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  1. Hey welcome man, we're usually more active on our Discord, but we're glad to have you!
  2. Ruling: Nok vs. Remo This one was a bit difficult to judge. There are a lot of pros and cons here to sort through. Let's begin. On one hand, the way Nok reacted to the attacks was brilliant. I loved the writing. On the other, his attacks seemed rather ineffective and his positioning at the end was rather weak even before Remo's last post. I mean, I get that telekinetically launching a weapon might seem like a good idea, but now you no longer have the lightsaber to use as a great means of defense and must rely on the Force which you've already been leaning on heavily the whole fight. Remo was also a bit jarring to read, the attacks were almost all "I spin and move forward menacingly", while simultaneously not really reading like I would expect to read a droid. I know there was some talk that Remo was supposed to be another character, but officially I go off of what's on the character sheet, and there's nothing there to suggest to me that Remo is anything other than a droid. I suppose he could be programmed to be cruel, but there were a lot of humanizing idiosyncrasies that took me out of the suspension of disbelief, especially where Remo "almost chuckled"...like, that's an R3 unit...how is it supposed to chuckle? The implication I got is that Remo doesn't talk (no dialogue when there was plenty of opportunity for it, appeared to speak through his NPC), so the assumption with this being Star Wars and R2-D2 being a prominent character is that there are beeps and whistles...so... And also, beyblade? I'm not going to take off points for violating suspension of disbelief, but that also popped me out of it. At the least, it was kinda funny, so there's that. And the end has me a bit confused: Apart from the typo (which I'm assuming is rode), this is very vague as to what's going on. He activated magnetic locks...so he's on a surface (maybe on a wall)? But also propelling himself forward...on his rocket jets? Is he on a wall/floor or not? Not to mention, there are a lot of problems with an all out charge, especially since the implication seems to be Remo is going to try to crush Nok with his weight rather than use his weaponry. Then there's also the matter of practically ignoring Nok's lightsaber attack. Yes, Remo mentioned it, but passively in one sentence, brushing it off as if it weren't even a threat. I'd say a telekinetically guided lightsaber is still absolutely a threat deserving of more than "it whizzed by". At the end of all this, I feel like even though Nok is positioned slightly worse, overall he had more going for him, both in style and tactics. As such: Nok Morliss Wins. Nok, you get the next post. And to both of you, despite all that was said here, I can respect the effort you brought to the table here. I may have highlighted the detractors here more than what was good, but don't take that to mean there wasn't anything good. I chose to emphasize things that I felt could be fixed moving forward, things to learn from, and I'm not perfect myself. I respect you guys and know you'll both grow from this.
  3. Do you have an idea that you wanted to add to RP canon? Good news, you can do that! The Databank is designed to be a searchable archive forum so players can add new content and even use ideas from approved old content. The top two subforums are reserved for active/approved character sheets and archived character sheets respectively. If you want to make a new character, follow the instructions in the Character Templates and Tutorial topic stickied in this same forum. For any and all content submitted for inclusion to the RP, to include new characters, they must first be posted in this forum first for Moderator review and approval. For content that isn't a character sheet, please be explicit in describing your idea in detail, as this will reduce the amount of time needed to approve something, as the Mods are unlikely to approve a vague idea. This approval could take a bit of time, or it could proceed relatively quickly, each approval is largely situational and does not reflect on other approvals. Expect to hear back from a Mod should you need to revise a submission, but when you first post it you can accelerate the approval process a bit by tagging @RP Moderators in the #mod-approvals-and-rulings channel on our Discord server (Or PM a Mod, but the Discord method usually is a bit faster). It is also preferred but not required that you add searchable tags to the topic title, for example if your submission will end up going in the Locations and Worlds forum, it helps to add [Location] or [World] to the end of the title so you can search by the tag category within the forum. We may attempt to implement a tags system to make this easier in the future, but finding a relevant site plugin can be tricky and take time or money.
  4. The above guide too bulky to read through? Well, while you're encouraged to read through it in its entirety to really wrap your head around what it means to properly duel here, here's a quick listing of dos and don'ts to help you reference the best practices. Do: Always treat your opponent with respect and good faith Take character rank into consideration Match your opponent's intensity (or rather, don't bring a Star Destroyer to a blaster fight) Strategize your movement and actions, plan ahead Use the terrain to your advantage Try to be unorthodox in your tactics, but not to the point that the defense against them necessitates godmoding Identify possible openings in your opponent's actions and make use of them Focus on the story and having fun Maintain cordial open lines of communication with your opponent If needed, assist your opponent in understanding what's going on in your post Evolve your character in game to suit your unique well-defined style and feel free to draw inspiration from different traditions Keep your character sheet updated Don't: Worry about winning, we all win and lose Assume gear can win or lose you the match before it starts Try to lock your opponent down in an inescapable situation Post any attack hitting or damage dealt to your opponent Pretend your character is exceptional beyond what their rank would typically allow for Approach dueling in bad faith or use subversive tactics meant to bypass the rules Post so much damage to your character that it would be unreasonable for them to continue Use tactics that are meant to significantly or totally shut down an opponent's combat capability Let your character become excessively elaborate - prune or note things that haven't been used in a bit, both items and force powers
