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  1. Interested in trying something of a tournament of sorts, a kind of alias rundown. A ladder of my aliases against another RPer's aliases (Or maybe a tag team). Judges TBD, but if an RPer gets defeated, another can jump in at the same place. Have something fun in mind for Duel #6, though that opponent shall remain a surprise (SNK fighting game fans may have an inkling). 1) fuzzy_ewok (2 post duel). Location: Forest Moon of Endor. 2) Ganelon of Seneferia (2 post duel). Location: Golden Link Casino 3) Cyrion [KVC's protocol droid] (3 post duel) Location: Midsengard 4) Vladimir Faust (3 post duel) Location: Coruscant Memorial, Upper Chapel 5) Malin Kyrell (3 post duel) Location: Jedi Temple, Coruscant 6) ???????? (3 post duel?) Location: ???? Any takers?
  2. ...and the Jedi vigilante and Blademaster is believed to have caught up with the infamous hunter over the station. Last reports show no sign of any bodies or ship debris from the explosion so far, but at this time both parties are missing in action, presumed dead until evidence is found otherwise, closing one chapter of this galaxy's history. Kheldar vos Correlli to Step Down as C.E.O. of KVC Enterprises Famed Industrialist Retires, focusing on family. Corellia: A spokesman for esteemed industrialist, trader, and merchant Kheldar vos Correlli issued a statement that the famous captain of industry was stepping down for his role as C.E.O. of KVC Enterprises, which included several smaller holdings over the years, from trading and shipping routes up to the Corellian Engineering Corporation where its owner started out as a starship engineer before rising as one of the galaxy's most prominent traders. Releaseing a holo recording from Kheldar itself, Kheldar was shown with his wife and two daughters whom had long dropped out of the galactic spotlight. "While a quiet and rather domestic life after years of traversing the galaxy or working at the hub of a massive web of commerce and information trading seems rather... well, mundane, life does have a funny way of catching up with one." With a whistful smile, Kheldar laughed and continued. "I'm taking this time to drop out of the galactic spotlight for said reasons though, family first and all that," he stated. "The CEC, and various enterprises can more or less look after themselves. Even the Last Call can more or less manage itself," he stated, refering to the popular Coruscanti bar recently leveled once more in an incident some are blaming on "space gnomes" according to some sources. "I can't say I'm disspearing from this galaxy forever, but I'm also leaving more of the day to day stuff to other hands. One cannot stay on top of meddle in affairs forever, and it's foolish to try- Running a business like I have, or even if say one's risen to the ranks of the Dark Lord of the Sith or Emperor, lead the Jedi in a rallying defense for good and truth, pulled of daring casino heists of great infamy, run business empires and crime syndicates, one eventually reaches the point where enough is is enough. I can't say I've done all of those things myself, but milestones as they are to look back on, one has to look for one's future and what really matters. "It's been a fun trip, but as for me, I'm firing up the Silk Road with the family and we're doing our own thing. Running a business takes its toll just like anything else, and you have to know when to step aside for younger blood that's driven and passionate about what they do and have a real care and investment in the business. One reaches a point where it's going thru the motions and at that point you have to ask why you're doing it and what you've hoped to gain. "I can answer that last part- the destination may have been reached and peaks scaled, but even if one is merely leaping from summit to summit or working up and down valleys, it's truly the journey that matters, the game, the challenge, the thrill, and working with the other players in said game. But sometimes, you have to put aside the thrill, the challenge, and said game." The holo-recording pans back, showing Kheldar made it from the bridge of the Silk Road. Over Kheldar's shoulder, his protocol droid, Cyrion, can be seen. "Cyrion, fire up the engines and head on out. We may not have a schedule to keep, but time is money." With that, he looks back to the camera, eyes giving a faint twinkle. Hugging his wife closer, he continues, giving one last speech before the holo-recording fades out. "Later Galaxy. May the Force be with you, and may you find your endeavors to be.... profitable."
