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    Mordecai nodded to Akheron as he spoke, and while his attention was solely on Darth Oni, he caught enough to give a nod to the conversation. "Go, apprentice. Mingle. Speak with the others, but be mindful of your place." His focus was directed to Oni, and he made his way over as soon as he had the opportunity. There was a matter of honor, and of standing. And there was the matter of the insults that the other Sith had laid upon him before the assembled Sith. He sheathed his blades on his way over, stepping into Oni's field of view, and spoke quietly as to not disturb the mingling that was currently occurring. These words were not for them anyways. "Darth Oni. I presume you were at Kuat, fighting as your brothers died around you to preserve our Empire? Or perhaps you led a campaign to expand it. You must have lost many dear friends, people you trusted, if you presume to speak of me like a mewling child. While you hid under whatever rock you called home for the last three years of bloody war, I fought on every front we've opened. While you casually insult your peers and command them about like the mindless dead you try and cloak yourself with, I devoted everything to ensuring our people were protected, that they were powerful. Every Sith present save for you and Darth Awenydd have seen my work, and I assure you, it is not as insignificant as you seem to imply. My hand was stayed by the Dark Lady this time, but should you insult me to my face again, whether it be private or public, then my blades will taste your rotten, cowardly blood, for it is not just me you insult with those words. You insult every Sith and every trooper and every officer who has given the ultimate sacrifice for our people." He could feel it again. The taste of rage, of sorrow and grief. They welled up, fueled by his words. He could feel his blades pulse in the Force, drawing on the dark energies that surrounded him. The spice of fury, the deep melancholic bitterness of grief. They were his only remaining comrades, the only things that had survived every conflict he had been in. His face was marred with the scars left to him by an imperial knight, and his soul was scarred by the false Empress and her retaking of Mon Cal, where his lover had been killed by their forces. it took every ounce of restraint he had so not attempt to murder the Sith before him, so he silently turned on his heels and moved away. He didn't care to hear the other Master's words- He had made his position clear. He gazed upon the people present- He had been tasked with killing the Empress, and he would likely need a task force to aid him.
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    He sneered at Oni's words, but as he opened his mouth to retort, another voice range out. As the Dark Lord spoke, Mordecai felt a force try and pull him to his knees. The gravity around him seemed to grow denser, more powerful, seeking to drag him to his knees. What was this? Some unseen attacker? Were the wraiths of Darth Oni seeking to make him kneel? No- he knew this power. It was one he had felt before, at Dark Sun, when he had been an apprentice. When the Spider had still remained glorious, before his bitter downfall into his own schemes and plans. The Dark Lord of the Sith was pulling them to heel. He thrust his still-drawn blades into the stone of the throne room floor, using them as support as the air around him sought to steal his pride, drag him into the abyss. The stone cracked and shattered with the weight of his resolve to remain standing, but even with his own bolstering of the Force and the support of his blades, it was in vain. He collapsed onto his knee. Even though he could remain upright like this, the Dark Lord's objective had been achieved. He had kneeled. And then, he was released from its grasp. He lurched forward, stumbling to his feet as his efforts to push back suddenly met no resistance. He whirled around- not out of aggression, but caution. Why had she singled him out? Death? Combat? Her own chastising? And then, she spoke again. It was a cathartic feeling. While he didn't do what he did for glory or for politics, to finally receive it took a weight off his shoulders. He was silent, allowing the Dark Lord to finish her words before speaking. "I am honored, Dark Lady." And then, the meeting seemed over, and he had a duty. He would rip the empress Raven from her seat of power and dash her spine upon his knee. But in order to do so, he would need a plan, and the aid of the other Sith. He eyed Darth Oni, spite beaming towards him from across the room. His words would be addressed once the others had filtered out- He had so wish to question the Dark Lord's patience by speaking before the meeting was over and the others had left.