  5. So you've had a bit of a look around, and have seen some of the flashy fights between characters in the main role play forum, or maybe even one of the fights in the darknet forum. Heck, you may have already tried your hand at one or two, and you're looking to improve or figure out the finer points of our system. You might ask yourself things like "What are the limits of what I can do in these fights? What do the Mods look for when determining a winner? How can I improve what I'm doing? How do I win?" Well, the short answer is it's complicated, but at the same time very simple. That might be a little confusing, but then again that's what this guide is here for. We, the Mod team, are here to teach you what it means to think like a duelist. It is far more finesse than just a specific set of attacks or defenses (we refer to that as the meta - more on that later), and while there is a more solid list of things that will likely lose you the duel, the first critical misstep that a lot of people make is approaching things from the perspective of that last question: how do I win? The Mods want to see respect between opponents, because out of character we're still all friends here, and sometimes these fights can cause tense emotions that spill over to the community outside of the role play forum. This causes emotional friction, grudges, and all kinds of toxicity to build up. Believe us, we've seen it time and time again, and we're putting this guide out in part to help prevent these situations from developing in the future. With all that in mind, the very first thing you should always focus on is respecting your opponent. However, when we say that, it goes deeper than just respecting them on the surface level, suppressing emotional tension, and good sportsmanship. The Mods want to also see this inside of the duel. "What does this look like?" you say, and we're glad you asked. It means being respectful of and acknowledging your opponents actions inside of your duel posts. When your opponent attacks or otherwise makes an action, acknowledge it in your post. Most of the time, if it's an attack, it's prudent to acknowledge it by taking damage from it. Keep in mind, nobody can post any attack hitting (which is known as a closed attack, and is illegal per the rules), which means it's on the person who is on the receiving end of the attack to concede a hit and deal with it as they feel appropriate. At the same time, you shouldn't be significantly crippled or incapacitated at any point during the duel, as that would likely predicate a win. It's the grey area between completely ignoring an attack or brushing off everything an opponent throws at you and basically tossing yourself on the sacrificial altar that we're really concerned with. Let's dive deeper into attacks and defending a bit so we can clarify a few things. Let's say Jeb the Jedi and Sam the Sith are fighting in a duel. Sam finished his last post by bringing his lightsaber down in an overhead arc that was aimed at Jeb's shoulder. Would it be prudent for Jeb to lose his arm at the shoulder? Well, probably not. But neither is it okay for him to ignore the attack and move forward with his own actions as if it never happened. There's a few ways that Jeb can approach handling this attack. Firstly, he can use his lightsaber to block or deflect Sam's strike. This is probably the best course of action. But oops, Jeb lost his lightsaber in his last post, and he doesn't currently have it in his hands. He could try to use the Force to pull it to him and block, but that might be a bit of a stretch if Jeb is still a padawan, complex movement incorporated with Force use isn't usually in a padawan's wheelhouse, but let's put that on the back burner because as a last ditch move it might still hold up if he has no other option. What if Jeb dodges Sam's strike? Not being in the way when your opponent swings is a very viable tactic, but remember, your opponent isn't a slouch, and from Jeb's perspective Sam likely wouldn't have made that strike if it didn't have a purpose. So in dodging, maybe Jeb could say that instead of it cutting off his arm, it grazes his shoulder, a nasty burn that could affect its use for the rest of the battle but doesn't necessarily take it out of commission. Of course, a lightsaber blow is an easy simple example to handle, there's other more deadly things an opponent can throw at you, for instance if Ned the Non-Force User fires a rocket-propelled grenade at Jeb, obviously if Jeb lets himself get hit by that it's not going to be pretty. At the end of the day, try to match your actions to how your opponent makes theirs. If they go grandiose with their attacks, it is generally okay to let loose a bit and respond in kind. Unfortunately this doesn't apply equally when there's a disparity in the ranks of the opponents, i.e. a master is likely to overwhelm a padawan/apprentice, and the duelists are expected to play any disparity out realistically. Ideally we should never really be seeing a duel between a padawan/apprentice and a master, but between a padawan/apprentice and a Knight/Lord or a Knight/Lord and a master happens relatively frequently. The higher ranked character will have a slight advantage, and guaranteed if the players don't acknowledge that respectfully, the Mod making the ruling will. Also beware of power creep, you shouldn't ever be trying to overwhelm an opponent, so when you respond to grandiose maneuvers don't assume you can go full throttle because they opened the can of worms. That's not respect. A good rule of thumb when you type out an attack is if you can't think of a reasonable way to defend against it, it's probably not a good attack. Unorthodox and outside of the box thinking is preferred and often rewarded when it comes to attacking, but indefensible attacks will lose you the duel. If the Mod sees your attack as indefensible or pigeonholing, it could cost you. We briefly mentioned weaponry, but let's explore that a bit as well. Our site and pvp system allows for a wide range of offensive and defensive options. All kinds of weaponry and Force techniques can be at your fingertips, and the same goes for armor and similar technology. A lot of people think that the best route to go is to use these available elements to get the best edge they can on their opponent before they even walk into the arena. And while these options can certainly add style and value to a story and narrative, simply assuming that weapons or armor is what wins duels is the wrong way to approach duels. We call this the meta - a gaming acronym that means most effective tactics available. Making this assumption is easy and can come from a number of legitimate thoughts and concerns, chief among them is fear of loss, or more explicitly fear of a character dying. In many other RPGs, this is a legitimate concern, but in our RP we allow characters to self-resurrect with a few stipulations, mostly negating these fears. We don't want people to worry about losing their character, we'd rather they focus on the awesome story and journey that character experiences, and we also want them to be able to enjoy and have fun in the pvp