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  1. Akheron shook his head, signalling there was no need for such a extreme measure. The lesson had been learnt, hopefully Solus would grow stronger for it. As he had during his own apprenticeship, when he made similar mistakes. "It is true in some instances, but I don't think death is needed here. I believe he gets my point...despite this mistake he has done good elsewhere and so is not a lost cause yet. There is still potential in the Shard, Solus. For have we all not made similar mistakes. But where were we. Ah yes, you say you bring a gift? I would graciously accept it...for I am intrigued. And would repay such a gift, I am not accustomed to accepting something without equal repayment."
  2. Karys could sense the multitude of lifeforms from where Solus was pointing. He was correct in that it was most likely a city...teeming with life, life ripe for the taking and ready to be plundered for it's riches. Perhaps not in credits but in it's children, adult sympathetic to the Sith and technology. Children that could be easily coerced, kidnapped or otherwise and be indoctrinated into the ranks of the clan. More meat for the grinder that was becoming his army and that of Clan Brasganu. One bred for one purpose alone...the complete extermination of the Jedi and their allies and his own enemies. Much how Solus was being moulded into a weapon of war, a task he was taking too with all the joy of a kid in a sweet shop. He was amused at the prospect. Pointing towards the pod, he bid Solus join him and meet their newest ally. Allowing what remained of the Linnorms with them to escort the precious cargo of plasma to the surface and informing the Dark Mistress of their success at the task she had set the clan. He hoped she approved of them and found the clan a useful tool. That done, he swam towards the icey ship, avoiding the jutting spikes that appeared around it. As the temperature dropped, his body shuddered slightly in discomfort, but it was not a unknown feeling. No worse than being upon a ice planet he thought. Giving three taps, code for friend, he hoped the Krath, Inmortos answered. Instead some undead lizards of some type greeted him. No doubt they were of the Krath's making, which intrigued the Warrior somewhat. Even if it was not his way of doing things. Entering, with his apprentice not far behind...or he hoped so he removed the rebreather as water was sucked out and allowed him to breath air again to speak. Nodding with a quick bow of the head, in respect of Inmortos skills he spoke to the master Krath. "Greetings Krath Inmortos, we meet at last. Or rather a proper introduction....I recall seeing you with Krath Apophos above Geonosis at the start of this campaign. We did not speak then, it is a pleasure to get the chance to now. Even under such conditions. I must say your skills are most impressive. Although the help while not needed was appreciated. This is my newfound apprentice, the Shard who calls himself Solus, so far not a wasted effort...despite my initial doubts. Save once, a lesson soon he will to remember and never forget. To what do I owe this pleasure of your personal attention." While he waited, he said nothing before everything changed in a instance. Focusing the Darkness, allowing it to take hoold, Akheron tightened his grip upon the strings in the force that connected to his apprentice Solus. Strangling and tightening those that held him to his lifeforce. Suffocating him in the air until he could hardly breath. A lesson of pain and to heed his words in future. He kept his promise, despite what good Solus had done. A lesson needed to be learnt. A lesson wrought from his Wrath. "You may wonder why my apprentice? Why invoke my Wrath. Why do this after such success, it is simple. You jeopardized our mission, one given by the Dark Mistress for your own personal glory. You nearly cost the clan everything. You nearly cost me everything. Disregard my lessons, my words at your peril Solus. Consider this your second lesson. There is nothing you do that is not without consequences. Think before you act and heed my words of caution. War is no game, no mere childs play, nor is the life you chose by accepting my tutorlage. I warned you about this...disregard my words again and jeopardize what privilege we were given and you shall be cast aside, I'm sure Krath Inmortos here would just love a new puppet like you. Do I make myself clear. Now get up and act the Sith you wish to become. You are a child no more, you are a Warrior, act like it." Dropping him, allowing him to recover he turned back to Inmortos. "Sorry about that...apprentices....sometimes you just want to kill them. As I was saying, to what do I owe the pleasure."
