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  1. "No. I did not witness it, but it's stories touched my ears." Sirena spoke, her gaze fixated on Roshan standing before her, the towering Cathar's size difference meaning little in the grand scheme of things. "Especially of Nurgle, who along with his Alcazarin's, shed his power and form to become Darth Dominus in attempt to overthrow Lady Dominique and take the title of Dark Lord. And in doing so, lost himself to Hell." "I can see this is getting us nowhere, this philosophical debate pointless. You are blind child, and now I must show you the truth." Sirena spoke with a disheartened sigh, her gaze of blue flames intensifying. "Heed my words pupil, for they are the only truth you need to concern yourself with. Let them shed your past and light your future, for the ways of old are dead, and we make our reality what we will." The Force around Sirena began to swirl, intensifying as her gaze firmed, the air around the growing cold. Sirena fought against the cold, her breath slowing as the air escaping fogged, her skin riddled with the standing of her fair hair as bumps rose across her form. And then her voice and presence became frozen to all emotions. In that moment, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "True power resides in us all, whether we believe ourselves to be chosen. Remember the Code of our forefathers." "Peace is a lie, There is only Passion." Sirena spoke as she closed off her heart with a well aimed jab of her finger to the center of her pelvic, letting her passion disappear completely from her presence in the Force. "Passion is the foundation of Life and Evolution, the key to feel and what separates us from the Artificial. Without it, we are empty vessels with no will of our own." "Through Passion, I gain Strength." Sirena continued, this time closing off the presence of her soul with a well aimed jab of her finger to her stomach, a numbing echo rippling through the flow of the Force. "Passion is our greatest sin, and without it and our will, we have no need for strength. To use our passion to fuel us, we gain the strength to progress and evolve. Every living thing has this, whether they're sentient or not. Even the weakest of animals hunger and strive for it." "Through Strength, I gain Power." Sirena said, this time closing off her presence in the Force with a well aimed jab to the sternum, the flow around her following a more natural stream. "Without the passion to strive for strength, we cannot taste power. For power is a necessary step in our evolution, to bring to fruition our desires and our dreams. These are the basic building blocks of any living being and civilization. Power corrupts absolute, but only if the weak hold it over the strong. Only if the blessed hold it over their lessers. This is where evolution or destruction happens, dependent on those who wields the Power. Share it, and you prosper. Horde it, and others will take it, leaving you defenseless." By now, Sirena could see wobbling slightly from side to side, the flow of her presence blocked. She waivered in her determination, and looked weak from the jabs, her skin paler and her eyes bloodshot. And though she was in pain, she still smirked as she gazed at Roshan. He was about to learn an invaluable lesson. "Through Power, I gain Victory." Sirena struggled to continue, taking both hands and jabbing at each side of her throat, a void in the Force erupting all around them as if the Force beaconed to stay away from her form like a stone thrown into a pond. "We are only as strong as our weakest link, even in our followers and in our pupils. This is why you must let go of the past and embrace what has become. Equality is stronger than division." "Through Victory, my Chains are Broken." Sirena spoke through gasping breaths, landing a final jab to her forehead, and causing her to almost fall backwards as she caught herself. "By accepting that we are merely a glimmer in the sands of time, accepting that our moments are fleeting and repetitive across Generations and Millennia, we can open our minds to true power. Where the Sith of Old failed were in their closed minds, unable to see out of selfishness, they doomed themselves to prison that is the afterlife, whether bound to Hell or to Body. Opening your being to the ideal of equality only ensures your true immortality, both in legend and in minds of those who follow." "The Force shall free me." Sirena spoke, stumbling backwards across the hangar, her skin aflame with heat and sweat, and her lips, nails, and nostrils blue. After she reached a safe distance away, offering her hand for Roshan to stay back and any others in proximity, she fell to her knees. "Now watch the hording of the Old Ways for what they are." The Force that had strayed from her form, that lingered at the edge of her voided presence, came crashing down around her. In that moment, everything around her, from containers to weapons, all flew outwards away from her in a torrent of power as the Force returned to her body. Sirena screamed in agony, it's ripple echoing throughout the ship as her form fell to the floor limp, every Bone in her body broken from the crushing of that which she held at Bay. Blood trickled from her lips, nose, and eyes as color returned and her lungs gasped for air as she coughed up what blood drained in her throat. In that moment, her mortality was becoming slimmer by the moment.