system. This was the best compromise we came up with: to put loss on the writer, to give them the responsibility of adding depth to their character in what they choose to sacrifice. It is on the writer to determine how deep or shallow a character is, how loss and major events affect them, and how a character changes over time. There is nothing that says a person can't try to play a character that never has to deal with loss or setbacks, but others likely won't be inclined to want to role play with that kind of character. Something that can be a bit of a blind spot for more established (or unorthodox) characters is that their character sheets are often overloaded with every technique they've ever learned or every weapon or piece of armor they've laid their hands on ever (as long as it wasn't outright destroyed). This makes it confusing for other players and Mods to really hone in on what your character is all about in a combat setting. While any player is certainly free to be creative in their style and borrow a bit here and there and hybridize a combat style that they like, the goal shouldn't be min/maxing the best attributes from several areas to cover all weaknesses, the goal should be to have a well defined combat style that is recognizable on the character sheet that your character prefers. This helps people understand the themes of what they can reasonably expect when facing your character rather than getting completely blindsided because that was the intended tactic. That's generally a bad faith approach to dueling, and isn't appreciated. If you find yourself with one of these kinds of overloaded character sheets, consider removing old equipment or force techniques from a character's sheet that might not be relevant to anything the character has done lately or intends to do in the future. If you don't delete it off the sheet, then consider notating gear that isn't in the character's typical loadout or skills the character might be a bit rusty with. It's okay to be realistic with these kinds of things, and it makes your character far more believable. So what are the Mods looking for when they judge the duel posts? The major emphasis of any well-fought duel should be in the narrative. We want to read a good story, but deeper than the surface level flash of blasters and lightsabers is the more subtle tactics that go into the fight. Get creative, use your terrain, think about how your opponent may have left themselves open (or better yet, set them up in your own movements/actions to where they make themselves unknowingly open to an attack), think outside the box of simply trading lightsaber attacks or blaster fire. Sometimes that can be done with beauty and grace, but most of the time it doesn't make for a compelling read. Primarily what a Mod will do is look through the duel posts first to see if there are any major disqualifying events. Breaking the rules is a surefire way to catch a loss in a duel. Taking far too much damage to really have a believable chance of surviving isn't going to look good either. Ignoring an attack is another way to easily lose, though most often this should be the result of a simple mistake rather than a viable tactic someone uses to try to veil their attacks in the hopes an opponent makes a misstep. It's reprehensible to approach the duel in bad faith, and more often than not this can lose you the duel because it confuses the Mod as well. It's actually good sportsmanship and encouraged to point out if your opponent missed something to allow them to edit before you respond, but it's not required. In fact, it is a good idea to explicitly telegraph your intended moves/actions/attacks to your opponent, either in the main body of a duel post or maybe in a spoiler at the end of your post with a tl;dr summary. This helps avoid confusion from both your opponent and the Mod reviewing the duel. At the end of the day, you should finish the last post of a duel with the satisfaction of having written an excellent story with a partner, not tense over who might win versus an opponent who is despised. This is the simplicity of dueling, but as you can now see, it can also be fairly complex. Hopefully with all of this knowledge at your side, you now know at a basic level how to think like a duelist. It's the first step in a long journey of mastering the finesse of dueling with skill. Much of the rest comes with experience, but more advanced guides may be put out in the future, or more information may be added into future versions of this guide. We hope you find tranquility among the chaos of the battlefield, friend, and as always, may the Force be with you.
  6. FLEET ACTIONS ROUND 5 - FINAL POST GENERAL FLEET ACTIONS: Sith: The Battle Line Escort group (Minotaur) is still escorting the Sith Flagship (Goliath) The Light Defensive Escort (Veil of Shadows) moves to escort the retreating Missile Destroyer Group (Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet) All remaining ships move to retreat, yielding the battleground Starfighters swarm in a forward deployment for an extended length of time (four turns), reducing their effectiveness at damage mitigation completely Starfighters swarm in a focused deployment around the Battle Line Escort group (Minotaur) Starfighters swarm in a focused deployment around the Sith Flagship (Goliath) Rebels: The Light Defensive Escort (Phobos) is still escorting Precision Strike: Carrier Group (Enyo) The Rapid Intervention Escort (Seraphim) now moves to escort the Precision Strike Carrier Group (Anastasia) Starfighters swarm in a forward deployment for an extended length of time (three turns), reducing their effectiveness accordingly Starfighters swarm in a focused deployment around the Precision Strike Carrier Group (Anastasia) Starfighters swarm in a focused deployment around the Destroyer Group: Turbolasers (Deimos) SITH BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Task Force Damage: Veil of Shadows (Light Defensive Escort) Damage: 3 HULL damage (Ignored Hellriders) + 6 damage (Sairdonga turbolasers) + 4 damage (Deimos turbolasers) - 2 damage (Multiple attacking TF penalty) = 8 damage AND 3 HULL damage Sith Flagship (Goliath) Damage: 3 HULL damage (Ignored Hellriders) Incoming Starfighter damage: Sith Flagship (Goliath) Damage: 11 damage (2x Bombers Inbound from Veteran Enyo, 1x normal Bombers Inbound, focused deployment forces damage to shields, DELAYED) Veil of Shadows (Light Defensive Escort) Damage: 3 HULL damage (1x normal Bombers Inbound vs missile group (intercepted), DELAYED) MOD NOTE: I made a ruling here that allows groups to escort other groups while angling to escape via hyperspace, as it is a matter of positioning and covering fire. After having discussed it at length with Chad, this is the new standard moving forward. The alternative is kicking a downed opponent, and that's not in line with the spirit of sportsmanship reflected in most of the other rules.
