the Holocron, the test was to resist, not touch it. But Master Helios was never one for all the details and preferred his students to play with fire. And don't worry. I'm not part of it, that is, unless you want to get burnt." Roshan looked knowingly down towards Aliss. She was still beside him but had slumped to one knee and was using her free arm to hold herself up as she leaned forward to catch her breath. That blow from the beast had clearly hurt her fragile humanoid body. "I figured as much. But you'll have to forgive the girl's opprobrium. You know humans. Always monkeying around. She couldn't help herself," he shrugged, speaking in a tone that danced the line between playful and mocking. “That certainly makes me happy to hear...Lady Sirena. This here is Lord Roshan..." Roshan waved casually at the mention. "We are his children. Sir Aliss… So sorry about that Sir Aliss. Let me help you..." Aliss pulled away from the shardbot, keeping her head down half out of the embarrassment of being chided and mocked by everyone present and half because she was still angry at the abomination for violently subduing her only moments earlier. "Leave me alone," she replied sharply. "I'm fine, Soulless." "And I am Solus, Lady Sirena. Solus the Ascended. And he is Tear..." "If you, Lady Sirena, are not part of the test, then why are you here? Are you a person who uses what Darth Helios calls ‘the wicked flame’? Surely you are some sort of deity, for that energy that crackled from your fingertips was godlike.” Roshan sighed. He had taught Solus a bad habit. It was endearing to have Solus think of Lord Roshan as a deity. Perhaps even an appropriate assessment under the circumstances of its ascension. What's more, the evident deity of Lord Roshan had been the basis of his Knights and his Ishvaran cult. But that cult had been made up of ordinary humans and aliens that rarely ran into other Force Users or had people around to teach them how to use the Force. They were primitives easily impressed and easily subdued. Comparing himself to a god or demi-god was simply a force of habit. But now that they were in the midst of a camp of Force sensitive beings, it was like bringing a cave dwelling humanoid to visit some sort of heavenly pantheon. They were now inevitably bound to stop every two minutes for him to fawn over this deity and that deity and gush over this power and that power and this parlor trick and that parlor trick. She had done nothing to warrant such attention. She can mist around. So fancy. Such a great ability if no one graps a hand-held fan and blows her away. Roshan rolled his eyes. "Yes. Excuse its ramblings. But Soulless does bring up a very good point. If you are what and who you say you are, why are you here? I have my doubts that Darth Helios simply asked you to stop on by out of the kindness of your heart to drop us by some blue milk and cookies." ____ &
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    Solus nodded and obeyed Roshan’s order without question, coiling against the wall Roshan was near. "That is wise Lord. Very wise. I must admit, I am not as wise in combat as you are Lord. All I seem to be good at is pummeling. Perhaps my wisdom will eventually grow observing you." When the being showed herself again, mentioned how Solus had done as expected and eyed him, Solus couldn’t help but feel a smidge of pride form inside of him. This being, while new and strange to him, had in a way complimented him. And that felt good. Even as she turned and spoke to his master and introduced herself, Solus found himself studying her. She was much different from Sir Aliss, though being of the same gender. Her stature and form was entirely different. Where Aliss carried herself like a snake with a purpose, this being carried herself more delicately. Her skin appeared more smoother then Aliss, as well as a much different color. But the two were both fairly hairless on first glance, and had two arms and legs. Still, this being was a different species compared to the others in the room. "Forgive my manners. I am Lady Sirena. As for the Holocron, the test was to resist, not touch it. But Master Helios was never one for all the details and preferred his students to play with fire." Solus nearly mentioned to Aliss about how she was wrong to touch the so-called ‘Holocron’, but he silenced himself before that. That would be a foolish move on his part, would it not? Aliss was a child of Roshan. It did no good to berate her. She was probably smart enough to realize her error. If not, then Roshan was in the clear position to point out her error, not Solus. When Sirena mentioned how she wasn’t part of the test, Solus visibly became a bit more open. His body slouched slightly, his arms lowered out of a defensive pose. “That certainly makes me happy to hear...Lady Sirena.” Solus cherished the title Lady as his synthesised voice uttered it slowly. It sounded so much different from Sir and Lord and Darth. “This here is Lord Roshan. We are his children. Sir Aliss…” Solus realized how Aliss was still on the floor. He slithered over and bent down to offer her a now clean hand to rise. Solus was almost disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to study the blood and brain matter from the battle. “So sorry about that Sir Aliss. Let me help you. And I am Solus, Lady Sirena. Solus the Ascended. And he is Tear..." Once done with Aliss, Solus pointed to his currently unconscious hound. "If you, Lady Sirena, are not part of the test, then why are you here? Are you a person who uses what Darth Helios calls ‘the wicked flame’? Surely you are some sort of deity, for that energy that crackled from your fingertips was godlike.”
