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The Sith Empire


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"There is an innocence in the Dark Side of the Force;

it is found in those to whom it has never yet occurred that they,

one day, might become utterly consumed by it."

- Dark Lord Exodus, Iv Tave Rozete XI, Chapter III




Welcome to the Sith Empire.







For the last decade within the dominion of uncharted space, Lord Exodus traversed and tantalized those that wandered those same wild realms, to a cause unknown by the sickly brotherhood. The culmination of his conquest led him to his habitation on the dark world of Umbara, wherewith the eccentric nature of the native people, he would spend years forging and fostering the capital into an extraordinary civilization that revered the dark arts he commanded as well as the unique acumen of his mind and spirit. He would subjugate the powerfully advanced society of Umbara and lay himself to rest beneath the earth until the stars aligned for his return. Upon his reawakening, the Spider would piously defy the ruination of the Sith Brotherhood at the hands of their former allies, as well as their mortal enemies, and stave off the blasphemous alliance the two had created. Heedlessly acting, Lord Exodus would raise an Empire of his own and blanket the stars with one of the darkest presences the galaxy would ever taste.  Rising above the Imperial Remnant, and ravaging the supreme reign of the Galactic Alliance, the Sith Empire would shake the cosmos to the core and claim rule. Growing indiscriminately, and with the iron resilience of the Sith Empire at shore, the face of Imperial Rule would soon return. 








"The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."

- Sheeve Palpatine.


The Dark Side of the Force is driven by unbridled passion and emotion, expounding itself when the wielder of it pushes to reach self-interested aspirations. More often than not, it comes from a yearning to do what one believes is morally good, to save someone’s life, or to destroy a source of what the individual may believe is evil. But when you lose yourself to those emotions and desires, whether willing or unwilling, that is the road most traveled for those that dwell within the dark. Channeling the omniscience of the Dark Side however, obediently or masterfully, does not qualify one as representation of the Sith Empire. Abstaining from the ways of old, when senseless in-fighting and aimless savagery welcomed the complete degradation of the Sith Brotherhood and the Sith Order, is how the wisest found compromise. The ailing brotherhood of the Sith carved out a niche within the body of the Empire as the spiritual fist, with their dwindling numbers finding renewed purpose under Lord Exodus. The brotherhood became a tributary to the entirety of the Sith Empire, and was re-engineered to uphold the core tenets of the Sith Philosophy, all while serving a new decree, that the Sith would co-actively labor towards a unified goal. Therefore, the blind and ignorant consumption of the Dark Side, transformed into a more dutiful transaction filled with purpose. The Sith would adhere to their own code zealously, and infectiously spread the word to imperial societies to achieve the adopted objective of galactic rule. 



Peace is a lie, there is only passion

Through passion I gain strength

Through strength I gain power

Through power I gain victory

Through victory my chains are broken

The Force shall free me



The Sith code is centered around personal improvement and achievement, which consequently, loaned itself to the comprehensive growth and expansion of the Sith Empire . It was about first looking inward, taking your wants and desires, and flourishing with favorable outcomes which would bleed into the success of the Empire. It was taking the emotions, thoughts, and conflicts, and channeling them towards those goals and desires. This philosophy and ideology, was never touted as inherently evil, unless taken to its most extreme, and inevitable conclusion. That conclusion being that once you have achieved your goal, and possess all that you desire, ungoverned greed would come and take the place. Should you descend deeper within that rabbit-hole, the ordinance of the Sith-Imperial Empire would be swift and exacting. These are the realities of those that enter the Sith Empire. Transcending the weakened flesh of your bodies, and becoming invariably more powerful, always breaking the chains that keep you from achieving your goals, and gaining victory even through failure. 












King of the Sith, Emperor of the Dark. (Faction Leader)




Here is our Guide to the Sith Empire:  Click Here

Here is a link to our Discord Channel:  Click Here



If you'd like to join, feel free to post here, and any member will be happy to point you the right way. 

If you have any questions, feel free to PM myself or any other Staff Members, and anyone will be happy to assist. 


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