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  1. Once the freighter settled itself from the jostling on the waves of hyperspace, Leena unbuckled her safety harness and hopped out of her seat with a smile to the squabbling squibs who were happily blaming one another for the rough take off. Soon enough, the trio of pint-sized squirrels would be climbing around, and through, the ship in effort to fix, improve, or alter for the good of the group their jostling ascent. Leena made her way to her Chiss traveling companion with a warm smile, “Definitely have had smoother rides; but there is nobody more useful than the Squibs. They’ve helped me out of a lot of pinches and they can get me into places formal Jedi approaches cannot. Don’t suppose you’ve had a chance to give that book a looksie over did ya? I know it can be hard to concentrate when you feel like your teeth might get rattled from your skull. Maybe some formal training of some sort to get you started? I must confess, you are the first person I’ve taken to formally train. Oh well, you’d think with a lifetime of being trained I’ve probably picked up a thing or two. At the very least, we can see how you do with the force. I felt you reaching out and touching it back on the planet. Nicely done. I was able to feel you reaching out. It definitely caught my attention.” Leena rattled on excitedly, her talkative nature becoming clearer by the minute. She was excited to help this newfound hopeful on his way down a meaningful path of goodness and light; but even Leena knew that was easier than it sounded and was wary of the dangers that lurked ahead. Still, as one of the minority of classically trained Jedi, she hoped that her own experiences would impart a meaningful means of helping her fellow force user along his own path. “Do you know the Jedi Code Orpheus? Yes, Mantis told me your name,” she winked. ”It goes, there is no emotion; there is peace. there is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no death; there is the force.” Leena paused as she finished reciting the mantra of their order. She could feel the sidelong glance that The Mantis was giving them from the doorway. It echoed on the force itself. Reaching behind herself with a hand, she shoo’d the Jensaarai Defender away. The still-armored being shook his head softly and turned and disappeared into the battered Naboo built ship. “You must understand. While the Jedi and Sith are like two sides to the same coin, we are not the only views of the force. There are others who view the force in their own way. Some with dark intent and desire, seeking only power and to better their own lot in life. Others, like the Jensaarai to which Defender Mantis belongs, who focus on the light with a dedication and zeal unmatched by even many Jedi. They are not wrong, nor are we. Just different. They trod what we see as a more dangerous path. So too do the exorcists and Knights of Empress Revan. Still, they are our brothers and sisters in the force and we respect them as such. We still ascribe to our own ideals though for the good that we believe comes from them.” Leena’s voice had grown uncharacteristically serious compared to her usual happy demeanor, signalling just how serious of a topic they had wandered into. Catching herself, she turned the conversation back to training, her telltale singsong pluckiness returning with a twinkle to her eye. “There are some things that Defender Mantis can teach you better than I, but we must start with the basics before we go delving into swordplay and such. Come on, let’s go to the main room. We’ll have a bit more room there.” Leena led her companion towards the circular central hub of the ship. Boxes and crates were stacked all along the sides, strapped to the walls. It did not fee like a ship for royalty or even esteemed dignitaries; but they were neither, and the ship served their purpose. Settling to the floor near the middle of the room with her legs crossed beneath her, Leena rested her wrists on her knees, her palms facing upwards. She gestured for Orpheus to take her hand and join her on the floor. “I am going to teach you how to use the force to effect the world outside you. In time, you will be able to use this within your own body as well, when you are quiet and at peace. In fact, with the force, you can move mountains. I will warn you though, this is not to be delved into lightly. The dark side calls to us all and the temptations to use such a power tempt us all. Temptations to take the easy way out, gain power, show off, or control others. As Jedi we are servants of the force and to the galaxy. A Jedi does not use the force for such things and must respect the free spirit of all.” Leena paused as her mind caught up with where her mouth was guiding them. “Maybe, we better do that first. Here, take my hands and close your eyes. Let your spirit find peace. Search within yourself and find that which is true and good. Grasp it, stoke it, and with it’s light seek out the darkness of yourself. Use that light and expel the darkness.” Leena closed her eyes and opened herself up to the force. She was at peace. Here amongst the stacks and boxes, hurling through hyperspace, her traveling companions about the ship; she was at peace. It flowed from the light that she carried inside, radiating out of her. It sizzled from her fingers to Orpheus. It surged in gentle waves around the room. Metaphysically, it illuminated every darkness and pressed it away, containing it and cleansing the area about them in warm energies of light. When it was gone, Leena opened her eyes and smiled at Orpheus. “Any questions?” ((Feel free to post doing, feeling, reading, whatever prior to this post, from us departing. Then just post what Orpheus feels, does etc with a focus on the force and the force dark side purge that we went into at the end.))
