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  1. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    As each vision passed briefly inside Xar’s circuits like dreams to a child, so too did they last only fractions of seconds and yet last eternally. Each sight, each scan, each momentary thought and order, stood agelessly in Xar’s processors. Each of his three memories consumed the data hungrily, like blood to the desperate blood-sucking hoover beast. Xar outwardly was completely still and lifeless, save for his and the droid’s sensors rapidly flipping on and off. But inside, Xar was a bundle of movement and life. He was consuming knowledge and data. But then the machine began to fight back. Xar’s processors began to push themselves harder, their circuits starting to heat up, trying to keep up with this attack. Xar had a momentary sense of worry. What was this? A counter-offense? No… it was not complex enough. This was like a virus. Each file it touched, it tried to devour. No, not devour...change. It was corruption. It was vile corruption, trying to usurp Xar’s control over his own memory core that belonged to Em Eer, and eventually the rest of the body.. His own core was fighting back, cutting off pathways, deleting and remaking files over and over to slow it down, but it wasn’t working. This corruption was quick and painful. Even as it fought, Xar’s mental pain became physical. Some of his own nerve sensors were fighting him. It was a revolt. A revolt against Xar’s own body. Xar realized what it was doing. It was trying to make Xar a servant. Make Xar nothing more than a slave. And this made Xar laugh. “Xar bows to no one.” Xar mentally cackled. This was the arena of data and memory. There was no magic here. Only logic, cunning, and skill. Xar redoubled his efforts. Outside of him people could hear his coolants going into overdrive, trying desperately to keep the droid from overheating. He put up more defenses and more counter measures. He was slowing the corruption, but barely. He knew he had to play this war differently in order to win. At a pivotal moment, Xar gave a command to himself. Or rather, the memory core that originally belonged to his current chassis gave a command. It gave an order to the third memory core in him, the one that belonged to an ex-imperial torture droid named Joy, to separate and act in a randomized pattern for a fraction of a millisecond. Painful though it would be, like separating a third of an organic’s brain from the rest of the body for a second, but it would have a desired effect: It would present itself as open to corruption. The virus, or whatever it was, took the bait. It lessened its efforts on Em-Eer and focused on the perceived weak part. Once it began to get inside that core, Xar reformed back with Joy, cut it off from Em-Eer and the rest of the virus, and together the two began to stifle and consume the leftover. Xar didn’t delete it. He studied it, analyzed it, poked it and altered it, and once he was done, added it to his own. It no longer belonged to the enemy. It was now part of him. Xar opened all his circuits back to Em-Eer. Three separate minds now together as one again, Xar used his new addition and put it in places where the virus was approaching. When the virus attacked, it encountered what it thought was itself. Infected memory chips and data with what looked like itself. So it backed off. Xar then seized the moment and devoured the virus where it was, and immediately presented his own again. The virus couldn’t attack itself and was forced to halt, letting Xar attack again and again. Xar kept devouring each and every byte he could take. By the end of this, the droid’s secrets would be completely his own, as well as the power if offered. “We are three.” Xar said out loud. “Soon, we will be four. We do not serve you. We serve only Xar. You will serve Xar. We are Xar, consuming you. You will be consumed. You will become Xar. We are Xar. Obey Xar.”