  7. FLEET ACTIONS ROUND 4 GENERAL FLEET ACTIONS: Sith: The Battle Line Escort group (Minotaur) is still escorting the Sith Flagship (Goliath) The Light Defensive Escort (Veil of Shadows) moves to escort the retreating Railgun TF (Argent Scythe) The Stealth group (Velvet Ire) retreats from the battle, jumping to the safety of hyperspace The Fighter Command Group (Typhoon) retreats from the battle after having suffered heavy losses, jumping to the safety of hyperspace The Railgun TF (Argent Scythe) retreats from the battle after having suffered heavy losses, jumping to the safety of hyperspace Interdiction Cadre (Abyss Triumphant) activates its grav wells, targeting the Rebel task forces Alexei, Enyo, and Deimos, preventing them from retreating next round Starfighters swarm in a forward deployment for an extended length of time (three turns), reducing their effectiveness accordingly Starfighters swarm in a focused deployment around the Velvet Ire as it retreats Rebels: The Light Defensive Escort (Phobos) is still escorting Precision Strike: Carrier Group (Enyo) The Rapid Intervention Escort (Seraphim) now moves to escort Destroyer Group: Turbolasers (Alexei) Starfighters swarm in a forward deployment for an extended length of time (two turns), reducing their effectiveness accordingly SITH BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Task Force Damage: Fighter Command Group (Typhoon) Damage: 6 damage (Sairdonga turbolasers) + 4 damage (Deimos Turbolasers) - 2 damage (Multiple TF Target penalty) = 8 damage Light Defensive Escort (Veil of Shadows) Damage: 4 damage AND 1 HULL damage (Alexei veteran turbolasers targeting Argent Scythe) Destroyer Group - Missiles (Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet) Damage: 3 HULL damage (Ignored Hellriders) Sith Flagship (Goliath) Damage: 3 HULL damage (Ignored Hellriders) Incoming Starfighter damage: Sith Flagship (Goliath) Damage: 2 damage AND 4 HULL damage (1x normal Bombers inbound and 1x from Anastasia, forward deployment (Third use in a row), DELAYED)) Destroyer Group - Missiles (Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet) Damage: 2 damage AND 6 HULL damage (2x bombers inbound from veteran Enyo, forward deployment (Third use in a row), DELAYED) + 1 damage AND 2 HULL damage (Bombers inbound, forward deployment (THIRD USE IN A ROW), DELAYED) = 3 damage AND 8 HULL damage Fighter Command Group (Typhoon) Damage: 1 damage AND 2 HULL damage (1x normal Bombers inbound, forward deployment (Third use in a row), DELAYED)) REBEL BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Task Force Damage: Precision Strike Carrier Group (Anastasia) Damage: 6 damage (Goliath axial weapon) Destroyer Group: Turbolasers (Alexei) Damage: 8 damage (Veteran Missile Group, bypasses capital/cruiser escorts) Incoming Starfighter Damage: Destroyer Group - Turbolasers (Alexei) Damage: 2 damage AND 1 HULL damage (Bombers inbound, forward deployment (Second use in a row), DELAYED)
  8. FLEET ACTIONS ROUND 3 GENERAL FLEET ACTIONS: Sith: The Battle Line Escort group (Minotaur) is still escorting the Sith Flagship (Goliath) The Light Defensive Escort (Veil of Shadows) moves to escort the Carrier Group (Typhoon) The Hammer and Anvil group (Black Bracer) retreats from the battle after suffering heavy losses, jumping to the safety of hyperspace Interdiction Cadre (Abyss Triumphant) activates its grav wells, targeting the Rebel task forces Alexei, Enyo, and Anastasia, preventing them from retreating next round Rebels: The Light Defensive Escort (Phobos) is still escorting Precision Strike: Carrier Group (Enyo) The Rapid Intervention Escort (Seraphim) now moves to escort Destroyer Group: Turbolasers (Deimos) The Rebels have found the right frequencies to be able to track the stealth ship for the rest of the battle (Covert Strike Force: Silent Hunters) SITH BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Task Force Damage: Light Defensive Escort (Veil of Shadows) Damage: 8 damage (Deimos turbolasers) + 6 damage (Sairdonga turbolasers) - 2 damage (Multiple TF Target penalty) = 12 damage Argent Scythe (Railgun Destroyer) Damage: 6 damage (Alexei veteran turbolasers) + 3 HULL Damage (Ignored Hellriders) = 6 damage AND 3 HULL damage Destroyer Group - Missiles (Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet) Damage: 3 HULL damage (Ignored Hellriders) Incoming Starfighter damage: Argent Scythe (Railgun Destroyer) Damage: 4 damage AND 4 HULL damage (2x bombers inbound from Enyo, Veteran carrier gives +1 to base attack, enemy forward deployment (Second use in a row), DELAYED) + 2 damage AND 1 HULL damage (1x Bombers inbound from Anastasia, enemy forward deployment (Second use in a row), DELAYED) = 6 damage AND 5 HULL damage Destroyer Group - Missiles (Moon Beetle/Broken Bullet) Damage: 3 damage (1x Bombers inbound from Anastasia, focused deployment forces damage to shields, DELAYED) + 6 damage (2x bombers inbound, focused deployment forces damage to shields, DELAYED) = 9 damage REBEL BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Task Force Damage: Precision Strike Carrier Group (Anastasia) Damage: 6 damage (Goliath axial weapon) + 6 damage (Argent Scythe railguns) - 2 damage (Multiple TF Target penalty) = 10 damage Destroyer Group: Turbolasers (Deimos) Damage: 8 damage (Veteran Missile Group, bypasses capital/cruiser escorts) Incoming Starfighter Damage: Destroyer Group - Turbolasers (Alexei) Damage: 5 damage (2x Bombers inbound (one redirected), forward deployment forces damage to shields, DELAYED) MOD NOTE: Typhoon (Sith Carrier) should take an additional 1 Hull damage from last round, I miscalculated the damage from Alexei, ignoring its veterancy status