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    Shiro's eyes widened with the realization at what he had done, Dunstan and Saldana laying before him, their dying gazes set upon his own as they gasped for air through the thick blood bubbling up through their necks. Horror filled his mind as he could only sit there, watching their faces drain of their life, both attempting to reach out to him for help despite what he had done, his own still outstretched with the blade in hand. That's when he felt her, the Elusive one, embrace his form with her own, warm and inviting as she disarmed him. Shiro tried to yell out for a medic, but the words just fumbled like waves from his mouth as exhaustion took hold his form and he fell back into her lap, his gaze shifting to the sky as the memories of Dunstan and Saldana's lifeless faces ingrained themselves into his memory. "....Apprentice...." It was her words that brought his mind back and quelled the turmoil he was feeling, seeing her out reached hand and reaching out his own to touch hers as his gaze shifted up to set its sight upon her face, confused still by what had happened, but eerily comforted by her. Her touch was as cold as steel, fragile and yet firm. And her gaze was empty, yet assured. Shiro had never noticed it before. And as she spoke, he found himself drawn by her words, like Death's knock at one's end. And so Shiro closed his eyes, unsure how to meditate, but still needed her words if only to feel this moment of comfort longer as he embraced what he truly was, the echoing voices ringing through his head from his first time to now. Murderer. "I feel anger." He started out saying, the memories of his homeworld and what led to his arrest. The memories of his enslavement and being forced to fight simply to survive. This world, and what it brought out in him, the proof evident in the corpses laying at his feet. "I avenged my family's demise and was branded a murderer. I escaped custody and was sold a slave. I fought to win my freedom and was made a Soldier. And now this world has twisted me and I killed those under my command and will likely be called a Traitor. I feel enraged, and it feels right."
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    Roshan: No sooner had he killed the monster he was fighting, when the true threat revealed itself. He could hear a female voice as her enchantments echoed off the cavernous walls. It was not any dialect he was familiar with. But within the blink of an eye the woman managed to surprise and quickly down one of the grotesque creatures. "Aliss, zeuritou nouliqo xo xo!" Roshan bellowed in Echani. Roshan's lightsaber remained drawn as he turned his focus to the new arrival. He stood at attention, ready to strike if necessary. Her arrival concerned him greatly as she seemed much more powerful than their group. If this was a test, it was not going to be an easy one. But if she was some sort of Force ghost, she definitely had quite the solid look to her. “Lord Roshan…” “Lord Roshan, was that a test? A test of combat? If so, then I believe we passed. But who was that? Who was that being that helped us?” Roshan turned to Solus, the worry in his eyes reflected by the glow of his red lightsaber. "I do not know. I have not quite ran into a holocron quite like this one before. But she may be part of the test. I'd suggest you fall back to me. It will be hard for her to manifest behind us if we are against a solid wall." *** *** *** Aliss: It had taken Aliss a moment to gain her bearings. As it turned out, it was not the "holy crom" that had given her any special powers. Rather, a snarling, slobbery beast that had formed right above her and flung Solus off of her. Aliss froze for a moment as she first eyed the holocron beside her. Then the monster above her. It seemed to be watching its "brothers" engage the other two. But as her hands crept towards the device, the monster paused for a second before sniffing and dropping its eyes in Aliss' direction. Her own eyes grew wide as she swiped the holocron and rolled! The ground shook a little as the creature narrowly missed her and connected with the rock floor. Aliss hurried to her feet and pocketed the holocron just before she took a massive swipe across her body. Launched through the air, Aliss sailed several feet behind colliding with a stone wall and collapsing to the ground. She was a little dizzy