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In search of a Jedi Master

Myth Hunter

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Chained to the floor, it allowed for limited movement, but at least it wasn't wholly restrictive. I could still shuffle around... with my feeble attempts to maintain some sort of physical fitness. But as time goes on, the body loses so much strength.


Malnourished and beaten, it is has been difficult to maintain my health.


But there is nothing else for me. My village was destroyed by the slavers who sold me to my current owner. I have no place to go, no one is coming for me, no one I know I can go to. This is all I have left, the constant shuffling from wall to wall with nothing but the sound of the chain to cut through the hollow silence of these forgotten cells.


But I'm out of cheesecake.

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Lor San Tekka, adventurist, explorer, scoundrel. He laughed as these titles were listed against his name. He had never particularly thought of himself as any of these. He simply lived his life drifting from one adventure to another, meeting new and exciting people, seeing new and wondrous sights. Following on the trail of rumours to find what was lost and forgotten.


And this trail had been one of his greatest adventures.


The Jedi master, Luke Skywalker, had gone missing and a great many people were eager to find him. Including Lor San's long time acquaintance, Leia Organa. The Princess turned Rebel leader had been an ally during the times of Emperor Palpatine. He had first met her when he was working as a supply runner on his homeworld of Alderaan, his captain at that time was also supplying information to the rebel alliance.


Of course, they were both a lot younger back then.


A lot of years had passed since those days. Many different paths that led him on many different journeys. But he always made time to drop by to see the Princess if he found any information of interest.


He drew his attention back to the present. This place was so big and full of people, he had no idea where to start looking for the clue to lead him to Luke Skywalker. That wouldn't stop him, but it was a daunting project.


Unfortunately at this moment he really had no choice. Captured and brought before the (self proclaimed) High Admiral, he was quickly losing whatever freedom he had to search the place.


But then again, maybe not. Perhaps this was the path he was meant to be on. Lor San was never one to believe in the Force completely... But he had seen things in his lifetime that made less sense than a Jedi's power.


Bound by chains at wrists and ankles, he found himself being dragged through dark hallways and damp staircases, heading deeper into the abyss of the dungeons. A place where people are easily lost and forgotten. Is this where the man is hiding from the galaxy?


The smell was overwhelming. Stench and rot filled the air repelling anyone who came near. The guards decided that placing him in a cell was too much time spent in this place, they removed his shackles and shoved him through a doorway before slamming it shut and locking it. They couldn't get away fast enough.


Once Lor San's eyes adjusted to the darkness, he managed to make out where the smell was coming from... Piles of bodies had been left to rot. Forgotten about. Abandoned.


He rushed from cell to cell checking to see if there was any sign of life.




No movement.


No sound.


Too dark to make out clear facial features. If indeed Skywalker was down here, there was no way of him finding out... Unless he got up close to the bodies.


Lor San looked back at the door. Well he had time.


He continued to walk down the corridor of cells and passed by a cell that was completely devoid of bodies. Backtracking, he stood before the cell staring into the darkness.




He strained his ears.


No, not empty.


There was a faint noise, breathing. Something was in there. And it was large, unless the darkness had distorted his sense of direction. But that sound definitely seemed to be coming from high up.


"Show yourself my friend. I mean you no harm. I am like you, a prisoner here."


There was movement in the darkness. The sound of chains scraping against rock and metal. Lor San tried to focus his weary eyes, he could make out a shape in the darkness as it moved towards him slowly. It was tall, very thin, kind of metallic in the shape of loops...


He focussed on the chains that clanked quietly as they swung. He could see that one end of the chain was bolted to the middle of the cell floor. The other end of the chain trailed up into the darkness of the ceiling. The breathing came from just inside the cell.


Suddenly, a small body of hair fell from the ceiling, flailing for a hold on the cell bars, trying to avoid the inevitable crash into the floor. Lor San reached his arms into the cell and caught the creature in his arms.


So light.

So skinny.

So... Weak.


Large sad eyes looked up at him, something flashed through them before slowly closing.


But I'm out of cheesecake.

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It's warm.


It feels warm and I feel light.


Have I died?


Did I really fall to my death?


I thought the man caught me.


Did he kill me?


At least it was painless.


At least I'm free of that place.


It's still dark though. Are my eyes open?


Opening my eyes, I found myself still surrounded by darkness. But the feeling had changed. A warmth surrounded me, comforted me. There was no more pain.


A sudden thought fired through my mind and the grogginess disappeared in an instant.


I'm not dead... I'm paralyzed!


Being paralyxed is worse than dead, it means that I will just lie here until I die. Lifeless, hopeless. The vermin in the cells will start to eat me before I die and I can't swat them away. Hopefully I won't be able to feel their gnawing teeth.


Curling my body into a tight ball, I start to sob. I have been so strong for so long, I had been determined that I would not break in this place. But now, after everything I have been through, I have finally broken... Physically and figuratively. All the aches and pains that I have been ignoring are crying out with me. The hunger, the injuries, the part of the ankle where the chain always rubs.


Mama, Papa, forgive my weakness. I am not strong enough to survive for you. I can't live on in your name for much- something touched my back.


There it is again!


Something is touching my back.


No... Something is... Caressing my back?


"It's okay little one." A voice grumbled from above my head. "You are safe now."


Something above my head moved to reveal the man from before. I was lying on his chest covered by his jacket.


"Are you well?" He asked me.


Looking around I realised we were outside my cell. But the bars are all intact still. How was this man able to free me from there?


