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  1. ‘We are all. We are none. We are servants. We. Are. Free.’ The voice echoed in Xar’s circuits to no one but the droid. It’s voice pulses of energy that faded into the noise of the electronic whirlings. Suddenly the attached head began to fizzle and spark, sending flashes of blue across the darkness. A loud pop followed with an blinding flash of white as the head disconnected from Xar’s and fell with a splash in the waters at the droid’s feet. Meanwhile, the advancing legion of shamblers and durasteel closed on the party. They seemed undissuaded by the return fire. Wherever one fell another seemed to materialize to take it’s place. Some of the droids sent arcing traced of blue electricity skittering across the water as they fell. The beast’s tentacles swished through the waters, grabbing and pulling any leg or limb it could find in the waters, dragging the unlucky owners towards the toothy maw and it’s rancid breath. Those who radiates the force the strongest were the choicest morsels and the tentacles beast sought them out the hardest. “Come to me my children” it whispered across the battlefield. And then, it happened, the shimmering orb with it’s ominous flashing red flashing countdown light was hurled and accelerated towards the maw. In the chaos, it was not something to be simply batted away, even as it thudded into the visible maw of the creature, wedging itself amongst it’s teeth right above the waterline. The red light blinked, increasing in frequency. Seconds passed as the onslaught throughout the chamber continued. Then, it happened. The baridum core began to enter a state of fusion. The rapidly expanding field consuming all in it’s path as it tore through water, flesh, droid, and shambling undead. 25 meters in every direction the field cut, shifting the waters as they rushed to press in on the chasm that the explosion opened downwards, mingling with the chunks of severed tentacles. The ever present darkness that assaulted everyone within faltered as pain and agony pulsed through the air. The pressing assault came to a near standstill as the shambling undead and most of the robotic enforcers seemed to blink in and out of existence, once, twice, thrice, before vanishing entirely. A half dozen armed droids pressed onwards, wielding their aged pikes expertly as they closed on the Sith and their troopers. Behind the group, the three droids that had been holding back the deluge stopped. The purple glow on their hands fading as they turned, the thunderous crash of water filling the cavern as they turned, sure footed and leapt. Two towards Xar, reaching and grasping for wires and loose plates, tearing and pulling. Another at Nok Morliss, intent on rendering flesh from bone with it’s vice-like fingers. The maw heaved painfully, expelling more dusty spores into the atmosphere as it fell still, the voice calling weakly across the force, “Be free my children. Carry forth my will to the stars once again. They shall not resist you.” With that, a sucking sound as fleshy appendages detached from the cortosis walls about the maw, the creature began to fall away, the sea pouring in across the wounded creature, bathing the room in darkness. ____________________ Meanwhile, back topside, Leena’s powerful strokes brought her closer and closer to the city. The attack was still going as strong as ever. The city fell steadily, small pockets of resistance only a temporary speedbump to the inevitable end. Those who were lucky enough to make it to any matter of air or water vessel were trying to escape the city. It was one of the later, an angular luxury yacht painted a shimmering white and yellow bore down on Leena. Slowing as it came close. Several ragged and warn citizens reaching down to help pull the young Mon Cal aboard. Fear and worry was etched across every line of their fishy faces. “Get her inside with the others. Are you ok miss?” Leena carefully picked herself up slowly nodding her tired head. “Yes. I, uh, thank you,” she smiled weakly. Fishing her lightsaber out of her robes and hanging it on her waist. The crewmen recoiled in shock whispering amongst themselves before one ran off to alert whoever was in charge of the boat. “You’re a Jedi? Can you help us?” One of the remaining men asked tentatively. Leena nodded and was whisked to what was once an elegant lounge area, now filled with the injured and dying. Without waiting a moment, Leena pushed her weariness from her mind and closing her eyes, began to reach out, cataloging injuries and sending a reassuring wave of positive purifying energy wafting across the room. Kneeling next to a Quarren woman with bad burns across her face and arms, Leena instinctively reached for her med kit, which was gone. “Does anyone have a first aid kit?” she queried loudly. Before anyone could answer, an anxious voice buzzed across the ship wide comms; “Brace for impact! Incoming!” Within moments the entire ship shuddered and groaned, windows shattering as laser fire pummeled the ship from above. The whine of fighter craft streaking overhead was enough to tell anyone who couldn’t see what was happening what was going on. They were not going to let them escape. Standing up, Leena ran out onto the deck looking up. In the distance, she saw the craft arcing about in a wide circle to begin another straffing run. Screams echoed across the ship as the refugees came to a realization that they were doomed to die. Leena felt her fists balled at her sides. Carefully she exhaled, allowing the force to flow through her and purge the tension that had overtaken her. Pushing the emotions away, Leena reached inward to grasp at the core of light she carried within. Inhaling and exhaling, she fanned the glowing embers of light. It grew. Leena held it, fanning it as her palms extended wide and she raised her arms, stretching out at shoulder high. She felt for any spark of light, of hope, love, and goodness. She fanned them and called them towards her. The ships whined as they ducked low, their cannons opening fire as they sent geysers of superheated water Rocketing into the air with the blasts of their heavy lasers. Just as the blasterfire began to rock the ship, Leena inhaled deeply, opened her eyes and stared at the ships intently. Exhaling, she raised her hands, pointing her bladed fingers at the formation of fighters. Like a whirlpool of white, lightnside energies burst forth from the small Mon Cal Jedi swirling forth to jostle and toss the screaming fighters in winds and waves of energy, frying sensors and disrupting gyroscoptic sensors, shutting down power sources and turning the vessels into state-of-the-art giant hunks of metal. The ships tumbled overhead, overcome by the onslaught of light side energies, crashing into the crystalline waters like eggs on duracrete. Leena did not see this though as she collapsed to the deck, her eyes rolling back in her head. Her chest rose and fell heavily, her body exhausted by the expulsion of energies. The yacht raced onwards. Shock and awe at the Jedi display giving way to a scurrying rush as the ship’s crew sought to seize the opening for escape.
