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  1. The noise and excitement level, which was fairly high for a covert operation, but not terribly too surprisingly for Kirlocca who had done enough of them in his long life kept some of his more overt hand motions down to a minimum. But it was mainly due to Sandy keeping a hand upon him. Her tension could be felt due her proximity to the Wookiee. Her gaze, side eyed gaze, was focused on the Twi'lek who came in with them and her interaction with the Hutt. Doing his best to ignore such a distraction, responded to one of the bigger guys who was acting as a bodyguard for the tiny and fragile looking girl. He kept his voice on the louder side, but not distracting. A typical drunk within a cantina. If he raised his voice any more or did more actions, he would have all attention. That was something he simply did not want. << I'm told I need to pay a cut to your god for whatever services I provide. >> Kirlocca leaned in to make sure his voice was more directed at the man. He wanted them to respond. He needed them to give him more insight into what he was dealing with. << Seeing as you guys represent a god or something, I figure I should know all the rules before I start hiring myself out. Like would this god get mad if I tore someone's arms off or shot them up? Is it female or male? First time on Falleen. Want to be welcomed back, or make this place home. >>
  2. Kirlocca almost looked confused at the sudden amount of movement and activity happening within the cantina, so his quick response was to down all that remained of his Garrmorl. His eyes went wide at the sudden intake of a lot of strong alcohol, but quickly recovered. His eyes darted towards Leena, who wanted to adjourn away, but he knew he couldn't leave, not after he set himself up as an ex-pirate looking to be hired. So he gave her a formal wave of goodbye, as if there was zero chance he'd follow her. Besides for his own past memories of getting into strange ships seemed to have been joged enough with the drink he just inhaled. He turned towards the door, to watch Leena leave, only to see two semi muscular men and a very tiny girl walk past her. They were covered in a bunch of fancy looking clothes and bright jewels, which were made to stand out. They looked as out of place as a Jawa at a senate party. His own fast working mind knew that they were the priests he was told about by the waitress who would need to be present to lock in a contract. Since she was still next to him, he felt he could further lock in his cover, which was already greater than perhaps the others. << Would one of those outlandishly dressed people be priests? >> He had said it in a typical drunk pirate fashion. Loud, obnoxious and designed to be insulting. His experience with pirates, including his own dad allowed for him to know that they sneered at people who dressed royally in any fashion. They made themselves a mark, unless they made themselves an ally. With any bit of luck, or the Force, he would attract one or all three over. And if he played his cards right, information could come his way that would greatly profit him in what path the Jedi should take. Assuming they were all here for some purpose. He was simply just following the Force's guidance. The others here seemed like too much of a coincidence.
  3. The hug he got from Sandy as she sat down in the booth was both welcoming and warm. In fact, it was the first time someone had touched him outside of a handshake or attempted kill since he was brought back. Outside of Raven that is. It reminded him of many memories of he had teaching younglings and the countless number of apprentices he trained over the years. But such feelings had to be kept down for the moment, as the group was larger than what he expected. In fact, when he suggested coming here to Korvo, he didn't imagine that they would encounter other Jedi. The Force was betraying him to a sense. Or rather he was too emotionally compromised to fully feel it. The later was more likely to be true as opposed to the first. As the waitress left for a moment, Kirlocca withdrew from a pouch under his bandolier a credit chip. << We're going to have to pay that tax, most likely a few times unless we're okay with drawing unwanted attention to ourselves. >> The Jedi Master leaned back into his spot on in the booth, brining back in with him his creditchip as to not draw attention to himself from the waitress.. He took a moment and looked around at the group. Leena, the Jedi Master whom he knew from Chandrila seemed to be the point person for the group of Jedi. Sandy, the always warm and welcoming presence. A male Togruta whom he had never met before, along with a Twi'lek whom he felt like he should know, but didn't have any memories come to mind or name. Then there was the brown haired Korvo, Imperial Lieutenant who decided to accompany the Wookiee to keep him from getting into trouble. The group did not truly meet any standards of a working pirate crew, so Kirlocca knew he couldn't make any comments out loud about them knowing each other from that. << Korvo, this is an old friend->> He said as he pointed towards Leena. << She was always good at finding jobs that paid well. She even gets her own hand dirty sometimes, mainly when Mandalorians are in the mix. >> The comment was made in reference to when the two did have to engage against Mandalorians on Chandrila. It was a way to openly let the Imperial officer know that the new crew was indeed a friendly contact. He felt comfortable using Korvo's name, as it wasn't well known to anyone. As the waitress came back with glasses and a bottle, he decided to address the main issue head on. << I have about three hundred and fifty credits, how much is the tax? Or does it change upon the deals made? >>
  4. Kirlocca let his head slowly turn into a grin as the familiar face of Leena Kil, the Mon Calamari healer who worked closely with him on Chandrilia a while back during the Order's efforts to restore the planet after the Crusaders ran through it. They in fact had a small skirmish with some Mandalorians while there. It was only then that something not of the Force alerted him to something. His nose picked up on a stronger scent suddenly, to which reminded him that the Falleen did produce pheromones which made all sexes attract to them. He suddenly became more aware of the dangerous situation they were in. Deciding to continue using the over he had already established for himself, he reached out his hand towards Leena, but addressed the Falleen. << Not a friend yet, but anyone who is willing to pay me for my muscle might as well be a friend. Xuurlor is my name. >> He opted to use his father's name, as he was a pirate that operated in the Outer Rim some 6 years ago. While Kirlocca killed him on Nar Shaddaa six years ago, many didn't know of that adventure. They just knew the mad pirate hasn't been seen since then, nor has his ship, Bloody Dragon. It would be his cover for the moment. And until he could get a private moment to talk to Leena, he would not break his character, even for her. As his hand withdrew from shaking Leena's hand, he turned to fully face the Falleen. << Please forgive my arrogance, but what is the 'master's toll? >>