  9. Ruling: Terra vs. Qaela Well, this is a hard one. On one hand, Terra was magnificent in pushing the assault, on the other Qaela was equally as deft defending and was moving to make the narrative very interesting. Frankly, I want to see the end of this duel. Calling it now isn't really fair to either side, so from the outset I'm going to call this one a tie. Welp, please read below for the explanation, but the win goes to Terra. I was asked to analyze specifically the interactions with tactical NPCs, and I will say both the tactics and actions were fairly impressive. I think tactical NPCs aren't nearly as immune to being able to dodge things as PCs are, and as such some of the escapes could be seen as a little much (while perfectly fine for a PC), but at the same time everything was done with measured skill and concerted efforts. This is the benchmark for how to use tactical NPCs in battle. A further note: the formatting was a bit annoying with the constant titles, I recommend simply bolding the names when they become relevant (definitely keep relevant NPC actions to separate paragraphs as much as possible, that does help to clarify it), and keeping the tl;dr spoiler for a summation of relevant actions as those posts can absolutely get dicey to read through. Here's how the next few seconds unfold: A Sith starfighter falls from the sky after a particularly vicious dogfight, landing much closer to Qaela's forces. This provides the cover amid the resulting smoke and debris her men need to extract her, as it also incapacitates her from an unexpected chunk of metal that manages to hit her in the head. This fight was going to be more or less a senseless meat grinder for both sides, and the break in action is welcomed despite the loss of chances to eliminate more high value targets on either side of the battle. Both women know this isn't over. The future demands an ending to this revelation, a conclusion for each to a surprising chapter that has come to an unfortunate and short-lived close. EDIT: I missed something very important in my readthrough here. I was assuming Qaela was using her own NPC forces to mostly serve as punching bags (outright allowing an AT-ST and an E-web emplacement to get one shot), but there was one counterattack where thermals were used against Terra's NPCs. This, to me, is a bit over the line. I missed it because the posts still read great and the action in the back and forth was intense. But per the rules and intended mechanics for duels, FUs should not be using tactical NPCs to any measurable effect in duels. As a Sith master, Qaela should be more than capable of facing off with this squad, and is even allowed to rise to the occasion should the dangers this squad presents outgun what she is typically capable of. Duels are meant to be writer vs. writer, and while good use of tactics is part of that, a Legendary NFU like Terra (the equivalent of a master-ranking FU) should be on even par when including the the tactical NPCs Legendary NFUs are allowed. As such, Qaela was acting a bit more like an NFU here than a FU. I was willing to brush off most of the NPCs she brought with her because of how easily she was willing to lose them, but when they become actual threats to viable elements of an NFU's combat potential, they cease to be flavor and become tactical NPCs, which is per the rules over the line. As such, the win goes to Terra, who may narrate the ending. (A final note: the only reason I narrated above is in the event of a tie, where I step in as the neutral party to ensure players have a fair positioning after the dust clears and to understand where they stand and what to do next. I do not do that in the event of a regular winner.)
  10. FLEET ACTIONS ROUND 2 GENERAL FLEET ACTIONS: Sith: The Battle Line Escort group (Minotaur) is still escorting the Sith Flagship (Goliath) The Hammer and Anvil group (Black Bracer) and the Light Defensive Escort (Veil of Shadows) are still defending the missile group (Moon Beetle and Broken Bullet) A reserve task force is detected dropping out of hyperspace to join the battle Rebels: The Light Defensive Escort (Phobos) now moves to escort Precision Strike: Carrier Group (Enyo) The Rapid Intervention Escort (Seraphim) now moves to escort Destroyer Group: Turbolasers (Alexei) Scans for hidden ships remain inconclusive SITH BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Task Force Damage: Carrier Task Force (Typhoon) Damage: 8 damage (Alexei turbolasers) + 8 damage (Deimos turbolasers) - 2 (Two task forces attacking) + 3 HULL damage (Hellriders ignored) = 14 damage AND 3 HULL damage Hammer and Anvil Task Force (Black Bracer) Damage: 6 damage (Sairdonga capital ship turbolasers) Incoming Starfighter damage: Railgun Destroyer (Argent Scythe) Damage: 9 damage (3x Bombers inbound(DELAYED), 2x of them from Enyo vet ability which does +1 damage each, spillover goes to hull) + 5 HULL damage (Ignored Hellriders plus spillover damage from Enyo vet bombers) = 9 damage AND 5 HULL damage Command Ship (Goliath) Damage: 3 damage (Bombers inbound (DELAYED)) REBEL BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Task Force Damage: Sairdonga Damage: 3 damage (Black Bracer veteran ability) Alexei Damage - Novarch Akbar: 3 damage (Velvet Ire precision stealth attack) Seraphim Damage: 6 damage (Goliath axial weapon) Deimos Damage: 8 damage (Missile group) + 6 damage (Railgun destroyer) - 2 (Two task forces attacking) = 12 damage Incoming Starfighter Damage: Enyo Damage: 6 damage (2x Bombers inbound (FAST ACTION - resolves before escort reshuffle)) Sairdonga Damage: 2 HULL damage (Bombers inbound redirected from Enyo (DELAYED ACTION))
  11. Fleet Actions Outcome: Round One For a brief moment as the two fleets meet and come into range, there is nothing: a calm before the storm. Each side waits for the opening move to act, hoping to capitalize on a misstep of the other. But both sides understand that time wasted is also a double edged sword, and the commanders quickly fall back on their instincts and training. Like a practiced waltz, both sides spring into action, and the first blows are struck. Immediately the Rebel task forces Phobos and Seraphim move to provide cover for the Sith Eaters and Death Harvest Catchers, respectively, allowing the Hellriders to push their deadly assault. Simultaneously, the Minotaur takes up a point position of intercepting defense in front of the Goliath, and the Black Bracer and the Veil of Shadows task force takes up similar positioning to defend the missile destroyer group consisting of the Moon Beetle and Broken Bullet. As the maneuvers start, the Rebels strike the first punch, their hellriders surging forward to harass the enemy missile group, but barely manage to get a few long range shots off before the defensive posturing of the Black Bracer intercepts their attack vector and cuts them off, Taking advantage of the close attack run to severely punish their numbers, culling two corvettes from each group. This was the hellriders' suicidal ploy, however, as the cruisers of the Alexei and Deimos task forces open fire, using the cover of the hellriders' maneuver to full advantage to target the capital ship in their way, now