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Real Name: Malacoda Syn

Alias: Malachi, Lord Exodus, The Spider

Homeworld: Anzat

Species: Anzati (Defect)



Physical Description


Age: --

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 215 lbs

Hair: Long, Wild, Obsidian Black

Eyes: Bright Green | Celestial White

Sex: Male







Augmented CrushGaunt (Shuk'orok) ®

Developed by the Mandalorians, the armored glove used a reactive fabric that exponentially enhanced the natural hand-arm strength of its wearer. Its name was earned from the wearer's new ability to crush bone, metal, or any other material with relative ease. Made of micronized Mandalorian iron, a crushgaunt was difficult to damage or destroy. Crushgaunts were used to collapse throats, crush skulls, and shatter bones. Also, due to the unique properties of the micronized Mandalorian iron, also known as beskar, the user of a crushgaunt could easily catch and hold a lightsaber blade in his grasp, or summarily block an opponent's blade. This tool has been in use since Exodus was a mere Sith Lord and has found it's use in many duels. As for augmentation and because of it's overall utility, the Dark Lord has cursed the special piece with a dark magic called the Hand of Exodus


CH-323 Masque (Manifestation of Fear)

Type: Collapsible Face Mask (Umbaran Tech)

Details: The mask features a variety of features to compliment the huntsman nature of the wearer. Neural commands will be integrated in the future.


  • Tracks General Vitals of the Occupant
  • Provides Ambient Temperature Readings
  • Atmospheric Readings
  • Military Grade Comm & Display
  • Light compensating photosensors
  • Oxidizer / Rebreather technology


Transcendence (Lightsaber) [Gifted to Master Nyrys]

One of his most prized alchemic masterpieces; in his early years, Exodus took the concept of a simple double-bladed lightsaber and contrived the weapon to produce an infamous absorbent utility . The hilt has been enveloped in an organic and mostly unrefined membrane removed from the full tissue of an experimented Kaminoan. The skin serves a most notable purpose which is to protect the biotic property known as The Eye, as well as leech from unwarranted wielders. The true extent of this weapon continues to unfold as it is utilized in more and more battles, and seems to evolve in usefulness the more it's Master dominates the opposition. Exodus has conquered quite a number of battles with this exact blade as his sole weapon; In so, this weapon has developed into a mighty Sith Relic that continues to underhandedly increase in power beyond measure.


The Omega Blade (Dark Blade / Incomplete) (Creation)

A blade of pure dark metal, its hilt endorsing a similar fashion across it's guard as the Jagged Crown, with a hole near it's center that could house a focusing crystal within. The personal Sith Spider Insignia that was illustrated on all things created of Dark Lord Exodus was menacingly carved into the cut of the hilt.


Stealth-2VX Palm Shooter (L)

Fex-M3 (Liquid) (3)


Concealed Dart Launcher (W-R)(6)

(2) Lecepanine

(2) Senflax

(2) Fex-M3 (Gas)



Small Shells (Highly compressed Gas) (B)

Smokescreen (3)

Trion Gas (3)

Veritgon (3)





Common Inventory: 

Holobugs, Length of Binding Wire (wrapped around waistline), Smoke Canisters



[ Holocrons, Kirlocca's Lightsaber, Focusing Gem (Lord Ares' Soul; Eye of Ares), Plank Gas, Tiscyn-C, Trauger Gas, ]



(Ceremonial Blade; Massassi)


Jagged Crown (Creation)

A singular crown made of pure dark metal, jagged with fang like cuspids encompassing it's frame both on top and bottom. A gift of fealty from an Alcazarin, the Sith Master Oni.


