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  1. Leena made her way towards the back loading dock. A smile pulled at the edges of her mouth. As bad as the whole situation was seeming to be, Leena wad pleased to not go it alone. As she neared the door to the back alley, it opened before she got to it. Leena paused looking up at the large feline carrying a pile of supplies. He was clothed in the robes of a Jedi, from what she could tell. This had to be him. Leena opened her mouth to offer a greeting, reaching out on the force to feel the familiar aura in the air that agents of the light naturally seemed to project. Not a sound escaped her mouth as she closed it in surprise at what she felt. The feeling she felt coming off this being was not that of a Jedi. It lacked the training and peace. Instead, Leena felt the man’s deception and was it nervousness? Still, he was clothed as a Jedi. She scurried passed him, locking eyes with him for a brief moment before slipping out back. Something was wrong. There was someone clothed as a Jedi who was clearly not a Jedi, a being submerged in the darkside delivering ‘supplies;’ she looked down at the mask she had taken from the Neimodian’s shipment and threw it on the ground. “Hey! That is medical supplies. Directive 32A5 instructs that no medical supplies is to be wasted under pain of unspecified imprisonment in the Deep Site mines.” One of the simple droids rattled off, it’s emotionless voice dripping with judgement. Leena waived the droid off. “Please worry about your current task. I will worry about mine.” She had bigger concerns now. Something was off. The plague that ravaged the city and now these people. Something was going on. Even her ship running out of fuel. “That should not have happened.” Leena turned around. She was going to confront whatever was going on here. The focus had to be on helping the patients. Whatever else people were bringing in would draw away from that. That was her purpose, the purpose of the clinic itself and its staff and volunteers. Leena knew what she had to do, even if she was not thrilled about it. Before she could grab the handle of the door an invisible explosion of emotion tore through the air and ambiance about the place. It erased the cries of pain and suffering with a single powerful wave. Instinctively Leena threw up her hands pulling an invisible surge of peace and light from the ether, sheltering her body and mind from the blast that echoed into the physical realm causing fragile items to break, loose rubbish bins to rattle and anyone not prepared to tumble to the floor. “Sara . . . “ she whispered thinking of the Zeltron woman who had helped her get to the planet and this very clinic. She was the Zeltron with another force signature filled with pain, pain she had tried to treat. Breaking into a run, Leena slammed into the door, nearly bowling over the Cathar faux-Jedi on the other side. With an adrenaline fueled force guided grab, Leena grabbed Ro’s collarband yanked him towards her. “I don’t know who you are Master Jedi, but there is a man here, a Neimodian with a blindfold. Get him. Take him out back. Do it now.” The usually kind and calm girl’s demeanor twisted in a stern icy wall of command. She was not toying around and her tone and very aura portrayed that she was a woman on a mission. The Cathar had a good feel, even if he was living in deception. She hoped he would help her. Leena had to find Sara. Dropping the feline’s collar, Leena surged forward, her path illuminated by the flashing red lights that pierced the darkness, her footsteps guided by the force. Down the hallways and around several corners, Leena came upon both Sara and Nok. Brushing past the Nemoidian, Leena reached out to help her newfound comrade, projecting a calming stream of peace and tranquility towards her ravaged mind. “There is a cat, a Cathar Jedi,” Leena pointed down the hallway she just came from as she spoke towards Nok, “Go get him and take him to the back. The survival of these people depend on it. Go.” She barked the order before turning back towards Sara, pushing the pain and suffering and fear that now amplified throughout the facility away from the space around them. “I should have known better to drag you into this. I lost sight of that detail through the craziness of the plague. I know better than th . . .” Leena paused, her senses tingling as felt it. Some lights began to flick back on while other damaged ones sparked in anger as electricity began to work through the facility from the backup generators. That was not what gave Leena pause. What did was the damaged backup lines and the faint hiss of gas surging from a damaged line in a nearby room. As each room and system came back online one at a time it was obvious that there was little time. Lunging forward, Leena fell to her knees to grab the fire alarm setting blaring klaxons off throughout the clinic. If there had been fear, panic, and chaos before; it just amplified one hundred fold throughout the facility. “We have to go!” Leena shoved Sara towards Nok and the backdoor where Ro was, turning to run the other direction. She grabbed the first patient who had made it to the door of his treatment room and drug him forward. Leena knew she didn’t have the power or ability ro save everyone, but she was a Jedi. She would do her part. Hopefully the fire alarm did the rest. —————————- Street level cameras did not take long to identify the rogue droid that had taken up a killing spree in the city. From Security HQ all it took were a few push of the buttons to redirect a nearby quarantine patrol and the bulk of the guards at a warehouse serving to quarantine offworld visitors now stuck planetside. The offworlders had been relatively well behaved. Command was not concerned that they would try and leave. Fear was an awesome tool for controlling the local populace. It would only be a few minutes before they closed in on the killer bot. This time, they were going to bring the real firepower. The people needed to know that their government was the power that protected them in these uncertain times. —————————- Back inside the clinic, panic reigned supreme as the sick and dying clawed at each other trying now to fight their way out of the clinic they had, until just moments before, been jockeying to try and be the first in line to get back into. Treatment was limited, everyone knew that. And then, as the seconds on the wall-mounted clock counted down, deeper in the facility, the power that surged from the backup generators sparked on a damaged line or a broken light with a still completed circuit igniting the gas filled air. Piped from deep under the planet’s crust beneath the ocean, the stuff was more explosive than the other flammable gasses and supplies that littered the standard clinic. The entire place was a tinderbox and the match had been struck. Flames erupted blowing the door to the utility closet off it’s hinges. They raced down the walls in every direction consuming everything in it’s path. Leena felt the lick of the flames before she could see them. Grabbing the three Quarren and one Mon Cal she had managed to pull from their rooms, Leena pushed them down, one atop the other, throwing herself atop them as the flames shot towards them. Even in the chaos, Leena reached deep within, calling on whatever vestibules of the force she could find. She called waves of the force, pulling whatever liquid particles it could from the air and forming a temporary shield over the top of the five as they huddled on the floor. Leena held up her hand trying to hold the protective shield in place as the deafening roar of the flames slammed into them. The heat was unbearable. Leena felt her skin