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  1. Kirlocca let the air of the Ossus fill his lungs upon stepping off of the transport. A few others walked around him and out into the main street where the markets were busy. The smells of food and other goods filled the air, along with an overall sweet flowery smell that quickly began to overtake the smell of the dock. Through the Force, a strong ripples began to quickly pour out. As the Jedi Master walked out into the streets, he could see the temple he rebuilt before him. A sense of familiar and home set in far quicker than it had ever since his return to this realm from being one with the Force. For him, this place was about to be his own home away from home. It was after all, his own creation. Slowly, the Jedi Master walked up the steps to the Jedi Temple and could smell the flowers within the garden inside, along with feeling the currents of the Force pulling very strongly within. As he reached the top of the stairs, he turned for a moment to look back at the city that the temple over looked and he allowed for a moment of smile at the very sight. The beautiful city of Knossa set amongst the Eocho Mountains was a wonder to behold, at least for him. Now he stood on top of the stairs of what was formerly known as the Eye of Ashlanae but now the current Jedi Temple that Kirlocca had already made up within his mind would be the center for all Jedi hopefuls to come and learn about the Force. For him, this would be the role he could help the Order out the most, more so than his skills with a lightsaber. Taking in a breath, he finally turned around and walked into the temple and began to setup his own quarters and preparing the place to become what he had always intended it to be...
  2. The Zabrak gave a smile and looked from student to student. He pondered for just a moment on how his response should come, but quickly decided that both knew only half of what they were talking about. So his response was quick. "Perhaps the knowledge there is enough for both of you. But I think that you both do not understand fully what you ask." Quickly, he turned to walk towards the main door and stopped in the door, lifted his hand to point towards the hangar bay. "There are two libraries on planet. One that lays in ruin, and the other within the Jedi Temple there, built from archives of famous Jedi Ara-Lai Kaipi. That location is also much closer to more populated systems. So if you choose to not follow the path of the Jedi, you are free to go." The Zabrak walked out of the room and put his arm down after talking, but with a smirk turned to both Jedi hopefuls. "Also, there you will meet Jedi Master Kirlocca and he will take over for me, as I have other duties that I must attend to."
  3. Kirlocca watched for a bit longer than Leena did as the Mandalorians left. It wasn't until they had their ship in the air that the Wookiee finally deactivated his lightsaber and turned around to join Leena and Genesis at the speeder. He said nothing to either Jedi, he just simply got the speeder up and running and took the crew back to the city. He let Leena take the main lead role with Genesis and his healing as the Jedi Master spent his time helping out the locals quickly with last minute stuff that needed his muscles. It was only after a few hours of work that he decided to check in on Genesis at the hospital before he took off. He didn't get a chance to say anything to the Mon Calamari Jedi, but he felt confident that the two would indeed see each other again soon. As the Wookiee walked into the room, he placed his paw upon Genesis' shoulder. << You gave many people quite a fright. Your wounds look strong enough to heal and leave a story upon you. >> The Jedi Master gave a smile and with his paw giving a few pats upon the shoulder of Genesis. He then began to walk out the door, but stopped to give a final word to Genesis. << A word of wisdom from someone who has had many failures in my past. How you respond and react to mistakes and failures is far more important than being successful. >> Kirlocca then turned and walked out of the room and headed towards the docks. From there, he was able to find transport to take him to Ossus, where he felt the Force calling him towards.
  4. The Zabrak looked from Siolo to Alliera with a slight grin upon his face. "Ossus. To the Capital, Knossa. There is a Jedi temple there, rebuilt from an ancient and ruined temple by Jedi Master Kirlocca and few others. It is a prime place for young Jedi hopefuls to learn much. From what I hear, as I have not been there myself yet, that it's a safe environment to learn and holds some special things that are designed for younger padawans such as yourselves. It's also rumored that Jedi Master Kirlocca will be heading that way upon his return from his special mission." The Zabrak gave them both some time to let the information sink in, but also to leave room for questions, which he was sure both held.
  5. Kirlocca paused as the emerging Mandalorian spoke with Genesis by her side, wounded. He glanced over the entire situation and felt the currents of the Force speaking loud and clear to him. He lowered his lightsaber to a relaxed position, but did not deactivate the blade. He glanced quickly to Leena and gave her a look that suggested he wanted her to follow his own movements. << I of course assume that when you say escape, you mean from the system. There is nothing here to be gained anymore for Kad Ha’Rangir. If those are your full terms, then we accept them. >> Kirlocca remained where he was and reached out slowly with the Force. First to feel out Genesis to make sure he was indeed alive, and also secondly to attempt to encourage the Mandalorian to make the decision that was indeed best for everyone at this point.
  6. The Zabrak smiled at both of the interactions the students had. "Siolo, reach out... What can you feel about them?..." The Jedi trainer walked slightly closer to the students and away from the container. He paused for a moment before Alliera. "Yes, that is the Force you feel. It has always been there, but perhaps now you have begun to realize it." He looked down and offered up a smile. "Maybe once this exercise is over, everyone here would benefit from a field trip perhaps?"
