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  1. Leena felt the struggle as @Keenava Dira fought against the darkness until finally a glimmer of light burst forth. A smile played at the edge of her lips as she focused on the fallen girl. She knew the new Jedi initiate had it in her, even if the twi’lek had doubted it herself. The smile was short-lived however as Leena’s senses probed the girl’s form. This was no ordinary illness. Not that she would expect that on a world so saturated in dark side power as this; no, nothing was as it seemed here. Leena almost recoiled at the darkness that pulsated beneath the surface of this small girl’s body. She was a conduit for the darkness and little more; a victim of the ravages of the dark side. Suddenly from all around them the very world seemed to pulsate and dark fog roiled into the air. The darkness within the girl seemed to manifest about them, appearing on the fringes as cries of fear and pain laced with the fog and the green shadows cast the world in eerie hues and icy shadows. Leena lurched backwards on her heels, grabbing at Keenava’s arm to pull her backward. Shooting to her feet, the duo were joined by @Basi as he bounded back down from their ship to Leena’s side, pressing the silvery shaft of Leena’s old blade into her palm. With her face steeled against the advancing horde of red eyes piercing through the fog in the distance, Leena slid the hilt up her own sleeve as she grabbed Keenava’s and Basi’s hands. “Together,” she whispered. “We shall not be overcome.” Leena reached deep into her soul and felt for the light that rested within her soul. She grasped onto it and let it flow like a surging spring throughout. She felt for the light of the memory that glowed within Keenava and reinforced it with the exponentially expanding light from her own soul. Leena found the light that burned like a fire in Basi and with the peace of her soul bolstered it. She expanded her senses outwards, feeling for the glimmers of light in the world around them, even in the form of the consumed girl at their feet. The glimmer of hope that was her mother, warm memories of embrace, and that too she grew and into the web of light that was beginning to invisibly weave around them. At the head of the seeming army of evil marched a single woman, a leader of unknown origins and power. Leena felt her presence, felt the darkness that swirled about her. Leena felt the waves surge in the dark priestess’ wake and bolstered the light about their trio, prepared to stand in the gap, healing life-filled energy beginning to crackle and pop as any tendrils of darkness began to interlope within their aura.
  2. Leena shuffled through the crowd, catching sight of @Keenava Dira as she brushed by. Sensing @Basi nearby, Leena moved with purpose back towards the spaceport, avoiding eye contact with the mulling crowds. The oppression was almost palpable in the air, but the glimmer of light that Leena and company carried with them cut through the darkness like a knife. Seeing their ship up ahead, Leena’s pace quickened. The ship was their bastion of safety on this world and it carried their gear, specifically, a relic of Leena’s past. That was what she sought now. Before they could reach the ship though, a child tumbled to the ground in front of them. Had the force not been guiding Leena, she would have inevitably tripped. As it were she was able to jump over the child, reacting in the blink of an eye. Quickly the Mon Cal spun, sensing the fear, the pain, that seemed to consume the child. Leena knelt, cradling the girl’s head in her arm. “There there my child,” she coo’d as she looked the girl over from head to toe attempting to sense or see any injuries visible and invisible. And then she came to the child’s eyes. They were glassy and dark. The Jedi felt a chill go down her spine as if the cold glove of the dark side had passed over her. Looking up, Leena waved Keenava towards them. “Get down here. We must keep the darkness at bay.” Leena pulled on the Twi’lek’s hand to pull her down to them. “Focus on the light. Find it within yourself and drive the darkness back from her mind.” Leena looked into Keenava’s eyes. “This girl needs you.” Tearing her eyes from the two, Leena looked up at her apprentice. “Get aboard the ship. Clear a space and find a medkit.” ”Oh,” he called as almost an afterthought, “and there is a piece of my gear tucked away. Find it. We’re going to need it.” She spoke of the lightsaber owned by her former master stowed aboard.
  3. Leena smiled warmly at the waitress as she accepted the drink, sliding a pilfered Sith credit chit, the kind still accepted on such a world, to the Falleen. “Keep the change.” She smiled, probably warmer than she needed to. The bar was getting crowded; possibly a side effect of the regular workday ending and people looking for a small window of escape from the world around them, even if they refused to acknowledge the hopelessness of their situation. Turning towards Kirlocca, Leena’s eyes passed over @Basi, shrugging her shoulder forward indicating him to join them. “Getting a little crowded in here.” She mused, ”Lets adjourn back to our ship. All to many friendly faces about this joint.” Leena raised the whole bottle toward the @Wookiee Jedi. “Better to enjoy this in private with fewer . . . Imperial . . . eyes,” She shot a sidelong glance to the gaggle of commandos that had made themselves at home about the bar. She didn’t know who they were, but at a place like this, nine times out of ten they’d be unfriendly. Bounty hunters at best. Sith enforcers more likely. Donning her hood again, Leena slid out into the lightly falling night rain, set to make it back to their transport. Her mind drifted to the letter from a long lost associate and the memories of the catastrophe that had heralded a Sith invasion of Mon Cal, the world of her people. She was getting a déjà vu feeing about the whole thing. It was strong enough she could not help but steal a glance upwards for looming warships through the night covered clouds.
  4. Leena tried not to wince against the firm grip of the powerful Wookie. It would not look good for a potential pirating employer. If they were going to be going adventuring for jewels, she needed to be tough enough to get the job done; or at least appear so. Withdrawing her hand, she slipped the jewel back out of sight within her cloak. She nodded slowly in agreement to Kirlocca’s query. Such a thing as the master’s toll begged explanation. Still, the air was heavy and the idea of a table for the group, the one offered by the sultry waitress seemed a possibility. Leena was prepared to accept the offer when she felt a sharp pain flash through the force as Keeneva pinched herself. She winged momentarily as the lain arced across her mind. It was enough to slap Leena’s mind out of the fog. “I think we’ll pass on the table,” she smiled to the waitress. “Our crew won’t be needing it anyways. A bottle of green champagne though, something from the back stores, would be most appreciated. Something to celebrate this new alliance.” Leena looked off trying to catch Keenava’s eye, she wondered where her apprentice, @Basi, had gotten off to. She hoped he had not fallen under the sway of the locals. Falleen pheromones were potent stuff. Locking eyes with the Twi’lek, Leena let her eyes wander the room raising a questioning eyebrow.