and her body hurt all over. She tried to catch her breath. She could hear the roar and screams of the monsters in the distance. Get up, Aliss. Get up! It's coming! Get up! She struggled to move. The cool touch of the ground felt unusually comfortable in that moment. Maybe I should lie here for just a few more... "Aliss, zeuritou nouliqo xo xo!" The irritated and forceful nature of Lord Roshan's command triggered a sense of fear and adrenaline that snapped her out of her delusion. Looking up, she could see the glow of Roshan's lightsaber and almost instinctively scrambled towards it, ignoring the throbbing pain she felt along the backside of her body. Moving beside him, she reached for her lightsaber but Roshan's hand motioned for her to hold her position and wait for order. She knew the drill. She was ready to strike if called upon. But as he engaged with Solus, she was almost certain of it. Her lord was cautiously curious about whoever this "she" he spoke of was. Aliss looked around puzzled, trying to find the mystery female in amongst the shadowy and uneven mixture of glowing words and pockets of dense blackness. ___ &
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    The Sith Lord sunk into the sand beside the Imperial Soldier, letting the wet, dark sand grind against her skin, watching the darkness overtake him. This Shiro was different from the one that had come to this tomb of a world before. He had begun to surrender to his passions. At long last. The Krath’s pale lips tugged upward into a grin as she watched the trooper commit murder through her sulpheric yellow eyes. His blade had taken them both through the throat, and she caught his muscular arm in both of her slender ones. With a quick twist she disarmed him and then let him collapse into her arms. He had expended too much power for too little training, and his body was not yet used to the feeling of the darkness. It called to them both, but unchecked it only added to the chaos of their surroundings. She stared at the two men he had cut down. Their crimson lifeblood leaked into the sand, mixing with the surf to turn it into a froth of blood and foam. “Let’s bring it back to the basics, apprentice.” She added the last word to check him under her own power. She would take him on as Sheog had her, molding her to power through a path of discovery. Hayley extended a hand before him and smiled faintly. “I feel the force and its strength when I immerse myself in wrath. It is a sin, one of the seven, those baser passions that the Jedi would deny.” Anger rose within the Sith Lord and she passed it into Wrath, that strong and uncomfortable passion that so easily twisted her. “I want you to meditate and find that focus. Feel it in the blood you spilled without seeing it. Describe all you feel to me. Leave nothing unsaid. ” ((OOC: It should take you two to three posts to truly meditate and touch that power. You cannot control it yet, but it must tempt you.))
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    Round Five Results: Defensive Actions The Glutton's Shadow rapid intervention task force moves to support the Lightsbane. Black Bracer heavy brawler task force moves to support the Herlov. Sith starfighters move into intercept positions around the Herlov and the Lightsbane. Offensive actions The Herlov focuses fire on destroyer group Esk The Lightsbane focuses fire on destroyer group Grek. Mordecai's surgical strike task force targets the Syndic with an ion barrage, disabling it for this round. Mordecai's Covert strike task force fires on the Bikadinir, destroying it. The Misercordia continues to fire its axial laser on the Lightsbane, but is intercepted by the Glutton's shadow, dealing three damage. The Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle focus fire on the Reborn Allegiance destroyer group, destroying the Bikadinir. Rebel starfighters continue their bombing run on the Lightsbane, doubling down on the attack and supporting it with a snubfighter escort. The Lightsbane takes six damage. TF Esk withdraws, with the Syndic left behind. TF Forn withdraws. TF Grek withdraws. TF Dorn successfully launches a covert torpedo strike on the Lightsbane, destroying it. TF Besh withdraws. TF BloodSteele receives an order that they are unable to comply with. Sith bombers attack the already gutted Bikadinir. EWar TF Dorn has been detected and is now able to be targeted.
