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  1. Akheron looked on at Sandy Sarna, his vision fixed upon her until he felt the familiar feeling of impending danger soon to be upon him. His own Dangersense alerting him as the ground began to shake and crumble beneath his feet. Even as blood dripped from a cut upon his head after being struck by one of the rocks previously thrown at him, shredding the robes off one arm to reveal the red skin beneath it and bruised his body. It was painful but he used the pain as more fuel to his ever burning fire. He had barely moments to react before the breaking of the ground was followed by the felling of buildings next to him and the carnage of the debris and durasteel that threatened to engulf him. Shattering the silence of the storm above with the sounds of twisting metal and breaking stone. Any Linnorms inside were instantly upended, spilling out across the field of battle either dead or maimed from the fall. Bodies lay strewn across, but it did little to impede the Sith Master's advance, for he was a destroyer. A chaos bringer who brought Death wherever he went in service of the Sith and the Fanged God. Akheron could feel the Light from the Jedi Master, repulsive as it was too him and this only drove him to become further enraged at the thought this puppet of Light and of the Enemy, hated above all else, thought she could bury him like some ancient exhibit in a tomb of dirt and steel. He would not be so easily diswayed. As the Jedi Master stood where she was creating the chasm, as the Sith Master observed her, the hewn stone and blast molded durasteel came crashing at him like a tidal wave of death. Akheron leapt, Jumping with the fury and Speed of the Force hoping to avoid the premature burial, twisting girders and stone aimed at seeing to his doom. His hope to meet his foe face to face, saber to lightsaber as was his intent. To bring the fight close and into his realm. That of the Sith Warrior, where he was akin to a god of war. Or so he thought. A master of his craft perfected over a lifetime of battle and trials by fire. He did not make it unscathed, paying a price to avoid damnation. While he did avoid death, as he landed on safer ground and finally got within striking range, he felt pain in his left leg and along one side. Looking very briefly, he noted a smaller durasteel girder had impaled the left leg at a diagonal angle and lodged itself, while there also seemed to be at least two broken ribs in addition to his previous injuries. While the leg was prosthetic in part, it was also flesh and bone and as such he could feel pain from it. The Baptism of Blood had made it possible, combining metal and flesh. Akheron still wasn't entirely sure quite how only that he had achieved great power from it. The pain was a discomfort all too familiar. He knew, the Jedi Master was likely to use this against him, as years ago she had irritated his wounds. But it did not stop him from continuing on, instead Akheron used his lightsaber and quickly sliced the girder where it had entered, and exited to shorten it and ensure his enemy had less options to effect the wound. Or so was the idea. He used this additional pain to further give purchase to his Wrath and Rage. To fuel his energy and allow the Darkness to come quickly even as he snarled and winced slightly at the discomfort. Advancing the last steps, he closed the distance and finally met her. Finally he could see directly into her eyes, that of his rival. His nemesis. He would look into her eyes and watch her last moments with pleasure and delight in her Death. Encompassing her in his Wrath and Rage. For he remembered the words of the House of Dragons, the clan vividly. Death, remembers all. And he would remember her death even if she didn't his. He brung his right arm down, lightsaber within as he stepped to the Jedi hoping to quickly get within her defence, bringing the lightsaber down diagonally, he intended to either leave a grevious wound of some sort or bi-sect her in a attempt to overcome his foe. He followed this up with a second blow, twisting the lightsaber, despite the discomfort to his wounds, and slashed the other direction trying to cut from shoulder to hip in a X pattern. He decided he would continue, and use his strength and power to turn the tide with blow after blow. She would either submit or perish, he would see to it. For he was Wrath and Rage incarnate, the destroyer of worlds. A Juggernaut of the Sith. Darth Akheron vs Sandy Sarna - ((2))
