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  1. Fiochmar listens oh does he ever listen. The sound of the saber the squeals of pain from the rodent. The smell of fur and flesh and sinew rending and searing brought a wicked smile to his face though oddly enough reminded him he was hungry, stomach rumbling and licking his lips, however he put that aside listening to the huntress and her words of wisdom and guidance. He focuses on those feelings, the blood lust, the thrill of the hunt. The thirst for blood and the kill. Focusing on these things, these feelings and memories in order to channel the dark side, rage and anger were useful but the huntress was right using the hunt felt so much better, stronger, easier to tap into! Closing his eyes reveling in the fear and agony of the rodent drinking in all those delicious and delightful feelings. Pushing out reaching with the force he can feel it coursing through his veins like the blood that gives him life. His athletically toned body seems to gain a bit of bulk and mass as he channels the force into his legs and arms, corded muscles twitch alive with energy. He can feel and hear his heart beat quicken and strengthen everything is feeling alive! The muscles and his heart feel almost electrified or on fire even! Fioch's eyes snap open alight with energy, eagerness and excitement. "I Feel it, I feel it so much stronger, so much better than before! It's like the hunt makes the connection stronger! Yes, yes stronger much stronger!" His nerve endings alight and electrified from the power of the darkside flowing through him he grins, snarls and leaps into the air weapons drawn angling toward the rodent!
  2. Fiochmar takes a breath and listens intently to the Huntress as she speaks. Knowing that yes his kill of the Terentatek was an achievement, but not the biggest game, no not the way it would be to one not gifted with the force. The Tsis trails fingers through his own blood, perhaps if he followed her footsteps, her path, the things she did, he might get a deeper understanding of what the Sith spoke of, so he raises his fingers to his lips and licks the blood clean from his fingers, noting rhe metallic taste, savoring it. "Yes Master as you say." Fioch looks deep within, channels the feelings, the rush, the thrill of the hunt. Connecting to it on a deeper level than ever before. It's as if the scents, and sounds of the forest became sharper, more clear, more distinct. His sight seemed to sharpen as well but that was not his focus now, no he had a task to complete. Than there it was, that heartbeat, small, frail, weak, petrified and panicked. Oh yes this excited Fioch to his basest level, the must primal and feral of instincts in him. The young Tsis licks his lips, feeling the blood lust rise in him, stronger and stronger with each passing second, as he revels in the panic, terror and sheer hopelessness. His fingers twitch near his blades and with sheer strength of will he resists using them. "I FEEL IT SO STRONG, SO POWERFUL, SOO...INVIGORATING, YES...YES!"
  3. Fiochmar was clearly confused when his pain and rage were removed from him. The look on his face clearly showed that much. He listens to the huntress and thinks a bit before responding to anything. "Alone...yes I know I'm alone...wasn't expecting to be. I still feel that taking down a Terentatek was a rather big victory." He resheathes his weapons as he takes in more of what the Sith has to say. The young Tsis feeling his blood flow as he reaches up to trace his trophies thoughtfully. "How do I connect with the living force? How do I connect without pain and rage?" Fioch repeats Awenydd's question to himself. He takes a breath closing his eyes focusing, thinking back on when he felt the first stirrings of the force the hunt always during the hunt. The particular memory flashes into his mind. Fioch is tracking a beast, a rather large one through the jungles. He's smiling reveling in the thrill of the hunt. His mind and thoughts strictly on his prey. He knows it's larger than him, and that it can crush him. But it's still his prey and he'll take it down. Moving quickly and silently through he spots his quarry and he can feel the stirring of something more within him. Leaping with his blades, the fight commences and he loves the feel of the blood and entrails they seem to bring him joy and power more power than he'd ever felt. Once his prey was felled he painted his already crimson face in it's blood before dragging it back to their home. "The hunt, the hunt is how I connect to it. Death of the week feeding life and power of the strong. The hunt is how I connect to the living force, yes yes the hunt." Fioch says with a laugh but it's more maniacle...perhaps crazed maybe. Fiochmar is learning more about himself and each step he takes brings him closer to the force.