  2. The mysterious armored force user nodded thoughtfully. “You are in the right place then. Welcome aboard good sir.” A short time later, Leena returned to the ship accompanying a grav-sled of supplies to include rations, cold weather gear, and deep wilderness survival and communications gear. Additionally, base infrastructure for a 2 bed medical treatment set up was wherled aboard alongside the other supplies. Boarding the ship, Leena offered a warm smile and bow to the armored Defender, several kindly hugs to the ever-excited Squibian cadre, and a warm smile of welcome to Orpheon. “Best settle in my friend, it will be a bit before we arrive at Ilum. Perhaps,” she proffered a well worn leather-bound book, it’s pages worn and tattered, “you could look this over on the trip. At least it will offer some basics on the ways of the Jedi, our code, and ideologies of such things as life, The Force, and compassion.” In short order, the worn Squibian craft lifted off from the safety of the rebel base and departed into the cosmos.
  3. Leena smiled at the Chiss and happily motioned for him to fall in step with her as she bowed to the knight that had been offering training, turned and began to walk through the facility back out to the winding streets. “We will be traveling to an icy world. It might help to grab a jacked,” she smiled. “I have to arrange for a few supplies before we depart. If you want to grab your gear and something to keep your new friend warm and meet me at Docking Bay 23, we’ll be off.” ”Don’t worry about finding the ship, Defender Mantis will be there. Although, don’t bother trying to sense him in the force. Around here, even I cannot feel his presence if he doesn’t want me to. He is my friend and protector, even if he is not a Jedi.” With a final smile, Leena turned and hurried off, her footsteps gliding her smoothly through the ever growing throngs of people that seemed to fill the streets. ______________________________ Back at Docking Bay 23, a Corellian shrouded in armor and white robes rolled his eyes beneath his helmet at the squabbling trio of squibs that had recently returned to begin loading the freighter they had somehow managed to commandeer for their next voyage. The Mantis knew better than to question the short furred sentients about it. Their explanations usually resulted in nothing but a swimming headache. Still, he could not help but smile at their incessant jovial natures. Other beings saved for the galaxy by the work of Leena Kil and company and fulfilling whatever measure of oath or gratitude their kind deemed fit for the return of life or lives. Even as the Jensaarai shrouded himself within the force, extending his presence within it to a microscopic level that mingled and mixed with the plethora of force signatures that scurried about the compound and beyond, The Mantis reached out. He could feel his ward, she was safe. Should danger befall her, he would be by her side in an instant. The Jedi did not hide in the shadows as his kind did and finding the bright spot in the force that was Leena Kil was not difficult. Standing with his arms crossed at the open hatch of the battered Naboo-made J-type diplomatic barge. It was not his preferred ship, nor was it the squibs, as was made clear by their muttering; although, even they could not help but admire the smooth features and chrome finish, worn as it may be. Unarmed and nonthreatening, seemed to be an insistence of their ward though, and one they would begrudgingly respect when needed. Eventually, an unknown Chiss arrived in the docking bay. He seemed to be paying some attention to their ship. While it was a sight here amongst the rebels, the Defender still opted to approach, “Greetings. Might I be of service,” he paused sensing the raw force potential of the man before him, “Jedi?”