prickle as her robes began to singe. Beneath her, the others cried out in fear. “Hold on! Trust!” She cried, her voice cracking with the force of trying to maintain the shield against the overwhelming onslaught and maintain a sphere of calm. —————— Outside, flames erupted from windows. One wall erupted outwards as a supply of oxygen caught fire abd blasted bits of duraplast and brick in all directions. The entryway was eaten away as flames raced through it outside, melting durasteel and glass. And as quick as the flames were there, they receded leaving a burning husk of supplies, bodies, and destruction. Screams filled the air mingled with the crack of fire, sparking of exposed electrical wires and coughs and wheezes of the sick as they tried to scrape themselves away from the chaos, fighting against the overwhelming police force that had already been approaching. —————- Leading her small band of survivors through the flames, Leena limped forward. She was covered in soot and ash and the group she had with her were crying in fear. She urged them on as gently as she could. “Almost there. You’re ok. We’re ok,” she soothed. “Watch out for that chunk of rock. It looks pretty jagged. You’ve got this. Lets get out. Then we can help the others. Thats it. Good job.” Once clear of the building, Leena turned the party she had sheltered from the flames over to a group of citizens who had rushed out of a nearby business to lend what aid they could. Not even stopping to brush the rubble off her once white healer’s robes, Leena turned to survey the damage. “What in force is going on here?!” She lamented. She saw it then. The droid. It did not belong. Not here. She hurried towards it, her hand resting near her lightsaber, just in case this was all some sort of elaborate Sith scheme. “Excuse me master droid. Can you help me? Something here is trying to destroy us, everyone. I do not know who to trust. You are not from here. Will you help me? We need to get out of here. Come on. Let’s find some shelter and together we can work to solve this.” —————- The air filled with sirens as responding emergency vehicles and personnel responded from all over the city. Even the police that had been tasked to apprehend Xar were drawn to the explosion and helping their own. Only a pair of security droids maintained their focus and direct line of sight on Xar. They pushed past the masses trying to flee, intent on their target. ————— “I think they want to talk to you.” She pointed out the droids intent on coming after Xar as she tried to pull the droid behind an arriving fire response craft. ————— Several minutes later, Xar and Leena arrived at the warehouse a few blocks away. “I think we lost them. Lets dip in here. I feel, something.” There were no guards in sight as Leena dipped into the large warehouse lined with cots and makeshift housing. She felt it. Somewhere, in this crowded structure, there were Jedi, agents of the light. She wanted to find them. Then, together they could uncover what was happening. It panged Leena’s heart what had happened. She desired nothing more than to go and help at the scene of the catastrophe, to treat the sick and dying, but she was a Jedi. She had to face the greater darkness that was festering here, lest the darkness overwhelm any good she tried to implement. Scanning the room, Leena was hoping to see the Jedi; what she saw instead, filtering in from other entrances, were the Neimodian, Sara, and the Jedi-impersonator. “They must be following me!” She hissed at Xar.
  2. The aged frigate plowed through hyperspace and the following sublight travel. The duo of Med Corps corpsmen didn’t have a lot to say. They had briefly discussed the reputed plague they were going to drop supplies off for. It was simple, drop off the supplies and the Jedi Master Healer and get back to assisting in the fight against the Sith. Crates of bacta, protective equipment, syringes, and even a makeshift mobile hospital surgical suite packed the bulk of the ship. The two younglings, still somewhat bitter at not being selected as padawans, were more than ready to get to the front lines and try and prove their worth. This mission was just a hiccup in their plan. The discussion spanned the gambit from boloball to the current war ravaging the galaxy. It did not take long before the ship entered Mon Cal atmosphere. Almost instantly they were intercepted by a trio of fighters. Upon confirmation of their cargo manifest the vessel was escorted to a landing pad in the city. The fighters quickly returned to their patrols leaving the freighter alone on the landing pad except for a duo of simple droids that had been dispatched upon confirmation of the ship’s identity. “Good luck mister Jedi.” The senior most of the two corpsmen offered a simple salute once the cargo was unloaded onto a waiting freight-skiff. Then they scurried back aboard the ship and began take off procedures. “We are to escort the supplies to the nearby clinic for dispersal. Will you be joining us?” The droid queried emotionlessly to the large Cathar as the other started the vessel. As soon as the Jedi-impersonator was aboard they sped off down the all but empty streets towards the back if the clinic where Sara, Nok, and Leena all were. Rounding the corner a loud explosion reverberated across the sky. For those who might have looked up quickly enough they would see that the very same freighter that had just deposited the meds and Durose planetside. Bits of flaming metal and plastoids rained down in a vaporizing fine mist across the city. The droids looked up and emotionlessly observed: “Did they not know that all ships that arrive are quarantined for 14 standard days?” “I was under the assumption you had warned them.” “I did not. It was not in my directives.” “The planetary patrols surely warned them. What fools those Jedi are. “ ”We have arrived Jedi. We will assist in offloading your supplies from the bus. We have other shipments to wait for.” ——————————— “There you are Mister Meer. We at Morjanssik Clinic are extremely grateful for your generosity. It is not very often we see someone of your kind being so generous. . . errrr. I mean, it just, well, thank you so much.” Doctor Kil’n’tro set the stylus back down atop the datapad having signed the Neimodian’s order forms, grateful for any help they could get in these troubling times. “I know that you are quarantined here with the rest of us. If you wanted to still be of service I know that a Jedi just arrived with another shipment of supplies at the back loading dock. Maybe you can help direct those worthless droids so we can put the Jedi to work helping the sick. Again, thank you so much. I don’t know what else to say.” ——————- Pulling the gloves off her suction-cupped fingers, Leena tossed the disposable gloves in a nearby trash bin that was already overflowing with other gloves and used disposable equipment. Grabbing a rag, she dabbed at her sweaty forehead reaching out in the force and projecting a calming aura that surged like an undamned stream through the hallways and rooms of the clinic. “Maybe it just takes longer for the bacta to take effect. The force will guide us.” She reassured herself having not seen any improvement with the older being she had been treating. “Another Jedi has arrived with more supplies.” One of the droids rambled as it walked by with a case of disposable aprons and disappeared around the corner. Leena’s eyes brightened and she hurried towards the back, excited to see if she knew the healer that the Order had sent to help her. A twinge of relief coursing through her veins at the thought that a higher ranking more experienced Jedi was there to help. Maybe he or she knew what else they could try.
