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  1. The escape shuttle from Lehon, along with her escort and a smattering of other escaped Jedi vessels broke from hyperspace into the calm stillness of space above Felucia. Not all transports and craft had gone to the same coordinates, an effort to ensure that they did not all meet some sort of ambush at the other end. This group had been tasked to Felucia. For Simka, Kadi, Juro, and Leena, it was a return trip. Leena had spent some time resting, trying to recover from the expenses the battlefield had taken on her mind and body. The loss of her lightsaber, while something more trivial to her than most Jedi, was still a blow she also felt. What time she did not spend recovering herself, she dedicated to helping others recover. She helped coordinate and lead the few healers and battlefield medics aboard, forming teams led by the most knowledgable regardless of rank. Assisting them were those able and willing to offer comfort and aid, even if it was simply changing bandages or dolling out rations at mealtime. Once on the ground, Leena helped offload the sick and injured to the more advanced halls of healing within the temple. They too were already busy still assisting in the recovery of this world from the attempted Sith incursion. As teams moved to help those in need, and refugees from Lehon in turn stepping in where they could, Leena smiled. It was the first time she had smiled since they had escaped Lehon. There was a peace here. A sense of progress and purpose intermingled with the natural flow of the living force as the world recovered. Here, too, lives had been lost and turn apart; but Felucia stood as a testament to the goodness of the force and the tenacity of the Jedi who served it. She felt a tear coagulate in her eye before blinking it to the ground. This could be, would be, Lehon; just as soon as they got it back. Leena hurried back aboard the ship to ensure that Kadi was taken out. Once assured that the naturalist and her companion were safe and unsepersted within the halls of healing, she had other tasks to attend to. It was not an easy rask convincing her fellow healers that the hulking spider-line creature was a necessity, but it had been done. Leena had sent Simka off to get changed and take a break. Such an excursion was a hard one for her, a Jedi Master, much less for him, an apprentice on his first mission. He deserved a break. And so she stood, on the walkway outside the temple where it abutted the jungley overgrowth. She inhaled the heavy earthen air, seeking the salve that it offered her ragged soul. She closed her eyes and in a flash she saw the hulking Sith warbeast that circled their retreat licking his chops hungrily. Instantly, the Jedi’s eyes shot back open and she shook her head to clesr the visage from it. Know cking off her boots, Leena leapt down and dug her fishy webbed feet into the soil, feeling it’s moist warmth radiate upwards. “Life.”
  2. At the froth of the Sith’s tidal surge, the Jedi fell back, their blades whirling blurs of protective energy against the darkness. The Jedi fought a hasty retreat to their transports; each one lifting off and rocketing for open space with an escort of Jedi Aces and fighter craft. Every Jedi and Rebel craft circled back from their strafing of Sith forces to carry their transports and their cargo towards freedom. Angling away from the Sith fleet, they surged towards the stars and hyperspace, the hopes of the Jedi Temple at Lehon borne within. On the wave of encroaching doom, Leena felt the presence of frigid evil cresting. She beat her way towards the last transports as they were beginning to lift off. She grabbed Simka as she passed him heading towards another craft pulling him after her towards a closer craft. The healer could feel his eyes boring into her very soul, cold tendrils clawing at her heart. Chancing a look over her shoulder, she saw him, like a feral half-starved beast at the edges of the herd. He did not strike as his minions did, a king over his minions he waited. No, he stalked, a great beastly predator waiting to kill and feast. His gaze was an icy challenge beckoning Leena to come at him, to fight him off, to clash against him in battle, to buy time to save the others and chance singlehandedly turning the tide of battle for the forces of good. They were temptations that whispered to the girl’s heart, playing on her deepest desires. They twisted her good intentions trying to subvert them for evil, compelling her to sin. Leena squeezed her eyes shut steeling herself against the wave of dark sucking emotions. They tasted sweet on her tongue. She desired nothing more than to fight off this monster. She wanted to stop him, to stand in the gap and buy precious time for the others. Knotting her hand into Simka’s robes, she pulled her apprentice aboard the last remaining transport. It’s engines were already igniting, the roar of their power carried across the battlefield. As the ship began to lift off and the boarding ramp starting to raise, Leena chanced one final look at the predatory Sith. “Not today,” she mouthed, her words lost to the roar of the transport before turning to walk further inside. Inside, Leena sighed, looking back again as the ramp slammed shut. She had a greater responsibility. She was a Jedi. She did not serve her own desires; however noble. She would not be a pawn twisted by the dark side. Leena blinked back a tear of pain for they that had fallen. She could feel the pain that radiated aboard the ship. The craft shook and creaked as her pilots pushed it to the edge in an effort to protect the lives of all aboard. Somewhere amongst the last vestiges of combatants to flee the planet, Juro was providing a protective space for his charge. Leena heard his familiar cry deeper within. With a heavy sigh, she released Simka’s arm. She looked weary and downtrodden, almost beaten. Shaking her head, she looked into Simka’s eyes through her own tears. “We are not free of them yet. Neither are we done yet. Help them Simka.” With a heave, Leena moved forward into the ship searching for Kadi, feeling her clinging to life by a thread. As she moved, Leena’s hand instinctively moved to her waist, realizing for the first time that she still had not gotten her weapon back. She wondered where it was, feeling deep down that she would never see the weapon again. She had no way of knowing that the Guardian she had given it to lat sprawled in the mud of Lehon, dead, her blade ground into the muck. A wave of dark emotions swept over the Jedi Master even as she found Juro and Kadi.
