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  1. Kirlocca gave a look at Alliera's armor as she mentioned needing to really repair it. Based upon what he knew of Mandalorians, she was indeed right. He remained standing next to the bed as opposed to Johan, who sat in a chair. He kept his gaze upon the the girl, and held some form of compassion towards her as she mentioned debriefing on what had happened. He realized he never truly spoke to either of them on what had happened or where they went wrong. He allowed for his thoughts to collect a moment before he even spoke. << Debrief-no. I wouldn't even say discuss. You both know at this point that you didn't do as well as you should have, and your injuries are a reminder of that. Perhaps maybe what you truly need are some pointers. >> Now Kirlocca moved and sat on the edge of the bed, taking a more relaxed position to show both that his words are not meant to be harsh, but reflective. << As a Jedi, you need to always be aware of your surroundings. If you don't know what's before you, caution is the best tactic you should employ. And from Mon Calamari, this is the lesson you should learn from it. Learn to recognize what is not important. It is not necessary to always strike the first blow or reach a goal before anyone else does. In fact, it is sometimes vital to strike the last blow, to give the final answer, or to arrive after everyone else. For then you can see more paths that are open to you, while the first may not be able to see such outcomes. >>
  2. A lone MC-24a shuttle blasted in the Nespis VIII system carrying a very valuable prisoner. It landed in the small hangar bay of the Helvault, where it was greeted by a total of seven LV8 guard droids. The main droid stepped forward as the officers carried off the Sith known as Krath Apothos. "We will take prisoner 747. You may return to your shuttle and depart." The main officer dropping the Sith off hesitated for a moment. "Shouldn't we escort him to his cell or something?" "Unnecessary. You do not have clearance, nor does the facility require such actions." The droid didn't give much of any other warning. He simply turned around and began to walk towards the door as two other of the droids took possession of the cart carrying the prisoner and began to follow the other droids, all now of which were leaving the main hangar. As the droids fully left the hangar and shut the door, another droids voice came over the intercom. "Depart the facility now. Two minutes before your ship is destroyed." Understanding that this prison clearly had things under control, the main officer directed his men to reboard the shuttle, and they quickly took off to avoid being destroyed. The seven security droids moved prisoner 747 into his cell exactly two minutes and forty three seconds after taking custody of him. Putting him in his cell, the prisoner began to wake up, having the droids lock and seal the cell. After everything was sealed up, LV8-78 stood at the door to address the prisoner. "You are now under the custody of Helvault prison. Meals will be delivered every eight hours. You will have exactly fifteen minutes to eat said meal. You are free to spend your eight hours in between however you wish. We will not disturb you up except for inspections which take place every thirty two hours. You will be forced to comply and gassed asleep. You will notice that the walls damped your ability to use what you call the Force. This is for your own protection. No visitors are allowed. Only level five clearance or higher is allowed to enter the facility. When they come, they most likely will take you to trial or to be exterminated permanently. If you have questions, hit the one single button you have access to in your cell to bring one of my fellow LV8 droids to your service. Good day Prisoner 747." After he was done, the droid turned around and left the cell's view and walked back towards his station to await the next duty or assignment.
  3. The former imperial remnant shuttle landed on the main Headquarters of the Rebel Alliance on Nar Shaddaa without any delay. Kirlocca and Johan departed from the shuttle and walked into the main facility, the Wookiee with a general sense of calm about him. There was no worry or thought of the battle he had just left, or sense of worry about his other apprentice, who was in the hospital wing of the base. As the two Jedi approached the main desk of the wing, the Jedi Master didn't need to stop and ask which room Alliera was in, as he could feel her within the Force like a light within the darkness. But he respected that others did not, so he honored the girl working the desk. << We'd like to see Alliera please. >> The girl smiled at the Wookiee and Johan. She quickly type up something where she was working and then looked up at the two. "She's in room 11 Master Kirlocca. And thank you for humoring me. I know you can feel exactly where she is." She hit a button and opened the door. Kirlocca gave a slight nod and smile towards her as the two walked through. He walked down the hall and could feel Alliera in the Force still. Walking into her room, he quickly gave her a smile. << Well, you don't seem so bad. Luckily your armor held up. >> Kirlocca stood to the side to allow for Johan to speak to Alliera.
