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  1. Sirena chuckled coyfully at Solus, so innocent and refreshing, like a small mouse. Her gaze then turned toward the child's 'father', her hand snaking into the small satchel and producing a small baked disc with what appeared to be small chunks of darkened sugar based creme. With a sarcastic chuckled, she took a bite, wiping her lips after with her small pinky finger before she spoke. "But they're so delicious." "But you're right." She spoke, tossing the rest of the treat into her mouth before continuing. "I do have alterior motives for being here. And no, Darth Helios doesn't know I followed the four of you here, at least not in the sense that he asked." Sirena took a seat opposite them, her blue gaze piercing even amidst the darkness, as she recalled her catching eye of them earlier in the streets and her following them and watching them from the shadows. While some of it may have been embellished, most of it was truth. She had a flair of being dramatic in the most awkwardest ways, but it was mainly for show, a means that even the deadliest Assassins hadn't yet to figure out. While most thought her skill was wasted on her loss of intelligence, they failed to see the truth in her game, and often became victims to it. A smile crept upon her face. "I was curious about the three of you." Sirena spoke, the air around them growing cold. "I wanted to know the potential that each of you held and if you would be worthy Apprentices to poach."
  2. Just as quick as the mist had rolled in, did it roll out, its white haze separating from the blackened plume. And like the mist, the four bodies disappaited back into the plume from which they had came, the crimson letters disappearing and the blackened plume returning to its pyramidal prison within the girl's pocket, leaving the darkened chamber empty and silent. Slowly the shadows before them moved and parted, revealing the blue eyes of Lady Sirena as she stepped into view with a cackle and bravado applause for the trio. "My, my, my....The Crystalline did as expected." She spoke with a coyful pride as she eyed Solus before turning to Roshan and Aliss. "Haven't you heard the saying about curiosity, my dear Kitten?" Sirena was of short stature, but was seductively beautiful, even for those of the same sex. Her raven hair flowed in the breeze apart from the proportioned locks that sat tightly to the sides of her head and the makeup adorning her face fluttered in the light as she stepped forward clearly, her walk almost floating across the stoned floor. Her hand reached down and grabbed her laced gown as she dipped her head in an elegant bow before her gaze rose to face all three. "Forgive my manners. I am Lady Sirena." She spoke adequately, her tone soft and playful. "As for as the Holocron, the test was to resist, not touch it. But Master Helios was never one for all the details and preferred his students to play with fire." Sirena briefly glanced down at her prosthetic arm before glancing back up to the trio. With a grin, she finished. "And don't worry. I'm not part of it, that is, unless you want to get burnt." Chuckling, she was curious to see how they would react.
  3. Sirena simply watched, her blue eyes gazing with slight disappointment as each struggled with their own grasp for power. They were true fledglings in every sense of the word, individual, and selfish. They held no part in the Spider's Empire, at least, yet. The Cathar was agile and nimble, but so was most of his species. The mech was powerful, but raw and untapped. And the female was useless and seemed more bark than bite. Perhaps Master Helios was wrong in their potential and they weren't worth teaching. But who was she to judge? As the machine down his first and stood to engage the second, as the Cathar cleaved his own into pieces, and as the girl sat entranced in the center, Sirena stepped from the shadows, a mixture hue of white mist with blackened plume filling the room with her entrance, Sirena's voice boomed with enchantment. "Stil mijn Lammeren en luister naar mijn woorden, want de Sirene begint te zingen." Sirena's voice echoed as her form disappeared into the thickened mist and plume. "Laat mijn kusten uw ondergang spellen." And when she emerged, she stood behind the great beast, her blade buried in it's back and protruding it's chest, its crimson hue enlightening the befallen beast as it crumpled back into the plume from which it had came. Four had came, and three had fallen. Now only the beast that Solus faced remained. Sirena's face crinkled in her displeasure, bringing her prosthetic arm up to her face as she placed its metallic thumb and forefinger across the arch of her nose as she deactivated her blade. With her remaining arm, she snapped her fingers with a hiss and twirled her arm through the air, gathering up the kinetic energy around them, and slamming her dominant foot forward, released its energy toward the disconnected beast as the sound of thunder pierced the room's walls with blinding sonic speeds. As she turned toward the exit, she gleefully listened to the beasts agony just as Solus would surely end it for her.
