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Anaxes - Military Base

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Imperial Knight Commander Vernon Ryzhkov stood on the bridge of the Imperial Star Destroyer speaking to his counterpart, the attaché to the Military War College, Knight Commander Calistra Ivanov. She was kneeling in the meditation chamber behind the bridge of the single Star Destroyer attached to the College defense fleet, the Adveniat. The star destroyer was almost five decades old, and looked its age, despite the recent coat of imperial grey paint, there were the distinctive rust lines of a star destroyer that saw many months of atmospheric flight. One of the turbolaser turrets had ground to a halt during the evacuations and poked awkwardly to the aft of the ship, while the rest spun in coordination with their predetermined rotations. 


The ship, like all the fleet elements stationed at Anaxes were elderly ships at the end of their respective service lives. Many reactors were due for replacement or scuttling some years back, but the Galactic Alliance’s budget had not been targeted towards restoring old hulks used only for training. And after all, what better way to learn the failures in ships then to have to train on the most abused wrecks in the fleet? Or at least that had been the Galactic Alliance’s approach. Now, these ships would be evacuated along with college staff to the Rebel Alliance base at Nar Shaddaa. Put up to drydock, repaired and returned to service. At least if their refurbishment was worth the credits poured in. 


The Imperial Knights meditated as the evacuation neared its end, reaching out wit the force to give the assurance the evacuees needed. A form of battle meditation, it would none the less help. 


First, fully refuelled were the ancient Seraphim class Fuel tenders, Kilometers long fuel filled ships that were the essential backbone of the old imperial style strike force. Modified Seraphims also carried the College’s remaining replenishables, rations, and ammunition. The following Seraphims were evacuated:


Seraphim Class Fuel Tenders





Modified Seraphim Class Fleet Replenishment Vessel  





Next came the fleet training vessels that had been retired from both the New Republic and Imperial Remnant Navies after the battle of the last death star. Both had complements and trainees that took the competition between the two old navies to heart and dressed the part. The two victory class star destroyers, also showing extensive rusting were named after moffs that had been essential in the Galactic Alliance split. While the GA admiral class ships were named for naval admirals that had been essential in forming the Galactic Alliance. One had been renamed from Starlisk to Sikaot due to concerns from faculty at the amount of hatred and rage the name had brought from any visiting imperials. The Following ships were evacuated in short order


Victory I “Moff” Class training ships 

Moff Caiderus 

Moff Honenhiem 


MC75 “Admiral” Class Training Ships

Admiral Sikaot

Admiral Sairdonga


MC30 “Queen” Class

Queen Memara

Queen Miriam



Pretender to the Galactic Throne

Co-Leader of the Rebel Alliance

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Looking at Vox as the last of the men boarded and the shuttle began to lift off, he nodded to the Trandoshan as he pulled the trigger on the remote, detonations exploding with roaring galore as the transport shut its ramp and headed for space. Only the College and its ties were destroyed, surrounding buildings, warehouses, and dorms left untouched save the minute particles of dust that settled upon their forms as the structures erupted and fell like a stack of pizzak cards. The mission to Anaxes was a success and now it was time to head home. Mythos stepped the front, opening a comm.


"Evac successful." His mangled voice expressed as his artificial finger tapped the earwig, a sense of relief emanating from within him. "Prepare for hyperspace once we arrive Montjoie"


Just as Mythos finished his words, the Shistavanen had to rub his eyes briefly, the apparatus of a dark figure creeping up in the corner of his eye, only no one seemed to notice it. Worry sat within his mind, the visage a remnant of what he saw during his duel with the Sith at Dark Sun. His gigantic paw slapped the side of his head quickly, playing it off as the earwig bothering his sensitive hearing. But in truth, Mythos just wanted the figures to go away. As the episode subsided, Mythos looked ahead.


As the transport sat down in the hangar, the Montjoie sat front and center of the fleet that Mythos had assigned the Imperial Agent. In unison, all ships jumped into hyperspace and headed straight to Nar Shadaa. Anaxes was complete.


