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  1. As Sirena gazed about, her crystal blue eyes falling upon the three Apprentices, she reveled in what she felt. The Darkside was strong within the hut, its essence permeating from each of those before her. Even the Shard reeked of it, and she found solace in that very fact. Crossing her legs once again, she smirked as she met each of their gazes in turn. "Good." She began, her voice soft with heavy panting, its echo hindered by the leather and skins that adorned the walls. There was pleasure in her eyes and her heart throbbed with ecstasy. "Each of you touched the darkness within and found its call." Her gaze shifted to Roshan. "Some more than others." She sighed, out stretching her arm as the flap blew open to the cool outside air, each of their forms finding relief to the breeze flowing in against their sweating forms, save for Solus. But now was the time to find the truth of each. So she poised her question. "In the depths of the darkness, did you find your sin? Your hunger? Your purpose? Did you hear the call and heed its answer? Did your past define your future? Tell me what your experiences were and how it guided you to its inevitable conclusion."
  2. They say that the dark abyss is nothingness, void and black, sucking away everything surrounding it like a black hole in space. In a sense, Sirena knew this to be true, the darkness consuming and corrupting absolutely. And if one was to gaze upon it while looking for something, they would inevitably find nothing looking back. But for Sirena, she knew the truth of gazing into it while looking for nothing and eventually finding something. Such was the way of the world. As the currents of the darkside pulled her soul along, sweeping her across countless worlds and through countless lives, she could feel its pull upon her toward something. Much like training to use it, it had a way of using you. And this she enjoyed very much, her lust for power and knowledge driving her. To the others outside, her form would appear to convulse and arch, as if possessed by demonic entities or souls of the darkside. But for her, it was the ride of a lifetime, stuck between life an death, flowing upon the course of the River Styx. And like every voyage down such currents, a price must be paid. She could feel her body age, time slowly being siphoned away from her life even as her soul soared. In the outside world, it wouldn't be as noticeable, minutes turning to hours of her life even as the blue tone faded away. But the knowledge and understanding gained was worth it. And there was her answer, her gaze falling upon her homeworld. For far too long had the Hapan Cluster sat in tranquility, unbridled by the outside influences of the war raging around it. She could feel the unrest aching to be achieved, the civility aching to be broken. And at this she smiled. It was time for her to return home, to bring chaos to its order. She had longed prayed for this day. And with these three Apprentices, perhaps it would be poetically beautiful. Only time would truly tell. Sirena gasped as she opened her eyes, her head arched toward the roof of the makeshift hut as her smile crept widely before falling upon these three before her. Wiping the sweat from her brow along with the concoction, she sat completely up, deep exhaustive breaths echoing her excitement as the blood rushed through her chilled form in order to warm her back up. She said not a word, but watched the others as they too began to wake. It was time to progress.
  3. As each of the three became encumbered, Sirena smiled, feeling the darkside around them flow more viciously. Her gaze feel upon Solus, his innocence lost upon the dark tides that festered in his soul, feeling the melancholy ache to turn him. It was already a rare opportunity simply to be able to train such a species as a Shard, but to be the one that led to their corruption and fall, grasping such innocence away, it was almost tantalizing to the senses. Reaching her hand forward, she dipped three fingers into the sludge and pulled them forth, marking her forehead in a symbol known only to her people and using the third to smear through it. With that, she returned to her lotus position and let the currents of the darkside flow through her at will, letting her become swept away in its torrent just as the others began their own journeys, one she had taken many times herself. Sometimes, her journey was through visions of her past. Others, it was dating glare into the future. And then at times, it was simply a passing moment where her powers ran rampant with little to any control. But nevertheless, she always enjoyed delving into the pure abyss of the darkside if only to simply see her truest self, to test her limits, and find her weaknesses and strengths. For Roshan, Aliss, and Solus, this was but an introduction. For her, this was Mastery. And this time, she was simply along for the ride. Sweat beaded down her skin as her body tempt rose into a feverish degree, her breathing shallow and raspy as she delved deeply into the darkside, riding its unbridled currents. Images of dark entities flashed about her psyche like trapped spirits of ages past. And then bitter cold swept her breath, like frost erupting from upon her lips as her paralyzed form fell back upon the skins strewn about. If the others looked upon her, her skin would be a shade of blue similar to that of her eyes, now glazed over in an onyx coating, reminiscent of a devilish appearence. Such was the devotion of the Hapian Princess.