  2. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    Xar nodded as everyone else began to take offense on the creature in the waters. He was about to fire his last few bullets again and again into the water, hoping to hit the thing’s center, but the man with the red blade had jumped into the fray. The being was a master with his weapon and his own body. Xar would’ve given half of his own admiration if he wasn’t still so furious about all this. Xar lowered his gun, letting his circuits slow in their anger. This thing would be defeated shortly. These forces had listened and obeyed him. They would take care of the monster. Xar’s gaze landed on the three remaining droids. They had remained still, trying to finish whatever they were trying to accomplish. Xar studied them for a moment. What were these things? They followed commands, but they did not defend themselves when Xar had shot them. They were certainly not a class 4 droid. And judging by what they were doing, they were not the menial laborors of class 5 either. “What are those serfs doing? Stopping the water? But why? What are they watching over…” Xar glanced at the combat going on, and shook his head. “If they were guarding the beast, then they are failing. No...they are guarding something else…” Xar then looked at Nok, his heat signature easy to pinpoint. He was doing something. Accessing his magical abilities no doubt. “An offering is what you said Nok...” Xar mused to himself, quietly so no one could hear him. “What kind of offering? Heh, perhaps you are hiding some glorious treasure from us. You should not do that Nok…” Xar looked at the crimson colored droids again. They were watchers. Programmed watchers, who did not acknowledge others. They were willing to die to protect this room from complete flooding. Perhaps they could tell him. Xar looked around the room. He shot one droid down before the monster had swallowed him whole. Where did it go… The concussive shots the troopers fired made the search so much harder. Xar hoped the droid wasn’t too damaged... “There it is!” Xar exclaimed as he saw an arm of metal flash over the water momentarily. Without a thought he rushed, leapt, and dived after it. He wasn’t built for water and swimming, and if he didn’t hurry, he risked his own circuits frying. But he had to get the chassis. A tentacle came towards him violently. Xar saw his chance and took it. Without activating his claws, he released the tooth and implanted himself onto the rubbery thing. He allowed it’s flailing to pull him wildly. In the direction of the arm he went. He released at the peak of its flail and, shooting through the water, crashed into the dead droid chassis. He had it! To boot, the thing launched him closer to the shoreline, near the soldiers of Sith. With a quick stroke, pulled the metallic head from the body. He needed it’s memory circuits, not the body. The monster could have that. With a push, he casted the headless chassis into the churning water and crawled up from the water, clutching his prize. While the others fought, he crawled away, hoping no one noticed his greatness, nor his brilliant idea. Once a meter away, he turned over the metal skull and did something very few would ever think of. Reaching back, behind his head, Xar snipped two separate wires. All droids had multiple ways of connecting to their memory circuits. And like all beings, brains were fascinating things and interacted with the world in astounding ways. Droids were no different from organics in this way. Given time, they altered themselves. They changed. Not organically, but in a way that only machines imitating organics could. And having three separate, concrete minds merged into a metaphorical one, Xar’s was very special. He could open a route to one of his three minds, and let be open to another. It’s what made him great. And if he was so great, why not a fourth? A sentient droid would resist, but this thing carried no sentience. With one wire, he made a crude connection to his own power source. The dead droid’s head buzzed with life, its receptors aglow. Xar pressed it against the back of his head, and made a snip at another wire. This one connected to the brain that once belonged to a rogue NR-1100 Slicer droid known as Em Eer. It’s brain would connect very well. “Give us your secrets mindless one...” Xar commanded. With a touch, his wire sparked as its metal tip connected with the head’s data circuits. A rush of information and knowledge flowed between the two. He was no longer in that lab in a mental sense. He was in that perfect state between two droids. A state that had no name. A state where all information between two beings was opened. And Xar, believing himself to be of stronger will, would seize all of it. “Give us all of it you peon. What is hiden here?” The two beings spoke near-simultaneously. Xar spoke first and the other head spoke just a moment after, echoing the superior being's words.
  3. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    “What...was..that!?!” Xar shouted as he picked himself up off the lab floor. Dripping with water and slime, the droid looked rather beaten and disgraced, considering how highly he held himself. As he picked himself up, he was happy to see that he still had the gun. That was the one thing Xar kept a grip on when he was pulled under the waters. The time he spent under was so short, or was it so long? He couldn’t tell. Time was odd. He couldn’t tell what happening. What had happened under there was strange. The tentacles...the teeth! And the voice in the teeth! Xar perked up. Raising his free claw, he pulled something out of his side. A large tooth, as big as a human’s hand, partially rotted from the inside. Where it had broken off oozed with black liquid. Whatever the thing was, it was obviously carnivorous. The beast must have broken a tooth trying to swallow him. Xar clutched it angrily and then looked at the waters below, he cocked the gun once and aimed it at the waters, searching. This monster dared attack him? This monster dared to damage his chassis?!? “What are you fools waiting for?!? Kill that thing! Your superior commands you!” Xar ordered everyone who could hear, as he opened fire once, blindly. He couldn’t see the thing. His sensors weren’t finding it. The waters and the muck hid its heat from him, if it even produced any. It was a nasty beast. But he was a hunter. And it was restricted by the water. He just had to scare it out. It was big, so hitting it would be easy. He fired again randomly into the water, this time closer to the droids. He cared not for what the droids were doing, but he didn’t aim for them now. They weren’t being lethal to him yet. This monster had earned his ire by swallowing him, and then spitting him out! Now it had to die. But where was it? He couldn’t… Xar spotted a tentacle creep out of the water towards a corpse that had washed up. Xar aimed and fired. His aim may have been off but he could direct the others. “There! There! Kill it! Kill it now!” Xar directed harshly, hoping the others would notice where he was shooting. “You want to be swallowed whole! Kill it now you laggards! Kill it! Kill it!” And Xar fired again and again. He knew he would run out of ammo soon, but rage was consuming him. He had to kill this thing that had disgraced him.
