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  1. ((Hey @Moff Lurg please see This post by Aidan that gives you something to respond to as well as this post by Beck which addresses you.)) Six bright white nova-class battlecruisers zipped out of hyperspace near the busy spacelanes like the claws of a bird of prey. Next came the magnificent battle dragons of the Hapan Expeditionary force, falling into formation with streams of My’til bombers. The Hapans were here, and they would not deny the Rebel Alliance their aid.
  2. Admiral Esterhazy strode into the new cantina that was along the boulevard in front of the Rebel Alliance base. She tucked her command cap under her arm as she entered the doorway. "Corellian ale? I have about a dozen officers heading this way." @sowles7
  3. Esterhazy


    The stealth ship Ghost of Carida, an imperial modified CR-90 corvette, whose entire exterior was covered with signal deadening phrik-isolate reflecting panels to block ambient and directed search signals from the Sith defenders of the planet. The sleek corvette was so harshly redesigned that it was nearly unrecognizable. Dark as night, and a mass of long whip antenna packages that took up most of the entirety of the ships central hull. It was there for a single purpose, to see if the rumours of a new fleet element in the Sith’s arsenal was deployed to this distant system. A sith fleet element that could change the course of the war. And so the Ghost of Carida sat on the very edge of the system and trained its long antennas and telescopes towards the orbit zones and waited. Its mixed Hapan and Rebel crew slowly eating through their years worth of non perishable rations.
  4. She felt like a recently punctured balloon, her energy draining from her in a single swoop. Stumbling, she let herself sink into the hard backed admirals chair and finally looked at the holo reports. She sighed looking at the solid red readout for the Ri'Aldech. This was not a disastrous loss, she had expected a Battle Dragon to be lost at some point in her career, but Princess Eleanor Sar Esterhazy did not expect such a heavy toll so quickly. The shipyards had been soundly captured, the Sith fleet soundly defeated, but the Rebel fleet was now thoroughly damaged. It would take time to repair. “Message on screen for you Princess.” She straightened her back and let Slaughter speak before inclining her head. He was an attractive male, and talented, in the same way many fathers were attractive. SHe did not normally swing that way but after a battle she could be convi- But he had cut the transmission and she was left foolishly looking into an empty holo display. “Tac get me the indepth damage reports. Call in the support wings and start a sweep for EV and pods. Fighters and Bombers left alive from the Ri'Aldech can dock in shifts until we get a replacement carrier”
  5. As the prow of the Sith defense carrier crumpled under the ram's assault, Captain Esterhazy let her smile grow almost feral. She held onto the railing that gave her the purest view as half a dozen Sith ships as they turned from beautiful sleek lines of durasteel into a mess of white fire. “Turn off the Lance! Let the escape pods get clear, then prepare for another run.” She sat back down in her command chair as her aide brought her a cup of tea. For the fight was going well. And Soon Fondor would be another redoubt of the Rebel Alliance.
  6. The brilliant white battleship shuddered as round after round pierced her already destroyed hull. Escape pods jettisoned like a cloud of gnats as the hull of the Ri'Aldech began to come apart at its seams. A few of the turbolasers began to chug away in staccato fire as their crews tried to clear the magazines, but the destruction of the mighty battledragon was too advanced already. The fire could be seen billowing from the holes along the ships stern, then the ship cracked apart at the seams, followed by the destruction of its hyperdrive core. Few if any escape pods made it through the mass of alpha radiation. Captain Esterhazy shook her head.
  7. The guns were really blazing away now. Their heat coils radiating massive amounts of thermal energy into the void of space around each emplacement. The crews serving them were past the beautiful styling of the rolling broadside, now completely focused on getting as many of the spin-sealed rounds onto target as they could. The elevators supplying the heavy batteries were working their best, hauling tonnes of the heavy cartridges up from the magazines deep in the bowels of the battle dragons to the hands of the waiting gunnery teams. In the Transvaal they were also performing brilliantly. Turbolasers and the makeshift kinetic ram smashing cruisers in front of them with astounding brilliance. Captain Esterhazy sat along mizzen, watching the holographic display with a mixture of delight and abject horror.
