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Given Name: Karys Narat iv-Adas

Other Names: Kyrzdtnûûrtiyradàzdt (Sith Kittak dialect), Karys (kar-is)

Sith Title: Darth Akheron

Other Titles: Lord Of Wrath

Class: Sith Marauder

Master Path: Sith Weapons Master (Eventual Path)

Species: Sith Pureblood

Race: Mainline Massassi (R. belluinorum)

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Hair Color: None, Bald

Eye Color: Yellow (Pupil-less), Deep Black (Darkside)

Skin Tone: Dark Red


General Physical Description:


Typical of any average adult Sith, Karys displays the characteristic bloodred skin of his species, and the distinctive facial spurs prominent in all members of the Sith however unlike other castes, and like all massassi he also features a fierce, predatory profile, sharp bone spurs that protrude over his body in various locations—especially the elbows, a pair of tendrils that hang from his cheekbones, and cartilaginous eyebrow–stalks that cover his eyes. He also exhibits a simian mouth, small nose and ears, and a slightly receding chin. Like other Sith, Karys also shares the trait of having triple–digits on each of his hands and feet.


However exclusive to his subspecies, Karys possesses large glowing yellow eyes...eyes which do not display details such as pupils or whites of any sort—instead the yellow seems to cover the whole of each eye. Standing taller than other members of his species, Karys is six feet and two inches tall without armor however when in armor this increases by another two inches, making him stand at six feet and four inches. He has no hair, preferring to be clean-shaven both on the head and in the face and his body is heavily scarred...marked with scars gained from various combat altercations that adorn is body....a fact he is fiercely proud of and is unashamed to admit having or even showing. Above and below both eyes, are symmetrical tattooed lines that seem to give off a eerily yellow glow, as if they have a life of their own.


His chosen lightsaber and martial art forms demand peak physical fitness, and excellent dexterity, and as such, Karys' physique is excellently conditioned, with muscles intruding upon the vast majority of his body. His weight, as a result of the heavy physical conditioning is 230lb or 240lb in armor.


Karys wardrobe is small, but varied with his chosen attires often consisting of armor and robes that offer some form of protection while still being functional. All of Karys armor is custom built by him and empowered with the force through ancient sith magic to resist lightsaber and all other forms of attack. His armors range from light, medium to heavy and are often coloured red with gold trim and accompanied by black dyed shell spider silk hooded robes. Rarely seen off his person however, given his nature is his saber, his lanvarok/crushgaunt, a suit of medium armor, at least two grenades of varying type, a sith sword...gifted to him which hangs at his left, two differing blaster pistols and a combat knife hidden in his boot.



Additional Information:



Home Planet: Korriban, Ziost (raised)


Speaks, Reads, and Writes: Sithese (Kittak/Khutrai/Balc), Basic, Mandoa.


Known Relatives:


Naile Sekat iv-Adas - Mother (deceased)

Uryu Kallig iv-Narat - Father (deceased)

Kisara Abaron iv-Adas - Adoptive Mother (deceased)

Menuo Sadow iv -Hekk - Lover (deceased)





Karys is surprisingly unlike alot of massassi and breaks the common mold in that he is a highly intelligent, courteous, calculating and influential individual who retains a certain arrogance born of his noble heritage. This often confuses his enemies and friends alike as sometimes he acts dumber than he actually is to gauge a certain reaction in a attempt to see what they are thinking.


Karys often prefers a more violent resolution to a conflict, viewing politics as somewhat tedious and dull when compared to the violence and thrill of the battlefield to which he is accustomed however he is not above other options should they be available to him, and will be very diplomatic if need be. He makes careful use of visions of the future of which he is naturally attuned too, viewing them as warnings not to be ignored or taken lightly.


Karys has a violent temper which may switch on and off in the blink of an eye and as such those who anger him are quick not to do so again for fear of his wrath and what he may do. Usually however he exerts a calm, philosophical, respectful if fatherly demeanor and is very untrusting of the Jedi or other Force sects.


He is absolutely fearless, viewing death as nothing but a inconvenience and a obstacle to overcome...a fact which has only further been enforced since he went to Chaos and returned, as such he looks forward to the day a worthy adversary ends his life that he may again triumph over death and revel in overcoming it. Karys only recently has taken the stance and holds firm that building mutual respect and trust form stronger relationships and loyalties than violence or fear however he is not above using such methods should it suit his needs, viewing them as powerful tools of persuasion in his arsenal. To this extent, he exerts a air of dominance over those under his command, partly to keep them in check and partly to maintain discipline but he is always open to any suggestions or criticism from his soldiers should it be of value. Driven to perfect his mastery of the Force and the Saber, Karys is always seeking new knowledge to improve his already considerable power. This became even more evident after Faust killed him and he was resurrected by the force who did him the service of showing how weak he was in and thus he has gone to great length's to seek greater knowledge. Karys is of the mind that the Sith Code is superior to the Jedi Code, and he is deeply devout in his belief of that fact. Any who dare to question his beliefs in detail quickly find themselves at the wrong end of his temper.