  2. Akheron waited, centering himself within the Force. Awaiting the first drum beats of battle as it travelled along the ground, in the air and the very fabric of reality, a familiar song he was accustomed to and knew well. One he revelled in, for the field of battle was his domain, the thrill of blade crossing blade, the sounds of terror and despair upon an enemies face and the last moments caught in their eyes up close. This is what captivated and enthralled the Sith Warrior. He had made a lifetime out of battle and sending souls to damnation, this Jedi was to be no different. Only she would taste sweeter, for the taste of vengeance was a rare treat indeed. And he would savour it. She would not deny those deserving of Death. Those that had betrayed him, had refused all he had given, those who had not broken their chains. After he had offered a path to accept their sins and become stronger for it and be unshackled. Now, only the burning of Chaos would await them. The Sith Master laughed beneath his mask, a sinister guttural and primordial laugh. Revealing the monster for who he truly was. As the ground shook and contorted with the sundering of the land, rended from whence it once had been by the Jedi Master, Sandy Sarna, Akheron acted. He found her opening gambit, at least to his mind somewhat predictable. It had been similar to what she had previously employed against him in a bout long lost to the years. And yet he recalled it vividly, a lesson learnt. As the now, contorted street, split wide and the earth and dirt moved like a deadly wave of death towards him, Akheron stretched out his left arm as he advanced. Knowing he would take some damage but it was worth the risk. He focused his mind, set it upon his target of the mass of rock and dirt before him. Using the Darkness he sent forth destructive wave, after wave of raw blasts of the Force to Shatter the land. He channelled the concussion like blasts into attempting to obliterate and smash the larger rocks of earth and stone into deadly shrapnel like rain that would descend upon the battlefield. Although it was to destroy the obstacles rather than the person, he hoped it would do something to the Jedi Master. Behind this wave he advanced himself, attempting to force and cut his way towards his target as his pace quickened, attempting to avoid the rocks that he could not destroy. He felt the pain, savoured every moment, and enjoyed it, even as he locked his eyes, eyes of a seasoned hunter upon her. His Wrath and Rage would be brought upon her and her soul would be his. He swore it. Darth Akheron vs Sandy Sarna - ((1))
  3. Akheron almost laughed at her at how she suggested what she had done was a potential path of redemption. No it had simply been another set of chains to put upon him, in his refusal he had removed the shackles. Even now she denied what he was, who he now was and in doing so insulted him...for that she would pay dearly. She even thought all he had done was just in pursuit of her alone, how naive she was in that thought. It had never been about her, although she had a part to play in it all along the way. Not initially but she had made herself part of his designs when she had decided to engage him on Nal Hutta and interfere with the Sith. After that moment her fate had been tied to his, and he would claim the soul that had long evaded capture. The Fanged God and the Darkness demanded it. Demanded vengeance and retribution. Who was he to deny them. He kept his eye upon her, as she prepared to do battle and even as he continued to speak in response to her accusing finger. Her self-righteous condemnation of what she could never understand. "Redemption? Redemption! Ha! What you offered was not redemption...what you offered was more chains, more shackles to hold me from my true potential. A potential I have since achieved on my own. And you are mistaken if you think this was ever about you Master Sarna, far from it. However I cannot deny you became part of my plans. I was never in pursuit of you, you made yourself a target and invoked my Wrath and that of the Sith when you sought to interfere on Nal Hutta who were paying for their sins all those years ago. When you chose to humiliate me rather than offer a worthy death. You chose this fate for yourself, chose to have our destinies forever entwined as one. And now we come full circle. As for the Falleen, it is not Justice. It is a Betrayal. They willingly accepted what we offered, chose to be awakened and grow stronger for confronting and accepting their deepest sins no matter the price. Only now when the rent comes due do they scatter and betray. Only when their trial by fire