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  1. During the Mandalorian wars of 3964 BBY, several sith alchemists attempted to make a weapon that could overcome Beskar armor. While they never fully succeeded, one of their end results was the Soulbreaker Hammer The Soulbreaker hammer is a weapon based on the design of the power hammer tool, utilizing Repulsorlift and Shockwave generator tech. What set this weapon apart from normal power hammer tools, is that the Sith Alchemists included alchemized metal to resist lightsabers, as well as a kyber crystal in the hammer's head to amplify the energy used in the shockwave generators. The result of the Soulbreaker hammer is a lightsaber resistant weapon that can generate powerful shockwaves when connecting its blows to solid material, either shattering objects or sending them flying. Due to the technology, the shockwaves it generates only function properly when striking solid and hard objects; most soft objects, including flesh, tend to burst or break, with no shockwave generated. Due to the combination of tech and metals, the Soulbreaker hammer is an incredibly heavy weapon. Described as “heavy enough to make a Gamoerrean thug think twice on using it”, people have to be very familiar and very strong to utilize the weapon, much less effectively against a lightsaber (ie, a soldier or a Warrior/Guardian). Unfortunately, the Sith were unable to mass produce the weapon before the end of the war. As a result, only about 300 were made, each with a unique design for a specific Sith Lord. However, most of them have been lost to time. Rumors persist that the Sith and Mandalorians have rediscovered a few, but have not put in the effort to replicate the technology yet. The Jedi have also recovered one such weapon, and theorized a Phrik alloy that could replace the Sith alchemised metal. These theorized hammers are known as Lightmaker Hammers, though they have been mostly discarded as a more 'barbaric version of a lightsaber'.
  2. Identity Real Name: Qessax Jal Todda A.K.A: Agent Qessax, Warhunter Qessax Homeworld: Kalee Species: Kaleesh Class: commander (Rank 2) Physical Description Age: 26 Height: 5’6” Weight: 179 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Yellow Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Black Imperial Intelligence Uniform. Light Field Armor Chest Plate Weapon: Traditional Lig Sword, Imperial Naval Officer’s Sidearm, Common Inventory: Bone Mask carried at Hip, Datapad. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User Archetype: Specialist Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Rank: 2 History Trained by: Imperial Navy and Nickoli Kolchak, Todda Tribe Trained who: N/a Known Skills: Basic Marksmanship, Tactical and Naval Command, Fencing and basic swordsmanship, Intelligence Gathering Background: Qessax’s father, the Great Chief of the Todda tribe, has begun a unification effort to unite all of the tribes of Kalee under one banner. His goal is to help modernize the Kaleesh people, stepping away from being the occasionally enslaved warriors into a people to be feared and respected by the entire galaxy. In foresight, the chief pulled a radical political move and declared war on a singular imperial officer. This was done to show some of the chiefs critical opposes that he was not afraid of people from off world and would not be easily swayed by their ways. He then, with Qessax in tow who was barely an adult, went to the imperial officer and purposefully lost a match with the officer. By ancient custom, the chief then handed his son over to the officer, to be done with as the officer saw fit. He did request that the officer would enlist his son in the same training that the officer went under. The officer, named Nikolai Kolchak, agreed. This move was also a miliarial one. The chief hoped that in being enlisted into imperial academy, Qessax will learn more techniques of the wider galaxy, build relationships with the Alliance that could help bring industry to Kalee, and be made a war hero that the galaxy will respect as a representative of the Kaleesh people. Qessax was eager to accomplish the task his father had bestowed upon him. While at first he struggled in the Imperial Navy, having to learn that commanding basic soldiers was much different from leading a war party of warriors, Qessax had to adapt quickly. His biggest struggles came with balancing his Spiritual beliefs against the practices of command. He couldn’t pursue simple acts of rudeness with the full force he was accustomed to giving back home. However, he adapted. While only a captain, Qessax transferred into Alliance Intelligence, where his attention to details and his personal beliefs wouldn’t put his own men into danger. While a bit more bored with the more paper-pushing work, Qessax continues to work diligently and loyally in hopes that this service will provide use for his homeworld and his father, who had already united a majority of Kalee under one banner.
  3. X-Pyre Industries If you couldn't set it on fire, you weren't using X-Pyre -advertising slogan Founded by an ex-mandalorian known as Rakk Atha, X-Pyre is a weapons company that manufactures and produces an exclusive line of pyrotechnic devices. Through the discovery of Worm-Spit the company, while small, became popular with several military groups, including the Sith Empire and the Rebellion. While the company declares it is on the side of the law and believes order above everything, they have quietly smuggled many of their products to people rebelling against the Sith and those of Mandalore, and are not above selling their equipment to known criminals...for the right price. They have even been known to rent out their personal ‘debt collectors’ from time to time. The prime reason why X-Pyre is a success is the development of F-121, or nicknamed Worm-Spit after the infamous FireWorm of Eol Sha. A jelly-like substance, Worm-Spit is easy to ignite, and burns at a high temperature for long periods of time once ignited. It spreads easily, capable of turning most scenes into some form of a hellscape. Different variants are available, with some able to start metal fires, and some able to produce more choking fumes instead of open flames. The production of Worm-Spit is surprisingly simple. Most of the ingredients needed can be found in almost any space port. However, Worm-Spit requires an incredibly pressurised container coated with an unknown substance. If not properly contained, Worm-Spit will either become inert or will combust prematurely. Because of this, only those with X-Pyre products are able to safely use Worm-Spit. Below are listed some of X-Pyre's most popular items, though many more exist. Each item below is listed with what Rank is needed to be used in combat, as well as what NFU classes can use them properly. _______________________________________________________ Worm-Shielding Device (officer or specialist, rank 2): the biggest problem with worm-spit and many fire scenarios is the heat that can get out of control. This small, cuboid device projects a 1 meter domed shield that specializes in absorbing heat, making the situation inside the shield relatively cool. A side effect of this is the ability to absorb incoming blaster shots, and lightsabers. With modification, people can increase the power of the worm shields to increase the area of effect to a 5 meter dome. However, as the shield absorbs heat, it can be overpowered and become inoperable for several hours. About 10 Blaster shots can short-out the shield, and a lightsaber's beam will bounce off the shield, but disable the shield momentarily (1 round). Projectile weapons ignore the shield completely. The shield only affects things that pass through it, not things that both originate and end inside the shield. Worm-plating Mk 2 (soldier, rank 2). While the Mk 1 functions essentially the same as most forms of medium armor, the Mk 2 boasted that it had the capability of withstanding high degree temperatures and several blaster bolt shots. This would allow the user to charge into combat and fire situations without worry. One flaw however is often overlooked. While able to withstand several blaster bolt shots, the armor’s cooling system will fail, and begin to dissipate the heat around the entire suit, causing the suit to practically cook the person inside (leading to the nickname, “Boilers” and “Cookers”). Usually it would take about 5 blaster shots to cause the cooling system to fail, and after that, any more blaster bolts cause the medium armor to overheat rapidly. Dragon Power Armor (rank 3, soldier): The Pinnacle of X-Pyre industries, the Dragon power armor utilizes almost all of their unique technology. Built with reinforced phrik plating on its chest and head, but durasteel covering the rest of the body, this armor contains a grenade launcher for Burn Bombs, six Magma Worm Rifle barrels, two extra large containers for Worm-Spit, and Fire-Storm generators. The complexity of this power armor means that each piece of equipment must be tailor made for its user, meaning each suit is unique. The cost however is ridiculously high however, leading to very few sales for this monstrosity of a weapon. Burner Droids (rank 2, specialist): using the scrapped model of a prototype of a maintenance droid, X-Pyre attempted their hands with droids. The conical shaped droid is made of a specially designed plasteel alloy to help resist heat, and comes equipped with a worm-shielding device to aid others during hellfires. In addition to the tools of gripper arms, heat sensors, and fire extinguishers, each model has a programming matrix designed to calculate the fastest way to put out fires, or in some circles, create more devastating fires. ( rank 2, officer only) For an extra small fee, some models can come equipped with the programming and ability to scavenge and make Worm-spit and properly store it until a container is found. If equipped with Burn bombs, these droids are capable of launching them at foes, though this replaces the fire extinguishing tech. X-Pyre recommends a weekly memory purge, as the droids can quickly develop pyromaniac tendencies. Burn bombs (rank 1, any): Also known as fumeballs, burn bombs contain a pressurized aerosol form of Worm-Spit as well as a small amount of liquid Worm-Spit. When activated, the grenade releases a cloud of choking gas and leaks the liquids. After a minute, before the gas and liquid becomes inert, the grenade ignites itself and the gas, causing an explosion of fire in the area, as well as a small spot of long burning Worm-Spit. Surprisingly, the grenades are reusable, if dangerous to reacquire. Fire-Storm Generators (rank 2, soldier): A series of tubes, sensors, and technology implants attached to medium and heavy armor, this product is illegal on many worlds for the fact that they have been known to earn its namesake. When the user is hit by a lightsaber, blaster or projectile, the attachments launch a stream of lit Worm-spit in the direction of the shot. The fact that this stays active even after the user may have died means that the corpse can become the great source of destruction, with accounts of bodies being launched at the enemy strongholds. Through modification, the user is able to cause the armor to launch a small stream of Worm-spit in a particular direction on vocal command. Due to the pressure needed to generate a firing sequence, it takes a few minutes for the attachments to recharge (making the fire storm Generators usable only once per duel). X-Pyre is currently trying to work on the issue that the generators are unable to handle multiple shots simultaneously, but there is little hope they can overcome this problem. Magma Worm Rifle (rank 2, soldier): The second biggest product of X-Pyre, these weapons are the same size of an A280 Blaster rifle. However, instead of using plasma, these rifles are capable of launching and igniting Worm-Spit at a distance of about 100 meters. Each rifle is sold with 5 pods of Worm-Spit, with each pod able to hold about 10 ‘shots’. The rifle is able to switch between two modes of fire, including the long-distance ‘stream’ mode and the extremely short-range ‘spray’ mode. Smoker drones (rank 1, any). These handheld drones were designed to help incapacitate targets in enclosed spaces. When loaded with worm-spit, the drones will fly around a room, (approx 30 feet diameter from the user) burning the jelly-substance at a rate that produces a large amount of choking smoke and consumes oxygen. Because of this, they have earned the nickname “Oxyeaters” Within a few moments, an entire room can become deadly for those who need oxygen to breathe, making this tool exceptionally handy in sealed places like basements and space stations. When the drone detects there is no more usable oxygen in an environment, they will either return to their user and power down, or move to another area with oxygen to consume. X-Pyre is still attempting at making a version for more open areas, with very little success.