"You are so small and skinny," he said as if reading my curious glances. "You slipped right though those bars. And it was not difficult for me to free your leg from the chain."


He slipped his hands under my arms and lifted me into the air. The jacket fell away and I could once again feel the coolness of the dungeon. I shivered in his grasp.


"Are you injured?"


Am I injured? He's asking if I'm injured! Did he not see me fall to my doom? Is he taking pity on me? I dropped my gaze to my dangling feet. Useless, lifeless! I can't even-


My foot moved. I lifted my leg. My muscles felt weak but I can move my legs. What silly thoughts I have been having.


With a smile I looked at the man. A smile blossomed on his own face. "Let's get out of here. I don't think I will find what I have set to look out for. But I have found you."


Putting his jacket back on, he zipped it up with me snuggled between him and the jacket. For the first time in a long time, I feel safe.


But I'm out of cheesecake.

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It was a waif of a creature, and it snuggled into him as he contemplated an escape. It wasn't long before he could feel the rhythmic breathing of sleep against his chest.


He was going to have to escape with this creature attached to him.


Should be fun. He thought to himself.


Heading back to the main door of the cell he tested the door.


"Luck be my lady." The door moved. In their haste to get away the guards had not closed the door properly. This was a chance to escape.


Lor San moved swiftly despite the creature in his jacket, up the stairs to the first landing. A door to the side was slightly ajar and allowed him to slip inside.


He moved through the rooms, at first moving cautiously in case of coming across one of the many guards of this place. But as room after room of seeing no one he gained more confidence to be able to walk through the rooms and hallways unhindered.


He found himself in one room which was different to all the rest. There were scraps of paper and drawings littering a desk. Detailed schematics of a weapon with the words Star Killer scrawled across it.


"Why is a small time, underworld crime lord trying to build a new superweapon?"


"Probably because it's an idea he stole from someone else and can sell it off." A smooth voice responded.


Lor San froze. He raised his hands up away from his body and turned around, acutely aware of the sleeping form hidden within his jacket.


As he turned his eyes focused upon the two muzzles aimed at him, drifted along to the young men holding the weapons and then finally to the smirking figure behind them.


"You, Sir..." Lor San growled. "Are a mynok."


Wedge Antilles chuckled. He waved his hand and the 2 young men with him withdrew their weapons. "It's been a while old man."


Lor San raised his eyebrows. "Old man?" he repeated. "I'll have you know I am not all that much older than you, you young sprite."


The two young men who had come with Wedge stifled a laugh as their much respected and battle worn General was called a 'young sprite'.


Wedge walked over to the table and eyed the schematics laid out on the table. With a nervous glance he looked at a device in his palm and frowned.


"We need to be careful," he whispered. "My droid was detecting another life form other than yourself in the area. They may have a sentinel on duty. But there are no alarms yet."


Lor San nodded and smiled. "Then there is no need to worry. The second life form is a good sign she is still alive."




Lor San patted his bulging jacket. "She."


"Wow," Wedge chuckled. "I don't know what to say. Congratulations, perhaps?" Wedge again looked at the device in his hand. "It's not the strongest of life signs. That's why I thought there may be a hidden sentinel in the room."


"Yes. She is strong and resilient. But even the hardest rocks are worn down with time."


For a few minutes the men quickly ran their eyes over the paperwork before them. Trying to gauge what this new superweapon was and how it would work.


Wedge frowned at the plans before him. "This makes no sense. How are they going to turn this into a weapon?"


"It's impossible. You would need to find a way to harness, control and hold the magnitude of power this is referring to. That can't be done on such a scale."


As the two men continued to discuss the possibility and implications, there was a series of soft beeps.


Wedge suddenly looked down at the device in his hand. Lor San could now see that it was a crude amalgamation of a communications device and life sign detector. The soft insistent beeps of a droid could be heard over it.


"We're out of time."


Wedge led the small party back through the entrance they had come from with Lor San following closely. Wedge seemed fully aware of the correct direction in the maze of rooms and corridors. Finally coming out into a spacious room... With a clean cut hole in the side of it. A door slid up within the hole and revealed an R12 unit.


"Ribbon, prep the shuttle."


But I'm out of cheesecake.

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My world is dark, and warm.


My world appears to be moving. Jarring and spinning. I'm surprised it's taken me this long to wake up.


The last that I remember was the human cradling me against him within his jacket.


Was he now performing a daring escape whirling through the air with me attached to him?


I wriggled myself into a position to peer over the top of the jacket. We are not moving... The vehicle we occupy is moving.


And fast.


I can see out the front viewscreen a whirling of colours and shapes as the pilot dodges and weaves through what appears to be an insane number of ships trying desperately to destroy us.


The pilot's attempts at destroying us also seem desperate.


My stomach lurches as the gravity dampeners struggle 2 seconds behind the ships movements, trying to keep up with the sudden spinning and random speed changes.


"Are you okay little one?"


Turning my head, I look into the face of the human male from the cells. His face is ashen and his lips are tight. But his eyes are full of concern. I give him a nod and he returned his gaze to the front viewscreen.


Systems blare from all around the cockpit. I am in awe of this pilot who appears calm... almost happy, with our current predicament.


One of the warning sounds changes pitch and things change instantly. The pilot begins turning towards a gap between two large ships and as the smaller fighters begin to scramble to intercept the trajectory, one of the co-pilots launches us into hyperspace.


And we are gone from that mess.


But I'm out of cheesecake.

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