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  1. Leena smiled warmly back to Kyrie, stepping back as Master Sandy Sarna entered. The flame-like apparitions of the Anzat’s cleansing fire playing harmlessly across her fingers as she held her hand up to regard the non-injurious flickers of light before they dissipated into the warm air. It was clear that the two knew one another. Was there anyone Sandy did not know? Leena was much more confined in who she knew; a casualty of a life spent in the healing halls across the galaxy. Even as the young Mon Cal faded into the background, the healing aura that flowed from her heart, mind, and body washed across the room like a soft tidal surge touching everyone, washing away the rough edges of pain and darkness grain by grain with each heartbeat-powered surge. Leena nodded in agreement with Sandy’s assessment. The Sin Eater was like a wild animal, even though she was calm now, the darkness that gave such a dragon power would inevitably resurge. Even without the darkness, Kyrie was a pained beast. The shock that flickered across Leena’s face was genuine as she struggled to maintain her composure. Sandy had pulled the Exorcist into a tight embrace and she could feel the emotion that radiated from it: love. With a raised eyebrow, Leena considered the situation before nodding with approval. Such a display seemed more relegated to Padawans and younglings; but what did Leena know of the world? Love was a strong positive force. Did she not love those she cared for on some level? A Jedi had to be wary of love though. With such a powerful emotion, there were always fringes of darkness that could more easily pierce the veil. Still, Sandy was a master and this woman, Kyrie, was . . . what was she really? “Maybe we can get changed and go for a healing meditation before moving back out into the galaxy. Once we are centered, we can better take a stand against the darkness that creeps at the fringes.” Leena glanced at Sandy, with an urge of her eyebrows hoping to convey that she was trying to help the Exorcist before them. “There is an old Hutt garden near here. The darkness of this world is weakest there. If you get changed, we can meet there in a half hour and allow our souls to be cleansed, find peace, and center ourselves on what is truly important.” Leena offered a warm smile to the two, placing a reassuring hand on each of their shoulders and squeezing briefly in reassurance.
  2. Leena lay there on her gurney, the medics having cone and left, her body purged of any residual poisons from the radiation of Scarif that had not been dealt with prior. Now, she lay, her mind adrift in the expanse of light that enveloped the rebel base. In it she could feel the signatures of other Jedi, rebels, and others. In the myriad of emotions, desires and goals, some purer than others, she felt hope. True, it mingled with darker desires and emotions; even amongst the rebels there were those of darker inclinations. Still, they had a unification of purpose in their differences. Freedom, revenge, hatred, love, and more mingled together in that all encompassing desire: hope. Leena could not discern every individual that was unknowingly cocooned and bolstered in the expanding aura of warm light side energies, but . . . She sat up, her eyes fluttering open . . . there was one that stood out. She had felt it come in from afar and it was different from the others. It felt pained, like the gurgling of a volcanic geyser that could erupt at an unknown time; all it needed was the right push. Dark energies seemed to rage within it, trapped and seething for escape. Yet, they were contained as if their existence fueled an immense beast of prey. To say such a thing surprised Leena was an understatement. In all the dark passions that many rebels brought to the war, she had not felt this. This was evil. Evil that was caged but desired release. Darkness that could extinguish the glimmer of light that glowed in the chests of so many here. Pushing herself from the gurnet, Leena grabbed for a fresh set of pristine white healer’s robes. Shimmying out of her flimsy hospital gown, the Mon Cal slid easily into the robes. They did not differ from the ones she used to wear, except they were clean. Nothing noted her ascension from Apprentice to Knight and Leena did not care. Affixing her silvery hilt to the white corded belt at her waist, Leena padded off out of the hospital wing, her bare feet finding assurance against the cool stone floors. The girl held the light in her heart, keeping the expanse of warming energies about her, connecting her to all around, bolstering them. Her focus was not on that however; instead she now hones her mind’s eye on the imprisoned font of darkness that roiled in it’s prison. The Jedi Healer did not know what to expect. She could feel the pain, that was enough. Someone or something here was pained in a way that none other were. It was her duty and deepest desire to not only salve such a wound, but to purge and heal it as well. Seemingly wandering aimlessly up and down hallways and stairs, paths and lifts, Leena followed the maze of the rebel base seeking to draw herself closer. Then she found it, rounding a corner into a landing bay, the Mon Cal Healer saw a cobbled together Ugly vessel, but that is not what caught her attention. There flopped on the deck plating was a woman. A Jedi? She had a lightsaber looking weapon didn’t she? Leena shook her head. This woman, if she was a Jedi, was in dire need. Leena had not ever sensed such a darkness from one of her own; nor had she ever sensed that she was approaching a wounded predator so closely. Almost silently, Leena padded closer and closer to the downed woman, the warm light of the force emanating from her very core. With one hand on the butt ofnher saber hilt, Leena reached forward with her other to place it on the woman’s shoulder, the warmth of the force flowing in healing waves of calm from her fingertips. “Hello friend. I sense,” she paused, pondering how to put what she felt into words, “that I may be of some help to you. My name is Leena.” The words were simple. The usually talkative girl holding her tongue. Sometimes a calming presence was all that was needed. The words of a Healer’s lesson she learned long ago springing to mind ‘Proclaim the goodness of the force always; when necessary, use words.’
  3. As the Jedi ship broke from hyperspace above the world of Nar Shaddaa, Leena roused herself from the restful trance she had been sitting in. The whole ordeal had been overwhelming, not the healing of Master Sarna, that was a bit above par for the course but something she was at least accustomed to; but leaving the planet. Had Master Sarna really knighted her? What did she do to deserve such a thing? All she had done was heal the Jedi Master. Master Sarna had done the work of saving Scarif, not Leena. That was a Jedi move for sure. Still, having time to meditate on it, Leena had come to understand. She understood that she did not understand, but that was ok. She understood that sometimes the ways of the force were beyond what her mind could comprehend. That was ok. All she needed to do was ply her part in the greater picture. “I am one with the force and the force is with me,” the girl whispered to herself. She felt a warm glow in her chest, a reassurance of the rightness of her path. Making her way towards the cockpit, the Jedi stood behind the pilot in his chair. “Can I use the comms please?” The pilot gave Leena a confused smile before handing over the mic. With a crackle it sprung to life, “Nar Shaddaa base, this is Leena Kil, uhhhhhh, Jedi Knight?” The title rolled off her tongue more as a question than with the confidence one ought to have with such a promotion. “We are returning from providing humanitarian aid and are requesting landing clearance to rendezvous with our fellow rebels.” Leena paused as the pilot held up a crumpled piece of paper for her to see. “Transmission code Beta Four Epsilon Epsilon.” Soon enough, permission was granted to land near the Jedi compound and the vessel began it’s decent planetside. Finding Sandy and Tali aboard the ship as it began landing procedures, Leena smiled and waved them forward, “We reallt need to go to the infirmary and make sure we do not have any residual effects from the radiation. I don’t really feel any, but the stuff can be a beast to sort out and it is probably better to be safe than sorry if we have a bit. No sense having something flare up half way through some ancient Sith tomb or fortress.” Leena’s excitement at being back amongst the good guys was almost palpable as her light footsteps carried her quickly down the ship’s ramp to the surface of the world. It did not take long to find the medical ward. Amongst the smell of antiseptics and bacta, Leena felt a different sense of peace. Even if she was a patient this time. Sitting there in a sterilized gown atop a gurney, the Mon Cal relaxed as two rebel medics began their scans. Closing her eyes, Leena allowed her mind to slip into the flow of the force. The warmth in her chest glowing and growing as she nurtured it; reaching outwards, first to those who tended to her, then further to her fellow patients and other medics, and then beyond the walls of the ward to those going about the base. In each, even the darkest rebel souls, she could feel the light and drew it forth, nurturing it’s life giving warmth until it blossomed in an invisible warmth across the entire compound to invigorate and instill in each and every heart and mind peace, hope, and healing.