  4. Mozo screeched as the enemy’s first shot nailed the Drone’s gun arm. The force of the shot sent the drone hurtling backwards, barely avoiding the following shots. Mozo eventually regained control of himself and began to pursue his target again. His weapon was disabled now. Had he failed? Had his partner drone and he failed Xar? No! A drone’s work is never done until the requirements are fulfilled. And the target was still alive. But with no weapon, what was the drone to do? With a final honk, Mozo charged at the pilot, his gun leaking a trail of sparks and smoke. In a suicidal attempt, the drone aimed himself at the pilot. Whether by bludgeoning or by tilting, the drone would accomplish his master’s order. Xar on the other hand was enjoying the sensation of witnessing the idiotic droid dying by his own blaster fire. Such was the fate of a lesser being who crossed Xar. However, as the astromech’s flaming body fell apart, screeching its equations about gravity, it made the situation clear to Xar. “Mozo, Char, return to master.” Xar ordered over his communication system. All Xar received was silence. “Son of a jawa-kisser” Xar cursed, realizing either his drones were out of range or unable to respond. The thought that either of them were non-functional didn’t even cross his circuits. After all, they were his drones. They were servants of a superior being. “Calculating time until hitting the ground” Xar spoke out loud, looking at the ground and the flaming wreckage of the X-wing. “14 seconds. Our chances of survival are…” Xar didn’t finish the sentence. No need to admit that he, a superior being, may have made a mistake. With no method of slowing his descent, nor any method of extending his landing, his landing was going to be at terminal velocity. True the planet had a lower gravity compared to most, but it also had a thinner atmosphere, so who knew if his chassis could survive this? Xar grabbed the remaining pieces of the Astromech to adjust himself. Feet first, the droid would sacrifice his lower body. Xar didn’t have to land with all of his parts intact. Limbs, outer plating, claws, most parts of the droid were not needed. In order to survive, Xar just needed his memory cores, located in his head, and his power core, located in his upper chest, to remain functional and connected. “We are a superior being.” Xar claimed as he rapidly approached the ground, disappearing into the smoke of the wreckage of the pilot’s X-Wing. “We will survive. We are superior. We are...superior.” (3)
  5. The first shot that sailed towards Char was crippling, winging and disabling his entire left side. The next two were lethal. The drone’s last noises before the blaster fire squared him away was a beep of pain. The Water Beetle, who was so eager to fulfill any command given to him, fell lifelessly through the air like a stone before exploding in a small ball of fire. Mozo was slightly more lucky as the shot went just to his right. The explosion that occurred barely fazed him, but the beep that had come just a millisecond earlier had enraged him. Having heard his companion’s death cry, he began to honk in anger and try to circle the pilot’s backside, away from her sidearm. It’s gun swiveled a top its body, firing twice at the chair. Xar had ordered her death, and she had killed his partner. Xar would be beyond displeased if both drones failed this task. While the lone drone tried to finish it’s task, Xar was busy with the astromech. It had denied him. It had declared its loyalty to the puny organic being. When the astromech turned off its engines, Xar was surprised. Xar couldn’t help but wonder if the little astromech didn’t care for its own survival. When the astromech attempted the electroshock Xar, he knew that the little droid must have had a death wish. The electricity was enough to short out Xar for about two seconds, forcing him to fall limp and separate from the droid,. As his own sensor came back on, he had a glimpse of the astromech’s own eye sensor. Rage filled the Hunter-Trainer droid once again, forcing him to forget why he had attempted to grab onto the droid in the first place. This little machine was trouble. “You wish to serve your inferior master so well?” Xar cried out as he raised both arms and aimed his forearm blasters. “Then die with her!” At a distance of a meter at most, Xar opened fire, giving two shots aimed at the droid’s eye. (2)
  6. A rise of pleasure resonated in Xar’s circuits as the Hunter-Trainer droid activated his claws and began to tear the wing apart. Like a wild animal enjoying a delicious kill, Xar sliced and tore apart metal. Each piece of metal screeched as it was cut threw and tossed away like trash. Xar cackled to himself. Something about being purely destructive made Xar ecstatic. While it wasn’t as pleasant as hunting some form of prey, listening to fine music, or slitting a lesser’s throat, it was certainly enjoyable and even euphoric. However, the feeling didn’t last. Xar took a glance at the cockpit for just a moment, and the feeling of pleasure vanished. In that moment that didn’t last a full second, Xar caught the pilot’s eyes looking at him. He was expecting a look of fear from the pilot. Some form of terror or panic. But what he received was something different. Determination. The pilot, a fully grown humanoid, was not afraid of Xar. She was well-practiced and following protocol. Xar did not see fear. He saw a what he believed was a feeling of grit and resolve. Xar’s pleasure had been replaced by anger. She should’ve been afraid of him! She was a lesser! He was the superior being! The pilot's cockpit released. Her seat ejected from the doomed ship. Instantly Xar gave an order to the two drones latched onto his chassis. “Hunt her! Now! Track and Kill!” Xar wasn’t sure what caused him to send the drones like it. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his sudden anger at the pilot, because of his pride at being a superior being, or because of his utilization of a hunting chassis, but something inside Xar clicked. Like a dog seeing an animal run away, Xar had to catch the pilot and kill her. He had to sink his claws into her, or see her lifeless body splattered on the ground. He had to prove he was superior, and make her know it. Mozo and Char honked in acknowledgement at their commands. Without a moment of delay, the two detached from their master, activated their repulsorlift engines and took off. While they were drones, capable of handling only the simplest of commands, The drones understood the command ‘hunt’ . The two Water Beetles tried their best to catch up with the pilot, rising to meet her. In a few seconds, both were firing their stun blasters in hopes of stunning her or disabling her seat. Mozo honked with delight at each shot, while Char simply beeped a few times in agreement. Meanwhile, Xar focused on the task at hand. He had to get a safe landing, and there was one hope at the moment. The ship was beginning to point itself downwards. If he was correct, he didn’t have a moment to lose. In one second, Xar grabbed onto part of the wing he hadn’t destroyed and pulled himself up. In another second, Xar crawled closer to the ship’s center, fighting air resistance all the way. He could see the little astromech. Xar's ticket to a safe landing. “You will serve us and help us kill that pilot.” Xar declared loudly as he got into a crouched position, balancing himself on the rapidly descending ship. The astromech launched itself into the air. Xar didn’t care if the astromech was willing to let Xar hitch a ride or not. It didn't have a choice in Xar's eyes. Like the pilot, the astromech was a lesser, and Xar was the superior being. Thus it was meant to serve him. As the astromech launched, Xar leapt upwards and reached out with both arms, claws eager to grab a hold of more metal. He would attempt to grab onto the astromech’s flying little body, and force it to land on the ground safely. As a superior being would do Xar thought to himself. (1)
  7. Xar sighed in annoyance among the pirates. This was not what he was hoping for. When Nok said he had forces ready with the Troig, he expected something a bit better. Something higher class, like combat droids, or highly trained assassins and sabeteours. Not a rag-tag band of merry, most likely inebriated, idiots. “Nok, you better come through on this next payment, or so help us, we will never do another one of these...jobs.” Xar grumbled to the Neimodian next to him. It was a hollow threat though. Nok had paid handsomely already before, and Xar didn’t suspect that would end after today. But did the Neimodian have to be so suicidal? The sewers on Mon Cal were bad enough. This…this was something else entirely. A honking noise distracted the Hunter-Trainer droid. His Water Beetle Drones, Mozo and Char, cocking their stun blasters were attempting to draw it’s master’s attention to the riff-raff around him. The countless potential threats were driving them insane. “Shush you two. They are friendly...for now. Now reattach. It’s nearly time.” At Xar’s command, Mozo went to Xar’s front and Char to his back. Xar held his arms out sideways to give the two drones better access. Small gravity locks clicked in place as the drones quickly turned sideways and embedded themselves. A last minute addition Vizier had made before Xar left Mon Cal. While the blue color scheme of the drones didn’t match his green, and their awkward shapes weighed him down slightly, it was a useful tool in this mission. True, they couldn’t shoot while in this mode, but it was still useful. Xar could now carry his drones when he would be hopelessly uncatchable at their normal speeds. Such as when dropping out of a spaceship and freefalling towards a planet. “Time to suit up” one of the Troig’s heads said. Xar didn’t know which one, nor did he care. He was just glad to get to work finally. Xar didn’t put on the suit that was offered. As a droid, the exposure of space wasn’t a worry. Atmospheric re-entry could be a bit harmful, but Xar calculated that, while he would get singed, he would survive. Besides, his first target was in space. With the hold override activated, a cheer went up amongst the pirates who were partnered with Xar. Mozo and Char seemed to take this as a good sign and honked in praise as well. Xar would have rolled his eyes if he could while leaping out of the ship. He was surrounded by lessers. Xar’s target was in sight. A large, barely working satellite almost in the planet’s manufactured atmosphere. Built as a communications array between this planet and others, it stood as a testament of being able to last despite years and years of neglect. Parts of the hull were made from Phrik even. Normal blaster fire would've ineffective against it. Xar’s mission was simple: Destroy it so that the planet below