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  1. “What do you mean the op is blown?” Captain Ailan turned to the other three operatives in the room, where they had holed up for the last three weeks while waiting for the second team to come in and eliminate the asset. “Yeah they got caught up with the gate guards. A classic blunder. Buty there will be other opportunities, we have a lead that the leader will be out on the town next week. Some auctioneering to do. Heavy Guard, but not too much more than that.” Ailan nodded and dialed Azael comm. “Bring your team. We have new operational details.”
  2. The force now moved in earnest, as the veil was torn away, so was any subtlety that may have lain hidden. All except the great temple that jutted out above the city, which now stood out like a great black and garish obelisk that stood hundreds of feet above the highest building in the city. The citizens and tourists shambling through its shadow.
  3. Doubt rolls in And turns the wine Doubt comes in and leave the taste Of vinegar and turpentine The force lingered over the two Jedi, almost feeding off their residual passion. Feeding on their lust for life, and their lust itself.
  4. Desire A dark smile flickered across pale lips. The force moved softly through the deep caverns of Vernza-Torrah. Seeping through the ground fissures to escape into the temples built upon the great cracks that dotted the cliffsides. The oracles of Torrah believed that they could see the future through their rituals, But the force was here. It inhabited all life on the planet, the bipedal species was well known for their quick reproduction cycle, and the sometimes ritualistic forms that particular action took in the temples that dotted the landscape. They were famous tourist attractions after all.
  5. If there was one thing that he remembered, it was his time in the private security company Arasuul. He hadn’t had a good training session in ages, but the instincts were still there, even if they took longer than he would have liked. Up went the clipboard, tossed as a distraction as his hand found his level three retention holster. Down press the thumb, rock the heavy blaster forward, then up along the torso into a position of firing near his stomach. Then depress the trigger. He could feel himself slapping the trigger in the excitement of the moment, something his instructors always told him not to do. But he had not practised the long drills in over a year. So this would have to do, and the entire area was lighting up around him. His sights settled onto the creature who’s scythes were currently severing the arteries of Nathaniel Krisferi. A nice guy. And someone who certainly, at least in this guards opinion, did not deserve to be cut down like a nerf sow. The sights settled for a moment and his eye only saw the front post of the blaster and he let loose with everything. Almost in slow motion he could see one of his brilliant crimson blaster bolts slam into the side of the creature’s neck. Blowing through flesh and bone. Killing the Jensaari Defender almost instantly. Pitching him into the dark, sun beaten dust of Ryloth. Of course the guard himself did not last much longer, and a bolt of Jude’s caught him under the chin and pitched him into the crumpled wrappers of his cookies. It had only taken a few seconds, but hundreds of rounds were expended, the front gate guards were dead. And every single alarm was blaring in the slaver facility.
  6. “Ma’am, I don’t really care if I piss you off. And in fact, you showing up with all these clowns in tow tells me you aren’t actually here to do anything but cause trouble. And now you are threatening me and my men.” He shook his head and the blasters of the security team aimed steadily at the arrogant Chiss. If she somehow thought threatening him over doing his job would get her any further towards the big boss then she was surely mistaken. “What kind of holofilom do you think this is?” The second guard group approached from the gate, their blasters also up and at the ready. “No each of you I want you to slow and surely drop any weapons you have holstered, and take off any masks of helmets you have.”
  7. The queen remained at the side of Vox, her hand upon his pauldron. “Now remember, trust in the force. Trust not my advice or the advice of others. Trust only in the force. Let it bathe you, let it surround you, let it course through your veins.” She let go of his hands. And looked at the pilot. She gestured to the large beast of a man and when he got out of the way she settled herself down in his vacated seat. “Guide me Vox.” She pulled up on the controls and the silver ship accelerated towards the Sith Fleet. She let her eye lids flutter to being half closed and she pushed forward on the throttle. It was time to go. _________________________
  8. The guard blinked and he let the clipboard drop to the counter in front of him. He gave a quizzical look at the chiss and with his left hand he reached under the counter and flipped a switch. The Other guards in the small outpost shack looked equally incredulous as they reached for their belt holsters and pulled their blaster pistols. These tests from leadership to see if their prowess for stopping infiltrators were really getting ridiculous. “So you are all together eh? And you all have an appointment with him?” Deep in the compound a few audible alarms turned on, and another two squads of guards made their way down towards the gate. If there was going to be an arrest or capture, these men wanted to be a part of it. The main guard regretted that he had not yet finished all his cookies as he sighed and gestured to Azael to approach the window. “You are all under arrest. For this stunt. Come on now.” He looked at the man in battered clone wars era armour and the red eyed alien behind him. “Produce your redfor cards, why did you think that would kriffing work? Honestly pathetic.”