  3. Akheron felt Inmortos long before the ship even rounded into sight. He recalled the same feeling he had felt above Geonosis, where the necromancer and warrior had first met. Cold, not of the ocean but of the death of all life that clung to him. He was intrigued as to how his apprentice would find the feeling. He didn't have time to ponder more as a great ice spear jutted by him, missing by inches and impaling the gungan he was about to slice. He then heard the voice upon the force and returned it in kind before continuing the wanton slaughter, slaughter which fed the Dark. "Welcome Inmortos. Feel free to join in and reap what dead you desire." At his apprentice suggestion, he nodded approvingly as the last of the Colo Claw Fish were rended in twain. It appeared he was so far making up for his blunder, not that it would spare him Akheron's wrath. Moving forwards another gungan met his end when Akheron's saber split him from groin to brain after he redirected the spear he held and removed the arm before he grasped another by the skull and crushed it like pulp between his crushgaunt enclosed hand. And yet he decided to not have all the fun, allowing two rather foolhardy gungans to approach Inmortos craft, fully knowing it was to their doom.
  4. One braver than most approached the Krath Sith Master. Having dealt with and spoken to Darth Akheron many times he was more aware how to approach such beings. He was human but strong in the force, like many of Clan Brasganu who were a mix of those sensitive to the force and those not so. All were either warriors or sorcerers of many varieties as was known of the clan. Cautiously he stepped forwards and knelt with a bow in reverence, as did many others. In this position he spoke, a strong coruscanti accent present. "Greetings my lord, the Lord-Captain, Lord Akheron is currently below. He went with his new apprentice Solus upon the orders of the Dark Mistress to retrieve the viscous plasma for study from the Naboo Abyss while another team of Linnorms was sent to divert the gungans. They have yet to return my lord, but if you desire a audience I can arrange a transport and a escort if you desire them to take you to his last known position." Standing he motioned to one of the remaining submersibles as a group made themselves ready. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile below.... Akheron said nothing, for in truth he could not speak even if he wanted too. With a rebreather it was impossible. Although he did hear Solus words, and the groveling attempt to try and placate him, but what was done, was done. And could not be undone. He would suffer for his failure, just as Akheron had several times during his own apprenticeship. A lesson which he hoped he would learn from and grow stronger because of the realization of his error and the potential cost that might have been. In the meantime he motioned the Linnorm with the loaned lightsaber to return it to Solus. He motioned they should dispose of the remaining fish and continue onwards. They would discuss this incident later. Swimming, Karys shot forwards like a bullet from a gun as the force propelled him to impale another fish which rifled around before he dug a hand into a eye and plucked it out, pulling a large chunk of brain with it. Blood now clouded the area obscuring the view in some places but the glow of the plasma lit up below them. While he and most of the Linnorms, and he hoped Solus mopped up. The scientific team came in with crates and started drilling and digging out plasma, placing it into special containers for transport to the surface. Further along and a group of 8 gungan warriors observed...for now. Moments later and the attack came, forcing Akheron and most the group to turn and focus upon them. The plasma was to be protected at all costs.
  5. As Akheron and the submersible moved forward he could sense the battle raging, above and below as far as his force attuned senses would allow. Ahead he could feel the chaos ensuing as the giant fishes thought to make a meal of them all. Approaching behind the scouting party, upon coming upon the scene...Akheron was not amused as a Quarren Linnorm explained the situation. Solus had almost jeopardized the operation....his one saving grace was the fact he had found what they were after. Akheron made a mental note to see he would be punished accordingly once they returned to the surface. He would learn and need his lessons or he would be cast aside. Entering a section near the back of the craft, Akheron put a rebreather in his mouth and had two others join him as the door was shut and water spilled in, adjusting to the pressure the group exited into the ocean and swamp towards the commotion. Lightsaber ignited, Akheron noted the fish. Colo Claw fish. Young but very hungry and ferocious. Sensing Solus inside a fish, he headed towards the offender. As the fish approached, Karys altered his position so that the fish went under him. As it did so, he cut the fish from top to bottom, slicing it in half and hopefully freeing his wayward apprentice. Meanwhile one of the two Linnorms who had joined him retrieved the sinking lightsaber and held onto it for now. Another fish approached and Akherom used the Darkness to rake it across some rocks sticking out and gut it on the spikes jutting out like needles.