  5. Kirlocca never looked up, he could smell something off of the Falleen who handed them their drinks. It wasn't a strong scent by any standards, but it reminded him of something that he couldn't put his finger on. Nor did he feel comforted by the smell either. He quickly pulled his drink in to inhale the alcohol a bit before responding. << Job hunting. >> Karvo, who seemed to be more distracted by the Falleen and doing his best to act natural in the situation kept smiling at the girl, while fumbling around with his drink. He spoke up to add to the conversation. "So long as the pay is good." The comment got the Jedi Master to lift his head. The man before him, all dressed in brown and black garments looked the roll far more than how he spoke. To help make sure that the roles they were in undercover were locked, he spoke as quickly as he could after Karvo. << The pay is irrelevant. Pirating along Randon Run is no longer profitable. Having to abandon the crew was hard enough. >> He now turned his heads towards the Falleen to look at her as he spoke. << Muscle for hire at this point. >>
  6. The drinks both Kirlocca and Karvo got were complete opposites of the spectrum. The Wookiee got a favorite of his people, Garrmorl, while the imperial officer choose to instead go with the very common Jet Juice. In all honesty, the Jedi Master was surprised to even see the drink offered on the planet, as only more heavily frequented planets carried such a drink. Many of the patrons within the cantina were the local Falleen species, mixed a few assortment of others. There seemed to be more smugglers and spacers at this one, which told the Jedi Master that he picked the right location. He was more fascinated by the mix and atmosphere of the place that when Karvo put his bottle down in a weird fashion, it drew not only his eyes, but a few others. "So, how long do we wait. I've never truly done field work before..." The Wookiee eyed him for a moment and took in the fact that his common clothes were relatively clean, hinting that maybe he wasn't the typical pilot or traveler. It drew the eyes from a Falleen and Rodian in a booth not too far from them. << Word of advice, never take the rookies in. >> Kirlocca lifted his glass towards them and took a drink before leaning in to Karvo. He allowed for his voice to be a bit more stern. << Relax and act natural. The more you stress or worry, the more likely to draw unwanted eyes. >> He then leaned back in the booth and looked down at his drink. He knew the young man was worried, both because of the recent reputation of the planet and the recovering state the Jedi he traveled with was in. There was a small sense within Kirlocca that maybe he was endangering the man, but he felt like he had to trust his senses if he was to help himself in his journey of grief over Raven. Karvo seemed to accept the words and looked down at his own drink. "I'm just worried, that's all. You said two minutes ago that you didn't feel the tremor in the ground..." He then looked up, both the man and the Wookiee locked eyes. "... I would have assumed even in the Force you could have felt it..." He did have a point, one that Kirlocca wasn't too keen on flat out accepting just yet. << Follow my advice for blending in, but keep a sharp eye... You may be right in having to be worried about me. But until we know for sure, let's rely upon my own experiences in this case. >>
  7. Kirlocca and Tarvo began to slowly venture into the city, the rain coming down made his cloak damp rather quickly despite the lack of a heavy downfall. They passed a few spots here and there that seemed rather busy, but decided to keep moving. Tarvo kept taking looks at the Jedi Master as if he was expecting for the group to slow down and enter one of the establishments they had passed. As the two passed by two more, Tarvo couldn't hold it in any longer. "We came here based upon a suspicion or gut feeling you had... But we seem to be walking aimlessly...?" Kirlocca slowed the two down before turning to face the officer. << Never enter the more crowded and populated areas. You don't hear things as well, nor are people as talkative as the smaller shops. Those are where the alcohol flows more freely and lips become far more revealing. >> Tarvo let out a sigh, but one of understanding. He realized that the Wookiee was looking for information, and only such information would come from a cantina that couldn't afford bouncers, so patrons got drunk more quicker than those at more crowded areas. "So maybe that one over there?" The officer pointed to a very run down looking shop, where a local was passed out to the side of the door. Kirlocca gave a nod and lead the other towards the cantina. Upon entering, the aroma of heavy alcohol was almost enough to get the most basic person drunk. The Wookiee just stood in the door frame for a moment before fully walking in and finding a booth to sit at. When both sat down, the Jedi Master and Tarvo ordered drinks and looked around. Tarvo leaned in. "So what now?" << We wait and enjoy our drinks until we hear something. >>
  8. Even as the ship docked with a mooring tower, Kirlocca leaned into a viewport to really observe the city. Tarvo himself seemed half focused on observing the surrounding area as he piloted the ship into the secure tower. As the ship slowly powered down, the Jedi Master took in a deep breath and allowed for his eyes to close as he reached out into the Force to see what sort of reasoning brought him here. The entire planet felt warm with spikes of coldness all over. The spikes seemed more concentrated as opposed to being spread out. Tarvo's voice seemed to echo within his own ears as he spoke. "Have you ever been to this planet before?" The question struck him as odd. Not because it was odd to ask, but more because of the fact that he had in fact in his long Jedi life, never been to the planet before. << I can honestly say no. Although I have heard plenty about the Yellow District and the horrible conditions workers had to endure. >> He had kept his eyes closed as he spoke, but slowly opened them as he finished. The engines had fully powered down by this point, but the inside of the ship was greeted by the constant sound of rain. He slowly reached down and placed his hand upon where his lightsaber hilt hung. Granted, it wasn't his as he never build one upon his return to life that fateful day. The overwhelming feeling of wanting to tear up due to the memories of Raven overtook him suddenly. As he closed his own eyes again and fought back tears, he became aware of the fact that Tarvo had placed his hand upon his back, as the Imperial Officer was slowly picking up the cues of grief with the Wookiee. Choosing to sit with him in the moment, he let a minute pass before speaking rather softly. "We pay the docking fees below. I'll head down and let you gather yourself. I'll wait down for you." All Kirlocca could do was nod his head in response. He suddenly allowed for tears to fall from his eyes, as he just couldn't hold them in any longer. Images of her flooded his mind and took over beyond any logical point of reason. Even though he knew she was apart of the Force, his training and everything he knew told him she was not fully gone from him, they failed him in this instance. He wondered why her of all people he knew that died was the one who broke him. He also wondered why no one else he knew trained in the Jedi ways was ever affected as much as he was. He didn't know how long he was up there processing emotions, or how long Tarvo was waiting for him, as the Imperial officer never truly complained when he finally did walk out of the turbolift of the mooring tower. As he approached him, the rain was still coming down over the city, which offered up Kirlocca to pull the hood of his robe over his head and gave a slight nod to Tarvo and only a single sentence uttered. << I hate water. >>
