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Darth Nyrys's Character Sheet

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Real Name: Ailbasí Zirtani

A.K.A: Darth Nyrys, The Dark Lord

Homeworld: Cathar, raised on a number of planets

Species: Sith Pureblood through ritual (Was a body hopper in the past, using both human and Cathar bodies.)


Physical Description


Age: 21

Height: 5'4

Weight: Dancer's frame

Skin: Rusty dark red

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Sex: Female




Clothing: A hybridization of Sith robes and casual outfits, with heavy influences of Sith martial chic. Sure she still goes all out for those Sith gatherings where everyone is all dressed up and striking a pose, but day to day it's often just a cloak over a cute top and practical pants and boots. She has clothes that are both more provocative and less practical, but who really has time for date night these days?

Armor: None currently, old armor was destroyed.


Weapon: Vigilant line of personal defense items (Smartspray chemical incapacitator, sonic “Screamer” with paired personal sonic dampeners, and a kinetic redirector disguised as hand jewelry), smithing hammer, Brathiad Gwynt, her "Slipblade" is a two handed thrusting sword with forty inch cursed blade that causes severe cellular necrosis upon wounding. Dissuader KD-30 slugthrower.


Common Inventory: Datapad, commlink, books, multitool, credits, backup analog inhaler, data stylus, compact


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Sassy

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Dark Lord

Path: Warrior




Force Side: Dark

Trained by: Sheog and self training.

Trained who:

Known Skills: Creating Force bonds, soul eating, smithing, competent smithing alchemy, tk, pain resistance, Force sight, sword fighting, thermodynamic manipulation, Force enhanced movement


Background: Ailbasi was raised in comfort by loving parents, but was somewhat sheltered due to her mother being bedridden by a chronic illness. Both parents imparted upon her a love of learning and knowledge, with her father reading to both of them, especially on days that her mother had more intense bouts of pain. In essence, pain and isolation were her constant companions growing up, but Ailbasi always took them as just another part of life and sought refuge in the library.


Ailbasi has attained encyclopedic knowledge on a number of cultures, languages, matters of scholarly interest, and pedantic topics, thanks to an abundance of free time, limitless access to books, and an eidetic memory. If she hears someone make a mistaken claim, or insufficiently explain something, she has a habit of interjecting, but more out of the sentiment that if she makes a mistake she wants to know, rather than trying to express intellectual superiority.


The same illness that ravages Ailbasi’s mother afflicts her as well, albeit at a much earlier stage and with a slower rate of progression. Ailbasi takes preventative medicine with aerosol inhalers for it, and larger doses can leave her physically weakened for long stretches of time, so she tries to plan around her medication regimen. It has become apparent recently that eating souls removes the need for her to take her medicine.


As a very precocious child, Ailbasi was able to attend university early, and completed her first educational program when most students were completing their first year. Currently she is deciding whether to continue her education in the direction of academic or field work.


Ship Registration


Name: Best Behavior

Class: Yacht

Model: Starwind class yacht

Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards


Length: 50 Meters


Armaments: Two quad laser cannons

Armor: Standard

Anti-Personnel Defenses: None as of yet, it’s a civilian vessel.


Appearance: Stock model



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A note regarding Ailbasi's sword fighting techniques: My foundation for Ailbasi's longsword fencing is the German school of fencing, a historical western martial art that looks very different than the sword fighting seen in movies. Charles suggested I include a link to this video that shows that a sword can be handled by the blade without damaging the wielder.


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Green Heavy Brawler Escort(capital ship, 1 XP) 

The Queen of Air and Darkness: A Reprisal class Xian’tii battleship that marked the beginning of Xian’tii ship designs seeing use in the Sith navy. Darth Nyrys personally vouched for the inclusion of more xeno sourced ship designs, and the Queen is her personal banner ship. The Queen’s heavy armor and unpredictable movements match Darth Nyrys’s own style in combat. While the ship itself is operated almost entirely by Xian’tii crewmembers, security is overseen by AVATAR proxies and a contingent of Ishi Tib marines.


As a newer ship, discipline and professionalism are points of pride for the crew, and Darth Nyrys constantly leverages the fact that this is the first xeno designed ship to serve in the empire in decades to leverage better performance. The crew is well trained and idealistic, but lacks field experience.


Green Destroyer Group[Missiles] (Two Cruisers, 1 XP)

Whispered Truth and Brazen Verdict: A pair of Xian’tii Insidiator class cruisers that were deployed shortly after the Queen of Air and Darkness. While they are less concerned with legacy than the Queen, a professional rivalry that began in the training academy pushes both crews to achieve a competitive edge over the other. 