  4. Kirlocca smiled at Johan as he asked some questions. His concern for his fellow Jedi should the Jedi Master much of his apprentice's character. Patting his shoulder again, he looked at the large ship, Misericordia as the shuttle slowly landed in the hangar bay. As the two Jedi walked off next to the Sith whom they transported off the planet, Kirlocca spoke to his padawan. << There is no word on her condition. At least not yet. All that I know from the comm chatter was that she was on a shuttle taken back to Nar Shaddaa with a few others. >> Kirlocca paused his conversation as an officer of the Misericordia approached them both. "It's been a real mess down there. Luckily you've captured this one here for processing. Unless the Jedi Master has a suggestion of another location, we want to take him to The Helvault, an prison made by CoreSec on Nespiss VIII. It's perfectly designed to hold such a man as this one..." Kirlocca looked at the Sith for a moment, remembering that the station was operated with a majority of droids, and the Sith's ability to use Mechu-deru had the Wookiee hesitate, but also remembered that the walls of the facility should also prevent him from doing so. << That is fine with me. Keep Raven posted on his whereabouts, along with the Jedi Order. >> Kirlocca thanked the officer and then directed his padawan to another shuttle that was preparing to take off towards nar Shaddaa. << Training within the Force is only going to get harder, but there are some things that you can learn to counter what you experienced her today. Such as Force Healing is possible, along with the ability to alter the environment. Such a road to mastery of those is a very long road indeed. And upon arriving at Nar Shaddaa, I will help you learn such things. >> As he finished speaking, the two boarded the shuttle and took off for Nar Shaddaa, while the Sith, Krath Apothos, was taken on another shuttle to be delivered to a prison cell that resided for him on Nespis VIII, the Helvault.
  5. Kirlocca helped move some of the soldiers out of the building as a low flying transport came in and awaited them to board. Once he was sure everyone was out, he picked up the Sith and carried him onto the transport and laid him upon the floor. He reached out into the Force to make sure that he was still alive, and also induced a stronger state of unconsciousness through a form of Morichro, and was only sued upon the mind to keep it from waking. Standing up, he saw Johan on the transport and the Jedi Master gave his apprentice a smile. << For a first time in the real galaxy, you did well. You have much to improve upon, but you still did well. >> Kirlocca gave the boy a pat on the shoulder and then walked towards the main cockpit of the transport. He poked his head in and spoke very clearly. << Take us up and out. The storm is dying and the Rebel forces need to get to the surface. >> Kirlocca lifted his head towards the skyline for a moment and wished to be elsewhere for just a brief second before returning to where he needed to be, which was by his padawan's side. He sat down and directed for Johan to do the same. << We are going to be headed back to Nar Shaddaa to visit and check on Alliera. From there I suspect that our training is going to intensify greatly. >> ((You can make a generic post for us boarding and then taking off.))
  6. Kirlocca moved quickly upon locking the Sith within the Force Stasis field he had created for him. While it held the Sith in suspension and kept the Force lightning off of him, he knew such a hold would not last. In the fast rush to the temporarily frozen Sith, the Wookiee came down on him with his paw in a thunder hit to his head with the end goal being to knock him unconscious until a later time. Upon striking the temple of the Sith, Kirlocca stood up and towered over the unconscious body before him. The Force swirled around like an ocean crashing into a side of mountain, wave after wave. After a moment passed, the Jedi pulled out his comlink. << This is Jedi Master Kirlocca, I have a prisoner to be taken into custody. Leaving my channel open to track my location. >> After he spoke, he put the comlink away and picked up the Sith with one arm and slung him over his shoulder like a bag full of light materials and walked towards the edge of the building, and then leapt down, using the Force to slow his approach and land gracefully upon floating platform that was Coral City. A solider who was at the bottom had a sudden jump at the very landing and was in shock until he realized who it was and what the Wookiee had in his arms. "We should let him rot with the rest of those of whom he deemed unworthy to live." Kirlocca raised an eyebrow at the solider. << And then we would be no better than him. None of these actions are new to us. His partner, I can feel it within the Force, a slippery one, is doing what is expected. Fear is taking over and he is attempting to run and hide. Sith have always been cowards and run when the tide turns against them. What drives them and what makes them squirm in guilt are different from us. A prison is the best form of justice for this one. >> Without any other word, Kirlocca reached out into the Force and called Johan to him. After doing so, he made his presence like a beacon within the Force, pouring life, happiness and warmth into it. He knew that the other Sith on planet would without a doubt be able to feel the Jedi Master and know what he was doing. But Kirlocca also knew that he would never engage him, as that was not his way. So for the moment, he turned his attention to the one whom lay before him, unconscious from the hard blow the Wookiee gave and began to reach into his mind, attempting to to gain more intel on what he should expect from here on out.
