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  1. Skyshatter nodded his head in agreement before his gaze fell upon the two droids. As an Onderonian Beast Rider, technology had always been on the fence. If he couldn't operate it with full control, it gave him a sense of unease. But as a former Jedi and now Imperial Knight, the sense had eased over the years, especially in his growth away from his tribe and people. And yet, he could never quite get rid of the unease around droids completely. Artificial Sentience seemed unnerving unnatural to him. As the Droid designated as Ruin first spoke to him, he unconsciously tugged at his glove without lingering his eyes away from the droid. It was true that he looked like a Jedi, and was once one. But those days were long in the past. Indecision and idle hands wrought his leaving that life behind with Kyrie and the others. He was a warrior, and on the battlefield was his place, his weapon of choice being the Force that bound his breath and step. There was only two differences between he and a Sith. One: He used his powers selflessly and without regard to himself for the betterment of the Galaxy. Two: He used in powers in the name of the Empress, Raven Nasra, whom he had bound his fate to. Outside that, and his personality, there was no difference. Shifting his gaze to the smaller buzz droid, Lok heard his binary call and saw his attempt at communication. Had it not been for the translator that followed Vice Admiral Kolchak speaking in briefly, Lok would have been oblivious to it's intent. "I..uh...thanks?" Lok replied as the two departed behind the Vice Admiral, and he turned to pursue as well. At least one thing they had in common, at least from Ruin's vocal communication skills, is they held a similar objective. Under his breath, he mumbled. "Kill Sith indeed. Everything else lives." Not to say that Skyshatter reveled in death or the extinction of life, but as a Soldier of War, he understood the expectations versus reality. As a Jedi, in his past life, this concept was unknown to him. But with reality, concepts are just constructs of the mind. When it came to the Sith and the Darkside that plagues their touch, death was the only true release. If they managed to stay dead that is. As the trio met with the new arrivals, Lok loosened up slightly, a smirk adorning his face as he gazed upon the squadron. He had never met them personally, but the Talons were well known, even amongst grounders such as he. But now it was down to business. "I'm best in a supportive manner, especially where it concerns the Force." Lok began in his reply. "But skill with a Blade is just as supportive, Vice Admiral. If there are Sith at Outer Haven, they will soon find no haven for them there."
  2. Lok's gaze shifted toward KL-434, the Space Docks just a few blocks away and not that far off. It wasn't much of a trek, but as he looked the distance, he wondered if he could very well be classified as in fighting form. Physically, perhaps. Mentally, he was for sure the toll that the Altercation had taken. He seemed fine. He felt fine. He had guarded his mind well. But given what had happened to Mon Cal and what he had seen these past few days sent chills across his form. The Darkside was a powerful enemy. Still, his findings need to be reported personally. And if he felt that his mind was beginning to linger, he felt the Vice Admiral and Escort would be a safe space. Responding, Lok signalled his heading. "Reporting to KL-434. Skyshatter out." With an 'Arvoir' and bow of the head, Skyshatter said goodbye to Sir Tarko and Lady Andromina as he made his departure, the Stormtroopers confiscating the explosives along with the droid to be sent ahead to ISB for analysis. It honestly felt that the moment below was finally over and safety had been found despite the unease he felt within. But then again, Lok had always been over conscious when it came to mental attacks. They always tended to have a lasting and nasty effect. Scanning his Imperial ID at the Space Port check point and gaining entry, Lok walked along the gangplank until he came across the one numbered by the Guards. Stepping aboard, he didn't like the appearence of what he saw. There was much death here, the air sinister with foul intents. It almost mimicked the deep. And yet, amidst the fray, at the very center of the Bridge, he would find the beacon of light that Mon Cal begged for: Vice Admiral Kolchak. With a sharp salute, Lok presented himself. "Skyshatter reporting in, Vice Admiral, sir."