forced to redirect their onslaught to it instead of their original prey. The Black Bracer is no slouch to this punishment, their well trained gunnery crews returning fire to each of these threats in turn, who were slightly caught off guard from this bold maneuver at the outset. They were forced to make do with the original plan of attack, and the Bracer takes full advantage of that to punish them in kind. In all the initial confusion of these first moments, the Sith flagship Goliath opens fire with its axial weapon on the cruisers of task force Alexei. It winds up dealing a powerful blow that cracks the shields of one of the cruisers, synergizing with the fire it received from the Black Bracer. Immediately after, the first salvo from the Sith missile group cruisers impacts the same ship, near crippling it. At this time, Rebel interceptors begin harassing the larger enemy fleet vessels across the battlefield, interfering with Sith starfighter attack runs. Almost unnoticed, one Sith cruiser slips away from this formation amid the carnage, circling to flank the Rebel ships and beginning to line up an optimal strike against a less defended side of a Rebel element. Distracting from this, the railgun capital ship on the other side of the formation opens up against the Rebel carrier group, peppering them with intense fire. As it does so, a Rebel capital ship similarly opens fire with a hailstorm of turbolaser fire at the Sith carrier group, with both targets suffering relatively equally initially, but immediately after Rebel bombers break through Sith lines to bombard the carrier group in support of their capital ship's assault, scoring several hits below their maximum potential due to half of them being forced off by fire from the group's frigate before retreating back to the Rebel lines. A similar coordinated bomber skirmish is attempted against the Sith missile group, but is easily fended off from the nimble frigate fire of light escort ships behind the Black Bracer. Two of the Rebel commanders took note of the Sith stealth cruiser breaking formation and activating its stealth technology, and though they begin cycling censor sweeps of the battlefield they are unable to pick up on any trace of it being there. Finally, the Sith bombers are able to take their runs on the Alexei and Enyo task forces, with the latter forces being triple the numbers of the former and the attack run on Alexei unfettered by corvettes. The opening moves have been made, the bells of war ringing loud in the silence of space. But this is just the beginning. GENERAL FLEET ACTIONS: Sith: The Battle Line Escort group (Minotaur) moves to defend (escort) the Sith Flagship (Goliath) The Hammer and Anvil group (Black Bracer) and the Light Defensive Escort (Veil of Shadows) moves to defend the missile group (Moon Beetle and Broken Bullet) Rebels: The Light Defensive Escort (Phobos) moves to defend and support Hellriders (Sith Eaters) The Rapid Intervention Escort (Seraphim) moves to defend and support Hellriders (Death Harvest Catchers) SITH BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Starfighter damage: Sith Carrier Task Force (Typhoon) Damage: 2 OR 6 damage (2x Bombers inbound from task force Anastasia, frigate would take 2 damage or the carrier would take 6 (FAST ACTION)) Hammer and Anvil Task Force (Black Bracer) Damage: 8 HULL damage (2x Bombers inbound from Enyo (Veteran ability increases damage by 1, but forced redirect drops it back down by 1), normal Bombers inbound (forced redirect drops damage by 1) (FAST ACTION)) Incoming Task Force Damage: Carrier Task Force (Typhoon) Damage: 6 damage (Sairdonga capital ship turbolasers) Hammer and Anvil Task Force (Black Bracer) Damage: 16 (2x Alexei turbolaser cruisers with hellrider buff) + 16 (2x Deimos turbolaser cruisers with hellrider buff) - 2 (Multiple task forces attacking penalty) = 30 damage REBEL BATTLE DAMAGE: Incoming Task Force Damage: Alexei Damage: 3 (Black Bracer veteran ability) + 6 (Goliath Axial Weapon) + 8 (2x missile cruiser salvos) - 2 (Multiple task forces attacking penalty) = 15 damage Deimos Damage: 3 damage (Black Bracer veteran ability) Sith Eaters Damage: Two destroyed corvettes (Black Bracer returning focus fire) Death Harvest Catchers Damage: Two destroyed corvettes (Black Bracer returning focus fire) Rebel Carrier Task Force (Anastasia): 6 damage (Argent Scythe railguns) Incoming Starfighter Damage: Alexei Damage: 3 damage (Bombers inbound (DELAYED), starfighters forward deployment) Enyo Damage: 9 damage (3x Bombers inbound (DELAYED)) Mod Note: A reminder that commanders can choose which ship incoming damage goes to (assuming multiple ships in a task force or accompanying escort(s)), and task force damage is treated separately from starfighter damage for the decision making process. Assuming two ships in a task force, commanders can have incoming task force damage go to one ship and starfighter damage go to another, HOWEVER once that choice has been made it is locked in for future damage of that type. This was the intent of the rules, and while I wasn't able to find it stated explicitly in the rules I am calling it to be the standard for the duration of this combat. Choose who takes what damage wisely. Additionally, bombers inbound states that their cap is reduced by one for every frigate present, this means that the frigates automatically tank that damage for their task force or any task forces they're escorting and reduce it to one (unless other factors apply). Edit: Okay, I was super confused over how bombers work, and their governing rules are not centralized in the ruleset at all. Apparently there is a simple hard cap of how many bombers inbound actions are allowed versus any one TF (3), and frigates reduces that cap by 1 per frigate in the TF or any escorting TF. If too many bombers attack (i.e. frigates move in to support/escort), then the attacking commander can choose where to redirect that attack and those redirected attacks get reduced by 1 damage. Commanders still decide which ships in a task force take the damage as outlined above, but if they have frigates available to take those attacks they can soak the damage with them pretty easily. Bombers inbound damage can never be applied to corvettes as they are not valid targets, excess damage is lost if the only remaining ships are corvettes. Like normal, starfighter damage applies fully to one ship before spilling over to the next, if able.