  7. Kirlocca felt like the strings of the Force were pulling in swift motions. Slowly and surely like a strong undercurrent, change was coming. The tide was shifting and he could feel it. His attack seemed to push the Sith he fought to the edge of desperation. The throne-like chair made sounds as it was destroyed, confirming much of what the Jedi Master thought he was up against with this Sith. Pulling his blade back up to the ready after destroying the chair, he searched for a moment for the Sith as he could feel him, yet could not physically see him yet. Yet there it was, the slow weaving of the Dark Side. He was attempting to take control of another mechanical technology through his power of Mechu-deru. He had seen it before, yet now that he knew what was happening, he was able to figure out through the small weaving of the Dark Side that it was about to strike again. The sudden onslaught of death began to rise within the Force. The enemy had begun firing on civilians, and it could be felt. Although by this point, the majority of those who lived in the city had fled underwater by this point. But even so, it meant that Kirlocca had to move quickly to end this fight. The Force surged suddenly, every part of his body that was connected to the Force through Wru’torr warned him of the impending danger. The Wookiee turned to see the cracks of lightning beginning to flare out of the Sith. Without a second thought, Kirlocca lifted his lightsaber to block the oncoming Force Lightning from the Sith. His blade would hold out for a short while, but if he wanted to end the fight, he needed something else to help him stop the Sith, one that did not directly take his life, as he would be held responsible for much of what has already transpired on this planet. Knowing time was running out, the Jedi Master summoned as much Force energy to himself that he could as he did not want the Sith to resist him. Focusing his eyes upon the spot where the Force Lightning was crackling from, he lifted a paw off of his lightsaber hilt and directed a powerful Force Stasis upon the Sith. He would capture him or die trying. ((Post 3 in Kirlocca vs Apothos)) [Kirlocca attempted to use a very powerful Force Stasis upon Apothos as he holds of the Force Lightning.]
  8. Kirlocca was a bit thrown off for a moment of the throne chair with Apothos taking on action by itself. He had encountered such a technique before, but never from a chair. It moved like it was connected to Apothos, which gave the Jedi Master a bit more insight into what exactly he was dealing with. The longer the battle waged on, the more likely he would be able to uncover the full bag of tricks such a Sith warrior like the one he faced could have at his own disposal. With each blow and move delivered, the thorne chair responded to him. It was something he was unsure if his own Wru’torr would be able to fully combat. The tingle he felt earlier suddenly grew stronger and the Jedi Master knew he had to respond to it now as opposed to later. Even as he opened himself to the threats that could lurk, he spotted that the throne began to move in a way that would expose its back to him. Such a move followed by the cold sensation down his spine told Kirlocca that the threat was behind him, and would be ready if he simply turned. Using partially his own strength along with the Force, Kirlocca leapt backwards in a high backflip to avoid the oncoming charge. The charge ended up being the least of his worries. Whatever came at him from behind erupted into a fiery chaotic energy that threatened much. Holding out his free paw he attempted to use the Force to protect him from the blast in the midst of his flip, but as the energy struck, the Wookiee decided to use the energy to his own advantage and let it propel him backwards even further as a way to save his own Force energy. Landing with a strong force still pushing him slightly backwards that took a bot of his own brute strength to hold himself steady, the Jedi Master stood up amongst the very fringes of his fur becoming singed from the exploding weapon of the Sith, Kirlocca took his own blade and tossed it at the chair that Apothos was being protected from. Knowing that the effects of Malacia would soon fade from his opponent, Kirlocca knew what he had to do in order to keep the Sith warrior on his feet. As the blade left his hand and went flying towards the throne, Kirlocca charged himself with long powerful strides, staggering just slightly as he was recovering from the blast and focusing more upon using the Force to guide the lightsaber. As he could feel to blades location coming near to the back of the chair, Kirlocca used the Force to leap into the air and called the lightsaber back to his paw upon the time frame of when it would have struck the chair, which happened to be when he was now dropping upon the back of the chair that was near the ledge of the rooftop. Quickly, he dropped having the blade go in a downward motion to now attempt to cut the throne in two. His opponent would not have many options to avoid the blade and save the throne, which was his goal. To engage the Sith blade to blade. ((Post 2 in Kirlocca vs Apothos)) [Kirlocca both avoided the blast and used its energy to help him. He then charged to throne.]
