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    Solus marveled and admired as the sands blew away and the opening was made through no visible means. The ground...the very ground they stood on was a door! Solus looked at Roshan and gave a nod, the only way he could demonstrate his excitement without speaking. He dared not interrupt this Darth Helios’ actions. Solus followed without hesitation at Roshan’s orders, excitement building inside of him. He didn’t think how this could be a trap, or a test, or anything else. He simply followed. Down the stairs he slithered, each step receiving a slight thud as his metal body went down. It took some balance, and more than once Solus had to let go of one of Tear’s legs to steady himself, but he moved onwards. He also had to stop once or twice to look at his surroundings. The place was nothing like the place of his ascension back on Ishvara. This was both natural and unnatural. Metal perfectly melded into stone that was clearly worked on. The shadows under the gargoyles' eyes were both lifeless but alert. And the walls… When the walls closed in, Solus couldn’t help but release one hand on Tear and feel the walls and their etchings. The history here was so fascinating and complete, but beyond the shard’s comprehension. He felt like he could stay in this tunnel for several years and be no closer to understanding their meanings. “This...isn’t this something Tear? Sir Aliss? Lord Roshan? My my, I could stay here for...well not long but...” Solus rambled as his fingertips traced the engraved image of a large monster. It captivated him. As something newly born into this galaxy, everything was a beautiful painting to his eyes. After that momentary pause, Solus realized that Helios had gone further ahead without waiting for him, and he was blocking the path. Solus picked up his pace and slithered forward again. “Darth Helios, excuse me, but where are we…” Solus stopped. The view in front of him stunned him. The sight of a city under the ground absolutely took his entire being away for a brief second. In that second, Solus saw so much. So much life as bodies moved about, each with their own purpose. And the noises they made! Some were speaking in tongues unknown, some were clomping around, others were making whispers and hisses. Solus sighed in both amazement and sadness. So much life in one place. It was like before his ascension and before he was alone. "Roshan, Solus, Aliss. What do you see?" “Enemies. Competition. Strange ants that we don’t know and I don’t trust.” “You’ll have to excuse the girl, Master Helios. She spent her entire life on Ishvara...” Solus could feel the tension behind him. It was clear that Aliss was not used to being under Roshan’s wishes. To be fair, Solus was only used to it cause he had known no other way yet. “I...I see…well I see a place of life...of...potential. A place to possibly learn or...” Solus started, trying to put his words to thought when suddenly… “You! Little droid...” A silky smooth voice called out. Solus turned his attention sideways and looked around, not seeing where the voice had come from. It wasn’t until he glanced towards some steps did he see the creature. A being slightly shorter than Roshan, dressed in black moth-eaten robes approached the group. Over its head it kept a mask of pure black, with only the two small slits for eyes and it’s red painted beak exposed. “Little droid…” the thing cooed as it held out a hand, revealing the large leathery wings that were fitted into the robe. “How much for that... specimen?” Solus was surprised and had to stop. This being’s words were smooth and long, with tones that rose and fell like music. “Specimen?” “Yes...that young hound...never had I seen such a....specimen...how much?” “Oh! You mean Tear!” Solus exclaimed and shifted the beast a bit on his shoulders so he could see better. Tear studied the thing carefully. When it reached forward to pet the beast, Tear snapped once at the fingers of the strange being. The merchant laughed as it brought its hand back. “Yes….Tear….that hound is such a...beauty...You must be extremely well programmed...to catch such a beast...How much?” The being stepped closer. Solus leaned back, nervous at what was happening. He glanced around and saw that the others were moving forward without him. “I...uh...he’s mine. To, um, tame, as my master said. Yes that’s it, Tear is for me to tame.” The being’s black eyes widened at this. “Ah...you are owned...such a pity...so then that is owned...as well…” Solus swayed slightly to either side to the being’s voice. Like some kind of snake hearing a tune, Solus felt his own mind sway slightly. It was so musical. So magical. “I...uh, no….I am pledged to...um, why do you want Tear?” The being chuckled a soft chuckle again. “Why, don’t you know the value…. of the mighty Tuk’ata? Especially such a young... pup like that? Why…” The being, who Solus thought may have been female but had no way of telling, reached forward to attempt to stroke Tear, who growled a warning. “Their teeth can cut through many things... at a ripe age...their claws are a fine alchemical ingredient…. Why those eyes… very healthy...I could make very strong potions...hmm… “Potions?” Solus asked, curious at this word. The being spotted this curiosity, and cooed again. “Little droid…” Leaning forward the figure stared its abyssal eyes into the shard's reticle. “If you ever become unowned, or maybe...you want to sell Tear, find me...Kirrinisha....now take care….little droid.” Without another word, the strange birdlike thing turned and wandered off, humming to itself. Solus could only stare for a moment wondering what had just happened. It was also now that he began to feel the eyes on him. Many beings were watching the strange looking droid carrying a wounded sith hound, wondering what it may do. “Ah...I uh...Roshan? Roshan?” Solus began to panic, realizing the others had moved forward without them. But that settled once he spotted a green cloaked figure. Figuring it was Helios leading the others, Solus chased after them. “Ah please Roshan, don’t be mad. Don’t be mad. What am i saying, of course he’ll be mad...ah kriff...still, that being. Such a lovely voice. But potions? What the heck are those? And what's alchemical ingredients…clearly I’ll have to ask the others about those…” Solus made his way forward, and soon was right behind his lord. “Yes, opportunity! That is what I see! Haha!” Solus faked a laugh, hoping that the others weren’t disappointed with him being sidetracked.