  4. "He has a soul, does he not?" She poised to Roshan with a grin, his arrogance quite amusing to her. Whilst he may have inhabited the form of a droid, he still possessed life, a sentient soul that wasn't manufactured. "It will work." Her gaze shot to Solus, taking in the Shard's fear and embarrassment as he did as she asked, her eyes locked upon Solus' inner workings between both he and his machina. It was truly a sight to behold, especially given most of what she knew was read. With a smile, she reassured him. "Do not worry Solus. The only size that matters is the size of the heart." And she guessed him to possess more heart than any of those in the makeshift shelter. She watched as each marked themselves in unison, Sirena crossing her legs and opening herself to the Force and to the currents that flowed through each of them, binding its will to her own. Only Roshan's words broke her concentration briefly, causing a singular eye to peer in his direction. "It brings different things to different beings. Some it causes visions, others fits of rage. But at its Core is the Darkside, corrupting and malicious. It will find what darkness resides in your soul, and begin to fester and feed it. Whether you see visions or simply feel it take hold depends on you." Closing her eyes, she refocused herself. She was curious as to what darkness truly resides in each of them and what would empower them.
  5. Sirena sat there as she listened to each of their replies with a smirk. It was as she suspected. The Shard had yet to present his sin consciously. Lady Aliss came across partially with Wrath and Gluttony, anger and hunger present in both her words and actions. But as Roshan spoke, his was harder to read, to articulate at first glance. But she had one in mind, though she dared not speak its name aloud until she was sure. That sin was Pride. With a chuckle, she replied to Roshan's question. "My greatest sin? That would be Lust. It is what focuses my power, my drive." "But to the task at hand." She spoke in an almost cheerful manner as she clapped her hands and rubbed them vigorously together before scooting forward to stir the pauldron of goop. "Its time to face yourselves." "Within this Pauldron is a mixture of Krath Moss, a plant that grows from the blood of slayed Tuk'ata as it drips through the stones within the Tombs and simple water." She explained as she finished stirring and hit the side of the pauldron to settle its contents. "By its self, its a harmless but potent hallucinogenic, opening one's self up to the darkness within." Her smirk became a devilish grin. "But with two other ingredients, it becomes Sith Poison." She spoke, opening her hand and offering each to reach in. "You're to mark yourselves and lay down, you especially Solus as you have to mark the Shard within your true form. And don't worry about the paralysis. I placed Shrill Shrooms in for safety reasons." Her gaze shot to Roshan before shifting to the others. "Only I will see what you will. This is the price of my training."
  6. Sirena looked out over the Valley amidst the rising Sun as dawn began, her blue gaze shimmering as the first rays trickled its glare. Below her was the greatest monument that Korriban had ever produced, rows of Tombs forged from the cliffsides that made the Valley of the Sith Lords, thousands rolling across its form. Yes, today brought her great promise. But with promise, also came disappointments. Adepts roamed throughout the Tombs for her, collecting items she needed for the first of many tests should the Apprentices come. And yet, Sirena smiled as she began the trek downward, many things to do. In the center of the Valley, a culmination of the vortex that was the Darkside energy here, Sirena had fashioned a makeshift hut of both mortar, stone, and straw. Her last apprentice had been such a failing that she was determined to separate herself from any weakness that would come her way so she could solely focus upon the strong. So in the center of this hut, one that would disappear with time, she sat near a small fire, mixing a mixture of paste, blood, and water, delving in the Darkness she commanded. So when the Apprentices arrived, they would find her outside the hut, deep in meditation, the Forces swirling around her ancient and dark. She would invite them into the Hut, the dirt drawn into an unholy trinity representing the seal of the three paths with the fire at its center and the paste boiling over it, and ask them to sit. And as they each sat in turn, she would reveal their first test. "Tell me..." She questioned inquisitively, her voice sly and coy, like the whispering of a serpent's seductive tongue. "What is your greatest passion, your greatest sin?"
