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Found 2 results

  1. Sentinel “Battle Droids” Identity Real Name: Sentinel Mk1 Battle Droids A.K.A: Sentinels, Clankers, etc. Homeworld: Mechis III Species: Droid Physical Description Age: About 1 year Height: 5’ 8” Weight: About 300 pounds Hair: None. They are plastoid-alloy droids. Eyes: White-yellow lines, dimly glowing behind an sets of armored slats. Sex: Not applicable Equipment Clothing or Armor: Their armored carapace is composed of a matte grey plastoid alloy similar in composition to mainline stormtrooper armor. Weapon: Their programming is intended to allow them to use a variety of small-arms and heavy weapons from blaster rifles to man-portable missile launchers, but their combat programming has been sabotaged and they are unable to even enter a combative state. If confronted with violence, they can attempt to physically block an assailant or evacuate noncombatants, but that is the limits of their capabilities in combat. Common Inventory: Possessing remarkably dextrous hands for droids, they are capable of performing a variety of noncombative duties, including basic ship and vehicle maintenance, data entry, firefighting, and even basic first-aid. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User droids. Alignment: Lawful Neutral. As they are exposed to the Jedi Order, they will inevitably begin to form something of a moral compass. Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Order Current Faction Rank: Unranked utility NPCs History Force Side: Not applicable Trained by: Programmed by the Mechis III droid foundries Trained who: Not applicable. Known Skills: No Background: The Sentinel droids are a limited-production model of battle droids commissioned by the Jedi Order to supplement the marine forces of the Rebel Alliance. The droids stand just below two meters tall and their armored shell is composed of a matte grey plastoid alloy. Although humanoid in form, they have a recessed faceplate that sinks slightly into their chest cavity and their dimly glowing photoreceptors are protected by armored slats, giving the droids a fortified appearance. Their speech, when the ordinarily tactiturn droids elect to speak, is a synthesized baritone with a slight buzzing quality. Unlike most battle droids, their five-fingered hands and feet are remarkably dextrous, comparable to those of a reasonably coordinated organic being. Although they were designed to be significantly more versatile and competent in their abilities than previous droid armies, such as the comedically incompetent B1-series of battle droids deployed in overwhelming numbers by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, their armor and weapons are standard-issue and most predictive simulations placed them on even footing to the mainline units deployed by the Rebel Alliance and Sith Empire. However, they have been sabotaged with a crippling weakness in this regard: the Sentinel droids are literally incapable of using their weapons. Their single production run was sabotaged by an unknown third party, causing their combat and maneuver subroutines were irrevocably corrupted. They are not capable of any action more aggressive than picking up a weapon and accidentally pointing it in the general direction of an organic being. The droids seem to be aware of their flawed, incomplete nature. The inability to fulfill a droid’s primary directive has been known to drive lesser models of droids into a state of terminal indecision, but the Sentinels possess just enough independent intelligence that their condition has made them curious with regards to the nature of their design and construction. The droids have elected to accept Grandmaster Draygo’s offer to serve the Jedi Order as demilitarized assistants, capable of performing functions deemed too dangerous or hazardous for their organic compatriots. This has given the droids an opportunity to see the galaxy, to learn, and to search for a new purpose to assign as their primary directive. Ship Registration While the droids have some basic fire-fighting and maintenance capabilities, they lack the necessary programming to control any class of starship.
  2. ESLO'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Eslo Anderson A.K.A: N/A Homeworld: Tatooine Species: Human Physical Description Age: 39 Height: 5'8 Weight: 140 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Dark brown Jedi tunic with black accents, Brown colored Jedi pants, brown-dark brown leather boots, Weapon: Training Saber Common Inventory: Jedi-Issued Comm Device, Datapad, Ration Packs (5) Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User Alignment: Chaotic Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Current Faction Rank: Padawan History Force Side: Light Trained by: N/A Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Piloting, Lightsaber Combat Background: Eslo Anderson was born on Tatooine but was found by the Jedi and sent to Coruscant. He is currently a Jedi Padawan and is studying the ways of the force. He is currently finding a master showing his Lightsaber combat to prove himself to a potential Master Name: Light’s Hope Class: Corvette Model: Defender-class light corvette Manufacturer: Rendili Vehicle Corporation Length: 94 meters Armaments: 2 sets of dual laser cannons, Missiles Armor: Heavy shielding Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A Modifications: N/A Appearance:
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