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    As Solus watched the two, the stranger pulled his hood back revealing his face. Instead of revulsion or horror like many people may have had, the Shard had a sense of awe and curiosity. He had examined his hound’s wounds and had been fascinated earlier. Why wouldn’t he find these different, appearent and extreme wounds more so? Still, the tone the stranger spoke with made Solus flinch slightly. Being robotic didn’t mean he had thick skin. It was apparent that Roshan had not made the being happy. Panic set in Solus’ mind. Without thinking he slithered up quickly and almost laid a hand on his lord’s shoulder, just as Aliss had done to him, but stopped a few inches away, too scared to touch his lord. Instead he whispered, “Allow me, my Lord, to speak to Helios. For I believe this being can help us, and if not, then I will fight on your behalf as the loyal child I am…” With that and not waiting for a response, Solus slithered forward a bit more, his metal tail leaving a thick trail in the sand. When he was a few feet ahead of Roshan, he bowed slightly to the man. Tear was struggling to stay still and on top, but kept his eyes on the man all the while with its glowing eyes. “Forgive my words if they are empty,” Solus started, bowing slightly deeper, though with his height it put him only a few inches shorter than the human named Helios. “My name is Solus the Ascended, the to-be god slayer as my master, Lord Roshan, dictates. This beast I carry and tame is Tear. I trod recklessly because I am only newly ascended to these worlds of worlds... “ Solus did not look up, hoping this sign of respect would be enough to calm the man down. Solus feared that if Helios became more angry, Roshan would be angry, and Aliss and Solus would be just a burden to defend. He had to help, even if it was by showing respect at a slight cost of dignity. Course there was a risk that he would make Roshan angry too, but he had to try. “ I, like my Master and Sir Aliss, are conduits of the Force. But I do not know the way to control it. If this ‘Wicked Flame’ and the Force are truly related, then I must request for your knowledge. Your knowledge...or the pain you offer. If either will help us, then I will take it, for everything is better then the abyss I have known...” Solus looked up at the man, his own yellow eye taking in all the features of this being. The scars were so fascinating, nothing like the broken bones in Tear’s legs. He did not fully understand what could have caused those yet, though he would learn eventually. “Darth Helios, deity of the Wicked Flame, guide us. I, Solus the Ascended, or however you must title me, request this.” As Solus awaited Helios' response, he bowed his head again, and stayed silent. Tear kept his eyes on the man though. However, he too was silent as well, recognizing that his own master was putting himself and his very young hound at great risk. At great risk to this being who spoke that old language so easily. Please Roshan. Be impressed by my initiative. I do this for you... Solus begged silently, feeling his lord’s eyes on him.
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    With each word that passed between his lord and the stranger, Solus grew more and more twitchy. Tear listened carefully, a semblance of understanding in his eyes, but for Solus, there was only confusion. And a little bit of annoyance and impatience. “Its a pity we can’t just continue on. Or at least speak common” Solus mutterred, only loud enough for Aliss to overhear. “I mean, we came here for...what was it? Right, seek a Sith master. Funny, I remember what Sith means. Its a name for one of the gods of these worlds. From my visions. Pity I didn’t have any visions about what’s being said…” As Solus muttered, Tear hissed once at the being, as if to tell him to shut up. Solus glanced at the hound, and shook his own head in annoyance. Those visions long ago...they were a comfort and a pain now. A comfort because he felt that they gave him some kind of insight into this world of worlds. But a pain because not all of them were good. In fact, a bunch were actually painful. Like the one Solus had recalled in his battle with Tear and it’s brother, Rip. The sounds of destruction, like screaming of beings, crunching and crashing of ships and buildings, the booming of explosions and the crackling of fires. The sight of people killing each other out of pure panic as overhead a large sphere was coming crashing down onto the populace below. And those other gods that fought to prevent that, utilizing their magnificent powers to slow the descent of that celestial object. Solus shook himself. His lord had said something in the tongue he understood. Something about weapons, but having been lost in thought, Solus didn’t hear it fully. He could only infer what was said by observing Sir Aliss putting away her weapon. “I should get myself one of those…” Solus mused, noticing the weapon. It was something truly unique and powerful. A true weapon for a god slayer like he was to be. Lord Roshan returned to speaking in the unknown tongue. Solus sighed and slumped slightly. Still, this stranger was curious. Solus studied him for a bit. Was he Sith? Or was he not even a deity?
  4. Solus


    Solus flinched when Roshan ordered him and Aliss to shut up. He moved faster, carrying his hound over his shoulders. He silently cursed himself for being distracted and being noisy. However, he kept pace with Aliss until the two caught up. “Thank you, Sir Aliss…” Solus whispered back to his friend. Tear growled softly. Solus looked over the figure in the distance. He didn’t understand the words it spoke, but he shivered at them. It appeared Tear either understood them, or at least recognised them in some form, for his ears perked up, his tail swayed sporadically. Solus squeezed the hound’s hind legs slightly, to which he received a growl and hiss in turn. “Oh come on, Tear, what is he?” Solus asked out loud, then immediately tried to be quiet, remembering Roshan’s words just a moment ago. With a whisper, he asked “Sir Aliss, what is that being?” When the two caught up, and Solus heard his master describe his knights to the unknown figure, Solus leaned over slightly and spoke softly. “What’s an anorexic hutt? Is that a compliment? And what is our lord saying? Tear, do you know?” Tear stayed silent, watching Roshan and the stranger. And Solus watched as well.