  9. Kirlocca felt the breeze in the air blow through his fur. Scents from afar were easily picked up, yet the very act of inhaling the air that came brought a sense of peace in the midst of a rather chaotic state of mind. He had decided to watch the port and all of the people coming and going instead of helping Tarvo, the imperial officer who had accompanied him on this journey thus far in acquiring a ship for the two of them. The noise of the port seemed busy and almost unaffected by the recent events of the Galaxy. He wondered for a moment if anyone on the planet side was at all aware of the amount of loss that took place or if they even cared. The thought was interrupted by Tarvo tapping him on the shoulder. “There are few selections, but I think I found one that could suit us rather well.” He pointed back towards one building, allowing for the Jedi Master to lock his own eyes upon it and then started to move his hand upward. “It’s an older model, ILH-KK, docked at one of the wall ports.” Tarvo put his hand down and gave a smile as he continued, but the Wookiee kept his eyes upon the vessel as it struck him that he knew it. “The old Citadel-class cruiser was left on a planet a while back and towed here. Registration has its old name listing as Th-” << The Jedi. >> The quick interruption of his own words had Tarvo look at the Wookiee with a look of pure confusion. Kirlocca let out a sigh before lowering his head to look at the man. << It used to be mine back when I was a padawan. I had lost it on Nar Shaddaa and just never returned for it. >> The look on Tarvo’s face was one that Kirlocca couldn’t figure out what it was, but decided to offer up a smile as he placed a paw upon his shoulder and offered to move towards the ship. << I sure hope you didn’t pay too much for it. >> “Only 8,000 credits. They seemed rather pushy to get rid of it.” The look of disappointment replaced whatever he was feeling, but it didn’t last long as the two walked up to the door of the ship lot. The two slowly made their way into the ship and Kirlocca spent some time getting familiar with his old ship. As he slowly moved through everything, he remembered how much effort he put into reworking the layout to make it more comfortable for him to do Jedi training stuff on the ship. The distinct memory of assuming he would be spending a ton of time on the ship flooded back to him, which brought a smile to his own face. "They said the navacomputer was locked up and the amount of luxury taken out of it was the main reason it never sold." Tarvo was on the bridge, slowly getting the ship ready to depart from the mooring tower as the Jedi Master slowly made his way to the bridge. As he entered the bridge, Tarvo looked back. "Do you want to pilot your old ship?" Kirlocca smiled at the very nostalgia of him sitting within the chair. << No, it hasn't been mine in a long while. The only thing that I need is for its name to change. I was young and stupid when I name this vessel. The Jedi is a terrible name for a ship. >> Tarvo shrugged as he lifted both eyebrows and returned to finishing powering up the ship and getting it ready to depart. As he did that, Kirlocca found himself sitting into one of the copilot chairs and just letting his paw run over it as memories of flying it came back to him. The ship rumbled and shook a bit as it left the mooring tower and started to move upwards towards the atmosphere. "Where to boss?" Kirlocca took a long minute before he responded back, letting the Force fully flow through him as he processed exactly what was happening within his mind. << Falleen...>> "Any particular reason for that?" << No... Just a feeling. >> Kirlocca sat back in the chair and allowed for the Force to fully fill him as the feelings and memories of the ship began to occupy his mind. Tarvo kept piloting, but spoke rather calmly and without expecting an answer right away. "Well as we travel, you have time to consider what sort of name this ship should be called." Kirlocca slowly closed his eyes and nodded his head. The emotions, memories and everything that was before him brought forth a sense of being home after being away for such a long time, that he choose to sit with such emotions and let them fully fill him up. He was sure that the Force was moving him on a path that he needed to be on. And upon them arriving at Falleen, he would understand a bit more...
  10. The MC-24a light shuttle blasted out of hyperspace and made its way quickly towards the surface of the planet. Kirlocca sat in the backhold with his eyes closed, rapidly tapping his right foot on the floor. The motion was completely uncontrollable to him, as it was the only thing keeping his own body calming amidst his mind having wave after wave of different thoughts and feelings. He didn't know how to process them, or even what was within his mind was something real or not. He just simply sat in the back hold, listening to the sound of the engines rumble and the hull tremble as it slowly made its way towards the spaceport at Drev'starn. He felt like things were slowly coming undone before him and he had no clue of what he should be doing. He needed to focus on something. Within his mind, he began to repeat the Guardian's Mantra over and over again. I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me. I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me.... The Imperial Officer, whose official name and rank was Major Tarvo Hyeriyc, stood from the opening of the cockpit and looked out at the Jedi Master with pitty within his eyes. He could tell that he was under distress and fully taken over by grief. He had never seen it in such prominent force before. The Rodian pilot spoke up. "How's he holding up? I can hear his foot tapping from here." The words made Tarvo let out a heavy breath. He removed his hat and brushed his brown locks from the sweat that had built up from the journey thus far. Feeling like he couldn't keep it off, he placed it back upon his head and looked back towards the cockpit. "He's clearly stricken heavily with grief. I can't tell if it's denial that he's fighting or if he can feel something in the Force that we just simply don't understand." He walked himself to stand over the pilot's chair and looked out the viewport. The Rodian kept his eyes focused on piloting as chatter was coming in from the towers directing them where to go. "He's going to get himself killed if he continues on this path." Tarvo let out a sigh and looked down. "...Yeah... That's why I can't let him go alone..." HIs own eyes now lifted to see the tan buildings mixed with greenery from nature of the city. HIs own eyes are heavy with remorse and regret. He had a sinking feeling that he was about to risk his own life to keep the Jedi from doing massive damage. But he just couldn't find any justification for that feeling. He tilted his head back to look towards the main hold, but he couldn't see anything. Deciding it better to just accept the current situation as it was, he slowly moved back to sit with the Jedi Master. As he did, the engines made it clear that the shuttle would be touching down within the next two minutes. As sat next to the Wookiee and placed his own hand slowly upon his back shoulder. There was no flinch or any movement from the Jedi for a good seven seconds, before he let out a breath. << ... I... I can feel her. I don't know why or how... but I can... >> Tarvo looked with sorrow at Kirlocca. The pain, confusion and every other emotion was there upon his voice. He literally had no idea of what he should even say to the Wookiee, as he had never experienced any grief that could come close to his. And because of that, no words could he offer would ever touch the grief. No action that Kirlocca did would ever make sense to him out of the grief. Only fools attempted to compare grief and to say what actions are motives are justified or not. A story did come to his mind though. "Your relationship with Raven, our empress was a very unique one. Some within our ranks hotly debated what exactly it was between you both. But I think that the Force made some sort of connection between you both. One that no one could ever comprehend." It was that statement that brought Kirlocca's face to look at him. It shook a bit, mainly due to the shuttle fully touching down. It carried with it thoughtful eyes... or at least he hoped it was thoughtful. << ...Not many approved I knew that much. But then again, she never seemed to mind, or even care what others thought... >> His own face looked downward for a moment, letting a small smile break through as he thought about her face smiling back at him. He then leaned back and let out a very heavy sigh. << ...I wonder if what I feel is connected to how she brought me back...>> Tarvo looked confused now. He knew that the Jedi Master had died, been gone a very long time only to recently been brought back. Rumors held that Raven was present when it happened, but none ever was able to confirm such a thing... until now. His own face becoming thoughtful as well. "I wonder if someone powerful enough with the Force could figure it all out? Why connections form they way they do?" It was a genuine curiosity, but one that had the Jedi Master turn towards him after he stood up to depart the shuttle. << ...You may be on to something...>>
