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  1. The former HMFIC likes this thread!!!
  2. OOC argueing is not allowed. Take it to PM, a mod, or deal with it. I am tired of seeing this crap.
  3. This has been brought to me and after reading it SoP is right. You may not be a newb but your current character is and can't do what you just did. Haden's previous actions are null as are piccolo's in relation to this matter. thanks.
  4. Next person that posts someone's actions or flames (tells someone to shut up) gets a 72 hour ban. Do we all understand???
  5. Bad user? What is that supposed to mean?
  6. Citing Justin's post I stand with Greg's decision. Justin made it clear this meeting was not to be found out and interfered with. Furthermore, let me clarify part of what Greg said. Since Ara is busy, and BHM is on different times at night I did indeed ask him to help keep an eye on things and help me out. However, the mods are still here to do their jobs and Justin of course still has seniority. And I am sure Justin would have also cited his rule of no interference in this thread. Fair is fair guys.
  7. Darth Jade


    *Hears echo* Semantics. Sith, Bounty Hunter, my poop. Does it really matter who it was. It could have been a fun storyline. Change is good. Otherwise boredom sets in.
  8. Darth Jade


    White Raven. You can stop with the cursing. I ok'd the attack on the Jedi. It was done with tact. The Sith waited for most to get their say in to Greg before they attacked the Jedi. This is a new rp. More spontaneous fun. Less Rules and restricting inferference. If anyone has a problem with these please PM me but until then give it a chance. Things will be more fun now.
  9. Ben, the Senate is for helping the RP along. Tarrian is still the mod though and her rulings take precedence. You know that and any issue with that sould be brought to her or me. Not brought up here.
  10. Darth Jade


    Any decision that the Senate makes is ratified by me so if it becomes a Senate issue and is ratified then the decision is final.
  11. Do you people need me to stamp the rules on your forhead? I said NO MORE OOC argueing. I have half a mind to go through with a ban on all of you. Go to a mod. Don't act like one and don't post OOC posts.
  12. Darth Jade


    The all supreme SITH, DARTH JADE arrives on Naboo. This thread needs to go somewhere. It was brought to my attention disrupting my sleep time. Get on with it......
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