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  1. "It's still going to have to go in for repairs and some replacement, the blast did some damage I can't just buff out." Alliera said, as she rolled her sholders to start working out some stiffness "I'll take care of that with a hopefully quick trip to Concord Dawn." Alliera looked to Jonah, and sighed good naturedly. "There was no way we could have known the Sith could do that, and the environment of the Sewer made extraction more difficult, lets just be happy we all made it out." Alliera then looked back to her Master. "Do we need to debrief or discuss what happened?" Alliera asked, looking into the eyes of the Wookiee "...I didn't have a chance to really practice that Lightsaber Form...."
  2. (Spoilered for Size. Reference Image. All Credit to Fractalsponge) Concept: Gunship/Transport for the Rebel Alliance Name: Variable Altitude Multi-Role Assault Transport(VARAT Type: Light? Class: Assault Transport Length: 20 Meters Crew: 1x Pilot, 1x Copilot/MLWS Gunner, 3x Gunners Passengers: 30(In Standard Troop Carrier Mode), 8 Wounded + 3 Medics(In Medivac Mode), 5(In Field Shuttle Mode), N/A(In Cargo Mode). Armament: 2x Twin Heavy Blaster Cannon Turrets(On Chin Mounts), 4x Light Laser Cannon Turrets(On Wing Mounts), 2x Multiple Launch Warhead Systems(16 Launch-Cells Each, Variable Warhead Load) Description: Like many things in the Rebel Alliance, Field Infantry Transport and the various roles such craft would normally accomplish has been farmed out to a mix of whatever could be recovered from the Naval Remnants of those involved, or from older vessels that could be purchased or 'acquired' for cheap. With the new line of reliable performance fighters entering Rebel service, it was decided by several Loyalist designers that a new Gunship was needed in the Alliance Arsenal. What resulted is quite frankly: A box with Wings, guns, and Engines strapped to it. Designed to hold 30 troopers while it's hold is configured to operate as a dropship, or it can operate as a medivac transport with a series of medical beds and room for medics to triage patients and stabilize them. The VAMRAT can also be configured to field drop cargo, or act as a field shuttle for VIPs entering a risky area. As the hold is built to be quickly outfitted for many missions, it can do practically anything it might be needed for. The VAMRAT has moderate armor and shields, allowing it to take a decent amount of punishment, though not enough to allow it to operate continually under heavy fire. Armament includes: 2x Twin Heavy Blaster Cannon Turrets mounted on the chin, 4x Light Laser Cannon Turrets on the ends of the wings, 2x Multiple Launch Warhead System Cells(16 Launchers Each). The MLWS is designed so that each launch tube has two warheads ready to fire, less focused on singular launchers being able to fire multiple warheads like other starcraft, and more on being able to launch many warheads at once in support of a frontline action. The VAMRAT has a pilot/copilot pair, as well as 2 gunners, with Computer Assistance. The VAMRAT has a healthy speed as well, allowing for quick drops and extractions as needed. The VAMRAT is Space and Hyperspace Capable.