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    There was a slight wince as Sandy mentioned an apprentice, but Aidan steeled himself. It was likely coming sooner or later, whether he liked it or not. It was simply the way of things. "Honestly, I don't know if I'm ready for one, but I'm allowed to select my own before one is eventually assigned to me. I'm really not sure I'm ready for it, either. But hey, they made you a master, and you helped train both myself and Kel, so...maybe it won't be that bad, I guess. Speaking of, do you feel...different at all? I always kind of just expected to feel, I don't know...more powerful when I was made a full Knight. Instead I just feel like the same old Aidan. Frankly, it's a little scary, it feels like more responsibility without the internal reassurance to tell me I can handle it." He decided to gloss over his dreams, as it was something he could handle later. He'd earlier found an interesting meditation on his father's holocron, and was already planning on trying it to help rid his dreams of nightmares and calm his inner mind. He wasn't perfect and he knew it, it was one of the reasons he was able to overcome the Sith poisons on the Eternal Vigilance: by embracing the truth that he was flawed and would need to start his true path from that perspective. And then a message came in from Master Kyrie, with attached official documents marking him as the Imperial Knight's official ambassador to the Jedi. Maybe it was something to do with his heritage, but it was yet another responsibility on his plate that he would have to grin and bear with. He didn't think he was the most diplomatic person, but then again, he'd never really tried either. A slight pang of sadness rushed through him as he also realized that he wasn't able to see his Master for a bit longer, but this was the life they led. He brought his focus back to the present, addressing Sandy once more. "Apparently, I'm also now the Imperial Knight's ambassador to the Jedi. Why they didn't make one of the masters the ambassador, I can't fathom. Probably has something to do with my name. Gods, I might need to just up and change it...how does Arbuckle Finklehorn sound?" It was a bad joke, but he still allowed himself a dry chuckle.
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    “Alpha--Echo. Made entry in subsector twelve. About to make contact with Charlie. Foxtrot right behind us.” Pinned down by an E-Web emplacement and her ears still ringing from her section’s concussion grenade, Johanna couldn’t make out the report from the remaining third of her unit that had just made egress onto the station. However, more than five hundred meters away, an additional thirty shock troopers joined the assault on the aft turbolaser batteries to catch the Sith defenders between two angles of fire. Bryce rapped on the helmet of her adjacent Talon. A violent series of hand signals followed: smoke, suppressing fire, dark. That last gesture was met with a confused frown from the Chiss; Bryce repeated the gesture more emphatically, this time greeted with an exaggerated nod and a countdown of five seconds. The Bespinian took a deep breath and prepared herself for a mad crawl up the corridor… Two smoke grenades rolled up the corridor. A wild-spray of fire issued from the shock troopers, mostly enthusiastic but unaimed fire towards the E-Web position, but a number of carefully aimed bolts struck glowpanels, shrouding the interior of the battlestation in darkness and the meager crimson glow of emergency lamps. Into that crimson haze Johanna dove, a grenade in her left hand and her sidearm in her right. Two of her Talons followed, crawling madly through the smoke and darkness in an attempt to spring up at point-blank range and assault the Sith fortifications. “For Carida!” At this range and in the confines of durasteel-reinforced corridors, the shriek of the concussion grenade was shattering. Johanna only had time to place a gauntleted hand to protect her neck--and then once the little impacts of rubble on her back ceased, she was up and running, only meters away from the ruin of the E-Web blaster. A fallen Sith trooper, sitting against the barricade with both legs bleeding profusely, shakily raised a blaster pistol towards her. Captain Bryce caught the glint of the armor moving in the darkness and felled him with a lucky bolt to the breastplate. Only a second later, she and two of her shock troopers were in the last fortification, punching and stabbing and firing their blasters at point-blank range. Red, both figurative and literal, filled Johanna’s vision. The Twi’lek who had followed her up had drawn her vibromachete and brought it down on the neck of a Sith trooper, spraying the area with rivulets of hot blood. Johanna reeled and dropped to the deck when a blaster round creased her midsection--it burned fiercely, but the bolt struck the plastoid where it was strongest. Her attacker wasn’t quite as lucky--his next two shots whined past where Bryce’s head had been only milliseconds early, whereas her pistol fire struck his shin, knee, then finally his groin. Bryce forced herself under the cover of one of the engineering consoles of the power distribution room. A lifeless, blue arm was twitching just beside her. It was just her and the Twi’lek in the meager salient into this vital facility. “Payload up! Prime and bring it up!” She screamed to her Talons to reinforce her position. Hopefully, they would arrive in the few seconds before the Sith realized that it was just two shock troopers who had broken into their fortification.