  3. The surge of Sith pressed harder and harder, like a tidal force coming in reaching for it’s highest crescendo. They were in a losing battle and even Leena knew that, so when the order that all but the transports for those on the ground were away, orders were relayed to begin to fall back to the landing pads. Lehon was lost, but hope was not as long as a Jedi stood against the darkness. No man or woman, no child, no droid, nothing of sentient value would be left behind. And so the forces of light began their fighting retreat. Leena backed away, pouring herself into the shield that held the gap as she distanced herself from it. Her brow glistened with exertion as it soaked into her already saturated and clinging robes. The longer the wall held, the more lives she could save here. A familiar screech echoed across the cacophony of the battlefield. Chancing a glance from her determination, Leena saw Juro, the arachnid-like Acklay towering above the battlefield as it scurried and skittered towards the evacuation craft. Atop the creature, Leena felt her, more than saw. The unmoving lump was Kadi. She knew it. There was still life in her, but for how long, Leena did not know. She just knew that she had to get to them and find her apprentice, wherever he was. She would not loose them all, not in one day, not here. That was not the Jedi way. The temple was lost, her saber who knew where, her friends dead and dying, her apprentice missing in the fray. Leena struggled to hold the shield as her concentration faltered under the deluge of doubt that came with these thoughts. Then it collapsed. The force of the Sith’s withering firepower and Leena’s own mortality bringing down the protective layer of energy. Leena tripped, sprawling in the mud and pooled water and blood and she lay there while all about her chaos erupted tenfold. She lay there trying to come to grasp with what was happening. The world swirled all around her. Another ear-splitting cry from the acklay drew Leena’s attention back to reality. Gunfire and explosives echoed all about her. Pushing herself to her feet, Leena extended herself in the force searching for her apprentice while her feet began to move towards the transports along with the others. More than once, she sent a telekinetic blast outwards sending encroaching Sith executioners flying backwards through the air. “Simka!!”
  4. The final trails of evacuees streamed from the temple under streaking fire of Jedi fighters overhead. They launched salvo after salvo into the advancing Sith horde as the Jedi defenders and soldiers on the ground held the line, slowly giving ground as the final Jedi transports began to takeoff. Only a few remained, the bravest and most steeled Jedi pilots awaiting the defenders that would manage to escape. Those that did not have fighters or craft of their own would inevitably need a way off planet. In the fray, Leena held her own. The sound of battle surrounded her, pain, suffering, fear, and dying. Yet through it all, the healer felt the tendrils of light that bound lives and the forces of good together as one. They were twisted and braided together, unbreakable against the onslaught. Even without her weapon, Leena was helping hold back the crashing tidal surge of darkness. She was a beacon of amplified light side energy and power glowing against the nightshade of evil. The healer’s comm buzzed notifying her of the transports’ status and that a retreat was in order, a fighting retreat. No man, woman, or child should be left behind; relics and artifacts, younglings, elders, and noncombatants already safely away. Across the battlefield other Jedi and troop leaders were made aware of the same. They began to fall back, felling Sith forces as they beat a retreat to the landing platforms and awaiting ships. Leena held her position, the surge of enemy forces breaking against her seawall of solidified force power. Even still, she kept pouring power into the barrier as she gingerly stepped backwards making her way towards the rendezvous point. Beyond the glimmering wall of energy, Leena felt a cold surge of deathly energy, a harbinger of death. Looking up, the Mon Cal could see him in the distance, carving through Jedi forces beyond the wall. It was time to go; but for a few more minutes, she would hold the line. These were her patients, every one of them. Nobody would be left behind.
  5. Leena had time to look up at the advancing Sith, in the eaves were their armies. She looked to Kadi and Juro before scrambling to her feet with a nod. She had seen the naturalist in battle before and hoped she could handle this ravaged soul. They each had their part to do. Kadi would buy them time. Leena would make sure they used it. Across the chaotic walled landing platform and Temple grounds, Jedi and allied troops made for the walls. Others rushed to get the weakest to the ships, aces escorting the craft on an escape trajectory that would take them off planet opposite the hovering Sith fleet above. The force was their guide and as Jedi and Sith alike touched it, the force tossed like a tempestuous sea. It empowered the Jedi for even amongst the chaos there was order, the natural order of the world about them; the will of the force cradling the entire battlefield in it’s omnipotent will. Leena hurried off, reaching out to mingle her own mind with those of the others, to add her own cleansing soul to the cacophony of the force. She felt it wrap about her heart and soul, empowering her steps with speed and vigor, heightening her senses, and urging her along an unforseen path. All about them, troves of younglings were being hurried aboard a nondescript freighter alongside a wide variety of artifacts, lightsabers, holocrons, and more. Nothing but an empty stone structure with a few bits and baubles, unmovable pieces of machinery, furniture, and the like, would be left; nothing bit the memories of this place and the bodies of those who fell in the defense of innocence, of life. Leena’s eyes scanned the walls. The soldiers there had long since opened fire creating a backdrop of gunfire and explosions. It was a telltale timer against which they raced. Scooping up a young child as he stumbled and fell, Leena pressed the boy into a Jedi caretakers arms helping to hurry the children aboard as another explosion erupted. This one was close enough Leena felt it in her chest. Glancing down the gangplank, Leena saw a gaping hole in the Jedi defensive wall as the some cleared. Fallen defenders were blown in every direction and no sooner had the explosion vanished armor-clad Sith soldiers began to surge through the opening only to met by the masterful blades of Jedi Guardians rushing to defend the breach. Leena leapt from the ship shouting to the crew, “Get them out of here! We’ll hold the line!” Running towards the chaos that was starting to flow into the Temple like molten lava, Leena unclipped her saber hilt from her belt. The weapon felt heavy in her hand as it weighed against her heart what she was once again being forced to do. She was a Jedi; more than that, she was a leader amongst the Jedi, a beacon of light and hope, righteousness and goodness. The Sith like a cancerous plague were threatening those under her protection. She, like the others here, would do what they had to to protect those under their watch. Like patients under