  5. Eying the folded note, Leena gave an appreciative nod to @Keenava Dira before tucking it away. If it was what she thought, this was not the time or place to read it and dwell on the past. Finding @Basi ready to go, she patted him on the shoulder, “Well, Dexter,” it was the first name she could think of, “time to head out. Remember my name is,” she paused for a second before spouting the first remotely Mon Cal name she could think of, “Jesmin.” Stepping out into the misty rain, it immediately started to cling to her heavy robe. What a miserable place. The dark side seemed to permeate the very air. Without constant focus, Leena felt it lapping at the edges of her mind. She shot a sidelong glance at her apprentice. She’d need to keep an eye on him to be sure. This was not something she would normally want to send initiated apprentices into. Heck. She’d prefer not to be here either. Hopefully soon enough they could purge the world of this taint. Nodding silently at @Sandy Sarna’s comment they trudged onward. Leena was careful to not make eye contact. She felt like a foreigner here. Probably looked it too; not many fish-folk made it to this part of the galaxy, especially not under Sith rule. She could feel the pain, the oppression. It radiated from everywhere. As they moved, the rainfall seemed to only steadily increase, driving all but those with no place to go or absolute need from the street. It would probably do them well to not stick out any further than their eclectic group already may. Pointing at the dingiest cantina in sight a few blocks down, Leena picked up the pace until they pushed pst the worn door. Inside was only slightly better than out by the lack of liquid falling from the sky. It was replaced by the near-insta-intoxicating auras of alcohol that seemed to have seeped into the very structure alongside the darkness. It was rundown and the weather outside seemed to have driven more than a few folks indoors. Staff would be busy enough tending to the sudden onslaught. “See if they have some rooms we can rent for a few days Dex,” she jerked a thumb towards the bar, “I’m going to wander a bit.” Sliding between several wet patrons, Leena squeezed deeper into the rundown den of iniquity. A pair of none-too-thrilled scantily clad dancers did their best to plaster smiles on their pained faces as they gyrated to some unfamiliar techno-tune at one end of the hall. Leena shook her head sadly, turning away from the sight. Rectifying such a situation now might compromise the entire thing. As she turned, Leena caught the tail end of a voice that sounded rather familiar. A conversation on piracy and looking for work. Glancing up, a gleam of recognition flickered in Leena’s eye as she did her best to suppress a smile. Shuffling over, the Mon Cal interrupted, her voice slower than usual, trying to appear as nonchalant as possible. “Then it might be time for something more . . . rewarding,” Leena interjected herself between the barmaid, @Wookiee Jedi, and his companion. From within her robes, Leena produced a single small glimmering stone, an unidentified but expertly hewn gem to the uninformed, a Jedi healing crystal to those in the know. Even here in the darkness of a dingy cantina on Falleen it almost seemed to sparkle with an unnatural aura. “We’re looking for some muscle. Wookiees’d do well. Plenty more of that, if you live through it.” Leena raised a discerning eyebrow playfully at Kirlocca. She knew the former Jedi Master. Hopefully he would recognize the healer too. She’d seen enough battlefield post ops in the galaxy.
  6. The nondescript shuttle shuddered slightly as it regained real space high above the planet Falleen. That was not what alerted Leena to their arrival though. No, the long ride here had been spent reading dossiers, meditating, and training with @Basi. When the ship regained real space, Leena felt it almost immediately, a crushing wave of darkness, of pain, sacrifice, fear, and anguish. They radiated from the entire world. It was almost suffocating. Leena waived off the probe as she sunk into her seat grabbing her chest. The drill was over. Basi could take off the vision-obscuring helmet and stow the training saber. It would need hidden well before they landed. Leena exhaled deeply and waved her apprentice over. “Can you feel it Basi? The dark side is strong here.” Closing her eyes, Leena inhaled, allowing the goodness of her fellow travelers, the faint light of the world below that squeezed between the cracks, to flood her soul and in a moment banish the darkness away; driving it back. Extending her hand, Leena pushed it not just away from her, out of her soul, but shed light on all of them within the hold, @Sandy Sarna, @Keenava Dira, Basi, all of them. Offering her characteristic smile to her apprentice she offered, “keep the light alive within. Before we land, take your crystal, let it draw full of the light. Even in the darkness, it will serve as a reminder, an anchor point of light in the shadow.” Leena looked at the others. Their pilot was beginning to follow procedure. Even now, the order that overshadowed the sins of the Sith remained strong here. It would take some time, probably an inspection depending on how destitute these holdouts were after the fall of their empire, their overlords, but they’d still land within the hour. ”Have you ever been here before?” Leena asked Keeneva as she looked the former Sith over, regaled in new gear. “Nice boots,” she mumbled with a wink and some recognition. “A friend of mine had a pair just like that.” Looking up at Sandy, she queried, “Sooooo the last dark side nest I visited we collapsed into the ground after the guardian trees tried to kill us. Definitely getting a sense of deja vu about that planet. Has anyone ever been to Byss?” She asked reminiscing about her most recent fiasco of adventure alongside @Zeris Mons and @Tilt07 . Bringing herself back to the moment she looked at Sandy, “You’re probably better at these sort of things than I am. What first?” Outside, the landing gear of the ship creaked as they touched down in their assigned parking spot, Docking Bay 47A2. Pulling her hood up, Leena smiled at the others. “Gotta look serious. People don’t smile in a place like this.”
  7. If Mon Cal could sweat, Leena would have worked up a glistening dampness as she moved through the moves, her empty hands moving fluidly with all the precision of a surgeon as her webbed palms sliced through the air. The force buzzed around them with a calm electric tingle, all but the moment was put off. Naught mattered but completing the flow of the kata. Leena’s mind was empty save for the flow of her body and the force. Subconsciously she could feel @Basi’s mind and movements beside her as he flowed almost seamlessly through the flow, his mind at ease. As she returned to center and the flow came to an end, Leena exhaled in relaxation. While such things were less meditative for her, she understood how and why it was for so many, the flow of body, blade, and spirit synced and unified as one, in the moment. It was the Jedi way; however . . . Leena turned to Basi, “It seems we may have found a way for you to connect to the force my apprentice. This is most excellent.” Her voice was pleasant, but her face seemed troubled. She sighed, “You are new to the ways of the Jedi Basi. For the time being, you must adhere to the teachings of we who have gone before you. When you have mastered the basics, you may delve into the unknowns, adding your own flair to each. Perhaps someday you will even develop a new form of lightsaber combat or discover a new way by which the force flows through the world around us. To seek too quickly, to lust for the easiest and quickest path to power has led to the destruction of countless beings, Jedi and not alike. Recall the tale of The Silver Jedi. They were some of the purest adherents to the Jedi way and yet in their desire to do good, to purge the evils of the dark side, they sought greatness not for themselves but their cause and unwittingly loosed a scourge on the galaxy greater than all they sought to defeat at the expense of their own mortality.” Leena began to walk as she spoke, placing a hand on Basi’s shoulder. “Follow the katas of Shii-Cho exactly and when you have mastered the forms and philosophies of the saber, you will understand and then you can seek to combine them fluidly with the ways of your past.” She did not need to mention the weightlessness and danger presented by fighting with a saber. Wether activated or not, such a deadly weapon was imbalanced and required fluid knowledge and even greater understanding of one’s body, the galaxy and their place in it within the force. While not adhering to the teachings of the ancient Jedi on how to hold one’s saber may not directly lead one down a path of darkness, it was but the first step down a dark path. To disregard the ancient knowledge with one the practitioner thought easier or more convenient was to elevate one’s self above others. “More practically, you don’t wanna slice off your toes.” She smiled warmly as an end cap to her lesson as she ran her hand over the man’s back in comfort. They arrived back where the hustle and bustle of the loading area was underway. Always something going on. Leena looked about. “I do not sense Master Sarna ( @Sandy Sarna ). I wonder what could be keeping her?” She shrugged. “As a more practical lesson,” she chuckled, “Go find her and let her know we are ready to depart. Clear your mind of any doubts. Reach out, feel the world about you. See without your eyes, perhaps she has gotten lost. When your mind is empty, like in the katas, you will feel what you need in the world about you, like the stone.” Ceasing her mystic musings, Leena chuckled. “Or you can do what I do as a sage Jedi Master. Ask somebody that might know.”
