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Moriaen Roion's Character Sheet

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Real Name: Moriaen Roion

A.K.A: Emperor Moriaen Roion

Homeworld: Taris

Species: Human


Physical Description

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'5

Weight: 250

Hair: Black with streaks of white

Eyes: Ice-Blue

Sex: male



Clothing or Armor: DeathTrooper Armor with Bronzium Trim, Inbuilt Rocket Pack, Leather Kama, Black Cloak

Cybernetic Enahncements: AVATAR Uplink: AVATAR Rhŷs, combat analysis.

Weapons: Heavily Modified DLT-19C Heavy Charric, SE-14r Repeating blaster, Vibro-Tomahawk, 4 C-25 Fragmentation Grenade

Common Inventory: Weapons, Credits


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: NFU

Archetype: x

Alignment: x

Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Remnant

Current Faction Rank: Legendary Militant






Of Krayt Squadron and Viper Division


Before the fall of the original factions of the Sith, during the reign of Emperor Dagon, Roion was recruited from the Taris Field Academy into the rank of Specialist in the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, as a member of Reconnaissance Squadron Krayt, with Viper Division. On the planet of Hoth, Krayt took Vanguard against the forces of Onderin Starlisk, infiltrating the deep caverns beneath the Rebel Base as the orbital bombardments started to rain down from the Imperial Fleet above. Most of Krayt were killed in the resulting bloodbath, and Roion wounded, but with the assist of Deton, Viper Division accomplished their goal of placing trackers aboard escaping rebel vessels.

Roion required a month in Kolto-Tanks to allow for recovery, before being pressed into battle once again as part of Zelros Squadron during the expedition war of Emperor Black against Falleen, fighting there against ragged Black Sun resistance led by Piccalo and his vanguard. Following the planet’s fall and the galactic stalemate, Roion was transferred to the Darktrooper project


The Darktrooper Project: Carida’s Fall


Emperor Black personally assigned some of his most skilled soldiers to a genetic altering project where they were infused with Krath magic and cybernetic enhancements to increase their strength and loyalty, in an attempt to rival the Mandalorian Supercommando Project. Advanced training, mental hardening, POSTWJK Protocols and advanced interrogation were consistently applied to recruits, with a 75% fatality rate.


The Jedi Special Forces, the Augury, took notice of the actions of Emperor Black, and launched a strike on the Darktrooper Project, once again led by Onderin Starlisk, but this time with far superior results. Baradium missiles filled the skies, launched by Jedi for maximum civilian casualties as per their usual action, while Jedi strike Forces engaged the surprised Imperial defenders.


 A fighting retreat was all that could be done after a stout defense, and the Star Destroyer, The Last Judgement was the last flight out of the dying world. The Darktrooper Project had been a resounding failure, with a single surviving Darktrooper; Moriaen Roion


Project Genesis and the Fall of Kamino


After the successful raid from the Jedi, Roion Darktrooper cybernetics were repurposed into Black’s penultimate weapon; Kamino’s Project Genesis; an experiment to design the perfect Imperial Citizen with the development of several enhanced AI programs. The AI assigned to Roion, was an AVATAR Rhŷs, partner to Kane, Shoah, and Kali. The bond between the Darktrooper and his AVATAR was quick and deep, both of them matching in grim personality and deadly instinct.


When the Jedi Forces under Finn Relmis attacked the facilities of Kamino, the devastation caused them to sink below the surface. The last command the agents and soldiers received was to preserve lives, and for their reward, through their AVATAR Uplink systems, their bodies were placed in stasis, but not their minds. Nothing but an empty black void greeted the minds of the Imperials that had stayed behind, emptiness but for whisperings of partially corrupted programs for 25 years. Rhŷs was fragmented and corrupted, forever screaming into his partner’s trapped mind.


Rescue and Rehabilitation in the Ascendency


The dark hell was lifted with Delta’s rescue of the Kamino facilities, removing the survivors from their neural uplinks and sending them to hospital facilities at Csilla within the Chiss Ascendency. Roion was free from the dark, but Rhŷs’ voice continued to crawl within his mind, sometimes his old friend, and other times an attempted torturer.


With his mind returned, Roion could turn his attention to the sorry state of his once beloved Empire; taken and bastardized by an Empress. So swiftly this new Empire had forgotten had been the crimes of the Jedi and the work of the Emperors Roion had served with loyalty. The remaining survivors of Project Genesis were the first seeds to change, and recruits from young Chiss, eager to leave their own society pushed him further.


The remains of The Last Judgement were salvaged from the hulks left from the battle of the Death Star, becoming a FOB for a New Empire

A New Empire on Belkedan


Within the Dalonbian system, set apart from the Veragi Trade Route, the planet Belkedan became The Last Judgement’s first base of operations against the local pirate factions that had risen from the splintering of the Sith Empire. Those pirates on the planet that did not join the ranks of the new Remnant, were slain without mercy. Roion had become an Emperor, a Darktrooper risen through the ranks.


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