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    Mordecai sighed as he stepped forward. He hadn't met this Awenydd, but she spoke wisely. It was time to quash this dissent- they had more pressing matters to attend, and a civil war amongst the Sith was far from the ideal. The Shard's challenge was quiet, not meant for his ears, but it was in a small, quiet room, filled with people who could attune their senses with the Force. Quiet words were words still spoken, and they would be addressed as such. "Mind your words, apprentice. It is one thing to question Darth Nyrys's strategy- She has invited criticism and allowed us to speak openly. I have done so myself in my war room. But to vocally suggest that she should not be worthy of her position is a challenge, one that will be met with violence. Your master knows better- He will not fight your battle. If you openly declare her illegitimate again, then I will strike you down myself... Assuming she does not first." Mordecai turned to the rest of the Sith. Their words were tiresome- they spoke of craving violence, of seeking death. He would show them what that truly looked like. "Your words ring hollow, each of you. You speak of unearned allegiances and and unworthy successor, yet not one of you has the merit to take her place. Not one of you dares challenge her yourself, for you fear her power. You speak of your gods and your past glories, but they mean nothing. The Sith have no gods- We bow to none but the Dark Lord. Our past glories mean nothing in a new era- Let our actions in the present shape who we are and how we are perceived, lest we grow stagnant once more. We are Sith- it is in our nature to battle for power amongst ourselves, with words when we can..." He let the sentence hang as he drew his blades, stepping forward towards the crowd. "... and with blades when we can't." He eyed them all. "I am Darth Mavanger. Any who question my lust for death, for vengeance, for power, need only to look out a window at the city around us. Any who question my battle prowess or my tactics can look at the swathe I've cut through the Outer Rim. I do not claim the throne, and I do not see any peers more worthy of the claim than Darth Nyrys amongst our number here. The Shard speaks of unworthiness, but then labels himself a slave, as though it is something to be proud of. He would turn us all to slaves of this... fanged god. I would rather lose every vestige of power and control over the galaxy before bending the knee to such a thing. The only real god is power- The only requirement is strength. The only ones above us, the ones who have more. How you use that power, that is what defines us. Do we waste the vestiges of this empire fighting a battle that will never be won in our state, or do we withdraw to strengthen ourselves, prepare ourselves for war, while the rebels desperately try to install any number of failing governments and civil laws? You have the freedom to choose, but the wrong choice will have fatal consequences. If you cannot stand amongst the Sith, then you will kneel before us as we climb over your corpses to victory, as we have for a thousand years."
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    Combat Air Patrol Carrier (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): |Banshee| Task Force Experience: Green (0 XP) Imperial II Star Destroyer: Banshee |14/18| Heavy Gunship Carrier (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): |Revenant| Task Force Experience: Green (0 XP) Imperial II Star Destroyer: Revenant |25/25| Precision Strike Carrier Group: |Geist| Task Force Experience: Green (0 XP) Imperial II Star Destroyer: Geist |25/25| Artillery Battery (Incendiary) Cruiser and Support Craft |Melting Iron| Task Force Experience: Green (1XP) Hussar Class Cruiser: Xhal's Influence |8/20| Raider II Corvette: HF-11306 |2/1| Artillery Battery (Gravity Crusher) Cruiser and Support Craft |Eye of Sagittarius| Task Force Experience: Veteran (2 XP) Gladiator Star Destroyer: Eye of Sagittarius |10/20| Raider II Corvette: HF-11302 |2/1| Raider II Corvette: HF-11303 |2/1| Fleet Command (Flagship) |Goliath| Augmentation: Axial Weapon (MK-I), Ultra-Heavy Flak Cannons (MK-I), Meditation Chamber Xhendora-Class Dreadnought, Goliath |22/25| Battle Line Escort: Tradition of Excellence |Minotaur| Task Force Experience: Veteran, 3XP Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer, Minotaur |31/23| Legendary Task Force: Project |Apophis| Task Force Experience: Veteran Prototype capital ship, Apep |0/8|
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    Whether it was distrust or disrespect that led to Inmortos not showing himself, it didn't matter. He was here to speak, and Inmortos was here to listen. He would not mince his words, nor would he show mercy if the warnings were unheeded. "You've made a serious blunder, Lord Inmortos, one that if handled poorly will quickly turn lethal. The Dark Lady has called for council, and you were not dismissed. I don't know, nor do I care, if you support her claim or if you believe her to be a pretender. In truth, it matters little. But she has made a claim for the throne, and while you did not openly challenge her, by leaving before she has declared the meeting adjourned, you have challenged her authority. Even as I left, Darth Oni was swearing his fealty, as have Captain Delta and likely the Mandalorians brought with her. By doing so, so early in a reign that may yet be seen as illegitimate, you have put her in a position where she must respond." He stepped forward, his body language relaxed- he was not looking for a fight here, and hoped to get through to the junior Sith Lord what his predicament was. "By coming here without her orders to explain this to you, I have tested that authority, myself, to an end. But I come because I know how easy it is to misstep in Sith politics, and I have run afoul of the Dark Lord before. When the Spider came to me, I challenged his authority much in the same way that you have now, and while yours was not in the midst of soldiers, it was in the midst of our compatriots in the Sith order. I am here to ask you to return, and to prevent infighting between our order. If you refuse to hear me out, or outright decline, then you will not be authorized to leave Naboo. The fleets above are loyal to me, and will not stand down without an order from myself or from the Dark Lady."
