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  1. The few steps that the Sith had taken backwards from his attack was enough. The lack of power driven into the attack was also sufficient enough to maintain his own energy. The Sith carried with him a great sense of pride and position. His tactics like one who had waged war many times, his presence assured of knowing he carried the momentum for the battle. The slow security he needed the Sith to have, as he knew for a fact that he never once faced the form of Wru’torr. But how could he? None of his apprentices ever mastered the form, save one. Dahar. And Dahar’s death was a premature one. So long as the Sith kept charging with blind focus and creating pain, he was playing into the form’s hands. The next flurry began quickly, with a wild swing of one of the swords towards his shins. A sweeping blade that carried with it some momentum. Being such a large creature that he was, a simple step backwards avoided the blow altogether without having to involve his lightsaber. The fast spin from the Sith warrior off his momentum also brought with it a side swing again, a threat of catching him midsection. A step backwards would end up resulting in himself losing the ground he needed to disarm the Sith. So he took a half step in towards the Sith again, dropping himself on the lower side to catch the blade. A bit of precognition kicking in. The precognition from the Jedi Master proved to be spot on, as the follow up swing by the Sith was an overhead one from his other blade. Catching the first swing on the lightsaber, Kirlocca ended up placing both paws upon the hilt, and swung it upwards to defend against the downward strike as a fast follow up. The defense shot pain through his left elbow of the strike against it, along with pain that shot across his shoulder blades from one of the first strikes of the Sith to even land. The pain felt like stretching a muscle that just wasn’t ready to be pulled as fast as it was. It gave the immediate reaction of longing for withdrawal. Kirlocca surrendered to the withdrawal feeling, taking a step backwards as he stood up to bend over slightly to provide relief for his shoulders. His slight withdrawal proved to be a small saving grace from the wild swing at his midsection again, this time catching some of his flesh in a steady cut from one rib to the other. The cut went without any defense as his lightsaber remained a bit to the side from his own withdrawal away from the Sith. The pain felt like fire across his midsection, with fast stinging from his own blood and sweat that almost immediately entered the cut. It forced him to take another step backwards. The step backwards was met by a wild swing from one of the swords that went nowhere. Clearly the Sith had expected for the Wookiee to step up and use his lightsaber, but the cut forced a different option. It was then that he saw it, a driving downward blow. Instincts told him to step backwards, but the Force whispered for him to step into it. It was what Wru’torr was built around. Using the momentum and energy of the opponent against them, whilst saving your own only for when it was needed. nNd he could feel it, the moment he had to end this conflict. Placing both paws upon the hilt, he stepped into the driving downwards blow, catching it head on. But upon meeting the blades, Kirlocca released his hilt and spun towards, not alongside the Sith. The false catch he hoped would carry the Sith’s own momentum downward, leaving him exposed to what was coming next from the Jedi Master. As his body came around, that’s when he unleashed it. His right paw went downwards towards the Sith’s neck, with every bit of energy and Force strength he could muster, as he used very little of it thus far. The strike upon any normal person would have separated their head from their neck, even with armor covering it. He knew the Sith would be able to prepare for it somewhat, so the blow would not be lethal. It would however still have very devastating consequences. ((3)) (Fun duel! Loved writing this story with you. Thanks Mav!)
  2. The atmosphere was charged with emotions, fueled by the Sith. Kirlocca held his own in check, as they were clearly not serving the Sith, at least not in a way that he could see. Yes, the emotions in the air were allowing more adrenaline and power to be pulled from; But the mistakes of the big picture were being missed. The Jedi Master made no illusion that he wanted the Sith to keep charging recklessly at him, and that seemed to be okay with the Sith to keep on charging and playing into his hands. The one who killed Raven made a loud cry after recovering from the blow, or simply feeling it, and began to charge again. A small inhale of breath quickly allowed for him to center himself as he prepared for the next flurry of attacks, all of which seemed to be coming from a dark place from the Sith. Even darker than perhaps anger. He could feel it due to the blood ritual on his wrist from the priest in the cantina earlier. The flurry of attacks came like rain during a hurricane. Intense, rapidly and misleading in the damage that they could deal. The Sith first stepped to his left, which began the dance of the two. One of the swords came at his arm, a small yet simple move, to which Kirlocca was able to move a bit toward the Sith, allowing for him to spare his lightsaber for the next move, which he could already feel within the Force. But as he moved to block the other sword, the one aimed at his left cut into his elbow, sending a very sharp pain echoing through his arm, which changed the direction of how he wanted to avoid the swinging wild sword to his right. With the pain, he managed to barely get the lightsaber in defense of the second sword and kept it from doing as much harm. The slightly weakened state had the blade of his lightsaber push back just slightly enough to burn some of his fur, but not enough to make a cut. Luckily though, it forced him to truly step into the Sith attacker, putting himself almost on top of him, which then would aid heavily in the defense of follow up attacks from the Sith, as he just simply would not have enough room with two blades to make anything effective enough against someone being so close and with a lightsaber defending. As he then stood almost on top of the Sith with him thrashing about, causing now strong flurries of attacks that couldn’t truly hit or find a mark, Kirlocca decided to get more offensive in his nature, lifting his knee into the gut of the Sith. As he did, he quickly lifted his blade, bringing it in a downward motion, while simultaneously lifting his leg through his knee. The double pronged attack potentially would make Raven’s murderer choose between being forcefully kicked backwards and away, having to recharge at the Jedi Master again, or having a blade take him clean out. ((2))