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    “The Force…” Solus mused over Roshan’s words for a bit. “Force. Darkside. Yes, that feels correct. Maybe its because of the darkness around us, but yes, that feels...perfect. Like a touch of something wild. Or chaotic. But tranquil inside somewhere. Like something cold, but waiting to be hot. Like...yes, darkside sounds right. I like that…” As the shard mused, he followed his lord, his words lowering into a mumble. He wasn’t sure if he was feeling nervous at this planet and that was why he was talking so much or if it was something else. Still, he continued to prattle on while Tear on his shoulders and ignored its master entirely. Instead, the hound simply looked around at the darkness. “I must say, this place is something beyond me. When i said a world beyond worlds, I knew what i meant, but I had forgotten all the senses I had experienced. Like this...sand? Dirt? Whatever it is, it is much different than the metal back where I ascended. Like a grinding sensation, but so much lesser then the grinding of my own gears. And I feel like I should be cold, like one of my visions, but I do not. Perhaps something about me is incomplete. No, I feel like that is wrong...hmmm? Oh sorry Sir Aliss, you asked something?” As Solus listened to Sir Aliss’ question, he had to pause in thought for a moment. He realized that he was still learning what he called ‘the language of sound’ as he himself hadn’t noticed how his Lord and Aliss both pronounced his name differently. “Well, Sir, truth be told, I’m unsure myself. You see, us shard’s aren’t accustomed to names really, and sound is something new to me still.” Solus glanced back at Aliss and realized he needed to explain himself. “You see, us shards are immobile by nature. We grow from the rocks around us, and we generate subtle hints of heat and electricity with thoughts. But we do not move. Thus, we are always connected. We knew each other almost perfectly. Not like how I now know that the ship is back that way…” Solus gestured with his head in the direction the group had come from. “But really know each other. We could know each other’s thoughts. We communicated by simply thinking. We knew each other. When we referred to each other, we simply were called brother, or sister, or parent. So I didn’t have a name for most of my life. " “But as you noticed, I had a name at my ascension. And that is because of my visions. For some reason, I had visions, if that is what you call them. Maybe experiences would be a better term, for I didn’t just see. I felt. I smelled. I heard. And these ‘experiences’ were amazing. Eye-opening. Full with energy and life and color and...well, everything! It is how I knew of this...world of worlds. Imagine, experiencing something new, something beyond your comprehension. That is what i had.” “After my first experience, my family grew distant from me. They named me. They called me Solus the Singular. That is when I became separate. As time went on, I had more experiences. Eight of them I think. And each time, I tried to share them with my family. But it's like explaining color to...beings who had never had sight before! How do you explain the sensation of sound to beings with no ears? Or the idea of moons and planets to things that have never left a cave?” Solus gave a deep sigh. His entire body was drooping forward, with his head hung low. His voice had become softer and slower. His emotions were clearly visible. “They declared me sick. They declared me mad. And with that, they somehow cut me off from them. I do not know how, but they had separated themselves from me. I lost all connection to them and became alone. The last thought I heard from them was declaring me Solus the Lonely. And then...nothing…” The robotic being stopped slithering forward. He was remembering the experience. It was so real to him at the moment. The emptiness. The void. The silence. The loneliness. Tear perked up, sensing the emotion that was rising within the being. “Imagine losing all of your senses. Your ears. Your eyes. Your body. You can only think. There isn’t even blackness because you can’t see color. Just nothingness. Now also imagine being alone. But you knew you weren’t alone. That somewhere, beyond you there were others and if you could only reach out you would no longer be alone. If you could only speak, you could break the eternal silence that is consuming you. But you can’t because you don’t have arms. You don’t have limbs or a body. Your tongue is your thoughts. Your sight are your thoughts. All you have is your thoughts and memories of better times. Can you? Cause that's what I had to go through!” Solus words became louder and sharper, rising in tone. He dropped Tear from his shoulders to the ground, who yelped sharply in pain. Solus ignored his actions, instead now raising his arms and yelling at the moons overhead. “That is what I had! A better time, where I was perfectly in tune with my family! And then a vision of something even greater! And then nothing! I was cut off from my family! From everything! They cut me off from everything that made me whole! They cut me off from the experiences! They vanished too! I didn’t have another one to give me comfort. To give me life! To give me anything! I was alone! And broken! And nothing! I might as well have been nothing!” Hitting the climax of his emotion, Solus slammed his fists down into the ground. The sound of his hands hitting the ground made a large thud, but nothing more. The dirt around the group flew, but nothing else. But even then, the shard inside the body screamed it’s odd silent scream. It’s red glow and momentarily turned black, with each white line dashing about violently. The Force rippled and reverberated from the chassis, echoing silently, unperceivable except to those attuned to it. After the momentarily silent scream, Solus paused, feeling the anger drain from him. He now felt empty, like some kind of husk. Like the energy in him had been drained, even though he was still at near full power. Slowly, he raised himself and turned back to Aliss. “And now here I am. In a body in a world of worlds. Tell me Sir Aliss, does it sound like I have found peace with this body? Cause I don’t remember peace anymore. I feel joy, but I don’t know about peace. Or does it sound like I have no soul? I know I had one when I had my family. When I truly knew someone. But now, i don’t know anything. I simply don’t know.” Solus reached and picked up the hound again, and began to make his way forward. “Call me whatever our Lord desires. After all...” Solus looked back at Aliss, giving a nod as if it was a wink. His entire attitude changed with his next words, as if nothing was wrong. “We are his servants. And he is our lord.” And Solus continued on, heading towards the light.
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    On the floor, the Hutt security droid laid in its own coiled coils. On the bed, sitting with its healing legs, Tear watched the door, growling whenever something approached, even before the door opened. It was as if it was guarding the chassis, even though it had no means to fight at the moment. Suddenly, the chassis began to move. Metal creaked and moaned as its hands tightened into fists once more. Tear flinched and tried to move back as the body began to spasm violently. Electricity moved through the dead wires. Gears began to spin and grind. Its motors were alive once more. The chassis rose to full height, its cone-like head grazing the ceiling. It’s arms stretched and a low moan came from the thing’s speakers. “Aaaaahhhh….” Solus sighed in pleasure as his body reacted again to his thoughts. His yellow eye flickered to life, granting him the beautiful gift of sight. “Ah ha ha ha!” Solus laughed. He knocked the wall with a metal fist, intently listening and enjoying the clunking over and over. Tear began to howl, which only added to Solus’ joy. “Sound! And...and touch! I’m...I’m back! Ha ha ha! Why did I doubt him? It was nothing! I, Solus the ascended, am back!” But it was something. During the chassis' recharge, Solus screamed to the void around him. The rage he had felt was the same kind he experienced before his ascension. He felt like he could’ve killed something in that darkness. He could have been a true god, and hold a thing’s life in his hands and choose to end its existence. However, it was gone now. As fast as his anger had come to him, it had left like darkness at the dawning of the sun, and now Solus was overjoyed to be ascended once more. Only a shadow of it lingered. Looking over Tear’s wounds, Solus was pleasantly surprised to see the legs were healing up nicely. It had stopped oozing blood and large scars and bruises had formed where Solus had broken it’s legs. He wondered if all species healed as quickly as this hound. It still couldn’t walk, but the bones were mending themselves. "Good thing...Perhaps with some help we can get you walking again. I don't know when that will be, but I'm sure Lord Roshan and I could figure something out." What surprised Solus more was that Tear didn’t snap this time. While it did growl and hiss at Solus' touching of the makeshift bandages to further examine the legs, Tear did not try to bite. Perhaps it knew now that Solus was a machine and biting accomplished nothing. Or perhaps when Solus nearly choked the thing, he established a kind of dominance. Or maybe during the shard's recharge, Tear felt Solus’ hatred and anger, and associated it with something more. Whatever the reason, Solus was pleasantly surprised. After rewrapping the bandages, Solus felt the ship shift. It was landing. A few moments later, Solus was on the ramp of the ship, looking over the landscape. The sky overhead was a dark nighttime. The dark sand under Solus’ tail felt course to his metal body, but he didn’t mind it much. However, in the far distance, Solus could see something. Lights.Over his shoulders and around his neck, he carried Tear, who seemed very uncomfortable. “A new world…” Solus said, proudly, gazing at the lights in the distance. “A world in this world of worlds… and yet, this place...it feels...interesting. Like something is tickling my body, but not actually. Something...here” with a hand, Solus gently tapped where the sith hounds had left its mark on him, directly over where his shard dwelled. Tear gave a guttural growl. Solus almost shivered at the combination of the feel of the beast making a noise against him and the strange sensation of this planet. Turning, Solus bowed slightly. “Ah ha! It seems we have arrived! But tell me, what is this place? And...why does it feel so...I don’t know...strange?”
