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  1. Akheron nodded in appreciation at the gesture, even as he began to speak. He liked where e it was misleading 59, tell newfound unity which would bind the Sith and hopefully allow them to defeat their enemies at long last. To quell the stagnation and stop a cycle that had kept repeating. "It is and not just for myself, it would be a boon for the Sith, especially now when we need it most. You see the Shadow's Gambit is a ship...but not just any ship. It is a casino ship registered with the Galactic Alliance or at least it was it probably is registered with the Sovereignty Alliance now. It was long ago commissioned for the Sith under the guidance of Darth Quietus, The White Wolf before he went rogue and was executed. My former master at one point. It was built for multiple purposes. The first was to serve as a front to train apprentices, for inside is a hidden compartment away from prying eyes." He allowed a short break for the information to sink in and allow himself a breather, before continuing. "The second was to fund the Sith Empire. And the third was as a covert operations vessel to spy on our enemies without them knowing, they came close to discovery once with Coresec existed but the investigation went nowhere and they failed to find out who it really belonged too. When Darth Quietus was alive he took me there and I saw this secret with my own eyes for the first of several times. When he fell in battle, I took over the responsibility, and had kept it kept hidden for a day when we might need it most. A nest egg if you will, to help us if other avenues were taken away and we were forced into exile greater than ever before. I didn't fully trust others even back then to keep it in Sith hands. Not even my own apprentice Lord Aeon, Darth Dictum or Krath Inmortos who have gone missing knew of it. Not many have ever known about it's existence, not even Dark Lord Exodus or Nryrys were aware of it's existence so far as I know. Or if they did they never spoke of it." He allowed another short break. "I lost track of it after the battle of Nar Shadda and the loss of the fleet there. Records of it's location were lost there so I need help finding the ship itself. It has been elusive to find again. I came across some interesting data though of rumoured sightings over the the last few years, and where it might potentially be. I have been trying to find it since after my return and resurrection following Falleen and the taking of my power base there. All data regarding the ship is within that sack. Everything I have found out about it to date, so you may see for yourself if it's useful. And perhaps speed up the search with some more keen eyes. In such times I think it is time to use it for it's intended purpose once more. If you would allow it as our new Dark Lord and one which think can be trusted with it and know how to use it to it's maximum potential." He awaited an answer curious as to what he thought about it. And the secret few knew about and his involvement in the secrecy. While he waited he turned to their Mandolorian ally, Tros. "I would be grateful and indebted if you do so choose to assist in this purging of the old ways. I always repay such debts, my honour as a Warrior demands it."
  2. Akheron listened, even as he noticed Tros to the side, another ally of his. As Mavanger spoke his words sunk in, he made a point. It gave him much to think upon, made him question his own beliefs this far and what It meant to be a Sith. He considered was his attachment to the Fanged God, to the Brasganu another chain? After silence for a time he came to conclusion they were. That he had misplaced faith. For he had done everything for them and had nothing to show for it. No more. A revelation was made and his choice decided upon. He would break this chain and sever his connection, he had too if he wished to become all he thought he was. If he was to truly be considered a Sith in not just his own eyes but also in other's. For the Darkness to recognise him and for him to use it as intended. Closing his eyes briefly, he breathed a deep breath before releasing, feeling the current of the Force. His Darkness. And then he spoke aloud, feeling for the first time, in a long time free. As a shackle was removed. All he needed to do now was remove those who objected to the change and purge any who resisted him as was the Sith way. Starting on his ship, but first he would speak to Mavanger, he who had helped the change. A true ally. No he decided, as tempting as it might have been he would not attack Being the Dark Lord had never really appealed to him. No he was a deatroyer, a fist of iron to stamp out the Sith and the Dark Lord's enemies. A general, not a leader. "What you say is true. And you have given much to think upon and a revelation, it is time to break the final chain. The final attachment if I am to be as I wish to be. I here and now denounce the Fanged God and all his teachings, I separate myself from the Brasganu. But shall keep the parting gift of my ship. Those who would object will be purged. You have my thanks for that, I needed to hear it I think for such thoughts have crossed my mind before, and doubts have been growing in the wake of everything. I have done everything for a supposed 'God' with nothing to show for it. Only suffering. To hell with them and their beliefs. I am my own God. I am Sith." With that he lowered himself to a knee. He knelt before his better and ally, one he would now consider perhaps a friend for freeing him like this. For enlightening him even if it was not the intention. He agreed with his plan, and believed he would fair better than the others before him, for his goal was clearly to aid the Sith while others only served their own interests. Their own desires and left the Empire and their allies to rot. "I thank you for enlightening me, I had wished it been sooner. I have no desire to lead, that was never my calling. I am a destroyer, a general nothing more. It is a fact I accepted long ago, in my many failings. I will not oppose you and your claim. I accept your claim and your right to be Dark Lord, by way of your many deeds. I think you will fair far better than the others or even myself had I chosen different. Your plan is sound and in the interests of the Empire and the Order as a whole. Not focusing on yourself so much and your own needs but instead on what we all need. What the galaxy needs. You have my blade and men at your command Dark Lord Mavanger. Long may you reign and bring the Jedi and their allies to their knees."