Unidentified (Lightsaber)

Sith Apprentice Malachi had an original lightsaber consisted of a metallic hilt that finished in a single blade emitter shroud and fastened neatly to clips on his right thigh. The intensity of the corrupted green beam of plasma that it produced was adjustable; at its highest setting, the lightsaber was able to rend Mandalorian iron, a unique ore highly prized for its lightsaber-resistant qualities. Minor modifications were made to include three additional emitter shrouds and a ring at the base to facilitate a belt clip. With the archaic weapon retrieved, the lightsaber underwent extensive alterations, the most significant of them being the incorporation of a second emitter assembly that was identical to the one already installed. A single power cell activated both ends of the newly-created 'saberstaff'—together or independent of one another—which was recharged by a hidden socket situated just below the ubiquitous black handgrip. Dual focusing cores complete with lens crystal assemblies were crossed by a pair of power conduits that wired into a single red activation stud at either end of the hilt. Three smaller, colored, and vertically-aligned buttons were on the black surface of the protruding emitter assemblies, which were protected by four symmetrically-placed, pronged emitter shrouds. Included were paneled controls that adjusted the blade length between 0.5 and 1.5 meters, as well as diagnostic systems. Opposite the octagonal dual-phase control was an identically-shaped mechanism that adjusted the intensity of the lightsaber's twin blades, which, at their lowest setting, served little more purpose than a glow-rod, neither able to inflict damage nor resist opposing weapons in combat. At full power, the lightsaber resisted the blades of others and cleaved through virtually anything else with which it came into contact, including weapons empowered by the Force.


Locus of Rage (Rancor Artifact), Mask of Revan, RAGE information & more.

Before taking off, Faust dispersed most of his personal effects in the end taking only the pack full of relics he wanted, and a single disruptor pistol which he concealed up his sleeve with a quick draw mechanism. He quickly outlined the relics he had retrieved, explaining them to Gamma and the others. They were shaped after various creatures and masks. They were mere baubles compared to his sword and the focus points embedded into his armor, both destroyed with his death in the Memorial. Even so, the artifacts he needed were potent, and could help serve to draw out the ones he really needed to revive himself fully. He noted the missing rancor artifact, a locus of rage and anger, one that enabled powerful destructive bursts and could also aid in the creation the RAGE drug and venom. Had Geister failed to retrieve it in the crypts? He especially held care one shaped into the Mask of Darth Revan. This powerful artifact aided others by enhancing precognition on a broader scale, pulling in threads of the future. He left all those in the pack, along with a datapad containing some of the information he'd promised. - Vladimir Faust.







Faction Information


Force User


Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Empire

Current Faction Rank:

Dark Lord of the Sith / Dark King of the Sith (Monarch)
Lord Emperor
King of Onderon
Sith Trinity; All-father of the Assassins









Force Side: The Dark Side

Trained by: Sith Lord Renin, Dark Lord of the Sith Kakuto Ryu, Sith Master Alora, Nurgle (Chaos God)

Trained who: Dominique, Blake, Taim, Julio (Furion), Ko Dai Jix, Lady Keenava, Telperien Ar-Pharazon,

Languages: Anzat, Galactic Basic Standard, High Sith.

Racial Distinctions: High regenerative capabilities, Hidden Probosises (Wrist defect), Exceptional Longevity, Telepathic, No natural biorhythm, Highly developed sensory organs, Evolutionary Predator





(Organizing all the events to pass, will update soon)




  • "..Exodus." Piccolo caught the second scent. That one chilled his bones. Exodus had defeated Piccolo, and helped Trowa Barton steal his brain. He was the one Sith Piccolo would have preferred not to know was here. There was no doubt this attack was serious now. Exodus was a monster. He fought without passion.






Ship Registration





Class: Starfighter

Model: F8 Lightning

Manufacturer: Custom


Length: 26m


Armaments: Two chin slung heavy railguns with explosive 'smart' ordinance that does not arm until a few milliseconds after firing, reducing the possibility of the rounds detonating in the magazine, 200 rounds per gun. Ion cannons (inner wing guns), medium laser cannons (outer wing guns), both of which are able to be chain fired to cause havoc to shields and ensure maximum damage potential. Dorsal swiveling light chain-railgun, capable of reverse fire. This smaller turret utilizes smaller caliber explosive rounds similar to the heavy railguns, and is also capable of much faster fire. The turret carries 1,000 rounds total. Two dorsal missile launchers, standard loadout is a homing missile, a diamond boron missile, and a proton torpedo in each bay.


Armor: Molecularly bonded hull/fuselage and cockpit enclosure. Standard armor plating for wings and weapons. Ray and particle shielding.