  11. Kirlocca stood in the cockpit of an MC-24a light shuttle. His eyes focused as they scanned the space around the area. Barely avoiding the crash of the massive Black Scarab, the shuttle was attempting to find its way off the planet, only to take on an Imperial Officer and a Jedi Master at the last minute to aid them. The owner of the ship looked back at the Wookiee every so often, wondering why he was so pressed on searching for someone. He was a Rodian with blueish skin. He seemed very much annoyed with the process, something that Kirlocca did not notice. He instead kept his eyes moving from flash and item that came within view as he continuously searched with the Force for where Raven could possibly be. Her presence seemed to be nowhere, but for his own mind, it meant something else then what everyone else in the shuttle clearly knew. <<We need to get closer, I’m not sensing her. You can do that, I’ll guide you. >> The Imperial officer looked for a moment at Kirlocca before turning his head back to the comms that he was working on. The Rodian pilot looked back at the officer with a plea in his face. He held up a single finger for a second before turning towards the Jedi Master. His own brown eyes flickered with hesitation. “All reports are coming in and being finalized. The Empress fell. The only ship that could have potentially saved her has fallen as well. She’s gone.” The words, while already known to the officer, still held a heavy tremble to it. He feared the words wouldn’t be heard from the Wookiee, as he seemed deep within denial of the situation. The very fact that he just stood there for a good minute made the situation even worse. After the long minute passed, he finally spoke, without breaking from his locked view. << No. She’s alive. Those reports must be false information attempting to steer away any attempt of a rescue. An enemy ship must have taken her captive. We must pursue it. What’s the nearest hostile planet? I bet we could arrive and take them by surprise. Easy rescue mission. >> The Rodian looked panicked as he turned towards the officer, wanting support. He clearly didn’t want to do anything other than go on living his own life, not get sucked into some Jedi Master’s delusion. Knowing that the choices were very limited by this point, he walked over to stand next to Kirlocca to whisper into his ear. “Master Kirlocca, it would be slightly unwise to risk the lives of civilians in a dangerous rescue mission. They are untrained. Perhaps we can have them drop us off on some nearby world to collect a ship ourselves before we go on?” Even as he spoke, he thought upon his own family. He didn’t doubt that the lack of reporting would cause his own name to be listed as one of those who have gone MIA during the last battle… But he feared that the Jedi Master on his current path would endanger others if not having someone to subtly give him guidance to avoid such a mistake. He didn’t see many other outcomes to let the Rodian go on with his own life. The Wookiee looked for the viewport to the officer a few times before speaking. << Two would give us better chances of sneaking onboard an enemy ship. And maybe a less recognizable ship would also better suit us… I agree - Pilot, take us to Bothawui so that we may pursue Raven’s captors. >> Kirlocca returned to looking instantly out the viewport, while the Rodian gave a subtle thank you gesture to the officer for directing the Jedi away from taking over his life. As the ship turned to make it jump, the officer simply sat down and wondered what sort of hell he just signed up for.
  12. A bright light flashed across the Wookiee's eyesight. Even with eyelids closed, the flash startled him to some movement. His own movement had the person dragging him fumble backwards and fall hard to the ground. The sounds of blaster fire, crashes and other weapon sounds going off in the background were just that, background noise to him by this point. He turned through a weird rollover motion that gave way to some pain in his upper left shoulder from where the Mandalorian struck it. The pain felt like someone with sharp claws was holding his shoulder in a vice grip as tightly as they could. As he pushed through the pain to stand up, he let out a loud growl like noise. The person who had dragged him away from the battle was slowly shaking their own head. "I had hoped that you'd come around sooner than later. The place is falling apart from the attacks of Mandalorians. Structure damage all over. We need to get to a transport asap!" As the man spoke, he stood himself up. The Jedi Master closed his eyes, attempting to use the Force to aid him through his pain. As he did, he reached out to find Raven. Her presence was simply not around to be found. His own mind raced as to what he should do next. The man stared at him for a second, only to have another explosion go off, rocking the very place that they stood. After it settled down for a second, he spoke up louder. "Transport- there is a civilian area two blocks this way. We need to leave the planet." Kirlocca could only shake his head for a second at the man before he barked back. << No- Raven is unconscious. We need to find her and rescue her first. >> The man looked puzzled for a second. He tugged on his own imperial uniform before responding slowly. "... Raven... the empress is gone. Misercordia and the Constantine are both destroyed. All of the reports are flooding in. She went down with her ship Master Kirlocca..." The words spoken stung a bit for Kirlocca to hear. He looked skyward for a second, locking his own eyes on what was above. He slowly began to shake his head. << No- Raven is unconscious. We must find her. >> The imperial officer looked even more puzzled and stood there unsure of what he should do. He glanced himself upwards at the sky, only to be greeted by an explosion nearby which had him shield his own eyes from the blast before looking back at the Jedi Master. "...Transports are over here... we still need to hurry..." The Jedi Master looked towards the direction that the imperial officer pointed before nodding his head. << Get us up in the air and I can search for her with the Force. Once we rescue the Empress, we can leave the system. >> Hesitant to follow, the officer watched as Kirlocca began to move quickly towards the docks. He didn't want to get left behind, so he quickly picked up his own pace to chase after the Jedi Master. He wasn't sure if it was wise to search for a dead person, but he felt like maybe if he got the Jedi Master in the air, the Force would show him the truth of what he had said. Otherwise, he had signed a death wish with a crazy Jedi...
