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DG-series "Deepguard"

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Production Information


Model: DG-series "Deepguard"

Creators: Mon Calamari

Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards

Place of Manufacture: Mon Cal

Class: Battle Droid



Standard DG-S - 8,000 credits

Pacifier DG-P - 10,000 credits

Monitor DG-M - 10,000 credits

Overseer DG-O - 12,000 credits

Exemplar DG-X - 40,000 credits


Technical specifications


Height: 1.9 meters (6'3")

Sensor color: Red


Soldier, DG-S

Twin blasters concealed in right and left forearms, emitters located in the palms. 


Pacifier, DG-P:

Flamethrower concealed in right forearm, emitter located in the palm. Sonic blaster concealed in left forearm, emitter located in the palm.


Monitor, DG-M:

Electroshock prod concealed in right forearm, emitter located in the palm. Personal energy shield generator (emits 2' radius circular shield) concealed in left forearm, emitter located in the palm.


Overseer, DG-O:

See Equipment


Exemplar, DG-X:

Telescoping 2' electrobaton concealed in right forearm. Repeating blaster concealed in left forearm, emitter located in the palm.


Additional Equipment:

Infrared sensors

Short-range communications array

Bronzium chassis (painted red)


Overseer, DG-O:

Arc-welder concealed in right forearm, emitter located in the palm. Scramble key and datadrive concealed in left forearm, scomp link located in the palm.

Communications booster antennae, retracted into chassis when not in use.


Exemplar, DG-X:

Duranium chassis



During the Sith invasion of Mon Cal, an ancient chamber of a Dark Side entity was uncovered. Besides the entity itself, it contained a model of droid never before seen or recorded in any database. It's still unclear if the droids were intended to serve as guardians or wardens of the entity, and in the ensuing battle they were unfortunately all rendered inoperable. Some of the chassis were recovered, but the ancient systems proved impossible to repair. Given their design aesthetic, it's assumed they were created by Mon Calamari (or an ancestor species) millennia ago, potentially in the early days of the Republic. When Nok Morliss, the Sith in control of Mon Calamari Shipyards, saw how strong and efficient their design was, he commissioned a new battle droid based on them. Whatever couldn't be replicated was replaced with equivalent modern components, and soon several of the planetary ore refineries were expanded to manufacture this new project. Thus the DG-series "Deepguard" were born.


Despite being battle droids with different specializations, each Deepguard looks identical and unarmed at a glance. This is purposeful, with the intent being to keep enemies from being able to identify which model of Deepguard they're dealing with until it's too late. Strong, durable, and bearing a cognitive module based on the BX commando droid, Deepguard are considerably more expensive than the cheap B1 units that come to mind when someone hears the term "battle droid". Designed to be deployed in small squads, Deepguard are rarely seen in groups larger than 10. They perform best in urban or indoor combat zones, but are perfectly capable of functioning underwater thanks to sealed electronics and several adjustable buoyancy bladders. 


The Deepguard's greatest strength is their ability to work in concert. Their cognitive modules constantly broadcast sensory data and analyses to other nearby Deepguard, allowing them to act and think as a coordinated team. Unfortunately, rebels have managed to crack Deepguard encryption several times, allowing them to intercept the link and essentially read their minds, or even broadcast their own disruptive datastreams. Deepguard shift encryption if they suspect they've been hacked, but this still drastically decreases their effectiveness for several minutes until they've fully switched over. This constant exchange of data has also led to a mildly annoying personality quirk where Deepguard will switch speakers midsentence whenever two or more are present. Attempts to correct this tic have been unsuccessful as Deepguard don't seem to be aware that they're doing it.


The Deepguard droid model is most prevalent on Mon Calamari, but with the planet's burgeoning black market and rampant smuggling it's a foregone conclusion that the units and their design have made it offworld and into the hands of anyone with the credits to afford them.


DG-S "Soldier"

The base, and most common, model, designed to function as everything from a simple guard to a supplement for more specialized units. Its twin blasters, one concealed in each palm, are equivalent to a standard blaster rifle, but space limitations in the design forced the engineers to remove the auto-fire function. The Soldier units instead rely on accuracy and coordination to combat fast or evasive targets.


DG-P "Pacifier"

Created to deal with large mobs, insurgencies, and assault squads, the Pacifier Deepguard's weaponry is equal parts brutal and efficient. Its flamethrower will cook anyone lacking thermal-resistant armor, and the vibrations of its sonic blaster are set to specifically shatter bones on contact. If the Pacifier has a weakness, it's low ammunition. Both its weapons exhaust themselves quickly, and the droid relies on the shock of its attacks to drive remaining targets off or on supplemental troops to provide cover while it replenishes fuel and power packs.


DG-M "Monitor"

An early design created with policing and law enforcement in mind, the Monitor is focused on defense and incapacitation. Its energy shield allows it to close on a target where its electroshock prod can knock them unconscious or discipline them. More often though, this unit is paired with other models, providing cover for the more lethal weaponry of its fellows.


DG-O "Overseer"

The Overseer Deepguard was created as a purely supportive model. Improved analysis and processing speed makes it an effective commander, its arc welder can be used to make spot repairs, and its long range communications array greatly improves a squad's broadcasting capability. The slicing computer contained in its left arm adds additional utility in the field, and most Deepguard squads have one Overseer in their ranks as standard protocol.


DG-X "Exemplar"

Inspired by the magnaguard employed during the Clone Wars, the Exemplar model was specifically commissioned as an anti-lightsaber unit to be employed in security. Smarter, stronger, faster, and built with a more resilient duranium chassis, the Exemplar is programmed with combat data regarding the classic lightsaber forms. Its electrobaton, a miniature version of the electrostaff employed by magnaguards, can block lightsabers, and expensive components allowed the rapid-fire function to be added back into the concealed blaster by the designers.

However, the Exemplar is not a duelist. Like all Deepguard, it relies on numbers and coordination to beat an enemy. One commander, upon seeing them in action, claimed that three Exemplars would need to work together to match the threat of a single properly programmed magnaguard. As such, they're usually deployed in squads of a minimum of three, and often mixed in with other, cheaper units to provide an element of surprise.

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