  3. Even as he spoke the words, Kirlocca began to understand why the Force led him to this planet. The crystal echoed Raven, but it felt off. Perverted beyond a sense of what he knew. Or maybe it was the Dark Side surrounding her through the Sith is more of what he felt. He held it out for a second and spoke to prove his point, only to prove his own. But such reasoning the Jedi Master understood was beyond reaching at this moment. What he held and placed back inside his armor was not at all who Raven was, nor could she ever be from such a thing. But even as he fully placed the crystal away, Kirlocca felt something in the Force, a rise in Dark Side energy. It was familiar, the rage and anger felt within the Force. And then it happened, the Sith Warrior charged at him with reckless abandon. With calmness in his mind, and readiness with his body, he fell into the default position of Wru’torr, allowing for a very slight moment of preparation to the coming onslaught. The Sith, wielding swords instead of lightsabers, would prove to be a step onto Kirlocca’s final path, but one that was beyond the Jedi Master’s own vision and mind. The rage and anger that came with each coming blow gave insight and wisdom, even more so with the Wookiee pushing his own presence into the fray, making the strikes telegraphed a bit more than usual. The first sword went directly at him, a blow with strength, but even for the most skilled warrior would know such a blow would never land except against a novice. It was the second blow that Kirlocca sought to seek out, one that came upwards on his back, as the Jedi Master turned to avoid the first blow, only barely using the lightsaber he received from Sandy to move it away. The upward one took a long cut into his back, but not deep. It cut enough to have his ceremonial battle cross belt off. The positioning of the defense left him open to the next landing blow, a knee into his gut. The air inside his chest left for a moment, which was replaced by pain. Had the Sith Warrior been stronger, bones or ribs could have been broken. It was a brute move, one that he had not seen in a long time, but almost as he bent from the pain, knew to turn to look for the next opportunity. The face turn helped him in only catching part of the pommel of one of the swords, cutting into the corner of his left eye. As it struck, the Force whispered to him to make his move. Using the momentum from the Sith, along with his own, he made a quick spin, making a move with his left foot, but at the last minute dropped his foot and kicked at the the other knee of the Sith with his right foot with enough force to break the shin. His foot went down in such a way that he was moving forward and going through something regardless. The kick was designed around the movement of protecting the other foot, the only reason to strike the way he did. Upon planting his foot, he used his right paw to punch at the gut of the Sith, bringing to bear his natural brute force, along with Force energy. He would get the Sith to back away slightly through the strike, or the energy of the Force behind the strike would push him backwards. Either way, Kirlocca would get some space. As he finished the blow, he took a small step backwards to reset himself into the default starting position of Wru’torr. A small smirk came to his face, blood dripping from his left eye and his back. He knew at this point what his tactic was. Keep the Sith angry, and keep him charging at him. He would play to the strength of Wru’torr. It was the way that Kirlocca would show both Raven and the Sith why he was brought back. ((1))
  4. The words spoken by the Sith Warrior brought forth memories to his mind. The time when he plunged his lightsaber into the back of Adi-wan Tinova, the chance to retaliate for being purposefully held back. His time serving under Ar-Pharazon since his killing of Adi-wan, and later fight against Sly Stevenson and Mes Tisserand. And then his memories of his fight with Hou-jo Poleb, which lead to his temporary exile as he watched helplessly as Hou-jo lead the Order to their slaughter. The darkness he felt during such times, to focus with clear purpose. Yes, his own anger was a tool, but one like he had already said, caused blindness to the whole picture. Adi-wan's death at his hands proved to have more consequences overall for the Jedi Order. His anger in fighting other Master's with Ar-Pharazon in the aftermath caused a downward spiral that he still wasn't sure that even now the order has recovered from. His anger blinded him against the better moves to make against Hou-jo. No, the Sith Warrior was indeed wrong. And yet somehow, the words being spoken were beginning to set his grief stricken mind free. Slowly, he lifted he narrowed and locked his eyes upon the Sith before him. With the others being dismissed and sent away, Kirlocca moved to stand square with the lone remaining person before him. The words spoken seemed to recall even more memories that really cemented his own security in what he knew to be true. Keeping the lightsaber hilt unactivated within his paw, he tilted his head just slightly to the left. The Sith before him now truly revealed his own overall