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  1. Azael had a shot- She was sure of it. But shooting wasn't her specialty- She couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't end up hitting one of the slaves, or one of the other civilians. Instead, she acknowledged that the better shooters in the ambush would be better prepared, if she could give them the opportunity. With Tilt on the opposite side of the transport, she was sure the trained commando would have a better shot. She leaned out the window, firing her pistol towards the back of the transport, hoping to draw the man's attention towards herself and give Tilt an open shot at his back.
  2. Azael was nervous- these kinds of things weren't her strong suit. She was a lot of things- thinker, a thief. A trickster. But what she wasn't, was an assassin. Storming a stronghold full of hostile combatants with a crew of trained fighters at her back? She could do that. SHe had a purpose then, a way to ensure she was being useful. But this? Slinking in alleys and rooftops and second story windows waiting for a transport to shop up so they could shoot it out? If this was what she was good at she would have taken a very different course in her like. She fiddled with that blaster pistol in her hands, glancing out her own at the place that Jude was hiding. This was his element- This was what he'd trained for. She was just a tagalong, an extra blaster, in case things got hairy. She closed her eyes- She had no qualms about this. The man was vile from what she'd learned in the original briefing, and the kind that didn't get better with a slap on the wrist. She wasn't like a Jedi or an Imperial Knight- the fall to the dark side wasn't her fight. But she worried about the civilians in the street that may get caught in the crossfire. Still, it had to be done. With luck, they'd clear out when they saw the transport. Those men tended to have reputations among the locals.
  3. Azael watch as everything seemed to unravel in slow motion. She and the Jensaarai seemed to see eye to eye for the first time as the blasters came out. They needed to kill these people, and they needed to do it fast. There was no time for communication. And then, as the others leapt into action, she watched as the guard in front of her lifted his blaster. She went to draw her blaster, but Jude was faster, and the Guard was even faster as he mowed down the Jensaarai. Her heart dropped and the baster fire died down. She could hear the alarms inside. She struggled to think about a way out of this, but her mind failed her. She saw the Sith emblem, exposed when the Jensaarai- had she even gotten his name, she wondered briefly- had pulled his weapons off his armor. There was shouting now as the alarms blared. "We need to go now- this op is blown. Pull out, get to the speeders. When you get on, bolt in a different direction. We'll meet back at the ships, and go from there." With that, she turned, blasting the camera for good measure as she did, sprinting for her speeder at the top of the hill.
  4. Her mind raced- His reaction didn't surprise her, but it did nearly blow the entire plan. He caught herself before she reached for her weapon- she could still talk through this. They were expected, and she would use that. She played into the idea that she was a pirate with a hot score, scowling at him as he spoke. "Before you arrest us and really piss me off, why don't you do two things. First, actually check the clipboard in your hands, and confirm that I'm on there. Then, if that doesn't satisfy you, call your boss, because we aren't your kriffing redfor, and if we were, he would congratulate you for doing your job by calling it in. If we aren't, then he'll tell you to let us in himself, and then you're not arresting people who are here to do business with him, which would not go well for negotiations. But if you try and lay a hand on any one of us we'll shoot you and all of your friends out here dead, which would be doing both you and your boss a favor by the looks of it, because I doubt he'll take that kind of bungling by you kindly from what I've heard of the man, and then we'll go find someone with the foresight to not arrest their business partners on a whim from the words of a man who's clearly not hired onto my crew for his brains. Now think real carefully about your next move." She hoped that the assortment of people with heavy arms and armor behind her accentuated her point- They were here right now to look threatening, and her language had no hidden meanings- it was time to look threatening.
