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  1. A mass of infantry were all that were left between the palace and the Sith forces. Led by the prince himself in an outfit of shiny gold durasteel armour. He perched next to an E-Web emplacement and tried his best to inspire his men. Not being a man of any originality he simply repeated the words of some holofilm he had seen a hundred times, replacing names where was convenient. "Sons of Falleen!" He took a deep breath. "Of The Princedom!" He gestured with his blaster rifle at the burning buildings. "My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Falleen fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Falleen comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the Princedom!” It didn’t quite work for the occasion. But neither was this defense.
  2. “Master jedi!” Cried one of the students, his face flushed and his breath coming in the stuttering gasps typical of someone out of shape sprinting. “The alter-” He broke into a stream of coughs. “The alter collapsed and half the class is trapped under there!” He breathed heavily, breaking out in a stream of coughs that made his already ruddy face more purple than red. His hand pointed towards the looming and cavernous entrance, whose mantle was covered in long defiled skulls of porous stone. Most had not survived the long centuries of wear and erosion. But their eyes stared back at the Jedi knight.
  3. Well jedi could be just as clumsy as anyone, if only they didn’t decide to get clumsy on the box containing the statue shards! The Archaeological leader kept calm through it all, even if his face did turn a little pale. He was grateful for the rescue no matter what, even if he did lose some of the priceless artifacts. It had been nailed into his brain at university after all that no artifact was worth the lives of your fellow researchers. But he did find himself wishing it had been one of the labourers that had been so rudely scraped up instead of the crates, but he kept his cool. It would do no one any good to blow up like that again! Corum Deo The oldest church of man that they had found in their surface scans loomed before the forward transparisteel windows of the shuttlecraft. Carved into the face of a great mountain, it had been mostly spared from the erosion of the surface, the great entrance still showing some paint and surrounded by statues whose faces had long ago melted away by the fierce summer rains. Archaeological students could be seen waving furiously towards the shuttlecraft from the entrance. They looked desperate.
  4. The archeologist let his eyes focus off the Jedi’s emerald eyes and onto some of the well worn brickwork behind her. There had once been heavy rain here, but the eons had not been kind on the old stones. Most of the archeology could not be discerned from the rough and broken mountains that jutted from the underbrush. But this was an old world, and time was not a kind mistress to archeological sites. “We were investigating some claims from the Galactic Alliance Archives that the world had been largely unexplored, human history untouched for ten millenia. It seems after we arrived and began our dig that the star began its final dance through the heavens. It was unexpected for sure Mistress, but not an impossibility. Many of the stars in the deep core are quite old.” He grimaced and gestured to the long containers filled with priceless artifacts. “Will the journey be turbulent? I would hate that we loose anything!”
  5. Hunger purveyed the planet, filtering and spreading in the crimson light of the dying star. In every shadow there was a relief from this starvation, but in those shadows Pride stood like an alabaster statue, a memorial to the planet that once carried its will to the heavens. In every battered brick of Mithras those two emotions fought a war that had persisted for eons. This was an old world, one of the planets Humanity had called home when the galaxy was young. And it carried their spiritual war still within its very soil. It was a glad thing that almost all of the archaeologists were insensitive to the force, or they would have long ago followed the desires of the passions. “Master Jedi.” The lead archaeologist bowed low, the twin tails of his Lekku nearly touching the ancient bricks of his excavation. “I praise the force that you have come, we are in desperate straights here.” He held up a flimsiplast map. “We have two other active dig sites, one at Corum Deo and the other at the Vault of Eternity.” He looked again at the Anzati and shivered as the light wavered above them. “How can we best begin, we have a hundred souls here and our collections, a hundred at Corum Deo, and half that at the vault.”
  6. "White Death Actual. Be careful up there…." The comm cut out into distant static as another gravimetric wave blasted out from the dying star. Leaving the radio operator at the first archeological site cursing his luck. He turned back to the supervisor and informed him that another Galactic Alliance ship had appeared. “Gods preserve us, we might actually make it out of this damned place.” He turned back to the comm operator. “Anyone hear back from doctor Etrailen?” “Nothing doctor. Nothing since his team made entry into the vault.” Far above them another gravimetric wave blasted its way across the evacuation corridor. The Evacuation transports looked for a path and prayed they were not too late. But in the system there existed a hunger. Deep hunger. Dark hunger and malice.