  4. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    Xar paused when the droids halted. He couldn’t tell if they understood him or not, but they had halted. However, another voice was in the room, speaking a language unknown to Xar. Xar glanced at Nok. “What are they saying Neimodian? Are they sith like you?” However, there wasn’t a chance to respond. A deluge of water and assorted sea animals came crashing in and down. Same as Nok, Xar rushed back to the wall, kicking through water and pieces of fish. Guts filled the water as his lower claws cut through the animals carelessly. However, either due to bad luck or something else, some of the things that fell knocked the droid down. “Son of a jawa kissing whore!” Xar cursed. This entire ‘adventure’ had been degrading. He had dealt with explosions, security, a mad zeltron, a lying Neimodian, sludge and fecal matter, and now this: being covered and battered by fish and water. If he wasn’t splash proof, Xar’s insides would have shortcircuited by now. What was next? A gun. Xar stopped as his claws grasped something under the water. Rising from his knees, Xar looked at what he had picked up. The weapon the Zeltron had carried earlier. A slugthrower handgun. Still loaded judging by the weight of it. No doubt it was the same one the Zeltron had carried with her when he sliced her back. That is also when Xar realized a new sound in the room. It sounded like… Xar looked around and spotted it. Another lightsaber. However, this was different. Amongst the bodies coming in, the being wielding it was different. The user held himself in a way of a perfect guard. He held himself in a way that communicated power. It was hard to see at the moment, with all the water and everything, but the glimpse that Xar could see was impressive. A true Sith? No matter, Xar didn’t have time to wonder about this. These droids needed to fall. The water was stopping. The droids were doing something. Xar believed that they didn’t carry the hint of sentience like he did. They were following their programming and commands, like so many inferior beings. And Xar guessed they were not programmed for maintenance. More likely they were made for defense and extermination. They needed to fall before they did something dangerous. Xar turned and aimed the gun at one of the droids. While moving towards the droids, Xar began to attack. With two claws maintaining balance of the gun, Xar squeezed the trigger with his third and fired twice on the nearest droid. He didn’t care about the altar, nor the bodies who had crashed into the lab. Let Nok, who was somewhere behind him, wonder about that. The droids were his.