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Modified to have an internal trip switch only for access, requiring the Force to open it. External personnel sensors capable of relaying an alert to Exodus in the event anyone or anything attempts to steal or sabotage the ship.




  • Military-grade power generator
  • Particle shielding,
  • Atmospheric airjet stabilization system to facilitate a hovering midair sniping platform from the rear dropdown ramp,
  • Autopilot AI capable of defensive evasive flight patterns or basic piloting,
  • Painted matte black, utilizes stealth technology from the StealthX fighter to eliminate detectable emissions, engine operates on TibannaX fuel, Enhanced comm suite package, capable of higher level encryptions and long range communications as well as holonet access
  • Single holding cage
  • Internal fold-down universal weapons racks
  • Compact refresher unit
  • Fold down bed
  • Alchemic Ilum Force crystals mounted throughout the interior generate a Force-fueled field of regeneration, allowing occupants to heal from injuries in about a tenth of the normal time, as well as enhancing focus and the body's reaction response rate. Exhausted Force users would also find their connection to the Force restored much more quickly.




Class: Shuttle | Transport

Model: Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle

Manufacturer: Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems

Length: 19.1 Meters





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Core Chart



Alter Image

Alter Environment

Dark Transfer

Drain Life / Drain Force / Drain Knowledge / Death Field / Consume Essence
Dreamscape / Mind Trick / Mind Shard / Neural Storm / Memory Walk /

Force Fear / Force Horror / Force Insanity

Force Illusion

Force Phantoms
Force Weapon

Flamusfracta · 
Transfer Essence

Phase *
Sith Battle Meditation

Dark Rage
Breath Control

Mind Control
Telekinesis / Force Repulse / Projected Fighting / Force Shockwave

Force Destruction

Force Choke (Variants)
Force Speed
Force Body
Force Deflection
Resist Poison/Disease (Nurgle)

Mechu-Deru (Darkweaver Variation)

Sever Force
Force Smell / Force Hearing / Force Sight
Force Trace / Telemetry
Prima Vita (Life Detection)
Shadow Vision
Shift Sense / Combat Sense
Tactus Otium

Sith Magic

Force Lightning (Unnatural Black Hue; All variants)
Sith Alchemy / Artifact Creation
Sutta Chwituskak (Darkshear)
Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut (Reanimated Dead)
Odojinya (Dark Webs)
Dark Side Tendrils
Force Blast
Waves of Darkness
Qazoi Kyantuska (Suppress Thought / Control Mind)

Touch of the Kiin'Dray
Form I - Shii-Cho
Form II - Makashi
Form III - Soresu
Form IV - Ataru
Form V - Shien / Djem So
Form VI - Niman /Jar'kai
Form VII - Juyo / Vaapad


Dun Möch



Unique Power Chart

[Overview & In-depth]
Alter Abilities
Duelist’s Cloak: An illusion power that focuses on concealing rather than deceiving, the duelist’s cloak let’s the assassin conceal his or her footwork and core stance behind a flowing illusionary robe that leaves them their full range of movement. (Fire & Smoke)
Phantom Step: When the assassin dodges or disengages, for a split second multiple illusionary instances diverge in probable directions and maneuvers to foil attempts to predict the assassin, lead shots, or score attacks of opportunity. OOC( I want to emphasize again the brevity of the illusion here to specify that this is not to create a mid duel shell game, rather just to increase survivability while disengaging an enemy.)