  4. Leena Kil


    The Imperial Momship Formally Known as Sairdonga slipped from hyperspace alongside the rest of the rebel fleet, albeit a bit more haphazardly. Atop a crate secured to the deck, the short green-furred Squib carefully adjusted his oversized commodore hat as he stared out the viewport at the bustling world that was Kuat; ringed with shipyards and ships tarrying too and fro, the space about the world was ripe for the plundering once this battle was over. He would have to see to it that they did not damage the orbital rings too much, he pondered. After all, why cut his own profits when that was such a key part of their arrangement. Looking from scanners to the viewport and back, Reaper Joe smiled, his pointy teeth bared in a twisted smile of glee. Amongst the scurrying ships that sought refuge amongst the clutches of the Sith were a smattering of Squib-cobbled corvettes. Each technically a needleship. Each unique in appearance and parts. Each a vessel designed for scavaneging, and in a pinch, war. The Sith would not know they were there until the time was right. ————————————————————— Independent Jedi/Imperial Support Force: Sairdonga Destroyer Group (Turbolasers) Task Force Experience: Veteran (2xp) MCS MC75-Class Star Cruiser: Imperial Momship Formally Known As Admiral Sairdonga |20/20| Independent Jedi/Imperial Support Force: Death Harvest Catchers Partisan Militia Force: Overly Enthusiastic Bystanders Task Force Experience: Veteran (2xp) Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3-4 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-3-3-4-5 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3-4-5-6 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Catcher 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 |2/1| Independent Jedi/Imperial Support Force: Sith Eaters Partisan Militia Force: Overly Enthusiastic Bystanders Task Force Experience: Veteran (2xp) Squib Needle Ship: Sith 0-1 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 1-2 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 2-3 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 3-4 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 4-5 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 5-6 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 6-7 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 7-8 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 8-9 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 9-10 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 10-11 |2/1| Squib Needle Ship: Sith 11-12 |2/1|
  5. Leena smiled as she stepped into the room with the Jedi and possible Jedi-in-training. The small mouse-line creature skittered between her legs and she stepped widely so as to be sure to not harm it. She paused in the doorway as she took in the scene, not wanting to interrupt. The Chiss intrigued her. The man had a couple few years on the Knight, but his grasp of the force was rudimentary at best. Still, he showed promise. Leena wondered for a moment where he had come from. “The force is a great ally and tool, but without refinement and dedication, it becomes little more than a hammer by which to subject those one feels is beneath them. As Jedi, we serve the force, and through it, others. That means we have to know the limits to which we can go. Otherwise we do more harm than good.” Leena paused, turning the words she had just spoken aloud over in her head, maybe she had learned something during all those years of Jedi training. Leena was an oddity amongst the Jedi of the day. She had spent the bulk of her life amongst the Jedi, inly having returned to Mon Cal, her home world, recently, and that had been in what was supposed to be a mission of mercy. A shadow passed over the girl’s face st the thought of the chaos that had taken place on Mon Cal and her part in it. After a second she pushed it away with a blink, turning a warm glance towards the Chiss. “Amongst those readying for war is a dangerous place to be learning the basics of what it means to be a Jedi. Too many raw emotions. Too many temptations to turn a misunderstood power into a weapon without understanding the consequences. In war, there is darkness. It is a lesson learned well by all who partake. I believe that your kind,” she gestured kindly to Katakros, “know that well and as such exercise as much restraint as they do.” Stepping forward, Leena extended her hand in offer to help the Chiss stand up, turning to look at the Jedi who had been instructing him, “If you would pardon my intrusion, and,” she turned to Katakros, “if you are willing, I would be happy to have you accompany me to a place steeped in the peace of the force. There you may dive deeper into the untainted waters that now touch your soul without the temptations of so much darkness whispering in your ear.” Intenrnally, Leena rolled her eyes as she listened to herself, ‘Make a girl a knight and suddenly she sounds like one of those stuffy masters back in the Circle,’ “It is, of course up to you, mister . . . ahhh . . . Chiss?” Leena smiled, realizing she was not sure what to even call the man she addressed. “My name is Leena Kil, Jedi Healer.”