(Next post is at Nar Shadaa)


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“Welcome back Lieutenant!”


With a strong grip he pulled the young woman out of the bacta tank. She shuddered for a moment before he placed her down onto the table beside the team of nurses and medi-droids. They had extracted the sarlacc spores over a breathtaking 40 hour surgery, but the young woman was definitely alive, and after the week in high concentration bacta, was well enough to sit up and even talk. Though it took her a few minutes to rouse enough energy in her tired form to say a few short words of praise for the medical team. 


Delta smiled down at her, but his smile suddenly turned to an ashen frown. The bright red spikes on her holographic chart as well as the sudden deathly silence of the medical staff told him all that he needed to know. They had missed one. What joy there was in the room was sucked away. 


“Hold her down!” He cried as she began to violently seize, but the medical staff needed no encouragement. A glance at the lead doctor's face told Delta that whatever came next was purely palliative and useless. “Doc get me an extraction needle and a line. How much CSF for a proper cloning?” 


“A lot.” 




Delta strode to the woman he had only just started to love and pulled her wet hair away from the back of her neck. “Hold fast Blacktorin. I’ll see you on the other side ok.” He didn’t know if he would, of if anything would even work, but he had to try. The nurse placed the bone marrow needle against Blacktorins high and hit the button. The large gauge needle slammed home and the girl shrieked in pain as it found purchase in the centre of her upper femur. The next few minutes would be pure hell for the girl, and it would be brutal for everyone involved. The girl was going to die, and it would not be slow. 


To die to be reborn


“Brain scan beginning, harvest CSF now while we have time.” The doctor’s voice was calm despite the thrashing coming from his patient. He nodded and Delta wrapped an arm around her head and forced Blacktorin’s chin down onto her chest. He placed the vibroscapel on the crest of her neck and let the microvibrating metal bit do its work. Then he withdrew a bloody hand and replaced it with a suction needle. The thick, syrupy cerebrospinal fluid pulled out of her spinal cord like a slow draw from a milkshake. 


She screamed the entire time. And when it was done, he let go of her head and let the body fall back onto the table. Skin once flushed now a sickly pale. He kissed a stiff hand, and let it drop onto her bloody chest. Then looked back to the doctor. 


“Clone her. Make it perfect.” 


There was no need to threaten the man. Delta’s title. The Blood Prince. Was enough to carry the threat without ever speaking it. And with that, Delta strode back to his rooms. Alone again. 




Delta sat in silence for several hours and was only disturbed by a high priority communique from Sith High Command ordering him to move on a potential Jedi Incursion into the Serenno system. Delta pulled up his command roster and grimaced. 


Darkhand was at only 50 percent operability. So they would deploy the regular forces instead. And Delta would deploy with a select squad of men. The tip of the spear, where he belonged. He clicked a button on his comm and summoned his command team. 


Within a few hours Taskforce Wild Hunt departed for the Serenno sector. 




Sith Empire Destroyer Group [Turbolasers]

Taskforce Experience Green (1xp)

- Assigned Callsign - 


KDY Victory II-class Star Destroyer Hellkite |9/9| 

KDY Victory II-class Star Destroyer Hellequin |9/9| 


Sith Empire Precision Strike Carrier Group

Taskforce Experience Green (1xp) 

- Assigned Callsign - 


KDY-Lancer-class Frigate Wake |3/3|

KDY-Lancer-class Frigate Stormsea |3/3|

Raider-class corvette Oden |2/1|

Raider-class corvette  Herla |2/1|

Raider-class corvette Frea |2/1|

Raider-class corvette  Phol |2/1|

LC-Strike-class medium cruiser-carrier Nidhöggr |9/9|


Sith Empire Rapid Intervention Escort: Timely Response

Taskforce Experience Green (1xp) 

- Assigned Callsign -


KDY Kyber-class Star Destroyer Nástrǫnd |20/20| 


Commander - Darkhand Brigade - Sith Empire

Blood Prince

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