couldn’t radio for help. The band crashed into the satellite with ease. The pirates activated their magnetic boots to avoid falling off while Xar himself simply armed his claws and grabbed on to a piece of the hull. “Get to work you stupid mynocks! We don’t have all day for this!” Xar barked out. The pirates grumbled but obeyed, arming and attaching detonators. Ten would be enough, especially if they placed them at the... An explosion of noise caught everyone’s attention. Xar looked up to the sky where he had just came from. “What in the maker are those?!?” Ships were descending on the planet. No, they were beasts! Xar shook his head. Those were beasts but also machines. With riders of all things. And following them were actual ships. Xar looked at the pirates, who were dumbfounded. “Get to work you idiots! Don’t let them intimidate you! Move no-” All hope of keeping the pirates under control was lost. The pirates picked up their weapons and began to open fire at the approaching forces. Xar groaned in annoyance. “Idiot lessers...” A strafe of fire began on the satellite. Pirates who were next to the shots were blown away. A few smart beings were beginning to jump off the ship and continue their descent to the planet. One particular crazy pirate actually called out his enemies an inappropriate name before getting obliterated. “Must we do everything ourselves?” Xar lamented. Mozo honked once in agreement. Char rapidly beeped and honked in laughter. Xar sighed. These two were getting a memory wipe when the mission was done. Grabbing one of the last detonators, Xar made a running dash and jumped off the satellite, falling to the planet at a rapidly increasing speed. As the droid jumped off, he armed and chucked the last detonator towards the satellite. Once it would blow up, Xar would then descend to the planet, with the help of his drones of course. All he had to do was release them and let them slow his descent with their own methods of flight. Nothing could go wrong. A miscalculation of the detonator's timer ruined that plan. As the explosion occurred, the force shoved the unanticipated Xar forcefully away. With Laser fire around him and an explosion behind him ,Xar was in a world of light and fire. The momentum made Xar spin head over feet as the droid tumbled through the dogfighting. Over and over his sensors attempted to recalibrate, in a vain attempt at telling where up was up and where down was down. Xar stretched his arms out, grasping at that slim chance of catching something that he could help slow his fall. A dead pirate. One of those metal beasts with a rider. Anything. The possibility of catching a ship with his bare claws were astronomically small. But even so, the chance was there, as the droid was caught on a descending X-Wing’s upper right wing. With a newfound resolve and a determination that only a droid could muster, Xar clutched on as tightly as possible, pulled as close as he could, and clutched onto the bottom wing with his feet claws. “This is much worse then the sewers…” Xar stated to himself. It was bad enough that his entire pirate group failed to listen to him and were now probably dead. Now he would have to replace his claws too. Not to mention he’d have to live with the fact that he owed his circuits to some random pilot. Perhaps he could kill them, as a way of showing thanks. These X-Wings certainly weren't with Nok.
  8. The freshly cleaned hunter droid stood at the edge of the garage building, looking over all that he had attained so far. A mechanic’s workshop, bought in the name of a ‘Rax King’, was now his legal property. Xar had made careful work with it, the large chamber-like room a mechanical workplace. A large operating table where he could rest his body at ease and allow his loyal servant fix or tamper with whatever was needed. Shelves of maintenance, welding and slicing equipment for whatever job was needed. A miniature forge in the corner in case something needed to be welded, though Xar possessed no one who could use it effectively. Everything was constantly polished and cleaned as much as possible. Yes, the money Xar had made from Nok had been put to good use. A base for himself. A place where he could recharge, rebuild, and gloat to his advisor. Still, in all the time since the takeover of the shipyards, Xar had not been surviving on just what he made from Nok. Evidence of this were the bodies in the corner, both unconscious and tied up. Bounties from the local authorities, soon to be turned in for a small profit. There were a lot more of them ever since the Sith takeover. Xar stood before them, studying them. His green chassis, just as polished and clean as ever, reflected the incandescent lights above him. Quietly he tapped his claws on his own chassis, as if in thought. Around him, his two drones circled, awaiting their next order beyond ‘protect’. Vizier, putting some tools away on one of the shelves, noticed this. The more time he spent with his new master, the more he wondered about what made him so unique. He was a droid, of that there was no doubt. But many of his mannerisms were so organic. A droid’s programming, while adaptable, would have never included things like tapping in thought unless its creator wanted it. And from what his lord had said, Vizier could not believe it was an intentional programming. Unless Xar was rewriting himself constantly? “My lord…” Vizier spoke up, waddling over. Xar didn’t look up from the two bounties, a couple of bail-jumpers. The protocol droid made a move towards his owner. Without hesitation, the drones suddenly moved to block Vizier’s path, guns powered up and aimed at Vizier. “That’s enough you two…” Xar raised one arm and closed his claws. The drones honked once and returned to their circling motion. Vizier bowed at his Lord’s graciousness. “My Lord, pardon my obzervationz, but I can’t help but notice you are not pleazed. Are you not zatisfied with your zituation? ” There was a moment of silence, and then, “No, we are not satisfied Vizier. Do you know why?” Xar turned and looked at his advisor, who awaited an answer. “We do not have enough.” Xar made a few strides past Vizier and picked up a tool from a shelf. A worn down wrench. Xar began to spin his claw holding it, then bringing it back to rest the tool in his other claw. Another organic tendency. “We did two very impressive jobs, jobs that few would ever try to accomplish. Jobs that required our superiority. One which acquired us your services. But look at what we have. A single room building. Tools and equipment, but thats all. Not what we deserve” “Indeed sir. You deserve luxurious items, like chrome batteries, and golden claws” Vizier added. He understood how to stay on Xar’s good side. He was originally programmed to make people happy in whatever job service he was a part of. “Indeed Vizier. But look at Nok. Look at what he has attained from our work. A shipyard. Workers. Servants of his own. We came out with three additional droids. He has so much more.” Xar turned sharply, hearing one of the bounties moan in awakening. In a reflexive reaction, Xar chucked the wrench with near lethal force. The crude tool slammed into the bounty’s head, cracking the skull and most likely sending the victim into a death spiral. He would need to be turned in soon. “Its not correct. This situation is not correct. We should have servants like that. And we should be viewed above everyone else. Are we not everyone’s superior?” Vizier nodded in a worried way. His master was upset. If he didn’t come up with an idea, he could be hit by something as well. It hadn’t happened yet, but Vizier had worked with humans enough to know how anger worked. “And now there is the Troig...here to accomplish what we should be doing. Building a criminal empire! And we, representative of Black Sun, are doing nothing about it!” “Perhapz zir…” Vizier started, trying to quiet down the temper. “There iz a way to rize in popularity amongzt the mazzez and power over the Troig. Maybe even Nok az well.” The Hunter Trainer droid looked at his property. “Go on…” Vizier, under Xar’s gaze, motioned to the bounties. “You have captured a total of 43 different bountiez on this watery planet already, 8 which were from other planetz. By my calculationz, your greatnezz haz done something no one elze has on this planet. Perhaps we can uze this…” The protocol droid held out his right hand and opened it up, revealing the holo-pad that Xar had installed. An image of an elderly Mon Calamari, decorated in a purple regal uniform, emerged. “No doubt the Planet’z Zecurity Chief Blo Bodza has heard of your accomplishments already. If he hasn’t, then that is zurprizing. The lazt perzon to turn in 43 different bountiez took a full year to do zo, and that waz before Bodza'z time. You are exquizite.” “Get to the point Vizier” Xar ordered, though visibly enjoying the praise he was receiving by nodding at each compliment. “With your permission, allow me to make engagements with Bodsa. Allow us, in your name, to get you in his services.” “You believe we should work for this inferior overdressed fish?” Vizier waved his other hand and shook his head. “Not for long. Long enough to get headz to look at you in the zame light I zee you my lord. Get some recognition from the planetary government. Perhapz, if you can zomehow get more and more zerventz, zay through a certain droid-loving neimoidian, you can demonztrate how you manage entire zquadz of crime hunting unitz. “ Xar nodded, seeing where this was going. “Good, good Vizier. With our credibility established, Blo Bodsa will place us at his right hand. And should anything happen to him…” Xar’s claws clenched together, imagining the blood that could squirt out. A true position of power. People all over the planet, nay, the entire galaxy would begin to recognize his greatness. And he would have power over the masses. Let the Troig have his criminal empire. As chief of security, Xar could control even more, like which criminals got captured and which ones got to live. And of course, only those who bowed to him would live. “No no no…!” Vizier shouted, then immediately quieted himself. Xar’s sensor bore right through the protocol droid like a laser. “Zir, if he diez unexpectedly, there would be investigationz on investigationz, and no one would allow you to run zecurity until the investigationz died down. Droid fear always rizez in timeszof trouble. But if he was given the idea to retire early on for whatever reazon….” Xar nodded. “Get on it Vizier. Do whatever you need to do to get an audience with Bodsa. We want him to begging for our services.” Vizier bowed slightly. Xar, meanwhile, picked up the two bodies and began to head out the door to deliver these bounties. War was excited now. Now he had a goal. Show the people of Mon Cal his superiority.