  4. And so her pupil had chose... Insignificant, meaningless, fear. His passion fizzled like a kindling flame as the last ember found its self drown within the breath that gave it life. Roran never showed, and so Sirena took back to her ways of living in solace, binding her time until one of worthiness presented themselves. And because of this, months had go by. Visiting the market place one day, Sirena caught glimpse of an old friend, three persons in tow. Curious, she followed, wondering where the old coot was going and what he was up to. It wasn't all that long ago that she herself had walked the very same path under his tutelage until her Master was found and she wondered if they too were new prospects, and if perhaps, through Helios, she would find her own student. From the shadows, she watched inquisitively, patient in seeing things unfold. The Masked One held potential, if only held back by his ego. The metallic one was inquisitive and new, like a bright eyed child questioning everything. That in its self was a heavy fault, too trusting and naive. And the female, brash and bold, like the fire that light her personality, likely to burn out before her potential was even realized. From the shadows her blue gaze fell upon the Master, and she too saw his own realizations before he departed and the young ones went about their own conclusions. In silence she would watch things unfold in the shadows, waiting to see how they would truly grasp this lesson. If she knew one thing, Helios had a flare for throwing students from the fire pan and into the fire, and she was quite curious as to how these three would react to their own curiosity.
  5. "Makes sense." She teased in response to his answer. In truth, very few studied planets outside any they had ever physically been to, Sirena included. She pulled herself from his bed and stood at its end, the silk and leathered robes she adorned making little sound and were more revealing than anything. After all, seduction was her main weapon and as an Assassin, it was a deadly one. "As for our purpose, I havent really decided fully yet. The Jungles around Iziz are dangerous, but you're training isn't advanced enough for them yet. In truth, my own isn't up to par to take you there alone. Masters are the only ones who tread there alone." Her gaze while she spoke this watched Roran gather himself, her eyes portraying a sense of kinship that Roran would rarely see amongst their kind. "But there are untapped secrets around that could be incorporated into future endeavors. Tell me. What path do you wish to follow? Judging by your attachment to armor, you seem to follow the path of the warrior, but your affinity for Pyromancy are calls to the Krath. These things will tell me where we go once we reach Onderon." With that said, Sirena exited his chambers and headed toward the spaceport. There were reasons she left her talk lingering in her departure, leaving him to question himself as much as his future. When he was ready, she would be at the ship awaiting his answer. She could not choose his future, but she could guide him correctly. After all, the next part of his training is what will define him and guide the drive behind what she held in store.
  6. When Sirena awoke the next day, her eyes gazing upward toward the crimson skies of Korriban, she wasn't too shocked to see her Apprentice gone. Her mind flowed back toward her own Apprenticeship, the excitement, the mysteries left to uncover, etc. Rising from the sand, she reached out her hand and covered the fire from the night before, leaving any trail of them having been there buried beneath its surface. Gathering her things, she quickly made for the Academy. After arriving, she too took the moments to pack her essentials, hop into the refresher, and apply a fresh coat of make up as well as change her own robes. As she gazed into the mirror before her, twirling about, she giggled. "Perfection as always Mi'lan." She spoke, winking at herself in the mirror, before she turned to exit, her things in tow. As she knocked on Roran's door, she heard him answer, but she played little heed, and let herself in. "Did you rest well last night Roran?" She poised as she laid her things aside and sat down upon his bunk, placing her hands upon her criss-crossed legs with a joyful bounce in her mood. "Do you know much about Onderon? I've never been there myself, but I hear the Dark King is rather handsome.... Well, maybe not as handsome as you, but in his own way." Sirena tended to babble like this alot, a ditzy side very evident in her personality. But there was also a very temperamental side buried deep within her as well. Very few people saw it, which is why she stood out from her colleagues, but it was there all the same, and dangerous. After asking her question, her gaze turned to Roran, her attention to whether he was clothed or not making little matter at this moment.