weakness. Lack of Wisdom. There was much wisdom in understanding the history and past. To know of what came before you. He did not know who he was, nor how long he had actually lived. << Losses far greater than you. My Grandfather, my father, my adopted daughter and son. Perhaps I could include my Master, Mari or my mentors, Ara-lai Kappi, Tares Vortex and Lei-Kim Ness. Friends and peers like Andon Colos, Jaina Jade Skywalker, Aryian Darkfire, Kitt Fitt and Skye Organa. Or my many padawans, too many to even name. >> Kirlocca now turned his body slightly by letting his right foot take a step backwards. Even as he spoke the names of all of those whom he had lost, the weight he felt in loss with Raven began to lift, knowing that she joined so many others. He could almost feel her presence near him, giving him more quiet strength. He paused for a moment before continuing on. << Or maybe you don't know history enough to know such names. It's easier to think you know the weight of loss and anger when you can sit within your own small world. But you cannot even begin to offer anything that I would want with what I lost with my last one. Raven Nasra. Her death hit the hardest, but her death also carried vision, hope and the future. What could you even possibly offer up in regards to regain those things? What could you offer up when no one else has within my entire life? >> Kirlocca lifted his left paw just slightly, almost coming to a full ready stance for Wru'torr. He refused to activate the lightsaber though. << My life has seen so much disparities and loss, that the most anyone can offer is temporary but would never fill me. But that is indeed where we are fully separated. My life goes to a much higher purpose. I know that full well. Through the Force Raven brought me back to inspire hope and a way out from the darkness. So even within her death, when the night is the darkest... >> Kirlocca then activated the blade of the lightsaber, fully standing in the ready stance of Wru'torr. << ... I can be the light for others. >>
  5. Even as the Jedi Master observed the Sith before him, his heart spun emotions quicker than a spider could ever weave webs. He was having his own emotions stirred so easily by the Sith, as the words spoken out loud about this Darth Akheron whom Sandy knew and was engaging, was something very true to himself. But the line… the line he was now hoping was there and true for him, was that Jedi don’t focus their anger as a tool. They let it pass and be, like rain upon a mountain. The inner heat from his anger was rising within him as he began to realize that the Sith before him was present at Nar Shaddaa. He was one of those presences in space when Raven had passed. Was he connected to her death? The thought of avenging her dripped into his mind and heart, and even with himself pouring the Lightside into the Force around him, the darkness remained upon those thoughts. He re-adjusted his grip upon the hilt, but did not ignite the blade. A moment of strength for himself to resist. But it may have to be just that, each moment by moment. << Anger clouds. It can be used to focus inward and use it like a tool. But when that happens, one only sees narrowly. Passion and strength from it provides blinders. A hindrance in battle as much as any physical hindrance. >> Kirlocca let out a breath, slowing himself down. He had to resist as much as he could his own emotions, so as to not get provoked into making a mistake. But maybe here is where he could just as easily get the Sith to make a mistake before the battle even begins. The battle of words as it were. << Interesting use of the word extermination. Jedi do not exterminate. And even if we did, extermination is for the lowly pests. You do not walk or talk like one who is lowly amongst the Sith. But perhaps it is within your fighting skills is why you assume such extermination is imminent? >>
  6. There was indeed a noise, a voice that called out to him directly. Not one that resounded within his own mind, but an actual physical voice. The confusion of the streets and what was happening stirred with darkness, yet not consuming. His eyes darted from one person to the next, until he saw a lone man walking up towards him. Dark Side energy radiated from him, yet not so much that would be overwhelming. He was clearly a master of the Force, much more so than the others around him. With the Force also flowing through him, he knew the man understood what was before him, a Jedi Master. Strangely, he did not choose to address him as one. Letting his paw grip the lightsaber hilt given to him by Sandy, he turned and stood upright and locked his own position to be square with the man. The questions presented were ones that didn't provoke a straight up fight. They were all hypothetical in some regards. Maybe even an attempt to break the lines, or to test him to see if the Jedi before him was indeed one he may have heard of from stories of old. Yet he didn't think any of those options were the reasoning behind such strange questions. No. The Sith was simply bored. He felt it. The one before him was a warrior. A familiar presence he had felt before, but could not place as to where. If the Sith was seeking either a psychological debate or a philosophical one with a Jedi Master who was also a warrior like him... Such words offered up would only show age and wisdom gained. << Anger is rooted in the feelings of being wronged. But such a thing is an emotion. All emotions are personal and cannot be universal. Perhaps something about this place has personally wronged him. Therefore, through a lack of control over the emotion, has let it consume him. But then again, don't we all have a driving emotion that could potential drive us? Could not anger, grief or maybe something worse take us on a blinded path? >> Even as the words came out, he felt his own grief over Raven rise up within him. Kept calm and cool due to his own center now based within the Lightside of the Force. But how long would that hold under the circumstances?