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    CAIA (Covert Agency of Internal Affairs) (Credit: Darth Nyrys) CAIA is a department of the Sith Empire that oversees propaganda, political education, internal espionage, and covert interior political operations within the borders of the Sith Empire. The majority of CAIA field agents bear the title of Peacekeeper, effectively acting as authoritarian police officers under the auspices of the Pyramid of Laws and Justice (PLJ). While in uniform, Peacekeepers (PKs) wear white masks of faces with neutral expressions and built in vocal modifiers, symbolic of the PKs as agents of a system that cannot be swayed by emotion or mercy. The average citizen is not aware of the existence of CAIA as an umbrella organization that covers all of these aspects of society. In fact, most citizens do not know that the Sith holo-networks are in fact state controlled entities, or that the pyramid of laws and justice (PLJ) influences so many day to day elements of their lives. The majority of CAIA recruits come from what the PLJ refers to as first tier loyalty planets, and no recruit is ever deployed to their own home planet. There were discussions of reviving the Genesis Project to create an entirely clone populated PK force, but the majority of the original templates were lost in the massacre of Kamino, and attempts to recreate them have been lacking. The PLJ is instead now investigating a suite of reprogramming machines and techniques code-named Project Eclipse. Testing has shown potential in seeding recruits with alternate backgrounds and inducing a transition event over a period of months to replace the original identity. If successful, recruitment will increase exponentially through conscription efforts. While the project Genesis templates for police recruits were lost, one set of the preserved templates that CAIA uses extensively is for educators. Rebel recruiters are known to target citizens in this age bracket as they are particularly vulnerable to propaganda involving opposing authority at this stage in their lives. A significant number of schools have CAIA operatives posing as teachers and counselors to root out and eliminate rebel influences and the threat of dangerous ideologies. CAIA operatives will also groom certain students for recruitment by government, military, and research organizations. CAIA controlled media outlets are carefully managed to effectively reach multiple bands of media consumers, with “divergent” media using planned loss strategies to increase credibility on critical information campaigns while sacrificing more obvious propaganda attempts. As such, CAIA has control over a vast range of media outlets ranging from state controlled, “independent”, to even some guerrilla media streams. Sith fixers will often travel with reporters to “prep” interviewees with mental manipulation. While reporters covering state affairs are less investigators and more attractive government mouthpieces, journalists deployed to cover rebel and Jedi incidents are so similar in methods and means to espionage agents that they practically taste like almonds. Given that the enemies of the state have a tendency to brand themselves as moralists, exploiting the resultant tragedy and grief of rebel and Jedi military operations gone awry is a key component in the state’s media strategy. Scandal and stories that highlight deep failings of character are also highly sought after. In fact, many of these journalists are either former Sith spies or training to become Inquisitors. While some citizens might have concerns about imperial agents listening in on private communications, first of all, only guilty people should be bothered by that, and second, there’s far too much information being transmitted for agents to analyze everything, that’s why CAIA uses repurposed AVATAR AIs to review all communications and data feeds. CAIA agents only review post processing data relevant to treasonous activity, so that makes it totally ethical. Units of PKs are overseen by Scrutators, veteran PKs who have the authority to determine just cause for search, seizure, detainment, and execution without a warrant. A citizen’s loyalty rating can heavily influence how much leeway a Scrutator has for non treason allegations, but in matters of loyalty, the scrutator has carte blanche to use any means necessary. In accordance with the Citizen Safety Act a Scrutator can act against a citizen that they feel is endangering or infringing upon the rights of other citizens regardless of whether or not there is a law in place against the given activity or behavior. Scrutators report to High Scrutators, who in turn advise but don’t answer to District Overseers. Inquisitors function largely outside of the chain of command, but are able to take control