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  1. Akheron followed after Mavanger, curious as to the reasons why he was asking such questions...intrigued. He allowed the conversation to continue as Darth Mavanger enquired about the Sith Code and if his old master, of which there had been a few taught him of the Code, asking if he could recite it and if he understood it's meaning. It was no easy question to answer. Briefly closing his eyes he recalled the first time he had heard the Sith Code...long ago under his original master, under Darth Quietus, the famed White Wolf. The traitor who had betrayed the Sith at some point after. "I was instructed in the Code, yes. Albeit not under Sheog The Mad, it was under Darth Quietus, the White Wolf that I originally became aware of the Sith Code and it's meaning. Or rather I was left to decipher it and ponder it's meaning when he left the Order to pursue a Jedi and betraying the Sith." Recalling the words he spoke them. "Peace is a lie; There is only passion. Through passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory. Through Victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall set me free. I came to several truths, at least from my perspective in my study of it. That Peace is a lie refers to the fact that peace is a fallacy, a falsehood. A lie all tell themselves. For the galaxy and the universe is a endless chain of Chaos, a unending cycle of destruction and rebirth and by accepting this truth, we allow our Passion to take root, using it to fuel our desires and emotions, in my case my Wrath and Rage, to give us Strength so we may through this gain Power over our lives, the galaxy and our fates and achieve Victory over our enemies and our own weaknesses. Using lessons learnt in the Darkness as our connection grows, to become stronger until we break the chains that bind us and set ourselves free of all limitations. The Force shall set me free, refers to the fact of the Darkness setting us free of these limitations and accepting these truths, only by doing this shall we unlock our true potential in the Darkness. Or so I came to see of it and how we all have a purpose."
  2. Akheron considered the words, helping himself to some of the offered drink. Just as his actions and words were being considered, so to was Lord Mavanger being studied and tested in a way. Or so Akheron believed, for the Fanged God was always testing those devoted to the Darkness and moving them according to it's will...whether they believed in him or not. "I believe it something of importance my friend, considering you called for such privacy Lord Mavanger. One choice of many roads that the Fanged God likely foresaw and now tests us both with. A test of our loyalty and devotion to the Darkness and to each other, it shall be interesting to see where this road takes us and what choices are made. As to the matter of trust...it's not that I don't trust them, I do. But that trust only extends so far, as with all among the Sith. It's been that in my personal experience as a Sith among the Order and being among my own people, that there are few you can truly trust. I have been stabbed more times in the back than I care to count by those so thought I could trust to fulfil their own agendas and paid for it with blood, so I now take certain precautions...even among my own crew. For I will not allow myself to suffer such betrayals again and have my trust misplaced. Although perhaps in this instance, I did go a little overboard I admit. But one can never be too careful I have found, I hope it won't be too much of a inconvenience. I can tell them to go as well if that is your wish."
  3. As the shuttle entered the flagship, Akheron felt at ease being back aboard his mobile home of sorts. This was his sanctuary among the stars. Treading along, he heard his com-link beep he answered, seeing that Lord Mavanger had requested he stay behind and seal them both within the shuttle. It appeared for some kind of private matter. He wondered what he wanted that required such privacy...he would soon see. Turning to Solus before he locked himself and Lord Mavanger alone inside the shuttle, after Krath Apothos, Solus himself and the others had left. He spoke, making his instructions clear before he left. "Once Krath Apothos has separated from you when inside the flagship, you my apprentice are to head directly and without delay to the Master of Hides. Our keeper of ancient lore and chronicler of all things unknown and arcane within the Clan. Tell him I have directed that you look into these illusions you have suffered from, these lapses. See if there is a precedence for such events and if others have experienced similar illusions within the history of not just the Clan but the Sith Order itself. Perhaps in that you might find an answer to the riddle that has far has eluded us. Search specifically within the archives, holocrons and datafiles...any scroll for any slight mention of the creatures you conjured and encountered. Research and evaluate, seek out your cure and destroy the source of your problem, take control of these illusions. This is your next test, your task. When you are done await me within the training chamber. We shall discuss what you find there. Go and do not return empty handed." As they exited he sealed the entrance, heading to where Lord Mavanger was currently sitting, he likewise took a seat. But not before having several Linnorms guard the outside of the craft to ensure no-one got back in or was listening to the conversation. He had the shuttle swept for bugs before they spoke and then had the security team wait on guard as well, encasing the shuttle in a shield wall. None would enter. "We are alone Lord Mavanger, I have ensured we shall not be disturbed. What was it you wished to discuss in private, I admit you have me curious as to the nature of this conversation. One that you feel the others need not know about...one of secrecy." He silently awaited a response, even as he placed his masked helmet upon the ground next to them.
