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  1. Leena sighed. Her shoulders drooped slightly. She had hoped that it would not come to this and that some semblance of an arrangement could be reached to avoid further injury to the world and her inhabitants. Deep down, however; Leena knew the darkness would need purged. That was a task beyond one healer. That was a task for the Jedi as a whole. Regardless, Leena had a duty, one many would consider sacred. Turning to the others, Leena queried for their thoughts. “Destruction of a world can be wrong. Taking children for any sins of their parents is wrong. This world is still lush, but there is a darkness that festers here. It is not wrong to cut this cancer out. Any ideas on how we can find the children before this darkness takes them eternally?” Leena felt queasy at the thought that this dark entity sought to purge an entire generation of children. If this was a sickness, it had taken root deep. It would not be easy to purge. It would take a coordinated effort. Only once the cancer was removed could true healing begin here. For now, they had to seek out the source of this blight, a sentient source no less; that would make it more difficult. They had to find it, negating as much damage as they could along the way. Wringing her hand about her hilt, Leena’s suctioned hands popped and clapped with the movement. Hesitantly she returned the weapon to her belt. This was a job not for just the Jedi but the living force. Inhaling deeply, Leena turned her focus inward. She reached for a deep seated sense of inner peace and light in an effort to center herself, to feel for the strand of guidance that would call them from within the chaos and guide them forward. Opening her eyes, Leena extended her now free hand before her, light radiating forth like a spotlight into the dark undergrowth.
  2. Leena smiled. “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance in such a dynamic fashion Jedi Jackson,” she replied cheerfully sidling alongside the man to get a better view out the viewscreen. The healer nodded at the idea of being ready to deploy. “Sounds like a good plan. Once you join me we’ll go find my apprentice, Orpheon, and Master Sarna. They were in a bit of a sticky spot when you pulled me out. Another light sider would be great. Just make sure you steel yourself against the ravaging tidal surges of darkness that seem to bathe this entire world.” Leena turned and gingnerly wove her way through the haphazard interior of the ship. It really did look like it had been hauled from a scrapyard. The Healer pondered briefly if Jackson might have had an natural force affinity for the mechanical. How else did he keep this bucket of parts together. Reaching out across the tumultuous waves of the force as they churned beneath the grindstone of darkness, Leena felt for her comrades. They were still ok, mostly. Elsewhere, she felt pinpricks of the light that stood as sentinels against the onslaught. She poured the energies of light that bubbled within her chest outwards, strengthening the strands of light throughout the area, their energies mingling to force the darkness back inch by inch. The Jedi tripped only once as the ship’s velocity suddenly changed. She caught herself with a hand on the bulkhead and kept going until she got to the exit. As the ship settled on the ground between the huts and thatched structures, Leena heaved. Her muscled strained as the latch on the exit squealed in rusty resistance before swinging open with a thud against a thatched wall. “Woo. Nothing like cutting it close.” she reflected as she squeezed herself out onto the narrow patch of dirt betwixt the building and the ship. With lightsaber in hand, Leena shimmied along towards the end of the ship. On the ground, the darkness surged even stronger. Catching sight of Orpheon and Sandy, Leena waived Jackson forward, shouting at the group as the child took off into the underbrush. “She is sick. Don’t lose the girl in the jungles!” Scurrying after, Leena did not wait to see if the others followed, only drawing to a sudden stop when it became obvious the girl had vanished and the disembodied voice thundered through the air. Falling into a haphazard defensive position that clearly indicated Leena was more comfortable in a lab or with the force than a lightsaber, the Healer held her deactivated hilt at the ready. with a deep breath, the Mon Cal called out into the shadows, her every word surging with light sunlit power, “Release your hold on these children. You have no quarrel with them. If you seek something, present yourself. We will deal; but this,” she waived her hand back towards the village, “is wrong. I will halt my advance, but so will you.” An aura of righteous energy hummed about the Jedi. The force sent calming waves out into the immediate area, driving back the darkness and soothing the ravaged world about her in a protective shield of purity.