  2. "The God's are dead. Slaanesh, Nurgle, all of them." Sirena replied after an enlongated gaze of disbelief. It was just as she suspected. Roshan was a follower of Chaos, an old and outdated era that befell many failed Empires. Just as the Dark King, once a pupil of the Chaos God Nurgle, was before truth reigned and their mortality revealed. She shook her head. "You live in a bygone Era. This is the Age of Anarchy, where the strong survive by becoming strong, no matter the hand that was dealt them, and is welcomed. Whether you are born a Noble, or are birthed in the gutter, your strength is determined by your will. So forget the past. It is dead like the False Gods you worshipped." Sirena sat down across from Roshan, a look of pity in her eyes filling what was left by her disdain and anger, leaving questions in her mind. How was she supposed to teach them the path of darkness if they hung to ancient ways that could not exist within the Empire? How was she supposed to reveal their true strength where false philosophy hindered them? How could she get them to see the truth through blinded eyes? Finally she sighed and decided to tell her own story. "I was born of Noble Birth, you know? A Hapian Princess. Electrum spoon in my mouth and everything." Sirena said with a chuckle. "My Father was an Imperial Embassador, my Mother a Hapian Princess. And because of my Impurities, was frowned upon by Hapian Society. So when I became of age, I left, and became an Imperial Soldier under the White Wolf, Dark Lord Montar." "There was constant infighting followed by periods of stagnation, all while the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant fought amongst themselves." Sirena's eyes lowered almost as if in regret, like she felt a since of shame. "And then we were leaderless, left behind by the very Lord's we fought to serve. At least until the Spider, the Dark King, Lord Exodus appeared. It was during this time that I discovered my talent to harness the Force." With a grin, she swelled with pride. "My Master was much like you. Believed in Chaos, Ranks, and being Egotistical. I was belittled on a constant basis for being impure in Hapian Lineage. But he never suspected how strong he would make me, how weak he was himself, and when Exodus ascended with promises of Unification, I showed him." Sirena stared at Roshan in silence for a few minutes, letting her words fall upon his ears whether they remained deaf to her story or not. She shared her story to remind him of her own Master's failings and the consequences of such actions. "Heed my warning Cathar, or not. The choice is clearly yours. But your beliefs are stagnant and ancient. Let go of them or become dust along side of them." Standing up, Sirena offered the Cathar her hand.
  3. If Sirena's temper had been a force of nature rather than dynamite concealed in a level headed sentient, an entire system would have likely just went supernova. She slapped her forehead, leaving a rather red welp where it landed as the vessels in her temples protruded in her disdain. Him too? Where did people get ideas of Gods and their Offspring when it came to the Force? We're they truly in such dire need to elevate themselves to please sensitive egos. In that moment, all Sirena could do was groan as her fleshed hand slide down her face. Her gaze shifted from Roshan and Aliss in her silence, the moment passing by like a Hutt's sprint. She didn't even know where to begin with these two and their stature of grandeur. So instead, she sighed, letting the moment finish in its passing. "There are no God's, Demi-Gods, or Blessed Beings." Sirena spoke after a few moments of just standing in place. "Life and Stature are what you make of it, nothing more or less. Some may be born with a connection to the Force and have it easier, but it still must be earned all the same. It takes years of training and sweat to achieve greatness. None are born with it, even the Dark King." Sirena approached Roshan and knelt down before him, letting the light behind her hit the wound as she looked at it. Just as she had thought, his healing abilities were honing it nicely. Shifting her gaze back at Aliss, she knew the girl wouldn't be as lucky. Turning back to Roshan, despite her aggravated look, she spoke. "If I was to have hit you, you wouldn't be awake right now. I'm just curious as to why you have robbed this child of such an important truth, a truth that would set her soul free to understand her power and how to control it."