  3. Atop the hewn tunnel, Lok knelt before the latent corpses strewn about, blaster bolts originating and ending within the mass collection. Only the disfigured faces caused his nerves to unsettle as movements were made in the shadows like falling coral into the trenching water. Lok shifted about with his silver blade extended, it's glow illuminating the horror within this cavern. These were those they sought, but something more sinister had gotten to them first and left behind the stolen explosives. Lok was almost certain now that whatever voice he heard, whatever sentience laid within this maze of coral and stone, was primordial in its darkened origins. "Our search is over." Lok spoke aloud to Sir Tarko and Lady Andromina, his gaze shifting about in an attempt to peer past them into the voided abyss of darkness, the hairs of his human skin heightened in his alertness. "Let's recover the explosives and leave this place." As the Stormtroopers began collecting and inspecting the crates and spilt explosives, Lok sat in silence. The air was growing thinner in the presence of the darkness, and was beginning to dissipate so quickly. He closed his eyes and settled his emotions. He may have still been reeling from the mental altercation, but he was not without sense. Whatever Darkness laid down here and made it home had moved on, it's presence no longer present. When all had been gathered, they began the trek back the way they had came. A few hours later in the brisk cool night air, they stepped from aboard the lift back onto the surface of Coral City. It was quiet, but life was beginning to return. Lok smiled finally and sighed a sigh of brief relief. There mission was over, but the darkened taint left behind by the Sith, or something even older, remained in its depth. It would only be a matter of time before it surfaced and would be put down, but with their knowledge of it, perhaps a solution could be found for when it did. It would need to be reported to the Vice Admiral @Nikolai Kolchak at once either way. Grabbing his communicator, he chimed the elder Imperial and reported their return, as well as their findings below, including the Droid.
  4. Lok's head throbbed briefly as the voice beaconed them, the Imperial Knight shaking the moment of unclarity from his mind as remnants of the mental altercation he had encountered with the crustacean. As the red light throbbed at the darkness around them, Lok too tried his comms but only received static and white noise from the surface above. It wasn't anything of alarm considering their depth, but the voice did cause his alertness to heighten. As Sir Tarko and Lady Andromina dealt with the droid, Lok began investigating the tunnel off to the left, his silver blade illuminating it's steep decline. He couldn't help but want to venture away from this tunnel, and was beginning to second judge his decisions as he remained silent.
  5. Lok's blade deactivated, the Imperial Warden shifting his weight and continuing his grasp as the dying crustacean squirmed beneath his feet until It's life had perished. He gazed downward, the regret in his heart in that moment flowing forth in tears as he took the time to stand and clip his saber back to his hip. His gaze shifted about, his care focusing on those who had came with them, ensuring that his help was not needed. But there was no explosion, no fire, no injuries from the possessed creature's final act. And he sighed as he climbed down from his perch upon the beast. As Sir Tarko spoke, and Lady Andromina called her men to her side, Lok took the moment of silence in the darkness to compose himself, to reel in his emotions of taking a life. It wasn't to say that he wasn't against it, but it was a last resort means of handling a situation. Had it not been for the creature's mind being called by the Darkness that flowed in the air around him, he might have succeeded in a peaceful resolution. But now, it mattered little and there was still no sign of the Smugglers nor their presence having been there. If this creature had encountered them, then surely one or two of their corpses would be laying about. Perhaps they laid ahead where the creature cake from, but they would have to delve deeper to be sure. "I agree." Lok spoke as he turned back to the party through the lingering light of the glowrods. "It should be safe up until this point for the workers, and this creature could provide a decent meal for the refugees if it scans are clean." His gaze shifted to Tarko in general. "I'm not sure the Smugglers even came this way. There's evidence in the explosives, but no bodies. This could just be remnants of a Miner's encampment." But if they had chosen the wrong path, then which was the Smuggler's true path? The dug passageway was small and seemed almost animalistic in creation. But the other posed too many potential threats with the flowing of water, even if the containers were waterproof. And what was it that laid ahead? What was that voice that preyed upon the beast's mind so tactfully, overpowering the hold Lok had begin to hold over it? It was unnaturally cold and calculative. Was it another trap laid by the Sith? Or had a Sith remained? Lok's brow furrowed. There was only one way to find out. They would have to go deeper. "Be careful all the same." Lok spoke as he laid down the tracker Tarko had suggested. "When my mind was melded with the beast, I heard a voice counteract my own hold. I don't know what it was saying, but it was dark in nature. Could be a Sith, but it felt ancient. And it came from deeper within."