  8. Leena stopped walking. She smiled as her new apprentice regurgitated back her own words with his own interpretation. When he spoke about his military career in brief she nodded. Extending her hand as @Basi revealed the weapon, she waited for him to hand it to her. Taking the broken hilt in hand, Leena turned it over looking at it. It was clearly broken; but it would still do. Stepping back from Basi she spoke as she settled into a solid fighting stance notable from Form I, the blade held ready at her waist. “The Jedi too have an entire culture of combat. The beauty of the blade, the Dulon, regimens, katas, and velocities, all of it. While my study of the way of the blade is limited, I will show you the basics of the first and most ancient forms of lightsaber combat, The Way of the Sarlacc.” Leena began to step her way through the different wild and raw sweeps to the different body zones, explaining them each as she moved, her face serious as she worked her way through the entire basic regiment of Shii-cho. “If your father and mother taught you the ancient ways of combat from your people, I would guess that it has similarities to the basics of many other martial arts, even that of the first Jedi. Sticks evolved into swords and clubs, bladed instruments that continued to evolve within the societies they were a part of until finally the lightsaber was born. Like the ancient sarlacc spawned across ten thousand worlds, the origins of Shii-Cho are shrouded in mystery. What is not are the zones of attack, basic blocks, sweeping blade movements to parry and disarm a multitude of opponents,” Leena slowed as she spun the hilt around to hand it back to Basi. “I’ve patched up enough coffin jockeys in my time to know you each have some weird rituals,” she teased with a glimmer in her eye using the term for TIE pilots. “Every time you’ve gotta climb the ladder left foot first or kiss a picture of your girl before going into combat or surgery. From the simple to complex every one of you has got something. So too is it with the Jedi. I am most at home in the chaos of the infirmary. Others in silent meditation hovering high in the air by none but the will of the force. And still others,” Leena placed a knowing hand on Basi’s shoulder, “practicing the ancient arts of battle, of martial prowess.” ”I wonder if that may be true of you too Basi.” Leena smiled as she stepped back, gesturing forward. “You try. Work your way through the velocities, focus first on your form. Try to copy what I have shown you. I may not have a saber with me right now, but I will work through it beside you with my bare hands. Let the force guide your movements. Focus on moving, putting all else from your mind. I will be here with you.” Leena settled into a similar fighting stance, her hands held loose and ready in front of her. She inhaled deeply letting the force wash over him. She let it wash across her heart and soul, inhaling. Exhaling she projected the force in a shimmering aura about she and her apprentice connecting her to him, allowing calming energies to flow between them and the purity of the light to empower them, banishing fatigue and invigorating them with fresh pure energy. And then, they began. Leena would work alongside Basi until he stopped or they were interrupted.
  9. Leena could feel the warm healing energies as they radiated outward from the glowing crystal. The latticework of the stone transformed the raw force energy into a healing aura they enveloped them all. They rejuvenated her body and mind and she smiled. Her hand shot out just before the stone began to tumblr, catching it in her outstretched webbed hand. She opened her eyes as she tucked the stone back in the cloth bag and tucked it away with a smile, “Do not fret Basi, you did well for your first foray into an entirely new realm. When you are at peace, your mind is calmed and emptied of outside distractions, it is then that the force will come to you; when you allow it to guide your very actions, your very will. It is,” she began to explain as she slowly stood up gesturing for Basi to as well, “why the Jedi of yore placed an age restriction on new members of our order. It is a different world now and many of our order come to us with memories of lives they have left behind. Our memories, especially those we cannot revisit, can tend to haunt us; but still,” she mused as she paused for a moment, “they can have their uses too.” Leena began to walk alongside @Basi. “You were a military man were you not Basi?” She asked, well knowing the answer, emphasis on the word were indicating that her apprentice was going to be leaving that world behind to embrace the way of the Jedi. “The military can teach one many great things that are common to the Jedi,” she turned to look the Togruta over, “or the Sith.” ”Discipline. Responsibility. Training. Passion. Leave no man behind. Kill or be killed. Righteous fury. The art of war. Combat.” She ticked through a list she had observed in her times amongst the soldiers of the Rebellion. The same blood flowed through each of their veins, a sacred brotherhood. “Some of these will help make you a great Jedi. Some, my apprentice, can give the darkness a path to draw you in. Be aware of it. Watch for it when your emotions surge to the forefront of your mind. Be mindful when you seek to act not on instinct, but on the training you have received in the military. No matter how righteous or right you may feel, base yourself in the truth. Clear your mind. You’re a Jedi now not a soldier. I will expect you to act as such. Ponder these words and when we are on Fallen stick close by Master @Sandy Sarna and myself. See if you can reconcile your past as a military pilot and the Jedi abd where they must be pruned and where they can grow in tandem.” Distancing themselves from wandering ears, Leena continued to walk alongside Basi toward a wooded hillside, the landing pads in sight in the distance. “Tell me of your training, of combat, if you are able. As a fighter pilot did you study the ancient arts of war? Of katas and fighting styles? Martial arts? Of different weapon systems? I do not wish to delve into memories of pain and suffering. If I do, please accept my apologies and know it is not my intent. Those are things we will address as we train. You brought the saber of your guiding angel have you not?”
  10. Leena sat there in silence reaching out to touch the force. She could feel it. She focused in on @Basi. She felt his raw emotion as he dealt with his history. It was a peril of the less than classical approach to the Jedi Path. Of course, coming to the Jedi like she did, as an infant, presented other challenges and worldly temptations. It was something that she would need to monitor and address, help her new apprentice overcome, lest the tumult of these memories she could feel but not see opened up a path to the darkside. As quickly as they came though, Basi seemed to be able to mentally wrestle them back under his control, a sign of a strong mind, a trained mind. Militaries the galaxy over seemed good at imparting mental and physical strength on those who filled their ranks. The Togruta was no exception. He presented a strength born from training and battle. The strength would serve him well on the perilous journey to become a Jedi. She felt him reach out, felt his presence sweep over her aura and reach out to those around him. “Gooooood,” she coo’d, a smile cracking her lips. She continued with encouragement as he focused on the stone. “Yes. Focus on the crystal. A Jedi is part of the world around them. He is led by the force and does not bend it to his will. Feel the force around you. Let it flow around you, pass through you into the crystal, a natural conduit of growth and healing energy.” The blue stone began to glow faintly at first, a warm light radiating from the stone and warming Leena’s hand. Leena’s smile broadened from a smirk into a full faced smile as she tried to suppress a joyful giggle. “Excellent!” She congratulated him. “In your victory, do not lose your focus;” she warned, “for victory can be snatched away from the unprepared in a moment. Focus on the crystal,” she coached raising her hand higher in the air until the crystal was held over their heads. “Keep the stone afloat AND alight, if you are able. Let the force flow through you. Let its will become your own.” Slowly Leena began to lower her hand and she closed her eyes, feeling the stone; waiting to see if it would remain aloft, even if for a moment.