  7. The Force filled with a sudden and frightful scream of pain. A scream that cut off as suddenly as it came. All around them the machinations of the dark side fell away. Skeletons shuddered and fell to ash, maggots drooped and wilted like dying flowers, and the stench of decay blew away in a brisk breeze. The power at work here had seen its doom, it was too weak to confront the full power of three jedi knights. It would bide its time… And perhaps in the course of galactic events it would show itself again. But for now, Felucia was free
  8. A Falleen Sniper team watched as the squads and heavy walkers began their move. “Escalation Terminal.” The commanding sergeant whispered to his spotter, who just like him, was crouched in one of the high skyscrapers that jutted over the long paved streets of the city. The Sith were advancing down the main causeway, which brought them under his guns. “Loading Antimateriel.” He selected the ionized phrik sabot round from the pouch his heavy gun was sitting on and placed it into the bolt. His reptilian eyes focused on the mag driver battery as it charged to full, then he activated his comm link. “Units two and three focus on the non combatants. Likely Sith Lords.” He leveled the sight onto the AT-PT and squeezed the trigger. The mobile mass driver jumped in his hands as on the floors below two other heavy drivers barked their reports. Slinging their heavy projectiles at thirty times the speed of sound towards the Hutt and the Sith Lord. “Take that you little shits.” And on the causeway the Falleen Home Guard began their own assault. Three heavy anit aircraft weapons opened up on the advancing troops.
  9. Prince Ar-Cephlion of the Falleen Throne shook with righteous anger. "The Sith Lords are here after we have given them absolutely no trouble whatsoever? Is this madness?” He looked to his commander. The Royal Guard was a strong force, if inexperienced in their task. “We cannot fight them in system my Prince but we can defeat them on the ground and sue for better terms.” The Prince nodded his head. “Then do it, spare no expense.” Across the surface, the local militias and air-borne fighters began to mobilize. Artillery in the palace ground began to ruthlessly shell the landing zones of the Sith Naval Marines and Special Operations Forces. While the Prince sat in his palace.
  10. A blast of hot air gushed from the deep pit, causing the girl’s hair to fly in a whirlwind about her grimy face. The ground shook as she called out. As she begged. The pit was breathing. Grandfather! The plea was primal, the scream of a child who wanted to be protected from the fearful dark. The monsters under a bed. And the pit answered. A spew of hot air brought forth a flood of toxin laden air that began to fill the area. As the beasts and vermin began to move faster. This would be a hard thing to close indeed.
  11. The rarely visited jungle and Gaia world of Aaris III had little in terms of defense. They had a few rusted bulk cruisers that had been kindly donated by the old military mercenary organization but no one in the loosely organized defense gave it much hope. They had not been serviced in four decades, and the rust was thicker than the hull plating. AARIS III was doomed. The small defensive forces knew it. Sent out a comm through the old holonet beacon to the GA. Which they still believed existed. Then surrendered with all the dignity that could be offered. They had been abandoned decades ago by the strykers. Now they were abandoned by the Galactic Alliance which had died years before. The Sith were welcome to this Backwater.
  12. In the fruitutious earth the darkside began to fully manifest. The thickly overgrown forest seemed to shudder as beneath every root and stem bugs and maggots began to appear. A skeletal arm found skeletal shoulder, and a long dead beast found form again. Joints bound by writhing masses of humid worms. It was not much larger than a nek battle dog, and perhaps that was what it once had been. But it shambled from the overgrowth, its old teeth still sharp. But in the village behind the Jedi, the skeletal remains of its inhabitants began to come to life. And deep in the forest, beyond the sight of the aquatic jedi but within sight of the apprentice, the little girl raised her small hands over a great pit dug in the heart of the forest. “Save us Grandfather.” She whined, tears streaking her already dirty face.
  13. Miscommunications. Misplanning. There was much to regret, and in the space of an hour every dream of the Geonosian people came crashing to the red dust of their planet. Never would they rise to influence the systems around them. Not until this emperor was long dead and gone. But for now they would obey. They had lived in subservience for ten lifecycles and three. What was another ten? Perhaps her daughters would find their freedom. She hung her head. 'We will reconsider."
  14. The Children are the life of their parents. Parents who tamed the wilds. Silenced the entropy. For cultivation. We cannot let them survive. The sickly sweet scent of rot was everywhere now, permeating from the roots of the trees themselves. The crop fields that were planted only a month before. From the bodies on the ground, maggots swarmed up from the dirt, eating, consuming the rotten flesh and dried blood. We will claim the children. We will claim their generation. We will return them to the dust.
  15. The two matriarchs looked at each other, their large eyes showing a mix of horror and resignation. What fleet could they defend themselves with? They had three rusty Lucrehulk-class Battleships in orbit, but the cores were parked in the drydocks, miles away from their destinations. It was over for both of them, but they would not give up their power so easily. “Begin the destruct sequences of the factories. They will have nothing.”
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