her care, they within the temple were her sworn protectorates. With a deep breath as she slowed taking in the battle as it unfolded, Leena centered herself in the crashing waves of the force. Forcing herself deeper into the force, beneath the tumult, Leena found the awe inspiring calm that was the force. She allowed it to flow through her. Activating her saber, Leena charges into the fray. She had barely taken a dozen steps before she heard the cry of a Jedi as he was knocked from his feet by a hulking armored brute of a Sith soldier. She almost felt the wind leave the Guardian’s lungs as his blade clattered to the ground where the abomination crushed it with a shower of sparks beneath his feet. Turning, Leena extended her hand, a protective aura erupting over the fallen Jedi as he tried to scramble away from the next crushing footfall of the Soldier or Abomination’s deathly intent. She winced as the creature ground his armored limb against the energized barrier, beating at it with his weapons and limbs. With her arm extended, Leena yanked her hand upwards causing the shield to follow her extended guidance, flipping the Sith soldier through the air to where he landed with a crash on the cobblestone court. The Jedi Guardian looked gratefully at Leena before scanning for his lost weapon. Leena saw his shoulders slump when he noted his weapon broken into countless pieces on the ground. A shrill whistle carried across the battlefield from Leena’s fishy lips. Catching the Guardian’s attention, Leena tossed her saber through the air towards him. He caught it with a startled look. Leena gave him a solemn nod; one that he retuned. No words needed to be exchanged. Turning Leena slid like a fish swimming against the current through the battlefield towards the breach. She juked and flipped her way around defenders, her hands extending to touch attackers, sparking bouts of healing energy that stunned or blinded the advancing soldiers jumping forth. As she entered the breach, the fighting became the thickest with blaster bolts flying indiscriminately and the flash and crash of swirling sabers creating a near constant buzz of energy. It was here, in the midst of it all, fueled by the ever present living force, that Leena slid to a halt, her white healer’s robes cakes in mud and blood. Looking out beyond the Temple, she could see the advance of countless more soldiers, corrupted to the point of destruction by their Sith puppeteers. She felt the force around her twisted by the darkness and sustained by the light, she continued to let it flow through her, radiating it outward in crashing tides of life-giving energy. Allowing the energy to build for a moment, Leena focused her thoughts to all those behind her that she had a duty to protect and to those all around her that also sought to fulfill that duty, to Kadi and Juro as they defended yet another breech from a dark onslaught. Her mind dwelt on them and knowing what was right, she threw her hands out before her once again, pushing the force outwards in a semi-solid stasis barrier that reached from one end of the broken wall to the other. She immediately felt the energy drawn from her. No, through her, as she became a conduit of the force’s power into a physical display of it’s power. The shield took withering fire from the enemy forces now hindered outside. Leena poured herself into the shield wall, willing it to stand, to hold fast until the transports were away. Within, the Jedi and their allies began to rally, cutting down enemies they could not disarm, disable or capture, and rendering useless those they could by ways of binders, the force, or other sometimes not all together pleasant means.
  6. Stabilizing what wounds she could and assisting those who could walk or hobble to a less chaotic triage zone, Leena let the force cascade around her. Here amongst the chaos and death and pain and destruction, Leena felt a sense of comforting familiarity. The force was her ally. She stood within it’s grasp, a lighthouse amongst the storm. The force expanded outwards from her in a wave of healing light side energies that sought out injuries and began to urge their healing. The hurricane was lessening and even in the falling rain, even with the void the grandmaster left in the force, Leena pushed on. She felt it. Deep in her soul she knew, a crack of lightning illuminating the visage within her mind. Somewhere nearby, Grandmaster Draygo had become one with the force as she met the surging rush of Sith warriors. Leena did not know who slew the leader of her order, she did not know where it happened, but she knew. This chaos was only beginning. It would get worse before it got better. she was a healer and Leena longed to treat the wounded; but she knew now what she needed to do. The Grandmaster was gone. The storm was lessening and the Sith were closing in on the ground and soon enough, by air. Standing, Leena ducked and began to run through the rain, dodging through debris slowing only to shout out instructions and encouragement to begin loading the sick, wounded, young, and in need onto the transports. She encouraged other Jedi to aid those in need or to fall to the defenses, buying time for the refugees, injured, and innocent to get to safety. Jedi Aces rushed to their fighters, Guardians preparing to face the enemy in combat, and all others preparing to do their best against the worst. Skiddering to a stop in the rain, Leena smiled warmly at the site of her padawan, “Simka! It warms my heart to see you alive. You are doing well. The Sith are coming. Make haste. Get your charges aboard a shuttle and then find me in the chaos. We need to strengthen the light against the darkness. I fear the sun is setting on our time at Lehon.” Reaching out as the rain ran down her hand, she squeezed Simka’s shoulder. “We will buy them time.” Moving off, Leena continued through the chaos. The grandmaster was gone. She was a member of the council. Jedi looked to her now, but she was a healer too; a beacon of purity against the sins of the darkside. Over the cacophony of the storm, Leena heard an animalistic cry that drew her eyes. She had heard it before. “Juro? But where is,” she mused aloud in surprise her eyes scanning the broken wall. “Kadi!”She shouted seeing the wounded Jedi nearby. Running forward, Leena sensed her fellow Jedi’s pain. She continued to draw in the force, hastening her speed as her hands began to glow. Healing energies coursed about the Master Healer as she sought out the naturalist’s wounds. “What happened to you friend? I sensed that dreaded witch’s presence, but now . . . .” Leena began to stabilize Kadi’s wounds internal and external, stemming and loss of fluids, and using the light side of the force to hasten her natural healing. Drawing on the light within herself, Leena moved with speed. Drawing on the light she felt in Kadi and by way of she and Juro’s spiritual connection, the natural goodness and energy within the creature Leena grew it. Allowing the natural goodness of the Jedi to blossom into a flower of healing energies and power, Leena crafted the energy to revitalize the duo’s weary muscles, encourage healing of wounds, and sharpen their senses. Purity of light and soul surged about them, radiating against the pressing darkness and bathing the very ground about them in crackling purifying light.