  3. Leena watched with concern as she and her apprentice were separated yet again. Being new at this whole training dynamic she was not sure, but it did not feel quite right. ‘Oh well, at least she has Master Sandy to watch her’ she mused to herself before her attention was swiftly diverted. The plummeting ship that had been her rescue jerked upwards to avoid a collision with oncoming high-standing flora. This sent the healer tumbling backwards into a bulkhead as the shell of the hangar banged shut before her. Any concerns she had were momentarily forgotten as the girl shielded her head with her arms against the forceful tumble. As the ship leveled out higher in the sky, Leena carefully stood up. She used the same bulkhead to now steady herself. Looking around, Leena noted her rescuer, a force-user and a Jedi by the feel of him. She half-smiled at the man as her thoughts drifted from the stranger to her comrades down below. “Just in the nick of time I’d say. Thanks for the save, uh . . . whoever you might be? Did the Jedi send you to help with the plague? There are two more Jedi back in that village.” Leena pointed back out the hatch where she had boarded haphazardly minutes before. “It might be kinda tight, but I bet you could land this,” Leena glanced about at the heavy visible wear and tear of the vessel as she paused momentarily, fine ship just inside the village perimeter. When I was coming through at breakneck speed I saw what looked like an open area. Probably a spot they were clearing for a couple new huts or something. My friends are down there and need our help. The dark side is strong here and something is very wrong. Will you help me help them so we can help these people? Oh. By the way, my name is Leena Kil, Jedi Healer.” Leena stuck out her hand to offer a brief handshake as she smiled at her fellow Jedi. The force flowed about the young woman like a warm tidal surge of light and energy keeping the encroaching darkness at bay.
  4. Leena sat atop the humming bike. The silence of the jungle behind her as eerily out of place as the seemingly deserted festering death-pot before her. Yet, on the force, glimmering like a beacon of hope amongst the storm-ravaged waves of darkness, she felt Sandy and Orpheon. They were here, somewhere . . . but where? Suddenly, unsolicited by the Jedi Healer a single blood-curdling scream pierced the heavy humid still air. It had come from somewhere in the village. Revving the engine of her speeder bike, Leena shot inwards, only her innate reliance on the force, bred from years of study and dedication, kept her from careening out of control. The gravitational forces pulled at the Mon Cal’s body as she almost placed the speeder on it’s side coming about a particularly sharp corner; well, sharp at top speed. She nearly put the speeder into the side of a thatched hut as she pulled hard to keep just that from happening. As she looked up, the girl had to forcibly jam on the brakes with all her might, nearly sending the bike toppling end over end in an attempt to avoid crashing into the throng of people that suddenly seemed to have materialized in the village-center. Sitting atop her craft, Leena caught her breath. Her entire focus had been on not crashing as she tried to fid the others while not being consumed by the darkness. For a moment she sat, centering herself in the force as her ragged breathing slowed and she reestablished the mental bulwarks she carried against the call of darkness. Here, those long-established defenses were being put to a great test. Finally stopping to scan the scene before her, Leena’s eyes lit up at the sight of her comrades. “Orpheon! Master Sandy! Wherever have you been?!” Leena hopped to the ground, her knees momentarily buckling beneath her before she regained her bearing and lurched forward towards her apprentice. She felt his hesitancy and concern. “This is not natural. The force, the dark side, is at work here. Remember to keep yourself aligned with the light. A Jedi uses their weapons for defense, not attack. These are not our enemies even if they attack us. A greater evil is their unseen puppet-master.” The Mon Cal too felt the urge to keep her weapon close. Usually she had a band of armed soldiers or warriors to keep the minions of evil at bay while she worked to diagnose and mend. It was not so this time. This time it was 3 Jedi amongst the crashing storms of darkness. They would need to rely on one another and the force. Then the boy collapsed. Leena barely shot a glance at her militarily-minded comrades. She knew they would protect her. The healer leapt forward towards the fallen fat one, her hands a blur as they worked to roll his body over and assess what was going on. It did not take long. “Dead.” she spoke aloud, even though it didn’t need said. It was all she could muster before the clawing hands of the others began frantically clawing and scratching at the Mon Cal Jedi, their circle closing in about her.
