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Jedi Consular Guide


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The Jedi Consular
A Comprehensive Guide

Written by Sandy Sarna & Kerriwarr

What is a Jedi Consular?
The Jedi Consular are experts in the application of the force, trusting its will as it guides them through their life. They can be more academic or spiritual than the more direct and hand to hand approach to the force that a guardian may have. Vocationally, Consulars make up a large part of the Order’s diplomats, academics, artisans, healers, teachers, and philosophers. The Consular is the intellectual and spiritual backbone of the Order.


Consular Archetypes
Outside of combat the Jedi Consular can be loosely divided into two categories, though it must be stated that a Consular is not limited to one of these categories by any means, and most true Consulars explore aspects of both.

An Academic Consular largely focuses on philosophy, delving deep into the past writings and holocrons of the ancient Jedi Masters before them. Seeking to make themselves a well rounded Jedi, through philosophy, science, social sciences and life. They focus on practical applications of the force such as healing and science, archeology, or exploration of hyperlanes. 

A Spiritual Consular delves more deeply into the intricacies and mysteries of the Living, Cosmic, and Unifying Force, seeking to ascertain its will through meditation and ritual, shedding light upon the will of the Force and interfacing with it by whatever capacity it allows. As a result of such intense reflective study, Spiritual Consulars tend to be the foremost philosophers, seers, teachers, writers, and spiritual guides of the Order.


Mechanics in Combat
The key to writing a Consular in combat is application of the force from range. They do not thrive in  saber to saber combat and prefer to restrain or eliminate opponents from a distance. Focusing more on protection and avoidance to keep their range, and providing support to their allies. They rarely if ever wear armor, preferring the loose fitting Jedi Robes and tunics that allow them to better harness the living force. 


Combat Telekinesis 
An ability that most Jedi have which allows them to move and otherwise manipulate physical matter in a variety of ways, all with the power of the Force.

Force Wave
One of the most powerful forms of telekinesis, a wave of pure Force energy pulses from the user knocking back anything within the power's blast radius. The strength of Force Wave was extremely potent, and its raw power was on more than one occasion described as a telekinetic explosion.
Mass Telekinesis
Fine control enables one to lift and throw multiple heavy objects independently of each other. Objects may be caused to disintegrate with this.
Force Burst
A sphere of concentrated Force energy shot at or sent after a target at the utmost accuracy and speed. The strength of the Burst depended on the amount of time and energy put into it. A Burst's size and intensity could range anywhere from huge and combustible, to small but relatively deadly. It was usually semi-transparent with a blue or green shade.


Through the Force, a Force-User can draw energy into their bodies and diffuse it or channel it away completely.

Force Protection (Shields/Barriers)
This is the ability to resist intrusive or invasive Force powers, such as Affect Mind or effects of the Dark Side of the Force (although they would still be impacted by the other effects of Dark Side powers, for example, concussive impact), including its disorienting effects such as fear, uneasiness, and paralysis. Force Barrier is an ability that creates a barrier or wall of Force energy around the intended target, be it self, friend, or foe.


An expansion of Force powers available to Consulars is highly dependent on a character’s choice of sub-class - more to come soon!



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