  3. (Reference Picture, CORRECTION: FOUND THE ARTIST Adamkop from Deviantart! All Credit to him!) Concept: Rugged Interceptor Craft for Rebel Alliance. Name: RZ-5 'Arrowhead' A-Wing Type: Interceptor Class: Fighter Length: 7.2 Meters Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Astromech Droid Passengers: N/A Armament: 2x Heavy Laser Cannons, 1x Proton Torpedo Launcher. Description: Description: More than almost any other craft, the A-Wing series of interceptors have been the most notorious 'hangar queens' in Alliance history. Before, this was tolerable because they served very well during numerous conflicts, but after the fall of the Galactic Alliance, this performance came at a steep price. On the heels of their success with the T-70, the same team of Incom Loyalists saw this problem, something very similar to why they designed and started production of the T-70. The design of what would eventually become the RZ-5, nicknamed the Arrowhead for it's more angular design compared to the earlier RZ series fighters. The aim with the Arrowhead was to simplify the A-Wing down to something that could be produced and maintained by the Alliance, while still providing the signature speed and some survivability. One of the main changes that contributed to this effort was the stripping out of the various Hyperdrive Navigation functions and the inclusion of an astromech droid, which can also perform emergency maintenance like in other astromech-equipped craft. The main intended defense of this craft is it's speed and maneuverability, relying on the pilot's skill to keep him and his droid buddy alive. As a consequence of weight balancing, the armor is relatively light, though it can still take a few hits in a pinch. The shield is a light and simple affair, designed to take light punishment while the pilot uses their superior speed and maneuverability to get the ship out of danger. The engines on the Arrowhead are the most impressive part, designed to achieve a balance of incredible speed and maneuverability, to allow the ship to operate in the typical A-Wing 'Wheelhouse' of Interception, Light Scouting, and other duties a light and fast fighter like the Arrowhead can perform. The main armament is a pair of linked Heavy Laser Cannons, with a Proton Torpedo Launcher(6 Torpedos). The now almost-Standard Modular Armament 'Pod' was discarded for the Arrowhead due to concerns related to size and necessity. The Arrowhead maintains a hyperdrive system, though as stated earlier, navigation is primarily handled by the onboard Astromech.
  4. "Mon Cal is a Sith World, so the thought was that there would be more that a few of the Dark Siders there to defend it, and I decided to 'stir the pot' to try and divide attention." Alliera said, after the medic asked what she was doing "The vault was under the Shipyard Offices, under control of the SIth, so I decided to go in and steal whatever loot I could to try and draw at least a Sith or two and thier toys to try and find me. I brought my fellow padawan along. We didn't make it to the breach itself, the Sith somehow dropped a massive blizzard on everyone's head, so we were going to slowly freeze to death down there if I didn't do something. At the time, I had thought the methane would caused a MASSIVE collapse if I sparked something, which was why I didn't simply cause the blast at our original breach point and salvage the mission. Frell, I would have gladly stayed down there and froze if I had been alone, to hopefully save lives...but I couldn't let the Pretty Boy die, he might actually turn into a pretty good Jedi one day. Luckily, I miscalculated and we only got a localized blast." Alliera felt the relief and sighed, letting out a small "Thank You". Alliera then looked at the master, not really expecting someone else to be in the 'room'. Alliera shook her head, she must be really out of sorts if she didn't notice him. "I'm going to try to get some training in at the temple, and then I'll be going back home to get my armor repaired, it took alot of damage...and we need all the help we can get if the Sith can really just summon weather right on top of us."
  5. The Ride to Nar Shaddaa had faded to blackness at some point, some drugs to dull the pain and put the wounded apprentice out for whatever medical voodoo they would do when they got there. So Alliera slept for a while, blissfully separated from the blown op and the mess of Mon Calamari, of Sith that had powers that boggled the mind and blew everything she had known out of the water. Alliera didn't quite come to consciousness, but she felt something through the force, some time later. She was swimming in it, her Unconscious mind trying to understand something beyond it's ken. The force healing of an Imperial Order Medic, this was nothing like the grand feelings the sleeping mind associated with the temple at Ossus, if felt more personal...like she was being embraced by someone or something... The feeling eventually ended though, and the sleeping Mandalorian's mind went back to blackness for a moment. Then a request...then an order, from a person and the force, to wake up. Alliera pulled herself up stiffly, feeling sore and stiff in all of her everything. She took a moment to look at her attendant, one of the Imperial Knights...great. "You can thank the sewers of Mon Cala for that, I appearently miscalculated the Methane mix when I triggered the blast." Alliera said, sighing as her body still felt off from the soreness and stiffness "We were trying to infiltrate a building to hit a vault when someone dropped a blizzard on us and froze us in."