  5. Leena was relieved at the arrival of the strange Jedi-aligned droids. She was not aware the Jedi even had access to such . . . war machines, and it concerned her. Their odd vernacular and discussions amongst themselves though made her ponder. They were not like the faceless marching masses of other droid contingents and security forces she had seen or read about. With the help of the droids, a small but well-stocked bastion of healing was completed by the end of the afternoon. The Jedi and Rebel medics soon began carting in the sick and dying, taking advantage of long forgotten cool dark corridors to stack the dead until they could be buried or burned. Speeders, wheeled carts, pull behind wagons, whatever could be found was utilized to bring in those who could not be treated where they were found. Amidst all the organized chaos, Leena could be found, garbed in a protective suit of white atop her white Jedi Healer robes. All around her, Leena could feel the force. It roiled like an invisible tempest all around them seeking any crack to wear and break down. In it, the young Healer was a stalwart lighthouse. Innately she broadcast a wave of soothing light all about her, with half her mind concentrated on delving into the source of the mysterious pathogen, the rest of the majority of her mind sought to ease the suffering at hand while feeling out the tendrils of darkness that broke their defenses and driving them back. The girl was not a sin eater or an exorcist, but as a Jedi healer, she was pure of spirit. In that purity lurked an innate aversion to the darkness. It was a trait she had nursed and nurtured since she was a child; one that had been recognized and honed by the Circle of Healers. Here in the furthest reaches of Felucia, Leena was subconsciously grateful, even as she felt the toll wear on her. Moving from bed to bed, inspecting new arrivals and offering encouraging words to patients and healers alike, Leena sought out any and all force users in their ranks. She encouraged them to stand against the darkness as it pressed in. The more they could spread out the burden, the longer they could work without being overwhelmed. Together, they were stronger. Looking up as she degloved after attending to a particularly sick patient whose boil covered body had begun bursting, Leena paused. Where was her apprentice? She was not used to having one and he had been pushed from her mind in the hustle and bustle. He should have been back a while ago with Master Sarna. Checking her comlink, Leena frowned. No missed messages. She felt the force, it surged darkly. She could practically taste it as it clawed at her consciousness. She was a trained Jedi and she felt the exhaustion. “What have I done?” She pondered aloud with a hint of shock and fear in her voice as she registered just what potential danger she may have sent the untrained Chiss into. Slipping out of her hazardous material getup, Leena rushed for the exit. Flagging down a passing droid who was carting a pile of infected clothing away, Leena explained that she had to go out for a time to find some wayward Jedi. Not having a firm grasp on the force as a mechanized being, the droid confusedly nodded, “roger roger.” Leaving the temple, Leena found an unattended hoover bike. Reasoning that it was of little use to transport the sick, Leena commandeered it so as to seek out Orpheon and Sandy quicker. Gliding through the jungle at break-neck speed, Leena frowned. She did not particularly enjoy the thrill of dodging death as she zipped amongst the trees and over the undergrowth. The force led her, averting certain fiery crashes several times due to a supernatural reaction or instinct-based twist of the controls. Free of the relative safety of recently erected fortress of light at the temple, Leena felt the full crushing assault of the sickly dark side that permeated everywhere. It took everything she had to keep the bike in one piece and not be overcome by the ethereal forces of evil. Surging forward, Leena’s body tired as time wore on. Charging deeper into the jungles, Leena finally felt it, felt them: Orpheon, Sandy, someone or something girded in the light side standing against the onslaught of evil; even as evil swirled like the embers of a great dark fire all about them. Tearing into the village, the hum of the speeder’s engines broke the silence as the odor of decay reached Leena’s nose. Slowing to an idle at the village’s abandoned entrance, Leena called out, one hand drifting towards her saber hilt, unsure of what waited within the raging tidal forces of darkness that obscured everything. “Helllllooooo! Is anyone here? I am a Jedi, here to help. We have a camp set up to treat the sick. I am here to help!”
  6. It did not take Leena long to set up the small amount of supplies she had brought; a pair of bacta tanks and several med beds accompanied by several crates of supplies, bacta patches, infusions and the like. It was a hurried job albeit, but there was much that needed done. As the young Jedi Knight hurried back down the wide hallway towards the landing pad, she wondered where Orpheus had gotten to. She hoped he had found Sandy. The apprentice was ok, she could feel it. At least she hoped so. Having trained under so many masters in the Circle of Healing, she really was not sure how the traditional Master-Apprentice was supposed to go. Maybe such a bond needed more work. She had no doubt the Chiss had the potential to become a great and powerful Jedi. There was just a nagging feeling that concerned her. It was the darkness of the storm Orpheon had mentioned. She could feel it. Leena knew that The Mantis, her shadowy guardian could as well. It was something that if the Jedi-in-Training did not come to terms with, Leena could only prevent for so long. The Jensaarai were even less forgiving than the Jedi on such things. Elsewhere in the sprawling temple complex, the arrival of droids and supplies was beginning to become apparent. Catching the message on her comlink, Leena turned and scurried back into the darkened hallways of the mostly abandoned temple. It did not take 10 minutes to run into a handful of droids with their payload. Quickly, the girl directed them towards her makeshift ward. Wherever Sandy, Orpheon, and the others were, they’d need this place up and functional. The Mon Cal healer longed to go and help on the front lines. She knew better though. It would have been a brief surge of positivity that would only be drowned out by the tidal surge of darkness. This base, a bastion of light and healing, would allow them to take a stand against this dark menace.