  7. "Now you're getting it." She spoke with a smile as she stepped away, briefly ducking as the object nearly took her head off her shoulders, causing chill bumps to rise all over her skin. "The Force flows through us just as it does the pillar before you, the sand beneath you, and the air in which you breath. "Come. Sit." Sirena spoke as she sat cross legged upon the sands as night began to fall upon Korriban. Closing her eyes and opening her mind, small chunks of stone, broken roots, all began to encircle her and she prepared a fire pit before her. Once the stones encircled the dead and dry roots, she focused herself deeper into the Force and a small crackle of lightning flew from her hand, sparking the roots and starting a fire. Reaching into her satchel, she pulled enough food from it for both of them, including a bag of cookies. "You know the reasons why peace is a lie, the very passions for life existing for a reason. And I've taught that through your passions, you gain strength." She spoke, rubbing her hands briefly as the cold Korriban air began to subtly blow, causing her to retrieve her cloak. "But without power, strength through passion alone cannot sustain you. This is the basic Sith Philosophy, and I will teach you only a portion at a time so that you truly grasp their meanings." Sirena sat in silence after saying that, mainly to finish her meal, but also to allow him to reflect upon her words and what he has learnt during his own meal. But as she swallowed her last bite, she smiled and wiped the leftover from upon her lips. "Tomorrow we will depart Korriban for Onderon. So if you wish, you can adorn your armor once again" She laid back against the sand as she curled up in her cloak and looked up at the stars above them. "Or, if you've grown accustomed to the Robes, you can wear them. Either way is fine. But now that you've learn the three basic tenets, all of which you can read from the Datapad, you're true training will begin." She waited a few moments incase Roran held any reserved questions. If he did not, she would soon be asleep and tomorrow would bring him a new era.
  8. "Well..." Her faced pouted as she gazed at him, releasing the pillar from the grasp she had upon it and letting fall back into the crevasse from which it had be pulled from. "Guess it means no cookie for you." Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a small cookie and threw it into her mouth as she approached him. Shaking her head, she spoke with a jest. "If it were easy, there'd be hundreds of Sith Masters running about here on Korriban rather than the many Acolytes, Apprentices, few Sith Lords and only a couple of Masters stationed here." Placing her hand roughly mid way up his back and straddling her form against his backside. "With each person, it is different. Some take it to it like breathing, others it comes in time. But I'll demonstrate it the best I can." Placing slight pressure against his back with her artificial hand, Sirena spoke. "Close your eyes. Imagine the feel of my hand as the current of the Force you saw earlier that flows into you." Reaching up with her other hand, she traced his arm softly with her fingertips until her fingers rested upon his, speaking as she did. "Next, imagine that current flowing from you, down your arm, and out of the palm of your hand." Staying beside him, she waited to see if he reacted accordingly. "Try not to focus too much on the task at hand, but rather upon the current that flows through you," She spoke softly and calmly into his ear. "Let your passions and desire guide it, assert your will and control upon it, and lift it."