Shadow Step: The assassin is adept at manipulating their weight and center of balance, allowing them to move silently and traverse over loose material like snow instead of through it. Particularly skilled practitioners can use this power to walk on the surface of fluid bodies.
Blood Echo: The assassin can cut them-self and use the blood to broadcast a false ping of their presence in the Force. The range of this power is roughly twenty meters, and it pairs well with throwing knives.
Dreamscape -- was a Force projection that placed an opponent in a world created in the mind of the wielder. The illusion was often broken when the opponent tried to break through it, but until that time, it appeared to them to be entirely real.
Void -- A Void in the Force, or Force Blank, was a rare and nearly unheard of phenomenon, in which a living entity seemed to be fully nonexistent in The Force. Such a being could neutralize his appearance and aura so completely that those who met him could not recall what he looked like.
Phase (Exclusive) -- It is accessible depending on the immediate knowledge of his surroundings. If he is in the confines of a place he has no bearing on, then it would take concentration/meditation/focus to wrap his mind around the layout of the environment in order to slip between the fabric of certain barriers/metals/walls. This lends to escaping confinement, sneaking, assassinations, etc. However, if the surrounding area is unknown to him, he can't quite possibly know what lies on the other side without exemplary focus/meditation/foresight. So in combat, he cannot tap into the skill. However, if the place is familiar and the area is versed, the slip is easier to manage but can't be like stepping in and out of a regular doorway. To forcefully push his collection of mass through another mass would push considerable strain depending on the width of the 'barrier' in question. The 'vector' of the mass that is tapped into would react as a pool of water to the touch of a finger. To the onlooker it'd appear as if it were mere illusion, but it would be a definite passing through matter.
Consume Essence-- Also known as Dark Side Feed, was a Force power that allowed a dark side Force-user to feed on the fear, hatred, or other negative emotions of others to make himself more powerful. It did not matter why the others were filled with dark emotions; the feelings alone would suffice.
Force Body -- was a type of Force technique which allowed any Force-sensitive to push their body's endurance past a safe limit, ignoring and sacrificing their health and well-being in order to sustain their connection to the Force. Very powerful connection to the Force was required for this ability's use. With this, a Force User could live through what would otherwise kill them. This ability could also be used to prevent the user from being severed from the Force
Dopplegänger -- or Similfuturus, was a Force power that allowed a user to create a perfect illusion of him- or herself through the Force. The ability could also be used to duplicate objects that were visually indistinguishable from the real item. The Force user could perceive all of the dopplegänger's senses, and to those interacting with it, the dopplegänger seemed real. The user could even interact with the world using telekinesis to move objects, furthering the believability of the illusion. The dopplegänger could also be detected by all droid audio and video sensors. The dopplegänger would fade away if the Force user was injured and ceased using the power.
Mind War -- One of the Sith's most proud traditions is the art of invading another's mind. Finding thoughts, ideas, locations, intents in a mind, these are all things that the Sith can learn to do, but to change things in the minds of others takes a skilled Assassin. Deception, lies, false memory implantation, forced amnesia and total brainwashes are all known practices of the Master Mind Warrior.
A Truth Amidst Ten Thousand Lies: The assassin floods the Force with thousands of potential strikes to conceal one attack that lacks any kind of Force guidance, making the attack both less accurate and less likely to be deflected by Force users.
Control Abilities
Sudden Reversal: The assassin uses the Force to form an invisible barrier momentarily for them to springboard off of, allowing rapid changes in direction, aerial course correction, and otherwise impossible maneuvers like double jumps. This power can also be used to reduce falling impact by breaking the descent into multiple segments rather than a long fall.
Storm Dash: With a powerful burst of TK energy, the assassin flings themself in a direction of their choosing. This power allows the assassin to change direction or misdirect opponents easily, but is more draining than sudden reversal.