  7. Even before the two made it out the door, a shiver ran down his spine, erupting both arms to have the fur stand up from the suddenly strong pull of the Dark Side. It reminded him of the time when Ar-Pharazon tainted him to kill Adi-wan, yet somehow even stronger with it's suddenness. He managed to stay focused despite this wave crashing upon him. He knew without question that Sandy also felt it, as she fell into his arms. He did his best to make it look like it was on purpose, as he did not want to blow their cover yet. But something told him that time was ending, and fast. His fellow Master handed him something familiar, a lightsaber hilt. Not his, as he did not have one yet since his rebirth. He had instead relied upon others as the time to create one just hasn't been presented to him yet. The hilt felt familiar, as if the crystal inside knew him, or his spirit. Touching it gave him some more clarity then before. A glance at Sandy also gave him purpose in remaining focused, whereas he might not have. She needed him to be strong. For the Wookiee, he knew that outside appearance could remain, but internally is where the battle was already waging. Dark Side nature fighting against his already weakened grief stricken mind. Holding on to his center, he dug down into the Force, allowing for himself to extend himself further in, only to push himself out. He began to use what Lightside calm within himself that he could to break away the fog of the Dark Side, pushing forth a strong aura. One that he had hoped Sandy would be able to find refuge in. Leaving the cantina, he closed his eyes and reached out. The very presence of Leena could be felt, if only barely. The tendrils of the Dark Side were indeed strong upon this planet, choking it out. To him, he wondered if they were provoked into tightening like a noose around the people. Upon a moment passing, he opened his eyes and looked around. Movement from all sorts of people moving around caught his eyes. No longer heavily Falleen like when they entered, but now resembled much closer to the spaceport, where there was a mix of all sorts of species. But it was when he looked in the direction away from the spaceport, where more people seemed to be coming in from... that's when another strong chill ran down his spine. Dark Side presence, but not connected to the tendrils of the planet that they had already felt. No longer whispering, he spoke somewhat loudly to Sandy, as he was sure that the Force urged her in advance, hence the reasoning behind handing off a lightsaber hilt. << ...We are no longer alone...>>
  8. Kirlocca offered up a smile at the bodyguard after he placed blood upon their wrists, a marking of sorts. But also, a beckoning hunger. Almost immediately upon the blood settling upon him did he feel his own desire to hunt down Raven's killer intensified. He could feel the desire burn within him, opposite of it fading away like on Bothawui. There was zero doubt from him that the blood carried a strong flow and tie to the Dark Side. Allowing the Force to come to him, he found his center for a short moment. << For the hunt! >> The Wookiee turned and began to walk out the door to fulfil the mission him and Sandy were now paid to accomplish. At least that's what it would look like for anyone observing. As the two walked away, he began to pour himself into the Force, attempting to push out the Dark Side. As he walked, he whispered ever so quietly to Sandy, letting the Force carry his voice to her ears so that no one else besides for her would hear him. << Don't touch the blood. >> He felt weird saying it, as he somehow knew that Sandy already such a thing. But for him, the desires of revenge rose almost too quickly within him upon the blood even settling in. He also held more grief than others, so there was a higher chance that it was amplified within him. He wondered if it made him more susceptible to the influence of the Dark Side, to which if that was the case... Sandy would be very important to him on this mission.
  9. Jedi Guardian While almost all Jedi train with their lightsabers, the Guardian choose to focus upon it and engage more than others. Guardians believe that their primary role is to defend the weak and uphold Justice wherever they go. Often seen as the main representatives of the Order, as they tend to show up in places that need a defender or someone to uphold justice. They tend to focus all their time and effort on honing their martial skills, becoming far more skilled and able to use different skill sets than other Jedi. To train to become a Jedi Guardian, one must prepare for the fact that they will be on the front lines consistently, either through combat or the first ones in to treat peace. With that comes the responsibility of making hard choices, taking lives when no other option is present, and facing off against the Dark Side, which would constantly tempt those who have not found their own resolve or mastered the disciplines it takes to walk this path. Walking this path is one that brings out skills unique to battle and mastery within the Force, allowing the Jedi to have strong physical enchantment through the Force, and upon reaching a Mastery level can give themselves extra focus to be that much better at it. Jedi Guardians have FEATS attributed to them. They are considered passive and always present with the guardian. Because of this, they require little to no force energy to be spent. They act like a rank or armor on a character sheet and get factored into a ruling. (Limit of 3, unless armor is present, then only the FORM FEAT gets added.) LIGHTSABER: Jedi Guardians have a tendency to wield different lightsabers, such as double blades, lightwhips, dual blades and other assortments that make them standout. While some also hold the traditional single blade, they tend to heavily modify their blades with special crystals or other modifications to make