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  1. ((This is a 3 Task Force on 3 Task Force fleet battle between Narzen and Pheristroch’s characters of their choosing. Each player will post their openings / arrivals here, including fleet composition. Second round will be opening salvos. Players will send their fleet movements to Leena via discord. After each round, I, as the moderator, will notify each side as to incoming attacks and work with them, if needed, to determine what ship is hit. I will then post the attacks and damages. Each subsequent round, players will include a list of their ships and current HP. For funsies, each player can have the following: 1 Elite Task Force, 1 Veteran Task Force, and 1 Green Task Force.)) SCENARIO: On the edges of the furthest reaches of The Maw, just beyond the gaseous walls that contained unknown, undocumented creatures of nightmares, drifted the Asteroid P3X119Ca2, otherwise known as Drifter Base; the unofficial headquarters of the low-life criminal Nok Morliss’s listening outpost. From here, specially selected technicians and droid sifted through all the data they could pull from the holonet, via their unauthorized holonet transceivers. From here, Morliss could sift through countless bytes of data, his crew picking out the choicest morsels to advance their master’s business ventures. The more he made, the more they made. One of those select morsels had quickly caught everyone’s attention. It was something far from the ordinary. Someone, or something, had discovered their location and was presently en route to their location; clearly their intentions were less than honorable. This information had quickly been relayed to their employer, via more secure means. Even now, a counter force was hurtling through hyperspace to intercept and stop whatever attack might be incoming. This secret needed to remain that, a secret.
  2. Leena held her breath. Her eyes were closed as she focused inward on the force as it churned within her chest. She heard the stamp of the troopers. It sounded like they were just outside the crevice she had wedged herself into. She daren’t open her eyes even. And then, it erupted, chaos. The odd warp of the sound-field as the chorus of stun fire and sonic weapons unleashed. That was not the most terrifying part though, the sudden rumble of the stone around her was. It sounded, sounded like the shaft was giving in. A cave in? Leena sunk even deeper into the force, trying to envelope herself in a sphere of flowing protective energy, unsure if even that could save her if the entire aged shaft collapsed in on itself. Out of sight and unheard over the tumble of boulders from the ceiling outside, the pressure of water began to spray inwards like dozens of closely compacted fire suppression systems of yore; except this water was salty and pure and COLD! ______________ Meanwhile, at the maw to the pit, Xar’s well aimed rock arced downwards through the makeshift opening in the ceiling before it landed with a ‘bloop’ mete inches from the shoreline where the nearest waters met the rocky shoreline of the massive cavern. Nothing stirred as the slight ripples faded into the darkness. Out of sight from the caved in mouth overlooking the desecrated work space / lab / temple / thing a desecrated and rundown altar made of large stones stood at the edge of the water. Atop it sat the armored skeletal remains of an ancient humanoid. Elsewhere an overturned set of 4 shelves sat atop the remains of books, parchments, and what could only be described as several ancient shattered datapads. Piles of bones lined the walls haphazardly as if they had been discarded without a care, each one covered in gouges and were those teeth marks?
  3. NPC Champion: The Mantis STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS Jensaarai (rebel) fleet, under the command of The Mantis: WE THE PEOPLE The People’s Hope Precision Strike Carrier Group: Fighter Command Supported Cruiser Experience: GREEN 1XP -Tapani-class Carrier: Mustafar 9/9 Complement: Manta Class Assault Starfighters constructed: Fondor -Crusader XX-777 protype Droid Frigates: Right 3/3 Privilege 3/3 Class 3/3 constructed: Corellia Tours of Duty: N/A Description: The People’s Hope is a combined force led by a sleek Tapani carrier from the Tapani sector’s Freeworld Territories. With the encroachment of Sith forces, the Tapani dispatched the Mustafar to secure their interests far from home. Allied with three angular prototype droid frigates that had slipped their moorings in an effort of self-preservation, the combined force set out to ally themselves with anyone who sought to contain the dark amoebous growth of the Sith. The droidships having ascertained that their assured destruction came from further inaction. The People’s Voice Hellriders: Hit and Run Tactics Corvettes Experience: Green -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Hammer 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Anvil 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Axe 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Blade 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Shield 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Mace 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Spear 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Lance 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Dagger 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Sword 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Helm 2/1 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Scythe 2/1 constructed: Corellia Tours of Duty: N/A Description: The double hulled dozen aged and batter PB-950 corvettes have long been used by the Independent Spacer & Smuggler Conglomerate to contain the myriad of fantastical and mythical beasts residing in the depths of The Maw Cluster. With the slow addition of more and more refugee space-farers and their ships, the Conglomerate sent the christened People’s Voice, under the command of a Jensaarai spacer who had saved countless lives of theirs to assist in reestablishing bastions of freedom throughout the galaxy. The People’s Will Precision Strike Carrier Group: Fighter Command Capital Ship Experience: Green -Endurance Class Fleet Carrier Freedom’s Fist 20/20 Complement: variety of B-, X-, A-, Y-, wings , Z-95s, and Scythe and Freefall -class bombers constructed: Kuat Tours of Duty: N/A Description: The Freedom’s Fist was an aged warship relegated to Outer Rim patrol and suppression, having lived well beyond her prime during the Clone Wars. When the Senate and Alliance fell most recently, again, large swaths of troopers, sailors, and pilots simply abandoned their posts to return to their homes, others opted to stay and try and eek out a bastion of freedom with whatever resources they had left in the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim, and others sought out the infantile Rebel Alliance. The Freedom’s Fist was left abandoned in low orbit over a small unidentified moon, her crew returning home or going native. The arrival of the Jensaarai in the system and their interest in the low hanging vessel in the sky drew attention to the otherwise forgotten vessel. Soon the ship was undergoing checks and repairs as old and new crewmen alike were found amongst the rough and tumble anarchist population. A myriad of hodgepodge fighters and bombers were acquired from a variety of sources to supplement the remaining craft aboard. It took over a year of dedicated work and preparation before the aged vessel was ready for deployment. Under the command of a bridge crewed by Jensaarai Defenders, old Alliance hands, and anarchist spacers the vessel set forth to ensure that the freedom of their growing settlement remained free of Sith oppression.