  6. The solid little ramshackle Squib-made corvette slipped from hyperspace and silently made its way towards the combined Rebel and Jedi headquarters. As the trio of Squibs chattered excitedly, Leena looked down warmly at the planet. The Jedi seemed to have a knack for building bases in locations that had at one time been steeped in darkness. The slow reclamation to good was as beautiful a thing as the ever constant suppression of an incurable disease. Even now, Nar Shaddaa seemed to glow a little bit brighter. Once landed, the small squirrel-like creatures departed with haste wanting to rendezvous with their brethren. Even if their clan had business arrangements with the Jedi and rebels and even a warm regard for Leena, they enjoyed the company of one another most. With the promise to be ready to depart as soon as Leena notified them, they were off. Aboard the Imperial Momship Formally Known As Admiral Sairdonga a mad chaos of organization was underway. Hundreds of Independent Squibian Spacers, and a smattering of other adopted-race members of their crews, not much more than pirates and salvagers aligned with the forces of good prepared for imminent departure and action. A swarm of smaller ships made their way from the surface to the MC75 Star Cruiser bringing supplies and removing anything of value before the upcoming campaign. Once the battle was over, the Squibs had every intention to salvage any and all wreckage of value from the enemy’s devastated remains. After all, it was part of the deal. Back on the surface, Leena smoothly made her way through the bustling throngs of pilots, crewmen, soldiers and rebels towards the Jedi area of the base. She shook her head as she watched the preparations for war. She knew, for she had seen it firsthand too many times, that the excitement that now buzzed in the air had a way of bringing pain, suffering, and fear. It was the w of the galaxy it seemed. With a downward glance, the girl shouldered forward. She was not going to the front lines at this point. It seemed much of her Squibian companions were and it saddened her that some of her friends may not survive. The newly minted Jedi Knight had other business to oversee. Making her way into the Jedi Quarter, Leena’s shoulders relaxed some. There was less hustle and bustle here, but still even the Jedi seemed to be preparing for the upcoming engagements. Leena opened her mind and heart up to the force, allowing the inner glow that she carried to stream outwards and mingle with the force signatures of so many others. She felt chaos and darkness, fear and doubt. They were ever present and only grew in times of conflict. Still, she felt calm and compassion, goodness, order, confidence, and light. They glowed even stronger. The righteousness of the light side easily holding the prowling tendrils of darkness at bay. It was to this peaceful cacophony that the girl lent her spirit to mingle and strengthen their cause. She pushed forth a calm confidence that would find recess in the hearts of any touched by it, instilling them with vigor and conviction. And still, she walked onwards, the inner mingling of the force with the exterior world invisible to the naked eye. Leena wound her way through the haphazard streets. She needed to check on the crystal stores of the Jedi. Crystals had many uses from lightsabers to healing and with the galactic wars upon them, they would be in short supply. Furthermore, finding someone to assist her in scouting the icy world would be a boon. As Leena looked around, she knew that Nar Shaddaa was becoming a ripe target; one that the Sith would eventually seek to pluck. Leena hoped to help avert some of the inevitable pain that would someday wash through these streets. Ilum was desolate and remote. Preserving and building a remnant of the Order there would ensure that even if the Sith conquered this world, the Jedi would live on, the flame of light would not be extinguished. In her white robes and salmon skin, Leena stood out as a healer of high regard. The chromium plated hilt that swung freely at her waist, dangling from her white cloth sash was the only outward sign of her Jedi affiliation. Still, here amongst the Jedi, Leena felt at home, at peace.
  7. Leena ignored the Mandalorian quip as she watched the brood of warrior peoples make their way away. In truth, the situation had gone better than she expected. Their leaving the planet would make it easier to begin the healing. ‘The force works in mysterious ways.’ Leena turned her full focus on the badly injured Genesis. She rushed forward to the wounded Jedi, pressing her hand into the wound, warm tingling force energies surging forth from he fingers as they were coated in blood. Wrapping her free arm around Genesis’ waist, Leena heaved, assisted by a surging power within the force. With one careful step after another, she made her way back towards their speeder. There she carefully secured Genesis in what had been her seat, scrunching herself into the area between the wounded Jedi and the dash. Leena kept pressure on the wound as she silently drew in the natural world around them and channeled the pureness of the force within heart out through her hands and very pores, a warm glow emanating all about. “You are ok brother. Focus your mind on the force. Let it mingle with the light and pour out from your soul. Say it with me, emotion, yet peace; ignorance, yet knowledge; passion, yet serenity; chaos, yet harmony . . . “ Once Kirlocca had climbed back aboard and they returned to the city, Leena quickly turned over the care of Genesis to some of the expert healers in the city. The Jedi Knight went so far as to escort Genesis into the field hospital and oversee his care until she was sure that he had been stabilized. She felt the force swirling about them. With one final surge of