  7. Sirena nodded her head to the Cathar, and then to Aliss and Solus. It wasn't her first time in this chamber, and as she stood and neared the rear wall, she laid a resounding hit with her prosthetic fist upon a singular stone, the stone sliding back and revealing a secondary entrance. Or exit in this case. "It isnt used much, so the gears tend to stick a bit." Sirena spoke, shaking the dust from her fist. "As for your training, rest tonight. Tomorrow will be long and exhausting. Meet me in the Valley of the Sith Lords." As Sirena finished, she turned and exited, Helios' presence sending chills down her exposed spine and rose the hair on her skin. She chuckled and continued up the stairs and back into the light of day. The old coot was always watching and spying, but he was powerful and dangerous nonetheless. Not someone she would consciously cross unless there was no other option. Once back at the Academy, she registered the three with the Imperial Registar before settling in for the night. Tomorrow brought great promise, and possible disappointment. But for now, she would settle herself in for the night and rise early for the mild trek to the Valley of the Sith Lords, a common beginning for so many Apprentices.
  8. Sirena smiled at Roshan, his sin obvious and evident. Pride was a mediocre Sin, a passion to be the best of the best, but very few ever made it reality. So what would it be for the Cathar? Would it empower him? Or would it be his downfall like numerous other's before him? Sirena had not yet seen his fate, but she suspected the latter. A momentarily thought did cross her mind of a villain giving away his plans for world domination just before the Heros came in and saved the day. But perhaps his chatter could be backed up with more than words. "The Cathar thinks me pretty? Perhaps I should rub his belly later?" Next her eyes turn to Aliss, the daughter, having watched her attentively. Her Sin seemed to be Greed. It was typically well rounded amongst the new Apprentices, a passion for grabbing as much power as they could before the others could. It was a stable sin, and one that could sustain one almost indefinitely. Her smile left her face. An average student at best, but at least willing to learn and not so much at inflation of the ego. "Holocrons are mere tools for recording teachings and philosophy. What I can teach you is the power to open them without setting their security feature off and you not end up dead." And finally, Sirena looked at Solus, a heartily chuckle erupting from her voice as she extended her hand into his. The Shard's Sin was still undetermined, his innocence still present. But she did rather enjoy his personality. To corrupt such innocence would be invigorating. "Yes." She replied to Solus, her gaze shifting between all three. "I can impart my knowledge to all three of you, but only you can do what you will with it. It's up to each one of you how powerful of Apprentices you become." But which one would truly be powerful? That was the question that truly sat upon her mind.
  9. A portion of his words caused to brow to furrow, the egotistical Cathar setting her nerves aflame. Which wasn't a smart move on his part, had Sirena's mind drifted to the thought of wrinkle lines. But instead she sat in silence and heard his words, letting him have his say without even a simple sneer. And as he finished, she simply sighed. "For all the Knowledge you've gather, Kitten..." Sirena's voice was casual as she stayed sitting, watching his movements with little care. "You're still quiet Ignorant." "Droids aren't Force Sensitive naturally." Sirena continued. "So when I felt the Force flowing around it, it drew my curiosity, which led to my following the three of you, investigating. It wasn't hard to notice that its soul feels like that of a Jedi's Lightsaber Crystal, and give that a few sentient crystalline species exist within common knowledge, especially the Iron Knights of old where a race known as Shards were placed within Droids, including their Force Sensitives." Sirena let her words sit for a moment as she eyed Solus, the creature wanting to speak for himself, but unable to against the Cathar he called father. She shook her head and turned back to Roshan. "One was even told of having been defeated by the infamous General Grevious during the Clone Wars." "But enough of the History Lessons" Sirena spoke after a sigh, climbing to her feet. "I have not lied. I came to see your mettle against Darth Helios's task and to see your potential, to understand your passions, your sins. And if you want to know how I know him, you can ask him yourselves, and then ask him why one of my arms is a prosthetic." After all, she came to bare the gifts of training, not to have an intellectual debate.