begins, as the weak do. They run instead of facing their fears and becoming stronger for it. Disloyalty such as this cannot be forgotten or forgiven, they Falleen will pay the blood price just like you for this. I may have lost the planet but mark my words, this is not the end. You may deny my true name all you wish, but you will not deny my Wrath and Rage. Let us begin this dance of death you and I. Let us end it in the only way it ever could truly end. As a mark of respect for your skill, I allow you the first dance, Master Sarna....make your move and we shall see who wins this day. Light or Darkness and decide the fate of Falleen." With that he stood ready for whatever she may throw at him. Just as she pulled up in threads of Justice, he pulled on the Wrath, Rage and Vengeance of the Linnorms and the Darkness surrounding the planet. Drew it into himself and empowered himself to be ready for what lay ahead. For this would be the most intense and most exciting duel he had ever undertaken. And he would revel in it. (( I allow you the first move. ))
  4. As the last of the civilians and militia near to him were either dissipated or were dealt with by himself and the Linnorms by his side, Akheron felt her. His nemesis had heard his call and answered his challenge in the Force. He smiled under his mask as he saw her appear from behind a bend in one of the many streets, heading straight towards him. A beacon of Light to meet his Darkness. A Darkness that was even now enveloped around the planet, and yet he knew even with his possible death she would not stop his designs. For Falleen was but one of many foul intended designs. She would not stop what he considered progress and the rising of the strongest. Standing there, waiting. Akheron was a immovable object, patient like a snake laying in wait for prey to come closer, so he might see what had become of her over the years. He wondered if she did indeed remember him, a question soon to be answered as she got ever closer. Soon enough and she was feet away, lightsaber in hand and wearing a blue tunic. Not that it would matter. He could feel the sickening feeling of the Enemy. The Light, shining off her like a sun, one he would soon blot out with the shadow of Darkness and eternal night. His Wrath and Rage enveloped the area like a dark blanket, smothering any unaccustomed to it and not used the feeling such potent, unrelenting malice. He ordered the Linnorms to let her through and to stand aside for the duration. They would only interfere after to retrieve whichever corpse came out of it, resources Krath Inmortos could use. In the meantime they gave a wide birth to both, instead moving to buildings further out, although a scout kept eyes on the proceedings. As he saw the young female, no longer a teen but a grown woman, he couldn't help but at least respect the fact she had made it this far. To truly become his opposite. But he knew it would change little...for both were enemies eternal. He spoke even as the rain poured upon them, and lightning marked the violent sky. His lightsaber hummed like a drumbeat, the dance of war before battle. "I see you got my message, Sandy Sarna or should I call you Master Sarna? Yes, I have learnt who you are in my years apart. For how could I forget the one who nearly cost me everything? I sense you like I, are no longer who you once were, that you are no longer the young, frightened teen I once encountered so many years ago on a similar night as this. Good, it shall make this more interesting. Do you like what I have done here? Enlightened the weak so they may become strong and serve the Darkness. I made a promise once that should we meet again, I would repay what was done upon me by the one responsible...even if it took several lifetimes. I am glad that the Fanged God and the Darkness saw fit to reunite us so I might accomplish this promise. I knew on that night our fates would forever be entwined, for you and I are opposites of the same coin. Forever fated to battle, Light against the righteous Darkness until the bitter ending of time. You will know what it means to lose everything, to feel as I felt. For the one you once knew exists no more, I used my time wisely and was reborn in the true fires of the Sith. Trodaí Narat iv-Adas was burnt away and in his place now stands another. You face not the young Lord you knew, but contend now with Darth Akheron, Lord of Wrath and Rage. Master of Darkness. And I will have my vengeance even if the galaxy itself must burn for it. You cannot kill the Darkness, the Sith are eternal, and shall always be."
