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Clan SkyShatter


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Sigil of the Shattered Sky



Birth of Clan Skyshatter


With the Liberation of Onderon fresh upon the minds of Nobles and Senators alike, the Sovereignty is abuzz with political schemes and economical gain. A few of the Great Houses have even set eyes upon Lok Skyshatter in its conclusion, seeing the Sovereign Knight as a means of rising in social standings and potential sway when Onderon becomes accessible. Lok, however, sees the potential in an arranged marriage, a few offers put forth to consider, as a means of establishing a colony for the remnants of his Clan now that the Sith's occupation has ended where they can strive in peace away from the allure that has tainted their homeworld and grant his Father more sway in Onderon's Reclamation as a representative for all Beast Riders alike.


Clan of Shattered Skies


"We were born of the shattered skies, my son, thrown from the heavens by angered Gods when we attempted to usurp them in their weakness. What great warriors our ancestors were of then." - Ki Skyshatter to Lok


Legend tales of great warriors thrown from the skies as it cracked and split with the roaring of thunder and song as the Gods cried in their weakened pain. Seven Warriors emerged from fire and steel, drunk on the prizes they had stolen from the heavens, and unleashing their might between Onderon and Dxun. The Goddess Arya, despite her weakened state, rejected her immortality to stave off these warring invaders, and in the midst of their fierce battles, their leader Nevra found love. Throwing the prize he had stolen from the God Thorus aside, a blade of brimstone and sunfire, the warrior fell to his knees before Arya and threw aside his armor, pleding that she either killed him on the spot or marry him. Taken by his offer, she offered marriage for peace in return, and thus Clan Skyshatter was born amongst the Beast Riders.


Clan Skyshatter


Clan Skyshatter, often referred to as Clan Shattered Skies, are a nomadic and devote Clan of Ancient Beast Riders said to be born of the Seven Defiant and the Goddess Arya's marriage to their leader Nevra at the final battle of the War of Gifts. Most legends of the Seven Defiant list them as Plunders whom came from another world to wage war upon the Gods and the gifts that could be granted after killing their own and destroying their own realm. But when Nevra laid eyes up the Goddess Arya and her beauty, he knew no other gift could ever be granted. Throwing armor and gift aside, he begged for death if not her love, least his heart burn from his chest. As the Gods were fearful of the Defiant, and Arya intrigued, Arya would accept his offer only in peace. With them wed, the Defiant Seven became Clan Shattered Skies.


Despite the authenticity of the Legend, Clan Skyshatter has remained devoted to both Nevra and Arya in tradition and in lore. Across the centuries and millennia that has followed its birth, Clan Skyshatter has roamed the world of Onderon and its moon Dxun as Nomads and fierce Warriors bent on Peace and Augmentation of the Gifts. It is often spoken that the Beast Riders wouldn't have survived the many wars of Onderon and Dxun if it hadn't been for Clan Skyshatter and have been a spiritual figurehead in negotiations and treaties and never turn down a chance to fight. Because of this, Clan Skyshatter is respected and revered by both Beast Riders and Onderonian alike.


The Gifts


When the Defiant marched upon Heaven, there was a fierce battle with the Gods and the Three Gifts were stolen. The first, the Spirit of Thorus, was the gift Nevra stole. It was said the ember the blade of any who was of pure heart and of warrior's soul. The second was the Tread of Gyan, a gift that was stolen by Kyrix. It was said to steady the footing of those who found courage in the face of fear and wished to hasten the end. And lastly was the Armor of Promo, the gift stolen by Justar. It was said to amplify the strength and endurance of those of whom sought honor and glory in battle without hatred or vengeance.


With these three Gifts, the Seven were unstoppable. With Promo, Gyan, and Thorus dead, the remaining Gods were fearful of their demise. Except Arya, whom gave up her gift and immortality to aid the Beast Riders of old. It was in her marriage to Nevra that the gifts were returned and Arya placed them in heaven for all to share. And yet, as she placed them beside her Gift, the Stratagem of Arya, the four became one and is said that all Beast Riders gained their shared ability. With the Tread of Gyan, Beast Riders found courage even in the darkest times. With the Spirit of Thorus, their hearts would seek destiny. With the Armor of Promo, they would tame the world around them. And with the Stratagem of Arya, passed down to Clan Skyshatter alone, they would fight until peace settled upon Onderon.


Patron God of Clan Skyshatter


Despite having given up her gift and immortality, it is common belief that Arya returned to the heavens, and the three who remained, upon her death and is revered as a Patron God by those of Clan Skyshatter while others still worship her as part of the Parthenon.


Clan Creed


The Clan Creed is a prayer that each member of Clan Skyshatter attempt to live up to and adhere by. It is as follows:


"We, of Clan Skyshatter, commend our blades and hearts to the Spirit of Thorus so that we may burn away injustice and corruption. May our path walk upon the Tread of Gyan, so that we may be beacons of hope in the hours of strife and despair. And may our form be the Armor of Promo in life and in death, so that our end is glorious and honorable to all. With the Stratagem of Arya, we shatter the skies. As we ask it, so shall it be."




For millennia, generations of Clan Skyshatter have set themselves apart from most Beast Rider in their uses of Augmentation. Nearly all members of Clan Skyshatter have augmented their bodies with cyborg augmentations to better attune their bodies to the Gifts and the world around them. Most notable augmentations are characteristic to the many animals of Onderon and Dxun such as amplified sight, hearing, lost limbs, and otherwise disabilitating hindrances. It is widely believed that this retains their promise of peace as well as helping them better understand the needs of Onderon and Dxun on a spiritual level.





Ki Skyshatter: Shaman and Leader



Lok Skyshatter: Sovereign Knight and Second Born to Ki Skyshatter



Ruk Skyshatter: Warrior and First Born to Ki Skyshatter; Brother of Lok Skyshatter and Apprentice to his Father



Ragvald Skyshatter: First Cousin of Ruk and Lok Skyshatter, Warrior and Sage



Kohnrath Skyshatter: First Cousin to Ki Skyshatter and Giftist; Armorist and Augmentist


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