  6. Lok could feel the creature begin to settle, could feel it's notions of emotions and priorities begin to subside as he poured himself into the creature and attempt to peacefully end the encounter. And as the creature did, Lok too began to lessen his use of the Force, a smile abruptly crossing his face that it was coming to a close. But Lok wasn't prepared for the Darkness that resided in the distance. He felt the darkness when it came, heard the voice echo in his own mind, and reeled backwards from it's presence as it tore back into the mind of the creature. He knew then that it wasn't them that called upon the creature to attack, even as the ancient voice spoke in a language he could not comprehend. Shaking the darkness from his mind as he released his control over the beast, his face turned a clammy white as the realization hit and he caught his footing just briefly before the creature slammed into the wall that was behind him. He barely had time to react as the chaos consumed the moment, propelling himself upward and onto the creature's back, his blade finding its self activated in a reverse hold as his hand grabbed the chitlin plating for a solid hold. As Sir Tarko and Lady Andromina engaged the beast with the Troopers spreading out to fire, Lok enveloped himself with the Force and created a barrier around his form to deflect friendly fire. Holding onto and maintaining his barrier while on the back of the beast wasn't an easy feat, and the ride only got more chaotic as the air between them and the creature grew in intensity. Lok knew there was only one way to end this, and despite his reluctance, he knew it must be done. As he felt Tarko's tug on the Force and felt the crustacean's form shift, Lok propelled himself upward toward the gap in its shell, attempting to drive his blade into its brain through the exposed flesh. Darkness was the enemy, and the beast was possessed with it.
  7. Lok flexed within the Force, allowing it's currents to wrap around and within the beast's mind and vision as one mind strained against that of the other in an invisible war of will. His outstretched hand holding his unlit saber could feel the intertwined emotions of fear and anger within the Crustacean as it sought Sir Tarko, it's bloodlust fueled by the darkness that coveted their souls. And through the Crustacean, he could feel it's power, whatever the Darkness behind the Veil may have been, reeking of cold and bitter decay. Whatever Darkness laid ahead of them, for a brief moment, Lok felt it's spiritual presence within the Force, playfully drawing upon the strings of fate like a child with new toys. And yet, as instantly as it appeared, it was gone coyfully. As if it had suppressed it's self or retreated once Lok learned of it's subtle but powerful presence. It briefly distracted Lok to the point of nearly losing his concentration upon the beast's mind before he had to outstretch both arms and reinforce himself. As sweat beaded down his brow, Lok attempted to delve deeper into the mind of the Crustacean, letting the serene and peaceful presence he held within the Force to flow into the creature in an attempt to calm it and restore it's balance in the natural flow, hindering them no more of a threat in its eyes. It was taking all of his concentration to attempt this feat, a technique he had saw as a child upon Dxun before his induction into the Jedi Order, but one he hoped would pay off. "Lady Andromina, Sir Tarko..." Lok spoke barely over a whisper aloud, hoping it's soft tone would echo across the vastness without enraging the Crustacean or alerting it to their presence as he attempted to sway the creature. "Make a swift and silent exit if you can." Having spoken that, Lok closed his eyes and poured his presence into his senses, attempting to meld his mind with the beast. Originally a member of Onderon's famed Beastriders, Lok had the bloodline capable of taming nearly any beast of non-sentience. But he only remembered very few moments of his time before the Jedi Order. So this moment was one of instinct and memories, letting the Force guide his hands and mind as he attempted such a feat. He knew that once he was able to mask their presence, he had taken the first step. But now called for the second step. To let his mind become one with the Crustacean, to meld into a intertwined consciousness of tranquility and serenity. To attempt it was dangerous, as it could easily alert the Crustacean and send it's mental defenses into action. But like treading on uneven ground, it had to be taken one step at a time. Opening his own mind to the creature's, he let the emotions within him settle in attempt to settle the creature's own, to allow it the notion of safety and security so that it would sway away peacefully. He allowed the calmness of his soul and love within his heart to pour out in attempt to pacifiy it's bloodlust and fear. And as he focused deeper, he closed his eyes to allow the creature the ability to see through his own eyes and attempt to give it the knowledge of their intent, hopefully persuading that what it protected was in no way of being harmed.