  5. Akheron continued moving along the tunnels, even though he could feel the chaos above, the Darkness crashing against the Light as the ancient war continued here and now. He felt the shift as civilians rejected what he had offered, turned upon those who rose them above their pathetic excuses of former lives, those who had elevated them to wolves among the sheep in the galaxy. For this disloyalty...this betrayal he would make them all pay. Even if he could not punish them now. His vengeance and Wrath was eternal and he would bring it to bare upon any in his way. Exiting the tunnel, via a door hidden behind a wall and with a shop fronting that it sold fresh vegetables, Akheron and the group of Linnorms with him entered the street. He motioned for them to begin instigating martial law and to assist locking down the city as best they could. No-one in or out who wasn't authorised, those without the Mark or Red Eyes, the Consumed the locals had come to call them he recalled or Sith. House to house searches were conducted. Any who defied would be met with extreme prejudice and lethal hostility. And any resistance would be stamped out or at least that was the idea. As he turned a corner with a smaller group of the Linnorm detachment, he felt the Light grow. It was not a good sign, but he continued. Running into a group of armed civilians, a mix between militia who were a bit more organised and thought to take cover and armed, angry civilians...disorganised and with sporadic and inaccurate fire as they attempted to take down their oppressors. But Akheron barely moved as he ignited his lightsaber. The only movement coming from deflecting any blaster bolts that came to close. At least at first that was the case. Akheron stretched out his senses in the Darkness, within the Force. As he surveyed the scene and his surroundings, as he drunk upon the Darkness and the Anger they emitted. All aimed at him. As he deflected he felt them. The Jedi, this time closer, within a tavern. And as he focused he smiled as he felt a familiar Light. One he knew from his past, one not forgotten, from when he was a young Lord. Sandy Sarna, he had come to find out was her name after many bribes, tips and information gathered about her. For he had never forgotten her. His nemesis. No. How could he? For she had been responsible for his biggest humiliation and cost him greatly, delayed his ascension as a Sith and exposed a weakness. For that he had long ago promised if they ever should meet again he would make her suffer. Both had grown considerably since then. He smiled, the Fanged God had given him a small boon. One moment of glory in a day of much loss. A single purpose during this battle. He knew he would need to draw her out if he was ever to get his long desired revenge. And so he headed towards the group of civilians with a icy, vengeful determination. As the very air around them and him dropped and ice formed on the floor and the lips of those around. There was no emotion, only no mercy as he begun to move faster, now running at a pace before ending the first of many lives. Linnorms joined the fight as the area became a battleground within a greater fight. The fight for the very soul of the planet. Deflecting a bolt, he sliced through a younger Falleen male, a civilian who froze in shock as the Sith Master cut him in half like he were paper in the wind. Continuing, he advanced, pushing most of them back as the scared or cowardly ran up the street to try and escape, while the brave and bold stood in defiance and paid the ultimate price for freedom. He smirked, these were simply the bait to reel in a particular fish. He stretched out in the Darkness even as the rain poured, spreading out his aura in a Dark wave towards the tavern nearby, focusing it to the one he sought. He issued her a challenge or else the Falleen would face the consequences and attempted to remind her of one from the past she should have never forgotten. A foe once humiliated, now stronger and more experienced than when they last met. A Master of Darkness. He continued to call out in the Force as he stood like a demon, his Wrath and Rage a fire that hated all Life. Where he went only Death followed. He was the eye of the storm that surrounded the city and the planet. The source of the anguish who had planted the seeds of the Sith upon the planet and corrupted it's soul with the Darkness and allowed the foul designs of Clan Brasganu, the House of Dragons to bury it's claws deep.