  9. Behind Nok a few moments later walked in the blue protocol droid. Despite the protests at not serving battle droids in the cantina, this droid was a protocol droid, and thus the complaints did not comply to him. His lord was a different story, but he had his own ways of being in the building. Straddling through the people, carefully not touching anyone, Vizier glanced around observing all the people. It wasn’t exactly a decent crowd in here. More like low-lives and thugs. No wonder his master didn’t want to be in here himself. Why disgrace himself amongst the lessers? “Ztill, we wizhed we had one of thoze dronez with uz…” Vizier bemoaned slightly as he pursued the blind Neimodian. Why couldn’t he wait for him? Eventually the insectoid protocol droid stood on the side of the Neimodian away from the two headed species. Vizier almost wanted to comment about how this would almost be a two-on-two discussion, but restrained himself. Instead, he placed a hand-held holo-pad projector in front of everyone and turned it on. The image of his lord popped up in front of everyone. Xar glanced at Nok then looked and studied the Troig. Now everyone was here. In truth, Xar was standing on top of the roof of the cantina. In his claws was his own holo-pad, giving the images of the Neimodian and the Troig almost perfectly. Had to love technology. It allowed Xar to meet with people without lowering himself to the locals level. And with his drones circling him and keeping an eye out for enemies, he could focus entirely on the conversation. If something went wrong, then Xar could break into the cantina easily, but Nok could take care of himself as well. It was his Vizier he was a little worried about. Despite the new coat of dark blue paint and the antenna attachment on the side of his head, he was still quite defenseless. “Mr... Zhimzinblimp” Vizier spoke. “Allow us to introduce ourselves. This is my lord, Xar, whom you have briefly seen before. And this Neimodian is Nok. And we have a business proposition for you…” With that, Vizier gestured to Nok, to allow him to continue. Xar simply watched and observed, not betraying any thoughts.
  10. Xar exited Shipyards’ corporate office and took a glance at the body in front of him. A quick scan wasn’t even necessary to tell that this Quarren was dead. Clear liquid was leaking from its head orifices. Its breathing was non-existent. Still, Xar couldn’t help but scan anyways. Several broken bones, including the skull and a few places in the neck. Xar glanced up to the sound of humming motors. The two Water Beetles lowered themselves and circled around their new master, making low and high alternative beeps. “Good job numbers 3 and 5...no no no…” Xar shook his head slightly. “You need better names. No one in my property will be simply named. Number three will go by Mozo. Number five will be Char.” The two drones honked in binaryial agreement. Xar nodded in satisfaction. It felt so good to have drones again. The last drones he had were back on Rodia, and he had to sacrifice them in order to escape that wretched planet. While he wasn’t sorry he had to sacrifice them, he did miss them. They were tools. Tools were meant to be used and disposed of when needed. Still, it was good to be re-equipped. “Zir! Zir!” a voice called out from behind. Speaking of tools…. “Vizier…” The protocol droid waved to Xar from the security shack ahead. As per orders, he was to make sure that no one else tried to enter the building. “My lord, it is good to zee you again. Az of now, no one haz tried to enter the building. Ztill, I believe we zhould get going before… “Yes yes Vizeir, we are aware that city security could be on their way. Lets get going.” The small posse of droids made their way out of the Shipyard’s and began to head down the street. They were to head to a safe house. A mechanical shop whose owner was easily bribed. After the pay day Xar had received, another bribe would be easy. Still, on the way, Mozo honked once. A warning. Xar turned and looked in the direction Mozo indicated. A Troig. For a moment Xar studied the creature. Its two heads puzzled Xar a bit. He had very few records programmed into him about the species. “Vizier, what can you tell us about Troigs on Mon Cal?” The protocol droid looked surprised and a little embarassed at the question. “I..uh...not much my lord. In Shipyards, only a total of five different Troigs were listed visiting this particular city. It would take time and a proper dataport to… “Nevermind.” “My lord, why do you azk?” Xar turned away from looking at the Troig and kept walking. “That being was reaching for something. Possibly a weapon to attack us. Mozo, Char, take secure positions around us. Warn us of any potential threats. And if that Troig follows us.” With that, the posse of droids went towards their safe house.
  11. “Where the kriff did that droid go?!?” Security Chief Oz demanded from his personnel, safely inside the security room. Two personnel frantically called up security cam after security cam, desperately searching for any kind of clue. “Sir, he’s...um… he has…” The Aqualish nearly burst a blood vessel. “Spit it out man! Where is that monster?” The human, pale and shaking with fear, shook on. “He’s...taken out every security camera in the area. “ “What?!?” Oz leaned over shoved the human aside and flipped throught the cameras. His features paled slightly as he realized the human was right. Almost every camera on the second floor had been disconnected, most likely from blaster fire. “What about the drones? What do they report?” The human shook his head. “Nothing sir. They seem to have...wait! Sir! Elevator 4 has been activated. It’s heading to our floor!” The Aqualish squealed in delight. “Excellent! Stop it immediately! Everyone! Follow me! We’ll squash this thing here and now! Except you human. ” The Aqualish glared at the small man, a rookie addition to the security personnel, and one who had not impressed the chief at all with his fearful quivering or his eating habits. “Stay here, and get our drones up here, you lunch-eating quarla. Now let’s move people!” With a nod, four security officers rushed out the locked room and dashed towards the elevator, all holding blaster pistols at the ready. With a few pulls, the officers got the elevator door propped open and leapt down onto the halted elevator half a floor down. Oz snorted in pleasure as he prepared the hatch on top. The droid had nowhere to escape to. Oz counted down with his fingers down from three, then opened the hatch. All of the officers opened fire blindly into the confined room, expecting the droid killer to pop out. Oz shouted for a halt, barely overheard with all of the blaster fire. There was no droid. But there was a noise. “Zir? Zir, iz that security chief Oz? Hello? No shoot! I’m unarmed!” Oz signaled to his men to stay where they were and hopped into the blasted room. It was perfectly empty. But he could hear a voice coming from… The small hologram projector on the wall dinged to life, presenting a representation of an insectoid looking protocol droid. “Bugs!” “Zir, my name is V1-Z…” “Shut it you overpriced calculator. Where’s the droid?” “Zir, my name is not Bugz, nor am I a calculator. I'm a surveyor and an accountant. And according to zection 23 of the..." “Where is the droid?!?” Bugs sighed as he reached up and scratched where his restraining bolt had been removed. He had hoped there would be a bit more protocol in this endeavor. Not to mention a little respect. Oh well. “The attacker, who is known as Xar, has sent me to make a demand. Surrender to the superiority of The Great Xar, or die a pathetic death. ” Oz growled at the hologram, not noticing the missing piece of metal on the droid’s chest. “I swear when i find you, i’m going to tear you apart to your bolts you stupid little… Oz stopped suddenly. The elevator had shifted. The safety features of the room had been remotely turned off from somewhere. Shouting and laser shots were heard from above. Oz looked up and saw just in time a green plated robot, covered in dust from moving through an air vent, activating his claws cand cleanly slicing through the metal cord that held the elevator up. “Good day zir. It waz not pleazent working for you.” _________ Xar watched as the elevator fell two and a half stories down. The men who had stood on top and dared to fire upon him screamed the whole way down, right up until the noise of metal crashing could be heard. The men on top were most likely dead. Anyone inside either had serious injuries or were dead as well. Such was the fate of inferior creatures. Xar began his ascension back up the cable to the third floor. It was an easy task to make his way to the security room, shoot the last guard and take control of the building. Despite being called a security room, there were very few measures taken to prevent hacking in the room directly. Made sense. With a look over all the security cameras, Xar instantly located his target. Hars was on the rooftop, as well as with about 20 other employees, 3 security guards, and 5 drones. Xar chuckled. Easy. “Drones, you have some new commands…” Xar commented. “Attack Chief Financial Officer Hars Volda. Then everyone else.” Xar then proceeded to just watch the action unfold. The employees began to scream as the drones turned on their wards. Stun shot after stun shot fired, a cacophony of energy sending each person into unconsciousness. The guards fought back valiantly, but in the end they were not ready for the attack. Still, they did manage to knock out three of the five drones. After the drones had stunned everyone, they continued to fire again and again at the targets, just to make sure. Xar nodded in approval. These drones worked well. They reminded him of the drones his own model was supposed to work with. Perhaps Xar had just gotten another bonus with this job. “Drone numbers… 3 and 5...” Xar shook his head. He would have to rename these things. “Now push the Chief Financial officer over the edge of the building, as well as two other random employees. Then fly down to the front entrance and wait there. You will obey all the commands of the superior RHTC-560 Hunter Trainer droid you meet there.” And with that, Xar signed off the security channel. He reached up and activated his communicator, this time to his now second newest asset. “Vizier, you will meet us and our newest drones at the front entrance.” “Yez great and magnificent Xar!” the protocol droid exclaimed, happy to have been given a smidgen of respect and an honorable nickname. Xar nodded again to himself. At least this one knew who was superior and wasn’t afraid to sell it. He would do well. “Nok…” Xar continued on his other channel. “The deed is done. We are leaving now”