  4. MODERATOR POST: Duel between Armenia Draygo, Kykatu Ryu, and Exodus Starting off, let me tip my hat to all three of you. Each of you is a master of your craft and master ranked roleplayer. Two of you are even faction leaders in this. This duel was exhausting to go through trying to make sure I had the dance beat of the entire melee down. Each of you brought your A game and it shows. The gloves got to come off and you all got to show off in some way. I took several pages of notes over this duel, sought the help of the Google gods, Merriam-Webster, Wookiepedia, each of you, and other moderators in making this ruling. I leaned heavily upon Charles’ roleplaying guide (a godsend) as well. One thing I want to quote from that guide, that would have helped greatly in this duel and for anyone else reading here to take note of is: In reading each post, I noted a lot of flavorful descriptions, expansions of the battlefield and effects on it, and subtle actions taken by each character involved. A few times, those were even written as possible uses of powers in the battle that may or may not have an effect on another or may be exploitable by another. I believe most of them were done for flavor and not directed to alter an enemy’s actions, but it is worth noting that these exist and could be taken as attacks or moves, should someone have chosen to focus in on them. I noted a few very minor spelling or grammatical errors. A lack of a space or the word “the” or comma usage or sentence structure, here or there, but nothing that was egregious enough to interrupt the flow of battle. You each clearly put thought and effort into these posts and it shows. Like I said above PAGES of notes. Here are some of the highlights of those highlights: We are in a galaxy far far away, and I think it is safe to assume most of us are not personally familiar with the real world applications of weapons such as flash bangs. This had me scurrying to find the Star Wars variant. This is a weapon that is not as limited as games like C.O.D. would lead one to believe. The thick smoke covering was used as a way to dissipate some of this threat. Of note on Wookieepedia is that flash bangs are differentiated from concussion grenades. This would make one assume that they are for different purposes, and while one may have some effect of the other, it is not the intended purpose and in a galaxy that boasts all sorts of fantastic tech, would render the unintended effect relatively negligible. Flash bangs flash and concussion grenades concuss and frag grenades, well those are another thing all together. Another note is that flash bangs were designed to disorient biologicals and droids (tech). This may be something to note of, as it was a surprise to me, and take advantage of down the road. My big dilemma with the flash bangs in this duel was the throwing of the first one. It was thrown and detonated in the same post, allowing the illumination of one’s enemy, which was then followed by an attack in the same post. I understand that this was meant as an opener to close the gap and begin the duel; however, this one action directed the entire rest of the duel. You all spoke of and further defined the field of battle, especially darkness and smoke; things that were initially present on the battlefield. You reacted appropriately overall and even dissipated a majority of the smoke with the frag grenade concussions, while also altering the levels of lighting from dim to nonexistent to sabers provide glow and everything in between. On that note, I think there may have been some confusion on the size of the playing field. This is an issue that can be overcome with OOC communication throughout the course of the duel. Nobody likes feeling like they misread a scene and then end up putting themselves in a bad position because if it. OOC communication also ensures that respect for the other players is maintained, regardless of IC actions. I think that there is plenty of respect between all three players here and I could see it in the posts. Mistakes that were made, I do not believe to have been intentional on any level. With that respect comes the need to acknowledge an opponent’s actions and even more so, what an opponent may write that changes the course of the fluid environment. Overall, this was handled well. Going back to my note earlier, it can be hard to respond to every little thing when so much is poured into a single post; but key actions must be at least acknowledged in the others’ posts. The Goliath already took a beating at Corellia. Ya’ll didn’t help the cause of the pride of the Sith fleet! This poor beast is MESSED UP! But, boy, it was sure fun to read! I think at this point, all all of you are about to get sucked into the void of space without divine or force-induced intervention. The force was at play here a lot, as should be expected. Ryu didn’t shirk in this department, regaining his connection to the force in Round 3 and really taking it to the top. Remember that there is some level of power loss or cool down that accompanies such massive outputs of force energy. Round 3 was where you all really rocked it. Starting with the telekinetic force shredding blast at the end of Round 2, you all took it to the top. Without the force, you all might have been whipped by then; but the force carried the day. That huge force lightning empowered arm grabbing for Exodus’ chest was an awesome move. Coupled with a vicious slash that would be hard for anyone but a master of darkness and combat to overcome. The Mouse droid had me laughing. It was a light moment in an intense sequence and very Star Wars. Kriffing droids. The growing maelstrom of the force has me shudder at what might come next. Up until Round 3, this felt more like a not so happy reunion between two long lost brothers bent on kicking the others’ shebs; but Round 3 changed all that and really altered the course of where I saw this thing going. Draygo came out cartwheeling with force-powered lightsaber combat that allowed Exodus to dance back and forth with it at will in his post. One thing to remember; however, is that, as per the guide, we need to match our actions to how an opponent makes theirs. Whereas Draygo and Exodus were very open in their play around and across the field, Ryu’s moves, while crazed, were a calculated crazy and very specific. The danger lies in taking that and forcing actions on another player that they did not write or intend, even if done for flavoring. Exodus’ Round 3 post could have been a whole other duel and was fun to read as it gave more life to the whole thing and allowed for the setup of the maelstrom. That being said, if this would have happened anywhere beside Round 3 it would have, like the flash bang above, greatly altered the flow of the battle. If it alters the flow of the narrative post battle remains to be seen. In looking at the guide, It is noted in the example that a character would not have made a move, if it did not have a purpose. Each of us are responsible for the purpose of our own characters and responsible to not infer anything outside of IC assumptions and opinions onto other characters. I honestly am not sure how you all are going to get out of this. Even if all three of you come out of this duel without a killstroke. You are being sucked into the void from a mangled and damaged vessel in the aftermath of a battle whilst the force swirls and rages all around you. There is still a whole crew of screaming stomping Sith Empire goons aboard the ship too. This was a three way duel, and one among some of the best of the best we have here on site. To make a simple ruling of so-and-so wins and gets the next post, seems hard to do and somewhat unfair given the totality of everything. That being said, for ruling purposes, I believe that the winner is Armiena Draygo. The next post will be hers; however, following that, Exodus will also get some semblance of a post. The ship is Sith territory as are the majority of, if not all, of the NPCs aboard. Additionally, it is his force maelstrom that is raging within the vacuum dredged halls of the ship and what is not addressed in Draygo’s post needs to be addressed as well. After this, depending on the circumstances, Kakuto Ryu can post; provided he is still alive. At this point I do not even know which side the dude is on! Thanks for entrusting me to rule on this guys. You all did awesome.