Sensory Abilities
Punish the Weak: By probing through the Force, the assassin determines which opponent is most vulnerable to being overwhelmed quickly. This should not be treated as a variation of Shatterpoints, as it does not reveal how to strike or guide the attack, it’s simply sizing up opponents through preternatural abilities.
Sith Magic
Traditionally, Sith magic, also known as Sith sorcery, was an arcane expression of Force ability first developed and practiced by the original Sith species through which they manipulated the power of the dark side. The very name of the Sith was adopted by the Dark Jedi Exiles of the Hundred-Year Darkness, who combined Sith mysticism with their own experiments into dark side power to create even more strange rituals and alchemical sciences. Sith magic, while as much a part of the dark side as endowments like Force lightning, was accessible only to those Force-sensitives who possessed an intrinsic relationship with the dark side. Through the recitation of spells, execution of hand gestures, and or the handling of various artifacts, darksiders were able to channel the raw power of the Force's malignant side to warp minds, alter the environment, and obliterate whatever obstacles stood in their way.
Shadow Lash: The assassin relies on distraction and controlling the battlefield, and this application of illusion exemplifies their ability to strike unexpectedly at range. The lash that the Sith appears to conjure allows them to deliver painful strikes with considerable reach. While the pain is illusionary, that makes it no less vicious to the senses of anyone struck. A Sith Lord can create more complex illusions where the lash touches, especially if it entangles a limb or weapon. Flesh might bubble or become covered in cancerous lesions, or weapons may rust and crack, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Treacherous Blade: This fighting style focuses on baiting, redirection, and punishing enemy attacks. To the untrained eye it may seem like a reactive style, but in truth the Sith is controlling the flow of the duel by feigning vulnerability and drawing out strikes. The style lends itself to parrying weapons and off hand strikes, along with limited special armor use on the hands and feet. While many techniques of the style can be used in full armor, true mastery requires freedom of movement, speed, and maximum awareness.
Hidden Path: With so many Sith assassins using concealed weapons it was inevitable that a style would develop that catered to their usage. Hidden Path is a precision fighting style that achieves victory by systematically crippling the opponent. Depending on the weapon, Hidden Path will target joints, arteries, and pressure points until the enemy is unable to effectively retaliate and a killing blow can be struck.
Poisonous Little Death: As the name suggests, this style focuses on poison usage, almost always as the opener. Rather than endeavor to deliver a killing blow, the intent is to distract the victim from getting help or otherwise neutralizing the poison, while also pushing the heart to beat faster and therefore spread the poison more quickly. The style is acrobatic and ostentatious, relying both on physical theatrics and illusion to harry and startle the victim into a state of reactionary panic.
Spiral Ghost Dance: An evasive style that has the assassin perpetually engaging and disengaging to capitalize on advantageous moments and prevent the enemy from pressing any sort of attack. If the enemy is skilled in close quarters combat, the assassin keeps distance and distracts or throws off the the enemy’s balance with throwing knives or lanvarok disks, only closing when the enemy is overwhelmed. If the enemy is a ranged combatant then they are given no room to breathe as the assassin dogs them relentlessly.






( D A R K )


Channel Oblivion: The Reaper Edict

Allows a Darkweaver to control and influence the energies pertaining to death and shadow. This extremely rare class manipulates entropy, a force that even the most studied cannot harness. A distinct maturation of the Assassin genealogy, the Edict makes a formidable complement to the wide scope of death-dealing expertise of the assassin, and those obsessed with mastery over death and shadows. While some of its uses relate to the denizens of the Abyss, many of its powers allow the Darkweaver to draw literal oblivion into the physical world. The signature power of the Darkweaver grants them the power over darkness itself. The nature of the darkness invoked by the Darkweaver is a matter of intense speculation among the Sith. Some believe it to be merely shadows, while others feel that the power gives control over the Netherworld of the Force, coaxing it tangibly outward. Regardless, the effects of the Darkweaver are terrifying, as waves of darkness roil out from the user, enveloping those in their path like an infernal wave.




  • Dimensional Overrun
  • Kirzi na Rumakata Kinta (Darkshear, Spear of Midnight Black)
  • Akirjoki na Niyidna (Court of Devils)
  • Armohta an ri Tsûduma (Anchor to the Dead)








Character skills
Hunter (Master)
Weapons Master
Survivalist (Master)
Acrobat (Master)
High Intelligence
Dark Side Transformation
Sith Magic Capabilities
Immense Strength
Immense Endurance
Master Combatant
Vast Political Power


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Imperial Armada





Fleet Command (Flagship)
High Command: King Exodus
Augmentation: Axial Weapon (MK-I), Ultra-Heavy Flak Cannons (MK-I)
Xhendora-Class Dreadnought, Goliath |25/25|



Composition: Captain Rosa Orsaa , Commanding Officer

Homeport: Arachnakorr

Tours of Duty: 


The Xhendora-Class Dreadnought is one of the largest vessels in the Sith-Imperial Armada. So far only two vessels of the class, The Goliath, and another under construction. This advanced warship is designated as a Fleet command ship, and form the core of a line of battleships and dreadnoughts intended to counter any direct assault in Sith-Imperial Space by a large scale fleet formation. Dense, cutting edge armor, heavy shielding, reinforced hulls, and numerous other internal and external modifications make the hull one of the most rugged ever constructed to serve under the Imperial Machine. The heavy-set firepower, and thick armor make the Goliath one of the most formidable forces in known hyperspace. Direct and deliberate frontal assaults easily overpower lesser opponents. Under the Goliath's relentless assault most targets break and run, or surrender if retreat is impossible.