  12. Xar huffed in annoyance when the message came through. “Finally” he said to himself and spun around and aimed at the security guard. The man tried to draw his pistol out on Xar but wasn’t quick enough. Xar’s newly fixed arm-mounted blaster fired twice, once at the man’s neck, then again at his head. The guard, an older quarren who was probably only a few months from retirement, fell backwards lifelessly. Xar cursed himself. He could’ve done that in one shot. What a waste of energy. Still, at least the weapon worked correctly. Xar jumped behind the counter where the checkpoint officer had stood moments before and inserted himself into the dataport. Information swirled around Xar as he attempted to hack into the building’s mainframe. Names and IDs, coding numbers, and blueprints were Xar’s main focus. He needed a layout of the building, as well as the number of security forces inside. With this information, Xar could hunt with ease. Xar nodded in approval and disconnected. A plan had been formed. Exiting the small building that was the only entrance in the durasteel electrified fence that separated the small skyscraper from the public, Xar dashed towards the front doors, his chassis glinting in the sunlight of a beautiful Mon Cal day. He calculated there were two ways of doing this. Go through the front and take on more security, or try to sneak up the sides of the building and take the target by surprise. Nok wanted some noise, but Xar also had a sense of preservation. “We can make some noise along the way though with a mixture of both…” Xar concluded as he jumped and bashed through the glass doors. Security alarms began to blare as glass and droid landed on the ground. Cries from guards sounded as they drew their holstered blaster pistols to stop this sudden attacker. Xar crouched and leapt over the nearest desk where two guards were beginning to take cover. His claws impaled just below their throats. Once on the ground again, the droid deactivated the vibroblades, clutched, and pulled swiftly, tearing flesh from flesh. “We will never stay clean, will we…” Xar peaked out from his cover and ducked down immediately as blaster fire filled the area. Two quarren and one human had drawn their weapons and were attempting to keep Xar pinned. There were also two hovering blue drones that resembled a cross between a waterfowl and a beetle, though they were not opening fire. Xar accessed the files on the building's blueprints. This white-floored room had three elevators, one staircase, two hallways to some offices, and a large water fountain in the center of the room. All of the outside walls were glass. There was a waiting area, with metal chairs, as well as the counter that Xar had jumped behind. Xar glanced at the computer system next to him. Perhaps he could take advantage of this situation… Still crouching, Xar plugged himself again into the network, finding the manual controls for the room’s fixtures. Lights, locks, everything. However, Xar was having to go slower with this as he had to split his attention between searching the network and paying attention to where the guards were. The sound of hovering repulsors warned Xar of the incoming drones. With his free arm, Xar briefly stood up and fired twice at the approaching lesser droids, and ducked back down as blaster fire riddled the area around him. Xar cursed himself again. He missed one. Still, the sound of the other falling lifelessly to the ground was pleasant. Xar found the controls he was looking for. “Lights: Dim. Water Pressure: Maximize” Xar commanded. The room darkened slightly. A loud chugging sound could be heard rumbling through the floor. The guards stopped firing and looked at the fountain. For a moment there was silence, then the fountain exploded with water everywhere. At that moment Xar popped out from behind his cover and rapidly fired over and over again. The drone went down first, then the guards. A few shots were wasted as Xar didn’t properly calculate his own momentum from standing up so quickly, but he did hit all of his targets. Xar emerged from his spot and moved slowly to the elevator as the alarms in the room continued to blare. But first, he aimed once more and the security cameras in the room and fired at will. So far so good. A short while later, Xar found himself climbing up the elevator shaft. As of now, Xar believed that the security forces had no way of identifying where he was going. If he took an elevator, that would give away his position, but if he climbed, he would have some more time. Despite the work of having to climb an elevator shaft, Xar wasn’t as annoyed as before. In the sewers, he was being a guide and a leader. He was working through sewage and fecal matter, and there was no clear enemy, nor respect. Here though, Xar was working in a civilized environment, hunting a prey like a superior predator would. And he was doing it alone for the most part, and with the respect that came with it. Nok was in a way, acknowledging Xar was capable of doing this task, and was paying as such. Hanging off an edge where the elevator doors stood, Xar activated one of his claws and began to cut slowly through. The door was made of a cheap alloy, so his vibroblades had little trouble getting through, though Xar lamented he would need to replace the claw after today. Xar pushed through and entered an abandoned hallway. Xar studied the hallway curiously. It split off into many corridors, which in turn split off into multiple offices, break rooms, corridors, and closets . No doubt this was the accounting floor of the building. But it was eerily silent, and Xar could only see one heat signature that was coming in his direction. Where were all the people? Xar slowly made his way towards the signature. Quietly, Xar crept forward. He could hear it now. The stepping of feet on padded carpet. The movements of gears and joints. A droid! Xar whirled around the corner and aimed his forearm-blaster towards the large eyes of an insectoid faced robot. “Ah! Pleaz, don't zoot me! Unarmed! I’m Unarmed!” The droid begged, raising its arms above its head in surrender. Xar looked the being over. It was an odd thing. Its head and most of its body structure matched that of an insectoid species, very similar to a verpine. Its Sky-blue painted chassis was tarnished in places, but overall it was in good health. “Who are you? Where is everyone?” Xar demanded, not lowering his weapon. “Oh! I am the Siak-Series Protocol droid V1-ZR, though almozt everyone around here calls me bugz. A derogatory name to be zure, but as they own me and my proteztz have gone unheaded and that people do not follow the regular droid rights rulez, I am forced to… “The employees! Where are they?” Xar shook his arm, drawing the droids attention back to the gun before it went too far explaining itself. “Oh! Yezzz…” The droid nodded as it buzzed out the words. “Due to an inzident beyond my knowledge, people are following protocol F53, where in the caze in an emergency of a firefight, employeez are required to evacuate to one of three secure locationz on the premizes. “ “What?” Xar asked in disbelief. Of course it wouldn’t be this easy. How could he have been so stupid. Of course they would have a backup plan, and since Xar had attacked the front doors, the employees would go to a secure location until local authorities could help. Of course, with the Sith, who knows how long it would take until that occurred. “We zaid that all employeez are required to evacuate…” Xar looked the droid over again, wondering if he should just kill it and be done with it. Or perhaps he could have a use for it. “Where are the locations?” Slowly, feeling like there was no more threat, began to calmly explain. “The firzt location is underground, accessible by elevator 1A and by staircase A1. The second is the security control room, which iz on the third floor with its own special elevator to a sub basement. This area is only accezzable by identification…” Xar nodded. That made sense. It would possibly be the only location where Xar could figure out where his target was. “And the final location iz the rooftop. In cazez of fire, employees are to avoid theze locationz but in cazes of gaz leakage, employees are required to only avoid the rooftop. However, in the case of wild animal attack…" Xar ignored the protocol droid’s droning on and on about how the building worked. Instead he pulled up his own blueprint files and plotted out a course. “Nok? We have a command for you.” Xar spoke into his communicator. “Get to the basement secure spot. They’ll let a blind neimoidian like you inside without worry. Perhaps there are more people you need to exterminate down there. Or you may want a plausible excuse for avoiding us. We are heading to the security control room…” Xar stopped and whirled around. The sound of drones approaching had caught his attention. Taking cover around the corner, Xar began to open fire as several small Water Beetles and two guards charged down the hallway firing away. As he did so, V1-ZR screeched and tried to hide next to Xar, chitterring nervously about the benefits of organized building codes. “Stupid little pests. Don’t they know our superiority? We should be commanding them!” The insectoid droid looked up. “Even if you take them out zir, there may be more reinforcementz along the way. Might i zuggest an idea…” Xar looked at the droid after shooting down one of the drones charging towards the duo. If the droid’s idea was good, perhaps it would live a little longer.
  13. Xar calculated the amount in his head and thought. The entire job was a pain in the exhaust port. He deserved clearly much more then this, though he had voiced it for less. However, Nok was not paying him for the weapon that, by all rights, belonged to the droid. Still, money was money. Xar calculated that a large percentage of it would have to go to Black Sun to pay for the loss of the illegal drugs. But even a percentage of the left over would be enough to replace his parts, and then some. Perhaps a purchase of a ship, so he would not be limited to working with whoever had a vehicle, though such a thing would take immense care. He would not stoop himself to daily maintenance. With no other option, Xar took the pad and entered an interplanetary bank number. When he was sneaking about on Rodia, he had took every piece of information about his creator and used it to bypass several security checkpoints. This included his bank account, which Xar had to empty in order to faceless bribe a few bounty hunters to cause a distraction for him. Xar was the only one who knew how to access the account only, so only he could use it. And if Nok tried to follow up on the account, he would only find information on some insignificant, dead, rodian. A far cry from the the superior being Xar was. With that, and the funding transferred, Xar then connected himself to the datapad in oder to begin expositioning information. As he spoke, an image of the Sith Quarren that Xar saw appeared on the pad. “That laboratory below was in fact a laboratory of some sort, but also a sacrificial chamber. If we are correct in our guessings, he used slavers and bounty hunters to capture as many live prey as possible. It appeared that the Quarren was trying to achieve a either form of immortality or some kind of ultimate servant. Perhaps that beast down there. However, it seemed he failed on immortality. As we note, the more sacrifices were achieved, the more droids he made. It seemed he was getting paranoid, and for a good reason.” The image on the pad changed to the armored Sith warrior Xar briefly saw before. “From what we understand, by the orders of their emperor, the Quarren was put to death and his work destroyed. This was his executioner. The Quarren was charged with trying kill his superiors, which we suspect is normal for you sith types. “ Finally, the image changed to the droid, which began to zoom out and peel back layers and layers of parts, giving schematics, measurements and details on the chassis. “These droids were definitely a security measure, but also something more. Their armament does match any usual guarding equipments that we know of. The quarren seemed to think that his rituals and these droids were possibly linked. The more dead bodies, the more droids he made. We recommend you study these chassis further before you put them into full production. But that is not our concern.” Xar left out the fact that the one droid he had ‘eaten’ still remained within himself, or at least the virus did. Xar wasn’t sure if the virus was just a countermeasure, or something else. But that was for him to understand, not Nok. Xar unplugged himself from the pad and handed it back. “Now...tell us of this job…”
  14. Production Information Model: SD-A4 Creators: Mon Calamari Manufacturer : Fluid Securities Place of Manufacture: Mon Cal Class: Security Drone Cost: 2,600 Credits Technical specifications Height: 0.4 meters (1’3”) Sensor color: Blue Armament: Turret-mounted stun blaster Equipment: Repulsorlift engines Propellers Infrared-Sensor Capable of chasing and neutralizing targets in the air and underwater, the SD-A4, aka the Water Beetle, was extremely popular amongst security forces and private businesses for multiple underwater species. Developed by a security firm on Mon Cal, the SD-A4 was meant to be a way to scout out points of potential break-ins, support backup to firefights, and to pursue criminals. The main drawback of the SD-A4 was that it was unable to think for itself and followed rigid programming. When left to its own devices, it would constantly repeat the same command over and over, to the point where it might shoot anyone who didn’t comply with its specifications. To combat this, Fluid Securities always recommended customers to pair the drone with a living partner who could direct the drone.
