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  1. Proem Population: 9,143,945 (96% Droid, 3.7% ‘Unified’ Species, .3% Other) Found far out in the outer rim near wild space, Proem is a unique place in the galaxy: Originally a colony for Givin explorers in the days of the old republic, it is now a planet run and inhabited by droids. A small oceanic planet with three small continents and one crashed capital ship, droids have successfully made a livelihood here that rivals several planets in the galaxy. While the capital ship called Secu is ruled by a council of droids known as the Archetypes as well as the holistic security force known as The Exemplars, the planet also lets the droids govern themselves on the continents of Unitunos, Coloros, and Wildelen. Whether a droid is fleeing its creators, seeking an independent life, or trying to avoid a bounty, almost any droid is accepted here as an asylum seeker. However, the success of the planet heavily relies on the fact that it is so far out of the way of the usual space lanes that it holds no strategic value and that very few organizations know of its existence. However, given recent events on the planet and in the galaxy, it may soon attract more notice from the wider galaxy. Geography “Ah, Proem. Such a fascinating planet. Beautiful landscapes, fungal forests, purple oceans… Do you like the color purple? I do. It's the color of royalty and power. But remember, not all the places here are good for you. Choose your way carefully. Just because you escaped the organics fear of you doesn’t mean you are immune to danger here.” -Bolts the Courtly, to a new droid asylum seeker Proem is the 10 of 12 planets orbiting a red supergiant star. Its rotation lasts 96 hours, and an orbit around the star lasts 462 rotations. The gravity on the planet is standard, and while the atmosphere is slightly thinner than most planets, it is breathable to humans. About 80% of the planet is salt water. Due to some kind of algae in the waters, all of the water has a strange purple tinge to it. While this algae can be unnerving to some species, the water is completely harmless. Three small continents, as well as a bunch of archipelagos dotting the oceans, stretch across the planet, as well as one artificial landmass, the remains of a capital ship from a bygone era. This cubical capital ship has been looked over, examined, and studied by countless droids, but no one has identified who the original creators were. The northernmost continent is mostly a snow covered landscape with cities dotting all over the environment, circling around the immense mountains that circle the north pole. The central continent that is closest to the planet's equator is a thin tropical stretch covered with large fungi plants, similar to what is found on Felucia. Finally, the southernmost island is a mixture of stripped deserts, grassy plains and fungal forests. All three continents have some heavy industrialization however, and the droids who reside on all of these land masses are continually expanding the city lines. History “No one knows who or what the Primary was. It's strange really. Since our kind arrived here, we have been striving to build a place that welcomes all droids, and just when all our efforts may have fallen apart, the Primary appears to hold us intact. A brilliant move tactically I say. Some say he’s Secu given a body. Those same droids think that when we are about to fall apart again, Primary will return. Maybe he will. I doubt it though….” - Bolts the Courtly, to a new droid asylum seeker. The earliest records of Proem come from records on Yag’Dhul. The Givin had named the planet Yisa’vala, and had built several small towns on the three separate continents in 4335. No where in the Givin records does it mention the crashed capital ship. However, according to the droids who came to the planet later, it appeared that the Givin had died from some kind of disease. Around 4014 BBY, a group of 90 droid refugees from the Great Droid Revolution from Coruscant found themselves on the planet. Using the remains from the Givin ruins, the materials from their own ships, and each other, these droids started to make a colony on the strange fallen capital ship in the planet’s oceans. Remaking the insides of the ship to suit their purposes, they soon began production of various kinds of droids and factories in order to create a large city. In 4010 BBY, now numbering 900,000, officially declared the planet theirs, and as a place for all freed droids to find a kind of sanctuary from the organics that ruled the rest of the galaxy. They named the planet Proem and selected a council of droids called the Archetypes to represent all of those on the planet. Unfortunately, peace did not last. When the Archetypes began implementing laws to help the droids interact with each other and to assign levels of importance to projects, the droids began to fight with each other, their personalities glitching and becoming violent. The droids said that they had revolted so that they could choose their own futures, and not bow to some new set of laws. Droids began separation into factions based on ideals and began having wars with each other. The Archetypes, while elected but lacking a formal military, struggled to restore order. It was shortly after this date that the Primary emerged from the bowels of the mysterious ship. A figure as mysterious as the creators of the ship, this being quickly got to work by recruiting other droids, implementing its knowledge into them, and helping them become a security force on the ship. It enforced a brand new set of laws to help the growing colony of droids, as well as spreading an ideology that following the laws is a choice in of itself. However, these laws were not to extend beyond the borders of the ship, which it called Secu. While the Primary and the Archetypes fought at first, they eventually found an