  3. Akheron was busy finishing up his notes, having come across a item of interest. He felt the Darkness call out, the sign he had been waiting for. Yet it was not in the form he had expected. He felt Darth Mavanger, a familiar presence, but last he recalled he too had fallen like himself. It seemed both had been spared death for a reason where all others had not or had gone missing. A reason known only to the Fanged God and the Darkness. A reason he was soon to find out. He answered the com-link attached to his wrist. Rarely used but there for emergencies or when a Sith needed to speak to him more directly. "It is good to hear your voice Warmaster, I had heard you like me had meet your demise. I am glad to know you have returned. I shall be there shortly, we have much to discuss." With that he gathered what data he could, at least that which he had compiled into database and discs, so Darth Mavanger could scrutinise them himself. Placing them in a large bag, he placed it upon his back. The lightsaber he had borrowed, now a permanent addition at his side, slung to his right. He sent a communication to the captain, a replacement for the previous he had known. "Varno, the ship is yours. I must see the Warmaster on personal business. Keep her in order while I am away. Prepare my shuttle for departure." He answered quickly. "Yes my Lord-Captain." With that preparations were made, and the shuttle was soon ready in the hangar with a small guard to see him off. Saluting, Akheron entered alone, knowing he would hopefully not need additional assistance. At least he hoped so and trusted in the Darkness and Darth Mavanger that nothing untoward would happen. Piloting the shuttle, he contemplated events, how the Dark Lord he had helped to find and initially backed had squandered the chance she had been given. It disgusted him how she had been no better than those that came before. But such was her way. The choices she had chosen had sealed her fate and angered the Fanged God, and the Darkness who no longer favoured her. A new champion was needed. A avatar, but Akheron knew it was not him. No he would soon know who it was, the Darkness would reveal this to him as it had the sign. And so he continued, and sought permission to land in the hangar as he approached. As he landed, he waited for any that might lead him to the observation deck briefly before making his own way. Following the Darkness to Mavanger's presence. Entering, he issued a bow and a nod of respect. Despite their differences, they were much the same, survivors. Loyal to the Sith and willing to do whatever it took to see the strong rise. Their dedication to the Darkness was absolute. "Greetings Lord Mavanger. It has been a while, I am glad to see these rumours of your demise were greatly exaggerated. I suspect you know as I do now, that another Dark Lord has fallen, although I know not how or the why. Only that she has likely fallen like so many others before her and only that a new champion of Darkness is likely chosen and I as ever am to be their destroyer. A fist for the Sith to use. I also have something else to discuss, I believe I have found a way to help our cause and a proposition in that regard. Tell me Warmaster in your years of travels, did you ever hear tales about a ship by the name of The Shadow's Gambit? If so how much do you know about it?" He inquired, placing the bag beside him as he talked.