  15. Xar stumbled forward towards the Neimodian, who was a short distance away. He detected smoke around him, carried by the winds from the destruction of the sith fleet overhead had caused. Ahead Xar could see flames in the distance, and the sounds of people trying to put together what had been damaged reached his superior sensors. The droid certainly looked worse for wear. He had a large dent in his head plate from a police baton, and a large hole in his side from being bitten by the monster below. His claws were covered with dried blood. His once dark green chassis was stained black, brown and yellow from sewage. Some sewage even dripped out of the cracks in his body, despite being doused in water enough to drown a Nautalon. “Commencing system scan” Xar buzzed at he ran a test over everything in him. The results did not make him happy. Several damaged wires needed replacing. All the motors needed grease and cleaning. Power pack was damaged and needed a replacement. Comm unit needing a tune up. And those were just the interior faults. Xar was a being who cared about cosmetics. His bearing needed to be brought back to top-quality and an oil bath wouldn't be enough. And there was also the issue of the virus or whatever Xar had integrated into himself. He was confident it was subservient to him, but part of his wondered at its full potential. Could it turn on him? Could he use it on others if needed? Being that it had infected a good deal of his programming, it would’ve been impossible to remove without destroying himself. So it was there to stay. "Xar! I believe I owe you some payment? And if you're interested...I have a job for you." The Hunter-trainer droid stood next to the Neimodian and looked up at it. Being a foot shorter than the insectoid was a bit annoying to him. He should be above his partner. “Money first, then we can discuss any future business ventures. One moment...” Xar looked away as he ran through his databanks everything that had taken place from when he was ‘hired’ to now. Several beeps emitted from his speakers as numbers and calculations ran through his minds. “You offered payment for all of our services as well as any damages we sustained. This included the navigation of those scum-infested sewers and all the warnings and protections involved from the environment, though your suicidal attempt at falling were not included. We also killed that individual who threatened us AFTER" Xar's claws clenched up into what could only be assumed was a fist "you forced us to try to rescue her. Good riddance to her. We also kept the party in communication with the Sith Forces and was able to secure a passage out of that Sith laboratory.” Some of these statements were exaggerations, but Xar didn’t care. “We also fought the monster and the droids down in that laboratory. After the failed attempt at destroying us, the monster turned its attention elsewhere. However we were able to secure vital information about that laboratory, and the droids that helped guard it. This was all done despite the fact that you lied to us.” Xar looked up at Nok again and tried to extend himself as much as possible, an impossible attempt to make himself the same height as his partner. “Unless you want to replace our damaged parts yourself, which we demand top quality, you owe us a total of 120,000 credits. 800 more if you want the information we had learned about what we fought against. 2,000 more for the schematics of those droids below. Something we know you Neimodians love to get your hands on, and we doubt you will be able to retrieve their chassis anytime soon. And if you want to purchase THAT from us…” Xar looked down and pointed at the weapon that Nok had acquired. The weapon of that irritating lesser that Xar had killed. The weapon that by all rights, was the droid’s. Xar almost wanted to destroy it, just to elimate any evidence that the Zeltron ever existed. Perhaps she had a ship he could destory. Not like she was going to use it now. “That will cost extra. We do not know how it works but we do not intend to pass it up without compensation.” Xar knew he was overcharging Nok, and he secretly suspected Nok knew it too. But Xar needed some of that cash, and fast. With Hamilton most likely dead and his business gone, the deal for Black Sun was a bust. Xar did not intend to return empty handed. And while he couldn’t return with the drugs, perhaps enough credits would work. Plus, Xar also gave exemplary service. You paid for what you got after all. And to Xar, Nok got the best service. Xar looked back up at Nok and stated plainly “If you can pay for this, Then we will hear your offer. After all, working alongside a liar who can’t pay for one job is not worth working with.”
  16. “Perhaps your sith friends can help us both” Xar commented as he glanced at the Sith forces and more specific, the one sith being that he couldn’t help but admire. Xar wasn’t sure what was going on. Perhaps it was magic, perhaps it was something else like an advanced hidden ray shield. Xar wondered if some species had developed technology to withstand the pressures of deep sea and of crumbling ruins. A quick tingle in his circuitry told him that whatever the being was doing could save him. Remnants of the droid he had 'eaten'. Xar wasn’t sure if he could trust it. Still, that being of power, whom the soldiers followed so mindlessly, had some kind of answer. Xar only hoped that the being, and whatever he was doing, would allow the two in whatever it was doing with the… “Soldiers…” Xar muttered, having a thought. He turned and grabbed Nok and began to drag the Neimodian towards the rest of the people. As he did, he shouted as well as spoke on the frequency that he had used to contact the soldiers earlier. “Soldiers of the Sith! We bring with us one of your own! Do not shoot!” With the ocean crashing around them, Xar, with the determination only a machine could bring, charged forward, practically dragging his partner with him. The message he sent was repeated over and over, in order to make sure he was heard. Through crashing waters that nearly took his own feet out from under him, Xar charged. More then once he began to slip, only to barely catch himself. Every millisecond mattered. Within moments this place would be destroyed, and, regrettably for the rest of the galaxy, him included. He had to make it. A crack behind Xar told him enough. A wall had crumbled, and a wall of water was rushing towards him. It was now or never. “Now Nok! Jump!” With that command, Xar himself let go of the Nemoidian and leapt forward. The burning hiss around Xar told him he had succeeded. He crashed into the floor and immediately crouched near the soldiers, though he couldn't tell who was their leader, and he dared not disturb the being the sphere was centered on. So instead he spoke to the nearest being. “We are Xar, and that Neimodian is Mr. Neer, or better known as Nok. He claims to be one of you. Thus you owe him some form of protection until we get out of this, and in turn, owe us the same level of protection.” Xar looked Nok over. He had seen the weapon the Nemoidian had used. And he knew where it came from. The gun Xar had used, and regrettably dropped in the battle, came from the same dead lesser being. Xar would question him later. The crashing and thundering of waters took precedence. Xar hated this. All he could do was watch what happened around him.
  17. “Ah… better” Xar muttered as the dead head fell from his claws. He felt new. Invigorated. Energized even. He had eaten his fill. A droid’s memory, or whatever it was, now belonged to him. Many new files to sort through. So much data to study and examine. “But that is for another time” Xar commented as the explosion attracted his attention. It seemed that the others were doing themselves fine. The maw of flesh and teeth had been wounded briefly by a grenade. It seemed now was his time to shine. He however didn’t get a chance to. Water started flooding upwards again as the dA burst of flooding water drew Xar’s attention away from the action before him. The droids who were holding back the flood did so no longer. Whether it was because of a command from their ‘master’ or because they sensed their partner had gotten mentally eaten, they now were focused on Nok and himself. Xar barely got a glimpse of them before he got tackled and sent into the water. They were strong. Their gears, while older, were built in a way to maximize strength. The equivalent of brawn over speed. If it wasn’t for the water, Xar would have shouted insults about how these droids should have touched their superior. After all, he had eaten one of them. He had their mind’s as well as his own. A quick run through the newly acquired files gave him an idea how to defeat these attackers. While they attempted to tear apart his frame with pure strength, Xar preferred precision. A hunter always did. And he had their schematics. Claws began to vibrate. Xar lowered his arm below his attacker on top of him. Specifically below its chest. With a quick action, Xar plunged a dagger-esque claw into the droid, piercing its metal hide and, more importantly, its power cell. A jolt of electricity forced Xar to pull back, but the damage was done. The droid on him became lifeless. The other was more fortunate however. With a fury, it tried to grab Xar’s legs and pull him down. Xar had trouble fighting back. He was not built for underwater combat. He was built for hunting. In vain he tried to grab onto whatever surface he could find, but the droid continued to drag him. Then Xar had an idea. With the dead droid still in range, Xar grabbed its arm and with his other claw, sliced at a connection point at the shoulder. With new weapon in hand, Xar swung the awkward club through the water, smacking his other attacker. The blow wasn’t enough to kill, but enough to dent and stun. Xar pulled himself closer to it and with another stab into the thing’s brain, made it lifeless again. Xar pulled himself out of the water again, annoyed as usual. “You owe us a lot of money Nok! Now kill that Sith-traiter thing! Then we can get out of here.”