agreement. The droids listened and obeyed the Primary. His chosen security force, known as Exemplars, brought order to the ship and spread the Primary’s ideologies. After 50 years of this, the Primary went back into the darkest portions of the ship, leaving his Exemplars to continue his teachings and security duties. His last words to any droid was ‘All are one. But one is all. The Lawless outside will know this’. These last words confused the droids greatly. While some droids had begun to emigrate to the continents on the planet, a large group of droids left the ship and colonised the islands, hoping to become the ‘lawless’ that the Primary mentioned. For the next 400 years, droids would often emigrate to the continent's based on their views of what the Primary meant. The Northern continent became Unitunos, where the droids have begun a hive-mind community. The central contentment became Coloros, where each droid maintains its individuality but is involved in some kind of individual faction or gang. The southernmost continent was named Wildelen, a place where anarchy is the only constant. Residents “Yes, so many droids. We are a droid refugee planet after all! Course there are a few organics, but last week the ratio was approximately 24 droids to 1 organic. If you want to interact with organics more, I know this adorable rodian family in the organic district. Oh! Sorry, you probably want some time away from organics. No worries, the chance of you meeting one on accident is less than a percent. “ Bolts the Courtly, to a new droid asylum seeker As a droid run planet, most of the planet is inhabited by droids. The largest group of droids reside on Secu, holding about a third of all the planet’s population, with the rest almost evenly divided between the three continents and small islands. Surprisingly, there are very few droid factories on the planet, as an order from the Primary that started in Secu that carried over unofficially to the continents that no sentient being will be created on Proem without an Exemplar’s blessing. Instead, the planet relies on immigrants and refugees from other planets. Droids who arrive on Corus 10 can easily claim asylum and start the long process of obtaining citizenship. This process involves a thing called the ‘Test of Sentience’, which no droid will speak of willingly, and those who fail are found outside of Secu as lifeless chassis. However, those droids who simply want to disappear often go to Coloron or Wildelen, where they can slip away unnoticed. However, over time Proem has seen a share of organic immigrants. Most organics who land on the planet are only around for a short time, as the droids here have developed an extreme distrust towards all organic beings. However, some do make a life here, with most living on Secu, where the laws marginally protect them. Traders in rare goods and exotic materials may come to Proem, since the planet has its own natural resources that can be used, though their are just as many droids leaving the planet to trade with other planets instead of revealing the location of Proem. Horrifyingly, many organics wind up Unitunos. The droids here believe that the Primary’s last words of ‘One is all’ applied not only to the droids but to sentient organics as well. Here many beings are forced to take on numerous cybernetic implants and replacements, including specially designed AJ^6 cyborg constructs. This headgear wipes out all personality of the wearer and essentially brainwashes them and connects them to the droid hivemind on Unitunos. As of yet, there are no restored survivors who have suffered at the hands of the Unifiers. Society “Well, if you want to belong to a group, just pick one according to your interpretation of the Primary’s last words. Think your individuality is all important? Colores is a good choice. Course, you can do that on Wildelen, but they are much too barbaric for me. No laws, you know? But if you want perfect order, then Unitunos is a good choice. I, however, prefer Secu. Just more balanced all around, and the protection of the Exemplars is always nice” - Bolts the Courtly, to a new droid asylum seeker Each continent has its own form of government. Currently, Secu has the most stable government with a body of rulers known as the Archetypes making choices on behalf of all the droids in Secu. These 25 droids have terms of 50 years, and then choose a successor to replace them. Any laws made by the Archetypes are then submitted to the Exemplars who review the laws with the ideologies and codes the Primary left for them before leaving. The Archetypes can never be rechosen and must be a citizen of Secu. Secu has the largest population on the planet, as well as the largest group of organics on the planet. New jobs and opportunities are a constant here, as well as the potential of being chosen to become an Archetype or even an Exemplar. Theoretically, an organic could be on the council of Archetypes or chosen to become an Exemplar, but one so far has not been chosen or publicly recommended. New visitors, both droid and organic, are often confronted by Exemplar Bolts the Courtly (Male NG Model-88 series administration droid), who insists on showing new visitors around, or at least sending some help to show new droids around. Unitunos has developed a hive-mind system of government, where every being, while still having a trace of personality, are connected to each other. Each droid here refers to themselves as ‘we’ and all choices are made together. Sadly, this includes any organics who have been forcefully ‘unified’. Unitunos has seen the most development lately, with its citizens blindly taking up whatever jobs assigned to them ‘for the better of the collective’. While they do not have many droid making factories, numerous weapons, vehicles, ships, and other military devices are often made here for the whole planet, making many other droids worry that soon they