  5. Leena pulled back instinctively as Sandy sat up with a scream that shattered the calm sound of water lapping at the ship’s hull. Her eyes were wide with surprise. She had not expected the Jedi master to return so . . . suddenly. Having little to offer, Leena tried to hand the master whatever larger scraps of robe she could still reach. Smiling at Sandy politely, Leena gingerly placed a forceful hand on the woman’s shoulder and pushed her back down on the hull. “You are not fully healed yet Master Sarna.” Sandy may be a master, and therefore outrank her, but here, in this situation, medical bay or field medic, Leena was the medical provider; Sandy her patient. It warmed the Mon Cal’s soul to see the Jedi pulled back from the brink and she silently thanked the force that still radiated freely around them; the healing waves of light pulsing silently about them. “You must rest.” She continued, nodding as Sandy spoke briefly of knighthood. It was encouraging for Leena doubted strongly if she was capable enough to ascend the ranks of the Order, but in this moment, those thoughts were pushed aside. Her focus remained on and in the force, serving as a conduit and guide to help accelerate the Master’s natural healing, drawing on the calmness about them and infusing it with light and peace. Radiation was not a simple broken limb, it was a dark power that hid in the recesses of health, light, and life. Leena was encouraged by the Jedi’s recovery, but still, she immersed herself in the force, seeking out the darkness where it hid. She, Tali, and Sandy had all been exposed and would need treated; but Sandy had taken the brunt of the blow beneath the waves. After several minutes, the calm air was pierced by the low throb of engines as the vessel that had deposited them here returned to retrieve them. Jumping into the near craft, Leena grabbed a blanket and scrambled back out, draping it around Sandy’s shoulders. “No sense giving everyone a show.” She smiled playfully as she offered a hand to help the Master into the craft. As soon as they were all aboard, they set about making their return to shore and Tali’s village.
  6. Deeper into the ship towards the breach, Leena tugged at Sandy; her powerful legs churning the water behind them. All the while, Leena kept one eye on their pathway out and another on Sandy. Things were not looking good. A body was not meant to undergo that kind of destruction. Only the force seemed to hold the master on this plane of existence. So as her legs churned and her eyes watched, Leena subtly pressed on the force urging whatever positive life giving energies the still-healing waters about them could muster. ‘Just keep breathing,’ she thought as fear clouded the edges of her mind. She could not lose another Jedi. Not after Mon Cal. As long as Sandy kept breathing, there was a fighting chance. After what seemed like forever, but was only several grueling minutes, the dim light of the outside underwater world shone through the jagged hole punched in the ship’s hull. Looking down at Sandy, Leena sighed with exasperation, a stream of bubbles trailing upwards from her mouth. Every minute down here was a step closer to the end. A lifetime of lessons and watching countless unnamed soldiers bleed out in her field hospitals was not enough to stay her heart when her fellow Jedi were on the line. Steeling her mind and soul, Leena gritted her teeth and pressed onwards out into the open sea. Here she could already feel the currents carrying on their invisible arms the life of the world about them. It energized her, encouraged her, steadied her tiring limbs. Climbing on the currents, Leena tugged the Jedi Master until they broke the surface. There was not time to try and signal the vessel that had brought them here. Keeping Sandy’s head above water, Leena paddled towards the jutting wreckage of the star destroyer above the surface of the sea and carefully Pushed Sandy’s body into what had once been a gun emplacement before pulling herself up after. Kneeling beside Sandy, Leena began to pull the ragged robes away from her more obvious injuries. The woman’s fingers looked like they had been scorched down to the bone! With a deep sigh of exasperation, Leena began to dig at her waist pulling a half dozen small green crystals from her pouch. The Mon Cal smiled. “Where modern medicine fails, the force takes over.” She quoted to herself from one of the many texts she had studied in her lifetime on healing. Inwardly, Leena was trying to sever her personal connection to her patient. This was a professional duty now, she could not let it be anything more; in spite of how deeply she was worried about losing another Jedi. Healing soldiers on the front lines, tending to Jedi in the temples, Leena cared but could almost always distance herself from ‘them’, they that fought in wars or were clumsy enough to hurt themselves in training. This was different though, now Leena was one of those people on the front lines. Even as her own body ached, she still had work to do. Carefully setting up her crystals about Sandy’s form and her own, Leena settled cross-legged close enough that her knees were pressed up against Sandy. Palms downward, Leena extended them out across Sandy’s fallen form, one over her head and another her navel. Then, the Mon Cal inhaled deeply, clearing her mind, drawing on the faint glow that she carried within. She pulled it forth, urging it to grow, pushing out any doubt or darkness in her mind. From there it flowed like a mist from every pore of her body, across Sandy towards the crystals where it networked within the intricate latices and rebounded within the aura. The healing power of the force growing exponentially within the circle as it surged around Leena and was directed towards Sandy’s wounds, visible and invisible. “Come on Master Sarna. It is not your time yet. The force needs you still. Keep on breathing. Just breath. Let the force and your body do the rest. Accelerate the knitting together of your sinews. You injuries will be closed and filled with life. Your mind resting in a nurturing cocoon of warmth. Just breath.”
  7. And suddenly, like that, the dark pressing presence was gone. The peacefulness as the natural world began to flow back into the emptiness left by the radiation almost left Leena gasping as she recoiled in the peace. Even as Sandy’s protective barrier faltered, it did not matter, things were beginning to heal. She could feel it. Now the people of this world could begin to set right that which had been wronged. There in the darkness, Leena smiled slightly. The world was right for the moment except . . . “Master Sarna!” Leena bubbled as she felt the pain and destruction that radiated from the Jedi Master falling back into her and T’ali’u’s arms. She needed medical attention immediately. More than Leena could offer in the cramped darkness of a sunken star destroyer. Reaching within, Leena pulled at the shimmering sliver of goodness that she carried in her heart. Nursing it, the warm light grew exponentially until it radiated outward from Leena’s hands and eyes bathing the hall in dim light. Pulling at Sandy, Leena began the long trek back down the shaft of the destroyer. Mentally, she pushed at T’ali’u, urging her to help get the Jedi Master to safety. Sandy needed healing. Her injuries were more numerous than could be seen or counted. A simple washing of the force across Sandy’s form told the apprentice healer that. If she was going to make it, they had to get her somewhere more stable than the wreckage. Seeing Sandy’s rebreather float off into the darkness, Leena pulled her own from her mouth, the salty water flooding and burning her lungs. She shoved the lifesaving piece of technology into Sandy’s mouth, pushing her mouth closed around it.