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    Mordecai didn't like long, grandiose speeches like the one the Sorcerer had made, and for good reason. The message that the Sith had wanted to preach could have been conveyed in much less words, in much less time, something that was surprisingly relevant as Krath Inmortos left the meeting without a word. That the other Sorcerer had done so had shocked Mordecai- Even he, with no love for Sith politics, had learned that if you did not pledge loyalty to the Dark Lord, you became an enemy. His dealings with the Spider has shown him that. He waited for Darth Oni to finish his words, not wanting to make a similar scene, before glancing at the Dark Lord. "Stay" he muttered quietly to his apprentice. "And if the opportunity arises, mingle. I have business to attend." He followed Inmortos' path. The train of dead souls and lizardmen of Aaris III were not so easily hid, nor did there seem to be any effort to hide his path. He was heading for the hangar. He opened his communicator, sending a message to his forces in orbit. Krath Inmortos is not to leave this system yet. He moved briskly- not a run, for the old Krath was hobbled it seemed by the use of his cane, but thanks to Oni's speech he had a head start. Mordecai caught up to his as his ship's engines blared to life. Above, the Sith capital ship Raven's Bane, Mordecai's personal flagship, hailed the craft with one simple message. No craft is authorized for takeoff. Disengage your engines. Mordecai crossed his arms, standing in the hanger in clear view of the Sith's cockpit. He didn't speak, as his words would not be heard from here, but he motioned for the Krath to join him outside of the craft. There would be words shared between them here, the veteran Sith hoped, before the Dark Lord saw fit to act on what had happened.
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    For a moment, the air was quiet. It was true, then, that the Spider had left his web. And while he knew little of Darth Nyrys, the company she kept spoke to her ability. Delta-73 had been one of the few to question his campaign's plan in the war room, and he had shown wisdom in his tactics. That he stood beside her spoke volumes on her own capability as a leader, as he didn't believe the veteran trooper would follow someone who was inept on the battlefield. It also clear from her words that she valued the way of the warrior, and the truth of the Sith. That only through blood can power be gained. He watched the room for a moment, eyeing the other Sith Lords present. He didn't doubt that at least a few of them were likely eyeing her up, gauging if she would cave under the pressure of her position, or if she was even worthy of it. He stepped forward, offering a bow as he did so- a rare sign, for those who had spent time around him. A sign of respect- at the very least, she spoke the truth. The Empire as it was today needed to be trimmed. The previous Dark Lord's machinations were to finally be put to rest. "I am uneasy, allowing these rebels to grow in power. The gambit you suggest has risks. But I have fought them on the field, and over planets both ours and theirs, and our forces are in poor shape. We've had battles that should never have happened, and part of this falls on my own shoulders with this crusade. But rebel infiltrators on Kuat, the loss of Fondor and Mon Cal, and even Korriban is under siege as we hold this meeting. I would criticize this, but at the rate the Spider's empire is crumbling, there would never be a chance for this meeting before our empire was naught but dust. If withdrawing to the shadows is the path to our domination of the Galaxy, then I will back you as long as you prove able." By putting his backing behind the Dark Lady, he achieved two things. First, it would hopefully indicate to those who had served with him in the Outer Rim that this was the correct course of action. Second, it solidified her position as the Dark Lady. Regardless of her capabilities, she was right, and a power vacuum amongst the Sith at a time like this would surely destroy everything he had done so far.