  8. As Sir Tarko and Lady Andromina began their descent into the tunnel ahead, Lok quickly followed, glowrod in hand to illuminate their way. Although the entrance was well lit, Lok noticed areas of darkness beyond, and given the rapidly decline that came after their descent, it aided in the mush of clay and footing. Steps would need to taken with caution and firm placement, and the mind would need to be on active alert. It wouldn't bold well to blindly charge into the dark. Adjusting the glowrod in dependence on the level of lighting in the darkened intervals as they went, Lok followed behind Sir Tarko and Lady Andromina with cautious alert. Occasionally, Lok would overtly trust his footing and feel it give way briefly, clay kicking up onto his armor and gloves as he retracted his footing and found a more firm setting, the use of his hands to keep his core balance. But for the most part, the descent was casual with the men behind them bringing up the rear. Gazing across the pathway, it looked rather traversed from his vantage point, and here and there, it seemed new rails had been recently replaced, giving Lok the feeling that they were on the right track. But Lok couldn't shake the feeling of being watched and spied upon in the shadows of the tunnel. Try as he might to disregard the goosebumps scattering across his skin and the manipulation of his mind as the cold damp air of the tunnel, he simply couldn't. "Be mindful." Lok forwarned as they approached an opening in the tunnel, it's emptiness more than it should have been, with the rusted replaced rails strewn about. As the men fanned out once again, Lok brought the glowrod down and investigated the ground for tracks in the clay, but only found numerous jumbled together. "Could be a trap nearby..." Just as he uttered the words, a loud bang erupted a bit past their location, causing weapons to be drawn and minds to go to full alert. Then came the Crustacean's gutteral roar as it came into view. Lok was surprised by it's size and quickly threw the glowrod to his side as he pulled forth his lightsaber with intent to activate. But the sight of explosives laying about quickly hindered his draw. Given the Crustacean's armored form, and the intensity of the Lightsaber's blade, it could easily cause a flash explosion should a single spark ignite the explosives, decayed or not. "Still your weapons!" Lok yelled above the creature's roar as he reached into the Force, attempting to meld his mind with those around him in his overtly alertness to the potential of the weapons causing an explosion. "A single spark of either weapon upon the shell of the Crustacean could ignite us into the afterlife." Ignoring the hauntingly darkened voice as much as he could, whether his own internal voice managed to cross the threshold of the others, Lok turned his attention in the Force to that of the beast. Hopefully Sir Tarko could understand his intent as he began to attempt to hide their presence from the beast in its own mind.
