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Torrin Ocho: The Sun-Dragon

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Real Name: Torrin Ocho

A.K.A: The Sun-Dragon

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human - Corellian


Physical Description


Age: 50

Height:  6’8”

Weight: 295 lbs

Hair: None

Eyes: Green

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Jensaarai Armor with significant damage

Weapon:  Lightsaber-orange


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Jensaarai

Current Faction Rank: Defender




Force Side: Light

Trained by: The Aric

Trained who: The Purrgil

Known Skills:

Lightsaber Combat - Form VII (Master)

Echani Martial Arts (Expert)

Metallurgy (Master)

Essential Jensaarai Skills (Master)



Force Skills:

Control Pain (Master)

Thought Shield (Master)

Force Cloak (Master)

Force Immersion (Master)

Force Barrier (Master)

Ballistakinesis (Expert)




Background:: Torrin Ocho was discovered at a young age and taken in by the Sith to be trained. The first half of his life was dedicated to learning, training in, and becoming an agent of the Sith; strong in the darkside. On a mission for his Sith overlords, leading the siege against a resistant world whose name has been lost to time, Torrin was lost in a fierce battle between Sith forces and local resistance fighters. He was presumed dead. Torrin’s battered and bruised body tumbled down a ravine the locals spoke of with an unholy fear, saying it was cursed and bottomless. There, in the darkness, his unconscious near-dead body was found by the Jensaarai task force that was planetside assisting the locals in their resistance. They had taken up residence in the pit. Torrin was placed in a force-induced healing trance and restrained in a secure bacta tank. After the siege was completed, the Jensaarai returned to their home, their unconscious and destroyed prisoner in tow.


Back at their home, the Jensaarai nursed Torrin back to health under a protective aura of light side energies. When he finally regained conciousness, Torrin was lost and confused and tried multiple times to fight his way free using his dark side powers. Each time, he was rebuffed and on occasion beaten back into submission by the Defenders assigned to guard him. Never restrained, only contained, Torrin slowly began to learn that escape was futile. During this time, Defenders would read to him the Jensaarai histories of the galaxy, many of which came from their ancient Sith holocron. Even as he resisted, the words of the Defenders began to soak into his mind and take root. Eventually Torrin began to ask questions and like an infant was slowly shown the ways of the Jensaarai. He was not judged and condemned for his consumption of the dark side, nor was this dependence on darkness allowed to be left unchecked. Torrin began to question his defenders, each of whom were well versed in Jensaarai lore and teachings. Each time, Torrin was rebuffed with logic and reasoning. Over time Torrin became more and more accepting and understanding of the Jensaarai and years later he became an Apprentice, tasked to learn under The Aric, one of the Defenders who had eventually rescued him and had knocked him into the pit in the heated battle.


The Aric trained Torrin in the Jensaarai ways, taking time to ensure that his Sith upbringing was not forgotten but was purged from his soul, turning a blackened soul back to the light. It was a lengthy and challenging task and numerous times The Aric had to resort to beating back the darkness in Torrin’s soul and helping him purge it through combative meditations.


While still an Apprentice, Torrin travelled with The Aric to confront a dark side cult that was supressing a people beyond the edges of the charted galaxy. There, The Aric fell in battle leaving Torrin alone on the world. Torrin refused to flee or surrender and stood his ground against the twisted magics of the cult. At one point, Torrin was able to call upon the force drawing the entirety of a firestorm, summoned by the enemy to destroy the village that had given shelter to The Aric and Torrin, away from the village and down upon himself. Had it not been for his full immersion in the light side of the force, Torrin would have been consumed entirely by the flame. As it was, Torrin was badly burned. Before passing out, in one final push, Torrin reversed the firestorm and sent it arcing back into the sky and cascading down upon the cultists where they were entirely consumed by their own dark flames.


Torrin was sheltered by the villagers he had saved and nursed back to health. These same villagers buried The Aric in their own traditions. Once healed, Torrin returned to the Jensaarai and told them of The Aric’s fall. This venture was the final test before Torrin was allowed to undergo the creation of his armor and the Rite of Ascension where he was bestowed with the title The Sun-Dragon.


As a defender, The Sun-Dragon has been a staunch guardian against any member who may be too tempted by the call of darkness. Often he is found guarding the Bastion and the holocron and Sith texts contained within. He takes joy in helping educate apprentices who, like he, came to the Jensaarai from other walks. He is compassionate but does not yield when anyone tries to argue with Jensaarai teachings or stances. The Sun-Dragon has struck down numerous Apprentices who refused to yield their ideals to the Jensaarai or tried to fight against the Jensaarai when they decided that they did not wish to follow the Jensaarai way.


The Sun-Dragon is one of few former Sith who have ever successfully undergone Jensaarai training and with that carries with him the brutality that is exemplified by Jensaarai combat in all that he does. To The Sun-Dragon everything is a battle. The Sun-Dragon is one of the best one-on-one combatants of the Jensaarai order.

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