  4. His senses aren't fully as sharp as some others, his training had been fairly uneven up to this point, some of it his own fault, some the fault of circumstances. But he does sense her presence and his hands immediately drop to his vibrosword and vibroaxe! His mind at this point had already been reeling. In truth he wasn't sure what he was hunting for, just that he wanted the thrill of the hunt back. The rush and pain of tracking, hunting down, fighting, and killing at risk of life and limb and feeling the pain the oh so glorious pain of wounds inflicted from the prey. Though in truth he hadn't realized he enjoyed that until his fight with the terentatek. The words hit him and he first draws his vibrosword Cutting a gash across his chest reveling in that pain and the feel of his blood flowing. Fioch turns to look Awenyyd the Sith huntress snarling as he draws his vibroaxe too! "lowly, the beast nearly killed me, scars across my shoulder blades to prove it! It was my test to prove my power to be worth of being Mistress Calypso's apprentice! But I slayed the beastie! ALONE WITH NO KRIFFING HELP!" Fioch growls starting to pace back and forth. "Yet she abandoned me?! Why has she abandoned me?! I hunt well, I always get my prey! I'm strong!" he's yello and red eyes land back on the Huntress. "I don't know what I hunt aside from power at the moment and you well with your insult to my quarry perhaps I should fight you instead! Hunt you maybe yes?" Taking his sword tapping it to his cheek before slowly cutting down to his chin. "Or perhaps you think you can tame or break me hmmm? Maybe train me?" He laughs as he tries to put those feelings of pain, agony, betrayal and abandonment behind him.
  5. Fiochmar had been left to his own devices. To train, study and develop his strength and power more. Though it had been ages since he'd last seen his Master, and with each passing day he grew angrier and angrier. Feeling frustrated, lost and abandoned Fioch decided it was time to move on. He left the temple. Wandering around he made his way to the Great pyramid, where he'd met his former master. Where she'd decided to put him through the tests to prove himself worth of becoming her apprentice. Fioch snarled as he traced the lines of his scars left from his battle with the Terentatek. Reaching up he traces the necklace he'd had made, where he keeps the spine, tooth and claw of the beast. Materials he hopes to use to construct his weapon when deemed worthy, for now though he had to find a new Master. But that was a problem for later. Walking further he winds up in the wastes, and starts looking for beasts to hunt and kill!
  6. Feeling the Dark side grow the power emanating from Inmortis and the deep deep cold Fiochmar shivered as he bandaged his wound his breath coming in shuddered gasps as he pulled the bandage painfully tight. He opened his mouth as if to speak and thought better of it closing it again. Fioch stood watching his new master do her thing. Amazed by Calypso and what she could do. He wanted to stay with her to remain where he was, but the Tsis's thoughts went to whether she'd want her new apprentice there or not. So he decided to head for where Akheron and his apprentice were so he could watch the duel without being in the way, getting nearer he spoke to Akheron softly. "Hello, it's been a while, you feel stronger than last me met." Fioch spoke with a small bow before nodding a greeting to Solace and looking over at the newer man. "You, I've not seen or met you before."
  7. Fiochmar smiled as he basked in Calypso's approval running back quickly he wanted to take yet another trophy from the beast. Cutting a claw from its massive hand he tucked that the spine and fang into his bag. Than almost as if for the first time since it happened he noticed the gaping wound across his chest and abdomen from where the beast's claws had found purchase and struck home. Hissing in anger and pain, he smirked and smacked it a few times with his fist. Each time hurt more than the time prior and served to anger him further. A reminder to use the anger and humiliation from this to never again make such a careless mistake. Reaching Calypso's side again he follows as she starts moving forward to start addressing those gathered. The speech by his Master held the young Tsis enraptured, he believed everything Calypso was preaching, he knew that what she said was the truth. The strong conquer and take from the weak, that we only have the right to that which we can take and have the power to keep. That anything of value that we have another has every right to try and take from us if they thing they are stronger and more worthy of it. Gods were we really Gods though....This was a question he went over in his mind a few times in rapid fire succession the only thing that he came up with was they must be. Power we had it, strength we had it, pettiness and infighting oh we have it in spades. But all of these things all of them every last one keeps the pecking order alive, it makes sure that weak stay serving and dying and the strong keep all that they attain, power, glory, wealth all of it. But to watch the Galaxy burn in infinite war, seems like something his ancestors would have wanted, so hell he was on board. He'd follow Calypso his Mistress and Dark Lady until there was nothing more he could learn from her...then well then would be time for him to make his decision on what he'd do once he could learn no more from his mentor. Then came her challenge and he smiled broadly punching those wounds harder and harder as he laughed into the howling wind and the cracking stone. When Calypso leapt down from the pyramid Fioch was there by her side and to her back, his demeanor showing he was giving his full support to Calypso and not challenging her for the mantle. However also showing that should any wish to challenge for the mantle he'd not stand in their way or interfere. Though he does eventually dig through his bag to get out some bandages and the like to at least staunch the bleeding for the time being.