  6. Akheron watched, observing as his apprentice attempted the task he had set. He was a rather peculiar being but slowly he was growing on him...and the fact he so far wasn't another wasted talent was also a good thing. So far it appeared things were improving, the Darkness and the Fanged God seemed to be favouring the Sith. "Not bad, perhaps you may one day be as you describe but not yet. You must first break your chain's. Now is your first true test, descend and scout ahead as we discussed...let nothing stop you and the Linnorms. To fail is to bring disgrace upon the clan, this must not happen. Trust in the Darkness of the Fanged God and we shall succeed. Trust in your instincts, your anger and rage. However before you descend there one more lesson to impart. Words to ponder upon as you swim in the deep of the Naboo Abyss. Words that have guided the Sith for generations and which allow us to better understand our own Darkness...to unlock the first chain." Pausing a moment with reverence he spoke, serious about the words he said next. "Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. Think on each line, contemplate this mantra of ours...the Sith Code. From it draw your own conclusions, even as you stretch out in the force. Allow your own Darkness to be your guide. Now let us begin my apprentice, it is time to bring the Fanged God his due." He hoped that would do as requested, even as he entered a submersible after motioning that Solus was free to begin. Solus was now on his own and would need to trust in the Darkness. Or so the Sith Lord thought As the submersible descended, Darth Akheron focused in the force, meditating, feeding on the destruction that was being wrought around them on the planet. He would aid Solus in his own way.
  7. Akheron listened even as hastily erected funeral pyres were put about and bodies of the Linnorms lost in battle in the name of the Fanged God were committed to the flames, allowing the smell of burning bodies to fill the area and ash floated in the air. As was Clan Brasganu tradition. The Sith Lord paid his final respects, motioning that as his apprentice and also a member of the clan this was also expected of him. He spoke briefly the clan motto "Death remembers all." before moving on. With this he hoped it would help Solus towards forming the discipline and respect expected of a warrior. And also allow him to gain some manner of further respect from the Linnorms. The bodies of the gungans and and beasts were carted aside and tossed into the swamp where the submersibles were not placed. A smile formed. Phase One of Operation: Leviathan was complete and the entire operation was off to a good start, now the next stage was to begin. As his apprentice finished speaking, he answered. Truth be told he had wondered about the attachments, he wasn't even sure why the Master of Cloth had even bothered to fit them. Afterall his apprentice was well equipped to swim as any normal sentient now, with legs to paddle in the water. Stitch-Mouth must have been intoxicated again on one of experimental serums. "I did wonder about those. Our Master Of Cloth seems to have taken leave of his senses again....those attachments were not necessary, you have legs with which to swim like a sentiant and arms. No matter, we shall have to make do for now. As to your suggestion, it is a excellent idea. Your uses become more, keep it up. Take a scouting party of our Mon Calamari and Quarren Linnorms with you. Guide our submersible craft a path through the Abyss, it shall each excellent test of your capabilities, to truly test your awareness in the force. But before that, you must learn how, as such here is your next lesson. You may have stretched out on a small scale before but for this...more is required." Pausing he continued. "As before relax, and focus your hatred and rage. Only this time, expand it outwards...focus upon everyone and everything in the area and focus your energy, expand your awareness. Think of a ship scanning or radar...it is more or less the same principles only with no equipment or visual map. Instead we must build a map using the force by following the threads and pulling at them to show us what we wish to see. Albeit as before it is not without cost, so you must again practice to maintain it longer. Try now, briefly to conserve energy. See how far you can see using just your awareness in the force. After this we descend into the depths."