  11. The sun overhead beat down through the Y-Wing canopy of the cobbled together Ugly fighter. It warmed Leena’s salmon mottled skin as it played the shadows of overhead swaying trees across her closed eyes and face. The force pulsated in tidal currents outward and back inward, expounded as jt returned back to the world around her. As the holiness, the light of the world, grew around them all, it warmed the hearts and minds of everyone that the force touched. It washed over their pains and anguish, obscuring them like a salve as it drew the darkness upwards and washed them away. It drew the darkness back towards the Jedi. Even as it tumbled these dark memories into granulated nothingness, the waves of healing force power drew them back into Leena. Within her chest, the pulsating light obliterated the darkness, healing the rifts in the force itself, the darkness; but not before these memories brushed Leena’s consciousness. The last vestibule grasps of the dark side before it was extinguished. The world seemed to glow with a spring-like life. The air filled with the singing of small songbirds and the smell of growing plantlife. The force swirled with life and healing inside and out of the cockpit. Tears welled in the healer’s eyes, slipping from the creased corners and pitter-pattering on the thick cloak below. Fragments of pain and loss, foreign memories of the war, loss of family members and brothers-in-arms, grief, guilt, raw emotion, all of it, swept up in a healing surge of living energy. Not erased, not forgotten, but healed, cleansed by the nature of the world as it should be. That did not mean that the darkness did not cling to such memories like an evil little gremlin clawing at the edge of the precipice, spewing destruction before it met its own. The final claws of the fading darkness raked Leena’s mind burying visions of the front lines of a war she had so desperately sought to shelter herself from within the suites of the Alliance Mobile Surgical Hospitals and naval ships. Tears tumbled from Leena’s eyes. She could feel the fear of battle, the heat of explosions, see the life slip from the eyes of innumerable soldiers as it was stripped from their souls. None of the memories were hers, but they were all just as real. They played at Leena’s mind and then were swept away as the force extinguished the tears the darkness clawed through only to be replaced by others, carried from further away as the radiating healing power of the force reached further and further into the ragged and wartorn peoples that made up the base camp. The crystal within @Basi’s hand grew warmer and warmer the closer he grew to Leena’s position; drawn by the guidance of the force itself. The stone pulsated with healing power, taking in the healing power radiated outward by Leena and sensing it out exponentially again in wave after wave of soothing and calming energy. It was energy that would calm the Young sojourner’s mind until he was at peace with the world around him. Then, and only then, would he be drawn down the line of Ugly class fighters to the cobbled TIE and Y-amalgamation. Only when he was completely immersed, touching the living force with his mind, body and soul would Basi sense Leena’s presence in the cockpit of the ship. Pulling open the screen, he would find a smiling Leena Kil looking up at him. Taking his hand, Leena pulled herself up. She clamored out of the cockpit to the duracrete landing pad below. “Well done my new apprentice.” Leena smiled broadly. “You have taken your first steps into a greater world. When you are at peace, when you feel like you can almost reach out and touch the intangible goodness in the hearts of the world around you, even in the chaos, that is when the force will speak to you. Sometimes it will be in whispers on the back of the wind, right next to you but a million miles away calling across the cosmos. Sometimes the force calls to you in dreams, when your body is at rest, unhindered by the clamoring plots of selfishness and evil. Sometimes,” she paused as her mind played through the countless lives she had lost and those she had saved, “it is when life stands tall when death should have claimed it, when it had no right to carry on but something greater willed it to do so; to stand against all odds, in the face of eternity and defy it.” Leena placed a hand on the Togruta’s shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly, her eyes scanning the throngs of people happily working before looking the man in the eyes. “As soon as Master Sandy and Keenava arrive, we will head towards Falleen. Do you know of the world? I have heard tell that it was a home to a particularly brutal Sith lord, @Karys Narat iv-Adas. What may await us,” Leena shrugged. “Well, it could be anything. The only truth we do know is that we must trust the force completely. It will be the only way we succeed. When the world, the darkness assails you, my apprentice, you must cling to the force,” Leena wrapped her hands around Basi’s which encircled the still warm crystal within. “Nothing else will sustain you.” Leena looked about and still did not see @Sandy Sarna or @Keenava Dira . She waved Basi away from the landing pad to an area of soft grass and earth. She sat cross-legged on the ground, gesturing for the Togruta to do the same. Reaching into her cloak, Leena withdrew a stringed bag and tumbled a single blue crystal into her own hand. She held the stone up at eye level between she and Basi. “Take your stone. Clear your mind of all else. Put the hussle and bustle of the world around you aside. Feel their lives. Feel, but do not touch. Sense the goodness in their hears. Let the force flow around you. Keep your eyes on the stone. Allow the force to flow through you. The goodness, not the darkness,” which had been several tamped down by Leena’s powerful healing aura, “let it flow through you and into the stone. Let the stone glow with the warmth of the force itself. Let its warmth energize you from your head to your toes, ministering to your soul and nourishing your body.”
  12. Leena smiled as the realization of what she was saying seemed to dawn on the Alliance pilot. “It seems that the will of the force has brought our paths together my friend. It is up to you to accept it or deny it; but be warned,” Leena placed a knowing hand on @Basi’s hand staring into the Togruta’s fierce blue eyes with her soft golden ones, “to seek to circumvent the natural order of the force, to bend it to one’s own will; that is a path that leads to naught but suffering. It is a path most unnatural.” She removed her hand back to her own lap as @Sandy Sarna spoke, nodding her head as an aura of seriousness overcame her. This mission would be risky on all fronts; but still, it spoke to the Healer. She was not accustomed to being on the front lines. In truth, she despised it, preferring the chaos of a post-battlefield hospital to the horrors of combat itself. Yet here she was, called forth once again, not to fight, but to save and was that not her oath? To refuse would be to condemn the cancer of the Sith upon these people. That was unacceptable. ”You’re going to make me change out of my dress whites again aren’t you?” The Mon Cal jokingly teased, a hint of irritation at having to give up her usual roll and attire once again playing at the edge lf her voice. “Either way,” she continued as she stood. “I’m in.” Stepping free of her benched seat, Leena turned back to Basi. “Jedi or not, you are welcome to join us. Just two things of note. For this mission, you are a member of the Jedi Order, not the Alliance and you might want to tuck that away out of sight somewhere until you can be taught to use it properly.” She pointed at the lightsaber. If they were going in undercover, glowing blades of green, blue, and purple would be a dead giveaway. “Bring your blaster and go find some gruffy spacer garb. We’ll meet at the landing pad in an hour. If you are serious about training as a Jedi, you will receive your first lesson there.” Leena turned and began to walk away, stopping after several steps and turning to face Basi once more. She extended her right hand in a friendly handshake. “Healer Leena Kil, she offered by means of introduction with a warm smile before setting off once again. Quickly Leena retreated back into the small enclave of the camp that had become inhabited by those Jedi actively working in the area. Quickly she changed out of her traditional white healer’s robes, a mark of her position within the Circle of Jedi Healers and donned plain beige and browns topped by the ubiquitous brown oversized robe every Jedi intrinsically seemed to have access to but nobody ever recognized as Jedi attire. Picking the lightsaber hilt up from her small end table, Leena pondered the hilt. She felt the warm glow of the green crystal within. It was not her saber. It was simply one that had been passed to her from the troves of sabers reclaimed from the unknown fallen in the war. Her saber was lost, fallen on Lehon from the hands of the warrior she had entrusted it to. The pain of the battlefield flooded over her. So much loss that she had been unable to staunch even as she stood in that hole in the battlements, a vessel of the force against an unstoppable Sith onslaught. So many had died so needlessly that day. Leena quickly tucked the saber into the drawer of the table. She would not bring it. She did not need it. It was not her own. Was it even her place to take a life? Wiping a tear from her eye, the Jedi Master inhaled deeply allowing a sense of calm to overshadow the tumultuous emotions of the past, to offer a soothing tidal balm to her ragged soul. Mon Cal, Lehon, Byss, and so many more; such terrible evils suffered on the innocent and for what? A galaxy left in turmoil and an enemy that had seemed to all but fade beyond the Rim. Straightening her robe, Leena grabbed a single jeweled crystal from the drawer beside the hilt. It glowed warm with healing light side energies of the living force. She tucked it in her pocket before shutting the drawer and turning to leave her quarters, locking the door on her way out. Quickly she hurried towards the landing area. She did not know what ship they would be taking, neither did Basi. That was part of the test. Even if they found the others first, Basi would need to find Leena, to rely on his instincts, the guiding nature of the force itself and not his own reasoning. It was a simple task, one Leena had played as a youngling in the temples countless times. As she arrived, she noted a plethora of ships, and even more officers, dockworkers, Jedi, Rebels, Imperials, and more worming tirelessly. Quickly, Leena approached the foreman overseeing the vast array of shipments coming and going. She offered a brief introduction and explanation before pressing the warm healing crystal into his hands with the instructions to give it only to the Torguta who came asking for her with no other explanation. She hoped the draw of the natural light imbued in the gem would help her soon-to-be apprentice calm his mind, connect him to the living force, and afford him a chance to not anxiously overthink, trusting that the force would lead him to her hiding place. And it was a hiding place, most unnatural and unsuspecting. Hurrying over, Leena found an entire squadron of Ugly-class fighters that were docked to the far side, currently unused. They certainly lived up to their name, amalgamated components of no less than a dozen different types of craft readily identifiable. Locating an unsecured Y-TIE Leena scrambled into the cockpit, pulling the screen closed over top of her. There, she settled in to wait, closing her eyes to meditate on the force. She reached outwards. She could feel all around them, their pains and ailments and stressors of day to day work mingled with the joys of victory and the hope of a better tomorrow; and almost by instinct, Leena tapped into these positive auras and amplified them, drawing them inward and radiating them back out tenfold until everyone in the area seemed to have a pep in their step and a smile or a whistle on their lips as they set about their tasks with redoubled energy and hope.