  8. Fiochmar roared in triumph cutting a fang and spine from the beast. He ran back to Calypso as fast as his legs would take him. The Tsis covered in his own blood and that of his enemy smiling still he reaches Calypso. "Mistress I took down the beastie!! Its fang and spine will make good additions to my light saber when I'm deemed worthy!" He smirks and takes a look around cheeks darkening as he does to see the crowd gathered to watch his conquest. "Was it a good show!? Were you not entertained?!?! Were you not entertained??!!" The young Sith shouts to them all gauging their reactions.
  9. Grinning and laughing the the thrill of the hunt the rush of adrenaline if he was as strong and as great a hunter as he thought himself this beast would be a challenge but he'd take it down and take a tooth claw and spine for a trophy. "Kriffing stubborn beastie are ya? Resistant to the force. That's OK I'll take ya down with blades of steel instead!!" He snarls out with a roar of his own boosting his speed and agility he narrowly misses that clawed hand from catching him flush tossing himself forward and tucking into a roll though it's not without its own minor victory Fioch catches the tip of a claw across his shoulder blades. The gash has him bleeding a lot his leather, hide and fur clothing and armor torn and now soaking with his blood. The Tsis howls and screams out in pain that pain and anger amplifying his own powers. "Yer dead now Beasty, I woulda let ya live but you had to slice me open! NOW YOU'VE KRIFFIN MADE ME ANGRY!!" Fiochmar snarls and shouts charging the beast again using his skills as a hunter to assess rapidly and find the weakest points in the beast once done he leaps at the Terentatek thrusting the vibrosword forward with his vibrosword and swinging down with a hacking slash with the vibroaxe a wicked and malicious grin on his face. He can sense victory so close he can taste it and savoring every last little bit as he watches himself to see if his blades find purchase with the weak points.
  10. As Fiochmar passed beneath the creature, it swung its venomous tusks towards him, inches away from goring the Tsis. However, it missed as Fiochmar succeeded in his maneuver, vibroweapons biting into the creatures legs. Long cuts welled dark blood from its trunk-like legs, and the beast roared in pain now. However, the cuts were shallower than might be expected, and it wasn't hamstrung or crippled. Its hide was comparable to that of a rancor, and wouldn't cut easily. But it did distract it long enough for Fiochmar to climb on its back, weaving between its spines. The terentatek halted as Fiochmar reached out and through his mind against its own. Its head shook back and forth, jaws snapping at the air as the power of the Force buffeted its thoughts and sought to overwhelm its aggression. For a moment, it seemed as if the creature might back down. In truth, it was an adolescent of its species, and not yet full size or as ferocious as its adult counterpart that had earned the nickname of "The Jedi Killer" However, even young the creature would not be cowed so simply. A terentatek's corrupted hide and Dark Side infused mind were almost immune to the direct effects of the Force. Fiochmar's efforts, though fierce, found no solid purchase on the warped, unnatural beast. They did accomplish one thing however. Like a hound catching a scent, the terentatek sensed the power emanating from Fiochmar. The power of a Force-sensitive, its preferred prey. Where the beast had been enraged before, now that anger mixed with the instinctual need to kill and devour. With another ear splitting scream, the beast displayed its own brutal cunning and fell backward, rolling on the snowy ground, trying to crush its potential meal beneath its bulk or skewer it with its spines. Fiochmar laughs almost maniacally the whole time. He seems as though he's having a blast a right good time of his life. The beast not falling to his mind games well that wasn't unexpected. What was however was the level of the beasts intellect and cunning. The beast not slowing and still trying to smash Fioch into jelly or jam or perhaps even paste has him grinning ear to ear. "Is this all ya got ya beastie? Just this, nothing more, I must say I'm rather disappointed and unimpressed." The Tsis starts stabbing hacking and slashing at anything and everything he can get to. Noticing the Terentatek is now trying to squish or skewer him into a Tsis kabob of the Fiochmar flavor has the young male rolling and diving and doing his