  8. MODERATOR POST: DUEL BETWEEN GENESIS AND MORDECAI NOW THIS IS PODRACING!!!! Errr . . . Star Wars!! Gentlemen, this duel was so Star Wars it could have been a scene from a movie. Bravo! There was a very Qui-Gon V. Darth Maul feel to it at several points. I hope to duel with each of you in the future. You name the time and place and I’ll be there. I loved this duel. I cannot go through everything line by line, but a few of the items of note in this duel are below. I like to read the posts leading up to a duel to get a feel for the scene. I will admit I was worried about Genesis’ state of mind and being leading into the duel. That being said, you made it work for you throughout the duel. The emotional flux of Genesis and the sway of the force was key through the whole duel. Genesis was able to find his focus and use it. Genesis exuded the ideals of the ideal Jedi. The pull of darkness, the temptation, and the committal to that which is right. Genesis is a man of peace, but willing to wade through the muck of battle for the good of others. Mordecai’s skills and abilities remained true to his character sheet. He is a blade master and makes use of that, not trying a shotgun approach at anything a Sith might use. Classic movie-worthy dealing. Beautiful moves and an attitude worthy a Sith lord. Trying to convert before moving to violence was awesome. It defied the stereotype of a Sith, while you also acknowledged it. I noticed a few spelling and grammatical errors in posts. Capitalizations, the use of apostrophes, and forgotten words can change sentences and make lines hard to read. They are all simple enough to correct. I know that I am guilty of these things at times too. This leads into my next point, apparently Mordecai’s blade “filed” Genesis’ shoulder? Is that supposed to be filleted or something else? Genesis took a large amount of brutal damage right off the bat and continued to take more as the battle wore on. Even glancing blows with a lightsaber can be horrendous. The things can melt through armor and cleave through flesh like a hot ball bearing in a tub of lard. There is a reason that in a galaxy of technology and guns, that the zealots of the galaxy carry laser swords and are feared and respected for their use. Mordecai did not take any damage. This was not because he dodged or expertly blocked, in fact; Mordecai took the one offensive move towards him in turn. This was a duel after all. The philosophical musings were great, but without force application into action or even straight action defensive or offensive, it is hard to call it a duel. I was really worried when Genesis deactivated his saber mid battle. The next post had, what I think, was the highest point of the battle. When Genesis, full of the force, reactivated his saber and defended himself. That was a great chunk of writing! Driving forward in an attempted final blow was beautiful too. I wish we could have seen that sooner. That level of dedication and zeal could have turned the tides and if this duel went another three rounds I think it would be an entirely different ballgame. A Sith Lord against a Jedi Apprentice and the apprentice is cut up right from the get go. Even so, the Jedi came back swinging in the final round. Considering it all, there can only be one winner in this duel as it stands. The winner is MORDECAI and the next post goes to MAVANGER. Congratulations! Don’t forget that Genesis is trying to skewer Mordecai as his final act in the duel. You both did a good job and should be proud of what you created.
  9. The Jedi Healer While all Jedi are taught the art of healing, only a select sect of the purest souls have what it takes to truly master the healing arts. To become a true master healer, one must be dedicated to a galaxy free from the influences of darkness. This is not to say that a healer does not have darkness within, as all being do, but that a healer’s darkness is so well managed, so well contained, so as to be imprisoned within the bounds of light. Being a healer means that one has dedicated themselves to the healing of not just the body, but the healing of the body, mind, soul, and heart of any that fall under their care. That; however, does not mean that all healers are the same. Healers come from many walks, with some being naturalists, others trained medical professionals, and even others hailing from the purest strains of exorcists. To be a healer requires a peacefully fierce dedication to the craft, and while healers are known to be beacons of peace and calm in the chaos, their ire can be aroused when their sanctuaries and wards are threatened. Healers are sworn to protect those in need that have come to or been brought to them for aid. Many healers treat their places of work, medical wards, field hospitals and the like, as divine sanctuaries from which darkness must be kept. Jedi Knights and Masters who have fully dedicated themselves to the art of healing and have shown a remarkable aptitude in restoring life, limb, and psyche can become members of the Circle of Jedi Healers. The Circle is a subsect within the Jedi Order that is dedicated to advancing and preserving the cause of and agents of light against the darkness. They are the ones that guard the troves of Jedi healing crystals, maintain Jedi healing outposts, and liaise with the armies of light to preserve them when their enemies seek to strike them down. To these belong the greatest healing powers of the Jedi Order. The arts of healing through the force are skills that can surpass the abilities and understanding of science. They are not opposed to one another though. Lots of healers combine modern medicine with advanced force healing abilities to achieve results that can be labelled only as miraculous. This is not to say that the pure application of the force to healing cannot also achieve seemingly otherworldly results. EQUIPMENT: Jedi, just as any individual, carry with them a wide variety of tools to further their goals. So too is it with the Jedi Healer. Many healers will carry with them a variety of medicinal aids ranging from bacta patches and injections to full medical kits and anything in between. Some healers have been known to carry ancient tomes of lost healing orders and their obscure practices for reference in the field, especially when undertaking journeys to combat known strange and mysterious maladies. Other healers carry with them bags of poultices, flora, and fruits with which to further augment their abilities. LIGHTSABERS: Many Jedi Healers carry lightsabers with teal blades. These are weapons that are rarely seen. Some healers are so dedicated to their craft that they have taken to not even carrying their signature weapons unless deployed to the front lines and even then, sparingly and with great caution. When forced to draw their weapons, it is a sure sign that a healer has weighed the situation and deemed the removal of whatever cancerous darkness is before them a threat to the greater good of the light or those they are sworn to protect. CRYSTALS: One item that Jedi Healers are known to use that set them apart from the myriad of medicinal orders throughout the galaxy are special crystals with which to focus and amplify the healing powers of the force. Many of the same crystals that can be found in a force user’s lightsaber can also be used for healing; although once used in a weapon, the crystal’s ability to assist in healing is greatly diminished. Almost any crystal can be used by a healer, although the Jedi must first use the light side of the force to attune the lattices of the crystal to best conduct the healing powers of the force so as to assist in bolstering the natural healing abilities of a subject. Naturally attuned crystals can be found in and around fonts of light side power and in areas where the forces of good have gathered for significant amounts of time. The use of crystals coupled with Jedi healing abilities can assist in the rapid regrowing of flesh and bone, the repairing of broken bodies, and even the regrowth of lost limbs and organs. Furthermore, these amplified energies can be used to help restore the souls of broken soldiers and Jedi and create healing auras by which to gently nurture and mend broken minds, spirits, and hearts. Crystals attuned to healing