them more useful in combat. But what really separates a Guardian from others is their connection to their blade. They tend to be able to use the Force to make them far more deadlier than other Jedi as they power the Force into the blade. FORMS: While technically any Jedi can learn any lightsaber form, there are some forms that benefit a Jedi Guardian far more in the battlefield. Within lightsaber combat, any Jedi Guardian can learn from any form, but to master a form, one needs to dedicate themselves to the form. Upon Mastery, a Guardian can add both a FEAT and Power to their usage. (Only one form set can be added to a character. Aka- you can’t use Shii-cho's feat and Ataru’s move. Choose your mastery carefully.) Shii-Cho (Determination) Combat is wild and raw, relying on deliberate tactics and being primarily aimed towards disarming rather than injuring foes, in keeping with Jedi philosophy. It retains the basics of attacks, parries, and body zones established by ancient methods. It specializes towards engaging multiple opponents, the wide, sweeping motions being ideally suited towards attacking numerous adversaries. [FEAT] JEDI RESOLVE: With assurances of the Force, a user has the ability to take the edge off of the incoming Force power blows, making the hit more manageable. [FORCE POWER] ELEMENTAL SHIELD: As the battle goes on, a Master of Shii-Cho can easily pull debris and rocks towards them in defense against either incoming blaster fire or any other danger from an opponent. True masters can do with little effort. [LIGHTSABER MOVE] BASIC ELEMENTS: The Master of Shii-Cho uses the Force upon their lightsaber, utilizing it to cut through any items nearby, but with the amplification of the force of the cut, the heat remains, making even the most basic debris deadly. Makashi (Contention) The most dueling-centric of the forms. It relies on precision and efficiency, allowing a user to defend themselves against an opponent with minimal effort, while avoiding disarmament. It’s elegant and focused, and doesn’t rely on strength. The bladework heavily utilizes jabs and light cuts rather than hack and slash movements. [FEAT] CONTENT CONTROL: Masters of Makashi tend to use the Force to control their own emotions, allowing for them to ward off some effects in a fight, maintaining control over their emotions, not letting the full temptation sink in. [FORCE POWER] ENSNARE ENERGY : A Master of Makashi has the ability within the Force to help catch Force energy or similar energy, catching it on the blade and sending it back towards their opponent. This sometimes can catch a Sith off guard when their own Force Lightning comes back their way. [LIGHTSABER MOVE] SUNDER STRIKE: When faced with a strong obstacle, a Master of Makashi focuses upon providing their lightsaber with more energy in a quick motion that could potentially cut or break anything within its path, so long as the user has enough energy to spare. Rumor has it could cut through pure beskar. Soresu (Resilience) Utilizing tight motions along with quick reflexes and fast positional transition, a user attempts to achieve near-total protection, and expend as little energy in the process as possible. Guardians who practice this form tend to place themselves "within the eye of the storm": to maintain a calm center, undistracted and undisturbed by the conflict around them [FEAT] HIGH GROUND: Masters of Soresu tend to naturally seek out holding a high ground over their opponents, giving them a far superior defensive advantage in combat, although this tends to work better against blaster fire or none warriors foes. [FORCE POWER] PROTECTIVE MANEUVER: When faced with great overwhelming odds against them, a Master of Soresu pushes their Force limit to the max, allowing for their blade to swing around them in such a fast and rapid motion that it creates its own shield around the user. Although effective, if held for longer than ten seconds, a user would collapse for the amount of drained energy. [LIGHTSABER MOVE] REMORSEFUL THRASH: Pouring this Force energy into their hands, a master of Soresu lunges forward, keeping their lightsaber in a constant motion of back and forth that is near impossible to defend against. Normally used when overwhelming numbers come towards the user. Ataru (Aggression) An aggressive style, it’s fast-paced and effective against single opponents, though weaker in prolonged combat and confined spaces. Ataru is an aggressive combat form relying on a combination of strength, speed, and agility. Practitioners of Ataru are always on the offensive, attacking with wide, fast, and powerful swings. [FEAT] CROWD FIGHTING: Masters of Ataru gain more flexibility and evasiveness the tighter the fight area, able to evade more attacks the more their enemies close in around them. [FORCE POWER] REORIENT FORCE : When faced with strong forces of nature, an Ataru Master can call upon the Force to move and alter the direction of any of the natural elements away from them. This can be done to even some larger/visible weapons like missles launched at them, although a user never has the concentration or time to redirect attacks back at their opponent. [LIGHTSABER MOVE] CRITICAL ARC: When surrounded, a Master of Ataru pushes the Force through their lightsaber in a swing that creates a strong arc, anyone within ten feet takes a blast of strong energy that echoes off the blade. Djem So (Perseverance) Practitioners are not passive. Immediately after defending against an opponent's strike, a Djem So stylist follows with an attack of their own, bringing the force of the opponent's own blow against them and seeking to dominate the duel. Djem So places a heavy focus on brute strength and pure power, with wide, powerful strikes and parries followed immediately by a counterattack. [FEAT] RIGHTEOUS FURY: As a Master of Djem So either takes damage or has allies fallen, they have the Force aid them in strong