best to avoid the humiliation of death to this beast and to make matters worse it's his home world. No he won't be beaten here he'll take it back help reclaim and rebuild it. With a sudden and overwhelming sense of self he uses his anger, his hatred, his pride and his desire to take down this beast to fuel his power and amplify his muscles and produce more adrenaline. Finding the weakest point he can Fioch thrusts his vibrosword forward and tries to find purchase in some of the Terentatek's hide all the while amping up his own threshold and pushing out with the force doing his best to make this beast fear him and cower before him, The beast will do his bidding. "You will bow before me great and worthy warrior beast for of you do not I will kill you skin you, eat you and use you for you!"
  11. Watching listening and following along Fioch maintains his composure as he watches and looking out in the direction Calypso's gaze seems to have gone. Hearing the thumping and the crashing after watching the pillar be thrown his fear rises adrenaline starts pumping his heart he can hear clearly loudly and resounding in his head. Then Calypso is leaving and his jaw hits the ground. "You're leaving me hear like this, with this beast coming!? Well ok then....looks like I'm gonna have to make my way again." The Tsis states as he steels his resolve. That screeching howl causes him to smirk drawing hid vibrosword and vibroaxe. Grinning wildly from ear to ear as an old familiar rush came over him. It was the thrill of the hunt, in particular hunting something that was big enough to eat you. "I will not fail you my new Mistress, I will not fail myself!" Fiochmar growls charging in concentrating using all his skill and knowledge to use the force to increase his speed and strength to give him power to take down this mighty foe. Remembering an earlier lesson from his former master he chose not to leap at the Terentatek. But rather he would slide underneath and between it's legs lashing out with the vibrosword and vibroaxe at it's ankles. Once through and making those slashes at the beast he'll leap into the air and try to climb the beasts back. As he starts his climb he starts reaching out with the force in an attempt to force the beast to submit. To force it to recognize Fioch as the alpha male and apex hunter here. If his attempts fail than he still has his blades. Fioch is straining as hard as he can sweating even with the effort yes he was stretching out further than ever before. Pushing passed the limits he'd known he had and the Tsis was pushing further for more.
  12. Fiochmar grins and shakes his head with a laugh. "Ah it's not merely the past glories, and honor. Yes I wish to bring that honor and glory back to the Tsis people. But I wish to surpass the rest of them! I want to be stronger, and faster, and More powerful than all the others before me!" Looking around the wasteland before them his eyes casting around the area trying to figure things out. "Yes My Lady, you have my respect and admiration, but I don't plan to stay stagnant or Dormant, I will Rise I will be more powerful....No the Most Powerful One Day. Yes yes thats right the Most Powerful Sith in the Galaxy!" Its then that the earth starts rumbling and that pillar starts to rise, Fiochmar's eyes go wide in disbelief. But that disbelief rapidly turns to a smile and a look of awe and amazement. "Wait what? What's goin on? You want me to... Oh yes this should be fun, a test of my strength. But yes of course M'Lady I'll always respect you to your face and all that's a given." Watching Darth Calypso climb up the pillar and sit there his brow raises and quirks curiously. Her hand outstretching towards Fioch and he looks up at it his eyes go wide as the lightning starts. Grinning he does leap and try and touch that hand the lightning striking him causes him to growl and scream out in pain, falling to the ground. Grumbling and slowly getting to his feet he looks at the Dark Lady's hand again and smiles. "I am strong enough...I will do this....I can and will touch your hand!" He snarls reaching up again this time though he reaches out with the force too trying to wrap his arm in a shield. Fiochmar grits his teeth in pain and agony keeping any scream inside now and turning that pain and anger into fuel for his task completion. Finally he takes another deep breath and his muscles spasming from the intensity of the lightning his breathing labored but, Fioch does grab Calypso's hand. Though how long he can hold on is anyone's guess.
