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  1. Another bruins fan, yay. *high five* I am excited that it is back, but I have pledged to boycott the first 10 games as part of the "Just Drop It" initiative. Not sure it'll have an impact, but I'll stand by my word. Not that it'll change much, considering I live in Vancouver, and the Bruins probably won't play the Canucks during the regular season. As for being excited for the actual hockey, I'm excited to see the two new youngsters that bruins have in store. First, there's Dougie Hamilton and I heard Jared Knight's going to be pretty good too. I hope Rask can pull the team, and that Thomas stays in his bunker.
  2. General Zod. Who will be played by Michael Shannon with an evil goatee.
  3. I used to be a huge superman fan as a kid, so I was all over this trailer when it came out... yesterday? Although I thought it looked beautiful, something was missing. It didn't feel epic... maybe what was missing was the John Williams score which to me, has always been a big part of the movies. To me, this feels very similar to a star wars movie without the star wars theme. I'm still excited about this movie, but the pressure is on.
  4. A book was brought to my attention recently and I went through it like Rosie O’Donnell with a pan of lady fingers. The book is Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. It was described to me as “Speculative Fiction” and I heard it was about a dystopian future, which is something I usually like to read about… Although confusing at first, the book had a very interesting narrative structure. In the end I came out intrigued and eager to hear more stories like this. I highly recommend this book in particular. As a sidenote, I usually “read” books as audiobooks which requires that the reader be a good narrator; otherwise it’s just a pain to listen to. In this instance, I was fortunate to have the story told by Campbell Scott, who you might know from his 30second appearance as Peter Parker’s father in The Amazing Spiderman. Grrrreat narrator. Anyone knows any book of that genre they’d recommend?
  5. I read it earlier this year... "in preparation" although i nearly forgot it all, again. However, I think i'm glad I forgot most of it. By knowing the book by heart, it feels like you expect things to go down exactly like in the book, which never happens. Peter Jackson stays pretty faithful to the original work, but there's always some deviation! ... and sometimes ignorance is bliss!
  6. I just finished the game and was rather disappointed by some elements. Connor comes across as a bit of a jerk... in almost every cut-scene of the main storyline, he either argues with someone or acts hostile to his mentor and his allies. He always acts in very absolute ways, but somehow doesn't seem to know what he needs to do to achieve his goal. His ultimate goal is to protect his village which he fails time and time again, even killing his best friend himself. This is not what I would qualify as my disappointment, but more the fact that apart from being a spectacular killing machine, Connor is not likable. Of course the modern day storyline felt forced and linear, but that wasn't much of a surprise. As much as AC is known for its great storytelling, I was surprised at the number of gaps in the story. Some elements were left for the player to figure out, or simply excluded. Here's a few: -Why does Connor collect the alamnac pages really? -How does Haythem know about Connor? Had he ever seen him as a child? When you run into him the first time, it feels like they know each other very well. I'll just finish on an Oreo... (if you know that that means) -The whole estate management thing left me confused. -The naval missions are a blast. -Horse riding, oh god... just get around the damn rock!! It was so easy in Red Dead!
  7. RaveN


    A voice came from the depths of the force to echo in the mind of many, it sang no complex anthem but it reminded the essential. ''Remember, the Force will be with you...always.'' For some the voice sounded familiar, for others it was a simple comfort, but all felt inspired.
  8. RaveN


    ¨So much violence...¨ The words were followed by a long sigh. Neh Raven was still walking through the jungle, thinking, like he did on Tatooine all this time before going to Naboo. He continued to walk carelessly for hours, days...
  9. RaveN


    ''I do not wish to fight you, warrior. I wasn't here for you.'' said Raven to the Bounty Hunter a couple meters away from him. ''Your compassion for your Bounty Hunter friend troubles my mind, for you are not totally evil if you care. Take your friend with you, and leave this planet, don't worry about your friend, he will live.'' On those last words, Jedi Master Neh Raven, limped toward the bush where laid the motionless body, and with a fluid move of both of his hands, Lermos Karik's body raised and began to shine with an inner light... A few moments later, the bounty hunter collapsed to the ground. Raven released a long sigh of exhaustion. Then the young man disappeared like a shadow between the leaves and the trees. Lermos Karik was still on the ground, but now a subtle movement began to be visible, on his chest. The slow breathing was soon followed by and heavy cough.
  10. RaveN


    OOC: Alright then... IC: Raven stayed motion less in the menacing circle, and as the shots drew closer, his concentration grew deeper. And when the first line of projectiles reached his body, his concentration reached a level where such a treat was nothing more than flying energy, energy that could be absorbed and redirected. He was forming a shield around him using the force. With all this energy absorbed, the Jedi was now faster than he usualy is, but he decided to go for a clever attack, instead of a brutal one. Knowing the hunter's devices would soon shoot for a second time, The Jedi Master quickly jumps over the Bounty Hunter called Lermos in a hope to use him as a human shield against the attacks. As he dives over him, Neh partially and unconsciously avoids a fatal wound, from the sniper. Instead, the bullet cuts through the first layer of the skin of his left calf leaving a flesh wound behind, before finishing its flight on a nearby tree. Now behind the Sniper, Raven could already see the second wave of blasts coming for his ''shield''. How would a simple bounty hunter be faster than such projectile?
  11. RaveN


    At the astonishing surprise, the sniper who had been hidden where he thought was behind the Jedi, had another surprise. Brutally, the rifle from which came the bullet flew from his hands into the air and started to dance in the air slowly loosing each of its components. And then when the weapon was just a cloud of metalic devices, it fell to the feet of the Jedi Master Raven who was now standing in front of his enemy. He was dressed in a dark brown uniform with only his cloak missing, for he had to make it fly in the shadows only filled by the power of the force which he controls very well. All this in hope to surprise his enemies, a goal which he accomplished with incredible mastery.
  12. RaveN


    OOC: Don't post my moves, its my responsability to do so. I have my own plan.
  13. RaveN


    Ah well if that's the way you want to play. Okay then. Bring it on Hunters!
  14. RaveN


    1# How does your character know I want to kill you. He could be there just on a vacation. 2# I think you put a little too much faith in your Bounty Hunters, I am not insulting any of them, its just that my character was the leader of the Jedi before I took my distance from the RP. I don't think they have much chance of killing me. 3# How dare you claim the destruction of the Jedi Temple when you know all too well that it is because of my agreement that the Temple was destroyed. It was for the story, so we could come back and strike back. 4# How do you think your Bounty Hunters are going to find me, no one knows of my presence there. I don't think your gonna pin point my exact location I can't beleive you could roleplay that bad.
  15. RaveN


    Since when can we do that? Sorry I just had to say it
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