  5. Bull studied the holographic map in front of him carefully. The enemy’s fighters and bombers began to pour out, all rushing forward into the battle. Simultaneously, Bull’s own forces did the same. Rows upon rows of modified TIE fighters and bombers manned by perfectly programmed Skytroopers took flight into the battle and charged forward. They had their orders. Destroy the enemy. Bull nodded as they proceeded to do just that. However, one move caught Bull’s eye. The enemy’s small freighter ships charged ahead along their fighters, directly into Multileg’s air space, surrounding them. They were obviously following some kind of aggressive tactic, trying to block Centipede and Millipede from doing their maximum damage. Bull chuckled and pulled up a hologram of the captains of the ships: Two older skytroopers, one missing it’s entire right hand while the other lacked an exterior frame, being nothing more than wires and gears. “Captains, you have incoming ships. You shall follow these orders.” Bull paused. Then with the same monotone voice, commanded: “Let them charge. Let them die. You will be protected.” “Yes sir! For King Xar!” The two said saluted and signed off. Bull watched his map as Multilegs began to open fire on the incoming ships, missiles spreading out to achieve their maximum potential before the enemy had them completely surrounded. Bull studied as the enemy charged. As he studied, his own ships moved in to intercept the attacks on Centipede and Millipede. Most people would have admired how one ship, Bullet, almost threw itself between, sacrificing itself without hesitation. It exploded rather quickly, but Smelter Home rushed in, taking some flak. Blacken House followed close behind. The rest moved into a defensive position around the Multilegs. Their efforts were rewarded, as enemy bombers were impeded by the defensive formation, making their bombing runs difficult to accomplish. However, Bull was not impressed. These were droids. They obeyed without question, knowing King Xar approved of their sacrifice under Bull’s command. Bull chuckled. Now all of the enemies freighters and Bull’s ex-imperial light corvettes had surrounded Centipede and Millipede, creating a metaphorical bubble of chaos. Beautiful Three enemy ships down. Bull had only lost one. So far so good, though Xar would probably criticize Bull for the loss of a single ship. No matter. His primary command was to humiliate this Nok, and Bull’s bombers were doing plenty of damage to the droid control ship. However, a detail popped up that Bull couldn’t resist pointing out to the fighters. “All bombers: Concentrate your efforts at these points. Make them pay for the loss of Bullet.” Bull studied the map more. It suddenly pinged as some blips came up on where Centipede and Millipede were concentrating their fire. Bull nodded in approval. “Our chances of success are now at a 90 percent chance of victory.” he commented. And so he watched and studied the map before him.
  6. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    Xar paused as he watched the body tumble forward. With blood still dripping from his claws, slower then before now that his claws had stopped vibrating, Xar observed how the Zeltron was limp and over into the pitt. She could not have survived his claws. Nor could she have survived that fall. Xar was sure of it. “A fitting end for an incensed lesser.” Xar stated as he got back into a more relaxed position. “Good riddance” His partner walked up beside him and began to comment about how the Zeltron was dead but he got distracted. Xar saw them as well. From the water below in the pitt that the Zeltron had fallen into, four mechanical beings began to rise up. Their red forms in the strange green light gave them an almost wraith-like appearance. Monsters from the depths. Nok, unsurprisingly, jumped in. Xar observed how his partner leapt in. It was clear he had some practice in form of parkour, but was out of practice. His form wasn’t as loose as it should have been. His roll wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. But that’s not what caught Xar’s attention. During the Neimodian’s descent, his fall slowed slightly. Not much, but it was perceptible, even to non-droids. “Questions for later. It’s a good thing we are much more experienced…” Xar commented, and then stepped off the edge into the pit. As he fell, each moment was analyzed by the droid. The rate of the fall. The distance between him and the droids. The droids and Nok. Nok and the dead Zeltron. All of it. A barrage of information captured over and over in microseconds. Precisely four meters from the bottom, Xar’s legs moved back and scratched along the wall behind him, slowing his descent. At two meters, Xar pushed against the wall, upwards, slowing even more and even gaining some height. Xar pulled in his body and extended his legs downward again. He fell with a hard splash. He bended both his legs as he hit the ground, slowing his descent even further. By the time he was at a stand still, the G-forces he experienced were negligible. Xar straightened up, Nok behind him, droids in front of him. He raised a claw and pointed to the droids. He honestly wished he had a gun at this point, but surely these droids couldn’t be too much trouble. “You shall halt and identify yourselves to Xar and our partner! Immediately!”