  7. Leena’s comm blared to life, someone in the temple thought it was probably worthwhile enough for the Master Healer to know that a transport was breaking up over the temple. The temple itself was built into the ground and would remain relatively unhindered but all of the adjacent grounds and structures were in danger. If Leena knew one thing, transport crashes were usually full of casualties, if there were survivors. Clearing her through, Leena caught the attention of medics and healers alike. “Anyone not busy with patients come with me. Grab a rain jacket. We may have more casualties inbound. The rest of you, keep treating patients and prepare for casualties.” With a flourish Leena spun on her booted heel and left the medical ward, her steps hurried as they were smooth. A small contingent of Jedi Healers, Jedi that had been assisting the healers, and medics alike followed after. Pulling a ankle-length white slicker over her shoulders, Leena led the others out into the still vicious storm just as a fiery explosion rocked the landing platforms with a plume of flame and a halo of outward expanding force. Out of self-defense more than anything, Leena threw a protective barrier up between her party and the carnage shielding them from the shockwave. Leena took in the scene. It did not look good. Other Jedi crews ran to assist as a second explosion rocked the area. Leena winced as she waved her entourage forward. There were people in need here. She could feel them on the force; pain mingled with fear, death and suffering. It was as bad as any battlefield. Through the downpour and gusts Leena pressed forward, stopping only as a Jedi Warchman drug a still smoldering body from the wreckage. Leena stopped and began to beat out the flames in the man’s clearly defined prison garb. She felt it, he was still alive. As soon as she and the Watchman had the flames out, Leena knelt by the man. He was burned and unconscious, his legs both twisted at unnatural angles. Still, he was breathing. Leena’s hands flew over her patient’s body, mere millimeters from touching him. The force radiated with a warm glow from her hands as she narrowed her focus to the man. She sought out his wounds internal and external, willing them to stabilize and seeking out the worst of the worst so that she could ensure he survived back to the ward for further treatment. Across the platform, Jedi helped anyone was injured, Jedi, soldier, or unidentified transport prisoner. Chaos reigned; but here, this close to a temple full of agents of the light, there was an immediate pushback of peace and order.
  8. The storm outside could be heard even within the thick stones that made up the temple. Carved into the side of the planet itself, they were safe from the onslaught; although every Jedi there could feel the unnatural power of the storm. Instead of fear and anxiety, they allowed it to feed them, to draw on it’s power, cleansing it, and use it to hasten there own activities within. With sensors jammed, several stalwart Jedi had taken to sweeping the perimeters of the temple complex. Meanwhile, others dedicated themselves to feeling and seeing upon the force itself to monitor the situation, fed by the power of the force and one another. A calming sort of battle meditation fell over the entire temple as those within all directed their activities, a myriad as they were, towards one goal and outcome. Leena too was a part of this. She felt alive, surrounded by so many Jedi, immersed in the flowing river of the force’s will. As she waited, she did what she did best. A dedicated healer and combatant of the darkness, the Mon Cal healer found herself amongst the sick and wounded lending aid where she may and taking a silent tally of the Jedi there. The Grandmaster was unaccounted for as was the naturalist and her telltale acklay the resident Jedi spoke of. Leena had to smile, knowing Kadi and Juro were somewhere out amongst the jungles. She hoped that they and the Grandmaster were alright in the storm and knew that Kadi, too, probably could sense the approach of the Sithly witch. Pouring herself into the force, Leena joined the collective busyness of the Jedi and the peaceful power of their meditation, pouring herself into it, exponentially expanding the light and pushing back against the clouds of darkness. She could feel the storm, and the darkness that surged through it. She pushed back against it, contributing to the protective cocoon cradling the temple and her residents. In the darkness’ press, Leena could feel her, the Sith Lady whom she had sought to save on Felucia. It was as if she was calling out to her, beckoning her to come and find her. There was a prt of the healer that desired to do just that, to see what might still be salvaged from the darkness that once again entwined the woman’s heart. She was a healer after all and was not Qaela her patient in a sense? What held her back was the realization that Qaela had made her own choices and gone back to the dark cocoon by her own choice; that these patients here were now under her care where Qaela had left; that the Jedi here needed her; that she was a member of the Council and not free to galavant about the galaxy as she saw fit. she served a greater purpose, and so she stayed within the temple to protect those that needed her, enveloped by the protective destructive power of the storm. It was protection that the world had given them, strengthened by the power of the Sith. Such was the power of the true Living Force. Life would find a way and the corruption of darkness would bend to the will of the force. Still, Leena thought about Kadi and Juro as she worked, bandaging wounds and warming rain-soaked bodies. She hoped they had found some matter of shelter from the storm. Looking up at the sound of the ward’s doors opening, the healer saw another Jedi, soaked to the bone coming in. Quickly she grabbed a towel from a warmer and hurried to drape it about the chiseled man’s shoulder. He looked tired.