  9. Lok went down with the first detachment of Stormtroopers, his gaze shifting about the steel carriage during the descent and a few words of small talk uttering out his mouth about the length of time and wonderment of how far down it went and what it likely led to, his intent to ease the tension that lingered from their mounting the lift. Lok had very few interactions with the rank and file of the Imperial Remnant, and given the history that he endured before leaving the Jedi Order by Imperial Soldiers, it wasn't much of a surprise. But it had been years, and grudges weren't his fortitude. Now days, he treated such strangers with awkward shyness and overtly blabbering. Still, it always managed to somehow work in his favor with a few words returned. When they departed the lift and stood upon the precipice of the cavern, Lok stepped to it's center as the Troopers fanned out, the Imperial Knight observing the area both with his sight and within the Force. A semblance of the Darkside presided down here in much more concentrated form, but he still relinquished the lift for the others to arrive behind them as his awareness amplified. The smell of death and decay down here barely phased Lok, his top atop having adjusted his senses to it, but either way, given what happened here at Mon Cal, he was on alert. Perverse traps laid by the Sith could lurk around every corner, and before he made an attempt to investigate outside the immediate perimeter, he would await for the others to arrive. And wait, he did. Grabbing a glowrod from his pouch, he activated it, worrisome about the potential for explosion if he used his Lightsaber as he searched the dusty ground for tracks and search the laid about containers for hints of what laid within. Most of it was mining equipment, some held medical kits, but none offered any guidance of the thieves they were after. As the others disembarked, he would meet them with a notice and a wave as he searched, the distant trickling of water and sounds of falling rocks playing in the foreground. That was, until the unleased feeling of doom washed over them and the ghostly voice echoed throughout the chamber. Shifting his gaze toward it's directional output, Lok attempted to arrive at his location through his natural senses, but he couldn't tell if it had come from one or the other tunnels. And even the Force found its self blind to any direction it could be located by. Lok's brow furrowed at the notion, and it left him uneased. But there wasn't much he could do and he didn't want to lead the group blindly. "I wouldn't advise splitting up at the moment as Sir Tarko advised." Lok spoke after Sir Tarko addressed the group. "Whether it's remnants of the Sith's sorcery or not, we'll stand a better chance as one unit, at least until we figure out what it is. Standing up and dusting the dirt from his hands, his gaze shifted back to Sir Tarko in answering his question after having time to come to a similar conclusion. " I concur. Given the sounds of rushing water, I highly doubt the Smugglers would have went down the right tunnel. Time consuming and takes too many chances of damaging the goods. And the left tunnel is too narrow." His gaze shifted to the left tunnel. There was something off in his mind about it. It was almost animalistic in creation. Shifting his gaze back to Sir Tarko and Lady Andromina, he finished. "The only logical path is the Center. It offers a means of transportation, a clear path provided by the Miners, and has been used recently. Commander?"
  10. The affects of the refresher felt good against his sunburnt skin as it washed over his nude form inside the tent. He could hear Sir Tarko outside as he rummaged through the crates before falling silent. Part of Lok wanted to stay and aid in the relief, more so to keep the spirits of the people up than that of the actual labor. But he was duty bound as an Imperial Knight and the Oath he once took beside Kyrie when they left the Jedi Order behind. And for Lok, his word was worth more than his life. Nothing meant more. When he exited the tent, his crimson armor was pristine, glimmering against the sunshine of Mon Cal as his modified Lightsaber hung at his hip, shined and impeccably polished. Though the lightsaber was the one he built as a Padawan, in it's center sat the silver blade of the Imperial Knight he had become and why his armor looked almost new, a testament to his commitment to the Empress and her Empire. Both only adorned him when duty called, and only his blade found activation when he chose to kill. They were not tools. They were his way of life. With a nod of the head, he followed Sir Tarko onward, a brief smile and wave to the men he had spent the last few days working with as they departed. Gazing about as they traversed the war torn capital city of Mon Cal, Coral City, asilent sadness engulfed his presence in the Force, bodies and rubble still littering the streets like trash. Rebel soldiers, Mon Calamari, and Quarren alike, all lifeless and empty eyed as they stared in horror of their last breaths. It alone was enough to somber a presence, let alone the lingering darkness that weighed heavily over it's destruction. It reminded him of why he left the Jedi Order in the first place. When they caught up with the Vice Admiral and Commander, Lok pushed aside the sadness in his heart and proudly snapped to attention, his fist across his heart. "Vice Admiral.... Commander.