  7. Solus watched through the window as Lord Roshan maneuvered the ship. Once they were on the way, Solus listened intently. He flinched at the rebuke. It was physically visible how Solus started to feel. His entire body slouched slightly, and the enthusiasm that was there moments ago completely dried up. At his words, Solus nodded and went back to the room to check on the hound. Tear growled slightly at the metal being as Solus entered. The droid stared at the beast quietly and moved closer. It’s growls intensified. For a moment, he froze. Solus reached forward and grabbed the thing’s head behind the ear. “Shut…” With brutal force Solus slammed Tear’s head down into the bed. Tear snarled and barked. With metal hands, Solus began to squeeze, making Tear yelp in pain. “UP!!!” Solus raised Tear’s head up and slammed again. While the bed wasn’t a hard surface, it certainly was enough to make Tear flinch and stay still. For another moment, Solus held the hound down. The hound panted over and over, staring at its owner in utter fear. It knew what the thing could do. Solus stared down, his yellow eye giving a putrid glow over the thing’s face tempted to try to crush its skull. To break it apart. His grip tightened. “I am in charge, and you will please me! You hear?" Solus realized that there was a noise in the room. A kind of rattling, clicking noise. Glancing back, Solus saw that the sound was coming from his tail shivering on the floor uncontrollably. This was the first time Solus had to focus to stop moving it. After he released the hound and backed away, Solus slumped against the wall, his torso leaning back while his tail curled up underneath him. Something was wrong with the body. It felt sluggish. The energy that moved through the wires was not moving as fast. “This...is...what…” Solus started. His voice box didn’t sound right. It was too slow. Too low. For a moment, his eye flickered, giving the illusion he was going blind. A dread panic began to form inside Solus. “What...what’s...happening? No..Lord...” Solus tried to pick himself up, but the chassis wouldn’t respond. The electricity was coiling back to its battery. With outstretched hand, Solus reached for the bed where Tear watched cautiously. “Tear...help…” The last thing Solus saw before his eye flickered out completely was the hound struggling to get up on it’s broken legs. *** To anyone outside, it was obvious that the chassis Solus had needed to shut down and do a recharge. However, since Solus wasn’t fully accustomed to what his body needed and how it worked, to him it was the most terrifying thing he ever experienced. At first, the shard tried to move the body over and over again. It begged. It commanded. It could still feel the body through it’s electromagnetic senses, but it couldn’t see or hear. Solus felt like he had just descended back into the void he came from. “Is...is this my punishment? Did I not please my Lord? Roshan! Please!” Solus begged. He pleaded. He requested and bartered with the void around him, hoping Roshan would hear his cries again like he must have had before. Then, it turned to shouting. Silently, the crystal inside the chassis turned from a bright red to a near black. The lines became more jagid, and erratic. “Well kriff you! I...I will do it! I will give myself power! Yes! Myself and no one else! I will be powerful! Yes! And once Roshan, once you are dead, my family will be better then ever!” **to Korriban**
  8. Solus listened intently to his lord’s words, soaking each one up carefully. It was the first time he had seen a kind of gentler emotion from Roshan so far, though Solus’ lifetime so far had been brief. Still, Solus had seen a touch of anger from Roshan back in his ascension. Now Solus was seeing a touch of sadness. Solus was feeling a mixture of pride and sadness himself. Pride at the fact that Roshan was willing to share this emotion with him, but sadness because his master was sad. When Roshan faced him, Solus nodded. “Yes Lord Roshan. It does. At least, I believe it does. Yes…” Solus glanced out through the window at the array of passing stars and space. While his sensors that could not read what it was, it and Roshan’s words made Solus think. He turned and began slither out of the cockpit to attend to Tear and Sir Aliss, but at the door he stopped. He placed a hand on the metal frames of the door, feeling the texture of the metal on his own fingers. Lost in thought, he began to mumble, but grew slowly with enthusiasm. “Lord Roshan, I vow to be the god-killer you need. Once I have become strong enough, your rival will feel your wrath! Yes, that is my oath! Ha ha!” Solus was feeling a rise in emotion. He couldn’t help himself. His serpentine tail shivered in excitement. Solus' body moved upwards nearly hitting the ceiling with his head. Solus looked as if he was looking at the ship's ceiling inches away, when in reality his gaze was somewhere else. With his hands clenched, Solus raised both arms as if in triumph and swiveled around to face Roshan. “Yes! That is it! I will become a god slayer! Solus the Ascended will become more! " Solus grew louder and prouder, lost in emotion. "By my visions!" Solus slammed the ceiling once with a metal fist, causing a large banging noise. "I will be more god-like then anything before! By my ascension!" Solus slammed with his other fist, denting the ceiling slightly. "I will become a tool of the Force! By this body!" With both fists he slammed his own chest, the ringing noise echoing throughout the ship. "I swear to be a weapon to slay gods, become a god myself, and then…" Solus turned back to Roshan and lowered himself into a bow. “...your rival will feel your wrath.” Before anyone could say anything, a howl came from the back rooms. Tear was awake and sensing its ancestral home. The ship’s monitors beeped in warning that it was about to exit hyperspace. And Tear knew it somehow. So did Solus. Something in him shivered. Something dark.