  4. The ship/fortress finally arrived above Ziost, a strange sight for it's unusual and ancient looking design. Akheron let those below know he was coming. Within it was as if those bound to it knew what to do, as the mighty structure moved down towards the surface and to a large clearing in the ice. Close to the Black Pyramid, but far enough that enough space was allowed between them and the other structures around. Here it would remain indefinitely. It's new home. Standing vigilant for the return of those inside now lost. For on the journey another two had disappeared, Akheron wondered if the ritual had been too much, for he had not heard from Dictum or Lord Aeon since, indeed there was silence in the Darkness also. It was strange but he could not wait around as such he made his way to the exit. They could make their own way if indeed they still remained. Upon the ground, he exited the vast structure and to where others gathered, gawking at the unusual sight He ignored them and went about securing a shuttle so as to return to his own ship. One sorely missed for so long apart. For it was his home, one of the stars at least. A gift of the Brasganu long ago. He needed to return and see how things faired before seeking out the elusive Frak the Pirate, or failing that another item lay on his agenda. For he knew somewhere out in the stars was another ship he could potentially reclaim. A casino ship that had been helping fund the Sith for some time. The Shadow's Gambit. A ship he was familiar with, he need only find it and return it to the rightful hands of the Sith. But the records had been lost during the invasion over Nar Shadda, so it's location was now a mystery. He needed help to find it beyond his own resources. And so as he found a shuttle, he made his way to his ship. There he spoke to the captain briefly, being appraised of what had happened in the interim and the reported disappearance of the Dark Lord they had so briefly served, before heading to his room and study. There was much to think upon. The disappearance of the Dark Lord did not bode well for the Sith. But he knew just as one champion fell or became unworthy in the eyes of the Danger God and the Darkness. Another would rise, and he would be there to serve as their destroyer. A fist of Wrath and Rage to bring examination upon the enemies of the Sith. For now he need only wait for a sign. A dark beacon in the cosmos that would call to him when the time was right. He put his head down, searching his notes, datapads and items on the consoles in front of him. Attempting to piece together data and stories around the Shadow's Gambit and potential sightings since Nar Shadda. So far he found nothing, but he continued none the less.
  5. As Akheron finished speaking and traversed the moving ship, come fortress of Inmortos he felt and experienced the hallucinations. Visions from the Madness of which he now in part shared with Aeon. A side effect of the ritual that had bound them together. He heard the words and listened, intrigued by what they meant. Knowing it however was of the Darkness and in part the Fanged God too. He wondered what it meant...to seek The Iron Net via the Moons of Yavin. It would require some research and as such he sent a com-link communication to Aeon. "Lord Aeon, I ask a favour. No doubt you like I saw that vision, I ask while I rest if you would research into this for us...find out what is meant by The Iron Net and how this might relate to the Moons of Yavin. Perhaps in that we may find answers to this riddle. Hopefully by the time we arrive above Ziost you might have further insight. Let me know then if you could brother. Until then Lord Aeon, may the unending Darkness guide us all."
  6. Akheron looked upon the newest apparition, acknowledging it's presence and what it represented. He smiled knowing full well it's Wrath for it was his own. Albeit more refined and destructive, representing the apex of of what he strived to be. What he was destined to become. And yet he knew it to be illusion of Chaos and not his true form. As the Chaos within grew he accepted it within, holding and binding it to himself and his Wrath and the Madness born of Lord Aeon, twisting into one thought, like a game of tetris each piece become one and slotted into each other in unison. Pieces of a puzzle that although separate shared many similarities and were one. As he did this the illusion of his ultimate form screamed in agony as it was torn apart by the event. As the physical and spiritual became as one and entwined in symbiosis. With a final movement the true Akheron, or his soul split the illusion asunder and in two allowing him to take on the real threat of Chaos. The souls of the damned threatening his physical body. Without hesitation he acted, enraged and his Wrath on full display. Wrath empowered further by the Darkness and the binding of Chaos and Madness to himself. As he finished his own trial, he noted how the others had also accomplished and defeated their own challenges. With that all three were suddenly dragged back to tell living world, the cold of the altar room and reality of what was real. In that moment the cacoons they had been in cracked open and was absorbed into each, as the tentacles of Darkness wrapped and gripped their souls, disappearing upon their return. And with their disappearance, each was now bound to the other, the ritual complete. Each could in a way feel the binding, the new deeper spiritual and physical connection. As each was connected beyond the physical. The orb dissipated and disappeared as the bowl stopped smouldering and the blue flames blew out. Akheron spoke. "It is done, we are bound as one. You may do as you wish, I must rest after the ordeal...it takes a toll upon the anchor in such a ritual." He acknowledged each before heading out, seeking to rest his spirit and body for now. To prepare for the next task, to return to his own ship and make something fitting for his change. Not a lightsaber, no he wanted something else. Something more visceral to feel up in the flesh of the enemy and contain his Wrath. A picture begun to take shape...two swords but first he needed materials only he had. And so he would need to wait until they arrived, for it would take another toll, 3 days of toil to create what he wanted. Such was the price and one he would pay willingly.