  4. Leena listened intently to her comrades, rolling her eyes at the Neimodian’s sudden display of would-be-wanna-be-leadership, “I don’t see why you couldn’t just bribe them,” she muttered as she fell in line with the rest of the group. Whatever was behind them, the group had ordained was probably not the best thing; the resonating voice of the unseen commando confirming that. “The Sith will do as the Sith will do. There is no sense trying to delve their twisted minds.” The Mon Cal grasped her lightsaber hilt. She hoped she would not need it, but as a Jedi and a healer, she had a duty to preserve the lives of those under her watch. She felt a wave of the force, a surge in the invisible light side of the force as it lapped against the aura of her own. She did not know who or what it was; looking over her shoulder into the darkness though, she knew there was something else. Something of the light, unlike the darkness that pressed in on all sides. Falling in step with Sara as they pressed forward, Leena carefully slipped the second lightsaber hilt of her former master free from her belt. The green glow of the blade familiar in her mind as she hesitated for a moment, wrestling with the surge of memories it carried with it. She held it lovingly for a moment longer before gently pressing the hilt into Sara’s palm in unison with their strides. Whispering so the others couldn’t hear, she urged her friend, “Watch the neimodian. He is with them,” she jerked her head back in the direction of their pursuers. “Use this, only if you must. The force will be with you, but a saber is still dangerous. I need to check on the light.” Whoever or whatever had projected that wave of peace could be with the Sith, could be their prisoner, and Leena knew she needed to find him or her. She’d be able to help her friends if she could do something, maybe find some help, before the darkness overcame them. She had to trust that Mjan and Sara could help the others. Falling back from the group, Leena allowed herself to be enveloped by the dark inky blackness. With only the force to guide her, Leena clasped onto the light side of the force and allowed the tides to carry her back. Pushing her way back until she could hear the crunch of boots on loose stone, Leena found a deep crevice and wedged herself in as deep as she could, barely deigning to breathe as the troops passed her by, and still, she felt the light of another, calling. ______________ The group pressed forward, the damp moist shaft turning at a sharp angle before progressing several yards and coming to a sudden halt. The entirety of the walls and ceiling were coated in black ash. Ashen covered, rotting and burnt corpses lay splayed against the walls; the victims of a fiery explosion that burnt their flesh before being overcome by the humid cold air and mold. There at the end of the shaft, the jagged edges of a caved in shaft opened downwards; water dribbled over the edge in innumerable tiny streams, splashing against unseen age-worn-smooth stone floors below. From the jagged maw of the collapse through a thick layer of cortosis a cold wet raspy breathing echoed forth and a dim green glow emanated from within highlighting in a ghoulish glow the edges of a desecrated ancient lab of sorts. Crushed shelves and unidentifiable artifacts lay scatted about the ground in pieces. Amongst these were several shattered holocrons. Overturned tables, soaked parchments, beakers and containers covered in dried and evaporated liquids could be seen here and there. An appearance of chaos covered in a wet layer of dust and grime presided over the entire lengthy room. The green glow casting lengthy shadows all about, except for the furthest end where still water met the rocky shore stretching out into darkness. And there, in the darkness that hovered over the water, even the force was clouded by the thick foggy blackness.
  5. Pressing forward into the darkness, following the singular beam of light emitting from Xar’s head, the group had to slow because of the uneven, slick terrain. Deeper and deeper and deeper they went. Leena would have fallen several times had it not been for the flow of the force and Sara’s hooked arm. When her friend noted the faint sounds echoing behind them, she responded, an echo of her former cheer shining through; “Perhaps it is more wanderers like ourselves. That or some terrible slop-monster hungry for a good meal. Either way . . .” she spoke louder hoping to catch everyone’s attention, “Hey everyone! My friend here says we are about to have company. How about we don’t shoot them until we make sure they can’t help us get out of here. I don’t think it is whatever is down below chanting.” ‘Maybe it drown and thats what stopped the voice.’ ________________ Deeper in the mine, just down beyond the light of Xar’s light, around a bend in a cratered end to the tunnel, lay an inky black maw that opened from the left through a jagged opening torn open by the lethane powered explosion that had ravaged the tunnel. Bodies of twisted, burnt, decaying and mangled miners lined the floor there. Once inside, all one could hear was a wet hissing breath... waiting.
  6. The city was devolving into chaos. Already taxed, the local defense forces were easily overwhelmed by the unprepared for invading force. Their only saving grace the timely arrival of planetary defense forces. Even as the Mon Cal world was known for the production of their unique yet powerful space faring warships and luxury craft, a lesser known, yet even more potent production area for the aquatic world came in the form of true aquatic naval vessels and forces. There, the Mon Calamari and Quarren were in their element. So even as soldiers, aircraft, and spacecraft moved to engage the attacking Sith onslaught, the gargantuan Mon Cal Navy maneuvered into place. Soon powerful salvos filled the air as missiles erupted from beneath the calm surface of the sea. Anything that was not directly endangering to civilians was a fair target. If all else failed, the city could be sunk, her foundations destabilized by a plethora of submarine based weaponry. Cities could be rebuilt, they had done it before. All that they needed to do was ensure that the people were safe. Along the shorelines and docks of the city, smaller quicker craft had approached in attempts to evacuate any citizenry they could, mostly under the watch of MWC-45c repeat cannon fire; each ship being mounted with one or more to try and dissuade any invaders from getting to close. Of course, all this was lost on any adventurers below without radio access topside; even then, that was spotty at best, the ionized cortosis veins playing havoc on transmissions. _______________ None of that mattered though to the presence deep within the mines and caves. It had been