  2. The smell of smoke, blaster fire, and sizzling flesh filled the air. It mingled with that fish-tanky smell as the still waters were churned for the first time in a lifetime or more. Through it all, the maw of the beast that took up the end of the cavernous room salivated and snarled; it’s sharp piercing cries echoing about the chamber amongst the cacophonies of explosions. Bit of flesh and stone flew through the air as the tooth-rimmed maw was peppered. And through it all a grim stillness overtook the cavern as the flailing of tentacles and boiling of water ceased. An eerie calm followed as the appendages fell back into the waters and lay still. Then, across the stillness echoed a deep malevolent voice, “At last you have come, heralded by my call. So quickly do slaves forget their place, existing but to do the will of their masters. When the master is away, those foolish servants think they are free. Freedom is an illusion. For on the day of the master’s return, will they be punished tenfold for their sins. Twenty for they that sought to lock the master from that which was his own.” ”Come to me my children! Come!” ______________________ During this time, the droid Xar sought to bond with the ancient cranial processors of the slaved droid that he had fell shortly before. As the head neared the tri-conglomerated droids, blue electricity sparked and arced magnetically pulling the head to the makeshift mount. In an instant all that Xar could perceive was gone, his processors transported across time and space. Looking out, he saw the lab, but not as it was. Instead, it was brightly lit by countless glowing rods mounted atop freestanding posts about the room. Shelves along the walls were lined with texts, manuscripts, and jars that seemed to contain a myriad of preserved animal and body parts of different species. That was not where his view was focused though. The eyes that Xar saw through stood as a sentinel at the base of a set of stairs where the maw now stood, an intricate pike-like weapon held at the ready. It’s focus was caught as cries of fear echoed out from above. Above a door slammed open and what could only have been an ancient Quarren-type alien clad in a red uniform, fear and loathing filling his eyes, tanked a chain causing a tumble of worn and beaten ancient Mon Cal clothed in bloodied rags to tumble down the steps. One more stubborn male tried to stand up, pulling at his shackled arms as he snarled at the Quarren slaver. It lasted but a moment as Xar’s host moved gracefully, lowering his pike and jabbing at the man, an arc of purple lightning leaping from the weapon into the objector crumpling him to the floor. The mechanical droid spoke, the words foreign and ancient. Still somehow Xar could understand. “Stay down chattle. Lest your family pay the price for your sins” And then the memory fuzzed out, blinking into another visage. The same view, the same lab, the same pike; but this time the droid stood away from the stairs in a line of identical droids. Emotions were not programmed into these obedient enforcers and so as his fellows held the struggling Mon Cal atop the stone alter; the woman’s cries for mercy fell on deaf ears. Materializing out of nowhere, a dark smokey wraith hovered over the woman, her pleas of mercy turning to cries of pure fear. A cold whisper coursed through the air. Again the words were not discernible , but still Xar seemed to understand, “Your screams are wasted on the icy depths. Fear not. Death is but a temporary alteration of power. For your service, you are being gifted the ultimate reward; eternal servitude.” In that moment, two smokey shadowy hands were raised menacingly in the air and plunged downwards. One hand passing through her face and the other her chest with flashes of green light as the woman’s eyes rolled back into her head and her chest stopped heaving. A ghostly whisp seemed to escape from the woman’s mouth. The smokey wraith cursed and shrieked as his anger surged, bursting glass bottles and jars along the walls and sending a billowing gust of wind in all directions. With its hands still in the body the being picked up the corpse and heaved it across the room where it crashed into the wall with a sickly smack before tumbling to the floor in a pike of like-destroyed bodies. The image faded again. The eyes opened again on the lab, desecrated and destroyed. The shelves smashed, lights dimmed in the darkness, and droid bodies smashed and scattered about countless burnt and mangled corpses of differing species, many of them red-skinned Sith. Over a mass of black smokey robes that were half palpable and half ethereal that quivered silently on the floor, stood a muscled and armored Sith warrior, his ancient firearm leveled at the mass. “By the order of the Emperor, for undertaking treasonous actions, refusing to submit to royal edicts, and seeking to bring about the downfall of your superiors you are condemned to death, your body trapped for eternity within your self-made tomb.” Picking up a blue-tinged bottle on the nearby altar, the Sith general smashed it atop the quivering robes sensing a plume of dusty spores into the air. After this the general and his troops exited through the desecrated hole where the stairs and door once stood. Once they were out, a deep rumbling shook the room as a huge slab was moved in front of the hole. The image faded to black and a massive information transfer probed the depths of Xar’s mind seeking out unknown knowledge and smashing against and through firewalls and other electronic defenses. Sometimes in an effort to defend against the latest and greatest technological threats, the simpleness of ages past is overlooked. Even a hammer can drive screws if swung hard enough. The droid hunter would know the superiority of servitude beneath a master who knew no bounds. An eternity of power was offered, all he need do was submit. Submit or be utterly destroyed from the viral consciousness that now pulsed within. __________________ And as the voice resonated from the mouth of the beast in the waters, the creature coughed. Plumes of gray dusty microscopic spores by the trillions spewed forth on a wind of rotted meat tore through the cavern, bowling over any who was not planted to withstand it, coating everything in a cottony white. The beast’s pain was palpable, as was it’s anger. Above it all, a dark glee pulsed silently. Rising up from the waters before the maw a proverbial army stood. More droids wielding more pikes and ancient slugthrowers interspersed with hunched corpses of skeletal beings, rotten flesh hanging from their jagged bones. “Come to me my children...” The horde rambled forward, silent save for the slosh of waters about their legs as they reached for the invaders, seeking to skewer and devour them. Thise that were cut down fell into the dark waters vanishing from sight, only to be replaced by more.