pushes, moving slightly faster and stronger than what they did at the beginning of the battle. [FORCE POWER] AMBITIOUS BLADE: In the midst of combat, when a Master of Djem So needs to gain more room, they utilize the Force to aid in throwing their lightsaber at their opponent, giving it a strange life as it makes a strike. The blade and the owner are one. Unlike a normal saber throw, this blade cannot be discarded. It always returns to its owner. [LIGHTSABER MOVE] IMBUED STRIKE: A Master of Djem So creates a stronger purpose with their lightsaber, imbuing the Force into the strike, making the blade hotter and stronger than most. With this power, one could potentially cut through any melee weapons, although for many, the effect is typically blade control over their opponents, unless matched with a warrior. Juyo (Ferocity) It’s described as the most vicious form of lightsaber combat and was said to involve significant internal focus on the part of the user. Juyo is highly effective against an armed opponent, though much less against a foe skilled with the use of the Force. Juyo for use in quickly overwhelming a single foe as well, but cautioned that it left one vulnerable to Force attacks. [FEAT] HEIGHTENED REFLEXES: A Master of Juyo gains a more advanced sense of battle precognition, at times being able to feel a more devastating blow before it lands. They tend to know their opponents more than others. [FORCE POWER] EXPOSED BLAST: When a Master of Juyo makes a strike with their lightsaber, they have the ability to quickly follow up with the Force to give off a more extensive re-exposure of the energy. This is more usually effective against shields and armor, but against flesh would be heavily frowned upon. [LIGHTSABER MOVE] SHATTER RIPOSTE: The ultimate move a Master of Juyo has at their disposal. They can focus upon their lightsaber when under duress, taking a moment of deflection of a blaster bolt and sending it back in three different parts, or utilizing a deflect of an equal melee blow, having the user receive kinetic damage from their own swing. This is normally their final move that they can offer. Wru’torr (Discipline) It focuses on using an opponent's energy against them, forcing them to use more energy than needed in a battle, while saving the form user's own. A Wru'torr user ends up using his or her own body to deliver critical blows, as opposed to using the lightsaber. It’s a form that requires great discipline in order to strike exactly when the Force wills it, allowing for critical hits. This discipline is the difference between successfully disarming/winning a duel or death to the user. [FEAT] FORCE FOCUS: A feat wherein one's morale and fighting spirit was augmented through sheer focus, giving a user the drive to fight through even the hardest of conflicts. Through pure fighting spirit, a Master of Wru’torr could push the users physical limits, allowing its user to overcome the disabilities of old age and even fading stamina. [LIGHTSABER MOVE] DIRECTIONAL DISARM: A Master of Wru’torr focuses upon their blade, allowing the Force to flow directly into it, adding more energy into a disarming strike, which tends to send kinetic waves at the opponent's hand that feels like tremors of numbness, or else they end up dropping their weapon. Outside of Warriors, many have the tendency to drop their baldes. [FORCE POWER] CLEAR AURA: A Master of Wru’torr can sense through the fog of the Dark Side being thrown their way. They can at will push their own presence into the fight, creating a strong aura that dampens the Dark Side when hurled their way. Other FEATS: Riposte Deflect: While many Jedi can deflect blaster fire away from themselves to avoid harm, Guardians have the ability to return fire back towards their opponent, making them think twice about how many shots they want to risk firing off. Battle Intuition: A passive ability that allows for a Jedi to use what's available to them on the combat field without any real training. While unable to fully master every weapon, a Guardian knows instinctively how to use most weapons, and while in melee combat, knows how to strike with the most output of damage with weapons. Superior Two Weapon Fighting: With training and understanding, a user can easily handle two weapons in each hand or a double bladed weapon with far greater ease than most. They have the ability to know the weapons like an extension of their own body. Daunting Presence: A Jedi Guardian has the ability to be a beacon of hope for others they fight alongside. Allies find themselves encouraged to push through with a Guardian present and enemies hesitate. Advance Jedi Defense: Taking the ability to block incoming fire has increased with experience and training. Now instead of taking on 3-5 assailants with blasters, a Jedi Master can handle 10-12. COMBAT POWERS: Force Push: A telekinetic ability of the Force that was used in an offensive or defensive manner. It could be used to varying degrees, from simply pressing against or softly moving targets away from the user, to shoving and staggering them, to knocking them backwards or to the ground, to sending them flying through the air, potentially causing serious injury or even death. Force Flash: This technique allows the Force-user to produce an unnatural flash of bright light, temporarily blinding his opponents. Saber Throw: A Jedi uses the Force to toss their lightsaber at an opponent, yet having complete control over it, even enough to retrieve the blade after it strikes its intended target. Force Barrier: This power allows for a user to create a small space of Force energy that has the ability to block physical damage to themselves for a short time. (Normally a single strike) Saber Shield: This is the art of being able to use the Force to spin their lightsaber in a rapid fashion in front of themselves to protect them from a flurry onslaught of fire, normally to help