trapped for far too long and had upon its accidental release began to sow the seeds that were now coming to bear. The chanting grew louder and louder until it was near deafening as it reverberated off the walls and chasms of the mines, caverns, and sewers. Had the city streets above been quiet, it was quite possible that an individual out for a walk may have been able to hear the call. Deep within the ancient forgotten lair, dim lights began to flicker, powered by the chaos and deep dark aura of the force, ((more description to come when adventurers get there)) and voice continued to boom its dark melodic chants. _______________ Leena simply rolled her eyes at the droid. The pounding voice was starting to wear at her already taxed mind and she was hoping that they could work together. “Should have known better than to try to ask a machine to care about anyone but their programming.” She muttered to herself as she fell in line with the group. She was going to be a team player, in spite of what the others might want. The fact that the darkness was pressing in from all sides and the Nemoidian had flat out ignored her did not sit well either. Shooting a side glance at Mjan, Leena paused to place a hand on his arm. “May the force me with you master.” Trudging along, Leena tried to focus on not tripping over the uneven boulder strewn step decent, relying on the meager light from the droid ahead and the force to keep her from tumbling face first into the others. Leena didn’t know much about the cortosis the others had whispered about, except that it supposedly wreaked havoc on lightsabers. It didn’t concern her much though; what concerned her more was the sudden massive chasm spanning before them, a sinkhole into a underground cavern. Undoubtedly there was water somewhere below; but it was dark and deep enough the yawning abyss could have very well opened into the pits of the underworld for what anyone could tell. Even the droid’s light did not reach the bottom. “Oh. Now he cares” Leena grumbles sarcastically as Xar gave his instructions for the thin expanse of stone that reached out into the darkness across the chasm. “Watch this,” she smiled to Sara, the smile accentuating the tired lines of wear and grime on her face. Reaching within to grasp at the candle of light that she carried in the force and then expanding from there in a wave of purity, Leena silently called on the force as she bent her knees and tensed her legs. Calling the force back towards her, she leapt; propelled upwards and forwards on a tidal surge of invisible energy. Flipping forward through the air, Leena twisted and landed with a crack of boot on stone on the far side of the chasm. Looking at the droid and Nemodian behind him she smiled and raised her eyebrows sarcastically, “One at a time was it?” Leena stood waiting and watching for the others before linking arms with her Zeltron companion and setting forth deeper into the mineshaft. As they progressed, the going got slicker with moisture, the path more uneven as chunks of stone seemed to have fallen from the walls and ceiling and littered the abandoned pathway. The walls were all coated in a thick black slime, ash and soot that had mixed with the condensation. Every so often, they would stumble across a charred and mangled body, unrecognizable from the flames and following moisture that had set to work on them. One thing was clear, an explosion had rocked the entire tunnel and nearly obliterated anyone that got in it’s way. The cortosis here was thicker, the lethane it had given off accelerating and magnifying the past inferno. Still now, the air was choked with it. ___________ As the group descended, the temperature continued to drop and the dark presence grew in strength and magnitude. Suddenly, the voice stopped and the tunnels were bathed in silence; save for the dripping of water in the darkness.
  7. Leena let go of the Neimodian’s robes and shook her head, “That will not give you rest. The Sith are consumed by their desires. They want what every other being seeks, freedom. Freedom through strength and power though is not real freedom. Whatever trinket you are after won’t bring you peace. It will only hurt others down the road and pull you deeper into their snare. Before you know it,” Leena reached out and grabbed Nok’s wrist, “BAM! You are caught in their snare. A snare far worse than any fecal filled cesspool we might have already been caught up in. There goes any freedom you already have. Whatever that voice heralds is beyond what you or I or anyone here, even your supposedly newfound metallic bodyguard can probably handle.” Leena let go of the Nemodian’s wrist and turned to walk out of the room, looking back over her shoulder in the dim light. “I doubt that knife you have up your sleeve will do any good.“ Stopping at the doorway beside her Zeltron companion, Leena added, “But right now it doesn’t look like we have any other way to go. Looks like you’ll get your wish for now. Maybe if you change your mind, and we all get out alive, I’d be happy to take you back to THE Jedi Temple and take a look at your eyes; maybe even soothe those nightmares of yours.” The young Jedi was not sure what the ‘businessman’ was playing at, but he was slimy, she could feel it. She didn’t even need to reach out on the waves of the force, there was too much else going on there right now. The story he was trying to feed her did not stand to reason. -Not a Sith? But he had had a master, a darth. Maybe he still did . . . - -A master who taught him to see without his eyes. . . - - - taught him in the same battle he vanished in, ‘fortunately.’ . . . - - - The same battle the Nemodian was attacked by some wild animal in . . . - - - - On Kuat . . . The world was so terraformed they didn’t even have blood-sucking insects flying around. -Can’t find the Jedi? Short of recruiting posters, their locations are not exactly a secret, especially to someone with the funds to have others seek them out. Those were only the things that jumped out at her in the murky mire they now found themselves in. So she had spoken loud enough that the others could hear the last bit and the part about the knife she felt hidden. She was not happy about it, but they had to keep going down for now. Didn’t they? Outside the room, the chanting cold voice continued, each best reverberating louder and louder off the tunnel walls. With each syllable the darkness continued to grow, pouring forth from the unknown below, now opened to the world again; for the first time in how many years? centuries? “He has got a blade,” Leena whispered to Sara as she stepped back into the hallway and looked both ways before eyeballing Xar. “You might be our best bet to get out of here master droid. Do you have any sort of sonic or flame based weaponry?”