  3. It did not take long for security forces to find Xar’s handywork; nor did it take Security Command to understand that something with evil intent aside from the virus was lurking within the city. While most of the populace complied with the general lockdown and quarantine orders, the few joyseekers, anarchists, and morons that did not were quickly and usually not very violently dealt with, detained, or corrected. One of those few businesses had been a cantina in the lower levels of the planet, well below sealevel. In fact it was one of the places on a not-so-lengthy list of possible origins for the plague now wracking the city. It had not taken long for 6 security officers, armed with warrants and orders to shut down the place and arrest those in open defiance, to complete their task. The presence of 4 GU police droids only served to increase the seriousness of their quest and the cantina was quickly and relarively peacefully shut down. The server droids deactivated and 2 of the 3 staff members arrested. The third was also taken into custody; however the female Quarren had decided to try and fight and was promptly struck by numerous stun bolts and a trio of blaster bolts so she was rushed to a secure medical facility, already tasked beyond its means in the current crisis. By the time Xar arrived the 4 droids and remaining 2 officers were finishing up securing the cantina against any would be looters or opportunistic law breakers. Then it went dark and blaster fire erupted. There was a clatter as Xar and the droid he wrestled with fell to the floor and while the two biologic security officers hesitated and shouted orders of surrender into the dark as they grabbed at their flashlights, the glowing golden eyes of the police droids gave away their positions. More importantly, those same eyes pierced the night and saw the droid attacking one of their own. They returned fire immediately, caring not if they hit their own but intent on restoring the peace. ——————— Back at the clinic, Leena paused, outreached bacta pack still in hand. Looking at the Zeltron, Leena saw the emotional tumolt that was washing over her and finally felt its waves echoing on the force amidst the ravaging tides of suffering that filled the clinic. “Oh my friend. I have forgotten about your unique abilities. This must be quite headache inducing.” Quickly setting the boxes in her hand down, Leena reached up and cradled Sara’s head between her two suckered hands, one atop each temple. “Lets see if we can fix this. You cannot help others if you are one of the patients. Just open your mind up to the force. Allow its calming presence to drown out the cacophony of suffering. See it, treat it, but do not feel it.” Reaching out in the treacherousness of the clinic’s emotional identity of the force, Leena found a bit of hope here and a calming presence there. Mixing that with the light she carried within her own soul, she inhaled and sighed deeply, willing a calming wave of purifying light side energy to surge from her mind outwards. It extended from her fingertips seeking to soothe and calm Sara’s mind and echoed across the chaos throughout the clinic offering a stream of hope to those in fear and panic, and a surge of strength and light to those toiling to help. It had not taken but a minute, having done similar each time she sought to purify her work station back at the Temple. Lowering her hands, Leena smiled warmly at Sara. “There. I hope that helps take the edge off at least. Lets get back to work and try and sort this out. We’ll worry about any rewards once we can see straight again.” At that moment a haggard looking medic rushed into the room. “Gonna need a hand out back.” she growled in frustration. “Apparently security had taken to shooting bartenders who don’t follow their draconian directions. You there! Doctor Zeltron, grab that medical droid and come help!” The medic pointed towards Nok and his accompanying droid as they arrived in the back workroom before shoving Sara towards the back receiving area and scurrying that way herself. Turning to look at the new arrival, Leena smiled. More humanitarian aid had arrived. “See the galaxy does care,” she smiled tk herself as she opened the large crate of masks. “Thanks for coming Master Nemoidian. By any chance do you have any field expertise?” Leena paised, only just realizing that the man before her wore a shroud that indicates he was most likely blind. ‘But he seems to navigate alright. She reasoned. Reaching out on the force, the Mon Cal Jedi-in-training felt the sting of darkness bounce off the man and visibly tightened her neck in surprise. “Just because one is lost in the darkness, does not mean they chose to go there. Sometimes they just need one person to show them the light,” She reminded herself of one of the teachings she had learned under the healers. Speaking louder as she faced Nok, she grabbed at her bacta boxes. “I am sure you can tell we have quite the emergency on our hands. You are clearly acquainted with medicine. I trust you can put yourself to use around here. Your droid is already in demand. We are thankful that you brought it. Such a tool will be of great use in treating the ill and injured. And for the masks! Gotta keep ourselves safe right?” Leena smiled at the man as she grabbed a protective mask and slipped it over her face. “Name is Leena by the way. Maybe once this wave is contained we can grab a cup of caf and talk more.” And with that Leena slipped into the first patient’s room. The door opened to a series of coughs and weezes. Reaching out on the waves of the force, Leena sought to examine the fearful older Mon Calamarian male, assess his situation, and administer a force-powered dose of bacta to help fight off whatever infection, virus, or malady had befallen the city. The entire time, she chattered happily to the man trying to put him at ease. It would take time for Leena and the others to realize that the bacta had little effect On whatever mystery had gripped the city. ___________ Elsewhere across the city, numerous other similar scenes played out at every available clinic and hospital, above and below sea level. All under the watchful eyes of the city security forces who were all too ready to step in and handle anyone who disobeyed or got too hysterical. Supplies were limited. Value had to be assigned to who might survive and upon whom treatment would be a drain of valued resources. Rabble rousing was a surefire way to find oneself towards the bottom of the list. Offshore, planetsry naval forces closed their blockade of the city. Nobody was going to get out without a fight. Overhead, patrol craft began to flit above the city aggressively confronting any would be approaching craft and escorting them away or to a landing zone, if they were designated essential. The city was grinding to a halt and the planet and even the sector were taking notice.