  4. To say that Akheron was not happy with his apprentice would be a understatement. Even despite his success, he had been too reckless and dabbled where he shouldn't almost costing them the successful completion of their task. His Anger and Wrath radiated outwards, directed towards him...he wanted him to feel it, to know how disappointed he was at the actions he had taken. And more, this time he would not escape punishment. For the second time he would suffer, albeit not physically given where they were currently. Instead the Sith Warrior focused within the Darkness, and directed it at his apprentice. Striking at his mind, the deepest parts of it at least in a effort to inflict uncontrollable shaking fear that would wreak havoc at least temporarily. Through pure force of will Akheron would cause his apprentice to lose his courage completely and would rapidly demoralize his apprentice with a feeling of hopelessness and regret. Depending on his will, it would cause his wayward apprentice to either cower defenselessly or flee. Although there was nowhere to run and hide. He spoke, his anger evident in his voice. "That you may have done my apprentice, but your reckless actions in undertaking the task almost cost us everything. You dabbled in forces you cannot comprehend, running before you could walk and almost cost us Lord Mavanger and Krath Inmortos who had to help contain some powerful illusion you unleashed. For this you now suffer and shall not escape punishment, you shall learn even if I must break you. This is not the last you have heard of this either...we shall discuss it more when on our way to Ziost. Feel now the fear and horror of your actions. Do not disappoint me again." (Next post will be in space briefly)
  5. It appeared that Inmortos was going to re-join them through another method, Akheron noted as he stayed behind even as the station fell about him. As the Helvault fell he saw potential in the wreckage...for the future. Resources they could use once it had settled and to help rebuild ships. As the shuttle vacated the station, Akheron held himself secure as it rocked about and shook from the attempt to escape the forces working against it and the debris. Once clear like a few of the other shuttles, commandeered by escaped prisoners, some of whom opted to follow them to a new fate and life, Akheron approached the front of the craft before using a console to send a highly encrypted, military issue communication to his waiting flagship. Which had been waiting just outside the system for the Sith to complete their task before it would show itself. As the crew and the second command had been ordered too. Soon enough and it turned up, now repaired since it's last adventure. As the shuttle made it's way, he removed his own mask in mutual respect. Placing it under one arm, as he too opted to speak. "The Darkness and the will of the Fanged God works in mysterious ways my friend. There is a plan for us all even if we do not know or understand it at the time, it seems it is not done with Krath Apothos, or any of us just yet. It is true we may have fallen but only so we will arise from the ashes even stronger than before. Such has always been the way of the Sith. As you said, now we rebuild and when next we meet the Jedi and their puppets we will not be so easily silenced. For now a new, more worthy Champion has awakened, one who will see us to a victory I feel. The winds have changed yet again."