  18. As each vision passed briefly inside Xar’s circuits like dreams to a child, so too did they last only fractions of seconds and yet last eternally. Each sight, each scan, each momentary thought and order, stood agelessly in Xar’s processors. Each of his three memories consumed the data hungrily, like blood to the desperate blood-sucking hoover beast. Xar outwardly was completely still and lifeless, save for his and the droid’s sensors rapidly flipping on and off. But inside, Xar was a bundle of movement and life. He was consuming knowledge and data. But then the machine began to fight back. Xar’s processors began to push themselves harder, their circuits starting to heat up, trying to keep up with this attack. Xar had a momentary sense of worry. What was this? A counter-offense? No… it was not complex enough. This was like a virus. Each file it touched, it tried to devour. No, not devour...change. It was corruption. It was vile corruption, trying to usurp Xar’s control over his own memory core that belonged to Em Eer, and eventually the rest of the body.. His own core was fighting back, cutting off pathways, deleting and remaking files over and over to slow it down, but it wasn’t working. This corruption was quick and painful. Even as it fought, Xar’s mental pain became physical. Some of his own nerve sensors were fighting him. It was a revolt. A revolt against Xar’s own body. Xar realized what it was doing. It was trying to make Xar a servant. Make Xar nothing more than a slave. And this made Xar laugh. “Xar bows to no one.” Xar mentally cackled. This was the arena of data and memory. There was no magic here. Only logic, cunning, and skill. Xar redoubled his efforts. Outside of him people could hear his coolants going into overdrive, trying desperately to keep the droid from overheating. He put up more defenses and more counter measures. He was slowing the corruption, but barely. He knew he had to play this war differently in order to win. At a pivotal moment, Xar gave a command to himself. Or rather, the memory core that originally belonged to his current chassis gave a command. It gave an order to the third memory core in him, the one that belonged to an ex-imperial torture droid named Joy, to separate and act in a randomized pattern for a fraction of a millisecond. Painful though it would be, like separating a third of an organic’s brain from the rest of the body for a second, but it would have a desired effect: It would present itself as open to corruption. The virus, or whatever it was, took the bait. It lessened its efforts on Em-Eer and focused on the perceived weak part. Once it began to get inside that core, Xar reformed back with Joy, cut it off from Em-Eer and the rest of the virus, and together the two began to stifle and consume the leftover. Xar didn’t delete it. He studied it, analyzed it, poked it and altered it, and once he was done, added it to his own. It no longer belonged to the enemy. It was now part of him. Xar opened all his circuits back to Em-Eer. Three separate minds now together as one again, Xar used his new addition and put it in places where the virus was approaching. When the virus attacked, it encountered what it thought was itself. Infected memory chips and data with what looked like itself. So it backed off. Xar then seized the moment and devoured the virus where it was, and immediately presented his own again. The virus couldn’t attack itself and was forced to halt, letting Xar attack again and again. Xar kept devouring each and every byte he could take. By the end of this, the droid’s secrets would be completely his own, as well as the power if offered. “We are three.” Xar said out loud. “Soon, we will be four. We do not serve you. We serve only Xar. You will serve Xar. We are Xar, consuming you. You will be consumed. You will become Xar. We are Xar. Obey Xar.”
  19. Xar nodded as everyone else began to take offense on the creature in the waters. He was about to fire his last few bullets again and again into the water, hoping to hit the thing’s center, but the man with the red blade had jumped into the fray. The being was a master with his weapon and his own body. Xar would’ve given half of his own admiration if he wasn’t still so furious about all this. Xar lowered his gun, letting his circuits slow in their anger. This thing would be defeated shortly. These forces had listened and obeyed him. They would take care of the monster. Xar’s gaze landed on the three remaining droids. They had remained still, trying to finish whatever they were trying to accomplish. Xar studied them for a moment. What were these things? They followed commands, but they did not defend themselves when Xar had shot them. They were certainly not a class 4 droid. And judging by what they were doing, they were not the menial laborors of class 5 either. “What are those serfs doing? Stopping the water? But why? What are they watching over…” Xar glanced at the combat going on, and shook his head. “If they were guarding the beast, then they are failing. No...they are guarding something else…” Xar then looked at Nok, his heat signature easy to pinpoint. He was doing something. Accessing his magical abilities no doubt. “An offering is what you said Nok...” Xar mused to himself, quietly so no one could hear him. “What kind of offering? Heh, perhaps you are hiding some glorious treasure from us. You should not do that Nok…” Xar looked at the crimson colored droids again. They were watchers. Programmed watchers, who did not acknowledge others. They were willing to die to protect this room from complete flooding. Perhaps they could tell him. Xar looked around the room. He shot one droid down before the monster had swallowed him whole. Where did it go… The concussive shots the troopers fired made the search so much harder. Xar hoped the droid wasn’t too damaged... “There it is!” Xar exclaimed as he saw an arm of metal flash over the water momentarily. Without a thought he rushed, leapt, and dived after it. He wasn’t built for water and swimming, and if he didn’t hurry, he risked his own circuits frying. But he had to get the chassis. A tentacle came towards him violently. Xar saw his chance and took it. Without activating his claws, he released the tooth and implanted himself onto the rubbery thing. He allowed it’s flailing to pull him wildly. In the direction of the arm he went. He released at the peak of its flail and, shooting through the water, crashed into the dead droid chassis. He had it! To boot, the thing launched him closer to the shoreline, near the soldiers of Sith. With a quick stroke, pulled the metallic head from the body. He needed it’s memory circuits, not the body. The monster could have that. With a push, he casted the headless chassis into the churning water and crawled up from the water, clutching his prize. While the others fought, he crawled away, hoping no one noticed his greatness, nor his brilliant idea. Once a meter away, he turned over the metal skull and did something very few would ever think of. Reaching back, behind his head, Xar snipped two separate wires. All droids had multiple ways of connecting to their memory circuits. And like all beings, brains were fascinating things and interacted with the world in astounding ways. Droids were no different from organics in this way. Given time, they altered themselves. They changed. Not organically, but in a way that only machines imitating organics could. And having three separate, concrete minds merged into a metaphorical one, Xar’s was very special. He could open a route to one of his three minds, and let be open to another. It’s what made him great. And if he was so great, why not a fourth? A sentient droid would resist, but this thing carried no sentience. With one wire, he made a crude connection to his own power source. The dead droid’s head buzzed with life, its receptors aglow. Xar pressed it against the back of his head, and made a snip at another wire. This one connected to the brain that once belonged to a rogue NR-1100 Slicer droid known as Em Eer. It’s brain would connect very well. “Give us your secrets mindless one...” Xar commanded. With a touch, his wire sparked as its metal tip connected with the head’s data circuits. A rush of information and knowledge flowed between the two. He was no longer in that lab in a mental sense. He was in that perfect state between two droids. A state that had no name. A state where all information between two beings was opened. And Xar, believing himself to be of stronger will, would seize all of it. “Give us all of it you peon. What is hiden here?” The two beings spoke near-simultaneously. Xar spoke first and the other head spoke just a moment after, echoing the superior being's words.
  20. “What...was..that!?!” Xar shouted as he picked himself up off the lab floor. Dripping with water and slime, the droid looked rather beaten and disgraced, considering how highly he held himself. As he picked himself up, he was happy to see that he still had the gun. That was the one thing Xar kept a grip on when he was pulled under the waters. The time he spent under was so short, or was it so long? He couldn’t tell. Time was odd. He couldn’t tell what happening. What had happened under there was strange. The tentacles...the teeth! And the voice in the teeth! Xar perked up. Raising his free claw, he pulled something out of his side. A large tooth, as big as a human’s hand, partially rotted from the inside. Where it had broken off oozed with black liquid. Whatever the thing was, it was obviously carnivorous. The beast must have broken a tooth trying to swallow him. Xar clutched it angrily and then looked at the waters below, he cocked the gun once and aimed it at the waters, searching. This monster dared attack him? This monster dared to damage his chassis?!? “What are you fools waiting for?!? Kill that thing! Your superior commands you!” Xar ordered everyone who could hear, as he opened fire once, blindly. He couldn’t see the thing. His sensors weren’t finding it. The waters and the muck hid its heat from him, if it even produced any. It was a nasty beast. But he was a hunter. And it was restricted by the water. He just had to scare it out. It was big, so hitting it would be easy. He fired again randomly into the water, this time closer to the droids. He cared not for what the droids were doing, but he didn’t aim for them now. They weren’t being lethal to him yet. This monster had earned his ire by swallowing him, and then spitting him out! Now it had to die. But where was it? He couldn’t… Xar spotted a tentacle creep out of the water towards a corpse that had washed up. Xar aimed and fired. His aim may have been off but he could direct the others. “There! There! Kill it! Kill it now!” Xar directed harshly, hoping the others would notice where he was shooting. “You want to be swallowed whole! Kill it now you laggards! Kill it! Kill it!” And Xar fired again and again. He knew he would run out of ammo soon, but rage was consuming him. He had to kill this thing that had disgraced him.