  7. It was a simple matter of using the grav sled to wheel the bulky equipment off the ship and onto the pad. It went even quicker with the Squib’s assistance. As soon as the gear was off, he offered a salute to the Jedi and scurried back up the ramp and blasted back into the sky intent on returning to his fellows across the galaxy. Leena stopped for a moment and stood, surveilling the jungles and path that led to the abandoned temple. Orpheus had traipsed off into the overgrowth; a move that had surprised Leena, but she trusted that the force would guide him. He was new to the ways of the Jedi, but seasoned by life. The Healer knew that he could take care of himself. A world like this would serve as an excellent test for the man. It would force the darkness in everyone to the surface. It was a darkness that would either be confronted and driven back or take ahold and attempt to rule each of them. Leena could only trust that the darkness of the storm that ravaged within her apprentice was not too strong. She would watch him; but there were greater needs on this world. Leena needed to focus on them. The thought troubled her. Orpheus could survive if he trusted in the force. Staring out at the silent jungle, Leena could sense the oddity of it all. Life that ought to teem was silent amongst the overgrowth. It was not the silence of a passing predator or disturbing wind. No, this was something different. It was as if death had dug his icy jagged fingernails into the world and began to shake the life out of it starting with the smallest and frailest first. Shaking her head to clear the encroaching fog of darkness loose, Leena diverted her focus back to the task at hand. She had to get this little bit of gear to the temple. It was as good a place as any to set up shop. The sooner the better. As soon as she heard back from Master Sarna and her team, the Jedi healer could get to work. Keying the grav sled, Leena began to maneuver it down the path towards the sprawling ancient stone complex. In the undergrowth The Mantis followed along silently, his presence masked within the life and death that swirled about the world. Expertly he moved through the brush, barely disturbing a leaf in his passing. His every sense scanning the surroundings on the waves of the force probing for unforeseen dangers. Once inside the yawning tunnel entrance to the temple, Leena activated several glolamps. Their light pierced the darkness with an eerie glow against the blackness. Pausing, Leena placed her hand against the mossy stone exposed exterior. She could feel the residual radiation of the countless Jedi who had passed through this very doorway, the goodness, the training, the hope. This place was good. Moving further inwards, Leena was able to locate a control panel and turn on the banks of overhead lights, their warm glow driving back the shadows. Maneuvering her supplies, Leena’s footsteps echoed through the halls as she made her way to what was once a an expansive hall, a cafeteria or a training hall of sorts. The Mon Cal nodded to herself, this would do.
  8. The travel-weary ship landed on the ancient stone landing platform outside the crumbling, jungle consumed ruins that were once a Jedi Temple. Before they even landed, Leena’s body was tense. She could feel the tug of the dark side. It was strong here, unnaturally so. as the landing gear creaked and grated beneath the weight of the ship, the trio of force users made ready to disembark. Leena scurried to the ship’s supplies, the medical gear they had intended for Ilum, and quickly found several masks and sets of elbow length sterile gloves. She offered some of both to her companions. The Mantis turned them down in favor of the body-sealed armor he already was wearing. Handing some to Orpheus, Leena donned the bulky filtered mask herself. It made her look more like an insect than she would have preferred, but until they knew what they were dealing with. Advanced personal protective equipment was the order. “We don’t know what this illness is yet Orpheus. Be careful. Felucia is full of life but it also harbors some inherent darkness. Even so, the dark side feels strong here. Guard yourself. Remember the exercise we practiced to clear the dark side. Practice it within, frequently. Even your own mind and body may seek to betray you here. We all must watch out for one another and pull our companions back if the darkness finds a foothold.” As the loading ramp for the ship jolted downward with a bang on the stone beneath, Leena made to descend, stopped by the outstretched hand of her companion and protector. The darkness practically was palpable in the air. Beneath his white robes and armored form, the Corellian frowned. Danger was present in greater percentage. What that danger was, nobody knew and where the dark side was concerned, he took no chances. Striding down the ramp first, his body tense and every sense alert to anything amiss, The Mantis surveyed the empty platform for a full minute before motioning the others down. He grabbed the Chiss apprentice’s arm as the man passed, leaning close to hiss, “Be on your guard. Things will not always be as they seem.” He let go of Orpheus’ arm and backed away into the overgrowth about the platform; practically evaporating from sight and from sense, even the force, before their eyes. Leena followed down the ramp, offering Orpheus a half-smile that did little to shield the look of concerned determination in her eyes. Her heart was heavy as she felt on a practical metaphysical level the overpowering death and illness that permeated the world about them. “Ah my guardian angel,” “Why don’t you go find Master Sarna and tell her we have arrived. See what she wants from us or where she wants us to set up the Ilum supplies. We even have a pair of bacta tanks. I start unloading here.” Leena turned to go back up the ramp, pausing to call out over her shoulder, finally offering a genuinely warm smile; ”Oh, and Orpheus. May the force be with you.”