  8. Deep within the belly of the planet, connected only to the outside world via an abandoned shaft within which bodies of the burned and dead lay rotting, linked through a sentient-made waste disposal system that had long since needed an overall, a dark lumbering voice began to rumble. It was slow and but a whisper, but as it progressed, it grew in speed and crescendo. “Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, əvvəllər gəzənlər yenidən gəzmək və üzmək Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, həyat həyatı bilən yenidən həyatı tanımaq Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, kənardan qaranlıqdan ədalətli mükafatınıza çatmadan əvvəl Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, cığır boyunca geri dönüş növbəni dayandırın və yenə qayıdın Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, qadağan olsa da, gələ bilərsiniz Səni geri çağırdım Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, təbii yüksəlişin üstündədir yaradılışın məhv edilməsinə yol verilmir Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, dənizlərdən və pirlardan göydən və alovdan Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, qurbangaha bir daha yaxınlaşın son hədiyyəni götür Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, qorxu tutuşunu itirdi hamınızın qorxusunuz Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, ölümünüzdən bir daha imtina edin itirmək istəmədiyin şeydən yapış, Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, Yenidən sənə ehtiyacım var xidmətləriniz mükafatlandırılacaqdır Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, bu zaman dayandı vaxtı yenidən məğlub etməyə çağırılır Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, .........” And the chanting continued on and on. __________________ Just as Leena finished emptying her stomach into the goo and ooze that encircled them, a fresh wave of revulsion in the form of the wise-cracking murder droid crashed into and over her. Had she anything left in her stomach, the Jedi-in-training would have surely added its contents to the sewer line. The one positive of it all was that at least the droid brought light with it. Before she could even give voice to the thought the, the inorganic being was off chasing after the supposedly blind goblinoid with a dark soul. “Well then . . .” was all she could muster before she started to heave again. Thankfully, Leena felt herself, being drug forward through the filth by her Zeltron companion. It would have been unnerving, and frankly fear-inducing, had Xar’s light not illuminated the sewage clad woman momentarily. As it was, Leena was glad to have a friend. Slowly Leena picked herself up and made her way towards the uneven wall, looking back towards Mjan, or more accurately where she heard Mjan sloshing through the muck. She could faintly feel him on the force. The senior Jedi was not in a good way, but there was little she could do here and now. They had to survive. The whole place seemed to emanate with some subtle dark side presence that made her uncomfortable. It could have been the descent of the Sith above, it could be what lay below, It could be that Nemodian businessman, or it clumd be something else. Leena had no way of knowing or telling. She did not even know most of it at all. Rolling over the top of the lip into the mine, Leena’s clothes sloshed against the damp cool stone. “Yuck.” She mumbled. It was all she could muster in the moment. The air was thick and it hurt to breathe. She was coated in stuff she did not even want to think about. Her stomach was empty and ached. Lying there for a moment, Leena gracious accepted the offer of the rebreather. “Thank you Master Jedi.” she smiled, grabbing at Mjan’s forearm with a squish of glop as she pushed a reassuring twinkle of light-sided energy along their physical connection in an invisible sign of encouragement. It was all she could muster. She would have liked to have lay there and regain her strength, but the droid and their sole light source was off again, “So inconsiderate,” she pulled herself to her feet and slipped out of her Jedi robe. It landed on the ground behind her with a wet sickly slap leaving the Jedi clad in her equally filthy skin tight sleeveless tunic and pants. With the rebreather in place, Leena looked to Sara in the quickly fading light and made a show of shoving both lightsaber hilts into her waistband. She too had no intention of being incinerated in their damp decidedly flammable surroundings. The going wasn't easy, dislodged boulders covered in the thinest layers of slick moisture made the trek treacherous and more than once the Jedi Healer fell and scraped her elbow, knee, or shin on the uneven surfaces. Still she pressed onwards, only muttering incoherently a few times, after Xar, Nok, and the light. Eventually she caught up with them where they seemed to have paused, Nok having ducked into a clearly manmade room carved from the stone. With Xar still in the hallway, Leena could not see anything inside; but as she tried to follow Nok in her toe found the broken fusion lantern on the floor. She stopped, her eyes staring into the inky blackness. Inside the room lay an overturned table and several chairs, a hodgepodge of maps and a miner’s helmet. In the corner, slumped in a chair was a clearly deceased and crisply singed Quarren. His or her, it was hard to tell, tentacles had all burned off. What was left of the being’s face twisted in a knot of pain and their eyes stared sightlessly in horror out into the dark. At least the air in the break room of sorts was purer, the Lethane fumes having carried upwards along the steep, slick, boulder-littered tunnel. It only got thicker the deeper they went. The going would only get more treacherous. There in the dark, silence had reigned as king and had been for who-knew-how-long; interrupted only by the distant dripping of water from off in the dark yawning maw of the tunnels. That was, until, faint, as if a whisper, echoing along the walls along the tunnel came a voice. It was small enough now that if one were not listening, it might escape notice. “bir dəfə tərk etdiyiniz qabığa qayıdın Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, qaranlıq iradənin damarlarınızdakı qan olmasına icazə verin aclığın sənə rəhbərlik etsin Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, çağrışımı dinləməyin vaxtı çatdı zaman-zaman əbədi Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, Ağanınız bədəninizi tələb edir ağlınız yalnız sizin olacaq Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, alındığını iddia edin səni lağa qoyanların qisasını al Uşaqlarımın yanıma gəlin, müqəddəs əhdi dadın zənginizi yerinə yetirin Övladlarımın yanına GƏLİN, GƏLƏCƏYİN VƏ ƏYLƏNƏCƏK . . .” The voice grew until it’s call rattled the very walls. Dark tendrils of invisible evil seemingly creeping forth. It did not stop, but just grew and grew, the unknown tongue chanting with the rhythm of the ages. Leena grabbed at Nok’s slimy robes trying to pull him close, the darkness that seemed to echo about them dwarfing what she felt radiating from the man. “Whatever darkness you carry, this is beyond you. Who are you and what are you doing? Can’t you feel it calling?” ________________ Far above the battle waged on. Where bodies fell they lie twitching on the ground. The fight for Dac was in full swing. A planet that had known the ravages of the Sith, the Empire, and darkness, who had stood against oppression and tyranny, would not go down without a fight. Wings of fighter craft mounted their responses and from the seas themselves, technological terrors built to blend with and accent the natural watery beauty of the world surfaces and unleashed their salvos at the approaching waves of Sith oppression.
