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Coruscant - Galactic Throne


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Azael chuckled- The woman hadn't been caught completely off guard at least. Not great for her current predicament, but a great sign for a prospective recruit. But she wasn't ready to drop the ruse just yet- First she had to confirm that this was the thief, not just some hired guard. She turned slowly as to not spook the speaker, resting her hands on her hips- close to her shock charges, just in case, but she wasn't ready to throw down just yet. Not unless things got dangerous.


"Oh I don't think business hours apply to me any more than they apply to you. Interesting security system- Lots of safeguards. I'm gonna guess that I missed one- Motion sensor? Camera I didn't see? Or just bad luck?"


She glanced around- She didn't see any signs of other people, but she didn't know if there were more people coming up from where the woman had materialized. Definitely from the basement. Luckily, if this was a hired guard she didn't think she was in any real trouble. She didn't look it, but she was a veteran of two wars, one as a child, and another as a disavowed operative. Getting around people was easy. Worst case scenario she disabled the woman with the shock charge and knocked her out.


"The hidden door is a nice touch- did you think of that yourself or did it come that way?"


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Eisa walked through the ruined streets with purpose, her cloak hiding her armor and her saber. Kadi had asked her to pick up a new hopeful while she was on Duros finding a monk, and Eisa had obliged. She had just finished up a mission near Kuat to find a pirate craft that had stolen a few minor Jedi artifacts, and had been close enough to help Kadi out. And, as it turned out, it was a good thing she was. She had arrived on the planet to find the hopeful, a young man by the name of Arghalon, only to find him captured by a few of the Mandalorian Crusaders that still hid on Coruscant. They were on the edge of Ground Zero, the ridge of the crater from when Hesperides struck the planet, annihilating most of the ecumenopolis. Now, most of the city was under some form of reconstruction, but this area was still incredibly hostile. Law and order were a rarity rather than a given, between the scavengers, the Mandalorians, and the other such criminals, most who couldn't handle themselves stayed far away.


She was more than capable of handling herself.


The Mandalorian camp was unassuming- if she wasn't looking for it, it would have blended in well with the wreckage and upheaved ground. A pair of sentries stood guard, raising their weapons as she approached. She lowered her hood as one spoke.


"Get lost, scav. We don't want whatever you're peddling."


Part of her wanted to reveal her lightsaber- it would be the most direct option. They would know who she was and why she was here. It was also dangerous- The Mandalorian Crusaders enjoyed fighting Jedi, and a fight risked young Arghalon's life. If one did break out, she would have to hope he could handle himself until she could find him.


"I'm not peddling anything. You've taken a captive. A young human male. I've been hired to bring him back. I'm not foolish enough to pick a fight with a camp of Mandalorians though- I'll pay ten thousand credits for his release."


"No. Now leave before I decide that you'd look better dumped into the crater."


Eisa sighed. It would be tricky to attack the camp, even for her. If Kadi were here it would be no problem- they were a great team, and both veterans of the Sith Empire's downfall. But Kadi was half a galaxy away on Duros, and time was limited. She shifted her cloak, revealing her lightsaber. She opened her mouth to rephrase, to issue a command that they release the boy, but they opened fire before she could.


The shield on her arm flared to life as she lifted it to defend herself from the hail of bolts, using it as cover while she rushed forward, using the Force to augment her speed. A bolt glanced off her armor, and another whizzed past her head, but most impacted harmlessly on the shield. She ignited her lightsaber, the cerulean blade illuminating the area in a harsh glow. On of the Mandalorians realized her plan, and drew a vibroblade, but the other was too slow as she knocked his weapon aside with her shield. She drove her saber into the man's chest, throwing him quickly so the ground and pivoting, raising her shield against a downward slice from her second foe. She pushed against him, driving him backwards as his weapon slid off her shield. He lost his balance and hit the ground, his weapon skittering away as he hit his head on a chunk of metal hard enough to knock him out. She used the force to send his blaster flying into a pile of debris. 


She could only hope Arghalon took the fighting as a que to make his escape.

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