  6. (reference image, All Credit to Shoguneagle of Deviantart) The next generation fighter-bomber designed by Koensayr(primarily the Alliance Loyalists), the Super Y-Wing is meant to be a companion model to the earlier Heavy Y-Wing, taking the more traditional Fighter-Bomber role previously abandoned in the development of it's brother design. The S8, like the Heavy and T-70, is primarily designed with ruggedness and ease of maintenance in mind with every piece of it's manufacture...as it is primarily designed for the Rebel Alliance. This model of Y-Wing is a Two seater model, with Cockpit and Gunner seats isolated from each other to allow the chance of one surviving in case of cabin breach in one of the locations. The Two seats are paired on an internal communication line, along with the onboard astromech droid, who is nestled in an armored compartment that is more protective than the usual open top droid socket. The S8 isn't impressive when it comes to speed, but she's heavily armored, and shielded to help her survive large engagements. Primary armament consists of Twin Heavy Laser Cannons positioned at the nose, along with a pair of Light Ion Cannons on a roof turret under control of the Gunner. The Super Y-Wing has a similar modular warhead pod as it's heavier brother, though smaller and more restricted in armament and equipment, it still retains the ability to swap out different weapons systems and supplementary equipment as mission profile requires. It of course has a standard Hyperdrive, which can be paired with an onboard astromech like with other such fighters. Secondary Weapon Pod Options(The Pod can only hold one of these at a time): Photon Torpedos/Bombs: 8 Torpedos/15 Bombs. Ion Torpedos/Bombs: 8 Torpedos/15 Bombs. Cluster Missiles: 8 Torpedos. Photon Mine Layer: 8 Mines. Concussion Missile Launcher: 12 Missiles. Additional Scanner Equipment. Communications Relay Equipment.
  7. Alliera was about to pull herself back up and try and help Johan, but the cold, and more than the cold of what she had done. Alliera focused as she always did when it came to these kinds of missions, when the...whatever caused the freeze happened...she hadn't had time to evac Johan out of tunnel before it froze over...so she risked how many lives to save her fellow Padawan... While her mind was still somewhat swimming from the blast, she DID notice that the city around her was in MUCH better shape than a total sewer collapse would have allowed, so maybe there was some hope? They breached somewhere, because the evidence of a blast was all around them, and they got out... That thought bummed her out, if she had known a limited blast would happen, she would have focused it at the original breachpoint and tried to salvage the mission. Alliera's thoughts were like this, swimming on what she had done, and what could have gone different, until a U-Wing dropped nearby for what had to be their extraction. Alliera did what she could to pull herself into the trooper bay, with some help from the Alliance Troopers...well they carried her in, but she would never admit that to anyone. Alliera was quiet while the Medic worked, allowing her world to come back into focus as she was being tended to. "Singed around the edges and a few broken bones...I think. We were trying to get to a point to breach the Vault under the Shipyard building, maybe pull some heat from Master Kirlocca and the other Jedi, before long we were frozen in with the piles of osik when the Blizzard hit. I triggered the methane blast to at least save the pretty boy, I wasn't sure I'd make it..."
  8. Alliera pulled herself up, to where she was looking over the speeder, and threw her Pistol at him. "It's a newer Westar, it'll hit harder." Alliera said, grabbing the E-22 that she still had with her and opened fire on the damaged droid with a disciplined three round burst. Unlike the lighter bolts, the heavy blaster bolts of the E-22 slammed into the damaged droid, and sent it crashing to the ground. Alliera quickly hit another, which caused it to fall as well. After that Alliera ducked, dragged Johan back to her with a yowl of pain, and tossed a Thermal after she brought him into her cover. 2 were destroyed in the blast, with a third suffering some damage. "Sorry we couldn't rob a Sith Lord..."
  9. "Hey! I was trying to save your life you di'kut." Alliera spared back, as she accepted his help and pulled out her one of her Westars with her free Arm "I agree though, we must have done enough distracting with that bit, so lets get the Shab out of here." Alliera lowered her Targetter and readied her pistol.