  13. Whether it was by the will of the Force or just simply he was attempting to block out and not think about what could transpire to Raven, Kirlocca found himself within the halls of the Rebel Alliance Headquarters. The noise from outside seemed loud and almost bombarding. It echoed within his ears, ringing ever so slowly within his mind subtle images of what he feared was coming. The Jedi Code offered up no comfort, no way out of it. His own self doubt played the game within the game of taking control over his mind. He battled against it, declaring that such reasons why he couldn't simply dismiss anything was due mainly to the fact that he hadn't truly recovered from his fight with Sheog, the crazy mad Sith Hutt, along with the fact he hadn't truly been back apart of the living for very long opposed to his time as one with the Force. Comm chatter picked up ever so slightly, noise for the background really. The words didn't matter, the voices within the comms gave way to emotions, and within those emotions also revealed something along with the Force. There was some panic, some concern and an overall sense of dread. The Jedi Master had to force himself to stop and reach deep into the Force. He could feel waves of life filled with emotions that ranged from everything he had already felt. But there were a few presence that were void of such emotions. They felt cold, stern, almost absolute within acceptance. He had felt such things before, but never to the intensity that he was feeling them now. He opened his eyes, knowing where they were and what he had to do. He looked down and realized he had no lightsaber, as he lost the one given to him in his fight with the Mad Hutt. A quick glance around and all he could see were a few vibroblades. Using the Force to pull two of them to him, he knew that they would have to be enough. And I really should craft another lightsaber soon. He quickly took off towards the more cold presences within the Force. His own movements seemed fluid, like oil moving along with a rushing water stream. He knew the Force was with him and guiding him, even though he just had his prior doubts of the Jedi Order. His own doubts and mind seemed to quiet down as he joined the current that the Force was already moving towards. He knew his purpose was to serve the way he always had. Defense of what could not be defended. His own body and skills would be used the same way that they have always been used, whether it took his own life or not. He had to be as absolute and resolute as he always had been if he was to counter such an opposite within the Force. Moving quickly through the corridors, he found himself standing before three Mandalorians. All had visors of a different type, not the traditional t-shape, but rather a solid horizontal line. They all also wore the battle skirts of the Mandalorians. Their armor was a mix of colors and all different, yet they all held some form of either colors of blue, green or black. He knew vaguely that the colors meant something, to which he only truly knew that even still within many of the cultures and different sects of them that all held a typical honor system of three of the colors, which were blue black and gold. Blue was the only color he knew off the top of his head, which meant reliability. His own presence was known about before he even turned the corner, as one of them quickly pulled off a few shots his way. Had it not been for his own precognition within the Force, he would have been dead. He quickly bent down and moved rapidly towards the right of the corridor, which would have been an unnatural movement for many except those trained within the Force. The movement signaled to the three that he was indeed a Jedi, and it clearly flagged them down on who it was they were now engaging against, as one shouted- “It’s the jetii verd Wookiee!” He’s heard the term before. Once called it be foe turned friend Fett, or as others knew him by, Moon Knight. He took it as a badge of honor to be known by others within the Mandalorian culture. He leapt into the air towards them in a lunge style, bringing up both blades in defensive posture. None of them took a shot, but instead backed up and two withdrew their blaster weapons in favor of unique vibro weapons to wield against him. Landing he offered up a smile, knowing that it would be a good test for him and that none of them would hold back, giving their all. He wouldn’t allow them to get the upper hand by getting the first swing. He brought the vibroblade within his right hand towards the Mandalorian on his right, while using his left to sweep out towards the one of his left. In this instance with the somewhat shorter corridors and his long reach, he was able to make swings in ways that would drive many backwards and in complete defensive modes. Not these Mandalorians though. The one to his right caught his swing and used it to spin inwards closer to Kirlocca, while the one on the left used the reach to put pressure on the blade and attempted to pin it down, forcing him to deal awkwardly with the other on his right. Without any hesitation, he withdrew his left hand, using his own momentum to spin around the one of his right, which ended with him being directly before both. They already began to push, driving different blows towards him, forcing him to choose either defensive stance or a riskier attack stance against both. The pressure was on and he felt his own mind racing faster than it ever had before. He opted to stay on the offensive side, as it would help drive him into a position of disarming quicker. WIth quick reflexes, he placed one foot against the wall and used it to help him lunge forward at both, but instead of choosing to defend against both blades, he opted instead to charge one head one. His own blades caught and moved the one vibro weapon, which was ax-like in form. It pushed and then pinned down against the armor, while his other blade caught his upper arm armor section awkwardly and pinned in, allowing for the Jedi Master to push the attacker backwards towards the opposite wall with great speed. The second blade which belonged to the other attacker caught Kirlocca on the shoulder as he moved past him, or her. He really couldn't tell. The blade cut cleanly, but not to the bone. Blood spilled upon the ground and left a trail as he moved and pinned down the one Mandalorian. Not wanting to let the injury remain exposed for a second attack, he drove his foot into the pinned down Mandalorian’s helmet and used it to spin off the wall and towards the other Mandalorian. Even before he landed, he took note that he did not see the second attacker any more. In fact, as he landed, he realized that he did not see the third at all during the battle thus far. He kept both blades in a defensive posture now as he scanned the corridor to see where they went. He then heard something from behind. As he turned, he realized it was the Mandalorian he pinned down, who now held up a thermal detonator as was speaking in Mando’a. He didn’t need to know what was being said, the detonator was active and he only had one chance. He used the Force to take three full steps before lunging into the air, turning as the familiar sound of a thermal detonator going off rang in the building. Holding up his paws before him, he attempted to use the Force to push against the wave of energy and mass chaos heading his way. The blast caught him and threw him towards the complete opposite side of the corridor, having his full body slam hard into the wall. His vision slowly went in and out of focus as he tried to remain present enough to fall into a healing trance to give himself the best form of survival. As he did, his own eyes drifted towards a window near his left, only to see the other two Mandalorians outside now, both carrying something as they used their jetpacks to leave the site. HIs eyes finally closed as the thought of completely failing Raven was the last thing that went through his mind.