  4. As the not-pirate’s ship loaded down with the bacta from the Jedi arrived at the Quarren dominated city of Morjanssik, Leena strained from her buckled seat to take in as much of the view of the watery world as she could. Her excitement was practically palpable on the air. “Wow! Look at that! Will you look at that! It’s just, it’s just, just, so blue!” As the landing gear touched down, Leena was unbuckled and out of her chair. She couldn’t wait to get outside. At the door, she skittered to a stop and composed herself. Running her hands over her white robes, Leena let out a heavy sigh. “You’re a Jedi Leena Kil, remember that. A Jedi. Act like one. People here need your help. There will be time for sightseeing when this crisis is averted.” Grabbing her lightsaber, Leena made sure it was hanging straight on her belt. “Gotta make sure I look the part.” As the doors hissed open, Leena strolled down the ramp with an air of dignity. At the bottom she looked around. The streets were empty. She didn’t see anyone, in any direction. The streets were desolate. Even as the cool sea air caressed her cheek, Leena’s concern pushed it from her mind. “Where is everyone at? I thought someone was going to meet us and help unload? Huh. Well, I guess we can unload it ourselves.” Grabbing an anti-grav sled Leena wheeled it back up into the ship and began to quickly load up as much bacta as she could. “Lets get as much of this on here as we can and get it to the clinic. Maybe we can find some answers there.” ———————————- After the sled was loaded well beyond its standard capacity, Leena pushed it slowly down the ramp and down the street, following the directions on the built in nav-computer. The streets were empty, but as they approached the final corner before the clinic, muffled voices could be heard. Leena glanced up at Sara and offered a weak smile, “At least we know there is someone around, right? Sounds like more than one someone by the sound of it.” Rounding the corner, Leena came to an abrupt stop, her jaw falling slack momentarily. Between the dura-glass double doors and floor to ceiling windows the view was startling. Crammed tentacle to gill to other alien appendage it seemed a majority of the area’s populace were crammed inside in a cacophony of hacking, coughing, wails and moans of pain and feverish delirium. “Uhhh. . . Well we found people that, ummm, look like they could use some medical assistance.” ”Lets look for a backdoor shall we?” She smiled sheepishly as she backed the grav-sled back around the corner. Backtracking to a nearby alley, Leena turned and pushed the sled towards an aged set of double doors. Pounding on the doors they squeaked open and they were met by a tired looking Quarren in scrubs With a mask stretched across his face. “All patients need to check in at the front desk. I know it is a bit crowded. If you aren’t sick, I’d suggest going home and self-quarantining as ordered by the governing board.” “Whoa whoa whoa doctor. I’m with the Jedi. Look. Bacta! If you’ll just let us in my friend and I will unload it and I’ll get to work.” The Quarren doctor’s tired eyes lit up momentarily. “You are both with the Jedi? Oh good! Please please come in. Maybe you can help make some sense of this.” The doctor stepped aside and ushed the Zeltron and Mon Cal in. “Just leave the sled here. We’ll grab right off of it as we go. There are patients in each of the rooms and supplies at the end of the hallway,” he pointed as he spoke. “Don’t forget a mask. We think the virus is transmitted via particulates dispersed from the infected. Coughing, shortness of breath, fevers sometimes accompanied by hallucinations, and here in the last week it seems to have mutated some. Eight days ago we saw our first case of trans-species infection. Be careful master Jedis. We ate glad you came.” The nameless doctor quickly grabbed two small cases of bacta and shoved them into Leena and Sara’s hands before grabbing another and rushing into the nearest room. Turning the box over in her hands, Leena smiled at Sara. “How are you at emergency medicine my Zeltron sister? May the force be with you.” In the corner a display continuously scrolled the following: CITIZENS OF MORJANSSIK BY ORDER OF THE CITY’S RULING COUNCIL THE FOLLOWING EMERGENCY MEASURES HAVE BEEN ENACTED, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: 1. NO CITIZEN IS TO LEAVE THEIR RESIDENCE UNLESS REPORTING FOR WORK AT A DESIGNATED VITAL ENTERPRISE OR SEEKING EMERGENCY MEDICAL ATTENTION. 2. ANY NEED FOR FOOD, SUPPLIES, OR OTHERWISE CAN BE MADE VIA THE HOLONET. 3. DO NOT EAT ANY LOCALLY SOURCED MEDUSOZOA. 4. ANY EXPOSURES SHOULD BE REPORTED TO YOUR LOCAL HEALTH AUTHORITY IMMEDIATELY. 5. FOR THE YOUNG ADULTS AND ANY INDIVIDUAL CONSIDERED TO BE OF OPTIMUM HEALTH, SELF-QUARANTINE IS RECOMMENDED IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED. LIMITED MEDICAL SUPPLIES NECESSITATE THAT THEY BE GIVEN TO THOSE MOST IN NEED. REPORT THE POTENTIAL EXPOSURE STILL. 6. A HOLOLINE HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED FOR ANYONE WHO HAS QUESTIONS. 7. VIOLATIONS OF QUARANTINE WILL BE ENFORCED BY LOCAL SECURITY FORCES. 8. DAC PLANETARY FORCES WILL BE BLOCKADING THE CITY IN AN EFFORT TO ENSURE THAT THIS VIRUS DOES NOT SPREAD BEYOND OUR CITY. ALL TRAFFIC WILL BE STRICTLY MONITORED. ALL SHIPMENTS COMING INTO OUR CITY WILL BE INSPECTED AND QUARANTINED FOR THREE STANDARD WEEKS. NO SHIPMENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE CITY UNTIL THIS EPIDEMIC HAS PASSED.