  4. Sirena's disdain only turned it's focus to Roshan as the Cathar began to wake, his Child's limp form laying across the way. There was fury in her eyes and her lips pursed as she gazed at him. "You fool." Moving to the now injured Aliss, Sirena applied the same ointment to her head that she had done for Roshan just mere moments before, more a salve to stop bleeding than an actual healing remedy, and would likely require stitches before they could progress any further in their training. Sending a comm to @Mavanger, she turned her attention back to Roshan. "Why did you lie to the girl?" She poised to Roshan, her glare surely having killed him if she chose to. "She is just like us, nothing more, nothing less. So why does she think she is a Lesser and that we are God's? Is your ego that attentive? Did you want her to fail?"
  5. A nerve had been struck in Sirena as her gaze looked upon the distraught Aliss and it became ever so evident in her face as her eyes grew wide and her mouth rested. Demigods? Lessers? Blessings? Her gaze shifted to Roshan with disappointment. Had his ego been so arrogant? Had his pride been so false? Had he been so weak? True strength had always been found in lifting up those who followed you, not in placing false idolism upon yourself. No. She would teach him the errors of his ways just as she would with Aliss. She would break this idolatry right here and now. She would expose the lies and rebuild what was left of it's ruin. This was her place as Master. Her gaze shifted back to Aliss. Just as Sirena turned, she met the incoming attack with foreseen knowledge, her hands snaking up in time to catch the saber in her left hand and deflect the knee of the girl with her right, the Force swelled within her hand just as the knee grazed her chin, and she pushed the girl away harshly. There was no time for such subtleties. Wiping away the dripping blood of her busted lips, her gaze fell upon her hand before shifting to Aliss, her hand revealing the blood that she bled. "There are no God's, child. There are no blessings, nor lessers or betters." She scolded without remorse, spitting what blood dripped inside of her mouth and across her pearled teeth. "I'm not sure what fantasies Roshan filled your primal head with, but they're lies. We are all born of the Force, a bond that flows through everything, and while some cannot feel it, we are all born with an ability to touch it in some form or fashion." "While the philosophical Jedi would lead you to believe that such a thing is bad, teaching you to smother your gift in peace, falsely claiming that any use of it for yourself would distort the balance of it, we of the Sith seek to nurture our connection with it and grow." Her gaze at Sirena was stern, cold, and unwavering as she tried to explain it's principle into the young girl's thick and dull skull, her voice booming of her disdain in her lack of knowledge and belief in lies. "You have that connection, just as I do, just as Roshan and Mavanger. And no artifact or holocron will make you stronger. Only you can do that." Sirena took a deep breath, looking back at Roshan who seemed to be stirring from his well deserved knock on the nogging. False idolism and egotistical arrogance. Pathetic. Her gaze shifted back to Aliss whether the girl believed her words or remained in denial. "My job is to teach you the path to walk, to show you the power within you and your connection to the Force." Sirena's words softened as she exhaled her disgusted sigh. "But only you can find your limits. This is what I am trying to teach you, to find your connection to the Force and wield it."