  13. Leena pondered, nodding slowly as @Basi explained his actions. She knew, perhaps more than most, the importance to a warrior of dying a noble death. She also knew the fallacy such a notion presented in the real world. War was brutal and death was ugly. There was no dignity in dying with your innards shed from their rightful place or as one was consumed by the fogs of war, wear, and time itself. Yet, the notion was an honorable one, and one that she sought to preserve to the dying. Such a time was no place for philosophical differences. It was a time to offer peace. Taking the hilt in her hand, Leena twirled it about her fingers once as if to test it’s weight. She did not recognize it, nor it’s bearer; but that was not entirely unexpected given the circles she tended to run in. “We have all lost much.” She mused aloud. “The horrors of war are not lost on anyone. Every being has been touched by them.” She offered warmly as her eyes flowed from the hilt to the pilot. She stared at him, her bulbous fishy eyes unblinking as if she sought to read something beneath the surface. “Even we Jedi.” Leena stopped spinning the hilt to hold the base of it by it’s round end, the emitter pointing upwards. Her eyes stared up at it. “This tool is like war. It should be used rarely, only in times of greatest need. Even then,” she looked back at Basi and offered a warm reassuring smile. “Sparingly and with the lightest of touches.” ”To strike down another is a task that no Jedi should find pleasure in. It stains one’s soul to do so even if we have no other choice. Conversely, the healing arts are ones that seek to undo the damages wrought by this war. By righting the wrongs dealt to one, we light paths to right many more.” Leena spun the saber in her hand and offered the pommeled end to Basi. “I think it best if you hold onto this. To memorialize that Jedi and honor his legacy. Remember his face, what he died to protect. See to it that you strive to uphold the highest of expectations that will be placed on you. You were there with him when he died. It may just be the will of the for you to carry on in his place.” She placed a reassuring hand on the Togruta’s shoulder and smiled warmly at @Keenava Dira, her anxiousness to move well noted. “Soon my friend. We Jedi are a patient lot. We don’t even know where we are going.”
  14. Before @Keenava Dira could ponder and respond to Leena’s smiling query, a fourth presence materialized at their table. a Togruta about the same size as the white-robed healer stood close enough to be clear he was addressing their group. Leena smiled. He had made it. She had almost forgotten the comm she had sent out in the hubbub of the post-apocalyptic galaxy they found themselves in. His flight abilities had caught the Master Healer’s attention a while ago and as the force would have it, his skills would be useful for their upcoming operation, trained as a Jedi or not. It was not going to be every time she could rely on her more unscrupulous Squib friends, sometimes their greed and mouths got even her into trouble. When she and this muscled pilot had crossed paths, she had sensed the force about him, raw and untrained. She had watched from a distance, she had even patched up a few of the man’s comrades; although, she was not sure if he knew that or not. After Nar Shaddaa, she had sent for the man. It was time. If the darkness of that battle had not broken his spirit, he had already passed his first test. His arrival was most fortuitous. Winking at @Sandy Sarna, Leena turned to look up at the Alliance regaled red-skinned pilot, her face turned serious. “That you did airman.” She spoke with a tone of seriousness bordering on concern. “Your rapid response is noted. You have been reassigned to us for the duration.” The duration of what, she did not say. The paperwork would have been a nightmare, had she actually tried to file any. It had been easier to reach out to @Basi’s commanding officer. If he turned out to be an eligible Jedi candidate, he would be granted indefinite leave; if he didn’t and was deemed a good Alliance soldier, she would send him back to his unit. Leena nodded her head solemnly at the broken hilt hanging at the man’s belt, she asked, “Where did you come by that? Kill a Jedi perhaps? Maybe even a Sith Lord on Nar Shaddaa?” She turned back to look at Keenava and Sandy to ask, “but does he know how to use it? Master Sandy, might he be one of yours? To carry such a formidable tool is quite the burden. Not one undertaken lightly.” She turned back to Basi, “One I hope you understand if you are to accompany the Jedi on our next mission.” She scooted down the bench and patted the seat she had just vacated. “Sit down master Byleen,” Leena’s face broke into a warm smile. “You can fly something more bulky than an X-wing can’t you?”
  15. Having finished up with yet another task, this time relieving several exhausted orderlies and completing an inventory of a rather disorganized salvaged store of med supplies, Leena set off walking. Midway through her comm had dinged on her hip, a secure message; she would check it later. Well, it was later now and even as her muscled ached, she shuffled off. A Healer’s work was never done. Checking the message, she slowly nodded, off world work. The Jedi were back at it. Scrolling through a list of tasks, the councilwoman smiled. Time for a small respite. Making her was towards the mess hall, she grabbed a clean mug and filled it to near the brim with steaming caf. Turning, she surveyed the room. Seeing Sandy and the repentant Sith she had helped rescue, she shuffled over to them. Sliding down the bench, she heard Sandy’s final question and piped up, as per her usual fashion, “You got the same message too? I will admit, it might be nice for a change of scenery. Things seemed to have settled down here for the moment at least. So whatcha say friend,” she looked to @Keenava Dira, “feel like jumping back towards the stars and working a little goodness into the galaxy?”