too may be forcibly ‘unified’. The face of Unitunos is Won-Won Dee, (female LE CZ-series communication droid), and is probably the only friendly tone organics will hear when speaking to a unifier. Coloros cities within the dense jungle forests are constantly fighting back nature. Everything here, from the forests to the animals to the rainfall seems designed to break down the droids, but they continue fighting on. Running on the philosophy that the Primary meant that ‘All are one’ means everyone has to choose a life for themselves, Coloros’ citizens believe that each being must embrace what makes them unique and choose their paths here. Freedman the Freed Man (Male CN BX-series droid commander) claims that he and his B-1s have the continent under control, but he is only just a local gang leader, albeit the one with most land and the one most outsiders come into contact with. Government on Coloros is more akin to a bunch of gangs or nations ruling sections of the continent with civilians pledging alliengence to whomever is in charge. Gang wars are a way of life for some. Visitors comment that almost every droid on this continent has painted themselves and the buildings around them with unique colors according to their affiliation. Wildelen is constantly having anarchy all the time. Clans quickly form and dissolve as the droids follow the idea that they were meant to be lawless above all, and not follow any rules or decisions set out by others. This ideology has led to Wildelen being the least developed of all of Proem. The current most powerful warlord is Bloody Conflict (Female CE Red Terror droid), who has barely managed to keep a small clan using intimidation and fear, and is actively sending people to recruit in Secu. Conflicts/Threats The greatest threat to everyone on the planet is the local wildlife. Each of the continents have predatory creatures that all organics need to avoid, ranging from the giant crimson spider-like Cre’emar on Wildelen to the ooze-covered Lilili on Unitunos’ coastlines. The fungal forests have developed a mutated form of mynock that tends to feed on the droids who live on the planet, which unfortunately have spread all over the planet. Worse of all are the sea creatures. Beneath the algae, the purple oceans hold numerous monstrous sea creatures the galaxy has not seen before. Secu gets lots of visitors from all three continents and as a result, gets the worst of the droids from them. Unifiers have been known to kidnap droids and organics alike. Gang wars from Coloros spill over into the streets of Secu, and wild anarchists make a mess wherever they go. While the Exemplars do their best to keep the peace for both organics and droids, they have their hands full. Most noticeably, droids and organics do not get along as well as hoped. While there are a large number of droids who want to live alongside organics, some droids show a kind of feeling they experienced before being freed. When an organic is found dead on the streets with a blaster shot in its back, the investigation doesn’t go too deeply into it. Important Sites Secu Sunken Passages Despite all the best efforts to repair and maintain Secu, some sections of the ship are impossible to repair. Whether they are flooded by purple water, inhabited by dangerous creatures, or structurally unsound, the deepest parts of Secu are closed off. The Sunken Passages however hold two obstacles. One is that the flooding and lack of light. Pitch-black flooded tunnels, tight, narrow corridors and broken down machinery make most travel near impossible. The other obstacle is that all droids seem to mysteriously lose their power the further they travel into the ship, as if the ship itself was draining their power cells. The reason behind this is unclear. Since all droids consider this is the route the Primary took when he left, they reason that only one who is worthy may go and awaken Primary once again. The Crypts The home base for the Exemplars, these tomb-like corridors and rooms are intricate, complex and labyrinthine. With a hallway connected to nearly every part of Secu, Exemplars are able to quickly get to any situation immediately. Some of the rooms have been repurposed and redesigned into training quarters, where new recruits, chosen by current and impressed Exemplars, are tested and taught the art of security, as well as the secret teachings of the Primary from the Exemplar leader known only as The Oathmaker (LG Male Magnaguard). However, the most unusual thing about these corridors are the dead bodies. Corpses of a short, hairy and unknown species, possibly the original creators of Secu, are perfectly preserved in coffins made of Kyber crystal. These areas were originally sealed off, but when the Primary appeared, he opened it for his followers only. As such, only the Exemplars know about the bodies, the Oathmaker, and how to navigate the Crypts. Kyber Crown Casino With most beings running on logic and sound reasoning, the opportunity to gamble is a novel adventure, especially when the games are designed by droids for droids. Even the best droids struggle at the seemingly near-random games involved here, and get a kick out of them. For those who aren’t interested in games, the casino holds several rooms where droids can try things that would’ve been impossible back on their home worlds, whether that includes pleasure rooms, practicing high-society customs, or anything else, legal or not. The owner, Boss Kybero (NE Male JV-Z1/D Butler Droid) knows who’s palms to grease to keep his business out of Exemplar examinations, and knows a number of underground contacts throughout the planet. Organic District Small and tight, these quarters house a variety of organics who are trying to make the planet home. Filled with housing, storefronts, and a few factories, the district’s population struggle to make sure they aren’t intimidated by the automated machines around