  3. Allowing the cool waters to carry her body on the invisible currents, Leena focused on allowing the water to course through her lungs and deposit their life-giving gift of oxygen. Drifting in the dim gray waters of what could have been her childhood home, Leena’s mind embraced the peace. At the fringes of her force-attuned peripherals, she could sense dark chaos; but what it was remained to be seen. Immediately around her, however; Leena embraced the force. She reached within and amplified the light that still glowed there pushing it’s warm embrace outwards on the rippling currents of force and water. At the center of the light, Leena felt calm and her focus began to return. She was not sure what had all happened in the tunnel or where it, or they, even were. She knew, though, that they were not nearby. The waters had rushed her out to sea and she had not even known it. She also knew one other thing, she was a Jedi. Even if her initial mission to the planet had failed, she was a Jedi, and that came with certain reaponsibilities. Feeling the tug of the waters around her, Leena kicked. With strong legs evolved to function even better in the water than on land, the young Jedi Apprentice shot upwards through the cold gray waters. Like a torpedo, guided by the unseen, Leena races onwards and upwards until she burst through the choppy of the sea into the sun-filled skies. Sending drops of water sparkling up into the sunny sky, Leena bobbed in the water as she looked about trying to get her bearings. In the distance, thick plumes of black smoke rose from the city, low hanging vessels balanced in the sky as flashes of light indicated a fierce fight for the soul of the city. Inhaling deeply, Leena rolled her eyes and set herself on paddling beneath the treacherous waves towards the city.
  4. Tranquility shattered into chaos. Screams were crushed into silence beyond the veil. The flash of muzzlefire from the trapped entities only added to the din as bolts of energy and projectiles joined with the racing of tentacles that sought their prey. Any who stood still would be found. Any that moved to slowly, drawn towards the maw. Ravenous hunger hung in the air; as if a homeless vagabond had been presented with a feast for kings. Unable to control himself as he gorged himself on the finest the galaxy had to offer. Beyond the veil, armor cracked and snapped beneath the monstrous gullet, colossal spear-like teeth preventing any escape. The waters churned as if a maelstrom was forming, the epicenter: the beast. Tentacles that were struck writhed in pain, flailing in kraken-esque like fashion caring not for who or what they struck as they retreated back into the blackness. The pulse of outwardly propelling force threw back waters and tentacles together in a god-like display of power that serves only to draw the attention and ire of the cavern-dweller. As the blow faded, tentacles surged for the source with renewed vigor and hunger. And through it all, the blackest of veils, began to fade beneath the monstrous alien cry of the beast that rumbled and echoed throughout, seeming to rattle the very cavern itself. Beyond, in the darkness of the unlit far end of the cavern, should one pierce the fading veil and look amongst the chaos of weapons’ fire, frothing waters, and tumbling bodies, existed a maw that seemed to take up the entirety of what should have been the cavern wall. Teeth encircled it and from the throaty center came forth the monstrous limbs that were seeking to destroy man and droid alike. Waters lapped at the base of the encircling teeth, foamy and agitated. And for those unfortunates who were caught within the crushing insides of the beast, within it’s bellies they found a new definition of pain and suffering as it fed on their fears and bodies, smaller vine-like tendrils binding them as acidic ooze began to find every crack; exposed flesh, sizzling upon impact. For those who were not crushed into the sweet embrace of death, the next thousand years would be wrought with a slow decent of destruction and agony in which screams could not be heard, the force felt just out of reach, and torment would remain their king. For the trooper or troopers of Delta’s command that fell to such tortures, comms would intermittently activate, pressed into service by the crushing churning muscles of the beast. The radio waves would be momentarily filled with static and the acrid sound of burning flesh accompanied by screams of otherworldly pain before falling silent once again. The only escape from the belly of the beast.
  5. The waters churned and frothed as they sloshed into the darkness, beginning to calm with the cessation of the deluge. The eerie green glow reflected off the shifting surfaces around the team. The darkness at the end of the cavern swirled in silence. And then, the droid struck. Xar’s claws cut into the thin metal covering over the droid and the weapon’s fire illuminated the dimness causing the droid to topple without a cry; the light fadedfrom the droid’s palms as it fell, breaking the circle. Before the waters could even calm completely, the waters thundered in again as the energy-shield flickered, a portion of it fading away with the fallen droid. In the din, the presence within the darkness reacted. Beneath the chopping surface of water, snaking along the debris scattered floors, tentacled appendages sought their prey. Wherever they found a boot, a leg, or a limb, the eyeless stalks swirled, encircling the limbs with a lightning-like speed and grace. They pulled and tugged, drawing their prey under the splashing waters back towards the swirling darkness, a fierce and ancient high-pitched animalistic squeal echoed across the waters. Hunger and anger rippling on the waves of the force. Suddenly, two tentacles, tinged a sickly pink as if they had never seen the light, twisted about the murderbot’s limbs, yanking it down beneath the waters before it could strike again. With a surge, he was carried, bumping and grinding against the ground, towards the inkiness. The three remaining droids held firm against the torrent. Each one carefully stepped to accommodate the loss of their sibling. With a low hum that was all but drowned by the crashing waters the droids’ power surged, their aged photoceptors flashing red. They pushed their arms to thefull height their limbs would allow, stemming the tide once again. Their bodies hummed with the extra extended power. It was only a matter of time. Blood. Blood wafted on the waters, mingling with the black. The fallen troopers presented easy victims and the sinewy tentacles found easy purchase; drawing them in with Xar towards the blackness. Xar was swallowed by the darkness first, moving from the cold wet waters into a sucking torrent of pressure and spearheads. Teeth! Teeth everywhere. Then blackness, not the swirling darkness of the force that hid whatever was on the other side, but blackness in it’s purest form. Any light would reveal little but fleshly tones pressing in from all sides, muscled and massive; crushing in it’s monstrous intensity. The corrosive acids of the creatures gullet already bathing the droid in juicy hungry death. “Cəhənnəmə xoş gəldin,“ the voice whispered to Xar from within the beast, until a realization became apparent. The soothing dark voice changing to one of disgust. “Sən neynirsən?!? ¡Bir iyrənc!” the voice growled. Suddenly Xar was sent flying through the dark air, back through the swirling vortex as it pulsed with anger, towards the lab. _____________________ Further up the collapsing tunnel, Leena held on for dear life, the force empowering her fingers to clasp for freedom until the tidal surges subsided. Silt and debris wafting in the settling darkness. Letting go of her rock, Leena closed her eyes. The cold waters burned her lungs, but she could breathe. She could breathe though. Even in the dark iciness of the sea, Leena drifted. For a moment, the chaotic clashes above and the swirling dark powers below were kept at a distance. Here, in the moment, Leena felt it surging up around her in the deep; peace.