  9. Identity Tactical (combat) NPC assigned to Leena Kil (Jedi Order) Real Name: Alto Jinn A.K.A: The Mantis Homeworld: Corellia Species: Human Physical Description Age: 54 Height: 5’5” Weight: 115 lbs Eyes: Green Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: White robes, Jensaarai armor complete with rebreather, infrared vision, and lightsaber sheaths on each arm. Weapon: 2 orange bladed lightsabers, collapsable aros (Jensaarai staff), throwing knives, 2 crymancadwyn (Jensaarai chain and sickles), 2 thermal detonators, 3 vials ionized agranium powder, holdout blaster Common Inventory: Comm unit, rebreather Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Force User Alignment: Neutral Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jensaarai tasked to the Jedi to protect Leena Kil History Trained by: Jensaarai Defender The Reek Trained who: None Known Skills: Cleddyfymladd (master) Ymladd Heb Arfau (expert) Arosymladd (master) Tafluymladd (skilled) Gwaywffon-Ymladd (trained) Penhwyadymladd (trained) Crymancadwynymladd (skilled) Tancelf (skilled) Cuddiocelf (skilled) Dull-Llechwraidd (expert) Hyfforddiant Elfenol (trained) Strategaeth (skilled) Ysbio (trained) Dianc-Cuddio (master) Buried Presence (skilled) Ballostakinesis (expert) Background: The Mantis is a combat trained Jensaarai warrior who grew up in the Jensaarai tradition. He has dedicated his entire life to mastering the Jensaarai methods of combat. Alto Jinn was an orphan from Corellia who was being adopted when the vessel he was travelling on was attacked by pirates. The infant was hidden in a storage locker to avoid being taken as a slave. Unbenounced to him, Alto was rescued by an unknown force user who was familiar with the stories of the Jensaarai and left, quite literally, on the Jensaarai doorstep. The infant was taken in by the monastic order and given food and nourishment. When he was old enough, the stranger’s child was trained in the Jensaarai ways. Having ascended to the rank of Defender, The Mantis dedicated his every free moment to immersing himself in Jensaarai combat training and stealth tactics. The Mantis was present for the Siege of Coruscant after which he was brutally injured and transported to the Jedi for attention. The Mantis’ care fell to Jedi Healer apprentice Leena Kil who through careful applications of the force was able to resurrect the shattered body of the Jensaarai warrior and return him to his fighting form. In gratitude and recognition for Leena’s efforts to save The Mantis’ life, her dedication to the maintenance of peace, and her honorable behaviors toward allies and enemies alike, The Mantis dedicated his life to helping ensure that Leena was able to continue on in her life saving actions. Oftentimes The Mantis sticks to the shadows, minimizing his force signature while still using the force to mask his presence to those who may be a threat to his ward.
  10. Down in the darkness that was the sewers, Leena reached out on the force that encircled her, trying vainly to try and slow her fall into the abyss of unknowingness below. As Knight Mjan whizzed by her. The two splattered into the muck below at about the same time. With a sickening belly flop of a landing, Leena laid face down in the muck for longer than she would ever care to acknowledge. When she did tip her head back to gasp for air, her lungs were assaulted by the overwhelming choking odor of the waste of countless thousands of fishy denizens. It would have been enough to make a full grown Hutt vomit. Given that Leena paled in vileness to such a slug, she did just that; adding the contents of her stomach to the glop that coated her and came almost up to her shoulders. That would have been bad enough, had a splatter not followed right behind her as she was coated in a fresh wave of fecal sludge. Had she been focused, the girl would have felt the dark consciousness of Nok Morliss; but even that paled in comparison to the darkness that permeated the entire pipeline, dark, subtle, ancient and growing. Leenawas not even noticing that though as proceeded to continue wretching as Sara splattered down nearby. Four yards above them, shrouded in the darkness, was a deep and narrow fissure that stretched upwards for a dozen feet or more. It was a place where miners of countless of Dac’s precious minerals had strayed too far from the beaten path and intersected with the sewage line before making a hasty retreat and not bothering to admit their fault and report the error. That would have been hours of paperwork and a major liability. So it had lay undetected for the last 13 months; a ledge staring into the fumes along a tracked shaft deeper into the planet towards the core and the seabed that had birthed this outcropping of volcanic rock. It was still pitch black and the air in the mine chock full of Lethane. The shaft had been abandoned after the first explosion of the gas; deemed to dangerous to continue for the meager returns the shaft had been generating. The whole shaft had been blocked off somewhere high above: out of sight, out of mind was the company’s philosophy. _____________ Meanwhile, on the surface, the already taxed-to-the-max local police forces stared in devastation as the solid-state hellifre rained down upon their city from above. Some wondered if this was a Jedi invasion force bent on retaking the planet for their rebellion against the ever-expanding Sith Empire. Others saw the mythalized stormtroopers and just knew the Empire of old had finally pulled out all the stops and begun their reclamation of the galaxy. Others saw it as an invasion force coming to prey on them in their hour of need. There was already death all around them and while some pockets of local government tried to cautiously and peacefully approach the sky-fallen arrivals, many opted for a tried and true approach: welcome through the heavy application of localized firepower. That was the response in the areas of the fire-bombed hospital and devastated warehouse district. Terrorists, offworlders, plague, fireballs, explosions, it was not like it could get any worse right? While officers and troopers abandoned their posts and poured forth to form up some form of barricades against the planet-spanning rain of death-dealing soldiers, Police command was quickly mobilizing in an effort to get to the city bunker, hoping to survive the onslaught there. That is, until a drop pod slammed into the fleeing hooverbus, grinding it to a screeching halt in the roadway. _____________ And, like a sick ever expanding fog did the darkness radiate through the gases, through the sewage-filled vapors, through the flames and the chaos. The more death and destruction that echoed on the force, the stronger the presence became; a silent laughter emanating across the city. “It is time. Dead in the cold and dark no more.”