  7. Kirlocca slowly nodded his head as he heard Leena's voice within his ears. Taking the controls, he slowly had the speeder pull off to a side to avoid being detected. As he did so, he reached out into the Force to fully feel what was surrounding the two Jedi. He leapt off the speeder and towards a rock formation that would allow for him to scout ahead without being seen. Surprisingly his leap was more fluid and graceful than what he thought it would be for someone who was still getting used to being alive again. The Force is being generous to me, that much is clear. He looked around to see what was present out there. Without looking back, he spoke quietly to Leena. << About 3. They're scouts themselves. Which means they're close enough to Genesis. How close, I can not say. But we better take them out, and do it quickly, or else we'll draw more to us. >> It was the last thing he wanted to do, create a scene that draws more Mandalorians out. They still didn't know how many remained behind, so the fight could be quick or drawn out, depending entirely on how close to the camp they were to these scouts. Summoning the Force to himself, Kirlocca leapt into the air towards the Mandalorians, igniting his lightsaber he received from Tobias. The glowing orange blade quickly struck through the weapon of a firearm that one Mandalorian attempted to block the attack from. The weapon was easily torn in two, followed quickly by Kirlocca's own swing of his arm into an arc that struck the Mandalorian across the chest in a diagonal cut. The armor gave some slight resistance to the blade, protecting the warrior wearing it from death. Luckily for both, it was not Kirlocca's intention to slay the warrior. As he stumbled backwards, Kirlocca followed his arc swing with a powerful kick to send the warrior flying backwards towards the rocks. Before the Mandalorian even landed, Kirlocca was back at the ready for the other two who were now prepared for him.
  8. The Zabrak slowly nodded his head as he listened to both provide an answer. With a soft voice, he responded to them. "Many may say that we will never change their minds. The best you can do... the best anyone can do is to fully understand the Jedi code, and conduct themselves in a way the provides honor to the Force. As the Jedi Master Kirlocca was once recorded for saying, 'Better to make a hard choice with confidence than an easy one that brings eyes to themselves.'" The Zabrak turned and walked to a storage container of some sorts, pulling out an assortment of different things and laid them all upon a table. "But such discussion rarely help prepare one for what may be expected of them. Although it may frame your perspectives and help you in understanding yourself more..." He then moved to stand in front of the table and blocked the view of the container, which was hard to see into anyways. "For now, I want us to see for both myself and for yourself, how the Force works within you. Remaining where you are, what is in the container?"
  9. The Zabrak listened to both Siolo and Alliera and gave a slight eyebrow raise with a half smile as both finished. He leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. He took a moment before responding, as both answers generated some small talk amongst the students. "What if I told you that as different of answers as you both provided, is closely strong to how the galaxy sees the Jedi?" He paused for a moment to let his response sink in, and to let everyone ponder upon it. He then walked over to a projector and placed a galaxy map into the view of everyone in the room. "Some see the Jedi as protectors, guardians of their home worlds. Others view us a chasers of the Dark Side. Some view the Jedi as those who show up and cause problems for them. Others see us as a challenge to be overcomed, much like Mandalorians of old and some splinter groups now." He now moved himself to stand at a position and pointed towards two different planets with both hands. "Chandrila views us a healers and thinks we were too slow to respond to stop or prevent the burning of their home world. Yet here we have Ord Mantell. These people view us as a hindrance of business and a group that could destroy their entire way of life apart if we were to ever interfere..." The Zabrak put both hands down and began to move back towards the back of the room, but left the map up for all to view. "Who is to say that one view is right or wrong? Who can even change their minds if you do hold their view and opinion of us wrong?" It was a test question, but one he was certain that even Jedi Masters would stray from answering fully. But still, such a healthy debate now would help shape their paths that they would walk upon.
  10. The Wookiee smiled at Leena's willingness to join in. Her questions were legit and worthy of a response, as were her concerns for the patients she had here in the city. Turning the engine on, he turned to look at her for the first time. << I do not know where Genesis is, but I must find him. Rumors of raiders in the north east shoreline seem to be our best bet at where he may be. If he was taken by these Mandalorians, we need to be cautious. They have been known to kill Jedi very easily. Either way, this will be a quick mission, whether we are successful or not... >> Kirlocca then pushed the throttle forward and had the two Jedi taking off north east along the shoreline, in hopes of finding the wayward Jedi Genesis. As the rode, Kirlocca kept his presence within the Force strong and constantly pushing it outwards in hopes that Genesis would feel him and know that he was not forgotten or abandoned to a fate he did not want.
  11. The Zabrak slowly nodded his head and then smiled at the Twi'lek. "Indeed. It's what I suspected through the Force. And because of that, I suggest perhaps you could do me a favor." The Zabrak moved slowly to stand next to the young Jedi hopeful. "Describe with your own words... " He now leaned in to impart some heaviness to the question, but also to allow for the dramatic pause. "What does it mean to be a Jedi?"