  5. On the outskirts of the Calamari sector things seemed to be going just fine for Leena as her freighter chugged along in hyperspace. The young Jedi padawan had even drifted off slightly at helm, a slight smile across her face. Suddenly, a twinge in the force caused the young Mon Cal to sit up and look down at the dash. “Uh oh . . . Something doesn’t seem right. Everything looks alright though. Internal core temperature, normal. Hull integrity, 100%. Gravitational dampeners, functional. Hmmmm. Hyperdrive fuel, empty.” Leena’s eyes bulged as she realized her own words. “Empty? Didn’t someone fuel up before giving me the green light?!” Suddenly a soft, albeit annoying honking alarm filled the cabin. “WARNING. WARNING. FUEL CAPACITY AT . . . ZERO PERCENT. PREPARE FOR EMERGENCY HYPERDRIVE DISENGAGEMENT. FASTEN ALL PERSONAL SAFETY HARNESSES IMMEDIATELY. WARNING. WARNING. FUEL CAPACITY AT . . . ZERO PERCENT. PREPARE FOR EMERGENCY HYPERDRIVE DISENGAGEMENT . . . “ Leena barely had time to grab her harness and snap it into place before the entire shift jolted violently, the streaks of hyperspace reverting to pinpoints of light instantaneously. The young Mon Cal was thrown against her harness and slammed back into her chair, the breath leaving her body in a gasp. With her eyes closed, Leena groaned in pain as she slowly reached up and slapped the release of her harness before tumbling to the floor. “Thanks for the warning computer. Could have warned me at 10% or something.” Picking herself up off the floor using one hand on the dash to pull herself up and look out at the void of space. It all looked the same. In that moment, Leena wondered if she maybe should have spent some more time studying star charts. It was hard to practice medicine all alone in space. Tapping her fingers on the dash, Leena pondered what to do. “I wonder where I am. Maybe I could call for a tow. I need to get this medicine to Dac right away. Hmmm. Think Leena. Think. There has got to be something. Oh! Look! A distress beacon!” Depressing the large red circular button on the dash, Leena pondered what to do next. “Did it work? How long does it take? Shouldn’t there be like a confirmation or something?” Leena pushed the button several more times. “I hope it is not broken.” Not getting any more results, Leena looked back at the closed door that sealed the cockpit from the rest of the ship. “I wonder if bacta could serve as a fuel substitute? Probably better that I don’t do that. Bacta could be flammable or something.” Plopping herself back in the pilot’s chair, Leena pulled up her navchart. “At least we’re still on the right path. Looks like Dac is only . . . 13 years travel via sublight engines! I don’t think I have enough rations for that.” A twinge of fear welled up in Leena’s chest. She had not thought much about dying, sure she had witnessed it first hand, but that was other people. Dying in the void of space definitely was not one of Leena’s top choices in the ways to die category. Closing her eyes, Leena pulled her feet up under her in the seat and focused on calming the mounting fear, allowing the force to flow around and through her. It was hard to focus on anything positive in a situation like this. The girl focused on making sure the fear did not overwhelm her. Emotions were not forbidden for a Jedi, but she could not let them control her. Lost in the calming current of the force, Leena lost track of all time. She paid little attention to the static world around her and the empty nothingness outside. She was only drawn from her trance by the soft alert of her shipboard computer alerting a ship on the scanners. Leena’s eyes shot open as she lurched forward, tumbling to her knees on the floor with a clatter and a wince of pain, her feet tangled beneath her bottom, asleep from her time meditating. Eyes slotted against the pain in her knees and tingling in her feet, Leena flipped the comms switch and broadcast on all frequencies. “Mayday! Mayday! I am carrying medical supplies for Dac and am out of fuel. Help! Please! Lives are depending on getting this medication!” Leena did not even stop to ponder who she might be contacting. She was hoping that whoever it was had a heart and wanted to help people in need as much as she did. As she let go of the comm switch though the realization that she may have just broadcast her position to a Sith patrol, pirate mothership, or droid scrappers dawned on her. Reaching out in the force towards the far off ship, the girl did not sense any imminent pending doom. “At this distance though, do you really think you can accurately sense the intentions of the unknown Leena Kil?” ”I just have to trust the force.” She assured herself as she hit the button to slide open door from the cockpit. She made her way to the docking port and waited to hear the telltale thud of the vacuum seal meaning the other ship connected. She was not sure if they’d have fuel they could share or if maybe she would have to load her supplies aboard the rescue craft. Either way, if it got the Jedi and her cargo on the way to Dac again, that was what mattered.
  6. “Oh. Or maybe not.” Leena paused midstep as her comlink chirped. Digging it out of her pocket, she held the barely functioning speaker to her ear and listened, nodding her head several times before tapping a button on the link and dropping it back in her pocket and continuing as if nothing had happened. “It looks like I get to go home!” She bubbled enthusiastically. “Some industrial center on Dac is experiencing on outbreak of some virus that is giving the local doctors fits. They’re running low on bacta and requested that the Jedi send some help. Probably more my scene anyways than war anyways.” ”I suppose this is goodbye for now Empress.” Leena bowed slightly at the waist before turning and tried to walk back the way they had come while containing her excitement at going to the home of her people for the first time in memory. “Don’t let the darkness control you Empress! Mind your thoughts and we’ll work on it together when we both get back. You still gotta teach me some of your famous Knight lightsaber tricks.” And just as she reached the end of the hallway, Leena caught her hand on the corner of the wall looking at the forms of Raven and her knightly entourage goi the other way. “Oh right,” she reminded herself, “May the force be with you!!” she shouted at her newfound friends before going around the corner and breaking into a dead sprint towards the loading docks. Once she arrived, Leena found that the ship had already been loaded and coordinates set into the navcomputer. Nestling herself behind the one-man control system in the cockpit, Leena smiled and initiated take off. This would be easy enough; “Deliver the meds and help treat the ill. Easy enough for a Jedi padawan I think.” And from there, the girl and her cargo of bacta and other assorted medical goods set off into the atmosphere.
  7. Leena opened her left eye to look at Raven as she felt the darkness rear its ugly head. Reaching out with the force, Ravenna sent forth a warm walled wave of light sided energies to bolster the wavering empress. She felt the commlink vibrate across the room, the distraction a minor frustration. Leena wanted to help the queen combat the darkness she still carried inside. As the meditation abruptly ended, Leena popped from her seated position to standing on the floor in one fluid motion. Pressing a hand to Raven’s shoulder, Leena offered a warm smile, “The darkness is a pollution that spoils otherwise untouched and life-filled seas. Don’t worry friend, we’ll purge the darkness together.” Looking around the otherwise empty medical bay, Leena grabbed her pack of meager so-called personal belongings and scurried after Raven and her entourage. Falling in step with the knight and empress. The force seemed to be directing her. There was something about this woman and she was not yet healed. The medically oriented Jedi apprentice had sent still injured troopers back to their duty, never happily; still, she had to do her duty. This was different. Sending a fellow force-user back to fight that which was trying to claim her soul, could be murder. “Does your ship have a medical ward I could help in? I’m sure if you are going back to the front my services will be put to better use. Before then, maybe we could work on caging the darkness that still hunts within your mind. Maybe you can show me a few of your Imperial lightsaber tricks. I’m not the best with this thing,” she held up the simple silvery saber hilt before setting it back atop her pile of clean robes. “I really don’t want to kill anyone though. I’ve never killed anyone. I’ve never even used this thing outside of the training chambers. I’m much more comfortable helping those in need. I sense that you are in need of my help though Empress Raven and while I am not one of your Knights, I am a Jedi. Jedi are sworn to protect the innocent, serve the force and others, and guard peace.” Looking back over her shoulder in the direction of the medical ward they had already left, she continued, “Besides, I was sent here from my temple post to provide medical services for the soldiers and saints seeking to stop the advance of darkness. It seems where you are going there is a better opportunity to do just that. I’d like to see as few martyrs as possible out of this war. And who knows, if you came back from the dark side, maybe together we can save others who have fallen into that web.”