  6. Sirena watched in silence as the two began, her focus more delved upon Roshan than Aliss as he made his attempt. Something was wrong. His power was there, but it was almost as if he had lost the will to wield it, or perhaps couldn't. Her brow furrowed, studying him, waiting, watching. It was almost disappointing as he struggled against his humility in his pride. Then a rattle echoed, the stir of the Force creaking as his pride lashed out, the echoes of it rippling through the waves of what laid within. And then success. She smiled. He had overcame his humility with his pride, just as she foresaw. What she hadn't foresaw was the idiocracy of Aliss, her distraction of focusing on Roshan's struggles having lost her sight of the younger pupil until she bludgeoned her father figure out cold with a single blow before exclaiming victory in a means unintended. Usually, Sirena would have praised the girl for the out of the box thinking, but they were heading into war and her intent was to force the girl into unlocking her potential. Rage boiled about in her blood as Sirena locked eyes with the young girl, outstretching her prosthetic arm and grasping at the girls throat with but a mere thought in mind. "Insolent child!" Sirena's voice echoed her belittling as she envisioned the girl choking from where she stood, the Force flowing to her will and her will alone, grasping tightly at Aliss' throat. "The Force flows through everything, even the muscles within your throat. Do you feel that constriction? That tightening? That is the will I am trying to teach you, the will your father grasped so easily before you struck him!" Sirena let go of the Force, her playful demeanor gone and her blue gaze alit with flame of anger and disgust. Reaching into her pocket, she removed a salve and made her way to Roshan. Dipping her fingers in it, she bent down and applied it to his wound before wiping it upon his fur and off her hands. Standing, her gaze shifted back to Aliss. "Try it again, but this time, without the use of your hands and on me. Attack me child. Let your emotions will it."
  7. Lady Sirena sat in silence as the two conversed between each other, not only allowing them to vent their truest of feelings and offer their honest of opinions, but to weigh their convictions amongst her own. If they were truly going to rise as her Apprentices, then she had to allow them to voice themselves and grant such respect, not as equals, but as learning students of the highest freedoms. When the two finished, Sirena chuckled ironically endearing. "Roshan has a point Aliss. Arrogant as he may be, he's far from egotistical and possesses great leadership capabilities. And as a superior in rank, he should be respected, if only in formality. You don't have to like him to be respectful." Sirena spoke, a more serious demeanor settling over her form now that they stood alone and away from prying eyes, lest someone followed. It was time Sirena truly placed herself as their Tutor in the Ways of the Dark. "But Aliss also has a point, in that neither of you should ever let another look down their noses upon you simply because they think themselves the better. The Jedi have always thought themselves the same to our Order, and it has cost them dearly. Sometimes, humility is a far better teacher." "Now. It's time to take your training further. I won't lie and say it won't be a pleasant experience for either of you, but given that we are now about to enter war with the fallen Republic, it's best I prepare you as quick as I can." In this moment, Sirena crack a devilish smirk despite the demeanor that had fallen serious in her gaze. She would enjoy this, but knew that they wouldn't. "There is a reason I call our greatest passions, the driving force that pushes us forward more than the rest, a Sin. It is what defines us and provides the most direct contact to our inner darkness within the Force, hence, Sin. It is our Primordial Power." Her gaze shifts to Aliss. "Aliss. You have a temper. And you act without thought of consequence or reaction. Your Sin is that of Anger and Wrath. This will be the easiest passion to draw upon in your time of need. It will define your life and your path as a Sith." Sirena spoke, the smirk still adorning her face as she gauged Aliss' reaction. "But the consequences of such a Sin could be dire without control. If it consumes you, you could lose yourself to it and be caught off guard very quickly. You need to learn to use that temper to your benefit." Her gaze shifts solely to Roshan. "Roshan. Unlike Mordecai, you're not arrogant, and yet very Prideful all the same and I feel there is reason for this. There is no doubt that Pride is your greatest sin, and you wear it without guilt. It has shaped your entire life up until now." Sirena gave him an almost knowing look, not that she had discovered his past, but that she senses a reason behind his knowledge. "But you have never truly grasped it's concept, explored it's hidden depths, and as such, have failed because of it. Pride, like Wrath, is very powerful, but only if tapped into correctly. It isn't about that you have never failed, but that you will never allow yourself to fail." Sirena turned back to them both, letting her words fall upon their darkened hearts the way that they would, whether anger or bitterness was the end result. But this was the truth that she had read in their actions, and in order to truly break the chains that held them back, the sore truth would be the first chisel driven. Laying two lead pipes before them, she finished her next lesson. "Pride and Wrath are powerful in their own rights. But fate has lead to a combination between the two of you, one of both Sins to stand beside the other. Before you two are ordinary pipes, simple and ordinary. I want you two to hone in on these and let your sins open you to the Force that flows through these objects. And if you fail, remember, no one is perfect and some are just plain weak." Sirena's smirk grew wider, her words left hanging for the two to interpret how they would. It was time for each to blossom according to their own will. OOC: I want two posts to complete this. Both could fail in the first post, or neither. Play to their strengths and weaknesses and let them flow naturally.