  10. Sirena chuckled coyfully at Solus, so innocent and refreshing, like a small mouse. Her gaze then turned toward the child's 'father', her hand snaking into the small satchel and producing a small baked disc with what appeared to be small chunks of darkened sugar based creme. With a sarcastic chuckled, she took a bite, wiping her lips after with her small pinky finger before she spoke. "But they're so delicious." "But you're right." She spoke, tossing the rest of the treat into her mouth before continuing. "I do have alterior motives for being here. And no, Darth Helios doesn't know I followed the four of you here, at least not in the sense that he asked." Sirena took a seat opposite them, her blue gaze piercing even amidst the darkness, as she recalled her catching eye of them earlier in the streets and her following them and watching them from the shadows. While some of it may have been embellished, most of it was truth. She had a flair of being dramatic in the most awkwardest ways, but it was mainly for show, a means that even the deadliest Assassins hadn't yet to figure out. While most thought her skill was wasted on her loss of intelligence, they failed to see the truth in her game, and often became victims to it. A smile crept upon her face. "I was curious about the three of you." Sirena spoke, the air around them growing cold. "I wanted to know the potential that each of you held and if you would be worthy Apprentices to poach."
  11. Just as quick as the mist had rolled in, did it roll out, its white haze separating from the blackened plume. And like the mist, the four bodies disappaited back into the plume from which they had came, the crimson letters disappearing and the blackened plume returning to its pyramidal prison within the girl's pocket, leaving the darkened chamber empty and silent. Slowly the shadows before them moved and parted, revealing the blue eyes of Lady Sirena as she stepped into view with a cackle and bravado applause for the trio. "My, my, my....The Crystalline did as expected." She spoke with a coyful pride as she eyed Solus before turning to Roshan and Aliss. "Haven't you heard the saying about curiosity, my dear Kitten?" Sirena was of short stature, but was seductively beautiful, even for those of the same sex. Her raven hair flowed in the breeze apart from the proportioned locks that sat tightly to the sides of her head and the makeup adorning her face fluttered in the light as she stepped forward clearly, her walk almost floating across the stoned floor. Her hand reached down and grabbed her laced gown as she dipped her head in an elegant bow before her gaze rose to face all three. "Forgive my manners. I am Lady Sirena." She spoke adequately, her tone soft and playful. "As for as the Holocron, the test was to resist, not touch it. But Master Helios was never one for all the details and preferred his students to play with fire." Sirena briefly glanced down at her prosthetic arm before glancing back up to the trio. With a grin, she finished. "And don't worry. I'm not part of it, that is, unless you want to get burnt." Chuckling, she was curious to see how they would react.
  12. Sirena simply watched, her blue eyes gazing with slight disappointment as each struggled with their own grasp for power. They were true fledglings in every sense of the word, individual, and selfish. They held no part in the Spider's Empire, at least, yet. The Cathar was agile and nimble, but so was most of his species. The mech was powerful, but raw and untapped. And the female was useless and seemed more bark than bite. Perhaps Master Helios was wrong in their potential and they weren't worth teaching. But who was she to judge? As the machine down his first and stood to engage the second, as the Cathar cleaved his own into pieces, and as the girl sat entranced in the center, Sirena stepped from the shadows, a mixture hue of white mist with blackened plume filling the room with her entrance, Sirena's voice boomed with enchantment. "Stil mijn Lammeren en luister naar mijn woorden, want de Sirene begint te zingen." Sirena's voice echoed as her form disappeared into the thickened mist and plume. "Laat mijn kusten uw ondergang spellen." And when she emerged, she stood behind the great beast, her blade buried in it's back and protruding it's chest, its crimson hue enlightening the befallen beast as it crumpled back into the plume from which it had came. Four had came, and three had fallen. Now only the beast that Solus faced remained. Sirena's face crinkled in her displeasure, bringing her prosthetic arm up to her face as she placed its metallic thumb and forefinger across the arch of her nose as she deactivated her blade. With her remaining arm, she snapped her fingers with a hiss and twirled her arm through the air, gathering up the kinetic energy around them, and slamming her dominant foot forward, released its energy toward the disconnected beast as the sound of thunder pierced the room's walls with blinding sonic speeds. As she turned toward the exit, she gleefully listened to the beasts agony just as Solus would surely end it for her.