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    Combat Air Patrol Carrier (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): |Banshee| Task Force Experience: Green (0 XP) Imperial II Star Destroyer: Banshee |17/25| Heavy Gunship Carrier (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): |Revenant| Task Force Experience: Green (0 XP) Imperial II Star Destroyer: Revenant |25/25| Precision Strike Carrier Group: |Geist| Task Force Experience: Green (0 XP) Imperial II Star Destroyer: Geist |25/25| Artillery Battery (Incendiary) Cruiser and Support Craft |Melting Iron| Task Force Experience: Green (1XP) Hussar Class Cruiser: Xhal's Influence |10/20| Raider II Corvette: HF-11306 |2/1| Raider II Corvette: HF-11307 |2/1| Artillery Battery (Gravity Crusher) Cruiser and Support Craft |Eye of Sagittarius| Task Force Experience: Veteran (2 XP) Gladiator Star Destroyer: Eye of Sagittarius |10/20| Raider II Corvette: HF-11302 |2/1| Raider II Corvette: HF-11303 |2/1| Fleet Command (Flagship) |Goliath| Augmentation: Axial Weapon (MK-I), Ultra-Heavy Flak Cannons (MK-I), Meditation Chamber Xhendora-Class Dreadnought, Goliath |25/25| Battle Line Escort: Tradition of Excellence |Minotaur| Task Force Experience: Veteran, 3XP Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer, Minotaur |29/24| Legendary Task Force: Project |Apophis| Task Force Experience: Veteran Prototype capital ship, Apep |0/22|
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    The attack was easy for Mordecai to avoid- he didn't even need to block it. He simply moved to the side as the apprentice hurled himself through the air, and swung at empty air. He retaliated, sending a blow from the hilt of his blade against the back of the man's head- not enough to knock him unconscious, but enough to teach him the error of his ways. He moved away, making distance so that he could speak without interruption. "Do not leap at your opponent- by doing so, you've set your path in stone. Once your feet leave the ground, and fool can track your trajectory. At best, they'll simply move out of the way, as I have. At worst, you'll just end up leaping into the waiting blade of your opponent. It is a fool's tactic, one popularized by the Jedi, though few of them truly know how to fight. No- keep both feet on the ground, and rely on your strength and your fury to push your enemy back, without sacrificing your maneuverability." He began to raise his blade, but sheathed it as he felt a pull in the Force. The Dark Lord called. He looked at his apprentice, motioning him to follow. Their training was over, for now. Indeed, it seemed she wished to hold council with the Sith still on Naboo. That, or she wished to slay them- If the latter was the case, she was certainly welcome to try. He would welcome her open combat more than the Spider's scheming and veiled threats. He silently made his way towards the throne room, growing restless. Twice, he had drawn his blades and they had not tasted blood, and they grew hungry, seeking to feed on the terror and helplessness of his foes. He could spot some of the others as he approached. A man with a host of the dead speaking to a nightsister. He ignored them as a strode past, his apprentice in tow. They climbed the stairs to the throne room, and his rage boiled just beneath the surface. Any would likely feel his coming as he drew nearer. He stepped into the ornate room, standing opposite of the Dark Lord, who's face remained hidden as she stood beside Delta. An interesting pair, he mused. He stayed silent, his eyes no doubt meeting hers through her mask, his gaze unwavering, a silent challenge that if she found him unworthy, she was certainly welcome to try and strip him from his standing. Still, he knew his place. As he was master over his apprentice, the Dark Lord was the master over all Sith. The Spider had left much to be desired, but he knew of Nyrys. He was on Korriban when she devoured the Sith that had threatened her. He remember that her first move as Dark Lord was to join the fray on Naboo, and he was appreciative. She, much more than the Spider ever had, deserved at the very least a chance, and she had yet to give any of them any reason for pause. He knew not the nature of her assent, but whether it was through the slaying of the previous Dark Lord as was customary, or if, as rumored, she had simply stepped into the position after his disappearance, he could certainly thing of less deserving candidates, such as Lady Darksong. No, he would not grovel here, as some Sith were likely to do, but he would pay her the respect that her title deserved, even if he was unsure of if the person behind the title was deserving of it yet. He glanced at his apprentice, a silent warning to watch his words. Sith politics were tricky business, and as he had learned on Kuat, speaking without thought could have catastrophic consequences.