  9. Leena watched as her apprentice slipped away amongst the throngs of Jedi. Each had a role to play, a servant of the force, directed by it’s will; but still, he was her apprentice, and she hoped that he felt the sureness of that like she did, despite the newness of it all. She hoped she was not sending either of them to their deaths. She had to trust the force though and as soon as Simka disappeared, Leena began to move again, feeling the warmth of the force magnified and radiated all about her. It was a different army of sorts than she was used to being amongst. The vortex of differing emotions were still there, the different persons and dreams. All of them were mingled and knot together by the greater protective aura of the force itself, many, bound as one. It did not feel like her place to dictate the entire evacuation of a Jedi Temple, not with the Grandmaster present; even as a member of the Council. Maybe, if circumstances were different. Still, she had tondo her best.Even though not all Jedi started along the monastic path shortly after birth, some did. Those young, uninitiated, and vulnerable needed protected and if need be, evacuated. Moving deeper into the Temple, Leena located the control center deep within the bowels of the facility. Checking in, she quickly determined that the internal security sensors and defenses were operational. Jedi minds more skilled in the technical arts than she had the entirety of the temple humming at peak capacity. Sentinels stood watch as militant Jedi prepared an inevitable defense against a potential Sith onslaught. The storm provided a welcome pause to prepare. The stronger the tempest, the more prepared they became. The storm had grounded all ship however. Unless there was an even more pressing emergency, nobody was willing to fly, not yet. Leena next made her way to the healing ward. There, the healers were well prepared, their white robes shining beneath the bright lights, a stark contrast to the muted tones and elongated shadows throughout the rest of the temple. Hours past and Leena made her way through the temple, boosting morale and encouraging her comrades where she might. A member of the Jedi Council was a welcome sight to many. Just outside the entrance, the Jedi Master stood watching the rain drive down in sheets. Taking a moment away from the hustle, Leena paused to recenter herself. She felt the power of the storm, it was electrifying. She felt the power of nature and a level of peace and excitement played across her mind. If this was how the naturalist Jedi felt the force, then Leena envied them; such power and peace even amongst the chaos. Yet, something felt off. Something about the storm was unnatural, there was a darkness that surged through it’s peals of thunder. Leena inhaled. She could not see more than a couple meters through the downpour. Here in her protective alcove she was protected from the howling winds mere feet in front of her. Still, amongst the storm, she felt the purity lf the living force even as the dark side sought to explode it. Letting the force wash over her as the winds and rain blew, Leena felt a presence on the force. Looking up into the maw of the storm, The Mon Cal grimaced. She had heard her voice; now, she almost felt like she could feel her, somewhere, out there, amongst the maelstrom. Turning, Leena willed the security door open, keyed to triggers by the light side of the force. It hissed open and she stepped inside, her white robes wet from the spray. The door slammed shit behind her. Even with long range communications jammed, local communications within the temple still functioned. She did not need them though, others, watchers and seers amongst the Order’s ranks had felt it too. The Sith were coming; but even they might not know what Leena did. Qaela was coming. The Jedi would be ready.
  10. Leena remained locked in her trance-like state, a warm hand gripping that of her apprentice’s. She poured herself into the force, giving herself over to it entirely; a conduit of it’s will and power. She felt Simka’s presence alongside her own mingling with the other Jedi and even the glowing power that was radiated by the light side practitioners and life from the planet. She felt the light in their pursuers and nurtured it, fanning it’s flame. Their ship plummeted through the sky dancing as much at the hands of the masterful Jedi pilot and crew as it did against the gale outside. Slipping through the clouds the craft was buffeted on all sides; but it was made for deep space. There, a single breach of the hull, cosmic burst, or solar wind could spell disaster; and so it pressed i to the storm, a beacon of light in the force itself. They would make the temple. Their pursuers were either picked off by responding defenses, lost to the storm, or opted to beat a hasty retreat at the power of the tempest, leaving the craft seemingly utterly alone amongst the forces of nature. And yet, the force was there too. In every surge of wind and drop of rain, in every thunder crack, it’s power could be felt. It was the natural power of the force on full display. Leena only opened her eyes, taking in the ship about them, as the captain called out over the loudspeakers warning of imminent rough impact. Flying through such a storm was a feat in itself. Landing was entirely another one. Still, they made it. The ship seemed to be blown sideways across the deck a time or two and the screech of strained metal (landing struts)was a bit disconcerting; but soon enough the ship settled to a stop. Almost immediately there was a flurry of activity as Jedi and acolyte alike began to scurry from their seats intent on getting into the temple. Some wanted to find ot what was going on. Some wanted to help. Some had to find somewhere a bit more private to regurgitate their in flight snacks. Yet w the hustle and bustle a warmth seemed to pervade the scene, the awesome power of the temple and her inhabitants. Even against the closing dark tide, this was a place of safety. The roar of the wind howled against the maw of the ship as the landing platform was lowered. The rain lashed the ship with such a drum that it produced a near static. Releasing Simka’s hand, Leena turned to him as she stood. “It would seem those were the Sith. As to why they are attacking here, I am unsure. The Sith Empire seems bent on bending the universe to the will of it’s master.” She placed a reassuring hand on Simka’s shoulder to give it a squeeze, knowing that a more detailed answer could be needed; however, time would not allow it yet. Instead she offered this, “Trust the force my padawan. It has never let me down.” She smiled, a twinkle playing in her eye knowing she had referred to him by his new title for the first time. “Now. Let us get inside before we get too wet. There is much to do.” Turning, Leena made to fall in with the throng making their way to the doorway and then dashing towards the drier interior doorway of the temple itself. Outside, a crew worked feverishly to unload the craft against the