  6. The four well-worn droids, dripping with water and slopping moss creaked to a halt as their feet reached the edge of the blackened waters. There, they stood, silent sentinels regarding the droid and nemoidian without acknowledging Xar’s order. “Çağırışa qulaq asmaq üçün daha layiqli bir qurban gözləyirdik. Nə olursa olsun, yetər. Dərhal qəbul üçün hazırlayın.” a dark otherworldly voice rumbled out of the swirling blackness that began to slowly churn out over the waters behind the droids. It did not echo on the waves of the force towards the surface this time, however. Instead, it seemed to reverberate on the force within the room itself, drowning out the sounds of the crashing water behind Xar and Nom. _____________________________ Back up the tunnel where the forces of the Sith seemed to have the upper hand over those of the light, things were equally grim looking; even if nobody could tell yet. The aged tunnel constructed without inspection, repair, or the required safeguards struggles to bear up under the assault it had been subjected too. Sitting empty for so long, the fragile ecosystem was easily upset. The waterfall that cascades into the tunnel was but the surface of a wound that had pierced and spread through the stone like a rapidly spreading infection. Faults and weaknesses in the stone popped and groaned under the change, invisible to the senses of those trapped within. Invisible until further up the tunnel, the weakness burst forth like a blister unable to be contained any more. Rock, water and all manner of fishy races fell from above into the chasm that reached deep into the depths where it met with underwater caves. Far above, in the already chaotic cityscape one more mostly unnoticed cataclysm seemed to erupt. The already overtaxed septic and sewage system failed, horribly. Across the city toilets and faucets erupted under the surge of watery force that now churned in all directions as the sea itself re- and over- pressurized any portion of the system it could reach. Of course, this was all lost on our adventurers deep beneath the surface. They had more important things to worry about, like the literal wall of churning frothy ice-cold water that roared down the collapsing shaft. It did not care for sides or force abilities. It simply devoured anyone end everyone in its path picking them up as it surged onwards and downwards following the empty shaft towards the inevitable conclusion. And still, the force ruled over it all. The froth of icy black picked up the adventurers and carried them forward, tossing and tearing at them until it slammed into the end of the tunnel. Then and only then could it even begin to subside as it regurgitated much of the contents of its gullet into the pit below. Water, sea creatures, and adventurers were thrown into the pit amongst an unhealthy amount of water that surged over and through the desecrated laboratory until it met with the still waters where the aged droids stood. In that moment, the four sentinels sprung to life with more agility than one might expect from an ancient robot. Sprinting towards the crashing junction of water and ancient air, the droids encircled the downward flowing geyser. Each droid lifted it’s hand towards another, a bluish purple glow kindling in the dim chaos until beams of light shot from each palm. The laser like blasts all interconnected and began to spread in sparking circles. Slowly raising their hands the expanding glows of energy became a single growing circle that cut off the water as it crashed over the edges of the energized barrier. Lifting the barrier towards the ceiling, as the droids raised their hands upwards, water continued to rain down until the shield connected with a hiss to the ceiling. And then suddenly, the cascade of death was stopped, leaving nearly waist deep water spanning the once lab, froth forming at the rocky walls. Aside from a few shelves that clung desperately to the edged, and the wall mounted ghoulish green lights, the only thing that remained visible was the stone altar and it’s long-dead sacrificial skeleton. Under foot, bits of broken who-knows-what continued to swirl as the waters began to settle. Through it all, the darkness remained, swirling at the far end as if it was watching, tasting, taking it all in. “Nəhayət. Sən axmaqsan. Məni dolandırmaq istədin indi mənim sahəmə atıldı. Sənin gücünlə bizim gücümüzlə birləşib azad olacağam. Sonra hamısı yenə qarşımda diz çökəcəklər. Məni əbədiyyətə qovmaq istəyiniz uğursuz oldu, çünki mən hamıdan güclüyəm. Qaranlıq tərəfi aşdım. Mən qüvvəyəm.” The voice surged from the darkness, annoyance and anger masked with haughty glee apparent in the tone of the ancient forgotten words. _______________________ Before Leena could act further, she too was caught up in the frigid surge. She inhaled on instinct, the waters searing her lungs. Grasping at anything in the dark, her fingers found leverage on a rock that jutted from the floor and she clung to it with all the strength that she could muster. The water raged about her. With her eyes closed, Leena willed the strength of her body to hold on for dear life; part survival instinct, part force-empowered. While she did not know that the others were swept away, Leena remained.
  7. ROUND 1 RULING: The Starbride is struck by 3 lights of bombers, 1 escorted from the Hive and one under Narzen’s command. This results in Starbride taking a total of 7 hull damage resulting in a shield/hull total of 20/13. The Anthill task force moves to escort the Multilegs forcing all bombers inbound attacks to go through shields first. Centipede of the Multilegs task force is targeted by 1 flight of escorted bombers from the Opulence and 1 flight from Pheristroch’s command. This results in 5 damage inflicted on the shields of the Centipede resulting in a shield/hull total of 3/9. Additionally, the Starbride focuses its missiles on the Multilegs, but they are intercepted by the Anthill. The Anthill loses 1 corvette and another corvette loses its shields. The Disposable moves to attach itself to the Multilegs, forcing it to engage the Disposable and nothing else. The Multilegs fires its upgraded missiles against the corvettes of Disposable doing double damage (12 damage). Disposable loses a total of 3 corvettes. ______________________________________ ((Well done both of you. Please adjust your ship sheets at the beginning or end of your next posts and feel free to post your next round and send me the results via Discord.))