  11. Even before the Sith forces began to appear in the sky, the eerie calm that was left in the aftermath of the chaotic inferno and imploding vacuum began to fill with the cries of those few who had managed to survive. Nobody was left untouched. Some were burned. Others broken. Still others were trapped / pinned beneath what had been haphazardly flying debris. In the distance, sirens wailed as nearby emergency forces turned their attention towards what was already being billed as another Jedi terrorist attack conjoined to the hospital explosion. In the midst of the rubble, a dirt and grime covered Zeltron male clothed in singed bantha-leather pants and vest rushed away from the oncoming sirens. He only paused at the sight of a battered Nautolan, Nia. He paused, extending a hand to the girl, “C’mon girlie, we gotta get out of here before they come to finish us off. I got a buddy with a ship a half klick or so away. If we can get there, maybe we can survive.” He glanced about anxiously before setting off clasping his heavy blaster in his other hand, “We gotta go NOW.” ___________ Elsewhere, all across the planet a myriad of invisible communications zipped about as government entities, military assets, and civilian watch stations tried to ascertain what was going on with the sudden arrival of a fleet that appeared decidedly set on military conquest. With planetary forces already focused on the medicinal safety of the planet and containing the murmurs of social unrest, the arrival of an alien invasion was the last thing they needed. At least many of the forces planetside were already deployed. Communications were sent to the fleet in hopes that whoever had arrived would respond with offers of peace and aid, although deep in the pits of their bellies those who viewed the scans of the fleet knew otherwise. Then, suddenly, for a moment, the confusion was gone. It was nearly replaced with an exponential explosion of chaos. The fleet was launching invasion forces. It had already dispatched a wing of atmospheric defense fleet bombers that had been tasked with ensuring no one left the quarantine zone to potentially spread the plague across the world. War was upon them. Like that, the majority of the quarantine forces found themselves with new haphazardly issued orders: Defend the world. Repel the alien hostiles. Protect the people. Up on the orbital shipyards, several massive Mon Cal warships languished awaiting more orders for production, which had been lagging of late. Everywhere klaxons blared and emergency stations were manned. Naval personnel rushed to their battle-stations and the massive warships began to disengage from their moorings. Fighter pilots manned their craft awaiting launch. If war was afoot, the Mon Calamari Defense Force would meet it head on. Planetary mounted orbital weapons began to take aim at the fleet dropping into the atmosphere. It would not be a moment before the skies overhead were filled with ion and turbolaser fire. ________________ Beneath the ruins of the warehouse, Leena blinked in shock, a glimmer of light kindling in her soul. Even in the total blackness of the septic main, Leena could feel it, just as much as she could sense the others still about her. “Hope.” ”That grenade was a great idea.” Leena said in what she thought was Sara’s direction as she picked herself up out of the muck. She smiled as relief rushed through her. “The force provides for those who . . .” Leena could not finish her thought as the Nemoidian insisted they move deeper into the tunnel. Before she knew it, a light was piercing the darkness and Xar was urging the group downward. Looking back at the steaming sewage where the fire had been repelled, Leena knew it would be best to follow the group deeper. Away from the heat and carnage. “I think it would be best if we stick together, eclectic a group as we are. I am sure glad that you have a flashlight built in master droid. I’d hate to trip over a . . . something I’d like very much to not think about, and break my leg or get a face full of feces.” Following the group, Leena continued to babble. Truth be told, it helped calm her down and the growing edge of darkness concerned her. The threat of being consumed by fire was pushed to the back of her mind. Right now they needed to find a safe way out of here. “I hope we can find a way out. It is hard to help people when we are cut off from the city. I wonder if the virus is down here too. Oh, glad you pointed that out. Don’t want to trip. So what is everyone doing here? Mister ahhh Meer was it, it seems like there might be more to you than just selling medical supplies. I can still smell the gas, but the air here seems to be cooler and less caustic on my mouth.” Leena paused when she thought she heard the voice, but shook her head. “Just hearing things. Pipes like these can echo anything can’t they? No way there is some other sentient being down here. It is getting cold though. I suppose it beats being baked alive like a eeopie steak though. Oh, we are going left? Doesn’t that one seem like it goes deeper? Don’t we want to get out? I suppose the droid has some built in compass though. I know I have no idea where we are. Do you hear that dripping? I bet we are below sealevel by now. Do you all know how to swim? Leena paused as they came to an abrupt stop at the mouth of a maw where the pipe suddenly took a 90 degree angle downwards. “Oh. That is deep. I do not suppose anyone has a rope? I am not sure I possess the skill to levitate us down,” she gestures down the pit in the dim glow of Xar’s light, “that.” Overhead as drop pods began to make landfall a series of dull whumping sounds could be heard. “Perhaps the virus is worse than we knew and they are firebombing the city to try and exterminate it. That is not right. Those people have a right to try and survive. Who could do such a thing? We need to be careful guys. There is an abnormal darkness here. Can you feel it? I can almost taste it on my tongue.” A louder whump caused the pipe to shutter ever so slightly. “That was too close for comfort. I don’t know maybe we should, whoops!!” Leena had turned to peer down into the inky darkness and had caught her foot along the edge and began tumbling downwards into the blackness. “Oh dear.” As she tumbled, the cold air rushing past her, Leena extended her arms and legs out the air whipping her disgusting robes about her. Reaching out on the force, Leena felt for the force. The darkness played at the edges of her mind, but she could still grasp the tendrils of light; wrapping it about her in a warm blanketing embrace. Leena prayed the force would slow her decent enough to keep her from being crushed on whatever lay below.
  12. Chaos. Chaos reigned supreme in the streets surrounding the warehouse district. The people who had just been fighting to get out into the streets and try their luck against the city itself and the disease it harbored now clawed at one another in sheer terror trying to get to cover. Blaster bolts reigned down from above, and while a smuggler here and a mercenary there tried to return fire with whatever smuggled off world weapon they had snuck in, the majority of the off worlders collapsed in shock, tried to hide behind whatever makeshift shield they could find or ran. It was the runners who got picked off first. Nobody was going to get away, the expertly trained and technologically advanced police snipers would see to that. Even as they focused their fire on the supposed Jedi, nobody was shown mercy. And then, suddenly, as abruptly as the shooting had started, it stopped. From their vantage point, the overwatching shooters sensed, heard, and detected the incoming explosives a mere second before those on the ground, the high-pitched whistles piercing the air as the technological terrors hurtled towards the city scape. ___________ Leena bristled slightly at the droid’s tone, but she brushed it off. She had dealt with too many young troopers who had a chip on their shoulder or something to prove. She was breathing deeply, the caustic wave of air eating at her chest and lungs. Before the droid could direct her, Leena