  9. Kirlocca was focused upon the building and the swirling storm crafted by the dark side that he was unaware that his opponent was on the rooftop with him. The sense that crept down his spine was all the alert he had, and it came just slightly later than what he wanted, as his own reaction time seemed to be slower than what he anticipated. With what he felt, his own instincts were to leap into the air in a corkscrew motion to turn to face what he sensed. Mid-leap into the air, as he turned, the Force Lightning caught him barely upon right shoulder and sent him twirling a bit more than expected. The Wookiee landed on the ground in a roll and stood upon his left knee. As he came out of his roll he noticed that he lost his lightsaber in the roll, which was something he hadn't done in forever. Instinctively he reached out hi spaw and attempted to bring his lightsaber to him, which he could barely see through the Force, but then quickly realized that such a feat was not worth it until he had the time to fulfill the feat. Lifting his left paw, he could sense the other Force user through the Force and their location. It was glowing like a beacon before him. Without hesitation, he used Malacia upon Apothos. Once he knew it succeeded in reaching his opponent, Kirlocca then stood and used the Force to call his lightsaber back to him. He could sense within the Force that there was something else he should be worried about, but could get no such direction or direct feeling as of yet. Until it presented itself, Kirlocca could provide no such attention or worry to it. For now, he had one threat to worry about. Using the time he had provided to himself, he quickly centered himself in Wru'torr and prepared for what would either be a quick or long battle. There was no need for any Force energy to be used yet, the Jedi Master used his giant legs to take quick and powerful strides towards Apothos and brought the blade in a downward motion, making the obvious attempt to disarm his opponent. ((Post 1 for Kirlocca.)) Evaded Force Lightning, used Malacia upon Apothos to throw him off and then centered himself in Wru'torr and charged.
  10. Kirlocca landed with Johan and got both the boy and himself into a building rather quickly. Between the howling of the winds of the blizzard, Johan speaking and the general chatter of the soldiers inside the building, Kirlocca had to take a moment to recenter himself to everything going on rather quickly. "Master Kirlocca, I'm glad you're here on the surface with us. The weather is sure causing lots of problems for our sensors along with whatever damage to the population. We need to find a way to hold on longer to withstand it." Kirlocca gave a confused look to the soldier who addressed him. He turned to Johan for a quick second before turning back to the soldier. << Do research on the planet you're liberating. Only about twenty percent of the population is in cities above the ocean. This weather is more of a problem for us. >> Kirlocca walked away from the soldier and looked out a window towards the sky. << However, there is no way for the storm to be controlled and not interfere with the enemy as well, not unless it's all an illusion. And I have an idea. >> Kirlocca turned around and began to walk out towards the doors. << Johan, stay with this troop. Your sole job and purpose now is to learn. Reach out into the Force and see what aid you can provide. >> There were no other words offered up. The Wookiee simply left the building. Stepping outside the wind knocked him hard for a moment, but having such a long experience of traveling world to world over his years, he quickly adjusted to what was presented to him. He reached out into the Force and could feel within it the very source of the storm. Taking a deep breath, he could also feel life energy swarming the skies above. Taking another two deep breaths, he allowed for a moment to center and prepare himself for the action he was about to take. Without much of a warning past that, the Jedi Master leapt into the air with the aid of the Force, catching rather quickly with his left paw a Basilisk that was passing by upon a run. It was one flying on the lower side, to which was not high enough for the Wookiee to perform what he needed to perform. Slowly climbing up the side of the hulking flying war machine, Kirlocca maneuvered into a position to push himself off the Basilisk he was holding himself onto and leapt onto another one that was starting to climb. The rider of this one looked at him, clearly within the Force, Kirlocca could tell was shocked to even see a Wookiee suddenly on the Basilisk. Using Telepathy, he spoke within the rider's mind. I’m just borrowing the ride. Leaving now in fact. With that said, he leapt onto another Basilisk that was taking a better angle