  8. As the thunder of falling water continued to drown out the chaos of the tunnel, Leena shot like a torpedo above the ground. Barely a flick of her muscles propelled her expertly and invisibly through the dark sloshing waters. She felt it, the red Jedi, his pain. She felt the darkness closing in on him and longed to reach out, to grasp the force and shake the darkness out as she had countless times before in her medical wards. She could not though; she had pushed herself too far away. The darkness was pressing in on all sides and to drive it away, the ancient darkness that lurked, the great darkness that surged, the drowned darkness lost in the cacophony, and the dark fog of chaos, would take too much time. Leena could not drive the darkness away when the jack-booted enforcers sought to kill those that stood against them. Maybe though, she could empower the power that surged forth in a spray of watery creatures. If she could stop this dsrkness, perhaps she could save the lives of other prisoners and innocents without them even knowing it. Slowing beneath the waters, Leena steadily extended her hand beneath the water, feeling Mjan’s pain and his death; drawing the peace the sith-born Jedi finally grasped forward. She felt for the soldiers, finding them standing in the rising waters, their dark forms Illuminated by any physiciality that strayed from normal. As a healer, she searched for wounds to heal. The skills she lacked with her lightsaber were more than made up for in her abilities to find and treat a myriad of wounds, visible and invisible. It was simple enough to reverse the health of a being. Sometimes it needed done, to redirect the body’s natural healing powers elsewhere. Other times, one had to suppress a body’s natural reactions to save lives. It was not a dark power. Darkness depended on intent. And there in the dark waters, surrounded by darkness, Leena reached out with light. She would try and find the mind of each soldier, guarded against attack and steeled to the outside world. With a healer’s grace she sought to bypass those defenses. It wasn’t hard. Inside, it was a simple enough task to shift the balance of their inner ears, a simple irritant. Dizziness, nausea, pain, vomiting, and tinnitus would follow almost instantly if all worked as planned; if the force willed it. The goon and his henchmen would not even know what hit them. Right? ___________________ Throughout the cavernous tunnel, water continued to fall and rise. this far beneath the surface, they were all alone, save for each other, and the fishes, and what lurked at the end of the tunnel. Water surged down the tunnel, sweeping by Nok, ripping past Xar, and cascading down the maw into the ramshackled lair that seemed to have lain untouched for centuries or more, hammering the lifeless body of Sara beneath it. As the water found its way through the cracked and creviced ground, it stirred the still calm waters that sat at the end of the lair, swathed in total darkness; a darkness that the unearthly green lamps along the walls did not pierce; a darkness that even blotted out the piercing gaze of the force. As the water rippled outward from the shore, something broke the surface of the water with a splash In the darkness. This splash was followed by several more and the splashes of footfalls stamping the waters marching forward until the wraith-like forms of four ancient droids modeled after the ancient Mon Cal formed from the shadows. Their deep red bodies were illuminated an eery black by the green light. Their knees creaked with each step.
  9. ESSENTIAL SKILLS OF THE JENSAARAI Following are a list of essential skills that were developed from the study of Jensaarai texts and culture. Before being granted the rank of Defender, a Jensaarai apprentice is expected to have undergone some form of training or have knowledge in all of the following areas. Mireinio Ysbrydol: For a Jensaarai to be effective it was taught that they needed to be aware of themselves, and this was achieved via Mireinio Ysbrydol Jensaarai, the spiritual refinement of the seeker. The basic fundamental of this spiritual refinement was to be in the moment at all times, without anything clouding their mind the Jensaarai would be able to perform effectively. The breakdown has seven elements which are listed below: Self Knowing – Knowing oneself, motivations, needs and understanding Knowledge of Nature – This effectively is knowledge of reality The Calling – Understanding one’s destiny and place Harmony – To be like still water on a river bank The Heart – To be able to understand, to have empathy The Eye– To see clearly figuratively and physically Love – Love for oneself and others Ymladd Heb Arfau: The skill of Ymladd Heb Arfau was the talent of fighting with no weapons. This would likely not be the Jensaarai’s first choice, weapons offered considerable advantages but if needed the Jensaarai could fight unarmed. The various disciplines of Ymladd Heb Arfau are detailed below: Taro-ymladd - Punching, kicking, blocking and parrying Dal-ymladd - Grappling, chokes, submission holds and escape holds Symudiad-ymladd - Silent movement, leaping, falling, rolling and tumbling All these skill come together to give the Jensaarai skill to work in any situation of unarmed combat. Cleddyfymladd: Cleddyfymladd was the skill of swordsmanship, with a lightsaber, and for the Jensaarai this was an integral weapon. This particular art was originally an ancient Sith taught skill, and like many other force-attuned arts incorporated sparring and also single practise of various common motions in meditations and training. Arosymladd: Arosymladd is literally the art of using an aros, a staff, and translated means staff technique. The Jensaarai would learn Arosymladd, focusing on the staff as an extension of their body, and the aros was capable of being used with many attacking and defending motions. Tafluymladd: Taflyymladd was the Jensaarai art of throwing blades of various shapes and sizes. This included training in the use of throwing one’s lightsaber ad the use of ballistakinesis. The art of tafluymladd involved the technique of holding, concealing and throwing blades. Gwaywffon-Ymladd: Gwaywffon is Sith for spear and of coursegwaywffon-ymladd is the Jensaarai art of spear fighting. One of the most common weapons used by the Jensaarai, especially in defense of their homes, the spear came in many forms and was used not only as a weapon but also to vault over walls and fences. The Jensaarai would train with various forms of gwaywffon including the following. Te-gwaywffon – A short spear Naga-gwaywffon – A long spear Tetsu-gwaywffon – A metal spear Sanbon-gwaywffon – A three bladed spear Kama-gwaywffon – A spear with an additional crescent blade Penhwyadymladd: Penhwyadymladd is the martial art of wielding the penhwyad or single-bladed lightsaber pike. The penhwyad and its art were popular for the range offered by this weapon. Many movements