  7. While Akheron had expected something, he did not anticipate facing himself or rather a variation of himself as he could of been or had the potential to become should he choose to forsake the Darkness. A Tsis Warrior, free of the darkened skin and signs of corruption, holding what appeared to be some kind of staff and clothed in brown and white. Full of the Light. It was a sight that both surprised and yet sickened him all at once as he cautiously approached. For he knew who it was standing before him, he knew himself even with the differences of appearance and soul. Much like Dictum, Akheron and Trodai both looked at each other, smirking. Each aware that no matter the choices, slight as they were each were destined for their current direction and path and no matter the changes. And yet even still Akheron stood despised and disgusted at what he saw, viewing the apparition as nothing but a twisted, weak form of himself. A variant too weak to accept the power inherent in his blood and rejecting the symbiotic nature and relationship of the Darkness within even despite the risks and price. He accepted the fact he would inevitably be consumed eventually but such was the nature of Darkness and the Fanged God. To refuse and reject what fate had instilled in his blood was to reject part of yourself. Or so he thought and so he did what he thought necessary. And struck down the apparition in his disgust, affirming his loyalty and destiny to the Darkness. As the apparition vanished into nothing, fading from existence to reveal the hellscape and the twisted souls attempting to take his physical body, Akheron struck at the restless souls keeping them from his form. That was until again the physical and spiritual realms twisted and folded into each other for each of the three Sith. And another test awaited. In front of Aeon now stood a darkened version of himself. His inherent Darkness taken from and the cultimation of the aspect he represented. His ultimate form if he continued along his current trajectory. His Madness taken form and taken him over. Dictum likewise was faced with his ultimate form, his Darkness taken form and showing him what might happen if he continued his path. The crux of the aspect he represented and of himself, his potential reached. Akheron likewise faced his own ethereal and ultimate form. His Wrath and Rage at it's apex, and what would happen if he continued. Scarred and filled with a Darkness that was unending, a Wrath and Rage for all Life.
  8. As the ritual continued and the trio of Sith chanted in unison, the crimson orb intensifying as each added their offering. A sacrifice made to assist and help bind their souls. Akheron looked as if in some kind of trance as the crimson orb crashed back into the bowl and lit aflame with the same icey blue of pure Darkness. A Darkness born of Chaos opening up and the veil slipping open as their souls astral projected into the hellscape. Their bodies surrounding by something akin to dark, crimson cacoon that now connected the three temporarily. Floating and pulsating with Darkness but yet they were not wet. The others were likewise forced by this Darkness into a similar trance before the room in which they had found themselves disappeared, blurring from view. In it's place the trio of Sith found themselves again inside the hellscape beyond Death. Inside the realm of fire and ice that was Chaos itself, where the dead never slept and sought escape eternally. Here they would face a test of devotion to the Darkness and to the binding of souls. One essential for the binding. Here each would face a illusion of themselves in a form at their greatest potential had they chosen another path. A reflection based on the choice of choosing Light over the Darkness they currently possessed. For Akheron his illusion took the form of a pacifist monk, free of Wrath and a enlightened Warrior dedicated to the Light. For Dictum his illusion took the form of A Jedi Knight, pure and stoic. And for Aeon/Solus illusion of what he would be without his Madness having control, a scientific scholar of some sort. Each was a reflection of one possibility of a future for each of them for as ever the future was ever changing. And even more so as with all things in terms of the current hellscapbe in which they resided, all was not as it seemed. For this as with all here was a distraction, meant to ensnare and focus attention for many souls approached, drawn by the living. Seeking to take their bodies for themselves, these souls would attempt to rip and tear at the three. A test to see if they could see through the deception, surrounded by the illusions the realm of Chaos brought and endure long enough, to maintain the anchor between realms long enough for the binding to complete it's task. It was the first of two such tests.
