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Fulgurmancers believe that the key to ultimate power lies with understanding and charting the hidden truths of the Force. Enlightenment will bring with it true mastery of the cosmos. Similar to cryomancers, fulgurmancers have a predisposition towards building temples, but rather than being massive monuments to the architect’s ego, fulgurmancers build these towering edifices to channel and intensify the Force. While many Sith, even among the warrior and assassin callings, practice alchemy for dark ends, fulgurmancers delve into the art on unparallelled levels in regards to non organic materials, zealously testing new alloys and compounds for their interactivity with the Force. Fulgurmancers are the kinds of people that constantly swear that their work is on the verge of a massive breakthrough. That isn’t to say that their work is fruitless, it just isn’t producing results as quickly as they feel it should. Results being limitless cosmic power.


Understanding the truth is an obsession for fulgurmancers that extends beyond their scientific pursuits, making them a hotbed for heretical doctrines and philosophies. Their propensity for entertaining all angles tends to get them into trouble with more direct Sith, but also can yield unexpected opportunities. 


Pivoting Strike: An extrapolation of Sith lightning, this spell allows the sorcerer to discharge lightning into power lines and other conductive materials, control the direction traveled, and cause a second discharge to hit a target from an alternate angle.


Cartographer’s Cane: A conductive device used for delivering controlled pulses of energy for the purpose of mapping the flow of energies both mystical and mundane. And also a balance aid, because conducting all of that energy makes fulgermancers twitchy at the best of times, especially after the Delving.


The Delving: A transformative internal journey of self discovery, where the fulgurmancer maps their own energy pathways by shocking themself to the verge of death (Or beyond the verge of death, if they’re bad at sorcery). The ritual allows the sorcerer to learn the most efficient and effective ways to channel their personal energy, and creates a foundation of knowledge for how they can enhance that power with amulets and architecture. A Fulgurmancer that has gone through the delving and is not wielding any weapons and is focused entirely on attack casts fulgurmancy spells at a rank higher and with significantly more momentum imparted upon contact.


The process is not without its side effects. A fulgurmancer who successfully completes the ritual is constantly storing and discharging electrical energy on touch. This makes them suffer from constant twitching that can occasionally ramp up to heavy spasming. The interplay between metal armor and their body becomes unbearably painful, even with insulating layers. Physical contact with other people creates a sustained current, which the sorcerer can either direct entirely to the other person or suffer half of it to spare the other person the full brunt of the discharge.


Sith War Amulets: These specially prepared gauntlets are created in pairs by the most committed fulgurmancers and attuned to their greatest monuments. Once the amulets are affixed, they bind with the flesh and cannot be removed except in death or through lengthy hours long rituals. The amulets serve as focal points for the fulguermancer’s destructive energies, disintegrating most people and objects that touch them. This makes most weapons and equipment that is handheld unusable to the Sith, but also allows the sorcerer to conduct the Dark Side into a more refined energy to attack with. These Force blasts are more concentrated than traditional Sith lightning, making them more precise and capable of traveling at greater speeds.


Perceive the Flow of the Cosmos: The Sith is able to “see” the presence and movement of electrical and Force energy. The clarity of this sight is improved on targets that have been struck with the sorcerer’s lightning, an impact pulse from a Cartographer’s Cane, or physical contact after the sorcerer has undergone The Delving.


Know the Enemy: This spell allows the sorcerer to anticipate and predict a mapped opponent’s attacks by observing the movements of electrical impulses and Force energies in the body.


Subvert the Enemy: A further refinement to Know the Enemy, Subvert the Enemy allows the sorcerer to play havoc on a mapped opponent’s neural system, using spasms to blunt attacks and cripple defenses.


The World is Not Worthy to Feel My Tread: By altering magnetic fields the sorcerer is able to hover over the ground as if wearing a repulsor rig.


Shocking Rebuke: The energies flowing through the Sith are eager to escape and will find a new home in whomever strikes them in melee combat.


The Breaking: When people need incentive to see things the fulgurmancer’s way, a sorcerer will turn to this spell. Outwardly the attack looks like a sustained current of nonlethal electricity, but in truth the effects are far more sinister. The Breaking is a torture spell that strategically burns out parts of the victim’s mind that allow them to resist the will of the fulgurmancer. Things like compassion, courage, and resolve are slowly stripped away until only a broken servant remains. Victims of this spell are clearly afflicted and make terrible spies and saboteurs. (No, you can’t do this spell in its entirety during a duel. Best if used on PCs who have agreed to its use or NPCs.) 


Suppressing Storm: A barrage of lightning bolts that are meant to disrupt and demoralize enemies. The attack is the antithesis of precise, instead robbing enemies of their own precision. Impact is loud, bright, and explosively concussive enough to put people off of their footing if detonating in close proximity.


Spear of Khlorithian: A channeling spell that can only be used during a storm or or near a large power source, the sorcerer commands a number of lightning bolts into their grasp before unleashing them as a single, precise bolt. This attack can be defended against by PCs like a normal Force lightning attack, but allows the sorcerer to contend with hard targets like AT-ATs.


Lash of Subjugation: A chain lightning stun spell used by sorcerers to subdue future prisoners with jobs, because those sprawling towers aren’t going to build themselves.


Mark of Annihilation: Creates a talisman that can be thrown to magnetically seal on a target’s metal armor, acting as a homing beacon and intensifier of Dark Side attacks.


Traveler of Distant Stars: Astral projection with caveats. While projecting, the sorcerer is in a vulnerable state. How much the sorcerer sees depends on how close their projected self is to a talisman that they have crafted or a structure designed to serve as a beacon for astral projection. People with Force bonds can also act as anchors for sorcerers, although the anchor can resist. Projecting does not convey pinpoint navigation or GPS, just because you are projecting onto a person you are bound to does not mean you know what planet they are on. Astral projections are vulnerable to Force attacks, and a dead projection means a dead sorcerer. The sorcerer cannot use Force powers while they are projecting.


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