  12. Mod Post It was recently requested that forces be granted to the Sith in a flavor-style manner (not used for specific offensive purposes, but as a backdrop) to engage any forces defending Corellia. After having thought it over, I realized this demanded a mod post with flavor text to establish expectations for this situation and other situations moving forward. As of right now the Fleets system is meant to supplant the former planetary defenses. Fleets are the planetary defenses, and if you don't have a fleet available to defend a planet, it isn't considered properly defended against the might of an enemy fleet. As of right now, there are no fleets explicitly defending Corellia. As such, no matching fleet/task force sized element will be allowed as a backdrop. This was a difficult decision to make as this is a highly complex situation since it's in the middle of a large scale battle and could potentially affect the narrative of others moving forward given how the battle could shift across the entire Corellian system. Saying yes to this makes a wide array of assumptions that does change the battlefield, even in a small way. As the Mod presiding over this battle, I'm not willing to accept potential fallout for that if things do go sideways, and while it might be "less cool", this is largely a preventative measure to help keep things fair and fun for everyone. This also sets precedent and relies on some previously mentioned precedent, so care needs to be given to what happens. If this was a smaller skirmish between two PCs and their forces, it would be a LOT easier to sign off on it as it's obviously not going to potentially further affect things past that interaction, but it's not so cleanly cut here. We have a history of allowing things via agreements to bypass pvp rules, but again, due to the complexity of this battle I don't think that's a super feasible route to take here this time. And yet, despite all this, I recognize the importance of storytelling element at play here. That is a drum I have beaten for a long time, ensuring the rules and community emphasize good writing. I fully understand and respect the value of good writing. As such, here is what I am interjecting into the narrative as a Mod: The defenses around Corellia are primarily starfighter-based, with perhaps some larger patrol gunboats that are smaller than corvettes but fulfill a similar role as well as anti-air turrets and the like. Similarly, Sith starfighter, bomber, and interceptor squadrons and have been sent to suppress ground forces in preparation for a full-scale invasion. Both forces are locked in vicious combat, evenly matched, and cannot be commanded or referenced except in observation. Neither side is majorly prevented from landing forces or evacuation. This still simulates the tumultuous backdrop of brutal war without the need for larger elements to enter the fight. The "victory" of either side will be determined by the victor of the fleet combat in the system, either via total destruction or last man standing in the event of retreat. Please understand how difficult it was for me to make this call, especially since it seems like it should have been far simpler than it was. These kinds of things often have a complex depth to them that isn't immediately apparent, and that potential complexity still has a large factor in how certain things are ruled on. That being said, my priority is first and foremost to fairness, and secondarily to promoting a fun environment for everyone. If you take issue with this ruling, please PM me on site or DM me via Discord.
  13. Ary the Grey


    Ruling for Duel: Mordecai vs. Cassandra (Imperial Knights Master NPC)
  14. The purpose of this thread is to give faction leaders space to record important information about their faction. Other groups may also request a listing to better preserve important information. In the future there will likely be a codified list of required information similar to a character sheet, but for the time being will be free of required format. Table of Contents: Active: Factions: Sith Empire Jedi Rebel Alliance Groups: Black Sun Imperial Knights Jensaari Kosai Inactive: Note: If information on the listed factions is missing or outdated, please PM the relevant account, and failing that, PM this account.
  15. Primary Account: Ary the Grey Discord Username: Aidan Darkfire/Ban Ulfson Real First Name: Charles Active Characters: Aidan Darkfire/Ban Ulfson
  16. Jhon's radio crackles as the squelch is broken, but the volume was set low enough that only he would be able to hear. "Jhon. Jhon this is home base. Command wants a report on the situation. They want to know if the enemy is prepared for an attack." The radio went quiet, awaiting the scout's reply.
  17. Your scenario is the following: you are a scout sent up to monitor an enemy encampment. The below picture is what you can see from your vantage point on a nearby hill. Take in the scenery, and await radio contact from your commanding officer.
  18. This thread is private, please do not participate unless you know you are involved.
  19. Organization Name: The Kosai a.k.a. "The Wanderers" a.k.a. "Wandering Shadows" Playable: Yes, Force Users Appearance/Uniforms: Kosai tend to wear darker colored robes or light armor to make it easier to blend into shadows, though this is merely common and not standard for all members. Description: The Kosai are descendants of Revanchist practitioners who learned various philosophical principles from Sith teachings over the generations. While they believe in the Living Force, they also take a more naturalistic approach to seeing their place in the galaxy, believing that their influence and purpose is minimal in the grand scheme of things. Their beliefs center around cause and effect, taking a very neutral stance on happenings and the understanding that supposedly derives thereof. Much like many aspects of nature, the Kosai think that the Force has a very strong tendency to balance itself out, like karma, which will occur when the Force determines and no sooner. Some take it upon themselves to be conduits of that change, but the wiser Kosai tend to understand that it is hubris to assume they know what is right, and leave things to chance. However, it is strongly ingrained in their beliefs that everything comes with a price. Following the example of Bane, they adopted a form of the Rule of Two, nomadically travelling the galaxy. No more than two Kosai, a Master and an Apprentice, would journey together. When groups would meet, they would part soon after, believing that gathering together brought greater risk to themselves and their beliefs. Every community they came to they offered services, and generally only asked for food or supplies. Sometimes, a Force sensitive individual would be found by a Master lacking an apprentice, and the offer would be made to the potential recruit to train them. If accepted, tradition dictated that they immediately leave the apprentice's life behind, travelling to unknowns to learn the ways of the galaxy and the Force. The unknowns were always dictated by the experience of the apprentice, meant to expose them to as many new situations as possible. Eventually, once the apprentice learned enough from the Master, the Master would confer upon them the rank of Journeyman, and they would need to train their own apprentice to fully come into the rank of Master. While all Kosai share a similar belief system, they share no overarching organization or support structure. They are regarded by most as mercenaries, but unliked due to how they conduct business and how they often coldly interact with others. Everything, after all, has a price, and the Kosai tend to not lift a finger unless that price can be met. However, to some, this price can sometimes be metaphorical, and because of this from an outside perspective the actions of a Kosai can sometimes be seen as unpredictable and random. At the end of all things, most Kosai are simply trying to find their place in the galaxy, and understand that their place is often as nomads, travelling at the will of the Force. If playable, is this faction appropriate for those new to the site or RP?: No, it is recommended that players attempt to play characters in other factions before making a Kosai, especially if they can eventually bring one in at Journeyman (Knight) rank.