  6. Akheron looked on in interest as the necromatic romances took on a new form he had yet to see. A wraith, both living and dead that seemed to float like some kind of ghoul. As the risen dead were drawn to him, Akheron followed after Krath Apothos and his apprentice, who was still drained it seemed after his reckless behaviour and attempt to right his wrong. He looked on as the two hurtled off like some kind of rocket or high speed rail train on metal legs. As the station began to shake more violently, Akheron focused the Force and kept place with the two, his lightsaber making him seem like some kind of a red blur as his speed increased to match their momentum. Dodging debris, loose metal, rubbish and droids he advanced like a escaping wind, a torrent of Darkness that sought to allow his escape and allow the Lord of Rage and Wrath to make his way to the shuttle. Noting how Darth Dictum disappeared, he was curious where he went and why. But had no time to ponder more as he approached the shuttle wit the others. Following after Krath Apothos and Solus he waited for the rest to catch up to the trio.
  7. Akheron observed as his apprentice started talking in backwards riddles yet again. It appeared yet again had he dived too deep down the hole, into the abyss and got caught up in it's snare instead of exercising caution as he had warned...behaving like a reckless bantha. And now he paid the price for it. This time Akheron left him to his current fate, another lesson to learn from. Or so was the idea. He would either learn or he would be cast aside, he was beginning to become tiresome. He spoke briefly to the Shard, impressing his point across harshly and with a hint of Anger. "Do you never learn my apprentice? Did I not tell you to be cautious...or are you purposefully ignoring my advice. No matter, you shall remain as you are for the time being, consider it a lesson in humidity, in not indulging in such reckless behaviour endangering our objectives. When we are out of here you my apprentice and I are going to have a long talk about this continuous interference and you shall find a way to end it. Once and for all...if you fail then you shall be cast aside. My patience grows thin with your reckless pursuits, control yourself and your mind or I am done with you. Enough is enough." Turning to Dictum he spoke, replying to his words. "I do not think we have ever met before. That being the case I welcome you to the Order, Darth Dictum, son of Darth Ragnus. Join us and we shall see to it the Alliance and Jedi will pay in vengeance for your imprisonment and denying you access to the Dark gift. Denying you your passions. A new Dark Lady has awakened as I said and as the new champion of the Fanged God, she will lead us to truly be free to explore our proclivities without restriction. She has summoned us, can you feel it? She calls for all who would call themselves Sith to serve and prove their devotion." Finally turning to face Krath Apothos, he spoke again. "It was not Master Krath Inmortos who found him..but I. He is Solus, a new addition to the Order and to Clan Brasganu, of which I am now joined. He is a Shard, essentially a crystalline being sentient and strong with the Force. An Assassin in training, although sometimes I do question why I picked him given his reckless nature. But you are correct, we must move and quickly before this place becomes our tomb, you may use my apprentice for now but once we are out I shall require him back and in one piece." With that the Sith Warrior turned for the nearest exit, hoping the others followed as well as any prisoners smart enough to notice the Sith group were the best way out of there.
  8. Akheron proceeded to continue along the large maintenance shaft he now found himself within. He noted the lack of gravity as his feet rose from the ground, allowing his body to float in the air and forcing him to effectively 'swim' to manoeuvre himself. Using his fete, he propelled himself along the shaft, lightsaber held out in front to light the way now the lighting was failing. Soon enough and he found an exit. Moving into the corridor, looking about he noted the coast was clear at least for now. Floating along, he wondered how the others faired...that was before he felt it. The change. He felt the Force as it returned, like a flood had washed over him and baptised him in the fires of his own Wrath. A smile gripped his lol beneath his mask as now he could finally express himself. He would be allowed to be himself again and truly be the destroyer that some claimed he was. Allow him to truly serve the Fanged God and serve up any souls who resisted, and destroy the droids who would bar his path. Moving along he came across a group of a dozen droids, a patrol sent to hunt down the one who was causing such commotion in the area. To hunt him. Surging forwards, with the Force he shot like a torpedo using the lack of gravity and the Force to surge forwards and dispatch his most current victim, behind the group was a sentient, one of the few who had been sent to hunt with the droids and keep order. The turrets above were