healing power directed towards Genesis, Leena excused herself from the hospital. She knew that Kirlocca had to leave and the rescue fleet was busy rebuilding the fractured world. Still, Leena wanted to be sure that everything was just right. With the Mandalorians departing, guarded envoys of medical professionals and supplies could begin to venture out towards the smaller cities, towns, and settlements. Leena was determined to see that this aid was not hampered in any way. An hour later, Leena walked out of the makeshift command center, a smile tugged at the edges of her mouth. She was confident that teams would be heading out post haste. Furthermore, she had been able to guarantee that Genesis would be transported back to Jedi Headquarters once he was stable enough to be transported. Walking towards a haphazard looking freighter, Leena’s eye lit up at the site of a trio of barrel height brightly colored Squibs. Their chatters of delight at the arrival of their friend emanated through the force. “Look brothers of closest kin! It is our dearest of fish-like comrades of peace and death defying anti-ouch healing generousity-minded Jedi, Doctory Doc Leena Kil who kills not! Doctory Doc we have come to take you on to the ice world of secretive Jedi secrets with your fearsome quiet shadow friend.” Leena stooped to wrap each of the chattering squirrel-esque beings in a warm hug, genuinely pleased to see that they had come for her. Leena and the Squibs had a long history and they had been very compassionate in helping the Jedi in her fledgling years. Now that she was a Jedi Knight, the squibs were more happy than ever to help the now liberated Jedi spread peace and compassion throughout the galaxy, by force if necessary. Striding down the loading ramp, an armored Corellian whose signature was lost in the expanse of the force offered a bowing head-nod to Leena. Leeba stood, her expression turning slightly more serious aside from the smile on her face and in her eyes. Bowing slightly she greeted the man, “Defender Mantis, I am honored to have you by my side again.” After exchanging pleasantries and discussing the happenings of the Squib tribes, Chandrilla’s rebuilding, and the state of the galaxy, the group boarded the carefully crafted hunk-of-junk that was the Squib designed vessel and set off into the cosmos. Their next destination: Ilum.
  8. Standing to a slight crouch, Leena looked over the emerging Mandalorians and the bleeding Genesis. The Jedi she had met en route to this world lay slumped and bleeding before them. Exchanging a knowing glance with the much larger furred Jedi beside her, Leena easily reslung her yet unlit saber. She offered a warm smile to the lead Mandalorian woman that spoke towards them, reaching out on a wave of warm light force to feel for the downed Jedi. She instinctively felt the downed Jedi’s wounds. She wanted to rush to his aid; but knew better. Situations such as this demanded more than a healing hand. Diplomacy was a fine art, especially if one wanted to forego any further violence. ‘Especially with those who claim violence as their native tongue’ she mused to herself. With a soft pulse of encouraging energies, Leena directed her healing energies towards Genesis in an effort to at the least stymie the flow of blood and the looming approach of death until she could render more direct aid. Still, she kept a wary eye on the weapon-toting Mandalorians, her senses on edge. She trusted Kirlocca to handle the initial situation if it devolved to violence.
  9. Leena bailed out of the speeder, only a fraction of a second slower than the reincarnate wookiee. The force silently hummed about her, it’s energy feeding her senses. This was not an emergency ward or surgery, but her senses were attuned as such, looking and feeling for any abnormality that might present itself, needing quick removal before it could cause more damage. Still, the girl was not quite prepared for the suddenness by which her cohort drew his saber and fell to the attack. Her weapon rested solidly against her hip yet. Leena was not willing to draw it. What was the use? But still, Kirlocca’s actions demanded that she respond as well, lest he fell the trio of Mandalorian watchmen. Scurrying from behind the rocky cover Leena reached out in the force as the Mandaloriand turned their attention to the hairy onslaught of humming orange plasma. With outstretched arms, Leena lept, her body curving into a forward rolling flip onward and upward towards the two remaining guards. The force hummed at her fingertips as she focused on the light that it churned within her. Like a tumbling stone she rolled through the air just above the being’s helmeted heads. With the skill of a surgeon, she reached out as she passed, planting a hand on top of each of their bucketed heads, releasing a pulse of healing energy; pure force designed to be applied in surgery to distract and dull the senses in place of anesthetic . It was a touching wave of outward power that was intended to cut one’s senses off from themself. A dull senseless feeling spread from Leena’s hands outward through the Mandalorians’ armor and into their persons, a feeling that dulled the nerves and numbed feeling in what normally would be preparation for surgery so as to avert the pain of being cut into. Senseless dullness spread out through the warrior’s craniums and into their chests and upper arms along the neural pathways. Nothing, in and of itself was inhibited, but that feeling of one’s own form being felt foreign and unfeeling was enough to cause a sense of distraction. Landing with a thud on a foot and knee on the other side, Leena pivoted to look back at her partner and the others, her sense spreading out from her searching for any other cancerous threats, her unlit saber hilt finding it’s way to her hand.