  13. Fiochmar bows his head and when accepted he looks up to Darth Calypso, finally he rises to his feet and starts to follow. "Yes My Lady as you command." Fioch does indeed follow where his new Master leads his head spinning with all the recent events that have happened the battles, the loss of his former Master not knowing where he may be. The anger with himself for not having been able to track down his master and mentor his hands close into tight fists at his sides as he takes a deep and grumbling breath. Darth Calypso's question takes him by surprise, whatever he was expecting from her for training this certainly wasn't on the list. Was it a trick, a test? Best to answer honestly she may be able to tell if I'm lying he things to himself. "My passion Lady Calypso is to bring glory, and honor back to my people. The people who gave name to this order, to bring us back to our former power and strength. To honor and be worthy of my ancestors! And above all my passion is for power and strength to be the strongest to be the best, and so I must first learn from them!"
  14. Fiochmar bows his head to Calypso further and thinks upon her words staring off into the distance as he straightens himself out. Hands resting upon his vibroblade and vibroaxe he looks back towards his ship where he left his R9 unit and than his gaze lands back upon Calypso as he moves closer to her. He takes a deep breath and reaches out with the force trying to see if he can sense his wayward Master he growls in frustration. He draws the axe and slams it into the snow covered ground taking a deep breath he puts the axe back and looks around again. "I do not sense my Master, Mistress. But I do not wish to remain stagnant and in on place without moving or growing. May I pledge myself to you and your teachings?" Fiochmar asks moving closer to the Dark Lady bending knee before her with his head bowed.
  15. Fiochmar felt and heard the call, not knowing how or why, just that he'd some how survived and been fully separated from his Master. He'd been searching for him and stretching out with the force hoping against hope to feel him or find his wayward Master. So far luck and the force has not been on the young Tsis's side, so hearing this call knowing he wasn't far he set a course for Ziost. Upon arriving he disembarks and heads towards the source he felt the power come from, his eyes scanning for his Master. So far still no luck his eyes land upon Calypso and they go wide he bows his head deeply. "Hello I'm Fiochmar apprentice to Darth Mavanger, I was Wondering m'Lady if you'd seen or heard from him? I haven't had contact with him since....The battle." Fioch whispers the last part as softly as he can.
  16. Fiochmar waits for the a doors to open grinning when they hiss open he rolls his neck and raises that Vibrosword and Vibroaxe twirling them. He looks to the remaining Infantry with him and smirks. "You lot out, continue on to the objective. This one's mine I got him!" Fioch grins as the crimson skinned man looks out to the new arrivals. He too ducks behind cover for the briefest of moments. "Ah how cute a blaster, what cant handle something...a bit more up close and personal?!" The taunt is shouted out as Fiochmar starts to channel his rage and fear channeling all those darker emotions to fuel the force it's at this point that he breaks from his place of cover and charges towards where Tilt hides behind the crate. Running at full speed as his men start to engage the other troops blaster bolts flying in flashes of red green and blue as Fioch keeps his target in sight . He leaps over a few of the crates here and there closing the gap between them. "Fight me like a man!" He shouts his feet moving at a speed that is faster than most men could ever dream of running. "It's time to fight, and time for you to go down along with your false Empress!" His last words spoken as he closes the distance to about half, his foot work sure and steady his strides a measured surety and grace of one confident in their cause. Blades raised and at the ready moving ever closer to Tilt.