turned to the blind Nemodian, “Do you have a rebreather?” She asked as she reached out on the force, grasping at the tendrils of good that lay nestled in the baseness of the world around them. Gently, Leena pushed against the darkness that radiated from Nok’s heart trying to reach out a wave of calm to try and suppress the coughing fit, even as her own lungs burned with each breath. As she did, the red-skinned Jedi came rushing up and urged them onwards through the foul muck and deeper into the blackness. And then, as Mjan rushed by, Leena felt it, fear, a cyclone of fear crashing down. On the heels of that fear, death. Leena tripped and sent muck, yuck, and guck splattering, her already dirty and damaged white healer’s robes being coated in blacks, browns, and greens. “Go!!” she urged Sara, the droid, and the Nemodian, trying to encourage them to run as she picked herself up from the bottom of the pipe, planting a sewage covered hand on Sara’s back and pushing. “Go! Use the force!” ______________ The sudden lack of laser fire raining down gave some of the frenzied masses pause, but the majority were too tizzied up to even notice. They noticed though. Oh, did they notice as the bombs touched down in unison. From eight individual points, waves of inferno boiled forth, flames rolling over one another as they raced outward enveloping everything in their path. Flesh sizzled, bones cracked, even durasteel began to melt; nothing was left untouched as the fire erupted outwards and upwards into the sky. Just as suddenly as the flames rushed outwards they ground to a halt, their eruptive force coming to a close. The flames then began to recoil with the hiss of a vacuum. The emptiness of air creating a superpowered vacuum in the wake of the firebomb. The fires collapsed back inwards with force enough to topple buildings in their grip, uproot trees, and knock statues off their pedestals. Nothing was left untouched; such was the power of the incendiary inferno bombs. In a matter of seconds three square city blocks outwards and upwards erupted in a flash of fire and then with a deafening boom that echoed across the city collapsed the warehouse district in on itself. Outside the perimeter, practically nothing was touched and within the blast small flames licked at the surviving flammable items lying haphazardly about in the devastation. Silence followed. The screaming masses, the frantic police, the first-world cityscape had been reduced to an outer rim wasteland leaving piping and pits exposed below. And in the next few minutes, the whimpering of the few survivors, burnt and crushed, began to eek through the acidic scorched still air. ____________ Leena pushed Sara and Nok forward, the explosive flames superheating the air and igniting the Lethane coming up from the fissured septic line that branches into the mines below. The flames billowed after Mjan, Sara, Leena, Xar, and Nok threatening to consume them if something was not done. The force was swirling about them, darkness, light, fear, peace, passion, emotion, calmness, life, and death; it was all there touching their minds and bodies even as it ached at the sudden extinguishment of life above. Then Mjan collapsed, falling to his knees as the flames rushed at them. Leena skidded to a stop beside the downed Jedi. In the flickering orange glow of the oncoming flames, Leena’s eyes looked from Sara to Mjan and then to Xar and Nok. “We are going to die.” she whispered as the loss hit her in her soul. The young Mon Cal looked at the blooming plume of fire rushing down on them and then at Sara, “I’m sorry.”
  13. A note on lightsaber creation: The Jensaarai, like the Jedi and the Sith craft their own lightsabers, mostly. Some Jensaarai carry sabers claimed in combat, bought on the black market, or passed down through familial generations. Unlike other force groups, the Jensaarai see the crafting of a lightsaber as something utilitarian. There is nothing mystic or holy about it. That being said, Jensaarai still use the same lightsaber crafting techniques as the Jedi. Crystals used by Jensaarai are purchased from offworld sources and are often precious gems such as carefully force crafted rubies, emeralds, and diamonds amongst others. Jensaarai members often craft their sabers as one of their first acts as an apprentice as soon as their grasp of the force usages needed for crafting are understood. The Jensaarai have reported that members as young as 4 years of age have crafted lightsabers. Lightsaber color is nothing more than a side effect of the crafting of the weapon. Members have been known to carry sabers spanning the colors of the spectrum, including red.
  14. The din in the warehouse was deafening and fear rose so heavily in the air it was almost palpable. The vents blown to the ceiling crashed down adding to the chaos, some of the heavy metal brackets smashing into refugees. Others clattered against walls and the floor. In all of it, before Leena, Mjan, and Sara could continue their conversations they were blown into the air. Knight Mjan had tried to push Sara and Leena clear. It only served to send them arcing through the air instead of straight up. Leena twirled as she tried to hold onto Sara. The chaos around her pressed in on all sides and she could not even grasp what was going on. The next thing she knew, Leena landed atop Sara on the hard floor. She felt the wind leave the Zeltron’s body and she, Leena rolled off of her to the floor shocked; her brain trying to take in what had just happened. The lingering darkness from the dark chilling voice coated the walls feeding on the panic and pandemonium. Leena felt it, even if she had not heard exactly what the voice had said, and she recognized it. It was the dark side. And as she lay there on the floor, she heard Sara ask if she was ok. Leena smiled as she reached out to grasp the Zeltron’s hand at the same time reaching out on the force with a calming wave, finding the vestiges of it within her soul. It was second nature, and in this chaos, Sara was something familiar. Sara was a patient. Rolling to a half reclined position, Leena placed her hand on Sara’s shoulder, “Better than you it seems. We guppies swim better than fly.” She smiled at her own attempt to crack a joke as she pushed out on the force in a tidal surge over Sara’s battered body. Waves of healing energy crackled like blue-green sparklers in the air and an aroma of salty fresh sea air wafted from the Apprentice Healer. Leena was seeking Sara’s wound, visible and invisible, it did not matter. When she felt them, Leena injected them with a pulse of healing energy, encouraging the girl’s natural healing abilities to kick into overdrive. When it was done, which had taken a few minutes, Leena pushed herself to her knees. “We better get up before we get trampled.” Her eyes looked out at the crowd trying to push their way out of the too few exits. They had one thing on their mind, a mob focus on securing their own safety, regardless of those who got in their way or who was left behind to die. “Besides, we ought to find you some Juju berry pie or something. Accelerated healing makes one hungry.” She offered a hand to Sara, helping her up whilst simultaneously looking for Mjan. A jedi knight was probably exactly what this situation could use. “Where did he go to?” She pondered aloud, her head scanning the quickly emptying room before her view settled on the blown away grating in front of the office. Somehow, she just knew, he had to go down there. Jedi didn’t follow the panicked masses, right? “Come on. Lets see if he went that way.” Leena offered an arm to help Sara walk towards a nearby vent and together jump down, right next to Nom and Xar. “Oh. Uh. Hello fellows. Did you, uh, happen to see a Jedi down here? He was wearing, um, not Jedi robes.” Are you guys following the tunnel somewhere? Probably a faster way out than the doors, honestly.” ________________ Outside, the refugees pushed and shoved until the majority of them were fleeing into the streets. High above, the overwatchers radio’d in what they were seeing, their mounted cameras displaying the chaos that rose as