Both captains, despite their differences, follow the Xian’tii teachings of Makuta and make heavy use of guided missile strikes and mobile warfare. The Insidiator class cruiser, with its superior mobility and indirect fire weapons makes for an excellent tool to practice the Makuta martial philosophy.


Veteran Light Defensive Escort (Four frigates and four corvettes, 2 XP) Veil of Shadows

Jendra’s Song, Atani’s Vigil, Xuri’s Resolve, and the Lucky Pair: A set of four Ardent class frigates repurposed for anti fighter duties, the ships seem out of place amongst the more alien ships often uses. However, Darth Nyrys is proud of her Kuati heritage and chose the ships to honor her father. Three of the ships are named after friends from her life before she joined the Sith, and the fourth name she hasn’t elaborated on. Darth Nyrys intentionally fosters an atmosphere of unprofessionalism and impropriety on the ships to combat the formation of stagnating hatred that drives men and women to sell their lives cheaply. The rebels will pay for their crimes at Kuat, but not at the cost of Kuat’s sons and daughters. The Veil of Shadows served with distinction at Corellia.


Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omicron: Accompanying the frigates are four Raider class corvettes. Corvette crews are “highly motivated” to perform their duties exceptionally so that they can get promoted off the ships and onto something that the other ship captains don’t refer to as “acceptable attrition”. Raiders are designed for hit and run ground support, but in fleet battle simulations so far they’re often ordered to “intercept” attacks on more valuable ships.


Serving in one of the corvette groups is often considered a punishment, especially for crew transferred off of a larger vessel. Nicknamed coffin riders, command has already noticed trends indicating discipline issues and disorderly conduct problems are on the horizon.


Veteran Interdictor Cadre (Cruiser, one frigate, four corvettes, 2 XP) Abyss Triumphant

The Bewitching Lover is a restored Sith interdictor class cruiser that has been returned to service in response to the rebellion's use of hit and run tactics. Its original crew has also largely been restored in a sense, resurrected by Krath necromancy. A cabal of sorcerers called the Sirens of the Void command the ship, using their rituals to predict the most effective placement of gravity wells. Abyss Triumphant served at Corellia.


The Lovelorn Wraith, a lancer frigate, provides bomber defense along with the four vigil class corvettes Lust, Envy, Desire, and Betrayal.


Veteran Destroyer Group(Railguns) (Capital ship, 2 XP) Argent Scythe

The Fair Lady of Iziz is a Harrower class capital ship that has been tasked with destroyer duty. Its captain, Karalynn Ladrimayne, is a new up and coming officer that was fast tracked after graduating from the fleet academy both for her simulation scores and the Sith Empire's need for officers. She intends to be a career officer and is known for her discipline, professionalism, and calculated efficiency.


The Fair Lady served at the battle of Corellia where it suffered heavy damage and was almost lost with all hands.


Link to creation forum post for Xian'tii ships: Here


Veteran Advanced Warfighter Cadre (Cruiser, one frigate, four corvettes, 1 XP) Catastrophic Oracle (Suffered Heavy Losses at Fondor)

The Promised Razor is an Insidiator class Xian'tii cruiser using state of the art components seized from the Mon Calamari shipyards. Its captain, a man of Onderonian stock, is said to consort with necromancers who provide him with grim auguries. Rumors abound of a significant portion of the crew being undead raised from crew lost at Corellia.


The Lamia, an Ardent class frigate, and the Vigil class corvettes Cassandra, Sibyl, Egeria, and Pythia serve as support vessels providing cover from enemy fast movers.


Served honorably at Fondor where it suffered heavy losses.


Green Tactical Support Escort (Cruiser, one frigate, four corvettes, 1 XP) Wayward Serpent (Destroyed)

The Temple of Vipers is a Gladiator class imperial cruiser whose command crew was handpicked by Karalynn Ladrimayne from her former academy classmates while she was in recovery from wounds suffered at Corellia. The officers are hungry and eager to prove themselves, especially after the standard that Ladrimayne set in her first battle.


The Coiled Hatred, an Ardent class frigate, and the Raider class corvettes Nidhoggr, Moin, Goin, and Svafnir offer antifighter support.


Lost with all hands at Fondor saving the Herlov.


Green Precision Strike Carrier (Capital ship, 1 XP) Unforgiving Rebuke (Destroyed)

The Myrmidon is an Impellor class carrier crewed by clones from the recently restored Kamino cloning facilities. The ship's hangar bays are primarily occupied by slews of TIE Hunters carrying heavy ordnance. Sith commanders are hoping that swarm tactics will allow more successful contact than slow moving bombers that are often picked off by the more agile rebel craft. The ship is currently playing host to a team of Imperial cloning science officers who are evaluating clone performance. The Myrmidon's captain is a falleen specifically selected for a low empathy rating due to expected pilot losses.


Lost with all hands at Fondor at the battle's close.


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