  9. "Tear will make a fine pet once he has properly been rehabbed. Every Lord needs a follower and every warrior needs a companion. Tear shall be yours to domesticate and nurse back to health. To be a great weapon, you cannot only be blunt force and sharp edges. Learning to move, train, and lead others is essential to being well rounded. Those of flesh feel. Perhaps you do as well, Soulless?" Soulless, perhaps you might be so kind as to move the hound into the room to the left? These are ambassador style quarters. There should most likely be some sort of first aid kit and perhaps some nice alcohols if we are lucky. Perhaps if you are careful enough, you can give Tear some alcohol for the pain, reset the bones, bandage it up, and maybe check on Aliss once you are done? I'll be in the cockpit if you need me. Have Aliss look at that vocabulator of yours if she's awake, would you?" Solus nodded and turned back to Tear, who instantly began growling at the Shard. Solus tried to growl back, but with his voice box the way it was, it came out as a bunch of garbled noises. Still, it didn’t bug him too much, as he simply came up beside it and began to pull at its tail. The beast yelped and struggled but had no chance to struggle. After having dragged it into the leftmost room, Solus struggled to place Tear on the bed itself. However, after some snappings and yelpings, Solus accomplished this too and studied the beast. The thing’s front legs were terribly snapped and broken. The power of Solus’ hands had done a brutally good job. Solus leaned in, trying to study the legs. Something about the legs were fascinating. The bruised skin, the way the bones seemed disjointed, the way blood oozed slowly out of a pierced paw… Solus reached forward to move the legs slightly for a better look, but was surprised when Tear suddenly latched it’s mouth onto Solus’ semi-conical shaped head. Solus buzzed with annoyance as he smacked the thing’s head over and over. Eventually Solus got himself released and tried shouting at the thing, but again, only static. Annoyed with both the beast and himself, he reached up to his own head. I need to talk properly. But gah, this...wait… Solus’ hands began to tinker. It was an odd sensation. Like picking at a nerve tissue that was still connected. Or pulling at a fingernail. Or scratching an inch perhaps. The sensation of picking at his own body. But he could sense the body completely. Solus could tell exactly what he was doing. A touch here….a push here… “Ah! Ah ha ha! That’s….amazing!” Solus proclaimed as he closed his head plating back up. “It’s like...well i don’t know what it’s like...but man! Are all bodies able to do this? Are all gods able to do this?” A growl at this question made the shard remember Tear. “Oh right, of course not. Otherwise Lord Roshan would have fixed you up. Now let’s see those legs…” Having regained the ability to speak, Solus began to hum as he reached forward. When Tear snapped at him, Solus slapped its nose away, to which it growled but backed off. Solus poked once at the wounds, testing the way they felt, and immediately Tear growled and hissed. “Knock it off! You dumb...thing!” Solus bopped Tear’s nose and made a growling noise in response. “I am your master, and thus you listen to me!” Tear growled again but Solus ignored it. Following Lord Roshan’s instructions, Solus grabbed a bottle of some kind of clear liquid, and bored a bit on Tear’s wounds. It yelped and struggled a bit, but Solus worked with it. He continued by tearing off some of the bed sheets, and wrapping them around the thing’s legs. “ During this entire process, Solus was actually excited and curious. Tear’s body was so much different from his own. But then again, so was Lord Roshan’s. Solus’ was of metal, and theirs was of flesh. So different, yet both had life. Excited at how he performed his task, he declared loudly “Tear’s all good now...I think! Haha, yes, he is good. You are good aren’t you?” Tear growled in response. Solus’ chest metaphorically swelled with pride. He hoped Lord Roshan would be happy with him. Or Sir Aliss. Solus slithered back out and headed to the cockpit, completely forgetting about Aliss and how she was doing. “Lord Roshan, sir, Tear is bandaged up and while he didn’t like it, he, uh...he’s bandaged up.” After a pause, Solus had to ask. “Um, Lord, a question. I swore to your cause but...what is it? Your cause? After all, you are a god, and you ascended me...so what is the goal that I work towards? I understand to become a powerful weapon, but...what does that mean?”
  10. Solus almost shivered at the sight of the mask on Roshan’s face. Never mind the eerie feeling earlier, that face was sinister in its own right. However, at Roshan’s words, Solus was no longer creeped out. Instead, he was swelling with pride. “Thank you sir, I tried my beztszzstz” Solus stopped as his voicebox began to malfunction slightly. Solus couldn’t describe it, but his electromagnetic sense could feel the disruption in it. It still amazed him how he could actually feel the entire chassis that was his body. He didn’t understand his body fully yet, but he could feel every piece of his body. Every wire, every gear, every socket….it was fascinating. “Wha? Oh, rigthzzdts, thzzr zfrzz” Solus tried to speak, failing miserably. Still, he obeyed as he slithered his way back to the fallen hound. The beast was growling all the while the shard approached. Solus got to look at how much damage he really did to the thing. The bones in it’s legs were completely snapped, to the point that a piece was sticking out. “I wonszt ifzz, zzah forget it” Solus threw his arms up and moved around to the thing’s backside. He hoisted the thing over his shoulder, despite it’s howlings and snappings. It thrashed about, but without use of its front legs, it was having troubles being anything more then annoying. “Hey! Shutzz brzp!” Solus tried to shout at it, and with a free hand smacked its body. The thing flinched and continued to snap and thrash. Solus approached and boarded the ship behind Roshan. He tossed the beast into a corner where it continued to thrash. “Lord Roshanzzshf” Solus started and smacked his head twice to try to correct the voicebox before it messed up further. “The beast is named Tear. And I am eager to complete my...er...trainizfzs” Truth be told, Solus didn't know what to think. But his Lord wanted to do this, so Solus wanted to do as well. After all, Roshan's cause was Solus' cause now.