  11. Laying back with the sun shining upon his form, his eyes closed as he embraced the warmth after so many hours of Mon Cal's deep cold, Lok felt the vigor and gusto of the workers return. He smiled, letting the Force and himself rest against the soft breeze that flowed across his damp form. Despite the lingering darkness, Lok focused on the peace of the moment, letting his mind and body become one with the moment. It was a moment that bared a resemblance to his time as a Jedi, long before the schism that tore the Order apart. Upon Haruun Kal if he remembered correctly. As a shadow crept across his form, he smirked, feeling the dampness of his shirt grow colder in the shade and he lifted his arm from over his eyes to gaze upon the Knight standing before him. He was beginning to wonder what the others here were up to, but with the status of Coral City, he half expected to run into a single one of them. As the Elder began to speak in greeting, Lok rose to meet him. "Lok... Lok Skyshatter." The Onderonian Knight spoke with a soft voice and a sincere smile as he offered out his hand. I've heard rumors amongst the workers about them, but no solid lead. I was beginning to think it was fabrication of fearful minds or petty thugs spreading false narratives to keep others away from potential salvages. But without proof.... Lok stood and stretched upward, interlocking his fingers and arching his back. "Well. It's a moot point now. It seems you've gathered better Intel and possibly a location." When Lok first arrived, the rumor mill was abuzz with such tales, the workers fearful and distraught. His original mission was aid and relief, but given what had become of Mon Cal and the terror in the workers, he decided to investigate these claims in secret. But every lead had led to a dead ends, even the latest that led him down the aquaduct. He was beginning to relax, unable to find any truth to these fears until now. Wiping the sweat from his face with his hand, he kinda wished that it wasn't true. "We can gather my gear from the tent over there and head out." Lok pointed to the tents set up over near the powerplant. "In truth, brother, I was beginning to hope these rumors were just that, rumors."
  12. Days have passed since Lok had arrived at Mon Cal to aid in the relief efforts after the Rebellion's victory in reclaiming the aquatic world. When he had first arrived with the Alliance Core of Engineers, Coral City was merely ashes of it's former self, the dead littering the streets and it's foundation on the brink of collapse back into the sea that surrounded it. But with determination and the influx of workers that arrived in troves, the clean up was well under way. Near one of the city's foundation pillars, a being in a pressurized suit climbed up from a flooded aquaduct, nearly ten more climbing up after him as he released the suit's seal and breathed in a breath of fresh air. Lok looked around, and smiled, the local areas beginning to look less like a war zone and more like terraforming as rubble had been hauled off and scaffolding littered the many homes and buildings in the area. He sighed and set the helmet aside as he began unzipping the suit, a rumble echoing in his stomach. Lok had been spread thin most of the past few days, his crimson Imperial Armor locked away with his other gear in a chest at the tent. He had spent most of the first days removing rubble and aiding in the sanitation of the war torn corpses and necropothy. Then he spent the last few helping to stabilize the foundation. With a spray of cold drinking water, he drenched his face and combed back his blonde dreadlocks with his fingers as he sat off to the side amidst the workers as they took in the relaxing break and the fresh sea air. Stabilizing Coral City was still a far off realization, but they were working hard at it. Delving into the Force as he took the breather, he let the moment of somber wash across the city as the wavering energies found respite through his use of the Force, revitalizing the weak and weary along with the worn out and dreary. The Darkness that stained this place was encumbersome, knawing at the minds of everyone with doubt and hopelessness. And Lok had his part to play in keeping up the morale. His presence may have been a portion of rejuvenation, but the Force had became a necessity against the tides of the lingering Sith Magic. And yet, there felt like something darker awaited a perfect storm. Almost as if Coral City had not seen the last of those who robbed this place of it's life force. He wasn't able to tell if it was the remnants of the Sith Magic or if something darker lurked in waiting. But he could feel it's cold chill nibbling at his spine. Whichever it would be revealed as, it was his due diligence as an Imperial Knight to stand against it. It was his oath, not as a Former Jedi, but as a Knight of his Empress. Even if Kyrie had fled from her own.