  14. Kirlocca let out a sigh as he moved to follow Raven. The tear within her eye brought with it a sense of ending somehow. He wondered for a moment if she could feel her own death approaching, much like he did on that fateful day on Carida. Damn, if karma is a thing, it truly is a bitch. If she had felt anything that day as he was feeling now, it almost lingered like a poison slowly trickling away life essence. Maybe it was the Force warning him of the doom overall. But now he didn't want to part ways with her, to let her out of his own sight. There was a moment when he looked past her and attempted to search and find the right words for her, but the Force wouldn't let anything come to his mind. He glanced for a second to see her amethyst eyes looking on. He knew she could sense his fumblings for words, so he simply shook his own head. << You know it well what's going on underneath. No words can truly describe the strong current moving. >> His own eyes locked with hers now instead of the ground. He moved towards her and gave a simple kiss on her forehead. << I love you is all that is needed between us right now. I trust you, and I trust the Force. Even if I do not understand it's will. Go back to your duty, and I shall return to mine. >> Kirlocca slowly moved his paws off of her shoulders, an action he was slightly aware he did until this very moment. He walked past her and towards the door, opening it and standing in the middle of its frame before pausing for another moment. << May the Force guide us and grant us another long moment together after this is all said and done. >> He then moved through the door and began to search out his apprentices. Something told him that such a time of being more Jedi ready needed. The currents of the Force stirred in many ways now. paths were slowly connecting and merging together and forging something new. The conflict that he knew was inevitable was brewing faster than he thought. May the Force guide us here today.
  15. Kirlocca watched her slowly as Raven made herself comfortable. Her undoing her buttons was the display of comfort, all the while still holding onto his own hand. He kept his eyes locked upon her eyes, they almost glistened as he stared into them for a moment. He only broke the eye contact upon her kissing him. The wetness of her lips made him realize how long he had starved himself of any self wants. He pulled her in tighter as the kiss lingered for longer than a few seconds. Upon the kiss ending, he let both of his arms slowly put her down on the floor. << For whatever the Force has to offer us, both in this moment and afterwards. You have me. >>
  16. Kirlocca looked her in the eyes. He could feel her emotions run wild, her thoughts a haze of different directions. He understood her for a moment, even with the chaos that raged within her. It made her feel more complex than what she let others in on. A smile slowly came to his face as she asked the question. And for a moment, he pondered his own thoughts on the matter. He had always been a Jedi first and foremost. Anything that could put him into a position of feeling any of the strong emotions had been pushed through and fought off so that he could have a clear mind as he operated. Ever since meeting Raven, such emotions were no longer pushed aside or worked through. Instead, they were welcomed to remain. But he had a long journey of letting go of fitting into the mold of what others expected- and within the Jedi Order itself, such expectations were always present. He had learned that lesson long ago. Now he stood and looked into Raven's eyes and wondered if he was in a position to fully let go and simply be himself as he was asking Raven do to. As he looked into her eyes, he knew deep down his answer. He pulled her into his body and gave her a strong embrace. << Of course I would still love you. Nothing could change that. And you are more than what you've been doing. You have more than a title, a uniform and a career. You simply need to let those things become less important. >> He closed his own eyes, soaking in the warmth of the embrace and allowing for his own Force energy to flood the room. To let his presence become fully accessible to her, allowing for her to feel his own thoughts, his own emotions much like he could read hers. He allowed for her to feel the truth within him, which was this. He believed in her, beyond whatever love may blind him to. He had served the galaxy for years, breaking the Jedi Code a few times in order to make the right call, getting exiled for his own beliefs more than once. He stood firm and remained fully Jedi as his resolve was ever strong that being a Jedi was the right thing to do. Now after all of those years, if she asked it, he would leave it all behind to be with her.
  17. Kirlocca took a moment to fully breathe in his inhale of breath that he took while embrace to Raven. As she let herself become more relaxed and leaned upon a table, her voice shifted as she spoke. His own eyes watched her carefully, the rise and fall of her chest as she took in each breath and let it out naturally. She was relaxed for anyone who would observe her, but for him... there was still something like a weight that held within her. He believed her words, as he doubted she did know. Something sat upon her. When she turned to question on him, he knew he would have to answer her, as she would pick up on him not telling the truth. << What I feel is something like a weight that's causing pressure and stirring your emotions. What it is or what's causing it... I can not answer that. But maybe you need some time to heal such tiredness. To recharge your love. To not have the pressure of being everything for everyone. >> The Wookiee moved towards her and placed both paws upon her shoulders. << To be Raven. Just Raven. Not an empress, not ruling an empire... >> Kirlocca then stood up and looked Raven within her eyes. She needed a break. He wished her to take one at will, but he understood that such an option was not really on the table for her.