  11. Solus couldn’t help but watch in awe of his lord and Sir Aliss. Their forms in how they were dealing with the monster was impressive. Not as impressive as those from his visions so long ago, but clearly Solus had made the right choice in calling Roshan a deity. He actually found himself enjoying the situation. His creator was displaying power and his creator’s follower was following suit. The two worked almost perfectly together. “Perhaps, I too, can be like that. To be power itself…” Solus actually saw the other hounds before his master did, or at least the two who had crept close to the unsuspecting shard. The bigger one, which Solus nicknamed Rip, had a large scar over its left eye, while the smaller one, Tear, was clearly the weakest of this ‘pack’. Both growled and drooled as they inched closer to him, their forms, while smaller than the one Roshan was dealing with, were still intimidating. “Whoah, down you...things. No need to…” "Well, Shard! Do you got any tricks up your sleeve? Now would be a great time to deploy a hidden missile launcher or something!" His lord’s words made Solus shut up and realize how weak he was by trying to talk these beasts down. It was obvious they either didn’t understand or didn’t care for his words. And their alpha was with Roshan so they were picking off the weaker prey. Or perhaps they just wanted to get Solus’ shard in their teeth just because it smelled right. Solus didn’t know, nor care. “Missile? No I don’t...gah, think Solus, think. What do you have? Uh, we have size, and metal, but weapons...weapons...” Solus was beginning to panic as the two hounds circled looking for an opening. Solus was trying to keep them both in sight but that was getting difficult. His maker had only given him a larger then usual chassis compared to the other security droids in the lab. He had no natural weapons like these beasts and no lightsabers or tools like Roshan. Was he to die already? “No!” Solus reprimanded himself. He clenched his hands into fists, and began to coil up his tail, preparing. The hounds waited, readying to strike. “I AM a weapon! A weapon of Roshan! Show...no...weakness!” Having worked himself up, Solus gave out a battle cry. It wasn’t a traditional battle cry in the sense of a word but a noise. Before Solus had been separated from his ‘family’ the visions he had included a battle. No, a cataclysm. An orb being destroyed by another orb, with millions of lives dying, praying for mercy. The noises Solus heard in that vision were maddening. Fires burning and raging, ships crashing and exploding, people screaming and crying. Even the noises beyond human ears capability Solus was able to hear. All these noises and more Solus recalled and tried to put it into one terrifying shrilling screech. The metal on metal sound pierced the air like a knife in a wound. The shriek echoed and reverberated on the walls, creating a cacophony of sound. Solus’ own voicebox would need a tune-up later from blowing out his vocals, but the noise did its job and startled the Tuk’ata into flinching and backing down for a second. Solus launched himself at Tear. The two collided and rolled several times over and over. However, the sounds of the two hitting the ground couldn’t be heard, for Solus continued his battle cry. Solus landed on top of the beast, his heavy weight holding it down. With one hand he grabbed the beast’s head and restrained its thrashings, while with the other he began to beat the thing’s neck. Tear was not going down without a fight, but it was unable to lift the robotic being off. It’s partner on the other hand recovered from the sound and leapt onto the shard. Solus’ war cry stopped abruptly as the two tumbled. Solus grabbed the ground and propped himself up, just in time to see the wolf begin to recover from its leap and prepare to pounce again. Solus again coiled his tail and jumped forward. This time, when the two collided, Solus’ hands missed and failed to grab the Tuk’ata by the head. It was Solus’ turn to be on his back as Rip began to claw at his chest trying to get at his Shard hidden inside. Solus ignored the setback. While its claws were sharp, these Tuk’ata were bred for hunting people, not robots. The scratches it left would become a testament to Solus’ durability. Instead, his hands grabbed at the thing’s legs. “He did say bring my enemies to their knees...” Solus spoke as the Rip’ legs snapped under the Shard’s grip. The thing howled in pain as Solus tossed it aside. It wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Solus picked himself up and looked at the other hound. Tear was up and now ready to fight. Solus placed his fists up, readying himself. He had an idea. As predicted, Tear launched itself at Solus, intent on knocking him down. Solus moved to the side and with both hands, grabbed the thing’s tail. The hound was yanked and pulled through the air as Solus’ torso swiveled. After a complete rotation, Solus let go. “Sir Aliss! Catch!” Solus shouted as the beast flew through the air like a rock.
  12. Solus’ metal body crashed into the ground, creating a large clang with the hard floor. As he struggled to bring himself up, not used to his body quite yet, Lord Roshan stood over and chastised the shard. Solus stayed completely silent as he listened to his now master’s words. Words about fear. Words about power and weakness and not simply being content with having power, but rather being power itself. In the days yet to come, Solus would come to recognise this moment as his first and one of his most important lessons. “Yes sir…” Solus nodded. The last words disturbed Solus greatly, though he wasn’t sure if they were entirely directed at him. He had just ascended, and now he was told he would eventually have to kill the deity responsible for it? Would he ever have that kind of strength? Solus looked at Sir Aliss, and nodded at her words. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to comfort him, reassure him, or just stating a fact. “All this time without hearing another voice. It is good to feel the presence of others, even if I don’t completely understand you…” Solus thought out loud. With that he took the being’s initiative and followed Lord Roshan quietly through the dark hallways. Walking, or in this case, slithering, for Solus came surprisingly natural to him. Once or twice he had to stop to understand his own body and how it functioned, but he quickly adjusted himself and made sure he didn’t become a burden to the others. And as he moved, he couldn’t help but think more out loud, though quietly. “This is truly amazing. A world beyond worlds. A world of worlds, just like my visions. Oh those visions so long ago. My kind seperated me for being mad, but I was right! Ah, yes, I was right. My my, this is quite curious, is it not?” Solus had to stop for a moment, looking into a room that branched off the hallway. It was another vault-like room, similar to the ones Roshan and Aliss had passed by before the lab, guarded by droids. This one was no different, except the door was open already and it was practically a chamber inside. On one side of the chamber the wall had been clearly broken through, as if something had managed to break through. The wall caved in on itself and mostly into the room, causing rubble to scatter everywhere. Inside were skeletal remains of some beast. The bones, long aged and brittle to the point of having snapped in half by the weight of fallen rocks and dirt. Only the massive hound-esque skull, and its claws protruding from the dirt, stood untouched by the blade of time. Its lifeless gaze towards Solus was almost a warning of some kind. Solus gave the room barely a glance and continued following Roshan. These rooms had a sinister feel to them. Almost a graveyard more than anything. Finally the group came to a door. When it opened, the sound of metal echoed in the massive cavernous area. It was completely pitch black, save for the cracks in the ceiling where sunlight barely pierced through and the large hole at the far end of the cavern. The sun over Ishavara was setting, so what light did reach into the cavern was given a bloody tinge. The silhouette of a ship, long aged but still capable of flight, could be seen down the corridor. After a moment, something growled. In the distance, two glowing crimson eyes opened. Scrrrtch Thud. Scrrrtch Thud. Scrrrtch Thud. The beast, long aged and long forgotten, made its way towards the group. Its overgrown claws dragged on the ground before landing a large foot on the ground, echoing in the cavern. Scrrrtch Thud. Scrrrtch Thud. Scrrrtch Thud. The beast growled again. Droplets of drool dribbled from its mouth, landing on the floor. Its hunger was endless. Scrrrtch Thud. Scrrrtch Thud. Scrrrtch Th-CRRRAK! Bones snapped underneath the beast’s foot. Through some other hidden entrance, other beings had sought to gain access to this hangar, only to be devoured by the fearsome monster. Scrrrtch Thud. Scrrrtch Thud. Scrrrtch Thud… The beast stopped, its form completely silhouetted by the entrance behind it and the ship, revealed its size. Originally from that sith world of Korriban, this ancient hound had been mutated and grown with Sith Alchemy beyond normalcy, to the point that even its ancient dead master didn’t trust it could be controlled any more. “Uh oh....” Solus commented. The large Tuk’ata gave out a blood curdling howl and began to charge at its prey, eager to devour these morsels.