  9. The worn Naboo craft, The Royalest Royalty Racer, as it had now been dubbed and transponder codes tweaked to display, hummed through space, the usual chatter onboard replaced by a solemness that bordered on the unnatural. With only one Squib aboard, the ordinary background chatter was absent. The remaining Squib was focused on his task at hand. The sooner he deposited these Jedi, the faster he could get back to his brethren. The Mantis had taken it upon himself to ensure his gear, weapons, and armor were polished to a sheen and in top form. Interspersed with this preparedness he engaged in numerous ritual meditative exercises; most of which focused on a smooth flow of combat oriented movements with a variety of weapons. He trained with them live. A whirling dervish of a man, he was covered in sweat as his simple training tunic clung to his Corellian body. Leena had ensured that Oprheon was alright. She offered him encouragement and discussed his communing with the force, helping him understand how to easier reach out and access it more as a second nature. It was a talent that took developing and here amongst the darkness of space was as good a place as any; his newfound pet an excellent source of sensing and targeting for nonviolent humane force applications. She left him with lessons to study and meditations to practice. The girl could sense the crystal Orpheon had found on Ilum as easily as she could feel the sack of healing crystals she routinely carried. She did not mention it though, everyone was allowed some secrets. She did offer patience and reassurance that when the time was right, she w guide him in the crafting of his own lightsaber. Until that time, she encouraged him to carry his sidearm and trust his fellow force users to intervene should something turn violent. In the back of her mind she hoped against hope that this would not be another Mon Cal in the making. The world certainly had the capability for it. Between training, Leena spent time in quiet meditation, focused on cleansing herself and the ship from any tendrils of darkness. If Felucia was indeed plagued, they would need a bastion to operate from. The aged Naboo royal freighter would serve well enough at first. Finally, an excited squeak and shudder about the ship announced their drop from hyperspace. Leena stood with the others, taking in the view of the world. Aside from a lack of traffic overhead, the world looked as normal as anyone could imagine. ‘Just like Mon Cal,’ she mused darkly to herself. It did not take much time to break into the atmosphere of the planet, their Squib pilot sending encoded transmissions out an all frequency hailing any other Jedi or Rebel relief forces that might already be in the area. there was no sense setting up a second base camp if there was already someplace established.