  5. Azael crossed her arms as the rest of her allies approached. Normally, little jokes and puns like that were right up her alley, but right now, she was playing her part, same as everyone else. She gave him a slight sneer at the pirate for his joke and an eye roll at Tilt for his before she answered. "Azael. I called ahead earlier today- I have business with your boss. Don't mind the loudmouth- he thinks he's funnier than he is." This was where things would start to get dicey. If they played their cards wrong or their cover was blown, they would be right in the middle of a criminal stronghold. They could probably shoot their way out, but it wouldn't be pretty and innocent people would probably die. Her mind raced- She wished that she'd gotten a chance to speak before the man had started talking, but it probably helped to sell them as a rag tag group rather than skilled operatives of the Rebel Alliance. She was trying to think of exit strategies. The compound was big, and uncharted. She'd have to keep note of the path they took going in, or secure a map from the security systems inside if things got dicey. Her foot tapped impatiently, both from the wait and as a side effect of her nervousness. She always got jitters right as things started getting interesting. It helped her stay on her toes, not miss her surroundings. For example, the fellow criminals that were slowly making their way over. Her red eyes shot over towards them for only a brief second, acknowledging their presence, before looking back at the man who seemed to be in charge.
  6. Azael nodded. They were expected- no point in creeping around any more than necessary. She stood, glancing behind her at her three comrades. They had a rough start, but hopefully they would keep their eyes on the prize. This mission was still doable, even if it would be a little bumpy. She gave them a confident smile. "One last refresher- We get in, make the trade, get the slaves. Go back, get them to safety, come back for the ship. We're pirates, they're a criminal syndicate. Match made in heaven. We might see them doing some pretty bad stuff- keep your weapons holstered until the civilians are gone. We'll come back and shoot the place up after they're safe." She climbed down the hill, making sure the others were with her, before approaching the entrance. She was nervous, but she didn't let that show. She walked with the confidence of a pirate who had made a big score- arrogance, a slight belief in their own invincibility. The confidence of a job well done. When she was in earshot, she placed her hands on her hips and called out. "I assume this is the Guild? I called ahead- your boss should be expecting me. These fine gentlemen are my associates." She'd dealt with pirates and criminals before. She knew how these things went. If she'd shown up alone they'd have likely just shot her and been done with it, taking the perceived loot without payment. The group she had likely wasn't enough to kill all the pirates as far as they could tell, but they were menacing enough and dangerous enough that it would be more trouble than it was worth to try.
  7. Azael nodded. They were back on track, and able to coordinate. She was embarrassed to have talked about her experiences in the way that she had, but it had seemed to work. She began speaking again as they headed outside. "First, if the Sith hear tales of people impersonating or attacking Sith officials, they'll just kill everyone. They've never struck me as the kind of people to launch a proper investigation. Other than the fear factor, that's why we shouldn't be dressing as Sith. We're here to protect them, not use them as scapegoats. At the very least, cut off those insignias. Lends us more air as rouge pirates than an intact uniform would. Our priority are the civilians inside the structure- All of this means nothing if the people suffer for it. I've sent word to the crimelord that we'd like to do business. Trade the ship you brought for whatever slaves they have. Once we've gotten them to safety, we come back, kill the pirates, topple his network, take back your ship. We'll give the locals a story to give the Sith, just in case. That Sith loyalists attacked the stronghold and took back the ship. The civilians are spared, at least for a little while, the crime lord is dead, and the Sith are none the wiser to our presence in the Outer Rim or on Ryloth." She glanced at the clone, her brow furrowed. "If you're confident in your men, we can leave them inside a cargo container as a hidden surprise. Have them hit the pirates from inside as we slip back in. For all intents and purposes though, this is our recon. Get in, look around, make the deal, get out until we're ready to come back and kill the scum." She climbed onto the speeder bike, looking at the otehrs. "Jude's got the comm frequency. Patch into that and we'll talk as we go." She hit the thrusters, and the speeder hummed to life, shooting off into the distance.