  8. Karys looked on as his apprentice, Solus charged forwards...ever eagar to please, overconfident and cocky. It reminded him much of how he once was, long ago now on his journey within the Darkness and when he was a apprentice himself. He knew in time it would change as the reality of his choice truly sunk in. And once he learnt to be a Sith was not a game, the stakes were higher than he could imagine. It was a recent truth Akheron had accepted, and each had a part to play yet. For now though he let Solus unleash and through the blood of enemy deepen his connection to the Darkness and the Fanged God. He joined his apprentice in the fray, his lightsaber ablaze and his eyes changing, yellow was replaced with the black of midnight. If Solus were to sense in the force a change occurred as all emotion left his master. Delving deep into the Dark he sped up his leg muscles and became a torrent of red and black. Quickly catching up with his apprentice he cut another 3 down as his lightsaber twirled in a tornado around his body, removing legs and arms from whoever stood in the way. Standing, observing the carnage they had unleashed, Akheron placed his saber away for now too as he spoke to Solus. "It is a good start. You have done well and show much potential but remember....be mindful of your surroundings, use caution. Remain unpredictable, use the fury of battle to deepen your connection and you will unlock your ascendance soon enough. Our journey continues my apprentice, in the deepest depths of the Naboo Abyss we shall face our first true challenge here. In the deep leviathans never sleep. Titans of the sea that can make meals of even a Sith, I do not say this out of fear but of caution my apprentice. You are young, eagar, confident....as I once was and yet to understand the potential within you, we have merely scratched the surface. Until you do you are not ready to face such beasts. Not yet. That said, our destination lays with them. Be on your guard and ever aware in the Darkness of the force, while down there. Use it as a guide where your eyes fail you. That said contact the flagship, let them know the area is secure and to send down the submersible transports. "
  9. Karys looked as Solus slowly at first attempted to accomplish his task, meeting failure at first but soon success. It was met with approval from the Sith Lord, who nodded his head to indicate as such. Even as he felled another gungan, earning a cut to his organic arm, he advanced towards the now rampaging beasts, signalling what remained of his troops to do the same and cut down anything in their path to the Naboo Abyss. Be it man or beast. Akheron answered his apprentice as a Linnorm got hit by a blue plasma ball just metres away. "It is. As I said before using such abilities comes with a price...this is part of that cost. The darkness gives power but it requires a sacrifice. With time and practice however the cost is lessened but there will always be such a price every time you use it. As such we must learn when and where to employ our abilities...to conserve our strength and unleash at the right moment. This is the bargain we made...a price we willingly accept to unlock our true potential. Even a fire requires kindling and sacrifice to grow. Now come, let us clean up here the head below."
  10. Karys sighed a little even as he fought, it seemed Solus was as he suspected thus far. Very much of a child's mind, at least for now. He would need to remedy it sooner or later, or his over eagerness would get him killed, for war was not a joke. He spoke, spinning his saber to attempt to impale another gungan warrior, only he was parried. It brought a brief smile before he engaged again and locked blades. Headbutting the gungan, as he stumbled Akheron surged forwards, his saber moving to unleash a flurry of strikes. One to the leg removing it, another removing his arm as he fell and the final decapitation. Moving to where his apprentice stood, he spoke as he laid eyes upon the cavalry as they began a charge while beasts with catapults attempted to fling plasma balls upon them. "Do not be so eager my apprentice. For although we are favoured by the Fanged God, we are not beyond touch of death. We are demigods yes...in service to the Darkness but even we can be killed when faced with a strong willed opponent. One persistent enough. Be cautious even in battle, war is never a joking matter. It is the decider of fates. That said it can be a learning experience." He motioned at the cavalry. "For instance this is such a moment. Observe closely and listen. I will not repeat myself. Focus within the force, focus your rage...your anger and suffering. Feed the terror of your enemies to it and follow the threads that connect you to them in the force. Focus upon whichever you wish in front of you. Feel how much you want them in fall, to tumble and pull or push, extend your awareness and pluck at the threads. Force them to obey your will, concentrate your effort and your thoughts shall become a reality. Try and pull one of those rider's off, let him be crushed by his own kind. I shall assist...we shall make domino of them." Akheron acted first, a demonstration of what he meant for his apprentice to accomplish. Even if to him it was easy...long years of practice made it like riding a bike. Never forgotten. Extending out his will, Darth Akheron focused upon one individual. Focused his anger, hate and rage. Concentrating his wrath upon him, he Pulled at the threads that were in the force. It was then he felt Mavanger first fall and then his resurgence. It only further fuelled his assault. What followed was carnage as the gungan was forced forward. Yelling out, he was yanked off his beast and sent under its feet in a sickening sound of bone and flesh meeting hooves from the beast. The beast now without a rider took off and ended up smashing into another beast rider next to it in a tumbling mess of hooves and riders. It had begun.