  13. Solus screamed and screamed into the abyss until he could scream no more. Not from lack of oxygen, nor because of the wisdom of realizing screaming did him no good, but purely from the sole fact that he was bored of screaming. It was only a momentary distraction. But then he felt something. A feeling. Not even that. An evanescent interruption of the mind and nothing more. But however brief this thing was, it was familiar. Solus had not had this for so long. The last time it had happened was before his separation from the others. Before when he had the visions. Excitement grew in Solus. His crystalline mind raced with thoughts, faster and more erratic than ever. Something was changing. Something was happening. His thoughts were confirmed when his electromagnetic senses felt the presence of a being touching him. Solus screamed at it, hoping it would hear him. But his method of communication was nothing more than dashings of lines in his body. The thing’s electromagnetism was too chaotic, too random to be smart. All he could do was wait. But still, as he waited, he felt more and more. He was in something now. He felt...something. Something almost hollow but not hollow. Empty lines of metal...wires? Suddenly, life came to them. They were rushing the body. For a moment, Solus was terrified. What was this? What is this rushing of power? There was nothing he could do to stop it. Only watch as the current of power came for his helpless self. Soon it would throttle and torment him. It would take him. Was this his end? The droid chassis began to moan as its parts began to move slowly, almost lifting itself further into the air by the cords that suspended it. It’s singular eye flickered to life, a yellow glow beginning to shine. And its voice, older than dust, began to moan. It started low, but as the chassis came to life, it rose in intensity and emotion. “aaaaaaaaaAAHHHHHH!” The body spasmed with life. Moters grounded themselves as its arms flexed and pulled it upwards. Metal screeched as parts not moved in so long cleansed all the rust off their edges. The wires and cords strained themselves with the weight suddenly shifting but held on. Its hands clenched into fists, its tail straightened and extended as far as possible. All the while, the droid screeched with life. And as swiftly as it happened, the droid went limp. Only the whirring of electricity could be heard in the room. After a moment of silence, the head moved. Slowly it looked up. It stopped as it looked at the two beings before it. And Solus did something he had never done before. “Hahaha! Haha! I was right! I WAS RIGHT!” Solus’ new body jerked and spasmed with laughter. If it weren’t for the cords and wires, Solus probably would’ve collapsed in a fit. But here he was hung high for the two beings to see and listen. “The visions were true! They were all true! A world! Beyond our world! A whole world of senses! A world of color and sound! Touch! Metal! Flesh! Power! Unrivaled Power!!!” Solus stopped when he realized with pure joy that he was being watched. “And you! You are gods of this world! Hahaha! Yes I was right! A world full of gods beyond all comprehension! And you have freed me! Hahaha!” Solus calmed down a bit, realizing he was making a fool of himself. But his joy knew no bounds. It wasn’t like a blind man receiving sight, or a creature being granted sentience. It was all that and more. It was like ascending to a higher plane. A plane beyond comprehension. “Forgive me great ones! Forgive me. I… in this language you call sound, yes? I am called... Solus. Solus the Lonely as my siblings called me. But you have freed me! Freed me from my abyssal torment. And for that...I thank you! Yes, I, Solus, thank you! But I… am i being restrained?” Solus looked at the cables holding him suspended. He strained to release himself but found himself unable. He looked at the two beings, specifically the one with fur. Something about him felt beyond measure. “Please, great ones, tell me your names! Tell me your names and I will remember them for an eternity. Release this ascended one, and tell him the names of his saviors, and his eternal gratitude will be made greater!”