manhole covers and grating rained down. It did not take much, the command was already convinced that the offworlders had brought the diseased that was now ravaging their city. A quick order and the snipers were staring down their rifles at the Jedi amidst the crowd and opened fire. High velocity blaster bolts whizzed through the air peppering the crowd as they tried to take out the ‘Jedi’ and any offworlder that got in the way. Overhead, the squadron of bombers began their final approach, orders adjusted once again. Bomb doors opened And instead of one single incendiary implosion warhead, 8 warheads were released. The weapons armed as soon as they hit the moist ocean air. All it was take now is impact and the warehouse and 3 blocks in any direction would be vaporized in a cloud of fire and ash. The bombs whistled through the air as they approached from high above; not that they were noticeable over the screams of fear and panic as the refugees sought to find refuge from the hail of blasterfire from above. The sniper teams were a worthy sacrifice as far as command was considered. All it would take was the right political spin and the city would not be letting any more offworlders in for the foreseeable future. The Quarren would finally be able to live in peace. “45 seconds to impact . . . 44 . . . 43 . . . 42 . . . “
  15. Leena fought back the tears that were threatening to cascade from her bulbous eyes. She honestly did not care if anyone followed her or not. This mission was supposed to be humanitarian and she had already been stranded in space, practically blown up, come to blows with another Jedi, and been confronted by a Jedi impersonator wielding the blade of one of the masters she had felt the closest to. That was not to mention the dull pulse of laughter she seemed to feel gnawing at the base of her neck as if the very air had been possessed by some dark side wraith. The offices were where Leena was stomping towards with a purpose. She did not know why, but it seemed as good a place as any. She was upset, the sight of Master Dask’s blade pulling forth a pit of emotion she had not even been aware she had bottled away. A part of her wanted to lash out, to kill the one who had killed her friend; but it was not the Jedi way and she knew it. So she kept the emotions contained, the Jedi mantra playing in her head as she whispered it to herself, choking back tears: “Emotion, yet Peace. Ignorance, yet Knowledge. Passion, yet Serenity. Chaos, yet Harmony. Death, yet . . . Death, yet . . .” Her voice trailed off at the thought of her friend and master’s death. Before she could start again she had come to a stop in front of the locked office door and the other Jedi, Mjan, had caught up with her. Leena tried to pull herself up and contain her emotions, especially as he introduced himself as a Jedi Knight. She sniffled pathetically as she whispered back, “Padawan Leena Kil of the Circle of Jedi Healers. This was supposed to be my first real mission and it has all gone so . . . so wrong!” Before the conversation could continue, Leena was swung around and embraced by her pilot comrade, Sara. The Zeltron’s words flowed over her, and even if Leena wasn’t hearing all the words, she felt the woman’s emotions radiating and embracing her, tears flowing freely from her eyes and down her face as Sara pushed the lightsaber into her hand. It took several minutes for Leena to compose herself before she was able to push herself off of Sara with a whispered, “Thank you.” Looking from Sara to Mjan she offered a weak smile as she tucked the second saber in her belt. “So . . . uhhhh . . . What now? How can we stop this chaos?” __________________________ Back at The mobile police command several blocks away, notice was given to the ‘Jedi’ leaving the building. In truth, while the majority of police command and resources were being dedicated to securing the scene of the explosion and searching out survivors and treating the wounded. A small, select team, however, was monitoring the Jedi situation: officially having been designated as terrorists on police watchlists the offworld Jedi had several strikes against them. One of these was that research reports continued to show that the disease that was continually mutating and infecting, and killing, at a higher and higher rate, had originated from a source outside of Mon Calamari’s natural world. In fact, it appeared to be lab grown. The team in the command center watched as Nia and Ro left the warehouse. If the building was imploded, they would be left unscathed. The big cat had been reported to be the possible source of the explosion. Witnesses reported him running through the flames, cackling as he swung his lightsaber at anyone trying to get away. Label: EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Quietly, a team of specialized agents began to move in hidden amongst the chaotic crowd. On the rooftops above, several snipers easily found Nia and Ro in their sites. All they had to do was await the order. ___________________ Out over the vast oceanic expanse of the planet, the bombers’ engines whined as the aircraft raced towards the city, low and fast. It would be only minutes before they were able to fire on their target. Hitting the edge of the city, the pilots were then and only given the target: terrorists holed up in a warehouse that had blown up a nearby hospital. Reports indicated ground forces had the building surrounded. Implosion warheads were mandatory. ________________ Before any of this planned reestablishment-of-order-by-use-of-force could take place, the darkness below gurgled in evil excitement. Above the din of the chaos that drove the city to it’s knees, the conflicted force imbued chaos of our misfit party of mis-adventurers vibrated as clear as a harp string plucked in a silent orchestra pit. The presence in the pits of the planet would have smiled if it could have. The signature was recognizable and the ancient darkness in the inky blackness of the depths surged. The cracks and fissures splitting and spluttering in the isolation as the pressure of the darkness ate it’s way towards freedom. It’s call had been answered. Gases billowed and fizzed as they whirled upwards towards freedom, the forward guard of the icy waters beginning to march steadily upwards. Urged onwards and upwards, hastened by the force itself, the gasses raced on. ________________ In the warehouse, Leena’s query had little time to be answered. Just as the words left her mouth, the tempestuous storm of vapors rushing upwards from the deepest depths found a place where shafts and worn vents interceded as one. From there, they surged upwards along being-made conduits, carrying the call of the dark presence, directed onwards towards the chaos that called above the din. Sara, Mjan, and Leena had mere seconds before the vent grate below their feet blew upwards sending the three catapulting into the air and then back down towards the yawing hole of the floor’s vent. All around the warehouse the grates blew off, eliciting screams of fear and pain. And above the din, throughout the cavernous warehouse a dark chilling disembodied voice spoke, “So you have heeded my signal, lord of darkness. Your sacrifices have just begun. Come to what you once deemed my place of eternal damnation that I may exact my revenge.” The voice seemed to center around Nok Morliss, not that anyone could tell, but it was focused on his dark presence, called to it by the chaos of the situation surrounding him. The voice echoed on dark vibrations throughout the warehouse, but did not seem to go beyond; however the screams and cries for mercy as the refugees begged whatever supernatural deities they thought may have arrived did carry beyond the flimsy metallic walls of the yawning structure. Additionally, grates and manholes eithin a block radius, while a few seconds behind also burst with gaseous pressures, sending chunks of metal and duracrete into the air. Far above, the sniper team watched in shock as they sent their rifle-cam recordings back to command, unsure of what was transpiring.
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