of and utilize CAIA assets as they see fit, along with their own department resources. There are four departments within the Inquisitorium, Civil, Laws, Purity, and Authority. The Civil Department (CD) is the largest by necessity and oversees areas like the loyalty rating system and adherence to it, quality of goods and resources, immigration, disease control, and other basic needs of the state. Initially, communication and reporting were handled by call centers, but after polling revealed overwhelming dissatisfaction with operator performance, the call was made to switch to virtual operators simulated by an AVATAR. Satisfaction levels have improved dramatically since the change, with plaintiffs largely unaware that they are talking to a computer program. The Department of Laws (DoL) is a state run think tank for the research and development of the legal codes that provide order to the Sith Empire. New laws, suggested sentencing, changes to existing laws, all of these and more are the responsibilities of the Department of Laws. Assignment to the DoL is largely a desk job focused on theory and academia, but occasionally DoL inquisitors are attached to inquisitors from other departments to act as observers. Observation duty is sometimes requested as a precedent to transfer, but it’s largely seen as a form of punishment. When other departments assign inquisitors to observe a DoL inquisitor, it most definitely is always a form of punishment. The Department of Purity (DoP) is tasked with rooting out treasonous behavior and thoughts, along with investigating its governmental peers. Only the Sith themselves have any measure of protection from these inquisitors, although apprentices are not yet above the scrutiny of department. The Department of Purity has few allies, but they prefer it that way. Trust is a weakness that they will not abide. The Department of Authority (DoA) inquisitors are sometimes referred to as the rockstars and divas of CAIA, although never to their faces. These inquisitors handle the high profile cases that have the potential to threaten the perception of control and order provided by the state. Crime lords, serial killers, assassins that have killed political figures, these are the sorts of criminals that get the attention of the Department of Authority. DoA inquisitors often utilize military grade assets to eliminate or detain their targets, along with selective use of bounty hunters and other outside talent. While nothing has been substantiated, there are whispers of a covert operations group within CAIA that has the Dark Lord’s blessing to operate completely off the books and outside of the bounds of legality. While all good citizens know that there is no need for such a fanciful concepts as secret vigilante kill squads because Imperial Law is absolute, rumors of these “Righteous Devils” continue to persist.
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    The dark walls began to kindle slowly. Strings of bright-red inscriptions illuminated upon stone, one after the other, circling the vast room. A sound of burning flint drew louder and louder as the arcane symbols lit up, layer after layer the strange symbols seethed. Amidst the commotion, a slamming racket rang out from the entryway to the sub-basement, undoubtedly the sound of heavy metal collapsing at the top of the stairs. The way was sealed. If there was another, none here knew of it. All around them was black, and stone, and nakedness of nothing. The air itself held a stale density to it, becoming cloudier as the foreign language continued to carve itself complete. The forgotten dialect began to pulsate as if it followed the rhythm of a beating heart, flickering from black to life. The small near-polyhedronic device was still and cold until now. Once the sizzling of stone crawled to a haunting close and the flames of written oration had drawn conclusion, the archaic holocron rattled where it laid. Red line-work throbbed throughout the metal frame, just as the walls around the foundation did. The rattling of the device remained indiscriminate of who or what had touched the surface of it's magic, choosing now to release a coal hue of chalk-like smoke from the source. Incomprehensible power emanated from the object, souring any hope of this being the right time to engage what was not yet understood. With every heartbeat of illumination from the ancient scripture detailed across the walls, it became quickly apparent that the inky smoke that poured fourth from the holocron began to churn into unusual shapes. The outlines became outlandishly tall, freakishly beast-like in every sense of the word. There was four shapes in particular, identical to the Nydaks of Dathomir. In fact, they were becoming just that..
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