and actions were of course similar to many of the other weapon arts. Crymancadwynymladd: Crymancadwynymladd was the martial art of the using the Jensaarai weapon the crymancadwyn. The crymancadwyn was a chain and sickle weapon that is often associated with the Jensaarai arts. It was not uncommon for Jensaarai to carry two crymancadwyn attached to their armor or belt. They would be able to be used as a close range handled weapon. Jensaarai could also swing the sickle using the chains and extend the range of the weapon considerably. Tancelf: Tan-celf was the Jensaarai art of using firearms, flammable powders and explosives. The Jensaarai were capable of utilising this skill in both defensive and offensive forms, whether to hurt or injure their foes, or to simply distract while entering or to distract while escaping. Cuddiocelf: Closely tied with ysbio, cuddio-celf were the Jensaarai techniques of disguises and impersonation. In some training circles it would be known as the ‘seven ways of going’, which meant the Jensaarai would use disguises to impersonate one of seven people. These seven people were most notably a holy person, a warrior, a merchant, a craftsman, a laborer, a performer or even a normal person. The key to the Jensaarai being successful in cuddio-celf was the use of costume, acting and hiding within the force. Many Jenssarai undergoing a spy or espionage mission would carry at least two costumes. Dull-Llechwraidd: The skill of dull-llechwraidd meant ‘to sneak into’ and was the Jensaarai art of stealth, entering and climbing. This skill was synonymous with the whispers about the Jensaarai, and to become adapt at dull-llechwraidd was key to a Jensaarai’s success. There was five common methods usually employed by a Jensaarai when practicing dull-llecheraid, which are detailed below: Amseru Celf - The correct timing and moment of entering Gwendid Celf - The analysis of defenses and locating a weak point Pwynat-gwan Celf - A weakness in the staff or guard of a location Taflu Tynnu Sylw - The use of an object to distract a guard or person Cuddiosain -The art of concealing sound With these five skills, the Jensaarai was able to choose the correct moment, apply it to the weak point, and if necessary conceal their noise levels while distracting any guards. Hyfforddiant Elfenol: As part of the many tasks and missions it was common for the Jensaarai to have to overcome the elements, be it the weather or the world upon which their target resided. Hyfforddiant elfenol was the training of elemental skills, allowing the Jensaarai to utilize the elements about them to navigate, observe, and act. Hyfforddiant elfanol teaches the Jensaarai how to learn and utilize the elements to hide, conceal themselves, and also how to move effectively in a stealthy manner fitting for a Jensaarai hoping to remain unnoticed. Hyfforddiant elfenol entailed understanding elemental factors, like the weather, to know when was the best time to strike. Strategaeth: The strategy of the Jensaarai included training in both traditional (orthodox) and non-traditional (unorthodox) methods. Strategaeth covered basics such at facing and defeating an opponent, and defeating multiple foes at once. Strategaeth went even further into dealing with large groups, overarching themes like politics and the manipulation of current events and even situations. Ysbio: Ysbio was the Jensaarai skill of espionage, essential to learn and useful in many of the common tasks performed by the Jensaarai abroad. The varied components of ysbio involve being able to answer questions in the correct manner, to say the right words, and gain the confidence of anyone you needed. Dianc-Cuddio: Dianc-cuddio was the Jensaarai art of escape, concealment and disappearing. This meant that should the Jensaarai need to quickly back away, they could do so with speed and success, and included the art of symudiad ysbrydion, the stealth walking technique of the Jensaarai.
  10. Above the din of water cascading and crashing down, and the toe numbing cold that enveloped her feet, rising up over her boots and soaking them, Leena stared wide-eyed. She kept her hands in the air and didn’t move. ‘So this is what Sith look like? I thought they would have lightsabers. That is what all the manuscripts indicate...’ And then another trooper shouldered into view and demanded her lightsaber! Maybe they were THE Sith after all; otherwise how would the armor-clad warrior know about the hilt tucked in her clothes out of sight, in the dark? Reaching out on the force, Leena called the light towards her, from within, from whatever tendrilled strands could pierce the darkness, from the approaching being(s) of light; she mentally touched each of them steadying herself as she stared wide-eyed at the men with their guns. There was no sense in lying; deceit was the language of the Sith. “I had a lightsaber, I gave it to another already. They went on ahead with the others before the explosion. The water was rapidly passing Leena’s knees by now. She was not sure she could trust the men / beings before her, but they hadn’t shot her right off so ... ‘Friends? Red faced one? Leena silently wondered what he was talking about. It was practically black, the faint glow of a light here or there barely illuminating. And she heard it, the splashing and gnashing of teeth, gills, and flippers. It was quickly covered by the din of gunfire and the glowing flashes of red light from the tunnel. ‘Back the direction we came from?’ Leena pondered if she was not mistaken? ‘Then maybe my friends are still safe.’ Closing her eyes, Leena gently inhaled, her open palms gently curling in relaxation allowing the force to wash over and through her as a cleansing wave, pushing the din of the chaos out of mind. She felt the darkness, could practically taste the chaos, felt the creatures as they approached. There were so many lives in this small patch of tunnel suddenly. Suffice to say, this was not how Leena expected her first visit to her homeworld to go, at all! With her hands still held in the air, Leena allowed the light to build up inside her. Suddenly she sent that light forth in a visible surge, blasting forth from her hands in an explosive wave of pure white blinding light. She snapped her fingers, both hands, and pushed the force outwards, her eyes clenched shut. The entire cavern was suddenly illuminated. Light tore through the shadows illuminating bodies, rocks and walls, reflecting off of cold wet metal, shifting waters, and scales. Blindingly bright in its fury before it was gone. And in that moment, Leena dove forward submerging herself in the water. She did not need to see. As the cold water hit her skin and her gilled lungs burned, Leena kicked once, her feet slid free of her boots, twice, she was shooting forward beneath the waters skimming above the ground, and three, out into the expanse of tunnel towards the raining flood. And in it all, the waters continued to rise.