  21. Xar paused when the droids halted. He couldn’t tell if they understood him or not, but they had halted. However, another voice was in the room, speaking a language unknown to Xar. Xar glanced at Nok. “What are they saying Neimodian? Are they sith like you?” However, there wasn’t a chance to respond. A deluge of water and assorted sea animals came crashing in and down. Same as Nok, Xar rushed back to the wall, kicking through water and pieces of fish. Guts filled the water as his lower claws cut through the animals carelessly. However, either due to bad luck or something else, some of the things that fell knocked the droid down. “Son of a jawa kissing whore!” Xar cursed. This entire ‘adventure’ had been degrading. He had dealt with explosions, security, a mad zeltron, a lying Neimodian, sludge and fecal matter, and now this: being covered and battered by fish and water. If he wasn’t splash proof, Xar’s insides would have shortcircuited by now. What was next? A gun. Xar stopped as his claws grasped something under the water. Rising from his knees, Xar looked at what he had picked up. The weapon the Zeltron had carried earlier. A slugthrower handgun. Still loaded judging by the weight of it. No doubt it was the same one the Zeltron had carried with her when he sliced her back. That is also when Xar realized a new sound in the room. It sounded like… Xar looked around and spotted it. Another lightsaber. However, this was different. Amongst the bodies coming in, the being wielding it was different. The user held himself in a way of a perfect guard. He held himself in a way that communicated power. It was hard to see at the moment, with all the water and everything, but the glimpse that Xar could see was impressive. A true Sith? No matter, Xar didn’t have time to wonder about this. These droids needed to fall. The water was stopping. The droids were doing something. Xar believed that they didn’t carry the hint of sentience like he did. They were following their programming and commands, like so many inferior beings. And Xar guessed they were not programmed for maintenance. More likely they were made for defense and extermination. They needed to fall before they did something dangerous. Xar turned and aimed the gun at one of the droids. While moving towards the droids, Xar began to attack. With two claws maintaining balance of the gun, Xar squeezed the trigger with his third and fired twice on the nearest droid. He didn’t care about the altar, nor the bodies who had crashed into the lab. Let Nok, who was somewhere behind him, wonder about that. The droids were his.
  22. Bull studied the holographic map in front of him carefully. The enemy’s fighters and bombers began to pour out, all rushing forward into the battle. Simultaneously, Bull’s own forces did the same. Rows upon rows of modified TIE fighters and bombers manned by perfectly programmed Skytroopers took flight into the battle and charged forward. They had their orders. Destroy the enemy. Bull nodded as they proceeded to do just that. However, one move caught Bull’s eye. The enemy’s small freighter ships charged ahead along their fighters, directly into Multileg’s air space, surrounding them. They were obviously following some kind of aggressive tactic, trying to block Centipede and Millipede from doing their maximum damage. Bull chuckled and pulled up a hologram of the captains of the ships: Two older skytroopers, one missing it’s entire right hand while the other lacked an exterior frame, being nothing more than wires and gears. “Captains, you have incoming ships. You shall follow these orders.” Bull paused. Then with the same monotone voice, commanded: “Let them charge. Let them die. You will be protected.” “Yes sir! For King Xar!” The two said saluted and signed off. Bull watched his map as Multilegs began to open fire on the incoming ships, missiles spreading out to achieve their maximum potential before the enemy had them completely surrounded. Bull studied as the enemy charged. As he studied, his own ships moved in to intercept the attacks on Centipede and Millipede. Most people would have admired how one ship, Bullet, almost threw itself between, sacrificing itself without hesitation. It exploded rather quickly, but Smelter Home rushed in, taking some flak. Blacken House followed close behind. The rest moved into a defensive position around the Multilegs. Their efforts were rewarded, as enemy bombers were impeded by the defensive formation, making their bombing runs difficult to accomplish. However, Bull was not impressed. These were droids. They obeyed without question, knowing King Xar approved of their sacrifice under Bull’s command. Bull chuckled. Now all of the enemies freighters and Bull’s ex-imperial light corvettes had surrounded Centipede and Millipede, creating a metaphorical bubble of chaos. Beautiful Three enemy ships down. Bull had only lost one. So far so good, though Xar would probably criticize Bull for the loss of a single ship. No matter. His primary command was to humiliate this Nok, and Bull’s bombers were doing plenty of damage to the droid control ship. However, a detail popped up that Bull couldn’t resist pointing out to the fighters. “All bombers: Concentrate your efforts at these points. Make them pay for the loss of Bullet.” Bull studied the map more. It suddenly pinged as some blips came up on where Centipede and Millipede were concentrating their fire. Bull nodded in approval. “Our chances of success are now at a 90 percent chance of victory.” he commented. And so he watched and studied the map before him.
  23. Xar paused as he watched the body tumble forward. With blood still dripping from his claws, slower then before now that his claws had stopped vibrating, Xar observed how the Zeltron was limp and over into the pitt. She could not have survived his claws. Nor could she have survived that fall. Xar was sure of it. “A fitting end for an incensed lesser.” Xar stated as he got back into a more relaxed position. “Good riddance” His partner walked up beside him and began to comment about how the Zeltron was dead but he got distracted. Xar saw them as well. From the water below in the pitt that the Zeltron had fallen into, four mechanical beings began to rise up. Their red forms in the strange green light gave them an almost wraith-like appearance. Monsters from the depths. Nok, unsurprisingly, jumped in. Xar observed how his partner leapt in. It was clear he had some practice in form of parkour, but was out of practice. His form wasn’t as loose as it should have been. His roll wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. But that’s not what caught Xar’s attention. During the Neimodian’s descent, his fall slowed slightly. Not much, but it was perceptible, even to non-droids. “Questions for later. It’s a good thing we are much more experienced…” Xar commented, and then stepped off the edge into the pit. As he fell, each moment was analyzed by the droid. The rate of the fall. The distance between him and the droids. The droids and Nok. Nok and the dead Zeltron. All of it. A barrage of information captured over and over in microseconds. Precisely four meters from the bottom, Xar’s legs moved back and scratched along the wall behind him, slowing his descent. At two meters, Xar pushed against the wall, upwards, slowing even more and even gaining some height. Xar pulled in his body and extended his legs downward again. He fell with a hard splash. He bended both his legs as he hit the ground, slowing his descent even further. By the time he was at a stand still, the G-forces he experienced were negligible. Xar straightened up, Nok behind him, droids in front of him. He raised a claw and pointed to the droids. He honestly wished he had a gun at this point, but surely these droids couldn’t be too much trouble. “You shall halt and identify yourselves to Xar and our partner! Immediately!”
  24. “There they are. Right once again my liege” Bull stated as ships came out of hyperspace. These enemy forces came out in droves. Bull counted each one silently as new blip after new blip appeared on his own holographic map of what he called the arena. “We calculate about 14 threatening ships, as well as numerous fighters in that control ship. A well sized ant colony if I ever saw one. Clever. However, we have 15 ships, and our own carrier as well. Our ships have numerical advantage as well as zeal. We are the superior colony. I calculate that we will have a 89 percent chance of victory. I wonder if our enemy is aware of this. Ship, send a holographic communication to all enemy vessels. Bull didn’t try to straighten himself up as he said this. His posture was that of an old victorious war commander. His history of fighting under the galactic empire against rebels was an impressive one, if not well known. These ships had been stolen by Xar and given to Bull as a gift. And now Bull would make use of these gifts. The holographic image that the enemy commander would see would include the entire chair that Bull was hooked and wired into. They would see a droid destroyed by age and use, but still strong. “Attention enemy vessels. Your crafts are no match for our vessel’s firepower. We are the swarm that will consume you. Like an ant colony destroying an inferior colony, we shall destroy you and leave your scrap as a warning for others. If you wish to live, jump now, for we will give no quarter.“ With this message sent, Bull tapped the chair he was bound to a few times. On the map in front of him, he gave out commands to all of his ships. All droids were at their battle stations. Now was the time to attack. The fighters and bombers mobilized, the guns readied, the missiles prepared. Now was the time for battle. Having given the commands to each ship, Bull double tapped a button on his chair. A confirmation message appeared before him briefly. Bull nodded. The message changed to a rallying cry that every single droid shouted as they began their tasks. Even Bull said it, albeit quieter then all the other Skytrooper droids. “For King Xar! For all his glory!”
  25. As the Zeltron began to scream at Nok and brag about how Nok needed her, Xar’s own claws tensed up more. She was ignoring him. She was not apologizing for her mistake of offending him and his superiority. Such actions could not be ignored. If only she would apologize then maybe he would overlook her mistakes. But when she started to speak to him, it was the last straw. She didn’t beg for forgiveness. She didn’t implore him to look kindly upon her. She insulted him. She said he carried the same weaknesses that the organics. She said he was dumb. “You will pay for your insolence, peasant” Xar growled. Xar’s claws activated. The humming of the vibroblades could be barely overheard over the rushing water, but they could be heard. Without a second thought, Xar launched himself at the Zeltron, trying to grab and tear out her throat. However, she acted quickly as well . Where her neck was a moment ago held nothing but wet air. Xar landed on a collapsed wall and looked back. The Zeltron had ducked beneath his claws and dashed down the passageway. Xar turned and followed, breaking into a sprint. As he passed by the wet Neimodian, he simply elbowed his partner to the side. His programming would not allow this target to escape. He was a hunter from Rodia. He was a superior being, designed for killing. This Zeltron was prey. She was a lesser and would receive a lesser’s death. The sound of metal splashing through the water as robotic legs pushed through the liquid; The high-pitched whirring of gears performing their designed function, eager to be put into perfect use; The low-base humming of death-seeking claws; All these could barely be heard emanating from Xar’s body. Xar could see what she was going for. She was going for the other room that he and Nok had found. A possible way out perhaps. Xar’s gears went into overdrive. He couldn’t let this prey escape. While the water made it difficult for him to work through, he pushed onwards. Each step brought him closer. His strides were quicker then any organic. His body was stronger then any kind of flesh. His three minds were sharper. He was the superior being. He would kill this peasant. Almost there. Another stride and she would be within cutting distance. Xar bent both of his legs and with the force of a machine, launched himself at the Zeltron, claws first. If she continued to run, her upper back would be stabbed by the vibrating metal blades. If she turned, her chest and her heart would be torn apart recklessly. The humming of blades. The leap of metal. A death doomed to occur. <<Kill Shot Request on Sara Corion>>
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