  8. As the Nemoidian toppled back from the blow of her saber, Leena carefully hopped from her perch on the table, stumbling slightly as pain races up her injured leg. Gritting her teeth in pain and steadying herself in the calming energies of the tumultuous waves of the force that churned about the room, she shuffled towards the quivering mass of fear and darkness. He was begging for his life. She had no intention of killing the man, despite what he had done. If he was injured, he was her responsibility now. The closer Leena got, the more the man seemed to recoil in fear. “This is what the dark side does. It promises you power and yet, in the end, it leaves you powerless.” ”Please do not be afraid. If you would like to seek healing I can assist you. If you would like to seek redemption, nothing is impossible with the force.” “Can you...help me?” The words were barely out of his mouth before Leena felt it, a twinge in the force, like a spear of light reaching across the windswept waves of an ocean storm beckoning a ship to safety and warning of danger. And in that illuminating flash of light side power, the young Mon Cal saw the Sithling’s actions moments before he acted. Leena believed that the force could sense the subtlest of changes in a being’s biological impulses and from there accurately interpret what was coming next. Such philosophies did not matter in the moment however. What mattered was the force had shone clear on the downed dark sider’s intentions. In that moment, just as she had positioned her weight kn her good leg to reach out a hand to help the man, she pulled back, her body twisting at the hips, weight still balanced on her good leg, and the blade that shot from the man’s hand sailed through clear air past her where it embedded itself with a thud in the ceiling. And then even as she pulled herself out of the way, Leena gave into the force, the echoes of light, she felt sadness for the man for an instant, anger at what the dark side had turned him into, and yet in it al, she felt peace. The emotions did not force her hand, they were a part of her and she belonged to the force. So did her emotions. With her hand still outstretched in an offer of help, Leena tugged with the force. Her deactivated saber that had cleaved the man’s should and had been lying lifeless beneath his body sprang to life. The teal-blue blade erupted through the Nemoidian’s rich garb about his midsection and the weapon spun free of where it was pinned, whirling back to Leena’s outstretched hand and cleanly bisecting the Sith just below his ribcage. With the blafe blazing in her hand, Leena watched with disgust as the two halves of the man sloppy slid apart and topped to the floor with a thud and a squish. With the flick of her finger, the blade deactivated and Leena tucked the weapon into her cloth belt and slowly shook her head, her eyes downcast and saddened. “I could have helped you,” she mumbled as she knelt to push the man’s eyelids shut in a sign of respect. “The darkness is a lie. May you find peace in whatever afterlife that you believe in. Ride on the waves of the force knowing that your suffering is at an end.” And with that, Leena stood, turning to surveil the destruction that had come upon her ward. In the distance, she could hear the engines of the medical ship blasting away. Leena smiled, even as her face looked forlorn. “At least they are safe from here.”
  9. With permission to proceed, Leena immediately reached for a tube of bacta paste. “I find that sometimes traditional medicine supplemented by the force yield even greater results.” Squeezing the thick goo across Raven’s face where her injuries stood out, she began to work the healing salve into the crusted wounds of the empress as she reached out on the waves of the force. Her eyes could see the injuries, but through the ripples of the force she could feel them; feel where the dead and injured flesh intersected with the healthy and where the body had already mounted its own defenses and reconstruction efforts. “You see, so many people think it has to be one way or another. The force or science, medicine or mysticism. I wonder why not both? All one needs to do is . . . Did you say you were a Sith Lord?” Leena urged the bacta to permeate beyond the pores of the Empress’ wounds to reach deep within, beyond her injuries to where the Empress’ body was already fighting back. There she urged the woman’s body to dedicate itself to healing, to draw forth the energies contained within the deepest reserve pools in her body. At the same time, she opened her mind to the natural tidal forces of the force, seeking out for any signs of this supposed darkness, an island of resistance in what should be a sea of tranquility. She felt it, a reserve of darkness held under lock and key. “I can feel it. There is something there. One just cannot allow the darkness to flow freely or overcome us. The ways of Jedi healing require a mastery of the light; that is what the masters told me.” Handing the tube of salve to Raven, Leena smiled, “Here. You keep applying this to your other wounds. Make sure you cover it completely. Even if it hurts, let it permeate the wounds’ deepest recesses. Open yourself to the force, feel as it ebbs and flows. Feel your heart. Each beat sends the life giving energies of your own body in a tidal surge of healing. Let them merge as one. There, in that moment, bind the two together.” As she spoke, Leena ran her hands mere millimeters over the top of each of Raven’s wounds gently tugging on the woman’s natural healing ability and encouraging it to respond to not only her’s but Revan’s touch. “At least that is how I understand it to be. I don’t really know that much.” ”You need to keep the darkness suppressed though. If even a sliver leaks out, it is like a drop of oil in a sea of purity. Pollution. Life is pure. Healing is the resurrection of purity. Driving away the darkness.” Waiting for Raven to follow her instructions, Leena extended a warm wave of light side energies, a wave of peaceful purity untainted by the maelstroms of war, death, and destruction. Even then, as she stood her palms open by her sides facing the empress, Leena spoke happily. “Maybe when we are done you can show me some of the moves you used to defeat the hordes of Sith Lords. I think there are some training sabers somewhere. I have heard that some force users use combat as some form of meditation. Not exactly something I exactly understand, but I suppose to each their own. If you are aiming to be one of those,” she dipped her head backwards towards the knight keeping watch, “maybe that is your way too. You still need to know how to center yourself in the force, to find that calm eye in the hurricane and allow it to embrace you.” Once Raven finished, Leena smiled and cheerfully continued, “And now we wait. The force can enhance the healing rate, but even I cannot heal wounds instantly. And these were inflicted by the dark side. I’ve seen those take a bit longer as well. But still,” she clapped her hands and stepped over towards Alekseyev and sat down on the floor cross-legged, motioning for Raven to join them, “Time heals all things. You’ll be as right as rain soon enough. Maybe we can do that meditation now. We can reach in and find that heart of darkness and purge it, together, the three of us; a knight,” she placed a hand on Alekseyev‘a shoulder, “a Jedi,” she touched her own chest, “And an Empress.” Resting her forearms in her knees, Leena waited for Ravan and Alekseyevand then closed her eyes. “You see, when we meditate we are looking deep within ourselves and yet feeling all that is around us. We allow the force to flow around and over us, like a stone in the middle of a mighty river. The strongest waves push us where the force guides, but we stand fast against the tides that move lesser stones. We make up the wall that holds back the tide, redirecting its power where it needs to go.” ”Just open your mind to it. Tell me what you see within. What do you feel? Feel it, sense it, but don’t let go of that calm center, no matter what swirls outwards.”