elements. Fighting time and nature to ensure the cargo made it safely inside. Just as she was about to head down the ramp herself, Leena felt a strong claw-like hand grab her upper arm. Turning, Leena locked eyes with the pilot, lookig down into the eyes of the shorter Pacithhip. His gaze was all business, reflecting an aura of concern that had little to do with their decent. He pressed a tiny recorder chip into Leena’s suctioned palm and whispered, barely audible above the storm, “Without delay. I’ll keep ‘er juiced.” Leena nodded deeply, an acknowledgement of the urgency of whatever was on the chip and of the pilot’s skill in bringing them safely in. She then turned and, with a look to her apprentice, dashed out into the storm. The wind tore at her robes and she was drenched in an instant. At the temple, her white healer’s garb clung revealingly to her lithe fishy form. Inside the temple hall, motion was a blur as Jedi and good guy alike made preparations for what might be to come. Stories of the Sith ferocity across the galaxy had them on edge; but the overwhelming defeat of the Sith at Felucia bellied it with a sense of hope. Motioning to Simka, Leena ducked into a secluded alcove amongst the rocky outcroppings of the hall. Slipping her comm from her pocket, the Mon Cal shook what water she could from it before inserting the chip their ace pilot had given her. Once she did, the voice of Qaela played, her offer and threats filling the air against the backdrop of howling wind and pounding rain. Leena recognized the voice, her shoulders slumped and she sighed heavily. The same Sith she had spared at Felucia was back, her heart ensnared by evil once again. Her heart felt heavy as she turned the situation over in her mind. Slowly she looked to Simka, shaking her head to clear her thoughts. I have faced this monster before. I sought to free her from her chains. We drove her and her ilk from Felucia. You were there, in that temple. Now we are here and history seeks to repeat itself. This time though,” she smiled teasingly for a moment, “you will help. You have your blade. Use it only when necessary. You have your training. Rely on it. You have the force. Trust it. Go. Find the younglings, the hopefuls, and those in need. Protect them. Get them ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice.” She ran her hand down the smooth wall beside them. “This temple is not the Jedi. You,” she touched her finger to Simka’s chest before touching her own and the. Gesturing to the others moving through the hall, “me, them; we are the Jedi. The temple is where we gather, not simple stone and mortar. You are my apprentice now Simka. I was hoping to formalize it before the grandmaster, but that will have to wait.” Reaching into the pouch that hung wet and heavy at her hip beside her lightsaber, Leena withdrew a brownish pink multifaceted crystal. She pressed the healing crystal, saturated with light and goodness, into Simka’s hand. It glowed faintly and was warm to the touch. “May the force be with you.”
  11. The trip through hyperspace was uneventful. The ship functioned as designed and all went smoothly. Leena and Simka were able to install higher powered cells in Simka’s training saber, overriding the less-than-lethal setting. A bit of saber training and meditation with the other Jedi aboard saw them the remainder of the way to Lehon. As the ship dropped from hyper, alarms began to blare. A Sith armada had shown up on scopes almost immediately. The captain of the craft, a more-than-skilled Jedi ace, immediately sprang into action. Flipping on the fasten seatbelts sign, he began immediate evasive maneuvers as a pack of versatile Sith craft broke off to pursue the Jedi-flagged vessel. Geabbing Simka’s hand, Leena yanked the young, albeit yet to be formalized, apprentice into a seat. She knew how rough this might become. Better safely belted in than thrown about the cabin as the ship broke atmosphere. Jedi Ace’s were known for their flamboyantly effective maneuvers, spins and sudden changes in direction and speed the least amongst them. Leena looked over at Simka with bright eyes that echoed some level of concern. “It would appear we are just in time for the party. No doubt the captain has broadcast emergency signals to the planet below. This is where trust is a must. Trust your fellow Jedi. Trust the force.” All about them, the force hummed in the air. The majority of the Jedi aboard were pouring themselves into the light side of the force, channeling their energy and senses into that of the pilot’s and crew; endowing them with supernatural speed and senses. Leena smiled as she grabbed Simka’s hand and squeezed it. “Remember when we healed that soldier back on Felucia, when you touched the force and channeled it through yourself to another? Do that. Let the force flow through you, will it to hasten our brethren. Drive back the darkness. The others are already doing so.” Squeezing Sinka’s hand in her own, Leena turned to face forward. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, holding her breath for a moment, allowing the living force to flow over and through her. She felt the other Jedi, the crew, the passengers, the pilot and captain. She could feel the ship about them. She felt space and the closing Sith pilots and the malevolence they carried. Exhaling, Leena broadcast the force, exponentially expanding it and intertwining it with the glow of light that radiated from the ship in protective auras and battle meditation. Multifaceted as it was, Leena knew that her apprentice would naturally find some area of meditative rhythm to fall into with other Jedi, be it her as she sought to repel the darkness or others as they empowered those piloting the ship or others as they cocooned their craft within a protective envelope against the assault of missiles and laser fire. All were equally important and each Jedi contributed in their own way. Leena felt the darkness of the approaching craft and the tingle of darkness that played at her own heart, and the heart of every living thing. So to did she feel the light that twinkled in the depths of the Sith pilot’s. No one was purely dark or light. Exhaling, Leena pushed the light outward, a glow of energy pulsating against the encroaching darkness to weaken it’s hold and empower that of the light. The darkness would contained and pushed back, protecting the occupants of the ship against the psychological and metaphysical attacks wrought by a Sith attack on a Jedi stronghold. Today, the darkness would not be allowed to win, to claim a servant of light prematurely by turning one against themself. Outside, the craft dipped and dodged as the captain radioed a mayday to the planet below, to the Jedi Temple and stronghold of the forces of good. Breaking atmosphere, the craft scurried supernaturally across the skies, dipping and dodging the pursuing Sith craft, absorbing strafing enemy attacks with it’s shields and the cocooning protection offered by a ship full of Jedi pouring themselves into the force.