  3. Ruling on Apophenian's killshot on Cas and incapacitation shot on Gren: First, off, addressing a point raised in the OOC dicta on Apophenian's post- it was a bit too close to a OHCapture and could have been handled a bit neater, though it also failed to properly incapacitate the arrestee which lead to the resulting exchange. On the weapon used, I have to say I find a blaster being equal to a Falcon quad laser blast impossible and pure hyperbole. Per what I've reserached it disintigrated a target's head, which does have a lot of punch, but would put it below a regular disruptor which does the same to the whole body. Cas, trying to tough through a blaster shot, even of that calibur, does not work as you'd still have a fried midsection- either gone or having your body flashfried Greedo style- the last being a lot more likely. Killshot against Cas successful. Looking forward, split second actions- like trying to twist away, grab the gun, etc. could be tried as a better defense, as also not slapping cuffs on someone before you have them fully disarmed/subdued. On Gren, given the impact of the attempt to subdue him, as well as his quick actions and susinct, detailed post, I believe it was sufficient to evade the attempt. Incapacitation shot against Gren failed.
  4. Ruling on Sheog vs. Uriel: First off, Sheog, I have to ask, overkill much? The end result was a serious action by a PC-point blank blaster in mouth, followed by several rounds of droid NPC support fire. The latter was drawn on items with the ship/character sheet, though appearing with their debute attack in the RP. An impressive gauntlet, though for the sheer firepower, the set up was lacking. Never the less, there was careful attention to detail, especially distance, without the post being too drawn out, ensuring an effective attack. Uriel's defense was interesting- firing the 434 blaster, effectively a heavy blaster, in succession to break through the ice and escape into a snow cavity to avoid a wall of laser fire. The key question here is would it be sufficient to evade the kind of firepower brought to the fore in a timely enough fashion. Compariably speaking, the 434 is on par with the blaster used to deep fry Greedo in Ep IV. It would certainly sublimate the ice if fired point blank, though I find it questionable if it would be enough or focused enough to give Uriel the drop needed for reasonable cover. The use of Force foresight would at the least justify the two shots and half-step from getting off successfully, though I can't see the tactic used as being succesful- too much ice would need to be destroyed (and at the risk of scalding one's self very badly from the resulting steam burst) in a short order,, and while the headshots would miss, those drawn on the center of mass might have some issue with evasion, even with an underlying cavity. A seriously innovative effort given the manner in which the attack came, but I believe one running into physical limitations to make it an effective dodge against the permafrost of Hoth. Killshot successful
  5. Kat Nargal Memorial Resort Astrographical Information Space Station in the Katorss System over the 2nd planet Adumar, non-mobile Grid Coordinates: T-11 Physical Information Kat Nargal Memorial Resort is a resort space station owned and operated by the Link. Its center is a two-kilometer-wide disc, 300 meters deep. The center contains hotels, shops, and gardens. From the disc are quarter-kilometer-long spokes, each which end in luxury pods that are 40 meters thick and 250 meters across. Six are disc-shaped and six are triangular, with the variants alternating. The six that are triangular are Force-neutral zones, lined with ysalamiri. Each pod can be self-sustaining if need be, able to be completely shut off and detached from the main hub in case of an emergency. Each pod has two turbolaser batteries mounted on it for defense. The station itself is extremely luxurious, replete with thick carpets, elegant works of art, waterfalls, graceful fountains, and small groves of exotic plants. Dark Alderaanian wood and light Chandrilan stone dominate, carved in arching and flowing designs covering the bulkheads. It is a place for the wealthy to have lavish celebrations and private vacations. The cheapest sections available have a daily rent that is the same as the yearly earning of a middle-class family. Among the luxuries available are rippling swimming pools, massage parlors, and small casinos, as well as many shopping and dining opportunities, several of them exclusive. Inside, it is protected by Link security and ThorpeCorp security Lyger-class droids. Societal Information Faction Affiliation: The Link (neutral) Defense Rating: Level 3 JediRP Canon History: The most notable event that has taken place on the Kat Nargal Memorial Resort was the signing of the peace treaty between the Empire and New Republic, and the formation of the Galactic Alliance. Present were representatives of the New Republic (Admiral Onderin Starlisk, Captain Aira Cadan, Vice Admiral Cadio Sikoat), Empire (Admiral Marcus Reilly, Captain Raven Zinthos, Imperial Emperor Deton), Sith (Vladimir Faust, Sith Master Haphaestus, Darth Dominus), and Jedi (Jedi Grandmaster Kitt Fitt, Jedi Master Scorp). Old description: ((Summary compiled by Amidala Skywalker. Thank you!))