  18. Kirlocca stood still for a moment, lingering within the moment before him. Many of the others present in the room seemed to have died down and left for some other purpose or another. When it was calm enough, the Wookiee turned towards Raven and offered up a smile, along with opening his arms towards her to allow for her to take the embrace if she felt comfortable enough to do so within the room. << You have quite the assembly here. I've always known you had the right stuff to lead. But I sense something stirring deep down within you... >> He let his words hang. He honestly couldn't feel what was stirring within her, only that something was. He wanted her to tell him instead of him prying it out. He trusted her judgement regardless, even if she decided not to tell him.
  19. Kirlocca let out a sigh and looked down at the ground. The truth be told, he did expect for rebellion to ensue on more worlds that held heavier ties to the old systems. He closed his eyes for a moment before he looked directly at Raven and spoke loudly so that everyone could hear him. << Yes. Rebellion will ensue on worlds that held such strong ties to the old systems. I don't think any war like rebellions per se, but I do foresee some strong resistance and headaches for localized leaders. >> He turned towards the Admiral and the queen in the room, addressing them over Raven, who posed the question. It was his way of offering up more assurances to the rest gathered. << The Jedi Order is used to changing and adjusting. Although I would still connect personally with the Grandmaster before anything official can be said for the entire Order. >>
  20. Kirlocca found himself moving almost aimlessly towards Raven. He could suddenly feel her almost calling out to him, but it was not without warning. The room seemed open, yet closed off all at the same time. For him, he knew for certain that he was allowed in, simply because Raven was allowing for him to be present. He knew he had the right room when an Admiral stepped out of the room and offered up a glance at him. Both immediately recognized each other, and both held a different facial expression upon seeing each other. For Admiral Beck Pilon, it was shock followed by a cocky smile. Kirlocca let his own expression be readable to the Admiral by pure surprise. He was certain that such a facial reaction would give the Admiral something to ponder for a few days. I'm surprised that he's still around, let alone that she kept him around... The thought faded as he stepped into the room, remaining quiet and let himself hide within the shadows for a moment. There was another Admiral speaking, rather downcasted towards the Jedi. His response to the Jedi Master seemed to be towards a young woman, but he didn't catch everything she said, nor was he certain on if what she said was the focal point. He choose instead to remain quiet and let the Admiral talk. As he stood, he listened, along with providing some quietness to Raven, as he could feel her emotions as the talks went back and forth. After the Admiral finished, he spoke first, alerting everyone to his own presence, followed by him stepping out of the shadows only after speaking. << And your stance is absolutely right. Jedi have never been trained to lead defenses of systems, be generals and take command. Our morals almost forbid it. We have no training to do any of this. And even as I say this, I am well aware that I myself have been at the forefront of almost every major battle that has taken place within my lifetime. Yet, by no one here, we have always been called on to act as such, helping to repel and defend worlds because we have the Force, and that seems to be enough for many Rebel generals. And whatever goodness may be tied to us isn't even strong enough to redeem the failures of the Jedi, as acting alone breaks to very nature of what it means to be Jedi. We have been acting outside of what we should, all because of some time ago the political game was tricked by a Sith. The Jedi were tricked as well, by the very same Sith. >> Kirlocca now unfolded his arms that he was unaware he had folded to begin with. His eyes darted from every single face within the room, resting a bit longer on Raven before continuing on. << Such uses of the Jedi as we are found guilty of are indeed worthy of governing, as it should be. But the Jedi should never be used in such a manner. That right is reserved for the Imperial Knights, whom I have always fully supported and wish to see them grow into a better branch for you. I would love to see the Imperial Knights grow into what you need them to be, governed fully by this council here. But know this, the Jedi are not governed in a sense that maybe you think. We act alongside, but no one outside of the Order is ever in a position to dictate what we do within our own walls. >> Kirlocca then let out a big breath and folded his arms again. << With such information, know that I do not speak for the entire Jedi Order. I am but a servant of the Council. And with that stance, I am here to help support you in whatever you may need. >>
  21. Kirlocca found himself slowly moving around the facility, letting a bit of his memory flood within his mind as he walked from hall to hall, letting the Force speak very clearly and fluidity. His pain within his leg was still present, but the Force was sustaining him through it. A gentle reminder to him that no one was above making mistakes, or even losing things. The thought for a moment of old friends, Ara-Lai, Lei-Kim, Kitt and countless others came to his mind, reminding him of how long he had been at it. He remained, while others joined and transformed into the Force. For a moment, he was with them, apart of the living Force. But then a need arose, and those on this side of it pulled him back somehow. It was then that he felt it- Raven. He could feel her suddenly attempt to reach out and touch his mind through the Force. It was enough for him to calmly reach back and let her know that he felt her. In fact, she was closer than what he thought. A room above maybe? Reaching out to her opened him up a bit more to every Force user on the planet. He could feel them. Their pains, frustrations, worries and every other feeling slowly oozing into the Force, creating a strong current that was almost impossible to ignore once one realized it was there. He closed his eyes for a moment to breath it in, which was all he could do against it. Letting out a sigh, he opened his eyes and began to move towards Raven. Both of his apprentices were still within a recovery state within the Force, so he didn't feel rushed to be by their side yet. For now, it was beyond clear to him, Raven needed him.
  22. Kirlocca found himself coming and going rather consistently through consciousness. Through the Force, he was able to sense out his padawans along with others. Namely Raven. He was fully unaware of how he got back into the presence of Raven and others within the Jedi Order again, let alone how they even got off the planet, yet here he was. He reached out to touch each mind of both Alleria and Johan, letting them know he was with them, as he was sure they would freak out suddenly being within a med ward. Sitting up, he almost immediately bumped his head on some light that hung over him. A droid nurse seemed to not notice, while the Twi'lek one did. "Yeah, I guess those lights do hang a bit low for Wookiees. You're injuries seemed fairly straight forward, unlike the Mandalorian woman with you. You may notice that your leg will go numb every so often. Whatever got you, I was unable to actually reverse most of the damage." Kirlocca threw is legs over the side of the operating table that he was on. His left leg did indeed have a slight numb feeling to it where the undead thing got him. With a slow nod, he stood up and put some weight on it. The pain level was very minimal at best. << I've had worse... Although I can't truly remember what it felt like. You did well with what transpired to me. >> The Jedi Master moved to get himself dressed in the clothing that he normally would wear around the Jedi Temple's of old. His own mind had a slight pain when he also thought of Tobias Vos and everything he went through. And I lost the lightsaber he let me borrow... He shook his head as he cast the thought aside. For now, he had far greater things that he needed to be prepared for and to deal with. The loss of material things wouldn't hold him down for the moment.