  8. The world around her was but a distant fade as the back and forth between her Apprentices and Lord Mavanger continued, her attention perversely focused upon the sins of ego and temper dancing upon the ballot of the recycled air pulsing around them. Her breath heavy amongst the tightened lungs within, the tense aching of her muscles, the tingling of her spine and skin, all painfully pleasurable senses for the Lady preying upon the scents of conflict. It was wicked and cruel, but such was Sirena and her sin of lust. When Roshan conceded finally, Sirena had to admit that she was slightly disappointed. But now wasn't the time for quarrels between commons, and there was such much to be presented upon the upcoming battlefields that laid ahead. So as her fixation subsided, the still glistening Hapian skin finding a coolness in the air, Sirena turned her attention to the matter at hand. "We thank you for your hospitality, Lord Mavanger, as well as your.." She paused briefly after winking at her towering pupil. "... Explanations on Etiquette. But now we must excuse ourselves for further training." With that, Sirena brought her hands together around chest high and bowed, turning to make her exit with intent that her Apprentices follow. Letting his men lead them to their quarters, she briefly asked for a small detour to the ship's hangar bay where enough room was had for her next lessons. Now that they had touched and tasted the power of sin, it was time to harness it at will. And this was where it would get tricky. Sirena still held a few of the ingredients left from Korriban that would play well, but she needed a large enough area and privacy so that her students would not be held back. This was why she requested the hangar. When they arrived, she would find a place away from any interference and populace, instructing Roshan and Aliss to sit across from her as she settled herself amongst the Force. Once they had, she poised but a single question to both of them. "How do you really feel about Lord Mavanger? Tell me everything. Do not hold back. Let your true thoughts be voiced without consequence."
  9. Sirena simply stood and watched, her fleshed hand twirling her hair with a smirk across her face as Mordecai, Roshan, and Aliss conversed. The moment presented a comical and yet informative observation that told quite a bit of all involved in verse. It seemed Roshan was even trying to bait the Sith Lord. And Aliss was quick to let her Wrath get the better of her. Her gaze briefly shifted to Mordecai to see how his response would return. Very few people knew the real Sirena, none of those present certainly, but she was born of the Old. For some, most notably Roshan, she was coy and playful. Others, like her former Master, she was deadly and decisive. She toyed with the souls of those around her, sometimes for her own amusement, other times for their own betterment. But those who knew her, always knew there was a method to her madness even if they themselves could not interpret it. And in this moment, she was curious as to how Roshan would fair if Mordecai did not tolerate his insolence. Would he die at the Darth's hands? Would the Darth overlook it? Or would Roshan prove victorious? So many questions and outcomes toyed her thoughts. To be born of the Old, such was the path of power. To challenge another's command was to take their place. Such was how Darth Sirena was birthed into existence, endeavored to slay her Master for the right of Lordship. Was Roshan ready for such a step? Was Aliss? Her smirk only grew. Mordecai held the prestige to back his command, yet Roshan and Aliss had yet to prove themselves. Would this be the moment? Sirena could feel her excitement growing, the tingling sensation eclipsing her entirety as a subtle sigh escape her lips in silence and her eyes rolled back into her Hapian skull. "How would you do it then Roshan?" Sirena questioned, her breathing heavy as her gaze shortly slowly between her two Apprentices, the Force slithering across her form as a serpent. "Aliss.... Do you feel a need to prove yourself?" Sirena ached for their replies, the darkness entrancing her mind with possibilities of potential.
