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Krells Tibu: The Laigrek

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Real Name: Krels Tibu

A.K.A: Defender Laigrek

Homeworld: Li-Toran

Species: Melitto


Physical Description


Age: 87

Height:  1.6 meters (5’2)

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: None

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Jensaarai Armor, Grey Cloak

Weapon:  Lightsaber (Blue)

Common Inventory: Nutrient Dispensers, Vocoder, Breathing tubes (All integrated into the armor)


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jenessarai

Current Faction Rank: Defender, Head of Security on Raka Nwul




Force Side: Light

Trained by: Defender Shaava

Trained who: 

Known Skills:

Lightsaber Combat - Form III (Master)

Stava (Expert)

Military Tactics (Master)

Tracking (Expert)


Force Skills:

Force Speed: (Expert)

Force Pull/Push (Master)

Force Blinding: (Expert)

Force Body (Master)

Force Empathy ( Expert)

Force Smell/Sight (Master)

Force Persuasion (Expert)

Buried Presence (Expert)

Ballistakinesis (Master)

Detoxify Poison ( Expert)

Force Healing (Expert)

Morichro ( Expert)



Raised to be a warrior drone on his home world of Li-Toran, Tibu was at a very young age when his queen died. Despite his impressive efforts to hold off the invaders from a rival hive, Tibu was cast out. Now a ronin, Tibu wandered his planet for a year until he finally left for the stars. For several years, Tibu wandered from planet to planet, offering his services as a bodyguard to whoever would hire him. He hoped to work for politicians and noblemen, but being so young, the best he could get was aboard cargo ships. And even then, he was a poor bodyguard, as almost half of his charges died under his care while he somehow survived, much to his horror.  Though depressing and dishonoring, it was the closest thing he could find that was similar to his life back home, so he continued to hire himself out. 


While on Dantooine, Tibu had a job guarding a child. During his job, the child was kidnapped. Horrified that he had failed his job again, Tibu began to track down the kidnapper for the next four years. During this time, Tibu was obsessed, constantly hiring others to help him, finding any kind of lead. When his original employer refused to pay him further, Tibu worked out of his own wallet. He eventually tracked the child to  a small prisome small moon, taken by an armored Ithorian. Once there, Tibu challenged the people there for the child. Despite his best, he was easily defeated. 


Having lost, Tibu attempted to kill himself. He had lived so long with no cause after failing to defend his queen, he had failed to defend so many others, and now he couldn’t rescue a child. He could not survive any longer. The only honor he could regain was through death.


However, the Iktotchi Defender Shaava stopped Tibu from suicide. She explained that while originally the child was kidnapped, he was rescued by a group known as Jensaarai. Like the Jedi, they sought to preserve peace and justice in the universe. Unlike the Jedi, they were willing to do whatever it took, whether by fleeing or by fighting. 

Tibu never forgot the words she spoke that day, and tells it to those new apprentices who visit Raka Nwul:


“You say you have no honor for you have no master. But I say, you have honor because you are your own master. You have chosen a life that serves and protects, and are willing to do whatever it takes. But death is not the way. Live here, be my apprentice and as a master of your fate, you will never let your honor be broken.”


From that day, Tibu trained with Defender Shaava. 5 years before she found the  Green Hand , Tibu went through his rite of ascension, where he had to face his own demons, he forged his armor in a style similar to the Laigrek. In his own words:


“This armor represents the bugs of Dantooine: While they work best within a swarm, each one alone is deadly, especially their queen, the fabled blue Laigrek, Xixillizi. So am I. I work best with my fellow Defenders. I have accomplished more with them then by myself. But don’t think I need friends to be useful. I am a master of not only my own fate, but my honor as well. As long as I can move, my honor will not be broken. ” 


Shortly after his master’s death, Defender Laigrek was appointed chief of security of Raka Nwul. He was able to bond easily with the Ithorians over their shared love for his master, and he quickly brought peace to every problem that he encountered on board. The fact that he was an insectoid race also eased the Verpine’s tensions in the Pipes. 


Today, he is often found either in the Bastion listening to voice recordings of every resident (to get to know them better), observing apprentices and masters train on the training platforms, or at the shrine to Defender Shaava at the Gravesites communing with nature and the Ithorians when not performing his ship duties. In times of emergencies, he has the power to move the ship to another planet, a power he has exercised only once. 

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