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  1. Looks good guys. Can't wait to get my Stormtrooper background back though.
  2. We have to submit moving pictures like the NFL has when they show the players at the beginning of the game.
  3. I thought I was going to have to start bustin caps in mofo's! Haha I like this Travis... Very tongue in cheek of you. And yeah we all hate Geki and Navygal especially!
  4. I like it a lot too. I am not very good at critiquing others writings however. Keep it up Ben! Gantoris seems too nice is really the only thing I can notice haha...
  5. Very enjoyable. I love reading about myself almost as much you like writing about yourself Ben haha. I'll be reading this from now on for sure.
  6. I haven't searched my name in awhile or I wouldn't have found this. Seems fun when are you starting it? edit: a beta reader sounds dirty
  7. The music played as Gantoris sat back enjoying his drink. The years in deep space had trained him to be calm. Albeit his nature was good he still had much anger inside him. He had learned to control that anger and only use it when necessary. No longer a pawn of either side of the force BC had mastered both sides and learned to disallow either from claiming him. Slowly rising Gantoris makes his way for the door. Upon entering his ship he enters a few coordinates and takes off. I have forseen my destiny and now it must be fulfilled. Hitting hyperspace the large Skipray Blastboat disappears.
  8. An aged Skipray Blastboat exited hyperspace over Tatooine and landed near the cantina. Exiting was a large Wookiee wearing a black robe and carrying only his standard weaponry. As he walked the ground shook slightly. Entering the cantina he ordered a Corellian Ale and took a seat.
  9. For the duel between Moric Thian and DJK I have come to a ruling. Wonderful duel btw it was a tough decision, but I felt DJK was the victor. He seemed to command the battle. You did well Moric Thian, but DJK just had the slight upper hand.
  10. Much better... Rp isn't always about easy victories.
  11. I did not null Dominique's attack though HoT... This situation was really badly Rped. I am getting sick of people god modding.
  12. Okay... Oblivion and Kyp you guys have to give HoT a chance to respond to your attacks. You cannot attack him without giving him a chance to post in between. I am nulling Kyps attack on Fett and the OHK of his ship. Oblivions ease at getting away will not be ruled one though...
  13. Ryloth Astrographical Information Region: Outer Rim Territories Sector: Gaulus System: Ryloth Orbital Position: 2 Moons: 5 Grid Coordinates: R-2 Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Oxygen Mix Primary Terrain: Mountains, valleys, desert, tundra, forests, jungles, plains, ice cap on night side of planet, no surface water. Points of Interest: Floating Rock Gardens, Brightlands Podracing Track, Lothja Mines Societal Information Indigenous Species: Twi'leks Immigrated Species: Humans, Devaronians, Rodians, Jawas Primary Language(s): Twi'leki, Lekku, Galactic Basic Faction Affiliation: Neutral Defense Rating: Level 2 JediRP Canon History: TBC ((Summary compiled by Amidala Skywalker. Thank you!))
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