  9. Akheron looked on as both entered, bowing respectfully as if they were his equals, which as Sith he considered them as such, for they had shared many experiences that would of crushed lesser souls. At the centre he had erected a bowl upon the altar, empty and awaiting subsidence. As Aeon/Solus spoke he approved regardless,it didn't matter, only that his spirit and will were ready to endure what would be another painful experience, one that would bind them but at a dark price. "Greetings both, it shall not matter. Only that your souls are ready, for again we must enter beyond the veil of Death and venture into Chaos itself to prove we are worthy of this Blood Oath we take that will bind us as more than brothers but as Sith. It shall require you speaking only when I signal, a chant spoken in the language of the Order...of the Sith and a blood sacrifice or equivalent measure, in a Shard's case Lord Aeon, this will be more painful than most. You will need to remove a small fragment of your Shard and place it in the bowl at the specified moment. I hope this is agreeable. I shall now begin, let us become what we are meant to be." With that Akheron began, first by focusing within the Darkness, harnessing it and accessing his Wrath and Rage. As he did so the entire room seemed to darken, as if hear his silent call, the flames of the torches dulled and turned blue, not with heat but of the blue cold of death. As if an ancient evil were present. He uttered the words in Sith his voice filled with the Darkness and resonating across the room. The temperature dropped accordingly as the doorway to Chaos and the veil beyond was opened, the ritual of binding begun. "Glaoim anois ar an gcumhacht ársa. Le m'fhearg is le m'fhearg iarraim ort doras Chaos is Báis a oscailt, agus triall ar bheagán a sháraigh. Iarraim cúnamh ón veil, chun ár gcinniúint agus ár bhFuath a cheangal. Glaoim ar na cinn lena bhfuil m'anam ailínithe anois, agus ceangail na rópaí a cheanglaíonn. Trí Bhás, Chaos, Am agus Spás a ghlaoim ort! Mar is toil liomsa beidh sé! Mar is toil liomsa beidh sé!" Translation: I now call upon the ancient power. With my anger and my anger I ask you to open the door of Chaos and Death, and a path that few have tread. I ask for help from the veil, to bind our fate and our Hatred. I call upon those with whom my soul is now aligned, and tie the ropes that bind. Through Death, Chaos, Time and Space I call you thee! As I will it shall be! Through Death, Chaos, Time and Space I call you! thee! As I will it shall be! As he chanted Akheron motioned that the two present with him add the blood just as he did, making a incision just above the wrist and dripping it, causing the previously inconspicuous bowl to tremble and heat up, as the blood bubbled and floated upwards to conjeal in the air, floating like a giant red globe, shiny and crimson. It uploaded awaiting the others to chant the last words and add their own sacrifice of flesh, blood or otherwise. Acheson spoke briefly. 'Quickly but, you must add your sacrifice and utter the words 'Glaoim ar na cinn lena bhfuil m'anam ailínithe anois, agus ceangail na rópaí a cheanglaíonn.Trí Bhás, Chaos, Am agus Spás a ghlaoim ort! Mar is toil liomsa beidh sé! or as it translates, 'I call upon those with whom my soul is now aligned, and tie the ropes that bind. Through Death, Chaos, Time and Space I call you! thee! As I will it shall be!' After this we will enter a painful, hallucination type trance and travel again beyond the of of Death to Chaos itself. There we must fight and prove our souls are worthy of binding. That we have the strength to survive anything, to see if we are truly one. A test of the soul and will. " With that he continued the same chanting, intensifying as he spoke each word. As the Darkness, his Wrath and Rage took over and the Sith he was stood before them, locked in room ritual as he became the anchor from the living to the dead, as the summoner of the ritual The one through who's body they would use as a conduit to combine and bind the spirits.
  10. Soon enough and the pressure sealed fortress of the necromancer was making it's way through hyperspace. Akheron, noted that Ibmortos had during the journey gone quiet and into some kind of breathless sleep, encased in ice like before where nothing could be done but wait until he meet at a time of his own choosing. In the meantime as before it would fall to the trio of Sith to maintain things. As he sat below in the frigid cold, among ancient tomes, scrolls and holocrons, the light of only undead flames from torches to help him. Akheron Sat deep in thought as he read through the texts, understanding more with each passing hour the intricacies involved in the binding ritual he had proposed to Inmortos, Aeon and Dictum previously. It was complex and involved several parts. It would test them as Sith to the fullest extent and Italy at again plunge them into Chaos itself for a time. And in return they would become more than blood, more than flesh and bone. They would be bound in body and spirit to feel what the other felt. In this way they would defeat any Jedi. For to face one would be to face them all and experience the Wrath and collective strength of the trinity. Finishing the final text, Akheron made his way to where such a ritual could take place. Deep within the floating temple fortress walls and inner sanctum, he sent a brief message on his com-link to save time looking for them. For the fortress was vast and mostly unexplored safe what the necromancer had deemed to show them before his temporary departure from the living world again. Laying in a deep sleep somewhere in the veil between. Akheron waited in silent vigil, meditating in preparation for what was to come. Preparing but his mind and body, for he would be the anchor between world's and bring them together. "Lord Aeon, Lord Ok Ragnar. I need you in the altar room, I believe I have found what is needed for the ritual. We can begin as soon as you come here to me. But prepare yourselves, the price for Such a union is steep indeed. In return no Jedi, Sovereign Knight or their allies will stand against us".