  6. As Solus spoke, Akheron couldn't help but agree at least in regards to separating. It would make accomplishing their objectives much easier, although not without challenges...indeed Akheron knew from the sight of the warships on his way to the surface, that Falleen was no longer under his control. Which was an annoyance that disrupted some of his future plans, but it was to be expected. There would always be resistance from those who could not fathom the Darkness. He had held out as long as he could and now just like Nar Shadda, he was forced into a retreat. At least for now...but he would not go quietly. They would suffer for stealing from him and disrupting progress. As Solus jumped, he ordered the pilot inform the other ships to form up on him and follow the shuttle to the city outskirts. As the ship arrived and landed, Akheron prepared himself mentally and physically for what lay ahead. It would not be a easy fight, they were heavily outnumbered. But he held no fear, he had faced such numbers before. Moving with the troops they used one of many secret entrances and tunnels into the city. These were the elite, the best of the Linnorm brought to the planet, trained for urban combat and more. Specialists, and hardened killers all who had seen many a campaign. Warriors to the core and loyal to the cause. For he was familiar with the layout during his time on the planet on previous occasions. They would use the tunnels to avoid sight and move around the city quickly to where they needed to be. He knew the enemy would likely go for the temple and as such had half depart to reinforce those there and inform them to go into hiding, to form sleeper cells and destroy anything that could be used against them. To protect the Sith secrets here. The rituals of the Clan. To assist his apprentice with his task by any means. He meanwhile and the rest headed to where he knew a concentration of the enemy were currently situated. Feeling out with the Darkness, he could feel the Enemy. He could feel the sickening presence of the Light. Disgusting as it was to him, a stain upon the Darkness he had brought to this world, seeking to undo what he had created. He would not have it. Listening in to the local chatter, he heard word Jedi had been spotted by the spaceport, indeed he could feel them. It was there he would go. And there his vengeance would be unleashed. Moving along, he quickened his pace, he would be there soon enough. Within the Darkness he sent out his aura letting the loyal and the faithful know he was here and he was coming to join them.
  7. Akheron stood in awe initially at the spectacle he witnessed, but then he was beginning to get used to seeing it so it didn't have quite the effect it once had. He nodded, accepting the offer of sanctuary, at least for now. As his apprentice spoke, he found it amusing that he thought Falleen was his. It was Akheron's. He spoke. "That may be true, but multiple locations with varying terrain and environment is beneficial to our needs. Diversity of this would make for more effective converts to the Clan, ones who could and shall be capable of changing battlefields and other factors. Or do you not see the potential? It pays my apprentice to consider more than what you just see." As his apprentice stopped talking, Akheron felt the buzzing of his holographic com system. One reserved for emergency situations. He wondered what it was as he answered allowing all to see Sirius, the commander of the flagship standing to attention. The hologram was suffering bouts of static on account of the spirits nearby, Inmortos power and the tower but the group of gathered Sith were able to make most of it out. "I am sorry for disturbing you my lord. But we have just received emergency protocol Code F4403 Invasion. It came direct from Falleen, I have initiated the failsafe measure and requested additional Sith support per your instructions in the event of this likelihood occurring. As you suspected, the Sovereignty dogs, Jedi puppets and Imperial Knights have found us as eventually you knew they might at last and seek to undo your plans." Akheron considered his options. It appeared for once his apprentice may have been right, he had waited too long to return and now a price would be paid. But he wasn't about to let his apprentice gloat on it. No, he had other ideas in mind. Turning to the group, he spoke. "It looks like my stay was short indeed, I must depart to defend my own base of power. For as you just saw...Fallen is under some kind of attack. My apprentice you were right for once...I should have acted sooner. We must return and secure the secrets we hid there. We must send a message, that the Sith and I personally will not go quietly if they wish to steal what belongs to me. They have awoken my Wrath and invoked the Rage of the Sith. My apprentice your goals on our arrival are to primarily secure all primary and secondary data pertaining to the Clan ship designs...these include those to the flagship...they MUST NOT fall to the enemy, you know the ones, and secure scrolls and holocrons. The secrets of the Clan rituals. Destroy everything on the way out, and rally those loyal to activate the sleeper cells. Those who don't know how to keep quiet...silence them. Use whatever means are at your disposal and any method within your training to achieve your objectives. Use the Darkness and show our enemy it was folly to strike at what is mine. I shall attempt to distract the Jedi or any others I come across. They came for me, I shall oblige them. Have our Linnorms hide in the labyrinth of caverns and tunnels to conduct guerrilla war upon the population in our stead until we return. We will wear them down over time. Do this and succeed your objectives...and the Darkness and myself may yet find you worthy of the next step in your evolution as a Sith. A prize you have long sort. Lord Dictum, Krath Inmortos. I request volunteers and so you are welcome to join the hunt if it is your wish."