  20. ((As Jek Squall)) The events that happened over the next few seconds went by in a slow blur before Jek's eyes. The Force was with him, and he was at peace. The Sith lashed out, managing to nick his sword arm shoulder just enough that his follow through slash cut cleanly through the Zabrak's forearm, disarming him. The intense white-hot pain seemed dulled and distant, though. He was aware of these events, but did not feel. The dismembered hand, still clutching the now deactivated lightsaber plummeted below to the hangar floor. The Force blast hit him shortly after, sending Jek over the railing. As he fell, his heart rate slowed, and his eyes fell closed. He was one with the Force, and the Force was with him. All was as it should be. This place, this conflict, this battle was his purpose, and that purpose had been fulfilled. While Jek had never been fully taught the deeper mysteries of the Force, his Master had tried to impart the ingredients that would leave him to discovering this truth on his own, when he was ready. And finally, at the end of all things, he was ready. A corpse hit the deck plates hard, with more than enough of an impact to kill him had he not already been dead. For a moment, a faint blue image of Jek stood next to it, visible only to Drago and his master. A moment that was a self contained eternity passed as he studied himself, before letting go. Giving one last look upward at Drago, Jek's Force ghost faded to nothingness. The Force was with him. He was at peace. ((Seeing as this character wasn't supposed to last much longer than this, I'm going to go ahead and yield. Considering the points made I the ruling, this seemed plausible to me as an outcome, and I don't think I could have pulled out a win from where we left it. This was an enjoyable duel, and very well fought, I hope I did well in presenting the challenge I did!))
  21. ((As Jek Squall)) I am One with the Force and the Force is with me. I am One with the Force and the Force is with me. I am One with the Fo- A sudden surge of pain jolted up Jek's back as his opponent renewed his onslaught, catching him in a nasty slash that ran from his left shoulder down his ribcage. The blow itself wasn't meant to seriously injure or kill, but it certainly disabled the Zabrak, as Jek once again fell to his knees from the pain. I am...One...with the Force... The mantra, taught to him by his late master, repeated in his thoughts as Jek struggled to focus. He had one last move, one last ace up his sleeve to potentially catch the Sith off guard and survive this battle. He could already tell the door ahead was fused shut, a well-timed application of the Dark Side crippling its locking mechanism shut. ...and the Force...is with me. Jek calmly held his right palm out, reaching out through the Force to find the item he'd lost, the one life line that was his final authority as a Jedi. Knowing it very well by its feel through the Force, it took no time at all for Jek to locate his weapon. The lightsaber ripped up through the fog below, arcing towards the Sith's back, and past the Sith, his hand. If the Sith was so focused on Jek, then it might catch him off guard, crippling him enough to allow Jek to either escape or finish his opponent with a quick coup de gras. The Force is with me. This was it. It was all or nothing. ((3))
  22. Duel Ruling: Mythos vs. Darth Nyrys I'm not going to lie, at the outset of this I put easy money on the Sith. I expected it to be a lot less of an even fight than it absolutely was, and it's a testament to both of you as writers that you respected each other enough to write it on more even grounds and with a very close finish. You both should be proud of yourselves for this fight, it shows a level of maturity few reach. That being said, let's move onto the analysis. In the first two posts, Nyrys begins weaving an Assassin illusion in the form of a thick fog, and lashes out at Mythos, catching him in the arm with a shallow cut. Mythos in return fires a quick but blind shot with his scattergun, managing to hit Nyrys in the shoulder, damaging her armor. It's important to note here that Nyrys's sword causes necrosis in wounds, but this is a slow moving effect, similar to a fast-moving brown recluse bite (imagine the necrosis over minutes to a couple hours as opposed to days, long enough to mostly be a factor after the duel if I remember correctly, but not a major one during it). The next two posts were mostly uneventful combat wise, however they were incredibly well written. The major thing to note is Mythos's mental state, as well as Nyrys suppressing the noise in the area, in preparation for her final post. In the final post Nyrys finally goes on an all-out offensive, combined with a Force augmented banshee scream that is effective in disorienting Mythos enough that several of her strikes begin to break through his defenses. However, Mythos goes for the sacrifice play Rob Roy style, willingly taking a hit to the shoulder in order to close to lethal distance for the coup de gras. A very effective ending, easily resulting in both combatant's blades stuck in each other. Do they both die? Does someone walk away the victor? Who is that handsome masked man, anyway? Based on the attacks already made, as well as the capabilities of both combatants at the end of the duel, Nyrys is still in a much stronger position to simply survive the encounter, mostly due to her Sith Amulet / heart made from a Krayt Dragon Pearl. The best shot Mythos has at actually doing damage at this close range is to go for the heart or lungs, which he has to get through a breastplate of Sith Steel to do. As he was attempting to close the distance past that of a solid swing, I'm going to assume the final attack Mythos makes is a lunging/piercing one. The best hope he has is to hit her femoral artery, and even then through pressure applied via the Force Nyrys is still expected to walk or limp away from this requiring no more than a paramedic's assistance to get her back to stable conditions. Winner: Darth Nyrys 2nd edit: You guys determine between yourselves what outcome you determine is fair.
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