  11. Akheron listened, and as he did there was truth to be found in his words. Without his soul restored and thus his full power in the Darkness, to try such a ritual upon Inmortos in his current state would be a fool's errand. However there were still ways in which he could assist for his part, from the veil beyond Death where he swayed somewhere between the living and the dead. The Sith Warrior noted Dictum and his refusal of joining the Clan. He understood and accepted his answer, for were other ways to serve the Fanged God and the Darkness. As a Sith. And yet not all was a loss, for he accepted Akheron's second proposal, of a binding ritual. And Solus, now Darth Aeon likewise accepted, now he had called down and accepted the truth. Akheron was impressed by Dictum's wisdom despite his youth. He would grow to be a powerful Sith, of that he was certain. Just like the rest before him. Together they would defeat the Enemy in the Light, Life itself and bring only Chaos and the Wrath of the Fanged God, The Spider and the Damned. He looked on on confusion at first as Inmortos spoke. And then the very room within which he stood started to shake, as the whole citadel rose from the ground...as the fortress took flight. Akheron was again impressed. Both with Inmortos abilities even in his current state and with the power of the Darkness at work. Akheron spoke to all. "You continue to impress Krath Inmortos. You certainly are full of surprises, and many more secrets it seems as always. I can see why even Death fears you. I accept your decision Lord Ok Ragnar. Both of them. Even if you did not accept the Clan as we may have wanted, there are ways in which we may still assist each other, for just as you said we were brought together for a reason. And I would honoured to call you a brother, bound by more than blood. However as Lord Inmortos has stated, I agree. In his current state we would not survive the ordeal. Perhaps it best for now we wait, in order to do it as intended. Until he is restored. For it would take a huge toll upon all. I will research into it more as we traverse the star lanes and see what more can be found about the ritual to help remedy the situation. For I have have never undertaken it before myself. It is dangerous, so care must be for less we lose ourselves to Chaos just as we have emerged from it. For now let us do as Lord Aeon suggests and move below. I also need time to recover from my previous bout, and make necessary repairs."
  12. Akheron listened and considered the new necromancer's words very closely. Much of what he said was true, where others fell they had outlived them...even despite the temporary setback of Death. And yet Death could not stop his return or the clan's designs. Their power and devotion had allowed them to endure and strike down all who would not listen. He knew it was also true that without a ship Inmortos was correct in that few Linnorms would follow him and it would be more difficult to acquire recruits willing or unwilling to crew any ships they did get. Ships were a resource they currently lacked, save his own. Something he would soon change, they just needed to find the right targets. It was also true that without a holding, a power base Darth Aeon's new title was without much merit save his passing of the trial. He needed to now build his legacy and so prove his true worth to the clan and the Fanged God...the Darkness. He nodded at Inmortos as he spoke that other matters should not be discussed with a outsider. Namely their newest ally in Dictum. And then he considered his suggestion of extending a invitation and a solution to the predicament they faced currently. He found he agreed. Dictum had proven worthy of invitation and more than proved his loyalty to the clan despite their short time together. He was a prize worth the keeping. He spoke. "Unfortunately his ship was lost like most of the rest of the clan at the Battle of Nar Shadda, Lord Aeon. But rest assured we are seeing to replace our losses. We just need to find the right targets, so in the interests of the clan keep an eye out for anything we can use in that regard. As so far as Lord Ok Ragnar here, I agree he would make a worthy addition. He has already proven his worth this far. But the choice is his alone, he must make the choice willingly. As a Sith it is his right to decline or accept as he so wishes. But that is not to say should he decline that are ways in which he could still serve the Clan's purposes and the Sith. For allies are still sorely needed in this time of building and silence with which to extend our reach and acquire much needed resources. Regardless I have a offer for all of you, a proposal from a Warrior of the Sith. There is a ancient Sith ritual I am aware of. One which would bind us, our souls, in many ways similar or the ritual of the Baptism of Blood and yet not the same. For it would bind us spiritually and allow to share the pain of our wounds and feed our power...strengthening our connection to the Darkness and each other. One usually reserved for Warrior's such as myself but on rare occasions such as ours has been known to include Assassins and Sorcerers inside of the Sith such as you before me. It is considered a great honour and privilege to undertake this...endeavour. For it is my way of showing kinship and recognition. To show my respect for those before me, despite our differences. For it is clear to me despite our conflicts we are stronger together than we ever are apart. Providing the old adage correct that sometimes there is strength to be found in numbers. What say each of you to this..most generous proposal I offer? A offer only made once, a way to disrupt anyone who would cross us."