  12. Leena made good time winding her way through the familiar halls of the Jedi Temple. She would not be as familiar with the one on Lehon, having only visited it a handful of times early on in her training. Here, there was a sense of peace brought about by the familiarity of it all. With several warm embraces from her Squibian companions and a promise to take care of herself, Leena shoved the supposed ‘communicator of longest range secrecy’ forced upon her by her friends into her robes before she set off. She would miss the furry rodents. In as much as they carried different views of the galaxy, they were very much her friends and the closest thing she felt to comrades in arms. If anything happened to her, they made it plain that such a breach of contract would be viewed with displeasure and reparations would be swift. Back at the loading docks, Leena noted the last of the supplies being carted aboard along with a few remaining Jedi stretching their legs before finding their tight bunks within. Leena offered warm smiles to them. Some she knew. Some she did not. They were all Jedi though and in that, they shared a kindredness of spirit. Once Simka arrived, Leena made sure he had found the few items she had asked him to and they boarded. As soon as they were safely nestled in their seats, the craft departed with all due haste for the temple at Lehon.
  13. Leena turned to look into Simka’s eyes, warm and compassionate. She offered a brief smile of happiness. “Well done.” Her face turned serious again as she directed the Jedi back to their patient. “He will heal, but even with the aid of the force, it will take time. You have done well. It will give him time, you have shown him the road to freedom; he needs to be the one to accept it.” Waving over a duo of more traditional healers, Leena relinquished the patient to them, leading Simka towards a wash basin where she cleaned up. Once done, she waived the younger Jedi to follow her out of the ward. As the doors closed behind them, leaving them alone, the Mon Cal turned to Simka. “The force is a beautiful thing, but I would give it all up to not have any of these people lying there.” she explained in brief touching on the joy of the living force and how it felt to channel it’s healing power, sobering it with the reality of the pain and suffering felt by all within. “Remember that each patient in there is possibly suffering the worst day of their life. Regardless of how we feel, of how glorious the touch of the force is, some here will die today, tomorrow, or soon. Jedi, healers, and medics need to remain calm and professional. Think how you would feel if you looked over and saw people working on your battle buddy and if they were jovial and your comrade at arms died.” Leena paused, not intending to reprimand the young Jedi, only warn him. She thought for a moment before reaching out to squeeze Simka’s arm. “As Jedi, we are always learning. Even me. You did well in there. I expect to see the same effort from you in all our endeavors. We have other business to attend to and much to learn. Gather your gear, we’ll work on some other aspects of your training before we reach the Grandmaster.” Stopping Leena eyed Simka’s training saber and blaster. “Maybe grab some power cells and a crafting kit. We’ll see if we can get that saber up to snuff as well. I’ve got to notify my handlers so they don’t get worried. I’ll meet you at docking platform 6. We’re going to ride in style with a supply transport.” Smiling at Simka, Leena turned and made her way off into the temple. She would be at the ship when Simka got there. A sleek freighter loaded with supplies for the Lehon Temple would, along with a small group of other Jedi, would see them there safely and quickly as soon as Simka was ready.
  14. Leena smiled as she moved back amongst the medical ward in her fresh healer’s robes. Splashing some water on her face and dousing her burnt arm in bacta salve leant an aura of freshness to the weary healer. Here, amongst the sick and injured, she was in her element. Making her way through the ward, Leena caught the glance of young Simka as his charge howled in pain. She offered a soft look of encouragement and nodded her head to encourage him before turning to a nearby patient, a human. She did not know what side he had been on. Truth be told, she did not care. Here in the medical wing, all were equal. The presence of armed soldiers milling about was a distraction, albeit, an understandable one. Offering the man a warm smile, Leena spoke soft encouraging words as she enveloped herself in the force, turning it and her concentration to a razor’s edge. Honing her sight to a molecular level, Leena picked up a laser scalpel. Carefully, with the precision of a well-oiled machine, she began to separate the dry burnt and deadened cells from the healthy about the wound on the man’s leg. She was entirely focused and her body was complete attuned to the healing guidance of the living force. It was a calm warm breeze guiding her motions, a presence that could be felt throughout the ward, a warm light that stirred the soul. The man’s wound would heal and with the removal of dead and decaying flesh, his leg would be saved. As she finished, Leena’s vision returned to normal and she sighed. Such a task was taxing in it’s infancy; but a skill that made her an even more competent healer for the masses. Leaning back on her heels, Leena surveyed the ward. Everyone was busy. Sloth was nowhere to be found. She locked eyes with Simka again. The look in his eyes seemed to plead for help. She had thrown him into the deep end and he had swum beautifully, the Sith soldier having calmed significantly. Weaving her way through the crowded bay, she made her way towards Simka and his patient. As she drew up by his side, Leena probed the soldier’s identity within the force, offering a knowing nod to the man. “There is no indoctrination to be had here friend. Only the freedom to choose life for oneself. Lie back, my friend here and I are here to help you. You have been through an awful lot.” Reaching out with both hands, Leena cradled the man’s head between her suckered palms, tendrils of force power gliding from their connection and snaking through the man’s complex mind. Touching the nervous control center of his mind, Leena willed him into a state of unsensing unconsciousness, his mind detached from his body in a floating state of ethereal existence. “Sleep,” she cood warmly, barely above a