  9. The guard leaned over his counter tapping the clip board with some degree of annoyance for the long delay. “I asked you your bloody name. What’s got you down? Are you blue about something?”
  10. The queen placed her hand firmly on the back shoulder plate of Vox’s armour. “Go straight for them. Trust in the force.” She moved beside him and lay her hands on his huge ones, her eyes drifting shut. “Let the force guide your movements and we cannot fail.” ___________________________________
  11. The guard sat down his now mostly eaten plate of Muja. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and pulled up a beaten datapad. His eyes stared hard at the Chiss woman. As the other guards perked up and loitered over. “Name?”
  12. “Heated muja and jeni sauce again?” One of the gate guards sat back in his chair and lifted the self heating tupperware so the other three could see it. “I swear she doesn’t know how to make anything else. But at least she packed me Alderaans.” He lifted a sealed package of the delicious double baked cookies that had become all the rage some ten years before. Some group of Alderaaani expats had made themselves quite the biscuit and cookie business, and well they were delicious. He took a bit of the heated Muja, then looked back at the bank of monitors. The therms showed a single or cluster of speeders on one of the overlooking hills that caught his eye. But there wasn’t very much strange about that. He took another bite, and the guard crew began to compare their packed lunches among themselves.
  13. The Queen crouched behind the firm company of reptilian commandos. Her young face was etched in the lines of agony, makeup streaked in long lines from the hot tears that refused to stop streaming in cascades down her cheeks. She wiped at the tears with a fierce swipe of a satin sleeve. The makeup streaked even more, but at least the watery stinging went away. The royal city was in ruins, and untold thousands had already been slaughtered. There was no stand to fight here. There was no populace to be saved. She reached up a long thin hand and depressed a panel in the wall beside them. Backup generators in the wall kicked in for a moment as the granite tiling shrunk back to reveal a man sized doorway and behind it a silver gleam of a Nubain designs royal starship. They had no crew, but she was sure the Trandoshans could fit. She flicked her wrist and an emerald beam of energy spanned from her holdout blaster to drop a Sith Trooper where he stood. “Commander.” She slapped Vox’s pauldron and motioned towards the ship. “If the Naboo will ever see the light of liberty again we must escape.” For fate had set her cause with the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance. And calmly, with as much dignity as she could muster, the 15 year old strode through the hail of blaster fire and towards the escape hatch and the relative safety of the starship beyond. _________________________________
  14. Queen Nemari took a cautious step forward, her thin hand slipping up to her brow to check that the thin gold crown was still in place. ‘I see that the Alliance has finally sent a representative.” Her grey eyes stared at Vox as she said this, extending her hand to him and then to Jackson, finally ending with the Jedi from Outremer. “It is well past time that the stirrings of the sith are dealt with.” _______________________________
  15. He could feel the bone break this time. The left ocular socket, thin despite a healthy protection of flesh and cartilage, snapped under the blow of his fist. The victim whimpered as he stepped back, giving her another solid kick in the ribs before he gestured to the two pig like gamorreans to pick the twi’lek back up. “And if I hear another word from you about your daughter, I will not show you my mercy, nor her.” The woman whimpered, nodding her head best she could despite the rivulets of blood that were streaking from her nose. Calidar shrugged, putting his gloves back on and letting the guards drag her away. He sat back down on the throne like chair and gestured for the next supplicant to come forward. Another Twi’lek, this time a man, likely to beg for the return of one of his children. But he did not know that they had already been sold hours before. They were all slaves in the end. Even these that had achieved some semblance of rank. They were worth nothing more than the credits that could be harvested from them. The Guild made its investors very happy, and profits were still extraordinary since the Remnant had pulled out. He had even made their spiral tower the guild’s headquarters. Things were going good on Ryloth. The Guild The Slavemasters of Ryloth
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