that he needed. With the wind and the cold snow, Kirlocca almost wasn’t even able to fully grab ahold of the passing Basilisk. The Force was with him though, as his paw was able to grab at the last second. Because of his late grab, he had to quickly adjust before he made his final push off, this time was a direct descent. The Jedi Master landed with a loud thud upon the roof of a building. This building was one that the Force was calling him to. Quickly, he stood up and withdrew his lightsaber, igniting the orange blade, Kirlocca drove the blade through the roof until it came close to the hilt. He then began to cut through the roof of the building where the Force was moving him towards a connecting current and most likely a clash of blades if his senses were indeed being moved by the Force.
  11. Kirlocca stood on the landing shuttle, directly behind the pilot with his eyes closed. "Master Kirlocca, the sensors are having a real hard time with the blizzard. I'm unsure if we can even mak-" Kirlocca placed his left paw upon the shoulder of the pilot. Within the Force he began to help him with guidance. << I can feel them and the opposing forces. We are fine pilot. Take us at angle 3.5 Johan is in the most need of assistance... >> Almost as soon as he finished speaking, he removed his paw and turned and walked towards the back where a group of commandos were waiting. He kept his mind somewhat focused on the pilot still to help him navigate to a better route down to the surface level. As he got back, he spoke plainly to the commandos. << Upon landing, you will have exactly 4.5 seconds to disembark without being under fire. After that, the enemy will realize that I am not their primary threat. I suggest you take that time to get cover and prepare for them to be drawn into your position. Hold them.>> The Wookiee pushed past the troops and towards the back landing ramp. Quickly he opened the landing ramp and almost immediately had the cold wind hit him along with the snow that started to enter the ship. One commando lowered his head in a slight nod. “We’ll see you on the surface.” Kirlocca gave a slight nod in return before he jumped out of the ship and began to fall towards the surface. He knew exactly where he was at, even as the wind and snow attempted to make things harder to see, the Force allowed him to know where he was headed. Landing next to a slaver, who was quick to turn and attempt to fire on the Jedi Master soon found the regrettable action ended with Kirlocca striking him on the chest with his full force, but also he put the Force into the strike as well. The result was the poor slaver getting thrown a good 10 meters away and hitting a crate of some sort. He most likely would have gone further had the crate not stopped his momentum of the hit. The hit brought the attention of the droids, who quickly turned and opened fire upon the Wookiee. Kirlocca quickly brought his lightsaber that he was given by Tobias Vos and snapped the blade to life. The orange hue made quick work of the two droids, both of which were unaware of whom they had even attempted to open fire on. More attention was drawn to the Jedi Master. Pulling the Force fully to himself as he could hear the engines of the landing craft making touchdown, the need to help the pilot was no longer needed. A quick flick of his wrist, the blade was sent flying in an arc completely controlled by the Force by the Jedi Master and made a terrifying humming sound as the culling blade swung through a few others nearby who had made their sights on the Wookiee. As he heard the sound of the landing ramp touching down fully, Kirlocca pulled the blade back and began to walk towards the location of where he could feel one of his padawans, Johan. As he walked, he could hear the sound of someone shouting “Not the Jedi, the commandos!” Clearly the first part of his plan had worked, since he was walking away from the main battle field and towards Johan. Finding a pile of scrap that had fallen down during a recent blast, Kirlocca could feel Johan underneath it. With a quick swing followed by a Force blast, the Jedi Master freed his padawan from a potential certain doom. Deactivating his lightsaber for a moment, he leaned down and turned in such a way to protect Johan from the raging wind. Touching his padawan’s forehead with his paw, he spoke rather loudly. << Get up Johan. You are well enough to move, and we are a long way off from where we need to be. Stay close. >> Kirlocca helped the boy up and activated his lightsaber once again. He then held onto Johan as he searched the Force for where the two needed to be. Upon feeling out the heat of battle, all while still keeping a hold onto Johan, the Wookiee used the Force to make a massive jump in the direction where the two Jedi were needed.