  8. “Now what did I say? The cowards would show themselves at the end.” Captain Esterhazy leaned against the white railing which surrounded the upper command deck from the lower command deck and let her pale eyes drink in the displays below her. Turbolasers were firing at a speed comparable to the galactic turbolaser standard, though their navy had lacked fast charging turbolasers some decades before, the might Battle Dragons had gone through extensive refits at the end of the last galactic war. And now the old ships were truly in their prime. Their pearl white hulls glistening in the distant starlight. “Cross the T helm. Cross the T. Keep us in formation. If the situation changes we will respond in kind. Now…” She pulled out the archaic pocket chronometer and clicked its timer. “Lets see how fast our rolling broadsides really are…”
  9. Akin to a beautiful storm, or perhaps a tidal hurricane, the Royal Hapan Expeditionary Force emerged from hyperspace near the Fondor Shipyards. Every hull and keel was painted in the white emerald of the Hapan royal house of Esterhazy. They were long claimants to the titles of the Consortium, and after decades of spite from the Queen Mother, the house of Esterhazy was now in full schism. They had joined the Rebellion in self imposed exile and were now in the first fleet. It had been their honour to fight beside the throneless Empress. And now it would be their honour to fight the Sith Lords of Onderon. The trio of Battle Dragons ignited their sublight propulsion drives as their turbolasers spooled up, rotating towards their port side and the Sith weapon emplacements. “COMSAT officers, prepare a message to the Rebel Admirals informing them that we are on time and on location for them. Helm, bring us alongside the shipyards and prepare a volley in case they resist us.” ______________________________________ Royal Hapan Naval Precision Strike Carrier Group |Coldstream| Taskforce Experience Green (1xp) O/C-Battle dragon class Cruiser: Ri'Aldech |25/25| Royal Hapan Naval Assault Lance [Kinetic Ram] |Kitchener| Task Force Experience: Green (1xp) O/C-Battle dragon class Cruiser: Transvaal |25/25| Royal Hapan Naval Heavy Brawler Escort |Zeeland| Task Force Experience: Green (1xp) O/C-Battle dragon class Cruiser: Victoria |35/25|
  10. Captain Esterhazy stood watching the diligent work of the medical teams. Cloning was no unknown dark art, many planets had such facilities for the rich and the aristocracy. And Hapes was no exception, though the Esterhazy’s had never had the liquid credits to attempt such an opulent waste of credits. And so the tanks stood as a bastion of the upper nobility, at least in Eleanor’s eyes. Her opinion didn’t much change as the cloning team slowly opened the tank that they had been working on and slowly extracted what looked like a large, bipedal, wet carpet from the tank, quickly hooking him up to life support equipment. What had they cloned? Who? And why did the Rebel alliance seem so interested? They were here to acquire support and military assistance, but the only thing the Empress seemed interested in was the actions of the cloning team. Eleanor raised a white eyebrow and leaned against the sterile wall, waiting for whenever the Queen Mother would deign to bring herself to this isolated outpost.
  11. ELEANOR ESTERHAZY'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Princess Eleanor Sar Esterhazy A.K.A: Admiral Esterhazy Homeworld: Hapes Species: Hapan Physical Description Age: 32 Height: 5'7" Weight: 120lbs Hair: White Eyes: Golden Sex: Female Equipment Clothing or Armor: White Admiral's uniform Weapon: Charric Pistol, ceremonial vibrosword Common Inventory: Rations, ammunition, rank IDs, holonet capable datapad Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force USer Alignment: Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: Hapan Expeditionary Force to the Rebel Alliance Current Faction Rank: Admiral History Background: Born into the lower ranks of the royal family of Hapes, Eleanor knew that there was never much her family could do to achieve social strata. With most Hapan royalty, the only way up the social ladder was military service and so, like most of her sisters and brothers she joined the navy at a young age. Sent through the officer’s academy and having graduated, she showed her abilities in several small border conflicts. But never could reach beyond the rank of captain, until the opportunity came for her to lead a subfaction of the military to assist the rebel alliance in their futile fight against the Sith Empire. Though not officially condoned by the Hapan government, the expeditionary force was formed and dispatched to the Rebel Alliance to assist and to also rid the Hapan military of the headstrong and independent thinkers that might have fostered their own rebellion. Appearance: ____________________________________________________ Royal Hapan Naval Precision Strike Carrier Group |Coldstream| Taskforce Experience Green (1xp) O/C-Battle dragon class Cruiser: Ri'Aldech |25/25| Royal Hapan Naval Assault Lance [Kinetic Ram] |Kitchener| Task Force Experience: Green (1xp) O/C-Battle dragon class Cruiser: Transvaal |25/25| Royal Hapan Naval Heavy Brawler Escort |Zeeland| Task Force Experience: Green (1xp) O/C-Battle dragon class Cruiser: Victoria |35/25|
  12. At the requests of the sparring partners here is my presumptive ruling In the future i may be better to refrain from a tonne of character development and conversation in a duel as this makes finding the relevant attacks and defenses hard to judge. Or alternatively highlight the attacks. Overall it was a great spar with very much no direct clear winner since there was no attempt to have one by either opponent. Instead both Ban and Kari chose to conduct offensive actions and defenses in a very limited manner. In a narrow victory, Ban pulls off the win. A united and singular objective, as well as having an effect on his opponent at the end pulls off the narrow victory. Both wrote extremely well and since there are no deaths at the end of this fight I can only say good luck and I look forward to reading where this ends up.
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