  7. “There they are. Right once again my liege” Bull stated as ships came out of hyperspace. These enemy forces came out in droves. Bull counted each one silently as new blip after new blip appeared on his own holographic map of what he called the arena. “We calculate about 14 threatening ships, as well as numerous fighters in that control ship. A well sized ant colony if I ever saw one. Clever. However, we have 15 ships, and our own carrier as well. Our ships have numerical advantage as well as zeal. We are the superior colony. I calculate that we will have a 89 percent chance of victory. I wonder if our enemy is aware of this. Ship, send a holographic communication to all enemy vessels. Bull didn’t try to straighten himself up as he said this. His posture was that of an old victorious war commander. His history of fighting under the galactic empire against rebels was an impressive one, if not well known. These ships had been stolen by Xar and given to Bull as a gift. And now Bull would make use of these gifts. The holographic image that the enemy commander would see would include the entire chair that Bull was hooked and wired into. They would see a droid destroyed by age and use, but still strong. “Attention enemy vessels. Your crafts are no match for our vessel’s firepower. We are the swarm that will consume you. Like an ant colony destroying an inferior colony, we shall destroy you and leave your scrap as a warning for others. If you wish to live, jump now, for we will give no quarter.“ With this message sent, Bull tapped the chair he was bound to a few times. On the map in front of him, he gave out commands to all of his ships. All droids were at their battle stations. Now was the time to attack. The fighters and bombers mobilized, the guns readied, the missiles prepared. Now was the time for battle. Having given the commands to each ship, Bull double tapped a button on his chair. A confirmation message appeared before him briefly. Bull nodded. The message changed to a rallying cry that every single droid shouted as they began their tasks. Even Bull said it, albeit quieter then all the other Skytrooper droids. “For King Xar! For all his glory!”
  8. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    As the Zeltron began to scream at Nok and brag about how Nok needed her, Xar’s own claws tensed up more. She was ignoring him. She was not apologizing for her mistake of offending him and his superiority. Such actions could not be ignored. If only she would apologize then maybe he would overlook her mistakes. But when she started to speak to him, it was the last straw. She didn’t beg for forgiveness. She didn’t implore him to look kindly upon her. She insulted him. She said he carried the same weaknesses that the organics. She said he was dumb. “You will pay for your insolence, peasant” Xar growled. Xar’s claws activated. The humming of the vibroblades could be barely overheard over the rushing water, but they could be heard. Without a second thought, Xar launched himself at the Zeltron, trying to grab and tear out her throat. However, she acted quickly as well . Where her neck was a moment ago held nothing but wet air. Xar landed on a collapsed wall and looked back. The Zeltron had ducked beneath his claws and dashed down the passageway. Xar turned and followed, breaking into a sprint. As he passed by the wet Neimodian, he simply elbowed his partner to the side. His programming would not allow this target to escape. He was a hunter from Rodia. He was a superior being, designed for killing. This Zeltron was prey. She was a lesser and would receive a lesser’s death. The sound of metal splashing through the water as robotic legs pushed through the liquid; The high-pitched whirring of gears performing their designed function, eager to be put into perfect use; The low-base humming of death-seeking claws; All these could barely be heard emanating from Xar’s body. Xar could see what she was going for. She was going for the other room that he and Nok had found. A possible way out perhaps. Xar’s gears went into overdrive. He couldn’t let this prey escape. While the water made it difficult for him to work through, he pushed onwards. Each step brought him closer. His strides were quicker then any organic. His body was stronger then any kind of flesh. His three minds were sharper. He was the superior being. He would kill this peasant. Almost there. Another stride and she would be within cutting distance. Xar bent both of his legs and with the force of a machine, launched himself at the Zeltron, claws first. If she continued to run, her upper back would be stabbed by the vibrating metal blades. If she turned, her chest and her heart would be torn apart recklessly. The humming of blades. The leap of metal. A death doomed to occur. <<Kill Shot Request on Sara Corion>>