  6. Ruling on the killshot against Tress and Travelon. First off, an excellent work of collaborative RPing by all parties involved- BS Agents, Tress, & Travelon, as well as the restrained and carefully RPed use of NPCs. There's no denying that the group's in a bad situation- pinned down in an alley with superior firepower raining down on them. Despite that, there's been good use of tactics and cover, as well as coordinated use of explosives. The use of cover and/or diving I think was sufficient to avoid the initial volley of fire, and the two concussion grenades from Blackstone and Khedryn more than enough to repel, if not out and out defeat them. Regarding the NPCs, I believe Jason and Michelle were able to survive this because of their post, as well as Horation and the princess. I have to give props to Tress for the damage he took in his post, though I'd also be a bit wary of posting the actions of an enemy NPC in the future since that might not be appreicated by other RPers- though in this case that was a very fitting and well characterized post given their very reckless entrance. Killshot failed- and while not out and out countered, the Taris police are pretty much routed at this juncture.
  7. DEATH STAR LOCATED! Rumors of a final showdown for the galaxy? Unknown Regions: Reports are coming in across the galaxy that an abandoned Death Star has been located. The details of its discovery are unknown at this point in time. Speculation links it to a deep space recovery and salvage project by KVC Enterprises or possibly a construct left over by the latest extra-galactic invasion, though no official word has come down on where and how this super weapon came to be. At this point in time, it's hard to tell if the Death Star was a remaint of an old Imperial project, a left-over from a fleet of the monstrosities from the old Sith Lord Hale Akturus, or some other fell project. Either way, word has reached sources on both sides of the galactic power fence. The recent Battle over Coruscant has already wracked the galaxy following the collapse of a Super Star Destroyer over the city-planet and shaken the galaxy. Now, if either side is able to possess this awesome weapon, it will surely decide the fate of the galaxy. Vinzer de Toquville, a professor of Galactic Political Science at Coronet University speculates this will likely head off a change for the galaxy. "For ages, there's been a tug-of-war between the Republic and the Empire for rule of the galaxy. I believe the tensions have indeed reached their breaking point. It's hard to say what effect this super weapon, if the rumors of its existence are true will have, but all parties will, by necessity, need to pool their resources into retrieving it. This could all too easily bankrupt one faction. To the victor, I believe, goes the spoils, and with it, the Galaxy."
  8. Defenestrate has been a favorite for ages and remains as such, though it still pales before the beauty of schadenfreude- it seems fitting that the Germans would have a word for what it represents.
  9. Kheldar's reply comes back quickly on a secured and encrypted line: Zara, Haven't been too in touch with Kane or Ronin. Ronin seems to have vanished into parts unknown. Even my best sources are having trouble pinning them down, which is saying something. The family's well, was spending time the the wife, kids, and sister-in-law, but had to come back to Coruscant to check on some business matters. I've contacted Skye and she's been informed of the situation. -Kheldar out.
  10. Dark Sun Station Astrographical Information: Mobile: Current Location: Hidden Grid Coordinates: H-8 Physical Information Hyperdrive Capabilities: None Size: Physical Description | Exterior: Tower like in appearance, with paint of black and blue covering it. The lights from the interior can be seen from the outside. Physical Description | Interior: The main floor acts as the lobby and reception area. Only two floors above and two floor below are full of locations for guest to travel to. The upper four levels are off limits to anyone without clearance, and not all Black Sun agents have clearance. There is a private hangar for Zalis alone, and her office is completely sealed off without a hand and retinal scan to get past the first door. The second is coded and voiceprint. The bottom eight floors are reserved off as vaults. The station has 24 vaults, each vault can hold up to twenty two thousand million credits in each. Below them are the critical systems that keep the station afloat and running properly. Physical Description | Other: Hangars: One main giant hangar for ships, larger enough to house five corvettes. Tactical Information Faction Affiliation: Black Sun Crew Complement: 1000 crew operate the Station daily. Fighter Complement: None Shields: Capital ship level shielding Armaments: Security doors, and payed security guards to protect the vaults. Defense Protocol: The state has one defense protocol, and that is if Zalis is killed, the station explodes. Knowledge of this is it's own security, as if the station operates at full capacity, it's destruction would result in a galactic depression. JediRP Canon History: Created originally by Smash, Zalis took over the station and had it redesigned to be outfitted into a bank of sorts, so that she could control the galaxy's financial flow and markets. ((Summary compiled by Wookiee Jedi. Thank you!))