Battle Line Escort: Tradition of Excellence
Commander: Exodus
Task Force Experience: Veteran, 2XP
Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer, Minotaur |35/20|



Homeport: Onderon

Tours of Duty: Defense of Onderon, Black Sun Rescue, Battle of Corellia, Defense of Kuat (Hardpoint),


The Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer, Minotaur is a change in the latest model of industry-oriented ship. Unlike it's other more offensive variants, the Minotaur is instead a bulk destroyer with enough cargo capacity to transport hundreds of millions of metric tons of cargo to whatsoever destination, at extremely high speeds and with heavy amounts of security. Truly a Star Destroyer of massive proportions, the ship dwarfs many conventional Star Destroyers in size and can almost rival the shape and size of the deadliest vessels, although this is largely due in part to the vast exchange of weaponry onboard to house more defensive units and large power cells. Although the Minotaur is more ideally suited to ferrying cargo, its incredible defensive technologies in place so that the destroyer can soak in damage and help more valuable ships to escape any sort of hostile situation. It also features very powerful ion drives that allow it to accelerate to great speeds and an advanced hyper-drive that allows it to travel at a very fast grade. All in all, the Minotaur is an extremely useful vessel for any prospering military machine, capable of housing tremendous amounts of ground forces.


Precision Strike Carrier Group: Fighter Command
Commander: Exodus
Task Force Experience: Green, 1XP
Acclamator II-Class Assault Ship, Typhoon |9/9|
EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Basilisk |3/3|
CR92a Assassin-Class Corvette, Ambush |2/1|
CR92a Assassin-Class Corvette, Caldwell |2/1|
CR92a Assassin-Class Corvette, Kilchreest |2/1|
CR92a Assassin-Class Corvette, Foxhound |2/1|



Composition: Omega Leader • "Venom" (OM-72-0)

Homeport: Kuat

Tours of Duty: 


Omega Squadron is a TIE/vn Silencer concentrated Squadron used by the military forces of the Sith Empire, specifically operating within the Acclamator II-Class Assault Ship Typhoon . Assignment to the squadron was a coveted position awarded only to those pilots who demonstrated the highest levels of skill and unwavering loyalty to the Dark Lord Exodus. Code name Commander Venom found his footing early on after his rumored resurrection, but the promise of what he once fought for had completely fallen apart. The Imperial Remnant ran a course that betrayed not only their allies, but their fundamental ideals. The faction severed at the body, and an extraordinary number of defects found their way to the Covenant of the Spider. It was clearer by the moment that he had one purpose, and that mission was to restore the eminence of the Omega Squadron. He would outfit his company with the most prolific pilots scattered within the brotherhood, and specifically hone those that wielded a connection to the force. To the Outer Rims, in secrecy, the squadron would rule and conquer; growing harder and more exceptional as they filtered and trimmed their ranks against the harshness of the uncharted worlds. 


Omega Squadron consisted of 12 Elite TIE/vn Silencers, starfighters crafted specifically for extreme maneuverability and hyper aggressive combat. In addition to the set crew, Omega Squadron had reserve pilots that were rigorously competing to replace or refill vacancies. Their research and silent battle-meld with current members left these reserves far ahead of the curve. The Silencer Fighters of Omega Squadron were decorated with a black and red pattern of forked stripes, and the pilots wore matching flight suits and helmets. As Omega Leader, the commanding fighter was decorated with a unique chevron pattern, and his flight helmet featured a red, stylized skull on the brow.



Covert Strike Force
Commander: Exodus
Task Force Experience: Green, 1XP

Unidentified Stealth Cruiser, REAVER


Composition: Captain Alvaro Correra , Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Corey Seidling.

