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  1. Looks good guys. Can't wait to get my Stormtrooper background back though.
  2. We have to submit moving pictures like the NFL has when they show the players at the beginning of the game.
  3. I thought I was going to have to start bustin caps in mofo's! Haha I like this Travis... Very tongue in cheek of you. And yeah we all hate Geki and Navygal especially!
  4. Well if you're not partial to Duke and want the actual English subtitles...
  5. I'm sure a few of you have seen this. I found it a few years back and forgot about it till recently. It truly is an epic video.... Just give it some time to set in it blows my mind every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bAN7Ts0xBo
  6. Hahahaha nice finds... The dizzy bat video made me miss college though.
  7. Watch your double posting guys... I am noticing a lot of it lately... or else!
  8. Hahaha that guy is a tool. I'm so happy he got humiliated like that.
  9. This isn't that funny, but it is SW appropriate:
  10. I like it a lot too. I am not very good at critiquing others writings however. Keep it up Ben! Gantoris seems too nice is really the only thing I can notice haha...
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