  16. A mysterious and mystical organization that has existed in small sects across the galaxy for millennia, the most holy worshipers of the Luminous Mists, possess a unique force skill: the ability to craft the intangible into something tangible; the ethereal force into light airy strands of silk as strong as the essence of the galaxy itself. Followers of the Luminous Mist, acolytes, are referred to as Mist Weavers. It is because of this one sole ability above all other strange and foreign applications of the force that they may possess that defines them to the outsider. Plucked from the thin air by glowing fingers that shimmer between planes, the inherently good nature of the galaxy is woven and spun into something tangible. Light, almost weightless, luminescent, the force hung taught on specially crafted looms. Each strand painstakingly drawn into reality and bound there by mystic spells until it became one with the reality it was called unto. The delicacy and time that it took to craft anything of meaningful size, combined with the years it took to hone such a craft and the relatively few masters of it left in the galaxy made any mist woven garment an item of immeasurable value. A mist woven garment was intrinsically bound to the light side of the force. Darkness was too brittle to be craftable, not to mention that the patience needed to undertake such a creation, and even the act of creating something so pure stood in stark contrast to what the users of the dark side craved; the power they possessed, the power to destroy. Mechanically, any item crafted from the Luminous Mist is an item that is bound to the light side of the force. Its aura cannot be hidden and it’s bearer shines as a beacon within the force, a bearer of light unto the shadow. To corrupt such an item would seem impossible, but if one were to do so, the item would fade into dust, aged by millennia in an instant. To do such a vile thing, a sorcerer would have to manipulate the very essence of the galaxy, plucking at the very fabric of the universe, the fabric from which the mists themselves are woven. To cast it back from where it came would require tremendous effort and the vilest of sacrifices and rituals. Gloves, shirts, pants, socks, hats, even undergarments have been woven from the mists of the force. The most commonly crafted items; however, are cloaks and blankets. Flowing protective garments that billowed and yet clung to their owner, a thin veil of protective energy made manifest that divided the world about it, protecting its wearer from a wife variety of destructive fates. Specifically, applications of the force, seemed to all but dissipate against the cloth. Energy weapons fizzled as their energy was absorbed and channeled into the infinite. Lightsabers were not deactivated, merely reflected by the protective auras of the light side of the force. Blaster bolts on the other hands simply fizzled into nonexistence having no continual power source from which to draw from. Kinetic power could move the cloth, just as the wearer could move fluidly beneath it, leaving the bearer susceptible to physical blows with significant mass behind them. So a bullet would be dulled, but a war hammer swung by an angry Whipid would undoubtedly make contact, sending the bearer careening across the room, the cloak only offering the smallest of protections against actual piercing damage. Such a garment contained and regulated the temperatures that it contained, maintaining a cool comfortable temperature within. While it did not offer oxygenation or gas exchange of any sort, it could be used to craft a bubble of air and contain it against outside pressures deep underwater or the sucking void of space. This item exists as a means to provide light side force users with armor as allowed by their class. It’s protective nature can be light, medium, or heavy in terms of damage resistance with the most resisted damage being that caused by the force, followed by energy weapons, with kinetic attacks, save for bullets, being the least protected against. The more mass, the less protection is offered.
  17. Leena pale green blade illuminated the whispy plumes of smoke that rose throughout the ship. Moving through the wreckage, Leena wove amongst the debris until the group made their way to the sealed blast doors. It was there that a slight smile played across her face. Ruin and Fera set to work on the doors, but even as the doors began to grind and grumble against the bent framework of the ship, it was not fast enough. Ruin began to tear the doors apart, breaching the sealed room beyond. It was not fighting the Sith, but it was doing the right thing. The bouncing beams of flashlights illuminated the area as rescue personnel moved to get anyone who could walk out of the radiation leaking ship. Dousing her blade, Leena moved to help carry the unconscious from the craft. Once she was outside, Leena was able to deposit the badly injured crewman to a waiting stretcher. Seeing Ruin, she hurried over to him and placed her hand on his massive shoulder. “The Sith will need to be hunted; but for now they are running. Come my friend, help these. If there is nobody left to protect, hunting the enemy is a fool’s errand.” With that, Leena lifted her hand and turned to go back to aiding the injured moving them towards the medical wards. @TerrorBot
  18. The smoking wreckage of the freighter belched a gout of fire and smoke from one of it’s jagged wounds. The entire thing seemed to shudder. From the smoke and fire emerged a solitary figure cloaked in white, like an angelic guardian materializing from the night. On her right shoulder, the fishy Jedi supported a coughing Imperial officers. In her left arm, Leena more drug than pulled a limping Chadra Fan technician behind her. The large bump on the short one’s head had him seeing stars and chittering angrily between fits of coughing as he clawed at Leena’s helping hand. Seeing @TerrorBot, the weary soot-covered face of the Mon Cal burst into a smile. “Quickly my friend,” she jerked the volatile whiskered rebel forward and towards the hulking droid, “he got into something rather radioactive and needs decontaminating immediately. It seems to be addling his brain and he is less than cordial.” She held up her shredded healer’s sleeve that seemed to contain a mix of her own as well as his blood. Quickly a pair of medics approached and gingerly escorted the injured officer towards a nearby triage tent. Once he was off, Leena turned to Ruin seeing him quickly stash away his incredibly illegal bit of weaponry. She offered a knowing smile without saying a word. He had earned that much loyalty of her, even if she knew he would be dismantled on site if he was found with such a thing. “There is a hold that is blocked. Blast doors are closed and jammed. Sounds like people are trapped inside. Could use your help.” She offered, assuming he could easy wrangle the unruly Chadra Fan where he’d need to go in minutes. Turning, Leena dashed back towards the belching maw of the ship, slipping one of their purified sabers from her belt, a pale green erupted, illuminating the smoke as she charged back into the carnage.
  19. The battered Nubian freighter dropped from hyperspace to a hubbub of activity. The very skylanes of the usually out of the way world teamed with Remnant and Alliance craft alike, many in various states of disrepair. It was chaotic, even as order was gradually carved from it. Such a scene immediately drew the attention of their pilot as he began relaying authorization codes and flight plans even as a combined escort of X Wings and Tie Interceptors moved to guide them planetward. Sometimes there was an advantage to having a Jedi Council member aboard. It cut through the red tape. That was not what drew Leena’s attention however. What did was the amount of pain, suffering, and injury that seemed to radiate from the ships, the very world itself. This was the remains of a ferocious and bloody battle, even if it was fought far from here. Reaching out on the force, Leena searched for her comrades, the Jedi she knew, her Squibian friends. She felt few of them. And so as they touched down, Leena knew that there was work aplenty to be done. “Ruin,” @TerrorBot she directed the behemoth battle bot, “ensure that our new friend @Keenava Ootunavi is brought to Master Sarna @Sandy Sarna , she will know how to proceed. Fera, if you will come with me, there is much work to be done here. Repairs to be made and lives to save.” Leena turned to Keeneva and offered a tired smile. “Good luck and may the force be with you on your journey.”She knew the droid would keep any friendly forces from arresting or gunning down their once-Sith associate if or when someone recognized her. Tensions were high and with that came quickdraw blasters. Without much more ado, Leena scurried from the open bat door of the ship, slipping easily through the throngs of soldiers and personnel. Her white healer’s robes a stark contrast to the blues, blacks, and greens of military uniform. She was intent on her purpose, in the distance, a mangled monstrosity of a Rebel craft had ground to a crashing landing on a distant pad and rescue personnel were scrambling to free the victims, contain the radiation leaks, and evacuate the wounded.