  11. As the ship neared ever closer to the swamp, Karys opened a pouch upon within his robes. From it he withdrew a spare lightsaber, one which was much like his own and waterproofed in the same way as well. It would do as a temporary solution until Solus made his own. As Solus regained composure and exclaimed, excitedly about killing gungans, Akheron was somewhat amused , even as the ship shook and tumbled a bit. They lost two ships part of his team and another two from the diversion team on the descent under fire, as expected the swamps were protected. In many ways Solus reminded the massassi of a child, at least in how he reacted to some things. He would soon outgrow it though he hoped...if he would need to if he was to survive the trials. For they broke even those who thought themselves unbeatable...if their will was weak they went insane. "You will get your fill soon enough my apprentice, but first patience. Let them come to us. That said if you are to fight you will be needing this. It is a lightsaber a tool of extension...but this one is but a temporary solution until you make your own. It works underwater. Just remember a lightsaber is not a sword, so don't handle it as such. A lightsaber is weightless. Adjust accordingly and watch as I do. Learn. Now let us begin." It was then they arrived. As the ramps opened, he allowed the diversion force to split off and make for the bubble cities. To light them up and distract as intended. His lightsaber lit up a crimson, even as he felt a shift in the force. A great wound had been created, loss of life untold claimed by the spear. His smile widened under his mask, his wrath fuelled by the mass loss. He spoke out even as he sliced a gungan in half once he parried the electrostaff upwards. The first of his many victims upon the planet. "Can you feel that my apprentice!? Our Dark Mistress has marked her arrival. Most impressive a display I might add. Feed on the destruction...let the terror and cries of the dead and dying fuel your rage. Let it flow through you like lightning and guide your movements. Unleash your true self. There shall be no redemption or mercy for those in our path."
  12. Akheron answered, a serious tone to his voice. Under the mask, a smile formed...he thought it good that his apprentice ask such questions. Afterall how else would they learn and break their chains. "If someone killed The Spider we shall soon hear of it. But I don't think that is the case...something mysterious surrounds it though. All I know is that he is gone, and that it seems to be the will of the Fanged God. For as the clan motto holds true 'Death, remembers for all'. A new avatar has been chosen however and thus it is not for us to question further such matters. Who knows what part we yet play...We shall see. Time will tell if our new Dark Mistress is worthy and strong enough to lead, so far she seems capable. For now the Fanged God favours her and so as members of Clan Brasganu and servants of the Darkness are bound by blood to serve her. As are you as my apprentice.” Pausing a moment he continued, even as he ensured every item he needed was secure. Then signalled the pilot to take off. "As for Gungans.The Gungans are a sentient, amphibious, sometimes force-sentive, humanoid race native to the planet below us. Prior to the Invasion of Naboo, an event that took place in 32 BBY, the Gungans were a largely isolationist society. but now they are more semi-isolated. They have long managed to combine machinery with biology using the viscous plasma we seek. They usually live in large bubble-like domes under the water but some have been known to explore beyond the planet for good or ill. Most dismiss Gungans as primitive pests, and yet they have developed an advanced, unique, technology. They have grown the basic structures of buildings, vehicles and technology and adorned them art. Not as primitive as people think. The power source for Gungan technology is a mysterious blue-white energy "goo" that is mined in the depths of the oceans, specifically where we are heading, so expect a fight. The viscous plasmic material forms the basis of Gungan weaponry. The Gungans are a warrior race and have a standing army. Ground troops are expected to be carrying portable frames which generate a protective energy field capable of deflecting blaster fire. In large-scale combat, gian shield generators can create an immense umbrella of protective shield energy that can stop laser bolts and physical objects with great kinetic energy. So you can imagine the potential of the plasma we seek to study . It would benefit the Sith and the Empire greatly, not to mention the clan. This is why we must not fail. In the meantime I suggest you prepare yourself. Meditate...focus yourself in the Darkness. Feel it. Connect your rage, anger...your hate and fear....suffering to it. Embrace it all and open yourself fully to the negativity. Feel the emotions of all here, the terror of your enemies out there and only then will you knew true beauty. " He let his apprentice consider his words and accomplish this particular test. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile aboard the Korriban's Wrath, Akheron's second command. A slightly younger human man of 30, Lor Dji'jin stood watching the battle as he unleashed the waves of Acklay Class Heavy Interceptors from the bows of the ship, escorting bombers and the dropships as they made their way to conduct strafing bomb runs or to deliver troops to the ground. As he looked on the tactical display he noted a Fury Class Interceptor pop up. It was curious given how old the vessel was considered against more modern technology. Regardless, he noted the frequency was a ally so sent 4 Acklay Interceptors as escort and as attack squad if they wished. A message was soon sent informing the pilot (Kahla) of the new escort and the fact they had specific orders to now follow her express commands. No matter what that could possibly mean for them.