  8. Aboard the Heart of Darkness, the flagship of Darth Akheron, the commander. A force-sensitive called Sirius Tur'ean gazed out at the stars and the frost bitten planet below. He had the responsibility of looking after the ship and handling any issues while Akheron was away. To keep order in what remained of the Clan in his stead. This included monitoring any com chatter and to pass any messages on to the Sith Master as warranted and in order of importance. One such message was soon intercepted, one of high threat and value. Sirius almost gasped when he read it. It was just as Akheron had said might happen one day, although it was unexpected it would happen so soon. The Sovereignty, Jedi and Imperial Knights had come for Falleen. For that was the meaning of Code F4403 Invasion. It was a highly encrypted message sent from Falleen or another power base to inform of imminent attack upon it, in this case the code was for Falleen...a message sent if there ever was a imminent threat, beyond the capacity of the local Linnorms to handle, by any of the three major players and informing that this direct threat posed a significant challenge to the recruitment and ship production on the planet that was being conducted in the name of Sith and Clan Brasganu. He was quick to redirect the message to Akheron himself, hopefully it reached him. In the meantime he also followed the protocol in place should this happen. Sending a message to the Sith military hub, or what remained of it and thus any Sith listening. Encrypted as it was, he sent a request for aid. "Attention my lords and ladies. We have just received word that Falleen has been attacked by a unknown number of potentially hostile Sovereignty, Jedi and Imperial Knight ships, troops and most likely Jedi or Imperial Knights themselves. Lord Akheron asks for aid to be rendered to protect vital Sith assets that would aid our rebuilding efforts. He would appreciate any volunteers to help clear the upstarts and reclaim his powerbase to restore order to Falleen and send a message that the Sith and he are not to be trifled with. And any effort to assist would be rewarded by way of a boon or favour."
  9. Akheron sighed as his apprentice lamented his existence. Envious of those organic yet it amused the Sith Master how little the Shard knew about his existence. About the life of those more flesh than he. Akheron spoke as they traversed the bitter cold and the wailing storm. He could hear and see the undead spirits, little more than slaves to Inmortos will and power, floating about with caution. He kept an eye upon them, remembering Ziost. He noted the sky as lightning cracked it open, sporadically at first until a much larger bolt split it wide. In that moment Akheron knew...Inmortos was here alright. The lightning hit the Linnorm taking him over the edge to whatever awaited below, Akheron found the spectacle somewhat amusing...it appeared either the necromancer disliked his offering or was attempting to possess him. He couldn't tell which. He walked onwards and upwards, spreading out his presence in the Darkness, his Wrath and Rage on display to deter any spirit from seeking to possess him. "Seize your complaints, you are beginning to try my patience thin. You think you know of helplessness, of horrors untold, you know nothing. In the darkest corners of this universe and Chaos itself the Dark never sleeps. In the void, Darkness waits to consume all. To claim it's due. Or have you forgotten. Death, remembers all." He spoke no more, eventually reaching the top of the tower. Within the throne room, Akheron issued a quick bow before speaking in reply. He recognised the voice, even if he could not see the source just yet. "Darth Akheron, Lord of Wrath and Rage accepts his greetings. I bring your apprentice Lord Inmortos, and we did have a offering...but he fell on the way up. Although I suspect perhaps that was your doing my brethren. Regardless, you accomplished your objective upon Ziost, the blood price was paid, now we see what happens next, as the Darkness leads us." He motioned Bernon forward to return to his Master.