  9. Sirena chuckled at a remark he made, but kept her reply silent until his lesson concluded. "Its not say that using the Darkside mutilates your form where the lightside preserves it, but rather.... She goes quiet for a moment, her mind wandering around the best way to express it before she finishes it. "Think of your form like a flower. If you leave it be, it will stay the same. Much like the Jedi are taught to view the Force. But if you pluck it for another, no matter the care that is given, it will eventually wilt away. That is the life of passion." Sure, you could follow the light, live the same life day by day, never knowing life through your passions. She chuckled half heartily, almost scoffing at the idea. "But to live through your passions, no matter the cost, is worth living. A Jedi can live his entire life and never know their self. But Sith live each day knowing themselves to the fullest." She stepped to the side a few feet, her voice echoing around them, carried upon the whispering winds. "And now that you've seen the Force, you understand the lesson: Through Passion, I gain Strength" Sirena closes her eyes, inhaling slowly as she places the palms of her hands outward, and as she exhales, the ground around them begins to tremble and shake. Sweat beads down her brow and her faces scrunches with fierce focus as she bites her lower lip between her teeth. At first, the sand seems to only to be rolling toward them, each individual grain following the other. But as her face scrunches more in her intense focus, the ground seems to rise and the hidden figure of a sunken pillar begins to form as she unearths its marbled form completely as it balances before them. Opening her eyes, she grins as she gazes at Roran, holding it in place with her prosthetic hand as she reaches toward the sky with her fleshed hand, sparks of static forming just as an intense bolt of lightning ripped from the sky and split the marbled pillar in two, one half slamming into the sand. Turning toward her Apprentice, maintaining her hold upon the half that remained before her, she spoke, the strain apparent in her voice. "And here's your next lesson. Focus yourself through your passion and understand the Force that flows through you. Use that to your advantage and attempt to lift the other half of the pillar just as you have seen me do." She winked as she placed her free hand back to relieve the strain forced by her holding it in place using one hand. "Do this, and I'll give you a cookie."
  10. "Good. You've gotten a taste of the potential that lays within you." Sirena spoke, nodding her head in approval. Reaching out, she grabbed his injured hand and rubbing a small salve she had gathered from her pouch, its touch cool and soothing. As she withdrew her hand, she winked at Roran. "It will only prevent it from blistering, but the pain will remain. Remember it and cherish it, for pain is the reminder that you're alive." Sirena stood up, dusting herself off as she instructed her student to remain as he was, encircling him as she moved about. "Now that you have felt the touch of the Force, it will only get easier, and it's pain will only intensify. Some belief it to be a gift, others, a curse. But the reality is that it is both." She let her words sink in while she gathered her own thoughts. "I say that because the Force doesn't just flow through us each individually. It flows through all, even the rock you set aflame, just I have said." "Like ourselves, the Force has a will of it's own. Not sentient perhaps, but it still possesses it's own divination. It is intertwined with Nature, guiding it as much as Nature guides it, symbioticly. This is why murder, revenge, empathy, kindness, and even co-existence can be found constant in the natural order for any form of life." She stopped briefly in front of him. "And in the same sense, we share the same symbiotic relationship with the Force through our own natural order. And through training, we can guide all three in whatever way we see fit. Such is the power we are given, but not without a price." Sirena started walking again, but this time, stopped behind him and upon leaning down, wrapped her arms around the young Apprentice, her lips close to his ear. "We can feel pain, death, wrath, envy... all emotions and passion of those that surround us and even in the Force and Nature as well. But unlike the Jedi, we accept this price wholeheartedly. Our forms will grow twisted and grotesque as our powers grow and amplify, the cause and effect of accepting such truths." Rising up with a soft grunt, Sirena chuckled and moved back to his forefront, her subtle teasing coming to an end. "Now that you have touched a few drops of the Force's touch and understand the truth of its nature, your next task is to let it guide you. Forget about your own passions and reach outward. Feel the passions of the life that surrounds us, even my own, and reach out as far as you can. For it's not only your own passions that can empower you, but so can the passions that surround you. Sirena let her guard down, allowing Roran to invade her mind if he so wished. But all he would find was her lust for acceptance and her rage against rejection. Those two were the passions that defined her very core. But the reasons why would elude him if he did see inside her.