  20. Leena Kil


    Leena was not sure what the little bleeping droid was saying. Ruin offered no clarification to it. She could only assume that the duo would be able to help get them off this world before they rusted solid. She was confident they could. The pair had shown a tenacity and resourcefulness she was unaccustomed to in regular droids within a medbay. As Keeneva spoke, Leena did her best to hide her disappointment. Another cloning facility, another cloner, nothing more. She sat silently as the girl offered her. They were hardly based in scientific fact, but Leena offered no correction knowing full well the benefit of such a belief in such gray waters. Yet the girl spoke some of her past, even without emotional connection, she acknowledged them. It was hopeful that their new associate could see through the lies of the Sith. Still, it would do them well to get off planet sooner than later for all of their sakes. The deserts of Tatooine were not for the untried and untested. When asked, Leena offered her name, making by sure to leave her position of Master Healer and member of the Jedi Council. As the sandstorm blew itself out, Leena happily offered bits of wisdom and conversation. She felt a fondness for the girl. She needed help and Leena could offer it. She did not have a comlink and was relying on the droids to find them passage offworld, assured that they had access to authorization codes and financial backing if needed. She had had enough of unknown smugglers for the time being; and where they were going, trusted, authorized, transport was a must. Once the storm had subsided, the group managed to reacquire their craft, some of which had taken to drifting and dune-ing during the storm. They took a bit of digging to get back. Heading into Mos Eisley, the group was easily able to bool passage coreward, Ylesia it seemed was quite happening these days. Leena grimaced, sure that Ruin would be disappointed having missed some sort of climactic battle with the armies of the Sith Empire. In truth, she was sad for him. He might have saved countless lives. Aboard the aged Nubian freighter the group blasted skyward and away from the burning sands of the most popular non-vacation destination in the galaxy.
  21. Leena Kil


    As the girl began to ramble, Leena managed to scrounge what amoubted to little more than a baggy poncho-esque robe and an emergency blanket from their immediate area. Both she offered to their newfound associate. After that, the Jedi was content to cautiously lean her shoulder against the wall and observe, a calming aura of healing and peace exuding from her every pore to fill the room as the Twi’lek continued to speak and work at preparing the meat. Leena contented herself with tearing into one of the crumbling ration bars and chewing heavily on the gritty contents. She paused at the mention of the girl coming back to life, but did not interrupt or speak until she was asked her and the droid’s business on such a world. Leena smiled. Everyone had heard the ubiquitous phrase ‘Jedi business’ thrown out almost like that was a standard line taught at the Academy. It would be a simple enough and 100% truthful answer that did little to answer anything. Still, what were they doing in Tatooine? Well, it was pretty simple, their ride had deposited them here, their agreement complete. What were they doing in the middle of the desert? Purifying dark side booby-trapped lightsabers. Why and where did they come from? Which in turn would lead to questions about Byss, the dark side, maybe even more Sith tie ins. A dizzying potential of conversation played out at the thought of how they might answer their new associate’s seemingly simple query. So with a tired smile, Leena looked at the girl and answered simply. “Jedi business. The force brought us here, to you even. Once this sand storm subsides perhaps our friend Fera can arrange for a ride off world,” she winked at the droids adding, “let the Council know we picked up another friend.” And by friend, clearly she hoped Fera might be able to convey the curiousness of their predicament. Such a story seemed all too well to be completely palatable, bit still the force worked in mysterious ways. As they waited for the food to cook, Leena turned the conversation back towards the Twi’lek. “What did you say your name was again? You have quite the remarkable story of survival and you seem to recognize the lies that you have been force fed. Do you remember anything about when you died or came back to life? If there is someone here on Tatooine with the power to resurrect the dead, I am sure that Ruin and I ought to meet them. Their help could be of great use in the war against the darkness.”
  22. Leena Kil


    Leena smiled as she helped their newfound associate slowly sit up listening quietly as the woman explained her situation. From behind the woman, Leena scowled. Straight from the heart of the Sith Empire to the sands of Tatooine… The woman was hungry. They’d continue to investigate this strange situation, but the mention of food made Leena realize how famished she too was. Turning to her pack, Leena dug out several ration packs, but as she turned, Ruin and Fera entered, the door slamming behind them against the billowing maelstrom that passed outside, bits of grit sneaking in wherever a crack might be found. Observing the carcasses, Leena smiled. She appreciated Ruin’s thoughtfulness. She offered a slight bow to the pair of droids, “Many thanks brothers, for not only thinking of our nourishment but for ensuring that these predators did not set upon us while trapped within the storm.” Truth be told, butchering an animal was not a skill Leena possessed in the least. As a healer and surgeon, Leena was intimately familiar with the bodily construct of the majority of the galaxy’s overall physiology. She could probably figure it out. She had long since forgone the consumption of flesh, in part due tk her oath as a healer, in part in her dedication to the Jedi way of life. She looked from the bodies to the Sithly woman. He did not know ablut her though. “I do not suppose either of your programming includes an idea how to butcher these uh things?” She asked the droids earnestly. “Our friend could use more nourishment than offered by these measly military ration packs.” Hearing the droid’s words and thoroughly not understanding the binary beeping of Fera, Leena thought she got the gist of Ruin’s rumblings. To hunt the slavers would save lives and in saving lives they might discover the link to the Sith that had brought the Twi’lek to them. A clever assessment to one’s primary programming. All that remained was the stranger. Turning to the woman, Leena spoke again in response to her pondering. “As for what to do, I believe you are stuck with us until this storm abates. Perhaps in that time we can eat and you can decide where you wish to go after. My associates would be interested in locating the slavers you seemed to have escaped from; but if you desire to be free of this life, we can arrange transport for you away from this place to a place where you can continue to heal in mind and body. Perhaps, one day, you will even remember the circumstances that led you here. Really, it is up to you.” Leena shot a knowing glance to Ruin. They both knew that there was danger present in this girl, whoever she was. They would need to be on their guard. They would help her as they could, but if she gave indications of betraying them to to Sith or of returning to their way of life Leena knew she could not stop Ruin; nor would she try.
  23. Leena Kil


    The unconscious form of @Keenava Ootunavi was carefully placed atop a stone table that jutted naturally from the rocky hovel that made up the outcropping of the desolate fort. A short and rather hotly contested debate between Leena and the scurrying trader’s caravan ended quickly when @TerrorBot materialized. In no time Leena had what she needed, several rolls of medicated bandages, a pair of scavenged first aid kits that were, to everyone’s surprise, still stocked, and at least two days worth of water. The water in the attached refresher unit was welcome, but it’s brown grainy texture was questionable at best. Not something Leena would be encouraging anyone to drink unless absolutely necessary. For the next several hours Leena poured over the downed woman, bandaging her wounds and drawing forth infection and foreign masses wherever they were found. She poured forth life-giving energies to encourage the natural healing possessed by all organic lifeforms. Before her very eyes, she watched as the woman healed. She could feel her patient’s body knitting itself back together beneath her guidance. Within a protective aura of soothing calm, Leena simultaneously sought to buffer the afflicted woman’s mind, to carry her consciousness back towards the light in a protective healing embrace. Mental trauma was often much more complex and deeply damaging than all but the most deadly physical wounds and infections; but with the help of the force, even the most fractured mind could be made whole once again. About the time that the woman’s eyes began to flutter open, Leena stopped her gentle babbling talk and smiled warmly down at the lost vagabond. At the same time, a burst of wind slammed the dry wooden door shut on it’s hinges, the herald of the sandstorm that was upon them as the subs set on the horizon. Leena hoped that the droids were alright outside and would return soon, scavenged supplies in hand.