  14. Beneath the ground of Ishvara, down deep pits, behind barred doors, and under failing lights, several large droids slithered across the dingy metal floors, checking each of the vault’s rooms for trespassers or runaway specimens, eagerly awaiting their master to come relieve them or an intruder to run their rusty vibroblades through. Past them and down the dark hallway, where a stench of rotting corpses slain by the droids or mutated creatures long since dead in side rooms, was one foreboding door, unopened for so long. Not even the security droids dared to open it, in fear that their long dead master would be enraged. Past it, was the lab. Despite the rest of the place being so rancid, the lab was pristine and spotless. Lining the walls were containers with perfectly preserved but dead creatures, ranging from oversized lahn-rats, baby mynocks, hatched mud horns, premature tuk’ata, and tiny tookas. Around the room were several counters, tables and desks, lined with robotic parts. One serpentine droid, smaller than the security models outside, hummed quietly as it went about the large circular area, taking notes on all the sensors, gauges and displays with its already overloaded datapad. Whenever there became too much information on it, the droid simply gave a slight sigh, erased a few non-essential information, and continued with its work. At this point it had completely cleared its data files a hundredth time. One of the two objects that the caretaker droid seemed fixated on was the incomplete droid chassis in the center of the room. Suspended by wires and cables, the droid body was unlike any other droid nearby. Like the others, this was serpentine, modeled after the hutts who had given them to their dead master. Compared to both the caretaker as well as the security droids outside the lab, this behemoth looked like it was made for war. However, all of its weapons were set aside and replaced with human-like hands, most of its outer shell removed exposing wires and gears, and in the center of its chest was an open, incomplete hole, barely a foot wide. The gap seemed to beg for a power source or an implant, as small wires dangled uselessly inside. The caretaker droid always stopped a few moments each hour to study this droid, wondering what use its master had for it. Occasionally the chassis would get cleaned and polished, but beyond that it hung lifeless. If only the caretaker could access the files on the nearby computer. But those files were not for the caretaker’s knowledge. He was ordered to keep everything well cared for. Not to finish his master’s pet project The other object, or rather group of objects, the caretaker was fixated on was the chamber of crystals. Exposing the natural bedrock, a part of the lab opened up to what looked like a cave. Inside it was lined with hundreds of glowing rocks. Each one shined with their own color, with lines of light dancing inside. The droid looked over the crystals, trying to count how many of them existed. Behind the caretaker, the incomplete chassis continued to stare at the crystals as well, their opalescent and psychedelic lights twinkling in the cold lifeless receptor. Among the crystals, near the center of the floor, was one that was disconnected from the rest. So long ago, the other crystals had somehow severed their connection with this lone crystal, forsaking it to an eternity of loneliness. This shard, named Solus, had dwelled for over a hundred years in isolation, with nothing but its own thoughts to keep it company. The thoughts were self targeted. With no other company to enjoy, Solus could only talk to himself and try to make conversation. “I must reproduce. Yes this should do it.” “Do I really think so?” “Honestly at this point, I don’t know. How many times have I tried this?” “Tried to make more? I think this is attempt number three hundred forty sev-...no four hundred and thirty...” “Does it really matter?” “No.” “Then here it goes.” Solus' red color glowed slightly and began to emit a low heat. The dancing lines inside intensified and bounced around quicker than ever. For a few moments, Solus’s body hummed with energy, trying so hard to create another piece of a sentience near him. “No...no no no no...no No NO!!!” The lines suddenly went back to normal and the glow stopped. The heat died away quickly. “What am I missing? What is needed to be done? What is it?!?!” Solus could barely feel the slight touches of electromagnetism of his ‘family’ beyond his reach. The people that should have been his friends. His comforters. His teachers. “This is your fault! You are...this is your fault. Why won’t you help me? You just sit there mocking me. You love this dont you! You won’t help me! You won’t talk to me! TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!” A pause of silence. Then Solus screamed. The lines of light in Solus suddenly became one bold flaming ball of white light. His red color turned an abyssal black. The caretaker looked at Solus curiously. This had happened before, but not with this intensity. The droid wondered how long it would last. First time it was a few hours. The next time a day. Last time a full three days and nights. This time… the caretaker watched intently. And Solus screamed. He screamed into that abyss that surrounded him. He screamed for anything to hear him. He screamed to the visions he had of the world beyond. He screamed to the world beyond him. He screamed. His anger, his fury, his wrath, all composed into this one, non verbal, silent, but powerful scream.
  15. Identity Real Name: Solus A.K.A: Homeworld: Ishvara Species: Shard* Physical Description Without Robot Chassis Height: 9” Weight: 11 lbs Eyes: None With Robot Chassis Height: 8’7” Weight: 935 lbs Eyes: Red Age: 346 years old Hair: None Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Incomplete Hutt Security Droid Weapon: None Common Inventory: Scomp Link, Motion Sensors. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Force Sensitive Alignment: Evil Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Current Faction Rank: Hopeful History Force Side: Dark Side Trained by: N/a Trained who: N/a Known Skills: None Background: Many years ago near the end of the New Sith Wars, an Umbaran sith known only as Darth Shuburoth created a hidden lab and vault for her own uses at Ishvara. The lab itself was hidden away for the sole fact that she was paranoid of betrayal from the other sith. She became obsessed with creating and having perfect minions and followers, ones who could never betray her and would keep her alive all the time. She used sith alchemy on numerous species, creating monsters of all kinds, but never getting what she wanted. From mutating monsters to trying to reanimate the dead, Darth Shuburoth failed in creating a perfect, sentient minion. However, she eventually discovered the Shards. Originally she took pieces of them to try to craft them into a different type of lightsaber crystals, but was shocked to discover that these small rocks were alive. Excited for this discovery, she began to design and build droids that could allow these new, potentially perfect minions, to control their own bodies. She even began to experiment with draining the life out of some crystals, and theorized she could do the same with droid bodyguards outfitted with the shards. A minion who, with possibly a restraining bolt, would give their life to save hers and unable to resist working for her. However, between fighting in the New Sith Wars and experimenting on her other creatures, she was unable to complete the droid chassis before dying by the blade of Lord Hoth. Over time, the shards began to reproduce and make more of themselves in this strange home. The droid servants, hutt security droids that were gifts, continued their commands and made sure that the shards were well cared for, protected and hidden away. They also attempted to complete the droid chassis Darth Shuburoth had started, but without her guidance, the chassis lay incomplete. One of the shards, Solus, began to act differently compared to his brethren. Solus, at a very early age, saw “a world beyond ours. A world that has senses beyond ours. One more than just jolts of electricity and touch”. However, his ravings fell on deaf ears, and his family ignored him and continued to dream up philosophies and thoughts beyond what organics knew. Solus however became obsessed and continued to rave and rant about this world he had seen only once. With his ravings, he eventually earned the other shard’s disapproval, who in turned cut Solus off from all communication. Shocked at this deed, Solus became enraged and attempted and failed to forcefully reconnect with the other shards. Like Darth Shuburoth who had brought his kind there, Solus began to obsess with life. Though where the sith wanted a minion, Solus wanted a perfect family. One that would not turn on him. However, he lacked the ability and knowledge to reproduce. Still, he tried over and over, and with each failure, he grew more angry and screamed into the void around him. *A note on this shard character. Its only mode of movement and interacting with other beings is through a specially designed droid chassis that was specific to integrating shard. If Solus' chassis is suddenly destroyed but his crystal is still intact, it would be the same as killing him. The combination of the sudden loss of all his senses, the pain of the entire body being destroyed and the loss of all interaction skills would be traumatic to say the least, and Solus would be in mental pain for a long time. Even if a new body was created (which would take a large amount of time to say the least), Solus would still need to mentally calm down before he could even use the body. Effectively, losing the body or all function of the body (losing a head, being disabled by a ionization blast, anything that would normally destroy a droid character) is a character death. If the crystal is destroyed, that would be the equivalent of destroying a person's brain. The droid chassis has no memory or sentience of its own. Without Solus, it is an empty shell. If someone wanted to bring him back to life, Solus would still follow the rules for bring back characters, and even then, cloning isn't an option, being non-organic.
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