  11. Galactic War Heating Up Fighting spreading rapidly across the galaxy. Coruscant: The scene at Coruscant has been tense following a pitched battle raging across the city-planet. Word of an attack on the Imperial Spire by Jedi and Republic Commandos has leaked out, coupled with the massing of a fleet overhead. While parts of the world seem unconcerned, business proceeding on as usual despite the pitched battle overhead, the situation in the Imperial capital signifies the drama unfolding over the rest of the galaxy. The Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire have battled, with reports of heavy fighting breaking out of Krayiss II, Ilum, and beyond. Experts familiar with both sides of the conflict question the sustainability of such prolonged conflict and the ability of each government to remain steady in the face of it. While reports are showing some initial signs of Imperial victories at Krayiss and Ilum, the battle of Coruscant is heating up. The fact that the Republic took the fight to the Empire is placing a strain on them as well. The massive assaults seem to be signifying a change in the galaxy. Reports of mobilizations along Imperial and Republic lines are only matched with reports of Jedi and Sith supporters of each rising to the lead in this. Word is several crime syndicates and trade organizations are using this chaos to situation themselves in a position of power regardless of the winner. Several political experts agree that this means change is afoot, but in what way, it's too early to tell. Famed trader-prince and industrialist, Kheldar vos Correlli, caught briefly while touring the Corellian Engineering Corporation's Corellian headquarters, only had a few words to say before taking off into space to attend a conference (details below). "I think we're seeing some massive changes ahead. I'm keeping my ear to the ground and not taking any sides on this. I'm usually a betting man, but on this I'm not placing any wagers other than this: something has to... something will give soon. What that means for the galaxy abroad is hard to say, or what form it will take either, but mark my words, I sense some strong winds stirring and when they pass, this galaxy won't be the same again." Famed Industrialist Gathering Resources for Immense Deep Space Salvage Project Details unknown. Speculative project drawing in massive resources for secret work. Corellia: Famed trader Kheldar vos Correlli was reportedly meeting with several trading partners regarding an unknown deep space salvage project in the Unknown Regions. The businessman once specialized in salvaging and repairing damaged ships of both sides during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Word is there is some new find that's piqued his interest, causing him to shift his resources and summon experts in a variety of fields for study. An official for KVC Enterprises, speaking on the condition of anonymity could only give the following statement: "We can't talk about what we found yet as its still being investigated, but this will capture the attention of a lot of people once we unveil it. Secrecy is important at this point, so I don't want to say anything prematurely." Despite this news there are reports that Imperial and Republic investigators are each looking into this matter independently on the grounds of "Galactic security tnterests" and related matters, though so far haven't found anything conclusive yet. We will have more on this story as it develops.
  12. Finally reissuing my ruling on the killshot attempt on Onderin by Dagon. As noted prior, at issue was the appearance of several camo-Pariahs in ambush for Onderin, who was very hard set on his escape. At issue in particular is the status of the Pariahs and their Force nulling abilities. As noted elsewhere, there is a problem with their deployment that puts into question the validity of the killshot- either they'd "bubble" like ysalmari and be detectable, or they would inhibit the actions of other Sith whom they traveled with. As such, while there are components to "limit" this effect almost at will, it's still a bit much that their presense was taken for granted without prior set up, particularly with other Sith such as Lucifer only posting problems in proximity to Rebel troops with ysalmari. While the rebel deployment of them can also fall into the realm of "ass-pull" for lack of prior set up, they were not used in set up for a killshot. The pariah's impact on the killshot is voided due to lack of specification, setup, and consistancy due to effects on other Sith- not sufficient to use them as a set in that regard against Onderin. That said, the next question is if Onderin is out of the woods- having to flee down a narrow hall, Sith at his heels, and into a barrage of troops using stunblasts was able to escape. A very dangerous attempt- it is noted that he's doing energy absorbtion of the stun blasts as opposed to Force deflection with a lightsaber (not unlike what Vader did in Ep V) which would have different results- though the batting with the lightsaber is still questionable. If he would not be out and out incapacitated, he would be severely hampered and still have to make a response to at least two more capture shots aimed at him- additional stun blasts aimed by a PC Mando and a PC Sith. Against that combined salvo, I think escape unlikely, even if the attacks of latter were written after Onderin's defense post. Capture Shot Successful Regarding the defense posts to Onderin's killshot, ruling is withheld until Draken & Fixer post defense shots as Dagon, Lucifer, and Vihk have already posted a defense. Saberforce's killshot ruling pending.