catch the fire from weapons like a flechette rifle. While this only lasts for a short while, masters are said to be able to hold it for longer and make a larger arc, protecting them from a larger group. The longer a Jedi holds it, the more the Force drains from them. Center of Being: A meditative stance would find use in combination with more passive and defensive forms. One who fell deeply into this style could almost unconsciously defend from even the most flowing random attacks and feints. Force Valor: Force Valor is a power that increases the resolve, accuracy, and speed of one's self and one's allies. Tapping into the Force, a Jedi can increase the rate at which one's capacities function, allowing the body to move more quickly, strike more powerfully, and fight with improved accuracy. Alter Damage: A Force technique used to change the damage the lightsaber inflicted upon a target. Mastery of this skill came hand-in-hand with mastery over lightsaber combat, as it was used in conjunction with use of the weapon. When used correctly, a practitioner could manipulate the energy of the lightsaber and reduce the damage caused to the target. Used while fighting both living and non-living opponents, this technique could make the difference between killing an opponent or completely disabling a droid or piece of machinery. Force Weapon: A Force ability that allows the user to imbue an unpowered weapon with the Force for a period of time. By channeling energy into the weapon, it allowed the wielder to strike and do more damage than the weapon's simple appearance would suggest. As a useful side effect, a Force-imbued weapon could be used to block lightsabers without damaging the weapon for a short time.
  10. He was slightly pleased to see that Sandy was indeed willing to follow his lead into danger, even if it meant getting caught in a worse position. The very fact that she trusted his lead was enough for him to realize maybe his own grief was beginning to loosen its grip upon him. But within his own mind he quickly justified that it was simply because of the darkness swelling around the planet. Their arrival seemed to have stirred it even more so than before. They would need to be cautious, yet they could not forsake digging in deeper into the enemy's plans. Kirlocca eyed the faces and wondered why bring back the escaped children if they would happily accept new ones in their place. And if the new ones had to be bought, the pay first offered couldn't be all of what it paid. There was enough questions for him to remain curious. With a quick move of his paw, he picked up the two silver credit chips and pocketed one and handed the other to Sandy in a swift motion. As he finished the handoff, he followed the bodyguard and extended his own wrists without and delay. << Wrists and not hands. That's a new one. >> He turned towards Sandy and offered her up a smile. He was careful as to not fully touch the Force too much or even to extended himself into it, as he just didn't trust not being found out. But for this one moment, he did so ever quickly with his smile towards his fellow Jedi Master. It was a simple warmth inserted, as he still felt like the two could move closer to the heart of the plan still without committing any true act against the Jedi way.
  11. Kirlocca offered up a smile at the bodyguard who now approached them. Within his own mind, he knew that tagging along provided them with super strong insight, but would most likely also require a heavy fight to correct anything wrong that could occur. And with his current state of not fully being able to connect to the Force due to his own grief, he wasn’t sure if he should speak for the group. Turning his head, he caught Tarvo looking at him with eyes that suggested he may have been thinking the same thing. Sandy was even harder to read, but he could feel her still next to him, even without looking at her. There was enough that had changed with the Jedi over his time being one with the Force, so the last thing he wanted to do was to assume that Sandy was comfortable with flatout locking herself into a dangerous situation that could easily split the group. But Kirlocca felt like the group had already been split. << We could use the credits?... >> The question was designed to let them make a choice. He knew both understood the risks already that were involved. He had a gut feeling Tarvo would follow him, simply as a way of keeping him safe. The young imperial officer was eager to keep the Jedi Master out of harm's way due to grief. Sandy on the other hand…
  12. The noise and excitement level, which was fairly high for a covert operation, but not terribly too surprisingly for Kirlocca who had done enough of them in his long life kept some of his more overt hand motions down to a minimum. But it was mainly due to Sandy keeping a hand upon him. Her tension could be felt due her proximity to the Wookiee. Her gaze, side eyed gaze, was focused on the Twi'lek who came in with them and her interaction with the Hutt. Doing his best to ignore such a distraction, responded to one of the bigger guys who was acting as a bodyguard for the tiny and fragile looking girl. He kept his voice on the louder side, but not distracting. A typical drunk within a cantina. If he raised his voice any more or did more actions, he would have all attention. That was something he simply did not want. << I'm told I need to pay a cut to your god for whatever services I provide. >> Kirlocca leaned in to make sure his voice was more directed at the man. He wanted them to respond. He needed them to give him more insight into what he was dealing with. << Seeing as you guys represent a god or something, I figure I should know all the rules before I start hiring myself out. Like would this god get mad if I tore someone's arms off or shot them up? Is it female or male? First time on Falleen. Want to be welcomed back, or make this place home. >>