  10. Leena Kil


    The long trek down the icy crags of the valley pressed on in relative silence. Even the squibs’ chattering voices fell silent as they concentrated on the task at hand. Leena, bundled heavily against the cold and warmed by the ever present internal glow of the force, frowned beneath the scarf wrapped tightly about her fishy features. She was not evolved for freezing mountains and the world was an entirely uncomfortable experience for the girl. Still, she kept an aura of awareness about them, testing the makeshift path they crafted with gentle prods of the force. More than once, they had to backtrack, divert, or even rappel to avoid a potential deadly pratfall. The deeper they got, the stronger the force radiated about them emanating from an unknown anomaly within the planet itself. The winds continued to howl their low and mournful wail as they whipped through the cleft. After hours of trekking, the group paused to break out warm beverages and rations. A welcome period of refreshment on their journey. Nobody had said being a Jedi was easy. Then again, no brochure promised frigid hikes into the unknown either. As Leena sat, her arms pulled from her sleeves and wrapped about her core within her parka, a gentle ding buzzed from one of her pockets; her Jedi holocomm device. Begrudgingly, she shoved an arm back through her sleeve into the attached glove and fished the device from the pocket, holding it up at eye level to try and read the transmission before the device fogged over in the cold. Shaking her head, Leena shoved the device back in her pouch. Before she could broach the subject of the transmission from Master Sandy Sarna, Orpheon spoke to her, breaking the relative silence, querying of the force itself. Leena offered a warm smile to the Chiss that twinkled in her eyes. “That is a great question friend. One that does not have as simple an answer. The force flows though life, but that is only one aspect of it. Like light and dark, there is the living and cosmic force. It is possible that the power you now feel flows from the cosmic force. Or perhaps, there is some life force within the world that we do not know of. Life comes in as many forms as there are stars in the sky.” ”As you will see when we journey to our next destination.” Leena waved the Squibs and Jensaarai Defender over before continuing, “Master Sarna has requested our immediate assistance on Felucia. Apparently there is an illness ravaging the world that requires our attention. Sadly,” she looked back up the steep path they had traversed thus far, “We will need to turn back around. This requires our attention as quickly as possible. Perhaps,” she looked to the Squibs, “we can return to the ship while you three go on to set up a base camp at the abandoned Jedi settlement and we will return as soon as we are able?” After several vigorous minutes of back and forth it was decided that two of the Squibs would stay planetside with the supplies and began to set up a base of operations for the upcoming development of the world. The third would come back to the ship to transport and deposit the force using trio to Felucia and then returning with more Squibian tribesmen to assist in the efforts on Ilum and begin scavenging what they could find worthwhile. And thus began the doubly treacherous trip back to the ship.
  11. Leena Kil


    The still sleek yet battered craft descended towards the planet. Their arrival was not noted or heralded by anyone, the planet was a desolate icy desert that extended nearly to the horizon in every direction. It was only interrupted by the rocky mountainous crags that jutted towards the sky where the glaciers plowed their course over the milennia. It was towards a range of these mountains that the ship descended. The ship rattled as secondhand secured panels vibrated against their holdings. In truth, the Squibs had acquired the craft via a trade of unspecified means with a shady stubble-chinned junk dealer in the backwaters of Tatooine. The craft had been relegated for scrap, but the squirrel-like beings had gotten it back up and running, somehow. In no time at all, the ship had crunched down on the frozen terrain, sinking several inches deep into the upper layers of permafrost before the ground gave up enough resistance to hold the ship on the jutting crag that was fortunately just large enough to hold their sleek vessel. Inside, the Squibs congratulated one another on what they considered another superb landing. They were particularly excited about avoiding a seemingly close call with a mountain peak. Leena chose to ignore chattering, instead she carefully unbuckled her harness and stood. She shook her legs out to be sure the circulation had returned after their bone-jarring decent. With a smile at Orpheon, Leena offered a warm surge of the force as she spoke, “Well, we better get to work while we still have some daylight. I think we’ll use the ship as a base of operations until we can get things set up. Don’t forget to grab a coat. Bit brisk outside.” “Negative fourteen!” a squeaky voice called out from somewhere as if to accentuate how cold it actually was. Leena made her way back to her stowed gear and donned a thick parka and lined pants over her healer’s robes. She slipped out of her usual boots and into a heavy set of snow boots. When she was fitted out for the elements, she disembarked. The cold air caused her to draw in her breath in shock at first as she felt it gnaw at her exposed face. The sun bore down from the cloudless sky above, doing little to warm the barren rocky landscape. Leena waited a moment for her eyes to adjust. Not that there was that much to see. Once The Mantis, Orpheon, and one of the Squibs had joined her, Leena pointed off in the distance to where a shadow seemed to fall from the floor at the base of the mountain range. Had it been warmer, a river would most assuredly have ran through it. As it were, there was nothing but snow and ice carried by the howling winds as they surged between the steep mountains within the range . “Holonesh Canyon. The Jedi had a small outpost there a long tome ago. There was some sort of anomaly in the force that flares up every few centuries that they studied. Let’s see if we can find it. The winds shouldn’t be bad once we get over the lip and down into the valley, I hope.” Leena and company then began the perilous trek downwards into the shadows of the mountains towards the canyon and the lost encampment below. Provided it was nestled somewhere within the canyon wall and had not been entirely swept away by an avalanche or some other natural or metaphysical anomaly.