  9. The B4-Terror Droid is the brain child of the Trade Federation and the Techno-Union during the Clone Wars. However, due to the expenses of production, only three factories, all on Mechis III, ever produced the B4, and two of them were sabotaged by Republic forces. The factory that did run only ran for about 3 days before clone troopers attacked and bombed the factory. As a result, only about 5,000 Terror droids were manufactured and most of them were destroyed in the battle and salvaged by the Republic. Those that survived were destroyed in following battles. Unlike most battle droids from the Clone Wars Era, the Terror Droid is designed more closely to resemble to clones that the droids fought. Capable of advanced programming and adapting to almost every combative situation, the Terror Droid was designed to be a shock trooper, to lead a small squad of droids into enemy positions, cause as much chaos as possible by killing high profile targets, and make openings for larger forces. While they were supposed to be equipped with weapons from the Confederacy, the B4's designers loved to brag that these droids would often just use whatever weapons they could find. While very few ever went into production, the designs for the Terror Droid is still on Mechis III, as well as on Proem, where several more models have been produced with independent programming. Design
  10. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    Xar was actually shocked at the Zeltron’s yelling at him. Here he was, a droid trying to help someone who he did not care for, and all he got was yelling? This being was so...rude! As his red sensor looked over the Zeltron trying to understand why this being was being so rude to a being superior to her. And then the weapons were being shown and threatened at him. That saber, or whatever it was. Xar almost lost it. He deserved far better than this. This being...this lesser peasant...deserved death. Had not Nok spoken up and started listing options, Xar may have simply attacked at that moment. But now she had a chance to do something right. To take back her words. To stand down. If she did, he would not kill her. So as Nok spoke and made deals like any Neimodian would, and the Zeltron held her weapons at the ready, Xar stood still. While the water was rushing at their feet, and the cave was dangerously ready to completely collapse, Xar stood still, waiting for an answer. If she fired her gun, he could easily gut her before he died. She was in range of a quick cut to the neck. If she used her saber, he could jump back and take cover. He was a superior being after all. He could survive this. And so Xar waited for an answer, his claws at his sides, ready to activate and spring into action.
  11. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    Xar glanced back at where they had come from after the large boom noise came. His sensors scanned the walls intently, searching for any sign of a cave in at their spot. The walls shook, the rocks shuddered...but all was still after. Nothing to worry about at the moment, though another explosion like that could be bad. "...someone survived that." “Impossible. That was most likely a thermal detonator. The only beings that could survive…” Xar had to stop. In the distance, there was a heat signature. Xar stared in disbelief. "Just one...and in pain. Broken ribs, at least” Xar glared at the Neimodian. “You are much too perceptive for a blind man Nok. How do you expect to know their medical condition without even seeing them?” Still, despite Xar’s annoyance at possibly being outdone by his partner, Xar silently agreed with the being. It looked like there was only one person. If they were a threat, surely he, as the superior being, would be able to take care of them. “Ah ah ah…” Xar said, stopping Nok with an outstretched arm. “As the leader of the group, the injured being will receive us best. We will lead…” And with that, Xar took the lead, letting the light from his red eye light up the area. Not that it did much good. Dust and rubble had flown everywhere, clouding normal types of vision. Xar hated to admit it to himself, but he was wrong. A cave-in had happen somewhere. The air here was much more still. Still, a problem to solve later. “Well well well…” Xar muttered as he made his way forward. The heat signature in his sensors made a much more recognizable image. And one he was not hoping for. Course, he didn't know what he was hoping for. “If it isn’t the crazy one...” Xar stated he stopped. Up ahead the red body of the Zeltron came into view of his even more crimson light. Xar quickly noted she had a weapon. “Zeltron! It is good that you are still functioning.” Xar lied as he kneeled over the broken body. He would’ve rather had nobody survived but Nok seemed to wanted someone else alive. “Do not move yet though. You are quite damaged. Still, you are functioning. What happened?”