  8. As the weapons were drawn, what remained of the crowd hastily made their exits. Nobody wanted to be around when the Sith got into gunfights- not only did they seldom care about collateral damage, but even if the Sith were the ones killed, there would be bad times to follow for anyone who witnessed it or was perceived to have taken part in it. In moments, the once busy speeder shot was empty save for the operatives, and Azael let out a loud curse. She had put together that these were her contacts, she'd heard the code phrase, but had she been told that one would be wearing a Sith insignia she would have declined the help to begin with. "Ktah!" she shouted, the word foreign to her. It was a rare curse in her native tongue, as to use such vulgar language was frowned upon. But it had been a long time since her Ascendency days, and her vocabulary had relaxed. "Put your kriffing guns away! We're on the same side!" Her palm went to her forehead in consternation, brushing a loose strand of hair out of the way before she pointed at the Jennsaari. "Why did you think showing up to a world on the brink of war in a hostile uniform was covert in any way? Aren't you supposed to be a master of infiltration? These people are fleeing for their lives as planets burn under Sith occupation, so of course when they see one in uniform here they're going to panic!" She wheeled the finger to the troops behind the man who had drawn their weapons. "And then you draw your guns when we move to make contact? Do you have any idea what these people are going through?" She took a moment to gather herself, to catch her breath. "Let me give you an idea. I grew up in the Chiss Ascendency. I'm twenty four. Twenty years ago, the Sith infiltrated our people and slaughtered us by the tens of thousands. I was barely four years old when I watched my people die horrible death the those monsters, watched my parents get cut down for trying to protect me. It was the most horrific experience of my life. These people are experiencing that right now. The Sith have shown up, unannounced, and begun a bloody conquest throughout the Outer Rim, slaughtering anyone who dares get in their way. Necromancers on Aaris, the subjugation of Falleen. Even now, there are reports of Naboo burning. These people are scared, and are hiding on one of the few planets they can afford to reach that aren't owned by the Sith. So when you walk in here, looking like that, drawing guns and threatening patrons, they panic. They run, scared for their lives." She took another deep breath, calming herself. "We're here to do good for these people. To kill a crime lord who has them living in fear. What's the point of that if they just end up fearing us instead?" She spoke openly now that the store was empty. Even the owner had left once the weapons were drawn. Still they had a job to do. She placed an abundant amount of credits on the counter, paying for two extra speeders, and jerked her head towards the exit. "What's done is done. We can't re-do this, so let's do what we can to salvage it. If you change out of that uniform, we can pass it off when we arrive as a misunderstanding. They think we're pirates, let's use that. If you show up in a sith uniform though, chances are they'll just shoot you before you get the chance to explain. the compound is about two klicks out. Grab a speeder, and I'll brief you two on what we know so far. Probably best to leave the boys with the ship for now- People don't like the Sith around here, as I've mentioned, and we don't want it getting jacked before we can finish our deal."
  9. The state of Ryloth made her uncomfortable, to say the least. Much of her childhood was spent in places like this spaceport- fleeing refugees, fear, sadness. After the Sith had wiped out her home, she had nowhere to go for a long time, until she had joined the CEDF. Seeing this reminded her of why she fought the Sith, not that she really needed it. They brought this wherever they went, whether it was under the guise of bringing peace or civilizing or rooting out rebels like herself, it always ended in bloodshed and death. But at least the people were safe here for now. She had no doubt that the Sith would turn their attention here soon enough- the battles and conquering had shown no sign of slowing in the recent months. She checked the datapad again- they had the coordinates of the crime lord's compound, a few kilometers past the edge of the spaceport. "Unless you want to walk for a few hours, we should speeders. The compound is a few klicks out- they'll know we're coming. I sent a message ahead, telling them I had an offer." She pulled up a map of the spaceport, inspecting it briefly. "Follow me." She made her way through the crowd and the twisting alleys of spaceport, taking the occasional shortcut to avoid groups of shady individuals. The crime boss wasn't the only one here with malicious intent- places like this were a breeding ground of criminal activity. It was easy for a slaver to nab a refugee and nobody notice- most would just assume they died without escape. Before long, they found themselves in a place they could rent a speeder- it didn't take long to sort out prices. She wasn't stingy with the credits that the rebels gave her for this job- she had every intent on paying them back. In the end, they ended up with a pair of older speeders. Nothing fancy, but they'd get the job done. "You ready for this?"