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    "The Force is a tool, but it is a proud tool, with a long history. It will not bend to those undeserving. You must make it obey, grip it's very essence and use it to manipulate the world around you. Those that can wield the Force are great men and women, the most powerful being in the galaxy. If you think that harnessing that power will be easy, then you must not understand why there are so few, even among your kind, that reach the true heights of power." He stepped forward to the same piece of rubble, which had given the young man so much trouble, gripping it with one hand and with the aid of the Force, lifting it easily, as though it were a hollow decoration. He threw it, and it sailed across the courtyard, shattering as it impacted the ground. He turned back to his apprentice, his face grim. "Such is the smallest taste of power that we wield. But this power marks us as enemies of the Rebels, of the Jedi. In the Empire, there is safety amongst our peers, and a goal to unite us. But alone, we will surely fall. For even the Dark Lord relies on her empire to do what she alone cannot." He drew his blade and held it out. "The Force does many things. This blade is heavy for it's size- the average man would struggle to wield it even with two hands, and yet I can swing it with ease with one. It's name, in the tongue of you people, is Imeall Dólás. The Edge of Sorrow. It is infused with the very Dark Side that we command, and will do my bidding for as long as I continue to fight. When the time comes, you will cast away these vibroblades you carry, and you will wield weapons of Sith Steel such as this." He took a fighting stance, leveling his blade against his apprentice. "Now, strike me. Use the Force to amplify your attack, to speed your movements. Do this, and strike me."
  11. Mavanger


    Naboo held a darkness about it now. Before, it had only been Mordecai with the shadow, lashing out after the death of his lover. He was pleased now that the entire planet shared that shadow. Or at least, he was. As their dropship drew closer to the palace, and Mordecai could gaze upon what he had wrought, he felt shame. Not that so many had died by his orders- no, he still believed that they had reaped what they had sowed as people who had sympathized with the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance. No, he felt shame for what he had done to the once beautiful infrastructure. Buildings lie in rubble, the Palace was heavily damages, and the hangar was all but caved in. It would take much time to rebuild, whereas the people could simply be replaced with loyalists. It was a lesson, then. "Behold my fury, young Fiochmar. Sith fleets lay waste to entire planets at my command. But also behold the consequences of such an order. This is the cost of failing to tame your emotions. We are rulers, but it means naught if all you rule over are ashes and rubble. Indeed, I am sure that there will be larger consequences for this slaughter that I will bear on my shoulders." The shuttle shuddered as the ramp slid open, and Mordecai disembarked. It wasn't long before he was met by a young officer, who informed him that the Dark Lord was currently occupied, and that she would see him shortly. Whether it was true, or if this was a move to assert dominance over her lords, he did not care. He had other things to attend to than petty politics while he waited. He turned to Fiochmar, crossing his armored arms. "I have already seen some of your combat ability. Now, show me what you can otherwise do. Lift that stone." he ordered as he gestured to a mid-sized piece of rubble. ((Lift the rubble in any way you see fit. If you use the Force, describe how he harnesses if, what it feels like, how he shapes it. If he at first fails, describe his feelings. His repeated attempts, and what ways he tries to improve. If he succeeds, describe his emotions at doing so, whether it be his first try, or after repeated attempts.))
  12. "Or your demise." Mordecai added. Indeed, failure was the most common outcome of apprentices within the Sith. It was why the Jedi always seemed to have a numerical edge over the Sith forces. Still, the warriors that the Sith produced were much more often incredibly powerful, whereas the Jedi would give anyone who could push a ball with the Force a lightsaber. That much he had seen himself. Indeed, each time he had fought them, they had put up hardly a fight, crushed under his momentum, until he had dueled the girl on Naboo. She had potential- it was a shame the Jedi had found her first. But from what he had witnessed, such warriors were few and far between. He knew the value of a trained warrior well, and had instilled that mentality on his previous apprentice. It had not been without effort, of course, but now she was a functional addition to the Sith. Whether she would continue to perform well, and hold her rank and title, was no longer his concern. It was hers. He glanced back at the boy's question. "Give the co-ordinates to the man attending my ship. He is a loyal soldier, and will retrieve your belongings and meet us at Naboo with them." He walked in silence the rest of the way- there was no time to waste. The sooner he met with the Dark Lord, the sooner he could begin his new apprentice's training, and the sooner he could strengthen the Sith Empire.
  13. The boy did not believe he had lost- Mordecai would have to beat that out of him, it would seem. He took another step forward, before the communicator as his waist let out a high pitched chirp. He froze, narrowing his eyes. It seems that fate had a different plan, at least for now. He let his annoyance flow, bottling it up. It would be useful later, for him to uncork in a storm of fire and fury. A message, from one Darth Nyrys. It seemed that the Dark Lord was ready to make her move. He closed his eyes, centering himself once more. "Very well. We must move, then. I have been called to war. The Dark Lady calls her Lords, and I will answer. In time, you will learn that your bloodline means little to these people. You will fight, and you will live or die based solely on your abilities as a warrior, not on whether you have red skin or not. This is, and always has been, the Sith way." He turned away, moving back towards the nearby settlement. "I am Darth Mavanger. I shall be your master, and I shall teach you to harness the Force as your weapon. You would do well to listen closely, as I am not in the habit of repeating myself. Your training will begin once we are en-route to Naboo."