  13. Kirlocca almost looked confused at the sudden amount of movement and activity happening within the cantina, so his quick response was to down all that remained of his Garrmorl. His eyes went wide at the sudden intake of a lot of strong alcohol, but quickly recovered. His eyes darted towards Leena, who wanted to adjourn away, but he knew he couldn't leave, not after he set himself up as an ex-pirate looking to be hired. So he gave her a formal wave of goodbye, as if there was zero chance he'd follow her. Besides for his own past memories of getting into strange ships seemed to have been joged enough with the drink he just inhaled. He turned towards the door, to watch Leena leave, only to see two semi muscular men and a very tiny girl walk past her. They were covered in a bunch of fancy looking clothes and bright jewels, which were made to stand out. They looked as out of place as a Jawa at a senate party. His own fast working mind knew that they were the priests he was told about by the waitress who would need to be present to lock in a contract. Since she was still next to him, he felt he could further lock in his cover, which was already greater than perhaps the others. << Would one of those outlandishly dressed people be priests? >> He had said it in a typical drunk pirate fashion. Loud, obnoxious and designed to be insulting. His experience with pirates, including his own dad allowed for him to know that they sneered at people who dressed royally in any fashion. They made themselves a mark, unless they made themselves an ally. With any bit of luck, or the Force, he would attract one or all three over. And if he played his cards right, information could come his way that would greatly profit him in what path the Jedi should take. Assuming they were all here for some purpose. He was simply just following the Force's guidance. The others here seemed like too much of a coincidence.
  14. The hug he got from Sandy as she sat down in the booth was both welcoming and warm. In fact, it was the first time someone had touched him outside of a handshake or attempted kill since he was brought back. Outside of Raven that is. It reminded him of many memories of he had teaching younglings and the countless number of apprentices he trained over the years. But such feelings had to be kept down for the moment, as the group was larger than what he expected. In fact, when he suggested coming here to Korvo, he didn't imagine that they would encounter other Jedi. The Force was betraying him to a sense. Or rather he was too emotionally compromised to fully feel it. The later was more likely to be true as opposed to the first. As the waitress left for a moment, Kirlocca withdrew from a pouch under his bandolier a credit chip. << We're going to have to pay that tax, most likely a few times unless we're okay with drawing unwanted attention to ourselves. >> The Jedi Master leaned back into his spot on in the booth, brining back in with him his creditchip as to not draw attention to himself from the waitress.. He took a moment and looked around at the group. Leena, the Jedi Master whom he knew from Chandrila seemed to be the point person for the group of Jedi. Sandy, the always warm and welcoming presence. A male Togruta whom he had never met before, along with a Twi'lek whom he felt like he should know, but didn't have any memories come to mind or name. Then there was the brown haired Korvo, Imperial Lieutenant who decided to accompany the Wookiee to keep him from getting into trouble. The group did not truly meet any standards of a working pirate crew, so Kirlocca knew he couldn't make any comments out loud about them knowing each other from that. << Korvo, this is an old friend->> He said as he pointed towards Leena. << She was always good at finding jobs that paid well. She even gets her own hand dirty sometimes, mainly when Mandalorians are in the mix. >> The comment was made in reference to when the two did have to engage against Mandalorians on Chandrila. It was a way to openly let the Imperial officer know that the new crew was indeed a friendly contact. He felt comfortable using Korvo's name, as it wasn't well known to anyone. As the waitress came back with glasses and a bottle, he decided to address the main issue head on. << I have about three hundred and fifty credits, how much is the tax? Or does it change upon the deals made? >>
  15. Kirlocca let his head slowly turn into a grin as the familiar face of Leena Kil, the Mon Calamari healer who worked closely with him on Chandrilia a while back during the Order's efforts to restore the planet after the Crusaders ran through it. They in fact had a small skirmish with some Mandalorians while there. It was only then that something not of the Force alerted him to something. His nose picked up on a stronger scent suddenly, to which reminded him that the Falleen did produce pheromones which made all sexes attract to them. He suddenly became more aware of the dangerous situation they were in. Deciding to continue using the over he had already established for himself, he reached out his hand towards Leena, but addressed the Falleen. << Not a friend yet, but anyone who is willing to pay me for my muscle might as well be a friend. Xuurlor is my name. >> He opted to use his father's name, as he was a pirate that operated in the Outer Rim some 6 years ago. While Kirlocca killed him on Nar Shaddaa six years ago, many didn't know of that adventure. They just knew the mad pirate hasn't been seen since then, nor has his ship, Bloody Dragon. It would be his cover for the moment. And until he could get a private moment to talk to Leena, he would not break his character, even for her. As his hand withdrew from shaking Leena's hand, he turned to fully face the Falleen. << Please forgive my arrogance, but what is the 'master's toll? >>
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