  10. Righting herself, Leena tried to maintain a stoic composure, thinking it would be appropriate for such a meeting. ‘Imperial Knights . . .’ “I think I have treated some of you! Uhhh . . . I mean your knights,” she responded with enthusiasm turning to embarrassment at her outburst. “You have good soldiers Empress.” ”Do you want me to look at your injuries? Those look like more than a mishap or two with a training saber.” Leena figures that perhaps the empress was looking for a way to heal her own injuries and she was more than willing to help. Having seen some lightsaber wounds in the past, she guessed that was probably what had happened. As much as her curiosity had her longing to ask, she didn’t, not yet; she was n officially treating her yet. “I’d be happy to do what I can. I am only an apprentice myself, but I’ve spent most of my life training under the great Healers of the Jedi. I’ve even helped someone come back into a cloned body after an unfortunate, and classified, incident of some sort.” ‘That nobody wanted to tell me about. I’m ok with that now though.’ Gesturing towards an exam table, Leena smiled warmly. Even if this was a high powered political figure, they were in Leena’s element and as the girl tried to steer the conversation further that direction, the nervousness in her chest relaxed. She was just another potential patient. “I might not know all there is to know, but I’d be happy to show you what I do know. If you really want to be a great healer you ought to go to the Temples. The dissipation is, uh, I think my meditating. Do Imperial Knights not meditate? Y out are probably too busy trying to cleave Sith Lords in half or something. As long as no other patients come in, I’d be happy to lead you in some meditation. First we should really look at your injuries though. I always find it harder to meditate and clear the air if I am nursing a twisted ankle or a bruised ego after I have to go train with my lightsaber.” With that, Leena pushed up the sleeves of her white apprentice robes so they bunched behind her elbows and waited with a smile, one eye focused on Raven and the other scanning the room for any possibly needed medical supplies.
  11. Leena could taste the man’s fear. Deep in her soul, it saddened her. Beings acted irrationally out of fear. She had seen the damage fear could do to a body, both in the long term and in the explosive short term. Speaking of which . . . Leena saw the gun slip out of the Neimodian’s robe and felt the blaster bolts before they erupted from the end of the barrel like fiery torpedos of destruction. “Not today,” the girl grunted as she pulled her saber back, using the momentum of her arms and the force to send her slipping backwards through the air, the first blaster bolts zinging clear beneath her; where a fraction of a second before she had been standing. The dark side was present in the man’s howl reverberating off of everything. She could feel it, feel the fear that powered it, feel it costing every blast that raced through the air of this, her sanctuary. Even as the second blaster bolt zinged through her robes, singing her calf, Leena felt the force. The pain let her know she was alive and renewed the focus within her mind: to prevent and remove the pain of others. Even as she landed atop a stainless steel table with a crash putting more distance between she and the invasive sick sith, she was already acting, her body flowing with the light side of the force, blaster fire flying wildly through the air at where she had just been. ‘emotion, yet peace.’ From her landed position, with her unsinged leg bent and her good foot firmly planted on the table and her injured calf tucked behind her knee on the table as well, Leena threw her hand forward; the blade of her saber pointed directly at the Neimodian’s chest. As her arm reached maximum extension, Leena did not stop; instead, she let go. Her saber sailed forward from her hand on the waves of the force. The blade remaining activated as she called on the light side to assist her, just as she did whenever she purged the infection from a wound. Here too, she would cut out the tissue that was unsalvagable. From there, the wound would be purified and healed. Leena did not say a word, she was entirely focused on the force, the vortex of power that flowed about her lending itself to her call; and focused upon seeing it carry her teal-tipped torpedo of justice into its intended target. “YEEEEAAAAA!!”
  12. Leena felt the river of light flowing around her, engulfing her in its warm embrace washing away the dirt of the dark side. Within a short period of time the stain had tumbled away broken down and disintegrated upon the soft tidal force that the girl allowed to wash over her. Opening her eyes, Leena sighed, her body relaxing. Stretching her legs out, she swung herself to the edge of the table just as a stranger approached. Blushing slightly, the girl pushed herself up to a standing position. “I am just a servant of the force Master . . . uh . . . “ she stammered realizing only after she spoke she did not have any idea who this inquisitor was, or even what he was. He clearly was not robbed as a Jedi. Although, she realized to herself, Jedi seemed to grab themselves in all sorts of attire these days. “I am not sure what powers I can teach” she continued, trying to put the blunder behind her. “The ways of the force are a great mystery to me as well. I am just learning. If you really wanted to learn something you ought to go to the Jedi Temple at . . . Wait! Did you say the Empress?” Her voice rose in pitch at the realization of who Th e man had mentioned. “Who is the empress?” Without a pause, the Mon Cal fell in line with the man, setting off to meet Revan. “No sense keeping her royal highness waiting,” she reasoned. “I’d be happy to meet her. I bet she is pretty old heh? Just needs a check up or something? I can’t imagine she gets put in too much danger. Well, maybe from assassins, but that is something they wouldn’t let an apprentice healer handle, is it?” ”Oh! Wait just a sec!” The apprentice hurried over to a counter and pulled the cupboard door beneath it open and grabbed her simple silvery lightsaber hilt. “If someone like an empress wants to meet me, I better at least kind of look the part” She muttered quietly sliding the weapon into her white belt and hurrying to fall back in line with Alekseyev. A few minutes later, they approached Revan and the rows of clones. Raising an eyebrow in shock at the sight before her, Leena paused leaving an uncomfortably large gap between she and Revan, pressing the heels of her palms together and bowing slightly as a show of respect. “She is younger than I thought,” she whispered before speaking loud enough to be heard, “You summoned me, my Empress?” Leena kept her head down, reaching out on the waves of the force, a smile crossing her fish-like face as she felt the step BFF glow of the woman’s presence in the force.
