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Site Rules

1. JediRP.net holds itself to MPAA PG-13 guidelines, meaning:

  • A minimal amount of swearing.
  • No explicit or excessive drug references.
  • Absolutely no pornography.
  • No obscenely graphic pictures.
  • Don't troll, don't start fights, basically don't be an asshole and we'll all get along. If you have a problem with another member, try to talk it out with them, but failing that or if you are uncomfortable doing so, please talk to a staff member and we will do our best to handle the issue.
  • Please post only relevant topics and replies in appropriate areas, don't make posts with only a few words or smilies/images, and don't endlessly interact with yourself via an alias in a thread somewhere. Such actions are considered post count inflation, and can result in a ban. Spamming the board warrants an immediate ban without warning.

2. Don't attempt to subvert the rules or site settings (such as bypassing profanity censors). Such actions warrant an immediate ban, up to and including a permanent ban.

3. We have a silly forum for nonsense if that's what you like, found at The Crazy Corner. However, we ask that you keep things entertaining as opposed to gibberish drivel.

4. Your first account is considered your 'main' account, all accounts made after it are 'aliases' and can be linked to your main account. Please only use one account for OOC posts, as otherwise it can get really confusing when trying to figure out who is saying what!

5. This site has a number of off-site areas, such as our Discord server. These rules also apply to those areas. In addition, if any action you take subsequently reflects poorly on the site or causes excessive drama, you may be subject to punishment.


  1. The Galaxy

    The main roleplaying area of JediRP.net 

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