  10. Alliera said nothing, only lightly rubbing Johan's Shoulder to comfort him. She continuing following the Path through the sewers towards thier target, not thinking about the chill that started to set in. What did grab her attention was the feeling of a great darkness, of evil itself manifest. "All the better reason to stay down here Johan." Alliera said, as she kept leading the way "Our Master will have to deal with whatever did that..." The pair continued through the sewer, as the world got colder and colder, not understanding what just happened. When the Sludge under Alliera froze, then she noticed the temp, turning on her Thermal Vision, only to see wave after wave of air that got colder and colder...they were already past freezing, and it was getting worse. Alliera backtracked, practically grabbing Johan and dragging him with her. They found a Manhole cover, and Alliera climbed up the ladder, and tried to open it. The cover didn't budge, it's natural weight was aided by the increasingly strong layer of ice in keeping the sewer's current occupants contained. Alliera thought for a moment, could she use one of her weapons...but remembered that Methane's condensing point wasn't coming until Johan and her would be long dead. The Force also came up as an option, but that was disgaurded, they were both trainees with no experience, the odds of them moving the manhole were shoddy at best, and that was if the force favored them...the sheer evil she felt earlier made her question that... Alliera climbed down from the access ladder. "No go, it's stuck." The Mandalorian said, looking around for an option.... before coming across the Bags, the bags with Detonite... Alliera dropped her Detonite bag, and even threw her personal block into the bag. Alliera told Johan to drop his own bag, which she then tossed beside the other one, with both open. The other bag was left as well. "Run towards that alcove, I'll be right behind you!" Alliera said, quickly setting a detonator on the top most Detonite block, knowing from experience that the extreme kinetic force of one going off would set off the others...and that all would set off the Methane. Alliera then ran after Johan, and almost tackled him when she came into the alcove. "Tell Master I'm sorry I couldn't learn more." Alliera then clicked her detonator. The Blast was intense, as the the merest spark from the first detonite block set off the methane, and the rest didn't matter. The initial blast rocked the Mon Cala Shipyard building, and carved a massive hole into the street. The Entire city started to shake then, as Methane went off throughout the entire sewer system. Toilets, sinks, drains, bathtubs, and showers...these became great gouts of fire, or were destroyed outright. Streets and buildings over sewer lines collapsed as the pressure of the blast went up through previously blocked manholes that became vast crevasses that swallowed their victims whole, almost like Urban Sarlaccs. It only lasted a few moments, but the damage was vast, covering the whole city and reigning destruction wherever it was. When Johan opened his eyes after it was all over, he would find himself huddled against a wall, with Alliera leaning on him. "...Would you believe I didn't necissarily plan to live through that?" She said, pulling herself up with a groan of pain "Lets see if that stops the cold, and try and salvage something from this mess..."