  10. As the quartet of Sith and the Linnorm traversed the many steps to the top of the tower, Akheron decided to answer the younger, potential Warrior's enquiry. He approved of the fact he was asking such questions...for all had merit. And the more asked the better Sith he would become. "I'm afraid that is not for me to decide. That decision lies alone with your true master, Krath Inmortos, for only he and you shall know when the time is to to begin the process. But mark my words it shall not be long, that said however a lightsaber is not the only weapon that in the hands of the right Sith can inspire fear or respect from your enemies. Some favour the ways of old, forgotten arts like the Sith Sword or a staff imbued with Darkness enough to resist most other weapons and a lightsaber itself. On the subject of a lightsaber perhaps I should clarify a misconception. A lightsaber is a weapon yes, but it is also more than this to a true Sith. A lightsaber is a extension of yourself, of the very Darkness within you. It assists us in accessing and unlocking our abilities in the fury of battle, a Sith and his or her lightsaber are symbiotic in nature. We are one, and this why the Jedi fail, time and again. They do not understand this. That a lightsaber is more than a simple crystal or weapon. There are many ways to make a lightsaber crystal itself, involving a few dangerous rituals for those untrained in how to do so. Methods known only to a true Sith. Although that is not to say there are easier methods such as a synthetic crystal...but these lack the potency of a crystal crafted by your own hand. They lack the same symbiotic relationship with the Darkness. A real crystal must be made one of two ways, two potent yet dangerous rituals in their own right. Either they are bled...that is to say you must take a crystal from a enemy, a Jedi or Imperial Knight and 'bleed ' it. Pouring your negative emotions into the crystal until it bleeds crimson red, all your Hate, Anger, Rage, Wrath and anything else. Or the second method and I believe personally the best method. But also the most dangerous as my apprentice here can attest too, is by making the crystal yourself. This can only be done in places of potent Darkness, a Dark Nexus in the Force. Such as Korriban and other such places and at the epicentre of the Darkness within the Nexus. In these places with this ritual you must take some of your own blood, fresh and untainted, and that of a creature or enemy you have killed. Along with a bone or tooth of this creature, which shall form your hilt and the electrical components required to power your lightsaber properly. With this you head into such a Nexus and there you must focus yourself in deep meditation, focusing yourself in the Darkness and drawing it in. You must enter a kind of trace like state, a euphoric moment of awakening to some, and in that moment focus all your Rage, Hate, Wrath etc until the blood you took from yourself and your target begins to float...to join together and in that moment crystallize into a physical form. It is a draining method and not easy, not by any stretch...For you will face your demons and the Darkness will test you, you will experience pain and anguish unlike you can ever imagine, but I assure you, no other lightsaber crystal is more potent or more connected to you than this. For it is a personal endeavour, a sacred bond between you and the Darkness that takes place. As I said the method of a true Sith, at least one willing to prove their dedication to the Darkness. I hope that answers your questions for now."
  11. Akheron nodded approvingly at his apprentice words. It appeared he had at least heeded some of the lessons he had been trying to impart upon him and grown. Perhaps his trip to the Temple of the Spider had been productive. He spoke aloud. "My apprentice Solus, speaks the truth. The Code he spoke of is really the only one that true matters. These words of the Sith Code are for you to decipher alone...and yet these words are more than just simple words, they are a guide that in your own understanding of them shall allow you to truly understand the Darkness and control it. And as my apprentice has stated to help you find your own path among your Sith brethren. For the Sith Code will lead you to unlocking your true potential and to master your Anger, Rage and Wrath. To become the immortal Sith weapon you seek to become. For even as a Sith Warrior there are ways to achieve immortality. For I have died many times myself and arisen again, for a true Sith is strong enough to overcome any obstacle, no matter what it may be. That said let us see if your true master has indeed returned as I imagine he has. For the necromancer is not so easily destroyed." With that Akheron exited the shuttle, motioning Solus or any Sith to bring the pilot with them. For he would be needed.
  12. Soon enough and a speck came into existence above the dead planet. A single shuttle containing the Darkness as encompassed by Darth Akheron, Dictum and the Shard apprentice Solus, Disciple of the Temple of the Spider and their Linnorm pilot. The Darkness swirled around the shuttle like a beast hungry for prey. Akheron observed as the shuttle descended below, directing the pilot to land by the ice covered tower and spire. A place from where he could feel the necromancer's presence. It appeared his assumption was correct. He had indeed been reborn anew here. As the shuttle landed and the hatch opened, Akheron motioned that the small group should follow. Up now empty steps to the very peak where the necromancer and his throne waited. The pilot too was brought along...his impending demise not yet apparent. With each step, Akheron wondered what the performances would do and say once they arrived. There was much to discuss, and to do. But for now it was the perfect place to train away from unwanted eyes. He was curious what Dictum would make of it all. He would soon see.
