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Fiochmar Sadow-iv-Ragnos Character sheet.

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Real name:Fiochmar Sadow-iv-Ragnos


Species:True Sith (Tsis)

Physical Description:Six feet four inches tall athletically toned and well built and muscular. His skin is crimson red with yellow eyes and red irises. His hair is black and long but shaved on the sides with hints of a reddish hue depending on lighting. His chest stomach arms and face are marred with some deep scars.



Weight:250 lbs 

Hair:Black (with reddish hue)

Eyes:Yellow with red irises.



Clothing and Armor:Animal pelt clothing and leather armor.

Weapons:Vibroblade and Vibroaxe.

A commlink


Faction information:

Force User, Force Sensitive, or Non-Force User: Force User.


Alignment:Chaotic Evil

Current Faction:Sith 

Current faction rank:Hopeful



Trained by:N/A

Trained who:N/A


Known Skills:Hunting, Gathering, Trapping, Tracking, Sword and Axe training, piloting, stealth, sleight of hand, animal handling, survivalist.



Fiochmar was born on Ziost into the Ragnos clan. When he was 9 the troubles were getting severe and he was sent off with his older brother and sister to the escape ships. His siblings loaded him onto a ship and promised they'd get his parents and bring them back. The evac took off shortly after, and within minutes of leaving the gravity wells the planet was destroyed. He hoped against hope that his family made it out. When they landed in the mountains of Onderon he ran around looking for his family, realizing his family was dead he was devastated and blamed himself. Being adopted into another family in the Ragnos clan they taught him to fight, hunt and track, taught him to take what he wants and give nothing back all so he could maybe get revenge at some point. When the dark side took over the planet they moved down into the jungles where he found someone landing a ship near their territory. He killed the pilot and took the ship his Droid and weapons and headed back into the village. Where he and the Ragnos clan keep a vigilant watch from the shadows.


Ship registration:


Manufacturer:Corellian Engineering Corporation.

Length:40.2 Meters

Armaments:4 quad laser cannon turrets, two hidden swivel mounted torpedo launchers (middle Dorsal and ventral shafts).

Armor:Upgraded with military-grade armoring yet kept light. Twin shield generators in the fore port and starboard sides provide protection when needed, but this diminishes power to the engines. By default, standard shielding is all that is used for normal space faring operations.

Anti Personnel defense:Biometric locks on exterior doors and piloting controls.

Appearance:All black with red accents.



R9 unit named Wrath.

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