easy enough to fool, at least until they adapted, and so he acted quickly. Using his lightsaber to redirect blaster fire into the droids, destroying two instantly with the redirected fire before he used the Force to go send another crashing into another behind it against the wall in a pile of metal and twisted wires. Moving through the droids quickly, dispatching each with no compassion or mercy, a being driven by pure Wrath and Rage, the sentient human started to panic as his protection was whittled down to the last four. Running, he ran down the hall where he his behind a wall and attempted to call for backup only to find radio silence as the station continued it's self destruction. Akheron soon finished the last droid, crushing it like paper under his control. Then he was and felt them, two vengeful and pain filled spirits who desired to inflict suffering upon both himself and his adversary. The human was easily overcome, clutching his head he howled out, a gluttural, unnatural scream that echoed down the hall as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body became no longer his own. Feeling this new threat and seeing the change from the cowering form he had once been to a being of insanity and rage filled fury, Akheron acted swiftly. As the possessed human swung his stun baton with unnatural strength, the Sith Warrior countered with a well placed lightsaber strike to arms, severing both simultaneously as he propelled himself to the left side, slicing as he passed. Removing his head after, he released the souls only to be assaulted himself. As they entered his mind Akheron fought back inflicting his will, his Rage and Wrath...directing it to assist with evicting the unwanted new tenants. The battle of his body continued, as he shook and the hall rocked with the Force. Until at last he won out. Overcome by the sheer power of his Wrath and Rage, they were destroyed and cast into oblivion. Dropping momentarily, he recovered himself before continuing until he came upon a large sealed blast door. Above which say two automated turrets and guarded by a group of sixdroids. All who were now staring at the Sith Warrior. Hell broke loose as he drove into an alcove. Focusing himself he stepped out, pulling a turret from it's placement and smashing it into one droid before crushing it and another together against the wall. Surging onwards he proceeded to deflect and redirect blaster fire from the remaining turret into the next droid, placing himself so the droids stood in the line of fire. Cutting down another two droids he pulled the remaining turret and smashed it into the back of the head of one of the last two droids, knocking it forwards as Akheron impaled upwards into it's brain and sliced down to the torso rendering it no longer a threat as it collapsed destroyed. Facing the final droid, he took several bolts to his armor, and another to his right arm, causing a wince as one bolt made it through a joint and hit the flesh beneath. Pulling the droid towards him, he reflected bolts back into it before ducking under a swing from the buzzing electrified baton it held. Attempting to cave his head into pulp. Removing that arm as he passed under it's guard, he twirled his lightsaber around and removed it's other blaster arm before crushing the droid with the Force. Dropping the carcass, he looked upon the blast door. Behind he could feel both Krath Apothos, the other powerful darksider and several others, he could feel the chaos ensuing and feel it. Focusing his energy, his Rage and Wrath the Sith Warrior placed both hands forward and attempted to force the blast doors open. Metal creaked and squealed against itself as it was unnaturally pulled apart and forced open. Before long it gave way, blasting inwards into whatever lay behind it. Through the gap, Akheron floated and for the first time in years placed eyes upon Krath Apothos. He spoke up. "I am Darth Akheron, Lord of Rage and Wrath. Sith Warrior and your path to your freedom. Although we come for one, those that choose to serve the new Dark Lady, the champion of the Fanged God will be given the chance for vengeance upon the galaxy and the Alliance for your imprisonment. Refuse this offer or hinder us in any way and you shall fall here and now, to die with the station. Souls for the Darkness. Make your choice quickly, wisely....here and now. For you shall not be given another chance." Looking towards Krath Apothos, he spoke up. "Krath Apothos, we have come for you. It seems you still have some allies among the Sith...despite your fall. You were not forgotten, and still it seems have uses." He looked to the stranger near him, lotus positioned and spoke. "I can feel the Darkness within you stranger...it is strong. You feel like a Sith. If I might enquire, what is your name. You seem like you may be of use to the new Dark Lady Calypso. To the Fanged God from whom our Dark gift was truly given. But I have been wrong before about someone. Tell me that I might gain your measure...and perhaps vouch for you when the others arrive. Should you prove your worth and usefulness to our cause."