  13. Akheron heard the chanting, the battle drum booming throughout the ship, as the chorus grew. The Linnorms seemed in high spirits, but he knew well how quickly a battle could change. In the force outside was a crescendo of destruction, it fed the Sith Lord's wrath in preparation for what was to come. He allowed the chanting to continue as he walked through the ship up until the moment he entered the hangar where Solus waited. Akheron knew if they were to secure the Plasma a diversion would be needed to distract the gungans, humans and their Jedi friends. Walking in front he spoke, speaking in more detail of the task ahead. "Greetings my Linnorms, my elite, welcome to Clan Brasganu my new apprentice Solus. A Shard, but among us another unproven soul. this shall be his crucible, his proving ground. As much as it is ours. We have been given a unique task. We are given the honour by the new Dark Mistress to claim the special Plasma that exists only within the Naboo Abyss, for study by the Empire's scientists and sorcerers. Task Force One, codename 'Fury ' for the duration of which I shall be apart and my apprentice, shall first secure the area surrounding the swamp and prepare a landing zone for our submersible drop barges. Then we shall proceed to the plasma itself and secure the area surrounding it, allowing for the scientific and sorcerer team to do it's work collecting. Task Force Two, codename 'Fang' shall act as a diversion...and attempt to keep the enemy occupied for as long as is needed to secure enough samples. These orders come directly from the new avatar of the Fanged God, the new Dark Mistress herself. Do not disappoint me or her. You know the price of failure. Operation: Leviathan is now underway. Go bring glory to yourself, earn your privileges my Linnorms! For the Fanged God! Come my apprentice, let us bring destruction to Naboo and the wrath of the Sith upon the gungans. " On that he motioned the group's to head to their correctly assigned ships.
  14. Wrath Of Korriban, one of the new Chaosas Class destroyers Clan Brasganu had churned out for the Sith fleet was the first to exit hyperspace. This marked the arrival of Darth Akheron and his new apprentice Solus, along with the nomad raider fleet that was other members of Clan Brasganu, with the addition of several new classes of ship. The Exodus Class Star Destroyer Rancor's Revenge and the Sion Class Heavy Tactical Assault Carrier Chaos Bringer and the new Acklay Class Heavy Interceptor starfighters that filled their hangars. Akheron observed the battle as it unfolded before his eyes. He felt the Darkness spreading across Naboo like a dark tide as chaos reigned both on the ground and in the depths of space. He had a specific objective in mind, one given by the new Dark Mistress whilst he was still in hyperspace. Most unexpectedly. As was the fact he found out there was a new Dark Queen, where Exodus once was king. but he didn't pry, so long as she proved herself in the eyes of the Fanged God he would follow her. He and the Linnorms of Clan Brasganu were to travel into the Naboo Abyss. There in the deep of the hollow core among the strange phenomenon that occurred and the titanic sea leviathans, they would gather as many samples for study of the Plasma that lay there as they could. A plasma unique to Naboo, and to destroy anything that prevented them from accomplishing their goal. Be it a gungan or anything else from the deep. But first they needed to get to surface. Speaking to his second command, the Lord-Captain Darth Akheron issued a order. Allowing his apprentice, wherever he was to prepare for the task to come. "Unleash the Acklay's, burn Naboo to cinders. Ravage them with everything we have, for the Fanged God. Take command and report to fleet command, I am going to the surface, our prize awaits there. Have my apprentice, Solus meet me in the hangar with Tear, his tuk'ata. Tell him and the Linnorms prepare for a swim. We are going fishing in the Naboo Abyss for plasma."
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