  13. The tidal crash of dark side energies was enormous. What Leena has felt initially was but a trickle compared to when the creature before her struck out. She could practically taste the fear on her tongue. And she felt it, as surely as she stood in the medical bay: fear. The whirlpool of dark side energies lapping for anything they could reach, centered on the regally enshrouded being before her. Yet, he did not do as she expected. This dark lord of the sith did not draw his saber, instead, he had released the power of the vortex; not at her. The riptide of power bypassed her in a moment, and she felt it, mere moments before it occurred. The wave of destruction was not meant for her. Before she could react the sound of the trooper’s death cry reaches her ears and fell silent with a sickening thud. Leena’s anger pressed outward at the cowardly act displayed before her. Yet she still stood, a sentinel before the man. “You shall not pass.” Her mind was still awash in the ocean of the force. Even as the onslaught of dark power muddied the waters, she stood an island amidst the hurricane. She was that island, and the saber in her hand became the lighthouse beam that sought to guide any ship seeking harbor safe passage. Buffered but not broken by the onslaught of power, Leena allowed the force to flow through her; she was but a vessel of its will, built to withstand this storm. Without a thought, guided by instinct and the force alone she stepped forward, her saber arcing in a wide horizontal blur of blue-green at the Neimodian’s forearms. She did not want to kill the man before her. She only sought to sever the flow of darkness; to protect those under her care. The best way to do that, at least in the moment, was to remove the offender’s weapons; his hands. Perhaps, then could his ragged soul still be saved.
  14. As the Nemoidian and his entourage entered the room, Leena felt his presence before she saw him. The man bore the brunt of combat, yet still, he had plowed through the waves of the force and ended up in her medical bay. With her jaw steeled in a sense of purpose, Leena’s mind pushed back against the dark force that had arrived; hoping to drive it back by her sheer power of will in the force. Behind her she could hear as the last of her wards began to be rushed out of sight. She knew they would still need some time to secure the most fragile patients before blasting off into the fray above and trying to make it to safety. Regarding the regal mess before her, Leena reached out with her free hand, drawing forth the ripples that raced across the force and redirected them outward from her hand towards the droids that accompanied the man. They presented the most imminent threat to those she stood for. They needed to be the first to be dealt with. And so from her hand rushed waves of force empowered energies directed at the metallic killers in hopes of blasting them back into the wall hard enough to shatter their circuitry and programming. “No. Master Sith. You may go.” She spoke, her voice sharp, clear, and unwavering in its conviction. In case her words needed any more clarification, she brought her simply decorated silvery hilt forward, clasping it in both hands; and with an all too familiar whoosh, A teal blade materialized into existence. Holding it at waist-level, Leena’s eyes stared at the Neimodian Sith in all his splendor, a stark difference to her simple white Jedi attire. “This is my sanctuary. You will not define it.” ((OOC NOTE: It was agreed upon that the droids would be destroyed right away))
  15. Leena pushed her sleeves up as she came back from carrying another gurney through the medical bay towards the docked Sprint medical craft. The usual white of the room was bathed in the rotating glare of red lights and blaring klaxons. The armies of the Sith had appeared out of nowhere and their troops had descended upon the rebel base in a fury. Even as the forces of good rushed to mount their defense, Leena and a few other medics and droids had been left trying to evacuate the injured; even as more came in. It broke the girl’s heart as she tagged the toe of another injured trooper rushed in with black. He was too injured and they did not have time to save him. Had he been alone and there had been time, Leena knew she could save him. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, gingerly stepping forward and running her hand across the man’s eyelids with her hand, closing his eyes, “Go with the force, knowing you served the light. Paradise awaits.” Normally, Leena would sit and meditate in the life of every patient she lost. It had been a rare event to be treating so many patients at one time as more came through the door. In fact, she could think of only twice where it had been this chaotic in a medbay she was assigned to, one of those was a multi vehicle crash and the other when fire had swept through an aged city burning the wooded structures like twigs. Both had trapped numerous dead and dying. Each of those times, however, she had served under the watchful eyes of her Jedi masters in the Healer’s Circle. This time was different. She alone was the wielded if the force in this room. The more senior Jedi having rushed off to tend to the defenses. Never before had her station been under attack. Even so, as the Mon Cal rushed across the room to help a single 2-1B hoist another gurney, she reached out with the force. This was her medbay, and the forces of darkness were not here to take it from her. “Well, at least they aren’t here yet,” She mumbled to herself as she handed the gurney off to an another medic and hurried back into the room, waving another gurney on towards the awaiting evacuation craft. “Get him aboard! The force says he will live to fight another day.” She could feel the trooper’s presence in the force. While his injuries were grave, his will to live was more determined. It was not his time to die. The force willed it. Closing her eyes for a moment, Leena inhaled and exhaled, balancing her mind in the soothing flow of the light side of the force. The entire room was bathed in the warmth of the flowing light side of the force; even amongst the chaos, Leena was a beacon of peace. This was her domain and she took responsibility for everyone in it. That meant tending to their injuries, both bodily and mentally. Her medbay was to be a place of peace and life. Opening her eyes, she felt it. Leena has been expecting it; but deep down she had hoped it would not come to this. A dark presence was approaching the chaotic bay. It was a dark presence that she pushed at with her mind, but could not drive off. “That’s no dark thought,” she exclaimed, as she whirled about, her voice rising to a shout as the force carried her faster. “Hurry! The Sith approach! You there, double time. Grab your buddy and drag him aboard. I don’t care if your arm hurts! Move!” Even as an apprentice she was in command. The Jedi did not know what approached, but she knew she had to protect they that had come to her for help. Her legs were a blur as she turned and with the push of a hand, sent a gurney skittering towards the Sprint, carried by a wave of the force. Meanwhile, she strode to the center of the room, facing the swinging double doors to the bay. One eye focused on the doors, awaiting whatever might enter, the other continuing to dart about watching the hubbub of the room. Stretching out with her right hand towards a nicely folded pile of sheets and blankets in the corner, Leena interrupted the stream that was the force, calling the shimmering silver hilt of her lightsaber into her open hand. At that moment, the doors opened and she stood there, her unlit saber held defensively in one hand the light of the force swirling in jetties around her, the odor of salt and the sea rising up amongst the smells of blaster bolts, burnt flesh, and antiseptic. Leena was adorned in blood spattered white robes. She knew she was the final wall between whatever came through the door and her wards. If she needed to die here to ensure that as many got away as possible; well then, “so be it.”
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