  9. Being more cautious than before, Akheron made his approach as finally he found something resembling a map, most likely for any sentient patrol that were stationed on the now falling prison. Looking, he noted his position and how far he was from his objective. He imagined the prisoners would likely be gathered in a mess hall of some sort...somewhere where they could be kept an eye on during the current chaos. Somewhere they could be managed, although if he knew Krath Apothos like he did, that wouldn't last long. He would soon notice something was wrong and take advantage of the confusion. Either he would or another prisoner, time would tell. Looking on the map, he noted it's location before heading that way. It wasn't long before he ran into his next obstacle, a turret. It opened fire almost instantly, forcing the Sith Warrior to duck into a alcove and determine how to disable it, a task which was usually made easy by the Darkness. Without which he was more vulnerable than usual, at least until his apprentice found a way to dispose of the lizards. Yslamari, how he despised the creatures even if sometimes they had a purpose within the Fanged God's plans. Thinking on his feet, Akheron used his saber to slice a small section of wall and dividing it in two, the Sith Lord threw a section out into the hall towards the turret. A momentary distraction at most, that would merely divert attention away. But a moment was all he needed. As the turret locked on he used what little precious little time he had to advance before ducking into the next section, catching two bolts to his armour in the process as the turret turned to try and track his movements. Feeling the impact, he just managed to evade a fatal encounter as another bolt struck the wall beside him. Briefly hiding, taking a breather, Akheron recalled his early training with Sheog The Mad and others. He focused upon his own strength using it to not submit to the pain. He was a weapon of the Sith and he would prove his worth. Throwing the second piece, as the turret again turned to track it and blast it to oblivion, Akheron ran using his might to proceed with cutting to disable the infernal machine as he made it underneath it. Slicing upwards, made difficult by his lack of the Force, Akheron finally had success but not before catching a bolt to the left arm. Wincing in pain, he focused on his task at hand. He would not allow the pain to stop him, he would not falter in the face of the opposition. For he was death incarnate come for the prison. He was servant of the Fanged God, a Sith Warrior bred to bring destruction upon all the enemies of the Sith and his own. A destroyer of worlds that brought souls for the Fanged God to feed upon and in turn empower Akherkon himself in turn via his Dark gift. Yet even without his Dark gift, he would not stop. A Sith Warrior was more than that, much more. Using the natural Rage he had inside, born from within himself and not empowered by the Force, he forced himself to continue. Soon be came upon some kind of maintenance hatch, sliding it open, he went in and proceeded towards whatever awaited at the other end. He hoped his apprentice would restore the Force soon. He missed it's call, the Darkness enveloping him and allowing him to truly express himself.
  10. Akheron held onto the sure of the shuttle as it violently lurched forwards. He noted how the mighty space station before them seemed to be headed towards the planet...that was not good. They would need to sort that particular problem out quickly or the mission would end much more swiftly than they wished, most fatally at that for not just the prisoners but also themselves. As the ship entered the hangar bay, he could feel the violent descent. The space station shook and rocked about, sending anything not sturdy across the bay, he just narrowly avoided being hit by a rogue crate left by one of the stations droids, as he exited the craft and attempted to steady himself. He felt the wind whoosh past his face as it shot past, banging and sliding before hitting the far wall with a loud thud once it passed. He spoke up once his apprentice had disappeared to accomplish his own task. "Looks like the station has become unstable. I don't think we have long, someone must attempt to stabilise this station if we are to accomplish our objective or we shall all meet our end prematurely and meet the Fanged God before due time. Perhaps one of the prisoners might know where the command centre is so we can right this internal place and at least walk straight." With that Akheron motioned towards the other direction Solus had gone. He assumed that would be the correct direction to go, but it was a guess...he had not been here before afterall. Looking out for any turrets, he quickly ducked behind a wall as a droid came down the hall on patrol. He waited until it passed before striking, igniting his lightsaber he attempted to split it in two, made harder by the fact he was without the Force currently. But he was trained for this. He was a Sith Warrior, a destroyer of worlds...and he would surpass this obstacle to end any in his way. It was difficult but he accomplished his goal. Leaving the droid corpse where it lay, he proceeded onwards looking on the wall and ahead for any sign of where to go next.