  13. Akheron looked with no ounce of sympathy or remorse as Solus held his arm and wretched about in pain. Indeed, it enthralled him...the pain of his former opponent, and feelings that the Shard felt, like a sweet nectar yet he held back from tasting the honey. Instead he allowed hips apprentice briefly to suffer and know the full weight and price of his actions. He listened as he screamed out and his Madness threatened to consume him into the abyss. He would know that his actions had consequences and this was one of them. One of many more to come. As Inmortos appeared Akheron acknowledged him, before facing his wayward ward. He would do his official duty as a Sith, in the traditional manner and name Solus a apprentice no longer. He would become a Lord, for in regards to the Code and the Sith philosophy he had remained true. In so doing he knew Solus journey had just began properly, now he would take on additional responsibility, such as a apprentice of his own if he so chose and building his own base of power. Of influence. This on top of the fact his new position would bring new enemies, each more hungry than the last for his position and envious of him. Just as he was envious. In that at least, Akheron knew he would learn valuable lessons he could not teach. He would go out now and seek out his own knowledge and power. And gain experience as well as hopefully mature from the arrogance of youth displayed to one more enlightened to the workings of the Fanged God and the Darkness. He would soon see. He addressed Solus using his own full titles and the his apprentice own. As was traditional. "Apprentice Solus, in the ways of the Sith you have down no wrong. You have remained true to the Code and our philosophy and so as a result the Darkness has seen fit you ascend the next step. And as I said gain another chain even as you cast your current one aside. I Darth Akheron, Lord of Rage and Wrath, Lord-Captain of Clan Brasganu, House of Dragons do recognise and acknowledge your power in the Darkness. You Solus The Ascended, the Dragon of Clan Brasganu are a Apprentice no longer. I do in the traditions of the Sith and with Krath Inmortos, the Darkness and the Fanged God as witness name you with that which you shall be known by all others among the Sith. A name which will hold great weight both inside the Order and without for better or worse. That is for you to decide however. No longer shall you be known as Solus for that was your former self. Arise now and be known as...Darth Aeon a Lord of the Sith, Lord of Envy and infinite Madness. For the is what it means, to be infinite, to be endless in Madness. Never again will your name be known as Solus, a name to be known only to your most trusted allies among the Sith and the one who trained you. For you are reborn anew. The Sith are now apart of you, as you are apart of us. Now and forever. Now you are no longer bound to me. But as a Lord of the Sith certain actions will be expected of you, additional duties to aid the Order as a whole. You will be expected to train a apprentice of your own one day, to build our ranks and to build your own base of power...of influence just as we have. We care not where. And you will need to seek out knowledge and power on your own, to increase your abilities in the Darkness on your own for my duty is done. You will journey in a kind of self imposed exile, and wash away the arrogance of your youth as you gain from this the experience and knowledge to put today's events into a better perspective perhaps and arise even stronger if you do not break on the journey. To work towards the final step of ascendance. Such is our way. The way of the Sith. Rise Darth Aeon, and take your place among your brethren." He allowed him to rise but continued to speak after he had arisen. "Allow me to be perfectly clear and honest with you. I will be frank. You are far from out of the woods just yet, Lord Aeon for you may well have jeopardised your advancement among the Clan by conducting this series of events. And delayed your ascendance to Lord-Captain as a result thereof. For in your actions against me and in insulting your betters among the Clan, two Lord-Captain's and spouting blasphemous thoughts about matters of which you know very little to your SUPERIORS, you defy clan law. And must be punished in accordance with those laws. The punishment is left up to us both and can be slightly less, fatal if we deem it so. So Lord Inmortos? What do you think? Can this welp be salvaged? Can he yet be a Lord-Captain given time. What punishment would this merit? In our capacity what would you suggest to remedy this strange series of events that have occurred." He waited for a reply. For this was not just his decision, it would not be a decision taken lightly and would carry great weight among the Clan for better or worse.