Homeport: Umbara

Tours of Duty: 


This Stealth Cruiser is a heavily armed and independent operation vessel. They are intended to patrol the conflict prone fringes of Sith-Imperial occupied space. They are heavily armed with multiple heavy bay weapons. They often engage groups of raiders, and scouts attempting to penetrate their patrol routes to reach prioritized settlements, or respond to attacks on shipping and isolated facilities. Usually operating alongside other task forces for added protection against fighters, the Stealth Ship is often deployed for several months at a time before it is relieved by another vessel. During these patrols the ship will transit to multiple systems and set up ambushes along trouble prone routes or near key systems in it's area of operation. The captain has wide discretion in their routes, tactics, and when to engage ships belonging to hostile factions. While multiple patrols may pass between actions, these stealth cruiser squadrons are among the most daring vessels in the Sith-Imperial Fleet. Due to the long duration of typical patrols the Reaver is equipped with workshops, hangers, and training areas for the crew. This does limit the amount of ordnance, and armor the ship can carry however, the heavy firepower of the vessel is sufficient to eliminate all but the largest raiders and scouting vessels that it might encounter.



Artillery Battery: Incendiary

Commander: Exodus, Inquisitor Barca

Task Force Experience: Veteran, 2XP

Onager-Class Artillery Cruiser, God of Cinder |10/20|

Imperial II-Class Frigate, Gremlin |3/3|

Raider-Class Corvette, Goblin |2/1|

Raider-Class Corvette, Goon |2/1|


With escalating terrorist uprisings facing the Sith Empire and their Kuati space, the Sith Armada determined that a front line artillery cruiser would be needed to help shore up and defend the fledgling borders. The Onager-Class Warship comes from the same lineage as other Imperial Navy vessels, ancient Sith designed brought up to modern standards and deployed at haste across the Kuat Sector under the direct supervision of Inquisitor Barca.



Engineering Support Cluster: Bucket Brigade (Chariot)

Commander: Exodus, Inquisitor Barca

Task Force Experience: Veteran, 2XP

Providence-Class Carrier, Blood Merchant |9/9|

Interceptor-Class Frigate, Maiden |3/3|

Interceptor-Class Frigate, Iron Moth |3/3|

Interceptor-Class Frigate, Little Wasp |3/3|

Raider-Class Corvette, Left Hand |2/1|

Raider-Class Corvette, Right Hand |2/1|


In many regards, the Blood Merchant was a wholly automated vessel that was capable of carrying out the most simplistic tasks without any oversight. Developed by the various minds within the Pyramid of Production and Logistics, the modified Providence-Class Carrier; Blood Merchant, was designed to operate as a large-scale operations vessel, that would widely ferry resources and service droids within their holds down to the surfaces of planets or tasked ships within their fleet. The Blood Merchant was a Cruiser-Carrier that consisted of many detachable containers that surrounded a Central Command and Deployment Unit. These indexable cargo holds were designed to be highly fluid in how they were distributed across fleets or planets, allowing the onboard artificial intelligence to accommodate a vast array of resources, or various articles of aerospace design to be delivered and configured with haste. If the configuration was geared towards the ferrying, where precious items of cargo needed to be safely stored and transported, the Blood Merchant would be able harbor an extraordinary amount of raw resources and would sacrifice it’s internal storage space to do so, eliminating the need for sentient perishables. If the Blood Merchant was geared towards ferrying repair drones, then the configuration of the indexable containers would be outfitted to maximize their internal storage capacity, whilst retaining the automated unloading systems to prime execution.



Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil

Commander: Exodus, Inquisitor Barca

Task Force Experience: Veteran, 2XP

Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer, Colossus |35/25|


Commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, the Colossus, a Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer was the newest creation of the Imperial Engineering Corps and brother to the Minotaur. It was a warship that was designed to wrest control of the space-lanes from hostile forces, and compel them into compromising positioning while acting as sword and shield to allied forces. Through the inclusion of the Colossus, the Imperial Defense Force would be capable of policing their territory more efficiently, locking down hostiles and forcing them to comply with their brilliant array of cannons. The Warship would also assist the conscripted Enforcement Agencies as they fought against Smuggling Operations and Pirate Raids that were common on the fringes of their territory, turning their ships and their resources into spoils of war. 





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