  17. Fiochmar listens to Mavanger as he speaks nodding in understanding of the direction given to him. "Yes Master, as you say so shall it be done!" Fioch points to the remaining Sith infantry and snaps. "You lot with me we have our marching orders lets go!" He barks out and takes off in the direction of the escape pods at a run with the rest of the Sith Infantry on his heels, as they're on the way out he hears the sound of a battle happening behind him stopping momentarily to gaze upon the events unfolding. Watching the first few exchanges with a look of wide eyed interest he eventually shakes his head back and forth bringing himself to reality again. "Everyone on my heels now let's get our job done for the Empire!!!" Fiochmar shouts leading his men from the area and in the direction of the escape pods or rather the direction he feels they'd be in. This is his first real task for the Empire and his first mission ever to complete and he's on his own. He turns that anxiety, fear, and nervousness into the power of rage and anger and uses that to fuel his ambitions and desires to complete the mission and prove himself worthy of the teachings. His steps measured and fast, he moves with a sense of purpose and fueled by his rage and his recent communing with the dark side he uses this to fuel his movements and his muscles to move faster and with more dexterity. His body energized and reinvigorated as his adrenaline pumps, a grin on his face as he turns a corner leaving the hanger bay.
  18. Fiochmar follows Mavanger to the transports listening to every word that his master has to say at this point. "Unders"tood Master, I won't be by your side but fighting my own fight. And should you fall it leaves me to ensure that the False Empress falls yes Sir." He then awaits those next orders upon landing, the take off and all the way until they land he's nervous and anxious, but that fear and anxiety fueling his anger and rage and his thirst to prove himself yes it was time. His first battle and that was definitely worth more than it's weight in loot. When they land in that hail of blaster bolts and his Master exits the shuttle he follows behind trying to keep up with Mavanger attempting to bob and weave and dodge blaster bolts. But these Rebels are battle hardened and this is Fioch's first battle, first real fight outside of training. So though his reflexes are rather good it doesn't stop him from taking a couple of hits. They're just grazes barely singing and sizzling his leather armor Fioch draws his Vibroblade and Vibroaxe he charges forward in a close exchange he takes down a rebel soldier. The fight isn't quick nor easy, Fiochmar is learning battle field fighting as he goes but he does eventually gain the upper hand though not with out a good amount of effort, the soldier may not have been stronger than him but definitely the experience was a factor. Finally looking at his weapons and the blood dripping from them he shakes his head and gets to Mavanger. "Master, is everything alright? What's the next step sir?"
  19. Fiochmar remains in that deep bow as his Master gives orders and speaks to the Bridge crew on the ship, his expression never changing maintaining a rage and hatred and that thirst to prove himself to push forward to be stronger with every passing hour. He nods a bit as Mavanger finishes issuing orders to the crew and he agrees with every last order his Master issues though as a mere apprentice its not his place to disagree with his master's orders just to listen to them and follow them through. However the orders did seem to make a lot of sense to him. When Mavanger speaks to him he finally rises and looks his Master in the eyes his look one of determination, desire and pride listening to the words spoken he finally responds. "Understood Master, it is my time to prove I'm not weak that I'm valuable to the Sith Empire to show that I am worth the time and effort to train. My training so far should be more than sufficient Master for the task at hand I will not be disgraced on the battlefield. I will prove to you and the empire that I am powerful enough to be worthy of the teachings, I won't fail you my Master, I will not let you down I swear it to you. I'll be by your side on the Misericordia and I'll help cut down as many as possible to strike at the heart and take the head of the Rebels to leave them Reeling in our wake." Fiochmar finishes speaking his voice full of conviction and sincerity the excitement of the coming battle filling him his blood lust renewed as his leather boots tap against the deck of the ship following his Master on his way out. "I'm on your heels my Master I'll fight with you until the end no matter the outcome!"
  20. Fiochmar had of course indeed heard his Master's summons, finishing up the bit of training he'd been pushing himself through, he gets up and gets on his skins hides and leather armor. VibroSword and VibroAxe hanging from his hips as he storms out of the training area. Marching his way from there and navigating through the ship hands upon those weapons. His mind on the task at hand focusing on his rage, his hatred his anger all of the darker things he's felt in his life even his fear of losing what little he'd retained or his people being wiped out. Through it all he feels stronger and more powerful. When he finally enters the bridge he looks around and when he spies Mavanger he approaches and gives a deep low bow. "You sent for me my Master?"