  14. He could have blocked the blade. It was sloppy, unpracticed. Instead, he chose to make a statement. The blade lodged itself in his shoulder, and pain, a familiar friend, blossomed from the wound. The blade landed squarely, impaling his shoulder. He gripped it with a gauntlet-clad hand, pulling the blade out slowly as he stared down the child. with a sickening wetness, the blade slipped free, and he let it clatter to the ground. He relished the feeling. It fueled him, it drove him further. He took a step closer. His boots left an impact on the very ground that he tread. His blades cut through the fabric of the Force, forged in the ancient ways of the Sith. His blood stained his armor. This was nothing compared to what he had experienced on Naboo. Another step. His gaze never wavered, it never faltered. "Your ancestors were warriors. We claim nothing in your name. What we have, we have taken for ourselves through strength and through power, both of which you know nothing of. I have studied the ancient Sith Lords. You said Clan Ragnos? How would your patron feel if he learned that his legacy had been reduced to this? A mewling welp with no hope of defeating the man he calls a trespasser, for I have died before, and even on the cusp of oblivion, my rage pulled me forth unto a new life. What hope do you have to defeat me? Marka Ragnos was a great man. Someone to aspire to. But his way was not slinking through the jungles of Onderon hoping that his prey was not too strong for him. He pitted his foes against each other. He slew his rivals in single combat, and led grand campaigns to expand the Sith Empire. You struggle to defend what you claim are your borders. You hide, because you fear the empire of your ancestors. And rightfully so- if they saw what I see, they would abandon you for all time." He took another step forward. "You have already lost. In a mere fraction of a second, you have lost your momentum and your weapon. You are weak. Do you truly believe that if I wanted you dead, that I would be unable to achieve such an act? You are a fool. But weakness can be erased. You can teach someone to not be foolish. If you seek glory and power, if you wish for your ancestors to see your glory, then you much reach out and take it. Reclaim the Empire, if you truly believe it is yours. I offer you a chance to learn and to grow, to become more than what you are now, as my apprentice. But know that if you decline, then I will put you into the dirt, as you will be an enemy of the Sith Empire."
  15. Mordecai let out a laugh, unbidden from his chest as he blocked the frenzied attacks from the angry child. He had been no younger when he had set out for Korriban. Those days had been simpler. He had wanted a legacy, to be remembered by generations in the future. But he had grown since then. Now, he saw a larger picture. The Sith Empire was strong, and in keeping it strong, he would leave his mark on this galaxy, whether they remembered his name or not. He moved on the backfoot, not even slightly winded by the attacks. He had form, but he had lost it in his frenzy. He had emotions to harness, but did so sloppily, and it cost him his bladework. These could be remedied. "This is not your jungle. This is the Sith Empire's jungle. By squatting here like a vagrant, you trespass on an empire that spans countless stars and planets. I can only assume you stay here because we have been indifferent to such a small and petty creature claiming dominion. Your ancestors were warriors and sorcerers. They shaped the very galaxy where they walked, they demolished civilizations and defied the Jedi for millennia. If you think they see any glory in lurking through the shadows of what was once their empire, begging for scraps of violence and shouting of their honor, then you do not know their nature as I do." He went on the offensive now. He would show this boy what it meant to stand against the Sith Empire's champion, the Warden of Kuat, the Scourge of the Outer Rim. he rushed forward with a speed one would not expect from a man in heavy armor, drawing on the well of his emotions to empower the Force, which in turn empowered him. Strength surged through his body as he lunged, and he brought down his blades in a series of crushing strikes. One came down overhead, the blade's weight and gravity further enhancing the blow. The second was a thrust towards the Tjsis's abdomen, again the weight assisting with his momentum. It was calming to him, having a real weight behind his attacks now. The last was an underhanded swing, looking to open the boy from hip to shoulder. Maybe under this onslaught of blows, he could see what real power was. What real strength was. What glory truly entailed.
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