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Sirris System

Astro Graphical Information

Region: Unknown Regions
Grid Coordinates: G-16

Points of Interest: The Sirris System is composed of 5 Space Stations across the system, as well as 3 barren planets that are almost completely harvested of valuable materials. While each station is self-sustaining and houses specific Temples for the Order of the Sacred Star, the Sirris have made some stations more dedicated to certain tasks. Station 5 is closest to Sirris Star, which in turn houses the partially functioning Dyson Swarm. 


The Sirris Star
Sirris 5: Grand Temple of the Sacred Star
Sirris 4: Steludex Temple, Central Education Hub for Larva
Sirris 3: Central Ore Mining and Reprocessing Hub, Temple for Way of Embers
Sirris 2: Temple for Way of Flame, Central Greenhouse and Water Mining Hub
Sirris 1: Temple for Way of Smoke, Shrine to the Enlightened Strangers


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: Sirris
Immigrated Species: none currently
Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic
Faction Affiliation: Neutral
Defense Rating: Level 3
JediRP Canon History: See Sirris Species and Order of the Sacred Star

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