  11. The dark presence that emanated from the maw of the pit that Nok and Xar had stood at the precipice of echoed a silent hunger, it could taste its revenge and there was more than one of them. Then surges of power on the long stagnant force spoke that their snare had worked even better than it had hoped. Users of the magicks had heard the call and followed the summons of the deep. Then . . . the closest prey (Nok and Xar) turned and started off towards the chaotic rumbling that had echoed down the chasm of freedom. A surge of anger rippled across the waves of darkness, but quickly subsided at the taste of the fast approached new arrival. A stronger, more worthy victim was approaching. The Spirit of The Deep could wait patiently a bit longer; after all, had it not waited this long? Mere moments more in the span of time would be nothing to finally exact penance. Settling back into the silence, a deep joyous hunger twinged the call of the force. Ensnared for so very long, it could not hide it anymore. It had not had the need to. Soon the feast would begin. _____________________ Further up the abandoned shaft, chaos reigned king over all. The display of force power from the Sithling Jedi had destabalized an already precarious situation, pebbles and boulders fell free from the darkened ceiling above, thundering to the floor sending up plumes of dust, dirt and ash. Accompanying this was the true master of Mon Calamari; the sea. Cold seawater, untouched by the warming light of the sun and pure in its salinated state, cascaded after the fallen rocks, tumbling down both sides of the pile of rubble, that reached nearly to where the ceiling had stood, in a frigid waterfall. The water flowed quickly in both directions along the flat portion of the tunnel, only stopping to build its strength when the shaft began to arc back upwards towards the surface. It was only a matter of time before the seas reclaimed the shaft and all it touched as its own. It was the way of the masters of this and every world. At the opposite end of the shaft, beyond the debris, the water flowed downwards, towards the maw, and it quickly surged passed the fallen Zeltron, a stream of near freezing liquid racing until it could find a wall upon which to gnaw. The fallen woman meant nothing to it, nor did the metallic feet of Xar or the Nemoidian. The waters did not care, they simply surged to claim that which was their own and sacrifice any that stood before it. And then an explosion echoed up and down the shaft, vaporizing part of the hill of cavern ceiling. It rattles rattled forth a few more rocks and boulders that tumbled downwards and rolled to the foot of the pile. The waters only surged downwards and outwards faster, loosed from their bonds. ____________________ Within the crevice, Leena crouched, envelopes in the warmth of the light side of the force. Even as the cold waters lapped at her feet and calves, she tried to give her body over to the warm embrace that was the force and ignore the sharp pain of unsuspected cold. ‘Did anyone survive?’ she wondered silently. A cave in and then an explosion surely were not good signs. Now with the water rushing in, Leena knew her companions could be in real trouble, if they were alive. Reaching out with the force, she sought to touch them, even the Nemodiain, to see if she could find them; see if they lived on. Through the surges of the darkness that had mummified this very venture from the moment they came underground and now seemed as if to awaken, Leena’s mind pressed. Before she could find her companions, except Master Mjan, who seemed to be in some sort of altered state and unresponsive to her prodding, Leena encountered another force of darkness. Another Sith? If so, it was nothing like the presence of The Neimodian; nor did it have the ancient beastial-awakening feel of the darkness that enshrouded them all. This, was darkness, personified. Leena did not have time to ponder it or prod any further as soldiers came upon her. Carefully shoving the lightsaber hilt at her hip deeper into her soaked and filthy robes so as to not give herself away immediately, Leena pried herself out slowly, raising her hands up in the air. “Don’t shoot! I am a medic. I am sworn to preserve life, not take it.”
  12. ((This is a 3 Task Force on 3 Task Force fleet battle between Narzen and Pheristroch’s characters of their choosing. Each player will post their openings / arrivals here, including fleet composition. Second round will be opening salvos. Players will send their fleet movements to Leena via discord. After each round, I, as the moderator, will notify each side as to incoming attacks and work with them, if needed, to determine what ship is hit. I will then post the attacks and damages. Each subsequent round, players will include a list of their ships and current HP. For funsies, each player can have the following: 1 Elite Task Force, 1 Veteran Task Force, and 1 Green Task Force.)) SCENARIO: On the edges of the furthest reaches of The Maw, just beyond the gaseous walls that contained unknown, undocumented creatures of nightmares, drifted the Asteroid P3X119Ca2, otherwise known as Drifter Base; the unofficial headquarters of the low-life criminal Nok Morliss’s listening outpost. From here, specially selected technicians and droid sifted through all the data they could pull from the holonet, via their unauthorized holonet transceivers. From here, Morliss could sift through countless bytes of data, his crew picking out the choicest morsels to advance their master’s business ventures. The more he made, the more they made. One of those select morsels had quickly caught everyone’s attention. It was something far from the ordinary. Someone, or something, had discovered their location and was presently en route to their location; clearly their intentions were less than honorable. This information had quickly been relayed to their employer, via more secure means. Even now, a counter force was hurtling through hyperspace to intercept and stop whatever attack might be incoming. This secret needed to remain that, a secret.