  11. She chuckled, her eyes still closed as she felt her pupil's frustration, his desire to understand himself not without warrant. As to truly understand one's self was to truly know one's own heart. With a soft tone she spoke. "What you feel is wrath. It is a passion born of both anger and hatred, yet at the same, not. To feel another's pain and know it, is to feel empathy for that person. And by feeling that empathy is to feel their rage, and from that rage, you feel their wrath as much as your own. Such is to recognize what separates you from the stagnant Jedi." She signed a deep exhale, focusing herself solidly, letting her own mind flow upon the thoughts of his own. "It is not inherently dark to feel empathy for another, because of our natural nature, it is hardwired into us from before birth. What separates us is that we act upon it. We revel in it. We become it. We see what is done and we act accordingly, choosing to follow our nature rather than to fight it. Because as I've said, to fight our nature is to fight ourselves." She chuckled one again. "Let the Jedi fight their nature and decide what is right or wrong. That is their nature, to decisively argue against their own. But as Sith, we know the true path of simply acting. Defend the weak. Seek revenge of the harmed. Let the morals that bind you melt away and do as you wish. Such is the freedom given to us." "The world views us as criminals, heretics even, mainly because we choose not to follow the moral high ground." Her blue gaze finally opens, staring straight at Roran. "But that's okay. We dont care how the Galaxy views us, only how we view ourselves. And honestly, I'd rather be viewed a criminal than a pacifist who sits idly by. That is the truth of any Sith." As the wind began to slowly pick up around them, Sirena covered her form, pulling the cloak to protect against the swirling shards of dust. "The side of the Force known as the Dark Side is simply known as that because we stick to no morals, rather choosing to free ourselves to simply be ourselves. And in that, we find our true nature. Which is the lesson for today. Find yourself, understand yourself and your nature, and free yourself of stagnation. Act upon your passions and let them grow with you, and in the end, discover yourself."
  12. "Good." She spoke as she heard him come out of his trance, his delving deeper than she predicted. He had stood on the precipice of the Force and the gasping for air was a reaction from taking the plunge. Only those with raw talent feared not to tread where others dared not to. She grinned as he spoke his passions, her eyes still closed and focusing on what he was feeling as he delved. He was close to the truth, but he had not truly seen it quite yet. "Hope and empathy, you say? Are you sure?" Sirena sat in silence for the moments that passed, letting his mind wonder on what she had meant before she spoke again. "And what would you do if someone dared to tread upon the hopes of another? To crush their dreams without empathy nor remorse? Delve back within yourself, focus on the thoughts of how you would react if you saw another doing such evil. Yet this time, follow that focus and let your passions guide you. And when you have the answer, grasp at it with all your intent. And when your grasp at it, let this be your target." Sirena reached into her pocket with little movement, her eyes still closed and her mind focused, her breathing still deep and slow just as the words that escaped her mouth were. From her pocket she pulled out but a simple stone, a stone that had meant to be a marker to place upon Hu'lak's grave, but it turned out to be against his wished. With a simple toss, it landed between them with a subtle thud, partially burying its self into the sand upon landing. "Remember the feeling that you felt when you delved into yourself and began to know the true you that laid within." She said, her smirk only widening. "And then from there, delve into the aspect of witnessing someone's hopes being crushed without empathy. Focus upon that with your mind and let its energy flow through you and that of your gaze upon the target. Truly understand your passion and let it be your guide upon the journey of understanding. Your passions are but stepping stones, and to know them is to know where they lead you. "
  13. "Good." Sirena spoke, stooping down to sit upon the sands and revealing her prosthetic arm that she kept hidden beneath her cloak as she reached for the ground beneath them and positioned herself cross legged upon the dirt. "Then you have a general grasp upon life. Now sit with me and let's see if you can sense it too." Sirena offered him the ground before her, bringing her hands together in her lap, her artificial hand cupping the one of flesh and bone as she closed her eyes and took a long inhale of the air through her nose and exhaled very slowly from her lips. For Sirena this was but a simple task, her daily meditations consisting of this very beginning. "Some believe Sith to grasp at only two passions, selfishness and anger. But no one is so simple minded. We are complex beings, and though our passions may differ, there are as many within us as their is in everyone. The difference between us and those of the Jedi Order is a single line, we live through ours rather than fight to suppress them." She grinned as she felt the pressure of the sand before her shift. "To feel the Force is like any other sense. But like many beings throughout the Galaxy, those of us that aren't born without its sense, can tend to use our primary ones over it and using it without training can be as destructive to our own selves as those around us, just as any tool can be without proper instruction and yield." "I want you to focus yourself inward, look inside yourself and envision your life. Find your deepest passions, and know them. But instead of knowing them with your thoughts, try and focus the gift the Force has granted you in order to find them. You may find them to remain the same as you thought, or you may find yourself finding hidden passions that you had never known before. It doesn't matter. Only that you learn them and understand them through the Force's knowledge and not your own." Sirena inhales and exhales again. "Let everything outside you melt away, including me, and know only yourself."