  13. And so her pupil had chose... Insignificant, meaningless, fear. His passion fizzled like a kindling flame as the last ember found its self drown within the breath that gave it life. Roran never showed, and so Sirena took back to her ways of living in solace, binding her time until one of worthiness presented themselves. And because of this, months had go by. Visiting the market place one day, Sirena caught glimpse of an old friend, three persons in tow. Curious, she followed, wondering where the old coot was going and what he was up to. It wasn't all that long ago that she herself had walked the very same path under his tutelage until her Master was found and she wondered if they too were new prospects, and if perhaps, through Helios, she would find her own student. From the shadows, she watched inquisitively, patient in seeing things unfold. The Masked One held potential, if only held back by his ego. The metallic one was inquisitive and new, like a bright eyed child questioning everything. That in its self was a heavy fault, too trusting and naive. And the female, brash and bold, like the fire that light her personality, likely to burn out before her potential was even realized. From the shadows her blue gaze fell upon the Master, and she too saw his own realizations before he departed and the young ones went about their own conclusions. In silence she would watch things unfold in the shadows, waiting to see how they would truly grasp this lesson. If she knew one thing, Helios had a flare for throwing students from the fire pan and into the fire, and she was quite curious as to how these three would react to their own curiosity.
  14. "Makes sense." She teased in response to his answer. In truth, very few studied planets outside any they had ever physically been to, Sirena included. She pulled herself from his bed and stood at its end, the silk and leathered robes she adorned making little sound and were more revealing than anything. After all, seduction was her main weapon and as an Assassin, it was a deadly one. "As for our purpose, I havent really decided fully yet. The Jungles around Iziz are dangerous, but you're training isn't advanced enough for them yet. In truth, my own isn't up to par to take you there alone. Masters are the only ones who tread there alone." Her gaze while she spoke this watched Roran gather himself, her eyes portraying a sense of kinship that Roran would rarely see amongst their kind. "But there are untapped secrets around that could be incorporated into future endeavors. Tell me. What path do you wish to follow? Judging by your attachment to armor, you seem to follow the path of the warrior, but your affinity for Pyromancy are calls to the Krath. These things will tell me where we go once we reach Onderon." With that said, Sirena exited his chambers and headed toward the spaceport. There were reasons she left her talk lingering in her departure, leaving him to question himself as much as his future. When he was ready, she would be at the ship awaiting his answer. She could not choose his future, but she could guide him correctly. After all, the next part of his training is what will define him and guide the drive behind what she held in store.
  15. When Sirena awoke the next day, her eyes gazing upward toward the crimson skies of Korriban, she wasn't too shocked to see her Apprentice gone. Her mind flowed back toward her own Apprenticeship, the excitement, the mysteries left to uncover, etc. Rising from the sand, she reached out her hand and covered the fire from the night before, leaving any trail of them having been there buried beneath its surface. Gathering her things, she quickly made for the Academy. After arriving, she too took the moments to pack her essentials, hop into the refresher, and apply a fresh coat of make up as well as change her own robes. As she gazed into the mirror before her, twirling about, she giggled. "Perfection as always Mi'lan." She spoke, winking at herself in the mirror, before she turned to exit, her things in tow. As she knocked on Roran's door, she heard him answer, but she played little heed, and let herself in. "Did you rest well last night Roran?" She poised as she laid her things aside and sat down upon his bunk, placing her hands upon her criss-crossed legs with a joyful bounce in her mood. "Do you know much about Onderon? I've never been there myself, but I hear the Dark King is rather handsome.... Well, maybe not as handsome as you, but in his own way." Sirena tended to babble like this alot, a ditzy side very evident in her personality. But there was also a very temperamental side buried deep within her as well. Very few people saw it, which is why she stood out from her colleagues, but it was there all the same, and dangerous. After asking her question, her gaze turned to Roran, her attention to whether he was clothed or not making little matter at this moment.
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