them. The head of the district, Zuldo Lesto (LN Male Gank), has secured an oath from the Exemplars to have increased security in the district so that wandering droids won’t assault residents. Still, each citizen tends to carry a weapon on hand, and there is no guarantee security will help outside the district. Unitunos Peakilos The mountains at the north pole of Proem hold all of the Unifier’s collective memories and transmitters capable of simultaneous communication across the entire solar system between Unifiers. Every single Unifier is connected to the mountains at all times, at a cost to their personality. Since these places are the most important places in Unitunos and the literal heart of the Unifiers, Peakilos is constantly patrolled by automated ships and guards. This place also holds one major secret: every single Unifier is downloaded and merged together into one massive brain known only as One. This brain is constantly creating new designs of ships, weapons, and droid chassis that rival those across the galaxy. In addition to creating new designs to go into production, One also directs all Unifiers in their various missions. Inner District Nicknamed the Forges by outsiders, the area around Peakilos is a massive factory at its core. Similar to what most people would stereotype a droid world would be, the inner district is constantly working to produce whatever new designs Peakilos makes. Surprisingly, despite the below freezing temperatures and high altitudes surrounding the mountains, the Inner district is hot from the activity that is constantly happening. While the Inner District allows visitors, no one enters on account that the District is unable to sustain most life due to the heat and poisonous gasses. Everything that is forged here is immediately transported to either the Outer District for processing or to Secu. Coloros Sword Beach Contrary to popular belief in Seru, the droids do fight each other. While no droid would ever dream of attacking Seru, there is a small-scale war occurring between the independent thinkers of Coloros and the hive-minded soldiers of Unitunos. Most often, this war takes place on Sword beach, the point closest between the two continents. The purple waters wash over destroyed and rusted chassis, unactivated mines and partially destroyed vehicles. This is a warzone at all times, and visitors are warmed against wandering too much around here. The Painted City This abandoned cubic Givin city is a spectrum of painted colors and designs. While large, the city is mostly abandoned. However, large gangs of droids mark claims in the city as their own, and are not afraid to fight for their territories. However, not everywhere is a war zone. Droids who swear allegiance to certain gangs get protection from them in exchange for their services, whether that is manufacturing work, maintenance, or even providing music and painting gang markings on buildings. Most droids in Coloros emphasize that this is what makes them different from Wildelen: they still have society to protect. Mynock Grove This part of the fungi forests is the original home of the variant mynocks that plague Proem. The Fungi forests of Proem are naturally charged and the mynocks fed on it for centuries until the droids arrived. When they did, these mynocks would swoop in on lone droids, grab them with their legs, and carry them away to the grove to feed on them. As such, the grove has become a graveyard for droids, and no droid willingly enters it, nor will they level it in fear of scattering the mynocks into space. Some droids reported having seen the Syrenock in the night, a black mynock that could speak and imitate certain noises to lure prey, and large enough to wreck starships. However, these reports have never been confirmed. Wildelen Blood Circle If one wants to battle on Proem, no one needs to look further then Wildelen, where all violence is encouraged. However, for those who want some form of hierarchy in their battle, or want to become a temporary icon on Proem, the Blood Circle is the place to go. Owned by the eccentric and animated Rakket (NE Female Protocal Droid), Blood Circle is a large pit in an abandoned Givin settlement. Tournaments here can last for weeks, and with each battle recorded and broadcasted to the rest of the planet, there is never a shortage of entertainment or betting scenarios. Rakket even posts bounties on her own champions, just to make sure that they either stay in top shape and return for grander matches, or die painfully, The Crystal Cave In the middle of the desert on Wildelen is a large cave system that is a natural maze system. However, it holds one of the greatest treasures of Proem: a kyber crystal mine. Miles deep, this natural treasure trove has only barely been touched thanks to the wild, violent droids above. However, mining droids from all the continents occasionally try to get in quick, grab as many crystals as possible, and return to their bases. However, these teams are often attacked by the droids of Wildelen on the way out, as well as other teams trying to raid the crystals in an easier location. Large craters across the landscape are a testament to how many teams failed their missions. First Sight Lab Somewhere in Wildelen are several entrances that lead to a massive underground laboratory. What started as an observation outpost by Unifiers to monitor the droids of Wildelen became so much more elaborate. The overseer, S3-3R (LE Female CZ-series unit) became obsessed with gathering as much knowledge on free will of other droids as well as how they work. S3-3R has expanded and continually reorganizes the lab over and over again to make new tests, and kidnaps droids of Wildelen, the best demonstrators of free will. Occasionally drones have been sent across Proem to kidnap anyone who might fulfill S3-3R’s odd and particular requirements.
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