  24. Leena Kil


    Leena stood like a sentinel even as Ruin growled his mechanized assessment of the situation. His assessment was not entirely off, repent or die. Even as the Jedi reached out on the force, she could not tell entirely who or what this being was. Vestibule traces of darkness, like smoke that lingered after a forest fire, seemed to waft from the twi’lek; and yet, her presence was not marked by that of a true dark sider. Was it a ruse? She had seen the Sith do such a thing before. Was this woman alone, so far away from everything? Logic seemed to indicate that was improbable in and of itself. Still, she did not feel anything or anyone else as her senses reached out beyond the dunes, attuned to any sign of life. Leena could see, moreover feel, the wounds inflicted on the young woman’s body, the ravages upon her mind. It called to her, for Leena was not just a Jedi. She was a healer, the antithesis to all that the Sith seemed to stand for. Where the Sith destroyed life, the Jedi preserved. She chanced a glance at Ruin and Fera; and yet, she had learned the hard way, sometimes a portion needed to be severed to preserve the whole. They stood for a moment. It was a moment that seemed to last for an eternity, but was mere seconds at most. Leena watched, assessing the situation and awaiting a reply. None came. The stranger seemed to be trying to access the force, and failing? Or was it the shadows of a cleverly laid snare? Suddenly the woman’s eyes seemed to roll and she waived, collapsing to the sandy dune before them in a heap. The woman twitched and spasmed there on the sand. Still Leena did not move but to lower the saber, pointing it to the ground in front of her, grasping it in both of her hands, sensing something amiss about the whole situation. And finally, as the twi’leki stranger’s body stopped spasming and Leena felt her consciousness release from the pangs of her own trapped mind into the sweet release of nothingness, she acted. She shot a glance towards Ruin, acknowledging that he had been crested by the Jedi, with a purpose, a noble albeit violent one, and she would be wise to heed it. “Fera,” she called to the smaller of the mechanical duo, “please go and collect our belongings. We ought to get out of the hot sands as soon as possible.” With a hiss, Leena deactivated her saber and hung it on her earth-toned belt. “Brother Ruin, I do not know what trickery may be afoot. Keep a watchful eye. I am trusting you to protect me should things go awry. Whoever and whatever this is, unless it is a clever trap, needs our help. Maybe even in spite of this being s trap. That lady needs our help. Watch AND hunt my friend.” Cautiously, Leena moved forward, toward the downed stranger. She drew on the living force. Across the miles, she could feel the life forces of the tough hidden lives that called this world home, moisture farmers, men and women of fortune, native tribesmen, flora and fauna. She drew from them, her life strengthened by their own and in turn offering refreshment of the body and soul in this parched land. The force itself seemed to hum about the young Jedi Master as she knelt in the sands alongside the fallen Twi’lek. Gingerly she rolled the woman over, pulling her face from the sand to make sure she was still breathing. Seeing that she was, Leena set to work. Outside a surgical suite, and with only the barest of medical supplies at her aid, Leena relied heavily on the force. Using her teeth to tear open a bacta patch, Leena reached out with her free hand, running it inches above the fallen woman’s form. She was feeing and assessing injuries with skill beyond the greatest diagnostic equipment in the galaxy. As her hand moved, healing energy seemed to radiate with a glow as it purified the wounds, driving infection and foreign material away. Chunks of sand and necropsied flesh fell to the ground as healing energies already began to take hold, nurturing and encouraging the woman’s own body to begin healing. She offered energy beyond the girl’s own to jumpstart the healing process. Already smaller wounds began to close as the bleeding ceased and the healing began. Finding the deepest laceration, Leena applied the largest of the patches, before tearing open a second, third and final patch, applying them with skill and knowledge. “What sort of torture chamber did you find yourself in? Were you a true Sith or just a pawn to advance the cause of someone who lied to you?” Looking up from the unconscious body, she called out to Ruin. “Bring the speeder around.” This woman would require more help than Leena could offer here, in the moment, with the twin suns bearing down overhead. Even now, Leena felt drained; the battle with the dark side spirit and snared sabers had siphoned her own energy. Leena was an aquatic being, to even survive in this harsh world, she relied on the force. “It is hot out here. We need to find some shelter or even better, a medbay.” She could feel her own flesh baking and beginning to dry and crack. They all needed to find shelter and soon. “A bacta bath; heck a regular bath would be great!” She added with a whisper as she worked to wrap the wounded form of the woman, securing her wounds and shrouding her from the hot sun.
  25. Leena Kil


    With explosive concussions that rippled the very air about them, Ruin brought his hammer down. It was an uncivilized weapon from a less civilized age, but it was just the ticket to solve the ever-expanding cloud of dark evil. Anything lesser may have fallen to the wiles of the broken and enraged spirit. As the spirit shrieked, drawn as if by an otherworldly force beyond the dimensions of this time and place, the wind howled as if caught in a vacuum. The hot winds grew cold in the moment as the very air was torn from Leena’s mouth. Even the remaining sabers that lay within the now scattered circle of healing light side energy had their dark taints swept away as if purged in a cleansing sandstorm. Everything, light, life, dark, and death were drawn into the maw of eternity beyond. And then suddenly, it was over. The warm still air of the desert hanging heavy over them all. An awkward natural silence stretching from horizon to horizon. A smile creased Leena’s worn face as Ruin spoke to her. “Still in one piece brother Ruin. Thanks to you and that Byssian hammer. Kinda glad you snagged that thing.” Leena looked up, her attention drawn to the battered woman on the approaching dune. What were the chances of someone else stumbling across them all the way out here, so far from civilization? And not a fabled Tusken or scrambling Jawa at that. Maybe a moisture farmer? She didn’t look like it though. She did not feel like it either. Leena reached out on the force to probe, gently caressing the aura of the woman before them. She put up no defenses, innate or intentional, all of her mind lay bare. Leena was a healer and the icy suffering and pain of the tortured twi’lek’s being, body, and soul were frigid beacons against the scorching backdrop of Tatooine. The Master Healer saw her pain, felt her wounds and scars. What she did not feel was the tortured festering darkness of the dark side gnawing with hunger at whatever it could grasp. The woman spoke and as she did, Leena drew in a sharp breath. A Sith? She said it. Even if she did not feel like one, even before she said so. A tortured soul; another victim of the Sith’s machinations for power, for their corrupt ideal of freedom at the suppression of others, desire at the expense of the weak. Still, she had said she was a Sith. Leena’s eyes leapt from the haggard girl to Ruin. She might not know who this woman was, but she knew her companion. He was singular in his focus. Their entire time together, he had yearned to follow his primary directive. Now, here, for the first time, he had a potential Sith in the crosshairs. She had a pretty good idea what he would do. Current or former Sith, could he tell the difference without feeing the change about her in the force. With a force-fueled lunge, Leena rolled from her kneeling position forward. She called one of the cleansed sabers to her and stood, igniting it’s sunny yellow blade in a singular motion holding it out st shoulder height and arm’s distance directly in from of Ruin, between the droid and the stranger. “She isn’t a Sith, Ruin. I don’t know what she is, but she needs our help.” Leena’s eyes drifted from Ruin to Keenava. “Are you armed? Do you need help?”
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