  10. Sirena merely smirked as she heard his words, the Seductress keen on her playful nature. His words, and his plan, offered plenty. She was in agreement and would follow, as long as he did not interfere with her own plans. As Roshan stepped up and spoke, she chuckled. "Forgive my manners Lord Mordecai. This is my Apprentices, Roshan and Aliss." Sirena spoke, introducing the Cathar and his compatriot. "We were discussing the finer points of discovering one's self through the Force. Have you any imparting words of wisdom for them?" Sirena intended on putting both on the spot, intending for both her Apprentices to learn from another Sith as well to test the Sith Lord of his own tutelage. Gazing past him to his own, she seemed very capable, and despite Roshan's own predicament, Aliss had far to go. If they were truly going to work together and establish what they wished, this presented an opportunity to introduce their intents.
  11. "Thank you." Sirena spoke as she stepped next to the slave of Mordecai, slipping a small device into her pocket. "They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and if one looks deep enough, it can be read with little intimacy. There's a ship on Platform 7-B. It's your's if you wish it." With that said, she adverted her gaze and headed back to the hut and announced their upcoming departure, giving each the option to stay here or follow her and receive the training they wished. After all, she would not force servitude upon anyone, lest they chose to partake such a path. Darkness was the truth of the soul, not the bindings of it. In Darkness, there was freedom, at least, in her philosophy. Turning to @Kail, Aliss, and @Solus, she gave them a moment to make their choice. "I'll be outside when you are ready." ------------------------------------------------------------------------- When decisions were made, Sirena turned and made the trek back to the Academy and surround Spaceport. It was time for Sirena to depart the world she had called home for the last handful of years and return to the confines of Space a Lady of the Sith rather than the Princess she once was, more powerful than she could have ever imagined and with the sin of List firmly in her heart, a deadly advisary for any who chose to make her an enemy. She was curious about the Rebels and their intent, curious about Mordecai and his own, and even more curious about what path laid before her. And once into space, the excitement was hardly able to be contained. Moments later, she stood before Mordecai. "Tell me more."
  12. Sirena's lip puckered up in discontent. She rather enjoyed a good seduction, but the being before her held any like for members of her sex. Too bad. It was his loss. With a gruntled sigh, she spoke childishly. "You're no fun." Quickly shifting from her disdained and once playful mood to one beheld by many of her stature, she listened to the rest of his words, taking in what was offered upon balanced scales, weighing the potential as much as the risk. He offered transgressions, unneeded and brash. And yet, there was promise behind it, prestige and grace to be had. And Sirena had never been one to forgo the opportunity to encounter a bit of fun with her Order's opposition. It was too much of an opportunity to pass up. Yet, was it truly warranted? Her gaze shifted to the hut where her Apprentices remained. Were they ready? Roshan was, but Aliss was chaotic and untamed. And Solus, his corruption merely beginning had yet to break his innocence. Sirena remained in silence as she turned back to Mordecai, her azure eyes blazen against her raven hair as she considered the weight. Her Apprentices did need action, but she couldn't lead them into a battle they would fail. And yet, with the promise they held, they would blossom amongst the despair and bloodshed if pruned properly, only leading to her own rise in Prestige and standing amongst her brethren. And perhaps even a chance to show the being before her exactly what he was missing out on. His War seemed promising, even compromising in her best of interests. Yet she was born of the old rituals, and she held some reserve about how she would mix with the new. It was much to think on. "You wish for my aid and fealty then?" She finally poised after a few more brief moments of silence, her azure gaze alit with crimson flames, a smirk gracing her face at his gall. "And yet you turn me down the chance moment of intimacy where I could explore your soul and know your truth? You have some nerve Lord Mordecai, I will give you that." She sighed. "Very well. I will follow you in your campaign and aid as I see fit, just as will my Apprentices. But if a moment comes where I no longer benefit from it, I will depart from it." Her voice still soft and yet coursely stern at her displeasure. "Such is the consequence of your unwillingness to bare your soul to me." With the she turned off the communicator and turned to his servant. "Where shall we greet your Master?"