  10. Leena inhaled sharply at the mention of the Mandalorians. She had heard stories of their brutality, both in the operating room and from aged Jedi texts. “I’m not that good with this thing,” she mumbled fingering the lightsaber hanging at her waist and setting in her lap as she sat in the speeder. Closing her eyes for a moment, Leena sought out the inner warmth of light that the force seemed to have nestled in her chest. Focusing on that, she breathed slowly, letting the calm radiate outwards into her body, extremities, and beyond. As the speeder tore across the uneven rocky ground beneath it, Leena felt the world around them. Natural, wounded, but the purity of nature still rung with truth. She could understand why Jedi naturalists chose their vocation. Something about it spoke to the deepest recesses of one’s soul, even the healer’s. This was not her lot in life however. She felt the world about them as it rushed past, allowing her mind abd soul to find a center amongst the truths it offered. It was then that she felt it. The speeder tore forwards in the deft hands of the Jedi Master Kirlocca, allowing Leena to submerge herself deeper and deeper into the force. There it was! The unnatural, a darkness that spoke not of life and natural but of pain, hatred, and disorder. “Mandalorians,” the young Jedi Knight whispered loudly, her eyes fluttering open to look first at Kirlocca and then off into the distance. Pointing a finger forward and to their right, Leena indicated the direction that she felt the disturbance calling from. She did not know if it was who they were looking for or if Genesis was among them, but she knew that like a cancer within a patient, a darkness that threatened to spread and destroy whatever fell into it’s grasp was boiling in the area. Cancerous removals were an area that Leena was proficient in.
  11. Leena had been busy since her arrival. She had helped set up field hospitals, directing other volunteers, and been tending to a menagerie of different patients with an equally varying amount of wounds, injuries, and maladies. Through it all, the force flowed from the Mon Cal girl; from her, to her, and through her, amplified as it radiated out from her with a positive energy that boosted the hearts and minds of patient and attendee alike. With renewed energy, Leena and the volunteers about her were able to work longer and harder. Their results, beyond that of what many had ever seen. A Jedi’s touch. Leena’s white robes were grayed with grunge and tinged with blood as she finished treating her next patient. She had lost count of how many patients she had seen, but still, the girl felt revitalized. She had not needed to draw her saber or do anything that was not dedicated to advancing the cause of light and right. Darkness seemed to flee from around the girl. Energy seemed to course through her body. Stripping off her disposable gloves and depositing them in a receptacle, Leena took a break to step outside. Looking up with a smile, the young Jedi let the warm sunlight cascade down upon her face. Then she paused. A strange sense of urgency flooded across the waves of the force. It was not one that heralded an impending doom, though it seemed to carry a sense of danger on it’s waves. She felt the presence of the former Grand Master Kirlocca on the end of the tidal force. He had reached out to her. Something was wrong, even if Leena did not know exactly what. Setting off at a brisk walk that turned into a trot, and into a run as the urgency vibrated more strongly each moment. Whatever it was, time was of the essence and speed was not the opposite of peace. Skidding to a stop, Leena saw Kirlocca mounting a speeder. She raised a questioning eyebrow at the statement. She knew the Master’s presence itself was more than muscle. It was a lighthouse of good in the chaos if such a quest. Days in and the chaos of good was still going strong. “A firefight? What is going on? Where did Genesis go? Is he in some sort of danger? I am a Jedi. Whatever is needed of me, I will do. It is probably a good thing I brought my lightsaber with me on this peacekeeping mission. After Mon Cal, I don’t think I’ll ever leave it behind. Things can go south too quickly am I right? And we are Jedi, we need to be prepared for anything. I’ve heard some of the patients talking about Mandalorians? I’ve never met a Mandalorian that I know of. I bet as the Grand Master you’ve met plenty of different people from different cultures haven’t you?” The girl rattled on cheerfully, her young talkative nature not betraying nervousness, but a sense of excitement at being able to accompany Master Kirlocca on a mission of sorts. Realizing she was prattling the girl paused momentarily before asking “So where we going?” Clammering into the speeder’s passenger seat, Leena looked around. Where was Genesis? She could sense something was off, but she had not known the Jedi apprentice very well and through all the emotions of the sick, wounded and lost she had trouble tracing the young Jedi. “I have a lot of patients counting on me here. We better make this quick Master.”