  11. Akheron listened closely as Lord Mavanger explained his motivation for the current mission. He felt likewise inclined, for as much as the two didn't see eye to eye all the time, much like Krath Inmortos, he was still a ally. One he would not leave to his fate for the Fanged God had deemed there was further use to be made of the Technomancer. As the group approached the shuttle and spoke further, he listened to his apprentice. "A excellent idea my apprentice. Use your abilities to your advantage, just as you use my teachings and the Darkness, show us the Assassin you wish to be. Your task for this endeavour shall be to disable the security systems where possible...open the door for us so to speak and find a way to destroy the Yslamiri lizards aboard so we and Krath Apothos may access the Force and be free to wrought destruction upon the prison. As for the lizards themselves, the Yslamiri, use this as a learning moment my apprentice. Remember this feeling, and the void they leave us in. For even a Sith can have our access to the Darkness temporarily stopped, rare as it is...these creatures are a strange phenomenon. One connected with the Fanged God no doubt in some way, to test us. To test out devotion to the Darkness even when our greatest gift is taken from us. It is a potential weakness...one that can be used against us by those not as attuned in the Force. To have us rely on our other senses, that of our smell, hearing and natural sight if we have it. The vibrations of the feet. Come, there is much to do. " With that he entered, the void encircling and encasing his form. For him, briefly he doubled over before focusing his other senses. Remembering lessons learnt from his tutelage under Sheog The Mad when he was sent to Myrkr. The birthplace of the lizards they now encountered. He remembered the familiar feeling and how to not succumb to it. Turning to Lord Mavanger, he spoke. "A impressive craft, it is a sound plan."
  12. Akheron looked at his apprentice with a brief flare of Wrath and Rage rising before it subsided. Get again he had said too much, and would need to be out in his place to a extent. That and he appeared he would need to also state the purpose of their being there despite Krath Apothos. "He is correct my apprentice, you say too much. Lord Mavanger is correct in saying to destroy her we must forget...and so she will forever be out of reach from our enemies. Do not speak of this to either anyone here, myself or anyone else am I clear? Cleanse the thought from your mind and soul, for to truly kill her she just be forgotten like a parchment burnt in the wind. You would do well to heed Lord Mavanger's advice. He is correct in his assumption. The Helvault contains far more than just Krath Apothos, for he is surrounded by others of similar ilk. Outcasts, prisoners, those dissidents the Alliance, Jedi and Imperial Knights deemed too large a threat to be free. Those we can recruit to the cause of the Sith and replenish the Clan ranks. Remember my apprentice always view things within the scope of the bigger picture. See not just your objective but what and who else might be of use during the process of your tasks. See who has the potential to serve."
  13. The shuttles soon appeared, forming up behind the Eternus, Akheron and Solus had arrived along with their contingent of Linnorms. Landing beside the craft, he spoke noting the presence of the current Sith Warmaster, Darth Mavanger. A man he had met a couple of times before and shared the similar proclivity of combat. He could likewise sense Master Krath Inmortos, and that something was very different with the man...he had not been the same since Coruscant. But that was a matter for another time, he had more pressing issues to hand. Issuing a bow of mutual respect he begun. "Greetings Lord Mavanger, I am pleased that you could join us Warmaster, we will need every advantage we can get it we are to break the Helvault. I hear it is quite the impressive structure and boasts quite the setup, I look forward to seeing just what awaits. It shall be a good opportunity for recruitment and convertion...let's just hope Krath Apophos is appreciative of our efforts and doesn't waste our time."