are naturally resistant to the dark side and the casting of healing energies through them helps to create a natural air of light side energy to rebuff the creeping darkness. ________________________________ In times of war, healers and medics are granted special exemption on the battlefield and attacking a healer who is in the pursuit of providing aid or field hospitals, aid stations, and the like dedicated solely to the provision of aid to the wounded is considered a war crime. Healers and their associates dedicated to healing are prohibited from carrying weapons beyond light blasters or their signature lightsabers and are adorned in white robes, sometimes emblazoned with a red cross. Similarly, field hospitals, aid stations, hospital ships and other protected structures are often emblazoned with the universal red cross or bright red paint so as to designate them protected parties ________________________________ While every Jedi is trained in the basic arts of healing so as to stabilize wounds, stem the loss of blood, and mend minor injuries, Jedi Healers go well beyond that. Below are outlined just some of the many abilities Jedi Healers may possess. This list is nowhere exhaustive and many other powers and abilities that can be ascribed to healers can be found on Wookieepedia. Furthermore, Jedi, by default, have a myriad of abilities that can be used by healers and other light side users. The abilities listed here are generally considered to be above and beyond the “usual” Jedi powers or unique to Jedi Healers. UTILITARIAN POWERS: -Powers that are not viable for use in combat due to the focus or time needed with which to effectively complete the applications, but are well within a Jedi Healer’s wheelhouse. Any power denoted with a (M) is a master-restricted power. As with any power, the more complex the application, the greater skill and concentration needed to achieve the desired ends. Wound Restoration: One of the most basic and oft used Jedi Healer powers is that of wound restoration. Sometimes it is coupled with other medicinal practices or the use of crystals; but it is equally proficient when applied through the force itself. This set of abilities allows healers to cease the deterioration of physical injuries, encourage a body’s natural healing ability to target wounds and injuries and accelerate their healing. Short applications of this power can stem bleeding, close wounds, and stabilize bodies in shock. Long term applications can completely regenerate wounds, reduce or dissipate scarring, purge poisons, toxins, viruses & illnesses, reenergizing the worn & tired and even revitalize one’s failing health. Purification Of The Mind: This ability is a talent that truly sets Jedi Healers apart from the rest. Through careful applications of force power or the use of positive energy fields and/or meditative trances, healers can help others purge the mental wounds and scars wrought upon their mind. In this way, healers revitalize worn souls, encourage & mend broken hearts, and sharpen and focus minds that have been scrambled. Darkness Cleansing (M-conditionally*): This ability is directed specifically at those who have been immersed forcefully or by choice into the tempting deceit of the darkside. Most times, the application of this ability is not the only means of healing one that has been injured by the dark side needs. Darkness Cleansing is the clashing of one’s own pureness and will against the active or residual darkness of the dark side of the force within one’s self or another. Drawing on the inherent goodness found within all beings, the healer brings his or her own light, the light of the world around them, and even the glimmer’s of light within the affected party to bear against the offending darkness, and seeks to return the patient to a state of natural balance; free from the cancerous corruption of the dark side. *while this ability is not restricted to master’s, attempting to completely purify active applications of dark side power and not residual effects or simple inherent darkness found in someone is a master level ability. Regrowth (M): In life, be it on the battlefield or otherwise, chaos arises and can result in the loss of limbs, organs, and other body parts. The majority of species throughout the galaxy lack the ability to regrow any significantly lost body part, and even then, that regrowth can be staggeringly long. The Jedi Healer ability Regrowth is the answer to this. Utilizing both wound restoration and mind purification in conjunction, a Jedi Healer can induce a body to begin to regrow a lost body part and accelerate that regrowth whilst also tending to the mental traumas and scars that the loss of limb usually induces. Depending on the size and significance of the lost appendage and mental anguish the loss may have inflicted, an individual can be revitalized and back to fully functional in a span of days to weeks. Sometimes it can take longer; however, depending on the seriousness of loss. The loss of multiple appendages also creates a significant increase in time, as a body can only be induced to regrow a single portion at a time. Healing Trances: In cases of innumerable bodily and metaphysical injuries or injuries to numerous individuals, a Jedi Healer can lead those that are able, as well as others in the area in a meditative trance, creating a healing aura of light throughout the area and inducing full-body healing, albeit at a slower rate than other applications, on any contained within the field. This ability can also be used by a Jedi Healer on themselves so as to perform self-healing at a rapid rate. This ability cannot be used to regrow lost appendages or to fully purge active dark side use from an area. Force Imposition: There are many times in the application of medicinal and healing effects where it is of great use to dull or even block the senses of a patient. While this can be achieved medicinally or through a solid blow to a being’s cognitive area, both have side effects that can be described as less than desirable. A Healer can impose the force on a patient’s body so as to render them unable to see their injuries, feel their pain, or comprehend their state. Doing so is done carefully and with the intent to preserve the patient and reduce any harm, pain, or anguish they may be undergoing. With concentration, a Jedi Healer can render a patient unconscious and their body immune to any sense or stimuli. Cleanse Environment: Not always a naturalist, oftentimes Jedi Healers are still called upon to help restore the natural world around them. A healer can focus their natural healing abilities not on a patient, but on a world in pain. Rooting out the causes of destruction and despair, Jedi Healers can apply their healing abilities to an ecosystem, environment, or even world (M) purging the unnatural and regrowing that which was damaged. Internal Light: While this is not necessarily a healer’s ability outright, it is a byproduct of the purity of being that is required to become a proficient healer. By channeling one’s inner light, a healer can broadcast it in a visible outward expanse of energized white light. Generally this is done from the hands, fingers, or eyes and allows a practitioner to operate in dark or low light environments. Recollection of Life* (M): This ability is one that even healer’s use cautiously for fear of subjugating the force to the emotional will of those who have survived a loss and therefore twisting it towards the call of darkness. They desire to follow the will of the force even in death. When someone dies, should the force reveal to other’s that the fallen’s tasks in this life are not yet completed, Jedi Healers can use the rare and potent ability to help guide a deceased’s spirit back into their body. This requires that the fallen’s battle scarred and wounded body be brought to the healers. If the body is in a state where it can be stabilized and wounds bound, the healers, or a healer leading a retinue of light-aligned beings can meditate within the application of amplified crystalline energy fields for three days nonstop. If it is the will of the force, the deceased is not allowed to pass completely into the world beyond, but called back to their mortal form to complete the works that the force