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BTL-S8 'Super' Y-Wing Fighter-Bomber.

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Super YWing.jpg

(reference image, All Credit to Shoguneagle of Deviantart)


   The next generation fighter-bomber designed by Koensayr(primarily the Alliance Loyalists), the Super Y-Wing is meant to be a companion model to the earlier Heavy Y-Wing, taking the more traditional Fighter-Bomber role previously abandoned in the development of it's brother design. The S8, like the Heavy and T-70, is primarily designed with ruggedness and ease of maintenance in mind with every piece of it's manufacture...as it is primarily designed for the Rebel Alliance. This model of Y-Wing is a Two seater model, with Cockpit and Gunner seats isolated from each other to allow the chance of one surviving in case of cabin breach in one of the locations. The Two seats are paired on an internal communication line, along with the onboard astromech droid, who is nestled in an armored compartment that is more protective than the usual open top droid socket. The S8 isn't impressive when it comes to speed, but she's heavily armored, and shielded to help her survive large engagements. Primary armament consists of Twin Heavy Laser Cannons positioned at the nose, along with a pair of Light Ion Cannons on a roof turret under control of the Gunner. The Super Y-Wing has a similar modular warhead pod as it's heavier brother, though smaller and more restricted in armament and equipment, it still retains the ability to swap out different weapons systems and supplementary equipment as mission profile requires. It of course has a standard Hyperdrive, which can be paired with an onboard astromech like with other such fighters. 


Secondary Weapon Pod Options(The Pod can only hold one of these at a time):


Photon Torpedos/Bombs: 8 Torpedos/15 Bombs. 

Ion Torpedos/Bombs: 8 Torpedos/15 Bombs.

Cluster Missiles: 8 Torpedos.

Photon Mine Layer: 8 Mines. 

Concussion Missile Launcher: 12 Missiles. 

Additional Scanner Equipment.

Communications Relay Equipment. 

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