  12. It seemed to be the very next morning when words and rumors began to spread rather quickly of Genesis, the young Jedi who came with him and the Mon Calamari healer had been taken somehow. Kirlocca was quick to begin to poke around to see who knew what and where he was last seen. Every so often he would reach out into the Force to see if he could feel the young man, but he seemed to be far enough away that no such presence could be felt. He did and still could feel the Jedi Healer, Leena. He reached out to her through the Force, letting his emotions flood her, a sense of urgency was about all that he truly wanted to muster to her. He wasn't panicked about Genesis, no worried. He simply knew that he had to find him. He managed to track information that suspected he may have been taken north east along the upper shoreline where some of the other raiding parties had come from. It was good enough of a lead for him, so he paid double to a shopkeeper for a speeder that would be ideal for his needs and began to prep the speeder for departure. Whether Leena had arrived or not, Kirlocca felt her presence and spoke out loud. If she wasn't there, it would seem to any bystanders that the Wookiee may have been losing his mind. << I'm going to get Genesis back. I have no real use here past encouragement of muscle of heavy lifting. I'm planning on a small firefight. >>
  13. Kirlocca spent most of his time working with the smaller shop keepers in the main city of Hanna City, helping them with small tasks, such as lifting heavy pieces into places. There was a lot of disappointment at first with the lack of use of the Force from the Jedi, but many were still very thankful that the Wookiee was around to even help to begin with. Some would offer to pay him, and he would kindly turn them down, instead finding some joy in the pure smiles of happiness of getting someone doing something for them out of no other desire other than to see them succeed. It was very therapeutic in helping his own mind with coming to terms of being brought back to life by Raven. He didn't hold anything against her, as he was slowly understanding why she did what she did every single day. And through helping others, he was helping reassure himself that it was indeed the right move for her to make. He would also every so often reach out through the Force to find the young Jedi that was an apprentice to Armiena, Genesis the Wookiee believed his name to be. He would find the presence every so often, and it was slowly getting to be within a good spirit. What started off as distant was now slowly becoming warm every single day. It was a good sign to the Jedi Master. One of those nights, sitting around the main market square eating food with others from the city, Kirlocca found himself slightly unable to fully concentrate on the boy, as conversations were stirring up near by. "No- I'm telling you. Jorran and Hallar were taken. The raiders are keeping themselves somewhat close by to slow or stop our efforts. A military strike might prove useful to us." It was then that the Wookiee could no longer remain focused on the boy, but rather turned his full attention to the conversation. << A military strike, while might prove to end those simple raids... would only stir a stronger provocation from the Mandalorians. One that could cause an even bigger delay in recovery efforts. >> One of the men sitting around and turned to look at the Jedi. His face narrowed entirely like a sponge and focused directly at the Wookiee. "No offense Master Kirlocca, but if a strike wouldn't settled things, what would? Why bother trying to recover if such constant raids persist?" The words struck within everyone who was nearby and listening. The Wookiee smiled and put down his food. << The same reason the Jedi Order persists. >> The confusion the moved around everyone was obvious enough for the Jedi to smile even bigger. He then continued to help them understand. << The Jedi are attacked over and over again not because we are great warriors. But because we stand consistently for what is right. Without us, evil would turn on itself and continue to spread chaos and suffering throughout the galaxy. The hope that kindles the largest fires are the ones that can endure the heat the longest. To use aggressiveness against aggressiveness only breds aggression, setting a cycle that becomes harder to break. To over come what is before you, you need to understand what would starve it. >>
  14. The Zabrak took a moment to look intently at the Twi'lek before answering him. His words were soft, yet somewhat confusing he was sure. "Perhaps there is no one here to tell you what to do. You were told to come along, and you came. The Jedi are not dictators. No one will tell you what to do, at least no one who is a Jedi. The real question is this; What do you want to do?" The Zabrak took a moment to fold his arms across his chest as he looked at the Twi'lek.
  15. The Zabrak stood and the front of the class and waited for the group to calm down. The excitement with everyone buzzed and it felt like it did way back when. The energy of everyone seemed to beam at the thought of becoming Jedi, which was still far off for many of them. As everyone settled in, he finally spoke. "I am going to review for you the very basics of the what the Jedi Order is built upon. Listen. Take in. After that, feel free to open questions. There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; There is serenity. There is no death; there is only the Force. A Jedi does not act for personal power or wealth but seeks knowledge and enlightenment. A Jedi never acts from hatred, anger, fear, or aggression but acts when calm and at peace with the Force. Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use the powers to defend and to protect, never to attack others. Jedi respect life, in any form. Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy. Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training. These words are a lot to take in, so I want for you to dwell upon them, and then ask questions. For even as direct of a code as this may be, it is also one the brings up many natural questions. And from one of our most beloved Jedi Masters who trained thousands of Jedi, they would have said that questions are the key to learning and understanding."
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