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    Fiochmar had of course indeed heard his Master's summons, finishing up the bit of training he'd been pushing himself through, he gets up and gets on his skins hides and leather armor. VibroSword and VibroAxe hanging from his hips as he storms out of the training area. Marching his way from there and navigating through the ship hands upon those weapons. His mind on the task at hand focusing on his rage, his hatred his anger all of the darker things he's felt in his life even his fear of losing what little he'd retained or his people being wiped out. Through it all he feels stronger and more powerful. When he finally enters the bridge he looks around and when he spies Mavanger he approaches and gives a deep low bow. "You sent for me my Master?"
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    Fiochmar still aboard the ship has been spending the long days and nights of his time under Mavanger training with his weapons and wandering the ship. Speaking with its crew and staff. Getting to know each person that has anything to do with the ships day to day operations, his focus though has been mostly on the honing of his mind and body. Focusing on his anger and hatred, focusing on his one self loathing for his losses and the death of his family and destruction of his home world. On the humiliation of that defeat he suffered at his masters hands when he first sparred with him. Fiochmar paces back and forth seething and growling in that anger and passion his desire for power and to prove himself worthy of this new life, of his place in the Sith Order giving rise to his cunning and ambitions. Smirking as he meditates on all those darker and deeper feelings along with his desires as he can feel the power in him his connection to it growing with every minute that he meditates and trains.
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    Fiochmar stays in medbay for as long as it takes to heal. Once fully healed he'll get dressed and follow Leona to a makeshift meditation chamber near his own quarters. Fiochmar, gets himself seated and closes his eyes. Focusing not on peaceful or tranquil thoughts. No he thinks of the embarrassment and shame he felt being so easily defeated. He is the best warrior and hunter, in his clan in their clan and village. Now here he is each attack that always worked for him failed. Its as if he were a young trainee in the art of combat. What was going on here. He wasn't that weak he wasn't that easily tossed around but what had gone wrong. He focused on the scenes in his head, and starts focusing, each passing second his anger, his embarassment, his self loathing and he starts to feel the power course through and strengthen his muscles. Looking further back he focuses on the destruction of his world and the murder of his whole family. He growls standing up and pacing about. "THEYLL ALL SEE WHAT I'M MADE OF. LEONA GET IN HERE!" Leona enters and looks to Fiochmar standing at attention as she awaits orders.
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    Fiochmar growls at Mavangers words and looks into his eyes. "Not my people? Just my ancesters. It was my kriffing parents and brother and sister that were killed when our world was destroyed! So don't tell me about pain and anguish, anger and hatred I know it all! So with all due respect Master, you don't know what you're talking about." And with that he turns and leaves heading off to the ship. Once back aboard the Raven's Bane he spots the trooper. And nods to her. "You, you the one who's to be assisting me?" "Yes sir I am. I'm Leona sir, how can I assist you?" Listening he nods thoughtfully as she adjusts her weapon and snaps a salute. "Medbay first than somewhere I can meditate and train up my skills. No need to call me Sir Trooper, now lead on." Leona does as instructed and leads him to the medbay where his injuries are beginning to be treated and seen to.
  25. Atrid Torsen


    Groaning Fiochmar stands again his rage and anger, his fear and self loathing, his embarrassment and now hes being lectured again on his failings does the shame never end? He adjusts again and readies those weapons sword and axe in hand. He stares at Mavanger and breathes the rage in his eyes burning like the hottest of fires. Focusing his anger and rage, his humiliation and self loathing, channeling them, the world seems more clear, more in focus. He can feel the muscles in his body pulsing with more energy and he grins. "You are trying to piss me off Master. You're pushing me to see how Ill respond, I see your methods now. But again I say be careful what you wish for!" Growling as he pushes off his right foot behind at first, he's charging in at Mavanger though now it seems as though everything is moving in slow motion for him every thing seen and heard more clearly. Axe in his left han he brings his arm down to strike with the axe with a strength and force that could shatter or cleave bone. Coming in at a diagonal angle with a speed surpassing most ordinary people comes down at Mavangers sword in a curving arc from the left side. In rapid succession his foot comes out kicking at Mavanger's knee with a force and speed that if it were to hit its target would buckle the knee. Smiling almost Sadistically as he brings the pommel of his own sword down from the right angled to connect with the temple in a blur of speed and savagery.
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