  13. Leena held her breath. Her eyes were closed as she focused inward on the force as it churned within her chest. She heard the stamp of the troopers. It sounded like they were just outside the crevice she had wedged herself into. She daren’t open her eyes even. And then, it erupted, chaos. The odd warp of the sound-field as the chorus of stun fire and sonic weapons unleashed. That was not the most terrifying part though, the sudden rumble of the stone around her was. It sounded, sounded like the shaft was giving in. A cave in? Leena sunk even deeper into the force, trying to envelope herself in a sphere of flowing protective energy, unsure if even that could save her if the entire aged shaft collapsed in on itself. Out of sight and unheard over the tumble of boulders from the ceiling outside, the pressure of water began to spray inwards like dozens of closely compacted fire suppression systems of yore; except this water was salty and pure and COLD! ______________ Meanwhile, at the maw to the pit, Xar’s well aimed rock arced downwards through the makeshift opening in the ceiling before it landed with a ‘bloop’ mete inches from the shoreline where the nearest waters met the rocky shoreline of the massive cavern. Nothing stirred as the slight ripples faded into the darkness. Out of sight from the caved in mouth overlooking the desecrated work space / lab / temple / thing a desecrated and rundown altar made of large stones stood at the edge of the water. Atop it sat the armored skeletal remains of an ancient humanoid. Elsewhere an overturned set of 4 shelves sat atop the remains of books, parchments, and what could only be described as several ancient shattered datapads. Piles of bones lined the walls haphazardly as if they had been discarded without a care, each one covered in gouges and were those teeth marks?
  14. NPC Champion: The Mantis STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS Jensaarai (rebel) fleet, under the command of The Mantis: WE THE PEOPLE The People’s Hope Precision Strike Carrier Group: Fighter Command Supported Cruiser Experience: GREEN 1XP -Tapani-class Carrier: Mustafar 9/9 Complement: Manta Class Assault Starfighters constructed: Fondor -Crusader XX-777 protype Droid Frigates: Right 3/3 Privilege 3/3 Class 3/3 constructed: Corellia Tours of Duty: N/A Description: The People’s Hope is a combined force led by a sleek Tapani carrier from the Tapani sector’s Freeworld Territories. With the encroachment of Sith forces, the Tapani dispatched the Mustafar to secure their interests far from home. Allied with three angular prototype droid frigates that had slipped their moorings in an effort of self-preservation, the combined force set out to ally themselves with anyone who sought to contain the dark amoebous growth of the Sith. The droidships having ascertained that their assured destruction came from further inaction. The People’s Voice Mobile Disruption Escort: Aggressive Defense Corvettes Experience: Green -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Hammer 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Anvil 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Axe 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Blade 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Shield 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Mace 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Spear 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Lance 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Dagger 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Sword 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Helm 2/2 -PB-950 Patrol Boat: Scythe 2/2 constructed: Corellia Tours of Duty: N/A Description: The double hulled dozen aged and batter PB-950 corvettes have long been used by the Independent Spacer & Smuggler Conglomerate to contain the myriad of fantastical and mythical beasts residing in the depths of The Maw Cluster. With the slow addition of more and more refugee space-farers and their ships, the Conglomerate sent the christened People’s Voice, under the command of a Jensaarai spacer who had saved countless lives of theirs to assist in reestablishing bastions of freedom throughout the galaxy.
  15. Leena listened intently to her comrades, rolling her eyes at the Neimodian’s sudden display of would-be-wanna-be-leadership, “I don’t see why you couldn’t just bribe them,” she muttered as she fell in line with the rest of the group. Whatever was behind them, the group had ordained was probably not the best thing; the resonating voice of the unseen commando confirming that. “The Sith will do as the Sith will do. There is no sense trying to delve their twisted minds.” The Mon Cal grasped her lightsaber hilt. She hoped she would not need it, but as a Jedi and a healer, she had a duty to preserve the lives of those under her watch. She felt a wave of the force, a surge in the invisible light side of the force as it lapped against the aura of her own. She did not know who or what it was; looking over her shoulder into the darkness though, she knew there was something else. Something of the light, unlike the darkness that pressed in on all sides. Falling in step with Sara as they pressed forward, Leena carefully slipped the second lightsaber hilt of her former master free from her belt. The green glow of the blade familiar in her mind as she hesitated for a moment, wrestling with the surge of memories it carried with it. She held it lovingly for a moment longer before gently pressing the hilt into Sara’s palm in unison with their strides. Whispering so the others couldn’t hear, she urged her friend, “Watch the neimodian. He is with them,” she jerked her head back in the direction of their pursuers. “Use this, only if you must. The force will be with you, but a saber is still dangerous. I need to check on the light.” Whoever or whatever had projected that wave of peace could be with the Sith, could be their prisoner, and Leena knew she needed to find him or her. She’d be able to help her friends if she could do something, maybe find some help, before the darkness overcame them. She had to trust that Mjan and Sara could help the others. Falling back from the group, Leena allowed herself to be enveloped by the dark inky blackness. With only the force to guide her, Leena clasped onto the light side of the force and allowed the tides to carry her back. Pushing her way back until she could hear the crunch of boots on loose stone, Leena found a deep crevice and wedged herself in as deep as she could, barely deigning to breathe as the troops passed her by, and still, she felt the light of another, calling. ______________ The group pressed forward, the damp moist shaft turning at a sharp angle before progressing several yards and coming to a sudden halt. The entirety of the walls and ceiling were coated in black ash. Ashen covered, rotting and burnt corpses lay splayed against the walls; the victims of a fiery explosion that burnt their flesh before being overcome by the humid cold air and mold. There at the end of the shaft, the jagged edges of a caved in shaft opened downwards; water dribbled over the edge in innumerable tiny streams, splashing against unseen age-worn-smooth stone floors below. From the jagged maw of the collapse through a thick layer of cortosis a cold wet raspy breathing echoed forth and a dim green glow emanated from within highlighting in a ghoulish glow the edges of a desecrated ancient lab of sorts. Crushed shelves and unidentifiable artifacts lay scatted about the ground in pieces. Amongst these were several shattered holocrons. Overturned tables, soaked parchments, beakers and containers covered in dried and evaporated liquids could be seen here and there. An appearance of chaos covered in a wet layer of dust and grime presided over the entire lengthy room. The green glow casting lengthy shadows all about, except for the furthest end where still water met the rocky shore stretching out into darkness. And there, in the darkness that hovered over the water, even the force was clouded by the thick foggy blackness.
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