still has for them. This is an ability that can only work if the deceased’s body is salvageable and the force desires that spirit of the deceased returns. *This is an ability to give light siders and their allies an alternate method of returning from the dead post duel, nothing more Revitalize: This is a simple application of healing force power to the battleworn and weary mind and soul imbuing it/them with fresh energy on a molecular and spiritual level. While not a viable technique to be used in combat, this ability has seen multiple uses on the field of battle to freshen troops and ready then for a fresh surge. This ability is akin to granting the recipients a fresh night of uninterrupted sleep over the course of a matter of a few minutes. Healers need to take note that the use of this power repeatedly can deplete the deep stores of energy within a body that this power taps into and if not refreshed can lead to detrimental effect within recipients. Art of the Small (M): While the bulk of this ability is described in the listed link, this power is worth noting here strictly due to its practical uses for a Jedi Healer. And while applicable to other aspects of the Jedi force traditions, in this context, a Jedi Healer generally utilizes this skill to manipulate things on a cellular or molecular level to promote healing. This, by far, is not the only means of Jedi Healing, but is a versatile ability that many healers have found to be useful in their practice. Find/Amplify The Good: A Jedi Healer is able to seek out and find life, goodness, health and life even in the midst of desth, darkness, and chaos. This ability is simply that. Reaching out on the force, a Jedi Healer can find the thinnest sliver of light, and like an ember can blossom into a fire, so too can a healer urge that delicate bit of good to blossom and grow exponentially into the warmth and righteousness of that which is right. By doing so, they can drive back the darkness within and without, creating a focal area about that shimmering goodness that radiates with the light side of the force. COMBAT POWERS: -While it is not common for Jedi Healers to become engaged in combat; given the galactic state, combat seems nearly inevitable. Some healers are devout pacifists; however, as a Jedi, one has a calling to serve the greater good. As such, even Jedi Healers must be prepared for the inevitable combat when it should come. Healers do not generally seek out combat, but given their unique and dedicated skillset, they are not fully unprepared for it. Healer’s Aura: A healer can call upon the light side of the force, as one of the purist adherents to it. In doing so, they project an aura about them that can allow their body to prepare for incoming attacks and lessen the lethality of a blow. When fully concentrated, a Jedi Healer can even absorb incoming fire, channeling the destructive energy into a soft light that dissipates about them. Doing this requires the nearly full concentration of the Jedi Healer and to successfully lessen the lethality of any blow, a healer must focus his attention fully on his aura, forgoing any offensive maneuvers for the round. This move does not serve to nullify any and all enemy moves, but to minimize some of the damage and energy associated with attacks. Physical attacks still land and weapons as powerful as lightsabers cannot be nullified outright, only dampened to a degree. The only exception to this is through a full round of concentration on gathering/channeling the force by a Master Jedi Healer (cannot attack that round). In doing so a Master Healer can nullify a single incoming physical attack from a weapon as powerful as a lightsaber, multiple blaster bolts, or equivalents. External Light: Just as a healer can channel the light of their very being into a beam of concentrated light so as to enhance their vision, so too can a healer project that light in a single explosive burst of energized light. In doing so, the healer can temporarily blind their opponent and cause electronic sensors within the blast radius to falter and fritz until they can recalibrate. By far, the thrust of this move is in the projection of light towards another in an effort to halt a battle before it has time to truly take its toll. At point blank or touch range, the inflicted blindness is much more intense; however the further from the source the receiver is, the lesser the impact. This attack is weakened in extremely bright environments and strengthened in dark or shadowy areas where a foe’s eyes have adjusted to the dim and dark. Sever Force (M): Sometimes, in order to save a life, the cancer that infects it must be carved out. Instead of wielding a scalpel, a Jedi Healer wields the force. The Jedi Healer may reach out on the force and, like carving cancer from healthy tissue, drive an invisible blade of light between a force user and their physical body carefully cutting and removing the user from the galactic nervous system that is the force. While in practicality, it is nearly impossible for a single user to truly cut another equally powerful foe off from the force completely mid-combat, the wedge of light serves as a means to filter the user’s access to the force and make it harder for the enemy to manipulate and be led by or in communion with the force. With concentrated effort a group of healers, or a seasoned Master Healer facing a foe of apprentice level or below can completely sever the connection between a being and the force, mid- combat, rendering them unable to access or manipulate the force; however, often times this is done outside of actual combat. To be accomplished mid-battle requireS overwhelming odds of light pressing in from all sides. Often when used mid-combat without an overwhelming power difference, a foe, if struck by the blow and having not blocked or resisted the wedge of light side energies, will find access to the force to come less naturally or require more concentration and effort. At times, an opponent may find that some force abilities, especially ones that they have come to count on as second nature or requiring precise concentration are rendered ineffective for a time being until the block can be removed, treated or dissipates after battle draws to a close. A character cut off completely from the force can, at times, recover their force abilities after a period of time (3 days for those effected as a duel ending move); others can be left void of the force and any interactions with it for the foreseeable future or permanently (roleplaying decision by the receiving character) When utilized in the heat of combat this is, at best, a short ranged touch attack (a few feet) and must be directed specifically at an individual target, targeting the force flowing from the foe. Outside of combat, through the amplification of multiple users, crystals, or other amplification effects, this power can vary in range and intensity. To use this ability on a non-force user may disconnect the character from the force; but this will serve little purpose and have no adversely negative effects on the receiver. Sever Sense: Whereas Force Imposition is applied with care and concern in an effort to completely block out a patient’s senses so as to render them immune from the agony that might accompany their healing, a Healer does not have the time to dedicate such precise focus and broad application in the heat of battle. Instead, in an effort to stop a fight before it fully begins, a Jedi Healer quickly utilizes the same skills. With swift movements, the Jedi reaches out and sends a wave of healing energy towards their foe targeting a particular sense in an effort to temporarily overwhelm and disable it, rendering their enemy dazed enough at the loss of the designated sense so as to quickly end the conflict. Malacia This is a move that is well described within the link given; however, it too deserves a mention here within a Healer’s arsenal. To render an opponent incapacitated by way of temporary dizziniess, nasaue, and vomitting is truly a gift. A Healer is temporarily exposing the victim of this attack to their own bodily functions. Sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss. No true damage is done, but a foe can be rendered incapable of effectively pressing the attack.