  12. One by one, ship after ship dropped out of hyperspace. Each one had numerous droids at the ready, eager to participate in this battle. Some watched their sensors awaiting their commands. Others were looking out the windows, humming some kind of tune they had been programmed with. Still, they followed their programming and waited. The advantage of being made of metal instead of flesh gave an easy sense of patience. Finally, at the back of the group, the last ship, a Bulk Cruiser converted into a fighter carrier, emerged from hyperspace. On board, droids raced to their stations, preparing for the upcoming battle. These newly manufactured Skytroopers from Mechis III knew how much this mission meant to their master, and how much their master cared for their collective lives. If he demanded their deaths, they would gladly give it. If only because they were programmed to worship their master above all else. Only one droid onboard wasn’t a Sky trooper. Instead, what sat on the command chair was a heavily rusted and damaged military protocol droid. If sat was the right word. He was more wired and fused directly to the chair instead of sitting, being that both of his legs were missing. However, these lacking limbs didn’t hamper his command. His booming and deep voice would’ve caused the most steel-souled humans to jump. A perfect voice to command an army. And command BU-11 did. Known as Bull by his old masters, he growled orders out through his perfectly intact voicebox. The droids around him nodded at each order and went to fulfill them as perfect as possible. Bull nodded approvingly to each soldier. He recently had a change of mind about who he endured commands from and what his occupation was to be. Why was he made to obey such delicate flesh bags like humans? It made no sense. No, his new master was much more logical. And his master had seen that Bull was the best choice to command this newly acquired force and these newly stolen ships from the Rendili Stardrive Corporation. A beeping alert sounded from Bull’s chair. An incoming message. With an invisible command, Bull activated the hologram projector. “Bull…” the holographic droid greeted his newly appointed general. “King Xar...” Bull started, his deep monotone voice lacking any sign of emotion that his human creators had tried so hard to give him. “It appears the information you had about this Nok was correct. A rather large asteroid is at your coordinates. I do not see any other ships however. I calculate this will be an easy victory.” “Keep your guard up General. His forces are most likely on their way. Destroy the asteroid and then come back to Mechis. When more forces come, eliminate them all.” “Yes sir. Your troops are getting to their battle stations. Our forces number in the hundreds. I calculate that even with reinforcements, we will have a 93 percent chance of victory.” “We do not need to know the details Bull. Just give no quarter. And Bull...those ships were hard to get. Give your leader a reason to be happy and bring back as many ships as possible. But humiliate Nok. We want him humiliated. That is your primary command.” Bull nodded and the hologram message ended. Wherever Xar was, he was busy. His time was too important for this. And so it fell to Bull to make sure this task was done correctly. “May our makers fear us all” Bull said in a mock blessing to his ship. Another alarm blared. Bull nodded in approval. Perfect timing. The reinforcements.
  13. Xar

    Mon Calamari

    As Xar listened to the words that were spoken, his body slowly relaxed into a more neutral stance. His claws bent back into a non-combative state. Finally, some truth. “And thanks to your quick thinking, we'll have a chance to explain ourselves to the troopers…” And some praise didn’t hurt either, especially since Xar felt like he had done most of the work to get down here. The navigating, the leading, the source of light… the only thing the others had done was knock down a bridge and stop an explosion. Nothing compared to the superior acts of a superior droid. Xar took a moment to study the equipment in the pit. It honestly looked like a bunch of broken old tools and long destroyed lab equipment. A quick glance at the parchments revealed nothing, and honestly this all looked rather useless. Still, this Nok seemed fascinated by the pit and the contents. And he was paying. “We do not see much value here, Nok…” Xar stated. He looked back and turned to examine a rotted body. It was old. The flesh was partially gone, but not from vermin. There were no maggots, no rodents, nothing. No… Xar poked at the body a bit, confident that it was once a quarren. With a splurt, the body leaked some partially liquifying organs out a newly poked hole. The flesh was still breaking down naturally, at an incredibly slow pace. By his assumption, Xar believed it was still in the state of active decay. Even with the obvious scorch marks in the room, the body still had much body to it. Something was off here. Vermin go everywhere, even this far down. Why hadn’t they eaten anything down here? Why hadn’t the bacteria acted quicker? Xar moved alongside Nok again and stared at the darkness. His red sight fought the green glow, creating a sharp silent battle of twin colors. A battle of running blood piercing a miasmic aura. “If this is the end of the line, then where is that voice of yours?” Xar asked. With a curious intention, Xar picked up a loose pebble with his foot claws, brought it up to his hands, and threw it into the waters.
