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  1. *Heretic felt a very major disturbance in the Force. One that he had not felt in quite some time, and was certain that, un til he actually felt it, would not feel again. Bishop. Where in the 7 Hells did he come from, and why had he chosen to return now? No matter, he would be of little regard, master or not. The master and his new apprentice had more pressing matters, but this little war that Abaddon was waging would have to wait. He stood there, watching the last of the repair droids finish it's task that Raynuk had recently started and then it left.* Now, Morpheus, we shall go to the armory and get a generic lightsaber, so that you can see how clumsy those blades you carry truly are. *With that, the master and apprentice headed for the armory*
  2. I think you ARE touched, Montar.
  3. *Looking at Raynuk, DH said:* Well, I was on my way to find one when you told me to go get some damn fuzzy ewok *With that, he walked away smirking. Turning his attention to his apprentice; ...get revenge on his family Revenge was a driving force of hatred, one of the many characteristics that diferentiated a great Sith from a good one. He was already showing signs of being a good apprentice, and DH could feel the anger, excitement and impatience growing within this new generation of Sith. Walking along the hall, DH decided to find a room. He picked one at random, and entered. Nothing special, 4 walls, a latrine/shower, and a bed with a footlocker. Turning to his new apprentice he says:* I am not aware if you have a room or not, but if you do, I would require you to relocate your belongings closer to me. We will be here but for a moment, so I don't want you to do it yet. Just let me put my things away and we'll be off to the armory, then to the staging area.
  4. *Sensing understanding in the new appretice, DH started for his room, then recalled that he had never actually found one. Returning to the main hall to retrieve his effects, he reached down into the satchel that he had and found the few items that he would actually need. Lightsaber on his person, as was always the case, a few small thermal detonators, a vibro-blade and a vibro-rapier. He looked to his apprentice and noticed that all he had was his sword. That would be too clumsy for this battle. I wonder if there is still an armory that we could get this one equipped properly? He can't go into battle armed like this. DH went to the directory and found the armory location. The next stop would be there to get this one some appropriate weaponry.* Come, child, we shall equip you with only what you need to cover my back. *With that DH and Morph headed to the armory*
  5. ((LMMFAO Go Tarrian Abaddon is so SCREWED))
  6. *DH looked at Morph in utter shock. what kind of powers?.* What you believe, and what you will demonstrate are two different creatures. I cannot teach you to use something that you do not possess. I can only instruct you on harnessing that which you do have. The Force is far more than seeing and levitating. It is all about becoming! Sith are not tools of the Force, as the Jedi are, but the Force is a tool that we use. And power, young one, comes in time. You would barely be able to handle a vynok without a weapon, right now, so an armed opponent should worry you, sword or no sword. I never was a fan of the blade, myself. They are just too clumsy. You will build a lightsaber, so that you can determine the right weapon for you. As it stands presently, however, we must make ready for war, and whatever Lord Abaddon has in store. The only thing I want you to do during all of this is to watch my back at all times, and watch me. Mimic everything I do, and you'll be on your way to becoming. You'll become either a great Sith, or a corpse.
  7. *Watching Raynuk walk away, until he was out of sight, DH turned to Morph, and for the first time actually spoke directly to the apprentice:* I don't mind if you overheard our conversation, for once you become my apprentice, you swear silence, and never repeat what I tell you to anyone, you never doubt or question what I tell you, and you do everything I say immediately. I have never once led an apprentice to death by my own training, and I'll not start that now. If you die, it will be due to either your own stupidity, or not listening to me. As long as you apply what you are taught, you will survive, and flourish. Now, do you have any questions for me, or are you prepared to begin with me as your master?
  8. *Walking away with Raynuk, DH tells him of the plans that he has made, to bring glory back to the Sith.*
  9. *Feeling a deep sadness/depression from teh room, DH turned around in time to see Montar exiting the other side of the room. Calling to him:* Montar! I know that we haven't seen eye-to-eye in quite a long time, even when I was alive the first time. But I will need some assistance in a part of my plan, that can be used as an effective backup, provided you would be willing to listen... *the master waited for a response, arms crossed*
  10. *However, I warn you, Heretic tends to be a bit of a blowhard. That Force-message came through very clear. A "blowhard" was something DH was NOT. He migh tbe trying to ruffle feathers, but no Sith were biting. After all, DH was one of the most accomplished Sith he knew, save AP, JGoD and now Abaddon. He never once had a bad apprentice. At least none that were a failure. Dead, maybe, but dead at their own discretion, not from what they were taught. This would be no exception to that rule, provided he wanted to take on the task, again. This Morph did seem to have a potential that Heretic had not seen in a long time, though. Perhaps he would take him on this assault, to test his mettle. Sending a Force-message to Morpheus:* Child, you seek a master? Let me see where you are in your training, and perhaps we can correct where your master screwed you up, and straighten you out. I see much potential in you, but...
  11. Master Abaddon *DH spoke, in a commanding tone* With all due respect, I have an idea to draw the Jedi's attention away from our main assault fleet. I used this tactic once, with great results, but to pull it of requires impeccable timing. Would you care to hear about it, or do you have your ideas set already?
  12. *So many Force-conversations were taking place all around him, and he could only pick out bits and blurbs of them, not actually able to string a full "conversation" out of everything. He took notice of a few Sith Apprentices and saw that there were one or two without masters. They would be good hopeful, but he wasn't sure he was quite up to that task, presently. The last apprentice he took was Darth Hatred. It seemed such a waste for him to be defeated, as he was one of the absolute best warrior Sith ever. DH would be hard-pressed to replace him, but anything was possible. Perhaps he would pick one after this meeting. Perhaps not.*
  13. *Placing his hand over his mouth to stifle the laughter*
  14. It would do you wise to watch your tone with me, Lord, for I will not cow down to you the way others will. Besides, the final decision rests with him *points to Abaddon* and him alone. If he feels it necessary to send anyone to Hoth, he tells them. If he wants to send you to Nastarine, you go. If you mouth off to me once more, you'll find that I can very easily dispence you to the 7 hells, from which I'll make sure you never return. *Regaining his composure* Now, then, where were we?
  15. Lord, it is Lord, isn't it? Jareth, with all due respect, I am not a tactician, I am a Sith that rules by instilling fear. I never said that it wouldn't be beneficial, I just don't see how it would be of value. What makes you think that we can successfully navigate into said asteroid belt, or out of, for that matter, if the Jedi are already in residence there? Would they not already have the advantage of defense?
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