  23. Whether by stupidity, sheer luck or the will of the Force, the pilot Kirlocca had sent away and told not to return if he never received a signal; he returned to the scene in order to help pull the Jedi Master and his apprentice out of the area. The thought of leaving him on a planet to die seemed rather unnecessary when the galaxy could really use the legendary Jedi Wookiee in the galaxy. To his surprise he found the pair rather quickly on the outskirts of the slowly dying city. Getting them loaded up, the droid that pulled the younger Jedi on board was blaring whistles and everything else to let him know that there was another one that still needed to be rescued. Tracking the lifeform on the dying planet seemed easy enough, but the pilot found her much further in the main city, where everything was starting to go downhill quickly. The pilot had the crew move quickly and get the girl on board quickly. She was badly injured, with limbs either not on or barely hanging on. Most notably what appeared to be a shotgun being impaled through her chest, hanging from it on some kind of pillar. Once they had everyone recovered and stable for the moment, the pilot then quickly raced off and headed back for Nar Shaddaa quickly to get the three Jedi medical attention quickly.
  24. He could feel a slight shift somewhere within the Force. He didn't know what or why, but he knew who. The Hutt had been wounded, and somehow that may have been the turning point. Kirlocca and Johan may have struck too early. Even as he recalled the lightsaber back to him, he could feel it's energy lessened than when it first struck the Hutt. Before the blade returned to the Jedi Master's paw, he observed the undead beginning to dodder as the Hutt lost control over them. Johan shouted through the Force, and the Jedi Master thought about answering him for only half a second before deciding it would become a distraction to respond. But such a distraction was already given at him entertaining the very thought. The blade returned to his paw almost as soon as his Battle Precognition kicked in and felt danger before it arrived. Kirlocca threw his blade up in defense, only to barely catch the oncoming Force Lightning from the Hutt. But due to the fact the Sheog had already begun the plaguing of the lightsaber, and to add that Kirlocca himself was already affected by the radiation from the undead. As the Force Lightning struck the blade of the lightsaber, it quickly drained it of life rather quickly, causing the blade to short out, allowing the Lightning to enter his lower left leg where he was already opened from the undead and caused even more pain then what he had previously gone through. A loud grunt took over as he fell backwards in pain and the lightsaber given to him by Tobias failed him. The blast of Force Lightning was strong, staved off by whatever the lightsaber was able to do. As his body was rocked from the Lightning that entered his body, mainly through his left leg, Kirlocca decided that he needed to act. He had to change the course of the tide if he and Johan were to survive this encounter. And it was beyond clear to the Jedi Master that winning for them was simply survival. This planet would not be like Mon Cal where there could be a rescue by the two. Sullust was gone and already consumed by the plague and debauchery within the Force had already taken it's hold. Now was the time to find a way that both Jedi could get off the planet. Taking all the strength he could muster, Kirlocca stood back up, flooding his own presence within the Force, creating Daunting Presence as a beacon for Johan and to hopefully will the Hutt away from continuing on his path of destruction. As he did, he could feel the Force swirl around him, providing him with encouragement and motivation to make his final attempt on Sullust. Feeling the lightsaber, he could tell it held just enough energy and power for perhaps a final move. Trusting the Force, Kirlocca without hesitation made a leap within the Force towards the Hutt. As he moved downwards towards him, he took his blade and utilized the Force to amplify his swing in a very strong and deadly arc at the Hutt, handing over Wru'torr's most deadly move; The Rebuke. It was now or never, as his body did not have much strength or energy to do anything else beyond this. And he doubted that the Force would be able to supply him past this move. Everything now hung in the hands and actions of Johan. ((3)) (Took part/majority the Force Lightning, along with allowed his lightsaber to be corrupted Sheog and have continued plague/radiation effects in his left leg, along with Force Lightning damage to his left leg. Kirlocca then created a Daunting Presence and used his last energy to perform a Rebuke.)
  25. Kirlocca took a moment to feel out Johan, as his apprentice did indeed join in the fray. It would challenge him, as it always did for the Wookiee. But such challenges always moved him closer to what the Force had always intended for him. To be a constant learner. And through learning, the Jedi Master understood almost too quickly that such an advance as the one they made would always lead to a subtle change. The Force warned him through a tingle that ran down his spine, the Hutt had indeed recoiled quickly through the Force and was attacking both through means of despotic Force like attacks. The sense he got from the water that rose dangerously high from a fountain like stream into a raging river. Kirlocca paused, almost too long as he looked at it, feeling a danger emitting from it. He did not see the coming undead, only the warning of danger that echoed out from the river itself. It was the first claw like scratch that stung almost immediately, carrying with it great pain and a sense of stronger doom if they remained close. With a loud howl, followed simultaneously by a arc like swing towards the undead and the Jedi Master moved backwards. << STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER JOHAN! >> It was all that he could muster for a moment as his lower left leg began to hold a burning sensation from the touch, or whatever the undead did to him began to increase steadily. The pain kept him frozen for a quick second as he could sense still where the Hutt was in the Force, even without making eye contact in the general direction. His Clear Mind was helping him maintain his focus on his true enemy on the battlefield. Without giving much thought, Kirlocca threw his left paw out towards the direction of the Hutt, letting the Force take over as his blade left his paw. Using as much speed as he could muster to the balde, yet still having control over it, he made sure his Saber Throw would be a strong one, worthy of making the Hutt pay for his debauchery of the Force display on Sullust. ((2)) (Kirlocca took immediate and lingering damage from the undead. He followed it up by using Saber Throw at Sheog.)
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