  14. A smile gripped Akheron lip as the lightsaber cut through the arm, melting metal and separating his apprentice arm from his body. He knew then that victory was more or less assured, however it didn't go entirely to plan. He found himself flung backwards, as the wave of Darkness spread and coated the area in debris, ash and snow. Catering a area already torn apart by the recent battle and many more in the past. And yet Akheron stood like a great beast, immovable as a statue as ice formed about him. Transfixing him to the spot at least temporarily. Another ability of the Sith Warrior that the had to make use of. At least for now. When the storm abated, he allowed the ice to melt from the heat of He lightsaber he held. Observing the area and sensing outwards he located his apprentice. Or as had been proven, despite his misgivings....that he was a apprentice no longer. For the battle had proven he was ready. The Darkness and the Fanged God had bore witness to the change, the shift in power. How he had grown. And Akheron took notice. And so he did his official duty. Even despite it all he felt Pride that his apprentice had learnt this much at least and become stronger as he had wanted. It shone like a beacon in the Darkness. Followed by hints of now subsiding Rage and Wrath. Approaching the fallen Shard, he outstretched the lightsaber towards him. This time not in a aggressive manner. "The battle is done. We have both done what needed to be done, and settled this, the Kaggath is ended and as such so is our feud...for now. I trust you to remember that Solus. The Darkness and the Fanged God has deemed we both live. I am impressed you managed to live his long, I underestimated you. A mistake I shall not make again. I have taken notice, you are not the Shard I once knew. you have grown, that much is certain regardless of what happened and will happen yet. You have grown stronger, enough the Darkness has taken note and empowered you beyond your previous limitations. Can you not feel the change, a shift? How you are closer to the Darkness now than ever You were. For now you see this needed to be done. You have passed your next test. For this I am proud of you. As your Master. Yet need these words of caution, you may have broken another chain but in so doing you have gained another, the cycle continues. The price for your next step in ascendance, as once I and many others have paid. Such is the way of the Sith. Now...kneel, apprentice. I shall not ask again." He waited, albeit cautiously. He didn't know how he would react.
  15. Akheron observed with the acute eyes of a hawk, locking onto his prey. Another smile gripped the hunter's lip as the ground toiled and cracked sending a wave of dirt and debris towards Solus, although he had somehow managed to survive and now laid in a large crater where once was snow and ice mixed with ash. Stuck under what remained of the ship from his previous assault. Having failed to kill him, his anger grew further into the conductive loop, making his strikes even heavier. If not for his effort of throwing a piece of metal at his master, the wayward apprentice would of perished there and then. Instead he was given a slight reprieve. Having to adjust his tactics, Akheron moved his Rage and Wrath in the Darkness to Push the metal plate towards his apprentice, the forces exerted, adding to the plates own as he saw him leap towards him. In a last valiant effort to end his master. It was Akheron's attempt at knocking both the lightsaber or him out of the air, and bring either him or both to the ground. To his arena, his surgery. For who was he but not a surgeon upon the battlefield, and all were his patients ripe for the picking. A place of Death. Following this, Akheron sped forwards his speed dwarfing his apprentice as he put almost everything into it, as he ran at a Rapacious Pursuit. A backup just in case. Hoping to get ahead of the wayward apprentice. It was time to end the charade and bring his humiliation to it's conclusion. As his apprentice stretched out his hand, Akheron attempted to remove it and the arm with the loaned lightsaber as he drew closer. In one piece or two, it didn't matter to him. Carving a path diagonally upwards where he thought the arm would be next. For close quarters was his speciality and he would get as close as he could to inflict the pain he desired to bring upon his prey. The final crescrendo would be a series of short ranged telekinetic grapples or Chwit’Jen’Itsu. Ones that utilised attacking with rapid joint hyperextension and lightning fast throws aimed at disrupting his opponent. And Akheron knew his apprentice was vulnerable. Perhaps enough to enact the technique. He would soon see. For if a success he would smash his apprentice into the ground and in that way humiliate him. As he was left for dead. ((3 - Good show Solus, really enjoyed it. Let's see if you did enough to pass the test. )) ((Akheron has attempted to defend against the metal plate by launching it back at Solus in a attempt to knock either him, the lightsaber or both out of the air with a powerful Force Push. Followed this up by use of the Rapacious Pursuit technique within the Warrior guide and a slice at the scomp link/arm followed by a final attempt at the technique of Chwit’Jen’Itsu also within the same guide hoping to overwhelm him with the speed of the technique.))
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