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  1. Concerning Raynuk Montar's last post -- I've been asked to take a look at this one-post rescue and escape that has gained some notoriety in the last 24 hours. I think this is a definite case of doing a bit too much in one post and decidedly not the best form considering it denied other present PCs the opportunity to interact with the events when they might realistically have. I think flying in, fighting off the drexels, and landing next to Jaina is reasonable for one post, if even that on the upper end. Everything after the following is nulled: I'll be interested to see what happens with Telperiën and the others.
  2. Hey man, welcome! Feel free to ask if you need any help getting plugged in. Sorry I didn't get your account set up right away so your intro post in the faction thread stayed in pending approval status, but you should be squared away.
  3. Geonosis Astrographical Information Region: Outer Rim Territories Sector: Arkanis System: Geonosis Orbital Position: 2 Moons: 4 major and 11 minor moons Grid Coordinates: R-4 Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Primary Terrain: Rocks, deserts, mountains, mesas, barren Points of Interest: Badlands, Ebon Sea, Golbah's Pit, E'Y-Akh Desert, Spires, Im'g'twe Hills, N'ge'u Valley, N'rakti Lava Fields, Geonosian caves Societal Information Indigenous Species: Geonosians Immigrated Species: Acklay, Nexu, Reek, Massiff Primary Language(s): Geonosian Faction Affiliation: None Defense Rating: Level 2 - Sparse Defense JediRP Canon History: None
  4. handofthrawn


    Black Sun vs the boarding parties -- I reviewed a bit of information about the original Golan defense platforms and quickly discovered that they are over 1200 meters long and about a third as wide. Putting that into perspective, it's about 118 acres or something like 50 city blocks. They're pretty big. I do appreciate the tactic of setting up the killshot before the previous one was made on the station, but given the uncertainty of the yield of the collars as well as the size of the station, I don't think we're going to get the level of destruction described in the killshot. Furthermore, the core being disabled and powered down by the bombing run should keep it from going critical and blowing up spectacularly. Since the entire station is not going to be destroyed, and given that none of the PCs involved were stated to be particularly close to the slaves when it happened, I don't think I can arbitrarily rule that any of them are in more danger than others. I like what the killshot had going for it, but I don't think it's enough to kill a bunch of PCs. So I must conclude: << Killshot Failed >> That said, the station is now in very bad shape. Deck plates have buckled and with no power for the emergency bulkheads much of it is now exposed to vacuum. The power core was mostly destroyed and is now leaking dangerous radiation out into space, and the explosions have caused the station to begin to tumble towards Kashyyyk. Not all of the boarding parties were as fortunate as the PCs and some of them were caught in the blast, inflicting Imperial and Jedi casualties. The mission to liberate any slaves aboard has failed as they have all perished, as has any thought of capturing an intact defense platform. With no remaining AP invested here, Black Sun has lost their ability to defend Kashyyyk from attack and the attackers may play out their liberation of the world as they please.
  5. handofthrawn


    Even by a very conservative reading of this battle, it's clear that the Black Sun is badly outmatched. I think leaving the attack to the bombers was a very modest move when two Star Destroyers are available, but it is in fact nearly one hundred bombers against only a Golan I platform and a couple squadrons of interceptors. The Lancer frigate Benedictus was noted as hanging back behind the ISDII Ascalon and should be safe from the defense platform's assault. Because of this, it's unable to lend the bombers any assistance against the interceptors, but there are plenty of TIE Defenders for that. The Imperial Remnant force suffers a few casualties. In the first moments of the battle most of the Black Sun interceptors are destroyed by the Remnant TIE Defender vanguard and the bombers reach the Golan to deliver their considerable payloads. <> Next move goes to the Remnant.
  6. handofthrawn


    I received a tip that there's some pretty distasteful things going on in this thread and the mod team agrees. What started with Tros catching a Trandoshan cheating at cards has led to slave rewards which included pictures of real people (who are apparently minors). Your characters might be creeps, but there's no reason we need to have those kind of details in this RP. We're not going to tolerate that kind of thing and if it happens again we're going to have a real problem. I have removed the images. Tros, I recommend skipping the rest of the present scenario if you weren't already going to.
  7. Ord Mantell Astrographical Information Region: Mid Rim Sector: Bright Jewel Sector System: Bright Jewel Orbital Position: 2 Moons: 15 Grid Coordinates: Grid Coordinates Here Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Oxygen Mix Primary Terrain: Plains, Jungles, Seas, Mesas, Volcanic Islands, Urban Points of Interest: Traders Quarter, Casino District, Black Castle (BS HQ) Societal Information Indigenous Species: Mantellian Savrips, Mantellian Flutterplumes Immigrated Species: Arcona, Aqualish, Bith, Bothans, Devaronians, Gran, Humans, Ithorians, Rodains, Rybets, Sayormi, Sullestans, Talz, Trandoshans, Wookiees, Zabraks Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic Standard Faction Affiliation: Black Sun
  8. Full disclosure: there is still one for current and former site staff members to catch up with each other. But all the other old ones -- Guys Only, Girls Only, Old Folks Home, and all that -- are permanently archived, hidden, and/or locked.
  9. There are over 80 locations currently represented in the RP as topics, but not every planet that might serve as the setting of a story requires a dedicated topic, planetary signature, and representation on the Galaxy Map. This topic will serve to encapsulate such circumstances. For the sake of clarity, use of your post's subject field or an OOC note is recommended so that it will be easy to tell what is happening on a given world.
  10. Anaxes Astrographical Information Region: Core Worlds Sector: Azure sector System: Axum system Orbital Position: 4 Moons: 1 (Azuria) Grid Coordinates: M-12 Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Primary Terrain: Plains, Forests, Mountains, Cities, training grounds, Azuria Proving Grounds. Points of Interest: Navy War College, Anaxes Citadel, Pols Anaxes (Spaceport). Societal Information Indigenous Species: Humans Immigrated Species: Few alien cultures Primary Language(s): Basic Faction Affiliation: The Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant Defense Rating: N/A History: Anaxes has always been considered the “Defender of the Core” and was the last bastion and fortress world before Coruscant on the Perlemian Trade Route. Heavily fortified since thousands of years before the battle of Yavin, it was natural for such a world to evolve into the leading military and naval training system in the Old Republic. Though most ground based military were trained at the Caridian Academy, the Naval War College of Anaxes became the leading supplier of superior officers to the Republic military. Having changed hands several times throughout the galactic civil war, the War College is now used primarily by the Galactic Alliance, and with the signing of the Zinthos-E’lann treaty, the Imperial Remnant will now be training alongside the Galactic Alliance at the college. Bringing the next generation of fleet officers of both the GA and Remnant together. Anaxes is also the location of the Joint Military Command, where joint operations between the Remnant and GA are planned and executed.
  11. handofthrawn


    Black Sun vs Tatooine: Tatooine is one of the easiest planets in the galaxy to take. With only a few cities and a total population that barely breaks 6 figures, there's no organized resistance. There might be a few annoyed crime bosses in remote locations that resist Black Sun control, but Black Sun can certainly set up shop on Tatooine. The Tuskens and Jawas are really a nonfactor, caring little for the change in power. Invasion Shot Successful
  12. Hi there! We do have a couple other Australians, so you're not alone. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions concerning the rules or jumping into the RP. The important thing to know about the rules is that they're all about keeping the game fun and fair. We're all people and are happy to talk things out in service of writing great stories. That doesn't mean the rules aren't important, and in conflicts they will be the final say, but you shouldn't have any issues just picking a starting place and writing.
  13. I'm excited that you're playing a Gungan, we've never had one before.
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