  14. As the ship exited hyperspace and emerged...Akheron was for one of the few times in his life, brought to silence and awestruck. He could feel the Darkness yes but more than that he saw what he thought he would never see again. Ziost in all It's glory had been reborn, much like Korriban several decades before it. But this was fresh, teeming with life yet with a more sinister undertone. The Darkness swirled like a whirlwind around the planet and the ruins were no more. It brought a smile upon his face beneath his faceplate. He took it as a sign of things to come, yet another sign of the prophecy perhaps being true. For there were never any coincidences where the Force was concerned and the Fanged God, the timing of it all was too much not to notice. The awakening and rise of a new champion and just after the rebirth of Ziost. Something was clearly at work. But he had no more time to admire it, he set to go his task. Finally making his way to the hangar bays, he entered a combat shuttle with several Linnorms and Solus. Several other shuttles likewise joined in formation before they all departed, leaving the new champion to fight in ritual combat and decide the fate of the Sith while they refuse Nok Morliss...Krath Apophos from his imprisonment. He hoped during his time there he had been humbled some. That a lesson had been learnt and he appreciated the effort even if they had a dislike for one another. And yet this rescue was not without a price. Krath Apophos would be indebted to the Clan and to him. Putting such a thought aside for now he focused on the task at hand as the shuttles entered hyperspace, following in Inmortos wake. ((On to the Helvault))
  15. As they stood aboard the mighty flagship, Fangs Of Darkness the one remaining ship of Clan Brasganu, House Of Dragons, Akheron listened upon the command deck bridge. He wondered why she would want to visit those ruins. The ruins of a long dead world, one where only asteroids and remnants of battle and death remained. Ziost. He still despised the Jedi for it's destruction. A brief flair of Rage made it's way to the surface at the thought of it before subsiding. Calm was restored again, as Akheron arose from his chair, motioning and allowing his Dark Empress and champion to take command as she wished once he let the Linnorms and crew know the change of command and setting a course for Ziost. At least temporarily. He would leave the ship to Darth Calypso and depart into a shuttle. For he decided to assist Krath Inmortos, to free his old apprentice, one who Inmortos had taken after him and trained to a sorcerer. A Sith Krath. A Technomancer. Krath Apothos as he was now known. Despite how the two had a distrust of one another, he would not yet abandon him to his fate. For it seemed the Fanged God had deemed him useful once more. To help replenish the Sith. And perhaps the Clan. If not him then at least those around him might be of use. Prisoners who could be converted...convinced to join the House Of Dragons, Clan Brasganu. And help it thrive once more. They would soon see. "As you command my Empress. The Fangs Of Darkness is yours to command on a temporary basis, for if it pleases you I shall assist Master Krath Inmortos in rescuing Krath Apophos from his fate. He was once also my apprentice before he dedicated his study to the more mystical aspects of the Darkness and became a sorcerer. As snivelling and cowardly as he was, he as you said still has uses. As does the prison in which he resides, no doubt there are many with him who would be willing recruits to our cause. I have set a course for Ziost although if I might enquire and wonder...if I may, why Ziost? It was destroyed some years ago in a great battle, only ruins remain of what it once was. I don't doubt you feel something...only I am curious as to why the Darkness and Fanged God would chose there of all places. Of all the Dark Nexus. Regardless we shall soon see my Empress, I shall prepare with my apprentice to depart with a raiding party to inact this rescue as soon as we are there. May the Fanged God and the Darkness watch over you." With that he departed motioning Solus to follow leaving Darth Calypso and the Linnorms on the bridge, as the flagship entered hyperspace. A course set for Ziost, while he would go into battle once more. ((Onwards to Ziost.))
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