  12. Leena nodded as she listened, slowly standing to a height closer to her apprentice’s. She regarded her saber for a moment, but cast aside any thought of residual memories carried by the weapon or it’s components. The saber had been with her since she had constructed it, each piece new and untouched or tainted; purged of any possible residual darkness as an added measure. The Mon Cal focused on Orpheon’s eyes as he spoke. She took in his words as a doctor listens to her patient describe his symptoms; turning them over in her mind. It did not strike her as an illness, but she was ever cautious and made a mental note to not allow the Chiss access to any potential force-imbued weaponry until they better understood what was going on. “The Sight as you call it, is the force. Many people across many cultures and ages have called it many things, but they are all the the cosmic entity of the force. Within each of us is our own force-essence. It is possible that your essence is born of a storm of some sort. We will have to see. We do not control the force and bend it to our will, to do so, would be to subvert it and defile it. That is of the dark side. Instead, we act as it’s servants, we channel it’s powers and by doing so are granted a measure of control from it. We serve the living force my friend, we do not balance the force, for to do so would be to allow corruption and darkness a foothold. We seek to remain a natural servant of the force, carried by it’s guidings but not led astray by it’s own darkness corrupted in the hearts of fallible being.” Leena pursed her lips for a moment as one of the shorted furred Squibs came ambling back, nonchalantly interrupting without a care, “Best most assuredly buckle up soon right-away like. We be making much-fast entry to Ilum very soon soon. It might possibly get a wee bit little bump bum bumpity.” He turned and wandered back towards the cockpit without another word. Outside the viewscreen the icy world of Ilum began to loom. Turning back to Orpheon, Leena smiled and gestured towards their seats. “The Squibs are not known for their graceful landings,” she said as she secured her harness snuggly. “Whatever the vision is or was, don’t let it bother you too much. Focus on the here and now. Be mindful of the world around you. Pasts and futures cannot be changed any more than the present if you are not there. We serve the force where we are. So lets focus on what we have to do here.”
  13. Leena watched intently as her newfound apprentice struggles to find his center. She felt the force surge as he connected with it. The Jedi Knight inhaled sharply as she felt the storm within take hold. She felt it as it reached out into the air around them. It was not dark, but the power it carried had with it the calm of a massive downpour, one that could drench an area with violence and surge forward, leaving a void in it’s wake. It was a void that she knew all too well could be filled by the winds of darkness. Even as the vision took hold, Leena remained seated, her sparkling eyes staring intently at the apprentice as he was lost within the ravages of the storm that surged inside. She reached out on the force, adding the calming ripples of the force within her center to flow outwards against the surges of ravaging power that called forth from the Chiss. She could not see what visions washed through Orpheus’ mind. She only sought to envelope the area in light, keeping the darkness at bay so it did not wash in on a tidal surge should he be overwhelmed by the sheer power that arced electrically about them. Leena could feel the surging of power about them, her apprentice deeply connected to the force in a way that differed from her own connection, one honed and developed through years of training, called forth as a calm within the storm, not the storm itself. His was raw, full of power and potential, dangerous yet beautiful. It was one that needed shaped and wrought without being chipped away to a shadow of what it could be. Leena watched, her confidence in the force shielding her from fear as her blade ignited, bathing the area in a warm watery teal hue. She watched as he moved as if facing off against an invisible enemy, an enemy of the mind. She pushed against his mind, but was repulsed by the power of the storm that seethed inside. Yet she sat. And as Orpheus’ brought his saber down to his opening stance, a crack broke the charged air, a fiery duo of blades erupting from the shadows. Raging infernos sprung from the wrists of the white-robed being of mystery behind his mask as they caught Leena’s teal blade, should the apprentice continue in his trance. A second after Orpheus deactivated Leena’s blade, The Mantis’ blades returned to oblivion within their sheaths. The Jensaarai’s armored face stared emotionlessly into the Chiss’ before he silently tugged Leena’s saber from his grasp. He did not need to speak, the aura of his presence spoke aplenty. He would do whatever was necessary to protect his charge. Without looking to Leena, The Mantis offered her her deactivated hilt, not taking his sight from Orpheus; even as he slowly disappeared back into the shadows, his very presence coalescing with the world around them until he was a mere thought carried upon the wind. Slowly Leena stood up, tucking her saber into her white cloth belt. She placed a hand on her apprentice’s shoulder, “What did you feel? What did you see? I sense much power in you Orpheus. The force flows in you and with you as if you are but a vessel of it’s virtue. Let me help you maintain it so you are not consumed.”