  13. Lok stepped to the holotable with a hint of subtle experience, their last encounter with the Sith leaving a sour taste within his mouth as much as whiskey did during his leave. But this time, with the added aid, Lok was filled with a newfound glimmer of hope, his aim as true as his oath to his beloved Empress. With a nod toward Godfrey, he opened his comm to Captain Greer. "Bring us out of hyperspace." The lines that once blurred shifted to a sudden standstill as the stars lit up the darkened backdrop. At his command was an Armada, one he felt unworthy to command and yet would do so with the confidence that its men beckoned for. Emanating it in his stance and forward gaze, he gazed upon the enemy before him and smirked. They had returned in full force to rid Corellia of the Sith once and for all.
  14. Darkness and Light..... Lok looked on as the surrounding darkness of space first illuminated with the light, absorbed it just as quickly, explosions of bombardment quickly fading away to reveal the might of the Sith Empire still standing firm, the encroaching darkness that swelled in the Force fraught with screams of agony of lives lost. He could feel the feast of the Darkside upon the countless souls, hindering his own firm stance and his gaze shifted to Captain Greer, a man of obligation and knowledge gazing back as if the two knew the others thoughts and horrors. "Have the ships converge on us Captain Greer." Lok spoke as he hung his head, the Elder Captain placing his hand briefly upon the Knight's shoulder before issuing orders across the board. "We have no choice. We cannot feed their desires." With their main objective complete, Hammer having done their job, Lok knew the moment was at hand. Once Menace and Sentienel were in place, Lok gave the go ahead. Turning aft in unison, engines at full sublight, Bombers returning, their destination become clear. Crossing his hands behind his back, Lok stared out the viewport with Captain Greer at his side. Hesitation in his voice, Lok spoke heavily with doubt. "May the Force help us all."
  15. And silence was their answer... Lok shook his head in disgust, the audacity of the Sith knew no bounds. As his ships moved into formation, he knew that if they did not stop the Sith here and now, like Coruscant, and likely Onderon, Corellia stood little chance against their might. That's why he was tasked with this mission by his Empress, and come death or survival, he would see his mission through with the grace and prestige that befell him as one of her Imperial Knights. Like a spear of Imperial precision, the strike force settled into position, Lok's gaze shifting out the view port as he and Captain Greer looked onward in determination. Lok knew he held no experience here, which is why he conferred with the Captain on the go as the Sith moved into their own, finding confidence in the Elder's knowledge and wisdom. Tension filled the air as the calm before the storm befell all present this day as Corellia's own lively hood stood on the brink of balance and possible doom. And because of this, Lok knew what had to be done. "Their silence is loud and clear." Lok spoke, his gaze briefly shifting to Captain Greer. "Open comms on all ships." "This is Lok Skyshatter of her Majesty's Imperial Knights." He spoke into the unit he held, pride and confidence boasting within his tone despite his own reserves upon his own capabilities, making sure to quell any of it spilling out of his voice. "No matter what happens this day, let it be known that we stood as the first wave against the tyrannical Sith might, the strongest they've faced since the fall of the old Alliance. Because through us, Imperial and Alliance alike, we have risen stronger than ever before to stare their darkness in the face and laugh. And when they ask why, reply with this. We are the light that dwells in the darkness, illuminating the hidden truth, that we can never be extinguished." With that, Lok laid the comm down and gave a subtle nod toward Captain Greer. Like his people before him, the Onderonian that stood here to face the mighty Sith Empire, it was time to release the beasts within and let the Drexls fly with open freedom. "Release the Bombers."
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