  13. Sirena was a Seductress, an Assassin of Pleasure and Desires, lethal combinations of Beauty and Wit, Will and Lust. So to sneak up on one was a feat few were capable of. As she awaited Aliss' decision, Sirena gazed out upon the open Valley, taking in the surround sights of the Tombs. Yet, she could feel the approaching presence, the bile of disdain in its cold thoughts and heart, emotions read so easily. When she made her approach and spoke, Sirena remained looking opposite and reached over her shoulder for the communicator with a smirk across her beautiful face. "This is Lady Sirena..." She spoke coyfully, the playfulness in her soft tone alluring to her interest in what the newly attained Darth was contacting her for, his prestige proceeding him despite their paths having crossed a few times during his time here. "What can I do for you Lord Mordecai?" As she spoke into the communicator, she spun in her spot, batting her eyes as she played with her cheek from inside her mouth with her tongue, her smirk turning into a playful smile. Her gaze briefly shifted to the makeshift hut to see if Aliss was going begin her journey or if Roshan was present, before turning her attention back to the small device held within her soft hands.
  14. Sirena cackled profusely at the girl's words, tears forming in the crevasse of her eyes as her head laid backwards and her hands laid upon her stomach. The girl's gall was something to be proud of, this she was certain of. But compared to Sirena, she was but a child of the Force, especially when compared to Lord Helios. She was but a welp, still sucking upon the teet of the Darkness inside her. Yet her fire was strong. The laughing fit subsiding, Sirena wiped her eyes and spoke. "Why simply settle at just killing, child? A being like Helios could die, but what about his prestige? What about his legacy? If he is truly a danger to you and those you care about, death wouldn't stop it, only him. If you truly want the power to protect yourself and those you care about, then you need to destroy the essence of what makes him more powerful. And when you figure that out, hone your skills to fit his destruction. " Sirena's words were cryptic and focused as she spoke, testing the girl even further. If she truly feared Helios, or any being, Sirena was not above teaching them the path. Chaos was Sirena's goal, and Lust was her path. As for Aliss, her goal and path was different and her sin apparent. She was a child of rage, born of Wrath. There was no denying it now. Brash, Rage, Unbridled Wrath. And it needed to be honed into a powerful weapon. Her gaze shifted to Roshan momentarily before shifting back to Aliss, the Shard eerily silent after her attempted attack. "If you truly want to understand how to kill Helios, head to the Forge west of here. There you will find the answer." And with that, Sirena exited the hut. Aliss would need to make a decision herself. For atop the stairs that led to the Forge, a temple dedicated to the bleeding crystals and reforging lightsabers, of which sat atop a small pyramid, would hold the answers. It was there that Sirena slew her Master, and only after making a mockery of his name and stature. His body may be buried, but the evidence of his downfall still remained. A simple disc recording of Sirena seducing the man into a drunken stupor and blindly taking advantage of her just before she impaled her blade into his chest still laid within its holorecorder.
  15. Sirena heard Aliss' words, taking note of Solus' as well. But rather than speak, she studied the girl deeply. The fear was there, just as her fellow Apprentice pointed out. But there was something else, something that instilled such reaction, primordial and deep. Yet, what was it? Sirena brought her hand up to her chin, remaining silent as minutes passed. First the holocron, now her reaction of this. Solus was born of innocence, of Envy. Roshan was born of ego, of Pride. But this girl, she was something else. Quick to act, to jump to conclusions without thought, brash. Yet, she displayed no true sin. Curious, but delightful. She smirked behind her hand. "I understand, child." Sirena spoke, out stretching her arm and offering up caring eyes. "But he is a Master of the Order, and a respected one. He will not go easily into death, even with our combined power. His flame is too eternal." As Sirena spoke, she calculated, watching the girl's reactions and responses. She wanted to push the girl ever so slightly to see what darkness drove her heart.
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