  13. Acheson nodded his head approvingly, the words Dictum spoke resonating within him. It was true, that the Darkness seemed to stir and beckon vibrantly...more so since their small had grown. Something was happening and the Darkness was moving it's pawns about, just as the planet they currently a good on seemed to call out at least to some. But for now he had other matters to attend to, for one seeing what was next in their plans. What lay ahead in way of rebuilding and how could the Sith show the galaxy they were not done just yet. He spoke briefly. "So be it, if that is your wish. May the Darkness continue to beckon and grow in you under our company. Aaris III awaits." Not when they still had breath. The Fanged God demanded retribution and Akheron was more than willing to collect the souls to feed it. But for now Aaris III beckoned, yet little did the pilot know his fate. For he had been chosen from among many others....not for his physical strength alone but for his strong will and ability to command the force. A vessel chosen for a purpose. A mind soon to be broken and relished by Inmortos. A sacrifice to the Sith cause capable of holding the spirit of the necromancer and not crumble so quickly. As Dictum entered two shuttle and the hatch closed behind them, Akheron couldn't help but wonder if he would remain with them indefinitely. Perhaps so. He hoped so, for the Clan needed new blood. Contemplating his next steps, Akheron remained silent thereafter as the ship took for the void of space and Aaris III beyond. Meanwhile his flagship remained behind, it would watch over Ziost and monitor for any Sith. At least for now. (Next post on Aaris III).
  14. Akheron stoped briefly on his way to the shuttle to hear out the final words of his new Dark sovereign. If she wished to see him in his element, he would soon enough oblige her, in time. In the meantime Aaris III called more than ever...the strange images piercing his mind and calling him back to the dead planet like a beacon, Inmortos calling out. And yet as he passed to continue on to the shuttle, he paused briefly as he passed by the Sith Lord and Assassin, Dictum. "Sorry to disturb you Lord Dictum, but if you wish you may join us on our journey to Aaris III, if you so desire. Perhaps you may find further learning there, Krath Inmortos archives are vast, I can attest from experience. Think of it as a way to expand perhaps while we see how we can rebuild. Although I would need your decision quickly for we are leaving now." Akheron awaited an answer, after which the shuttle would depart.
  15. Once Akheron was certain the new Dark Lord had no further reason to keep him there and having given his pledge. He listened first to his wayward apprentice, who appeared to yet again be attempting sway him in some way...to what end game he could not yet ascertain, but the Sith Master was not yet ready to let his apprentice off his leash just yet. Not so soon after proving he could not yet be trusted in such a way. No for now he would accompany the newcomer back to Aaris III, for he knew now Inmortos had returned. Sooner than expected however. Although another suggestion he had made did have some merit. To use Aaris III to train the newcomer, if his master had no objections. For to create a stronger generation of Sith required multiple avenues of learning. Solus too perhaps could learn something yet again on the forsaken, dead world. Just as last time. He spoke towards both. "We shall leave immediately if we are no longer needed here. We shall take a shuttle, I see no need to take the flagship there, and besides for now subtly would suit our needs. Solus, your ideas are not without merit but I am not willing to let you off the leash just yet. Not so soon after your recent disobedience. You shall go with us to Aaris III, perhaps you might find some further learning there, as last time we both grew. Perhaps you might find the clarity you require to advance in the Darkness there. If the Darkness calls us back to Falleen we shall see, but for now we must remain hidden elsewhere." With that, Akheron began to turn heading a nearby shuttle, motioning the two to follow, where several Linnorms waited.
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