  10. Azael was currently stretched out in one of the awkward spaces that she could stuff herself into in the Y-Wing, her hands swiping through her datapad as she waited for them to reach their destination. She wasn't just idly passing the time though- she was setting up their cover. When she was spoken to, she peered over the top of her pad, swinging her legs out as she sat up. They had exchanged pleasantries already, they knew most of eachother's abilities for the sake of working well together. He was easy enough to get along with, despite his menacing appearance. Easy going and fun- definitely one of the better matchups. "Well, as far as gear, look menacing. There are too many for us to just walk in and start shooting the place up. I've got us a cover- Nothing fancy, it wouldn't hold up against a thorough background check by, say, the Sith Empire or the Imperial Intelligence, but it'll hopefully get us inside the compound. I repurposed some of the old wanted signs from my days as a CEDF agent, when I was raiding Sith shipping. I'm a small time pirate lord, looking to sell off some merchandise, and you're my bodyguard, here to make sure they don't just shoot me and try to find it themselves." She didn't enjoy killing, but sometimes people deserved it. People like the crime boss they were about to execute were just as dangerous in a cell as they were out in the galaxy. And toppling his empire- that would just be some off-time fun for her. Her mind was already racing with possibilities- Drain their credits? Have Jude literally blow their operation wide open? Tip off local militia fighters to the weaknesses of the compound? Any number of things would work. With her old crew, there would have been enough of them to just shoot all the bastards inside. But those days were long over- as far as she knew, only two others were alive, and the last contact from either of them had been nearly a year ago. She checked her own gear- blasters, grenades, her shock charges, everything was square. She nodded to herself. Good "So, how long until we touch down at the spaceport?" she asked as boredom started to creep into her thought process.
  11. Identity Real Name: Zuwa'zae'lnamu A.K.A: Azael Homeworld: Csilla Species: Chiss Physical Description Age: 23 Height: 5'10 Weight: 120 Hair: Black Eyes: Red Sex: Female Equipment Clothing or Armor: A longcoat and thick clothing made of armorweave, in combat she dons an eyepiece that tracks thermal signatures Weapon: Two E-851 Blaster Pistols, one of which is modified for ion charges 2x proximity shock charges 1x fragmentation grenade 2x smoke grenades Common Inventory: Slicing tools, a personal datapad, spare blaster ammo, comlink Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: NFU Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Current Faction Rank: Veteran History Force Side: n/a Trained by: n/a Trained who: Known Skills: Slicing, average marksman, trained infiltrator Background: Some of Azael's first memories are bloodshed. She was only 4 when the Sith infiltraded the Chiss Ascendency and massacred her people, an incident that she remembers with great detail, despite her age at the time. Fueled by those memories, Azael enlisted in the CEDF at a relatively young age, and quickly distinguished herself as a driven soldier with above average ability. She was drafted into a Chiss operation two years into her service. Their mission was to take a team of specialized operatives and disrupt Sith interests in the Galaxy at large, as well as safeguard the Ascendency from suffering the same fate. She was trained to think, act, and work like an operative, to lie, kill, and harass at the expense of the Sith. Upon arrival, her group found moderate success at disrupting Sith supply lines and operations on the fringes of their territory, before Sith intelligence operatives tracked down the group of agents. They were caught in an trap, most of the team was killed, and those few that survived were publicly disavowed by the Ascendency as rouge operatives. Alone, abandoned, and on the run from the dominant Sith Empire, she originally threw her lot in with the Rebel Alliance out of necessity, keeping the cold facade of the Chiss people. As time wore on, however, and she experience more of the galaxy away from the xenophobic tendencies of the Ascendency, she found it harder and harder to reconcile her beliefs that the people of the galaxy we savages with what she was seeing. Surrounded by courageous fighters of all backgrounds, united under the common cause of uprooting the oppression that the Sith brought to the galaxy, she too found her purpose. Ship Registration Name: x Class: x Model: x Manufacturer: x Length: x Armaments: x Armor: x Anti-Personnel Defenses: x Modifications: x Appearance: x
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