  10. Leena kicked backwards at Sandy’s command, pushing herself behind the master. She could feel the corrupting nature of the very world around them, twisted and torn asunder from the way nature intended it. As Sandy’s shield faltered and fell, the full weight of the radiating power swept over the young girl, causing her to gasp; drawing a tidal wave of water about the rebreather in her mouth. Allowing the light that she was casting to fade to black left the trio swathed in inky blackness, Leena reached forward to grasp at Sandy’s shoulder. Even now, she could feel the heat radiating upwards through the woman. And then Sandy’s saber ignited, bathing the area in an otherworldly light that matched the bottomless hunger that ate away at everything. Leena could feel the radiation eating away at her own body, and at the bodies of her associates; especially Sandy as she allowed the radiation to course through her. Instinctively, Leena drew upon the silvery glow of light that bathed her soul; pushing back against the power that sought a chink in her defenses. Inhaling deeply, Leena spit her rebreather out, the unnaturally warm waters burning her lungs as they drew the oxygen away and into her body. Reaching her free hand out for T’ali’au Leena reached out on the force, drawing on the natural goodness of her companions, of the world around them, and of the reserves of light she carried within. Channelling the slivers and fragments of light together, Leena urged the embers of light to grow until their glow was palpable within her chest. It swelled and grew until her chest was tight. With a direction of thought, Leena pressed the glow of light side energies surging forth from her very soul into Sandy’s rapidly withering form as a wave of healing energies. Their purpose was to bolster and sustain the essence of life in the Jedi Master’s form. Leena felt the energies clashing and battling against the radiation’s power within Sandy. Still, Leena drew forth the light and poured it into the battle until Sandy began to jettison the power of the radiation out of her hands into the boiling water. Feeling the corrupted power continue to grow about her, Leena fought to force the healing powers of light against it. She drew off the light of whatever she could sense. Leena urged Sandy’s own body to fight back against the death that coursed through her body. From the fish and creatures of the sea, from the underwater plants, the microscopic sea life, the water, the air, the seabed, the sky, if Leena could sense it she drew from it and amplified it’s power before sending forth the healing glow into Sandy. The corrupting power of the radiation washed over Leena’s body as she let it wash past her into the darkness. All that mattered in this moment was the force and the life that it sustained. She was a healer and her fellow Jedi her charges. She would not fail them, not this time.
  11. MODERATOR POST DUEL RULING: VOX V. KAHLA Reading this duel, I want to commend you both for how quickly you got this duel completed. The lead up and battle all fit on the same page. I was not forced to to go searching for posts. This was awesome. That being said, I would urge each of you to proofread your posts. I noted several grammatical errors as I read and had to go back and reread some lines several times to try and make sense of certain aspects. I know that I can be guilty of this at times too, especially when excitedly rushing to get a post up; but it is especially important to watch for in PvP scenarios. I would encourage each of you to look over your character sheets and ensure that they are updated to contain training and descriptions of weapons that are not readily defined on site or with wookiepedia. It would help make understanding some of the weapons for those of us that are truly Star Wars-centric easier. That being said, the usages of the weapons did help me understand their rough usage. The flow of the battle worked well. Each side traded blows, and while I personally thought that some of them could or should have been more incapacitating, you each tooks shots and kept on plugging. Remember to respond to each attack or move from your enemy. Even if this is just a simple ‘dodged to the left’ that acknowledges the opponent’s action and does not leave it hanging out there. I really liked the color coding of defensive and offensive moves. That was a good idea and made focusing on moves and actions easier to comprehend. Strategy wise, both sides used different tactics that worked for their individual characters. Both sides sent off their respective NPCs and focused on the individual battle. So regardless of the winner of this duel, please remember that the battle did not occur in a vacuum and to address the other side’s NPCs. I appreciated the attempt at turning Vox to the dark side. Additionally, I liked how Vox, clearly an apex predator, noted his decent towards the darkness and fought to correct it. All of this being said, I have determined that the win for this duel goes to KAHLA. As such, the next post goes to Zendrin. One major concern came with Vox locking weapons with Kahla and forcing her into a position where he then attacked again all in the same post. This does not allow the other player to respond and forces them to take actions that you wrote. Zendrin handled it well, but this type of thing is unacceptable in a duel. It is easy to slip into if one is not cognizant of such things. Posts should span, in general, no more than 8-10 seconds of movement and should not chain together move after move after move without allowing one’s opponent to respond. Congratulations both of you. I enjoyed the duel and you both clearly put some thought into this and enjoyed writing it. Keep it up. I look forward to great things from both of you in the future.
  12. The irradiated poisons that pierced the water ground their invisible maws against Leena’s body, pressing in against her very spirit. The adulteration of nature all around Leena were the same as the truths that had been twisted to create the darkness on Mon Cal. It felt similar in so many ways. Both darkness perverted the true nature of things all around her. Feeling the glow of light in her heart that had carried her thus far, Leena exhaled a trail of bubbles, focusing herself on her task at hand as they swam into a jagged tear in the vessel’s side. Up close, it was ginormous. Taking the datapad, Leena stared at it, trying for several moments to make heads or tails of the numerous pages and diagrams. It was like an x-ray of a great metallic beast that she had never laid eyes on. The pounding that was beginning to throb in her head from the ever constant dark mutations around them made it even harder to focus; that is, until suddely, it subsided. Renewing her focus, Leena swiped through diagram after diagram, her eyes darting back and forth, taking in every detail she could. After several minutes, Leena thought she knew where they were. With a fierce inhalation through the rebreather, Leena took in lung fulls of air and let the living force that still swirled amongst the chaos touch the light she carried within. Pointing deeper into the darkness, light illuminated from the girl’s palm and she set off. Her feet and legs powerfully propelled the fishy girl through the waters, creatures that had taken up residence in the dark appearing and vanishing at the fringes of the conical light she cast before her. Pausing only long enough to see that her comrades were behind her and following, Leena pressed on. Somewhere inside this skeletal frame lay a cancerous demon that needed cleansing and severing. Swimming deeper and deeper, Leena led the group, pausing only once to consult the maps and disgrams, towards the main reactor chambers. She only stopped when a battered set of blastdoors barred their way. Here, even beyond Sandy’s protective bubble, Leena could feel the unnatural cancer of death growing steadily stronger, carried on the waters to the world outside.