  14. Leena closed her eyes as she sat there with Orpheon. She felt his internal struggle. She felt the surge of the storm within his core as it lashed out with anger, hatred, and fear. Slowly, almost microscopically, Leena fed her light into Orpheon, willing him to fight back, to push his own light against the dark and emerge the victor. Her own light was a wave of warm soothing light that surged alongside the Jedi hopeful. As he fought back, Leena withdrew slightly as she felt the Chiss counter the darkness. When he contained it within the stormsurge of light, a smile played across the young Knight’s face. As Orpheon opened his eyes, so did Leena. She squeezed his hand warmly as she let her own hands fall back to her own lap. “That is all that we ask of any Jedi.” Leena offered Orpeon a warm smile, “The darkness offers many false promises of quick power and success; but eventually it ends in ruin. So how about we start with some other training? Containing and repelling the darkness can wear even the most seasoned Jedi out. Let’s try something else.” The girl looked around; to her left, to her right, she even twisted her back to look behind her before turning back to face Orpheon. Grabbing her smooth silvery lightsaber hilt, Leena held it up at eye level. “Close your eyes again. It helps one concentrate a lot of times. Block out everything else. Find the hilt with your mind. Reach out on the force. Feel it. Grasp it. Then . . . “ Leena paused and lowered her hand, the shimmering hilt hovering in the air as it slowly began to spin about like a bottle on the floor in some drunken game. The smooth metal caught the light from above as it glinted off the myriad of surfaces of the smooth cylinder. Leena folded her hands in her lap as she looked at Orpheon, the hilt slowly circling. “Take the saber. Call it to your hand, but do not reach out for it.”
  15. Leena Kil


    THE MANY MINDS OF THE RABID BATTLE SQUIRREL Breaking from the crowds of scurrying civilian traffic about that planet that began to seek cover as soon as salvos began to fly, dozens of hodge-podged needle ships, each unique in size and form but identical in purpose, raced towards the Sith formations. Bloodthirsty high pitched squeaks and squeals called for blood over nearly every comm channel. As they neared the ultra-evil super-big-bad darky-darkness heralding Sith-stinkers, the salvaging experts unleashed their tractor beams. Like furred space-born piranha beetles, they began to ravage the enemy forces. Armored plating and exposed circuitry were torn assunder. Aiming trajectories and sight lines were obscured by the darting ravagers. All the while, any crewman that dared catch the eye of a squib aboard his craft was met with a toothy gaping maw that one need not hear to understand; the squirrel people were there for maximum damage and nothing would stand in their way, not even life. Meanwhile, aboard the Imperial Momship, the green-furred commander, Reaper Joe, surveilled the battlefield. As opening salvos began, he ordered his crews to add their deadly array to the cacophony of chaos. He giggled darkly under his breath. That giggle was cut short; however, as one of his tribesmen called out from her station, alerting the bridge to some sort of odd electrical pulse that seemed to be coursing through the ship. Joe’s eyes narrowed, “The big-bad’s have released bombad demons!” he cried, using a term he had picked up from Gungan spacers some time back. He had liked it. Even if he was not sure what it meant, it had the words bomb and bad in it, so it clearly was meant as some sort of deathly curse. Slapping a large red button on the armrest of his oversized captain’s chair, the green squirrel whirled about to the heavily armored guards standing watch at the entry to the bridge. “Keep the most-terrible demonic forces of bad-baddy demons off the most high holy decks of the commanding commander’s bridge. Make most-quickly alert to all high-squibian royalic securing security forces to find with most hastening the defiling demons and violently violent execute them with extremest of prejudices at most hurried times before we are overcome entirely most by the nether-hell forces in dark space.” The bridge was bathed in rotating red and amber hues as klaxons began to wail throughout the ship. All forces not on duty, for they were Squibs and there were many more of them aboard than allowed by galactic standards, grabbed all manner of weaponry and bits of shielding and armor as they streamed from their nests. They began to swarm the ship searching for the invisible imposter that wrought havoc aboard their holy Momship.
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