  13. Ruling under revision until additional factors can be determined- sorry for the delay until this gets sorted out.
  14. Kheldar arrives at the Gateway Station, hailing Tares for permission to dock. Sobered up completely even without his detoxicant, the merchant prince nursed a small headache as a residual hangover from last night. Clutching his head in one hand, he is looking over his holdings from the previous night, trying to figure out what to do with them. Folding up his organizer, he concluded it could wait until after he brought the good news of the embargo's end to Tares. **** ((3 days later)) Kheldar, having boarded, drops off similar details as those given to Zara, avoiding mention of the bacta deal with Black Sun, also dedicing to let Zara and Brina bring news of their Thorpe take over. Bidding the station a farewell, Kheldar fires up the Silk Road and takes off into hyperspace.
  15. ((Ditto- was hoping something would come up that'd be interesting to do, but...)) Kheldar saunters off without another word. While getting sleep and getting fresh for meeting with Tares was the rational thing to do, Kheldar was reliving a bit of his earlier, wild card days and was determined to have some fun while he was out. If laws of probability and science got warped i the doing so, then so be it. A short time later, the entire Casino floor is in an uproar. Kheldar is literally surrounded by a drunken legion at a high stakes sabacc table. On arriving back down, his first declaration is a wild call of "Drinks on the house for everyone! And I damn well mean everyone!" yelled at the top of his lungs. The first round met with celebration, continued on to the fourth, then even fifth round. As Kheldar kept buying a small, bitter tasting pill ended up in his mouth from a small side pocket stored next to his flask labeled "Liquid Courage", a small pill that while all but impossible to swallow without gagging, nearly made him feel stone cold sober in a matter of minutes. Still disoriented, Kheldar orders a sixth round for the entire casino floor- an act that set him back thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of credits. Then the fun began as several rich marks- some owners of companies, some owners of entire star systems, were encouraged to have a few friendly, high stakes games with the Corellian merchant- still apparently tipsy as hell. As the ambiance of the casino embraced Kheldar for his generosity, the bets were accepted. At the moment, Kheldar had on the table an entire line of shipping contracts for exotic spices, three clothing lines, and a patent for a new sublight drive being wagered against the collective bets of four star systems, a new formula for a super tough smart metal, a controlling interest in a music distrubution conglomerate, and no small sum of the Link's own credits. Surrounded by enthusiastic supporters, still greatful to him for the drinks, Kheldar plays his hand, watching the drunken attempts of his opponents to read him. He suspected at least two of them feigning intoxication, but noted they went ahead anyways. One revelation of hands later, Kheldar, with a measured sauntering and stumbling, collects his winnings to thunderous applause having more than made up for his expenses this night. Ordering one last round for the bar, he made a bee line for the casino's restrooms- where at that point, despite the toxicifying effect's of Kheldar's sobriety pill (used before at the Last Call as the situation demanded), his booze filled stomach finally gave out in a rather messy fashion, expunging half of his stomach and then some. Cleaning up with some dignity, he slips past the crowds, cashes in his chips- enough to sadly put the Link at slight loss when set against his alcohol purchases (though drunken revelry would eventually still make it a very profitable night) and makes his way back to his ship, instructs Cyrion to put it into auto-pilot and head for Gateway. At the lines of stars turn into infinite white bars with the Silk Road sliding into hyperspace, Kheldar concludes today has been a good day.
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