  14. "Typical, but interesting... Sirena spoke as she came to a halt near a set of pillars that leaned half buried in the sand, the young Sith Lord hoping upon one and walking up toward it's tip, her arms stretched out against the winding winds and it lashed out against their forms. "Typical in that many propose guesses despite not knowing, but interesting that you responded so closely to my own when my Master, Hu'lak, asked me that very same question. Of course, my answer was the life force of those who came before us. She chuckled as she sat upon the flattened top of the leaning pillar, leaving one leg upon it to steady her balance while letting the other one dangle, her vision gazing off in the distance. "As for the Tombs, explore them at your own peril. They could still possess some treasure left to behold, but you will face many dangers that range from Tuk'ata to Terentateks. Too much to waste such a life over for a small percentage of reward, wouldn't you agree?" Her gaze shifted back to him, her voice echoing across the sands as the howling of the storm began to die down and the dust began to settle, allowing them to remove their protective apparel. Reaching up, she removes the cloak, the small breeze blowing her hair upon its gentle current. "But the reality of the Force is that it is whatever you make of it. For some, it is simply a weapon. Others, it is a philosophy or even religion. And for the rest, it is a mystical energy they know they can never comprehend." "I fall into the last category, the only truth I have discovered about it is that it is symbiotic with nature, two halves to a whole. As we are sensitive to feeling and wielding the Force, so is the Force sensitive to the flow of life, death, and existence." Her blue gaze turned stone cold as she looked at him despite her smirk still adorning her face, the tone of her voice growing stern and serious. "Is it sentient? I can not say. But it is guided by nature just as we feel we are guided by it, and vice versa." Sirena jumped from her post and landed gently, walking up to Roran in a slithering motion before she stood at his chest, her small frame gazing up at him. "Peace is a lie, there is only Passion. Tell me what these words bring to mind when I speak them."
  15. When Sirena heard the hiss of Roran's door, she lifted herself from her perch and met his gaze with her own. Not quite what she expected to see beneath the massive armor he wore, his frame still was bigger than her own. She chuckled at his words as if he truly did not understand the full grasp of what he had spoken yet, but curled her finger to and fro at him as she turned and took off in a brisk walk, heading out the nearest Temple exit. The pathway she took just outside the door led to a large mobile hangar where multiple speeders and bikes laid in inactivity, its gaping maw setting up a picturesque view of the Valley below and the pathway that led down into it. Pulling the cloak over her head, she entered the sand blasted atmosphere just outside and continued on, leaving behind the vehicles intentionally and choosing to instead make the trek on foot. "The Valley below is known as The Valley of Tombs or The Valley of the Sith Lords." Sirena spoke over the whirling winds in explaination, the petite Darth raising her hands in excitement and stretching to feel the rush of the sand enveloping her form. "It seems a good a place of any to begin." She chuckled after that and continued the rest of the trek in utter silence, the occasional twirl and chuckle when the wind picked up in a manic appreciation. When they arrived in the Valley below, Sirena slowed her pace to a slow walked. "So tell me Roran, what do you know about the Force? Do you know only what you've heard, or have you heard deeper meanings behind the subject? Do you believe it to be life? Or do you believe it be like us, an entity, symbiotic with another?" For most, her words would seem of madness, but like all madness, there was always a method behind it.
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