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Soulbreaker / Lightmaker Hammers

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During the Mandalorian wars of 3964 BBY, several sith alchemists attempted to make a weapon that could overcome Beskar armor. While they never fully succeeded, one of their end results was the Soulbreaker Hammer


The Soulbreaker hammer is a weapon based on the design of the power hammer tool, utilizing Repulsorlift and Shockwave generator tech.  What set this weapon apart from normal power hammer tools, is that the Sith Alchemists included alchemized metal to resist lightsabers, as well as a kyber crystal in the hammer's head to amplify the energy used in the shockwave generators. 


The result of the Soulbreaker hammer is a lightsaber resistant weapon that can generate powerful shockwaves when connecting its blows to solid material, either shattering objects or sending them flying. Due to the technology, the shockwaves it generates only function properly when striking solid and hard objects; most soft objects, including flesh, tend to burst or break, with no shockwave generated. Due to the combination of tech and metals, the Soulbreaker hammer is an incredibly heavy weapon. Described as “heavy enough to make a Gamoerrean thug think twice on using it”, people have to be very familiar and very strong to utilize the weapon, much less effectively against a lightsaber (ie, a soldier or a Warrior/Guardian).


Unfortunately, the Sith were unable to mass produce the weapon before the end of the war. As a result, only about 300 were made, each with a unique design for a specific Sith Lord. However, most of them have been lost to time. Rumors persist that the Sith and Mandalorians have rediscovered a few, but have not put in the effort to replicate the technology yet. The Jedi have also recovered one such weapon, and theorized a Phrik alloy that could replace the Sith alchemised metal.  These theorized hammers are known as Lightmaker Hammers, though they have been mostly discarded as a more 'barbaric version of a lightsaber'.

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