  12. Kirlocca stood for a moment looking at the planet of Mon Calamari from the bridge of Misericordia as he looked out over the planet. He could feel the Force moving rapidly like it always did before a great battle. Closing his eyes and let out a heavy breath as he reached out and attempted to feel out where his padawans were. Both were eager to join in the fray, a trait he was a bit worried about. Although both did share some insight, that the Jedi Master choose not to speak up on as the awaited their time. After a moment of feeling them out, he sent a telepathic message within their minds. Remember the Jedi Code. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. We as Jedi are here to protect life. Trust in the Force and let it guide your actions to preserve peace and harmony. Letting out another deep breath, he finally opened his own eyes. He turned and looked at Raven, whom was looking at him. He gave her a slight nod. << Unlike last time, I promise... I will see you after this is over. >> The Jedi Master gave her a bow now and turned and walked off the bridge and headed towards the hangar to join his two appretinctices, of which he was sure would be on the surface without and aid for a good hour. Hopefully he could arrive and help them before things all went down hill for them...
  13. Kirlocca sat in the main hold of the J-1 shuttle as it maneuvered itself to the main gathering point of the Rebel fleet. His eyes were closed, half in a meditation state, but mainly centering himself. He was also listening in very slightly to the holocron he was using for both Alliera and Johan, as it was covering some of the basics of lightsaber combat. "Form I, also called Shii-Cho, requires little explanation, as every Jedi youngling learns the basics of attack, parry, body target zones, and practice drills called velocities.” The voice of Cin Drallig was explaining to both. Almost as soon as the image finished explaining and showing a bit with his own lightsaber, Kirlocca finally stood up. << That’s enough of the word lesson. >> Without much hesitation, the Wookiee shut down the holocron and used the Force to call it back to him. As he put it away, the pilot called back that they were granted permission to land on the Misericordia. The Jedi Master barely acknowledged the statement as he withdrew two training lightsabers. << While I know that you have one Johan, and Alliera you are prepared with other tools of combat, I want for you both to carry one. Practice with it as you can, get familiar with the weight and movement more. But beyond that, be prepared to use it to defend yourselves. >> Kirlocca gave a slight smile to both, knowing that the chances to learn on the fly would present themselves heavily during this mission. And in so doing, both would gain quick knowledge of some of the trails that Jedi go through. He also knew that just being present himself on the battlefield would draw more attention away from others, to which he knew would provide more openings for the rebels… and for the one presence that he could now feel very strongly. Raven...
  14. Kirlocca almost smiled as he could hear Alliera's comment about not losing track of him, but choose instead to let the comment pass by without any notice. Without much of another word spoken at all, the Wookiee moved both young Jedi to the spaceport where a shuttle was resting. << You both will find that helpful is a relative term. We are going to aid, and whether or not we are helpful will be decided by others. For now, let us depart. I fear we may be on the late side upon our arrival anyways. >> Kirlocca quickly ushered both onto the shuttle and had it off to the rally point. Soon all three were on there way to rendezvous with the Rebel fleet...
  15. Kirlocca gave a smile to both and nodded his head in the direction of the main entrance. As he started to speak, he also began to walk towards the stairs. << Well Johan and Alliera, we are now headed into the Galaxy. From there, you will gain some valuable experience in what being a Jedi really is all about. >> As the Jedi Master reached the top of the stairs, he pointed towards the starport letting both know that they were about to leave the planet. << The Galaxy is long overdue to have the famous Jedi Wookiee enter the defense scene. We are headed towards the front lines... >> Without saying much of anything else, the Wookiee began to walk down the stairs of the entrance of the Jedi Temple. The small group was about to be entered into the galaxy at large and the confrontations the Jedi Order needed to be apart of.
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