  11. Alliera noticed the group of four first, her Nightvision outlining them well against the sludge and muck. The Mandalorian didn't wait for her fellow Padawan to act, and used her cable-line to wrap around the legs of the first, and caused him to fall into the muck when she wrapped her hand around the grapple line and pulled. The group came up fast as Alliera moved, she couldn't afford to use her blaster here, which means she had to get close. The Cable line retracted back to Alliera's gauntlet, just as she got to the second Kubaz and slammed the forehead of her helmet into his goggled, the goggles and head behind them recoiled as they weren't made of durasteel and Mandalorian. Alliera grabbed the club from his hand as it started to fall with her right hand, and used it and her free arm to break the arm of a third Kubaz, reversing the natural angle of his arm by ratcheting his lower arm with her hand and slamming into the elbow with her newly acquired beating stick. As the Kubaz with the broken arm recoiled, Alliera tossed the club to her left hand, and grabbed her Vibroknife with her right hand. Alliera buried her recently freed knife into back. The last Kubaz had stopped and was cowering at a distance, having thrown his club into a pile of sewage to show his surrender. The Kubaz with the broken arm was cowering against a wall, moving slowly towards his friend in the back. The one on the floor was just now getting up, and was looking at his friends and the MANDALORIAN almost on top of them. To Alliera, she was almost at home. Slaver kriffeaters were easy to spot, they all the various greebles and things that marked them out, cuffs and drugs..... A Mandalorian Boot SLAMMED into the Kubaz' chest and forced him back down, he had been about to try something. The pitiful creature raised it's hands in surrender. It only made Alliera despise teh creature more, how many other people had tried that with slavers, only to get the cuffs and a lifetime of servitude....Alliera stopped. Something in the air, a gentle current was wrapped around her, cooling her down. These....things... had all the gear to show they likely never gave any creature mercy in their lives, but she wasn't like them, she was going to be a Jedi. Alliera was going to be better than the Dar'Manda that called themselves Noble Warriors and 'Proved' it by attacking a weak foe and destroying a planet. Alliera used her foot to force the Kubaz on the ground to join his friends as they grouped up in the distance. "Run, find other work." Alliera Said to the three survivors, pointing at them with the looted bludgeon "If we have to have to meet like this again, you may not find yourselves so lucky." The three ran, the one on the ground hurredly pulled up by the former slaver with two working arms, as Alliera pulled her knife from the dead slaver.
  12. "With this much Methane, we may have to risk a Surface Breach." Alliera said, continuing to walk through the Sewer "If we detonate anything in here, the Methane Blast would do ALOT of damage, and alot of innocents would be caught in it.... We'll see when we get to the breach point."
  13. "and to think, you didn't buy me dinner first..." Alliera said, as she lead their way down the sewer, looking down at the river of sewage under them "Worst case, we can use it if we get overwhelmed down here, don't use your blaster or lightsaber unless your ready to dive...try to wait till we breach."
  14. The U-Wing rumbled and rocked as Alliera and Johan waited for landfall, the U-Wing was flying as fast as it could towards the ground. They had taken a different landing ship than their Master, that way they could more easily sneak off to do nefarious things, and Kirlocca could focus on doing Jedi Shenanigans. The door opened before they landed, as the Squad Leader started counting down, all the men getting ready. Alliera took this moment to ready her E-22, and patted Johan on the shoulder. "Follow my lead, and try to stay in cover when you can." Alliera said, gesturing to open door "Don't worry about these guys, they know what they're doing, and our Master isn't far behind us." Alliera took a moment to pull open the map she downloaded to her onboard Computer, checking it quickly before dismissing it, quickly giving her a path through the sewer to their target...it also had a few sewer entrances near-ish to their landing spot marked. When the Sargent called for the troops to disembark, Alliera led Johan in charging with them, using her E-22 to help cover to scramble to cover. Consulting her map, Alleira found a sewer entrance, leapfrogging from cover to cover closer to it, guiding Johan there as well as covering him. As the two disentangled from the main fight, Alliera stopped firing, sneaking around cover to cover. When the Manhole in question was found, Alliera opened it quickly and gestured for Johan to enter, once he did, alliera followed and closed the manhole behind them. The sewer was big enough for the two of them to walk, but just barely, and it was poorly lit. Alliera activated her Nightvision. "Activate your lamp, but keep your head on a swivel, we have no idea what's down here." Alliera started guiding them down the sewer, having slung the E-22 over her sholder with one of her bags, and having one of her Westars in her hand.
  15. "Think of it this way; if we do this and make it out alive, we'll be a lot richer, and on the cred of a sith scumbag." Alliera said, lightly pushing Johan in the sholder "Frell, maybe we can have our own private celebration after." Alliera looked around as it looked like everyone was getting ready to get mission ready. "They're playing our song, lets get moving." Alliera said, clapping Johan on the back as she gesturing to a U-Wing "Come on, that'll get us groundside."
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