whisper as the man’s eyelids flickered and closed, his body accepting the painless state she encouraged. Leena waited several minutes more before removing her hands, finally turning her warm eyes towards Simka. Her jovial smile was gone. Here, she was all business, warm and compassionate, but professional in a way only one who was deeply in touch with the ebbs and flows of life and the force could be. “Well done. The force can be a terrible weapon, but it also can be the best medicine. In this way, we stand absolutely against the ways of the dark side. You helped him and while you are not a healer, per se, you have started him already down a path to healing. The body can sometimes be it’s own enemy. Fear redoubles it.” She gestured to his wounds as she spoke. “He has been through much. Much of it brought on by his own choices. Of that, we do not care. We are not judge and jury here. Life is precious, even those of the Sith. Think back to the most basic lessons you have received in healing young Simka, how you drew the force in to accelerate healing and to purge sickness from your own body. If you can do that, it is but the next step to offer that to another. Draw upon the living force, not just within yourself, but from within your patient, me, those around you. The light is present everywhere; one just need find it and draw on it. This is the basis of healing. Wounds do bot mend instantly, we encourage the natural healing one’s body already possesses. Feel the force, Simka, use it to urge your patient’s body to mend and I will assist you.” Leena turned her focus back towards the unconscious soldier, the force welling about her like a mighty surge of tidal power. Her presence filed the ward as she moved within concert of the force itself, a puppet to it’s divine will. She focused on the soldier, directing life and light into the man, strengthening his wounded form, encouraging life and regrowth along his veins, nerves, and muscles, driving foreign dangers before it line a cleansing tide alongside Simka’s healing hand.
  15. “Well, things have gotten a bit w around here haven’t they? I came back to help with that nasty bit of homicidal darkness, toodled off to confront a Sith lord at some nasty old Sith temple, died, and woke back up to some mysterious invasion by the Sith. Fought off a witch here and then they all just vanished mysteriously back to the skies. I can see why your training might have lapsed.” Leena drolled on cheerfully as they walked. “There definitely might have been some disruption to your regularly scheduled training. Still, even then, I’d expect the instructors here see to it that some sort of education continued. You are all Jedi after all. You have a responsibility to the greater good, regardless of rank.” Leena left the statement at that to indicate that she would have hoped better from both the trainer and trainers. “There is plenty to be done, even now; for everyone to do.” The master Jedi fell silent as they reached the medical ward. The place was brimming with casualties from the brief but aggressive Sith onslaught. They piled against those who the Jedi were still helping to nurse back to health from the earlier bout of dark side shenanigans she had spoken of briefly. The pain and suffering seemed to radiate from the room; but with it came the energy of the healers and medics as they worked. Stepping inside, Leena gestured with a serious look of determination on her face. “One not need be a Jedi Knight or even a medic to help here.” She turned and placed a hand on Simka’s shoulder, squaring them to look at one another. “But you Simka Suume, you are a Jedi. You cannot ever let doubt or fear stop you from doing what is right. Breathe in. Feel the energy of the living force. It is alive here. It moves. One must just feel it and allow it to move through them.” Leena closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, drawing on the power of the living force, calling it, allowing it to soak into her very pores and wash across her soul. She exhaled, amplifying the goodness and light sided energies, sending it outwards in invisible radiating tidal surges that warmed the room and offered positivity to doubting minds, energy to weary hands and bodies, and encouragement to battle worn minds. She opened her eyes and smiled at Simka, turning to look down the row of beds against the far wall where a man clad in a black body glove flinched against the restraints that held him to the bed. Pain radiated from the Sith soldier’s body even as the smell of burnt flesh and plastoids seeped into the air from the multiple horrid wounds that pockmarked his head, limbs, and torso. “That one is in pain. He is scared. Help him as best you can. Use the force as you can young Jedi, but moreso,” she toom her hand off Simka’s shoulder and pressed her palm to his chest, sending a trickle of light side energies from her to he with a jolt, “use your heart.” Leena doubted the young Jedi was a trained healer. In fact, she was banking that he was not. There were plenty here to help heal the man’s wounds. She hoped the young Jedi would help soothe his spirit; to calm him here amongst the Jedi, the ones he had been indoctrinated to fear and hate. He was but a soldier and by the looks of his wounds, probably one of the ones in the jungles that had laid waste to the village and escaped the certainty of death at the hands of her Squibian friends and their eclectic bit of weaponry. Who knew what sort of wounds those were that had been wrought on him in the name of battle or what it might take to cease further deterioration. “It is not the emblem one wears that makes a being good or evil. It is the motives of the heart and the actions of the hand and those can be changed by a kind word or act. He may feel lost. To the Sith he is worse than dead. Help him Simka. Redemption is yours to offer. I will be nearby if you need help.” Leena offered an encouraging smile before she moved off into the ward, pausing to offer a kind word or helping hand to any that felt overwhelmed before disappearing deeper within. “First things first. And now, robes.” She wanted to get changed into something more befitting a healer at work. ((The soldier is yours to describe and control through your post. He is secured to the bed so he cannot escape or cause too much issue. Feel free to develop the scene as you would like, diving into your character and actions and interactions))
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