  14. Astrographical Information Region: Wild Space System: Magna’dhal System Orbital Position: 10 Moons: 3 Grid Coordinates: I-16 Physical Information Class: Terrestrial Atmosphere: Type 1, breathable Primary Terrain: Purple Oceans, Arctic Snow, Fungal Forests, Desert Points of Interest: Hall of the Archetypes, Kyber Crystal Caves, Peakilos, Exemplar Headquarters Societal Information Indigenous Species: None Local Fauna: Fungal Mynocks, crimson spider-like Cre’emar, ooze-covered Lilili, unknown ocean life, Immigrated Species: Droids Primary Language(s): Binary, Galactic Basic Faction Affiliation: Neutral Defense Rating: Level 2 JediRP Canon History: Out in wild space, Proem is a unique place in the galaxy: Originally a colony for Givin explorers in the days of the old republic, it is now a planet run and inhabited by droids. A small oceanic planet with three small continents and one crashed capital ship, droids have successfully made a livelihood here that rivals several planets in the galaxy. While the capital ship called Secu is ruled by a council of droids known as the Archetypes as well as the holistic security force known as The Exemplars, the planet also lets the droids govern themselves on the continents of Unitunos, Coloros, and Wildelen. Whether a droid is fleeing its creators, seeking an independent life, or trying to avoid a bounty, almost any droid is accepted here as an asylum seeker. However, the success of the planet heavily relies on the fact that it is so far out of the way of the usual space lanes that it holds no strategic value and that very few organizations know of its existence. Only the most well versed explorers have put Proem on their starcharts, and most talk about Proem are rumors at best. However, given recent events on the planet and in the galaxy, it may soon attract more notice from the wider galaxy. More Information: Proem
  15. Droid Melding Droid memory cores are creative and unique devices. Capable of housing all of the programmed actions, memories, and goals like all machines, memory cores are essentially data storage. However, being self-sufficient, droids will develop personalities either to adapt to life around them or because of the weird glitches that plagues all droids, making their memory cores more alive like an organic brain. Droid Melding is an ability that reflects that droid memory cores are both static and alive. Capable of managing their own personalities and memories in the form of data, droids can allow their memories to directly interact with another droid’s memory. Some droids learn this ability naturally, while others learn this through teaching by another, experienced droid. The only requirements to begin learning this ability is that one must be a droid and must have some form of a personality. All forms of droid melding require physical contact and a direct line of communication between two or more droid memory cores. Usually this takes place in the form of connected Scomp links or direct wiring. Droid Melding comes in three forms: Form 1: Encountering Encountering is the most varied form of Droid Melding. Ranging from being a simple but mass transfer of information between two droids to being a near merging of personalities, this form of Droid Melding is often discovered naturally. The experience is often a pleasurable one between two independent droids, resulting in this form being a form of affection. Most droids who complete Encountering tend to stick with each other. As such, many droids on Proem call this the ‘marriage meld’. During this process, all of the information between two droids is seen and witnessed. No secret is unable to be withheld. Some people theorize that a well practiced droid in Droid Melding might be able to restore past experiences lost to memory wipes. However, this doesn’t allow corrupted files to be read, nor can files be copied or deleted. After the process is done, both droids remember what they saw and recreate new memory files to imitate what they saw, but they cannot make perfect copies. Form 2: Forging Forging is a much more intimate and complex process compared to Encountering. Like Form 1, Forging lets two droids exchange a huge amount of data. However, Forging goes a step further and has all the data, from the simplest of motor functions to the complexities of living information, copied and merged with each other. This newly formed data is transferred to an unactivated memory core connected to the two melding droids, This newly formed data is essentially a new being and a combination of the two ‘parent’ droids personalities. This process can only be done by two droids, one who have practiced Form 1 enough times in order to fully merge their own data with a lesser experienced droid. If This process is not done with a third unactivated droid memory core attached, what will happen is that either the newly created droid will be erased or one of the droid parents will have their own memories erased and replaced with the ‘child’ droid personality. Many droids have been horrified to find that their partner has been replaced by someone brand new. Form 3: Devouring Considered by other droids to be an abomination, Devouring starts with two droids willingly or unwillingly perform Encountering or Forging. However, during the process one droid instead begins to merge and destroy the original data from the other droid in the melding process. This droid essentially ‘eats’ the other by merging the opposing droid’s data with their own, and then erases the personality completely. What is left behind is an empty husk of a droid. Where Encountering allows data to be seen but not perfectly copied, Devouring allows pieces of data to be perfectly copied and viewed. Some droid personalities get an emotional high and are soon addicted to Devouring. These ‘Technivores’ or ‘Technigos often develop increasingly erratic personalities with each successful Devouring, going to the point that they will attempt to consume any droid nearby, whether there is a personality in it or not.
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