  13. MODERATOR POST: DUEL BETWEEN DARTH NYRYS AND KYRIE ELEISON Let me start out by telling you both how much I enjoyed your duel. A Sith Lord that was not stereotypically rage-fueled and dark = monster matched against a light side crusader bent on destroying the darkness, but is not good = stupid, was quite refreshing. I knew little about either character besides what I gleaned from chats, so this duel allowed me to see each with fresh eyes. Each character came to this duel with plenty of history. Each roleplayer came to this duel with years of dedication and experience. There was not one thing that tipped the scale for either combatant in a way that would not be or could not be countered by the other. I was left scrambling for everything from guides and character sheets to Merriam-Webster’s best seller. I drew the line at translating text and becoming educated in swordplay (Describing is better than labelling). There were two things I greatly appreciated in this duel. The first was the flashbacks. Normally, these can break up the flow of a post, especially in combat. This time, however, that flashback was brought to bear as a potent weapon and tie this duel into aspects of the galaxy. The second was the fact that this entire duel could almost have been fought without weapons. The weapons played a part, but a lot of this duel was mental or metaphysical. It was anything but typical or what I was expecting. Oh, wait! There was a third. Chucking a snackbar at your opponent’s face before the duel and eating it was entertaining. All that being said, this duel came down to a few key items for me: fire, the force, and damage. 1st fire: It was quite exciting to see two characters from the opposite sides apply fire. The flames clearly came from different places within the characters and were utilized differently. Holy fire and unholy fire were blasted back and forth. One could argue fire is fire, but it seems quite clear that they are not the same. As such, each fire is unique and ascribed to it’s own side of the force. 2nd the force: The move Silence threw me for a loop. I reached out to both sides relating to this move and it’s application. I also went and read the write up for the move. As an aside, when utilizing moves beyond normal applications of the force, links are awesome! Kyrie’s attempt to interrupt Nyrys’ access to the force ought not have been strong enough to completely disconnect an opponent from the force, but only to make accessing the force more challenging. The guide is very specific in this matter. I am not sure if there was confusion on this and can understand where it would have risen from without knowing about the specific move and it’s write up. Communication between combatants OOCly can be a very important tool in writing the ebb and flow of a duel. 3rd damage: This duel pits opponents of differing power levels against one another. This is not something that concerns me in the least. David still slew Goliath. Goliath just had cooler toys. Each side could and did take damage. With seasoned roleplayers like you, I was not worried that each of you would attempt to call/take hits appropriately. Both sides received some damages that will have lasting effects beyond Corellia to where individuals can receive appropriate treatment. Fire is bad mm’kay. Like really really bad. Had this duel continued on any further, Nyrys would have been severely disadvantaged from her final post. It seemed clear that the battle was swinging in Kyrie’s favor. That being said, I am not sure what the near future would hold for Nyrys moving forward. Was the darkness purged? Would a warrior of the light strike down an unarmed enemy pulled clear from the darkness and teetering on a precipice of unknown? With all of this in mind, I determined that the winner of this duel is : KYRIE This was not an easy ruling to make and both parties should take pride in their writing abilities and in writing an awesome duel. Next time you two go toe to toe, let me know! I want to witness it.
  14. Leena cocked an eyebrow, slightly confused. The ship did not look that old, to be speaking of ancestor’s ancestors. She kept the thought to herself though as she hurried aboard the ship with the others, anxious to get to work. As they neared the hazardous zone, Leena could feel it. Not only could she taste and just plain feel a change in the air as the poisons radiated out into the world around them, she felt it in her soul. There was sickness and death here. An unnatural blemish on the facade of life that needed washing away. Slipping out of her white healer’s robes, Leena carefully folded them and placed them on her seat. All she had on now was a white form-fitting second skin body glove; something she had taken to wearing since serving as a medic in the field hospital’s of Coruscant. Robes and scrubs needed changed often, having something on underneath allowed her to do that faster. Taking her sash-like belt and tying it about her waist, Leena assured herself that lightsaber and other gear was carefully affixed. Still. “Wouldn’t do me any good to loose it on the jump now would it.” Taking a rebreather, Leena popped it into her mouth, offering a goofy reassuring smile to the reptilian woman beside her with a thumbs up. Then she stepped to the edge of the ship and looked down. Her fingers tightened on the edge of the doorway into nothingness. Taking a deep breath, Leena silently reminded herself that she was a Jedi, she was here to help. Closing her eyes, the Mon Calamari girl let go and allowed herself to fall forward into a dive. Like a bullet hitting the water, the fishy girl shot through the surface and down into the seawaters below, a wake of bubbles trailing behind her. She felt it even more now. Even though the water was warm, the unnaturalness of the pervading toxins hung on every droplet. It was a cancer that need expunged. Orienting herself, Leena looked around. Seeing Sandy nearby, she paddled over, offering a goofy rebreather filled grin in greeting. It was time to go to work.
  15. Mod Post: Adenna - Delta Duel Ruling First off let me congratulate both of you on writing an enjoyable duel that was aesthetically appealing and both decidedly Star Wars in feel and relatively tactically sound for a galaxy far far away. Well done. Bravo! In reading the lead up to the duel and the duel itself, I notes a couple interesting grammatical and or spelling errors. Most of these I can easily attribute to fat fingers and the limitations of spell check. They did not deter from the duel and I was only sent scrambling for an online dictionary twice because the verbiage was used in such a way to make me wonder at my own ignorance of the English language. I especially appreciated the full display of force powers exhibited by Adenna. The absorption and redirection of a barrage of fire only to turn and redirect it was awe inspiring and a pinnacle of Jedi power applied in combat. Additionally, I felt like I could really connect with Delta as he faced such an overwhelming possibility of force. He was, like a career soldier, prepared to do what he needed to, in spite of what he knew could be a potential situation. The loss of another friend, I felt it and felt for him. Additionally, I appreciated neither side picking a load out specifically designed to hamper the other. This battle was truly a battle of titanic forces both of whom brought a lot of backstory and character buildup to the table. Trying to sift through all that would be monumental, so in looking at the duel itself and the actions on Serenno I made my ruling. The winner of this duel is : DELTA The use of tactical NPCs, while not strictly relegated to non force users (NFUs), are a tool in the NFU toolbox specifically to help counter the overwhelming force and supernatural abilities a a single force user can bring to the battlefield. Depending on the circumstances, force users (FUs) can still have and utilize tactical NPCs, but it does create a power shift when using them along with force powers against a NFU. I understand that this was in the middle of a chaotic war scene. Both aides did well including snippets of other flavorful NPCs playing out about them. The focus is the duel with the battlefield as a backdrop. Additionally, posts should be limited to what can be achieved in a matter of seconds unless agreed upon beforehand. Any action taken by an character that directly impacts the other character and has any potential to alter the battlefield for one side or another needs to be left open ended enough so as to allow the opposition time to react. Chaining together multiple actions without allowing time for the other to respond, except for responding to multiple actions in a post that forces a specific response or genre of limiting responses is not acceptable. Thankfully, I saw VERY little of this, but it did creep up. It does to the best of us. **SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING TRAVIS** After the conclusion of this duel and before I started even ruling on this, Travis, who plays Adenna, was banned from roleplaying for an extended period of time. That incident was not considered when ruling on this duel, but I would be remise to not note it in the ruling. Travis’ characters are offered a stasis-type level of protection so if / when Travis returns, his characters are viable to play and this OOC situation is not exploited ICly. Having concluded the duel prior to the banning, there is some leeway in the response to this duel. Tim, who plays Delta, is an administrator and veteran RPer on this site and I have full confidence in his abilities to weigh the OOC situation with his IC response. I not know the status of Adenna as to if she is a perma-death character or not. Normally this should not be a factor in IC responses, but given the extraordinary circumstances I would strongly urge that Adenna not be killed in this battle and instead be A) captured and transported to a location where she is out of harms way and has the ability to escape / be released ( her identity has not been established in this battle and it *could be* possible that it remains undiscovered and she is relegated to some third tier Sith prison barge or something that she could later escape from) or B) wounded and either left for dead for rescue by other Jedi / Imperial forces planet side or wounded and left and nursed back to health by unnamed locals or allowed to escape along with retreating forces of good.
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