  12. The small fleet of concentrated Jedi ships slipped from hyperspace with ease. The Survivor’s Foundation had already been on site of the devastated world for days, setting up camps to dole out all manner of aid to the throngs of offworld refugees, beginning the lengthy process of surveying and preparing to rebuild homes and businesses, taking samples of devastated soils, poisoned plant life, and wildlife that could be found, and much much more. Annals of history needed poured over, the galaxy needed scoured for plants and wildlife that could be brought in to rebuild the fallen world, and an exploding populace of locals and refugees alike needed housing and livelihoods rebuilt. Leena stood on the bridge of the ship, her jaw set in a look of grim determination that offset her warm compassionate eyes. Looking out across the quickly growing planet and fleet before them, she inhaled deeply. This would not be another disaster; not like Mon Cal. She was a Jedi, as a Jedi there were certain expectations that were had of her, and she had expectations of herself. The Jedi had sent a team of healers to assist the medical professionals from all edges of the galaxy that made up the Survivor’s Foundation; between them all, hopefully they could bring relief and hope to the people and the world of Chandrila. As the smaller sized Jedi ships began to touch down on the surface, Leena was one of the first to bound off the ship, her inner light and excitement threatening to burst the seams of her calm exterior facade that she expected all Jedi were expected to carry themselves with. With a deep breath, Leena took in the chaos of the world. Desperation, fear, chaos, it was all there; but in the midst of it, on the backs of the Foundation and the Jedi, there was hope. Exhaling, Leena turned to a passing crewman who was disembarking. “You. Let’s get the supplies offloaded and get to work helping. Once we get started with that, I need all the healers who have come along to rendezvous with me at the mobile hospital complex at the edge of Hanna City.”
  13. Leena raised an eyebrow as she smiled at the Jedi apprentice. Laughter was a welcome commodity nowadays it seemed. Suddenly, Leena paused; her mouth hanging slightly agape as she felt the presence of the former Grandmaster wash through the area. She had not known the Wookiee very personally; but she had been a Jedi since her childhood and had seen him from afar several times. She had mourned the Grandmaster’s death and had doubted the rumors of his return. Yet, now she felt it. “Interesting . . .” ————————————— Leena stayed with Genesis whilst he got settled and as final preperations were made. Eventually she wandered off to check on the stores of medical supply and aid that she would be taking charge of once they got planetside. A rescue fleet was going to meet the Jedi at Chandrila and efforts were going to extended to help bring the world back to it’s serene peaceful existence. It was a massive undertaking, but Leena knew it was the most Jedi thing the Jedi had done in some time. Soon enough, the rumble of the ships engines growled in the background and the Jedi aid was on it’s way.
  14. Leena looked up with a smile at her fellow Jedi. “Uhhhh...I honestly don’t know. I think it is a sort of pick a bunk that is free sort of thing. You’re welcome to bunk across the way from me. I’d enjoy the company of a fellow Jedi. Maybe we can swap some stories or something? Most of mine are just in healing wards and field hospitals; but I bet you have had some adventures. It is nice to find another Jedi my own age to hang out with. Have you been a Jedi your whole life?” The girl rambled on, her inner warmth bubbling out cheerfully as she stood up to help her fellow find a room. “Do you know if anyone else is coming with us? I mean there are lots of people; but anyone you know?”
  15. Leena turned with a warm smile. She was excited to get going, even if it was to a Sith world. The world, the people in it, they needed healing in body, mind, and spirit. “Hello there Genesis. I am Leena Kil, Apprentice healer, errrr . . . “ she paused catching herself as memories of her time with Master Sandy flooded her consciousness, “I guess I am a full fledged healer now. Still,” she offered a warm webbed handshake in greeting, “it is a pleasure to meet you. Hopefully this mission will go smoother than Mon Cal. No dark side monsters. No Sith invaders.” ”I know there is a sizable team of world healers and rebuilders preparing to go. I suspect that preparations will be done tonight and we will head out tomorrow. Want to ride on the lead ship with me? Maybe we can talk more?” Leena waited for a response before scurrying off to see that the team of rebels and Jedi support staff were prepared and the last massive loads of supplies were prepped for loading into the massive transports. There was enough supplies to undertake the beginnings of reconstruction of a world. _______________________ The next morning, Leena carried a satchel of clothing and personally selected medical supplies aboard the makeshift command ship. Smiling to the crew, she found a a sparse quarter out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the ship and plopped her bag on the floor before sitting down on the bunk. Looking about, she smiled and let out a nervous sigh. “Here we go again.”
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