In addition, Karys draws fully upon the Darkside of the Force, his natural affinity for it helped by his race natural symbiotic relationship with it. He holds that the Dark Side is not corrupting by nature, but it does consume and overwhelm those that are neither mentally, nor physically prepared to use it properly. He takes each day in his stride and has become increasingly more at ease with the more political applications of his job detail as head of his clan, yet he has never lost his edge nor thrill for the battlefield. Karys is often seen on the front lines among the troops or other sith. Leading the charge, Karys is ever at the frontlines against any enemy who threatens the Sith Order and any allies who support them.




Clothing or Armor:


Korriban's Rokas - In basic it means 'Korriban's Rock' and is a medium set of Krayt Dragonhide dyed the same color as his crushguant. Given as a gift from one of the kissai priests. The armour is alchemically altered to withstand saber strikes and reflect blaster bolts, and is designed as a full set that includes a full face mask and a set of razor sharp, panther like claws on one hand that make up the crushgaunt gauntlet.


Black Dyed Shell Spider Silk Hooded Robes - Worn underneath his medium armour set.




Katedij's Tnika - Roughly translated it means 'Korriban's Flame' in the ancient sith language. Created from a hollowed out maalras tooth, taken from a deceased specimen when Karys was attacked deep within the Onderonian jungle after his return from captivity after his last lightsaber was taken by the Jedi, Sandy Sarna upon his capture. 


Forged from feelings of lost pride, emotional pain, physical pain, hate and wrath it is a potent weapon. Karys can from it pull the wrath, rage and with it,  hatred and pain to draw upon for the strength to win. Likewise as result the saber itself produces a blade that burns almost to the point of losing cohesion, a crimson red blade that 'burns' like fire in every sense of the word. Even going so far as to cause hot sensations to run through the body though the blade itself does not burn...more or less.


Karys Fury - A alchemically treated dark armoured prosthetic arm. After having lost his original, left arm during a confrontation with a dark trooper during one of the early conflicts between the Imperial Remnant and the newly formed Sith Empire, Karys was forced to find a suitable replacement along with a prosthetic leg. Taking advantage of the Sith sorcerers, Karys commissioned a useful replacement.


While the outside seemed normal enough, it was far from the truth. For while the outside was strengthened to resist and deflect lightsaber and blaster bolts, and deliver a much stronger punch, the inside was similarly worked upon. Inside, resides a hidden compartment. One designed to hide a lightsaber should the need arise situated alongside a far more offensive option. Coiled inside like a razor sharp snake waiting to pounce, is a alchemically treated spearhead and retractable chain that upon impalement (like mortal kombat scorpion) can electrify the victim. The chain can extend for several metres in front of Karys and can be wrapped around the prosthetic arm to make a impromptu knuckle duster with a razor sharp end to it.


Scorpion - A ornate looking songsteel sith sword, given to Karys, as a gift during his sabbatical after spending time with a ancient cult that for a ttime welcomed him. Held on his belt next to his prosthetic leg.


IR-5 "Intimidator" Blaster Pistol (Modified) - Adjusted to fire slightly more powerful shots at the price of a less rapid fire. Held to his right, via a gun strap on his right leg. 


Dissuader KD-30 -  Held on the back of his belt under his robes, usually as a last resort.


Common Inventory: Bacta Patches, Com-link, A99 Aquata breather, Compressed air Grappling spike launcher, Nutrient capsules, Glowrods.



Faction Information


Force Sensitive


Alignment: Lawful Evil


Current Faction Affiliation: Sith


Current Faction Rank: Sith Lord




Force Side: Dark


Trained by: Raynuk Montar, Emily/Darth Eris, Sheog The Mad (formerly)


Trained who: N/A


Known Skills:


- Proficient Martial Artist: Taught since he could crawl to fight, Karys is a honed killing machine that has made killing a art form and is proficient in the ancient fighting arts of his kind. His body is a living weapon capable of breaking bone, muscle and joints and he is acutely aware which pressure points on a body to damage as to efficiently, ruthlessly and affectively kill his targets.


-Ambidexterity: Equally adept with both the right and left hand when using most weapons he carries in them no matter what they are.


-Awareness: Can perceive his environment and what's going on around him. Just as many of his race his known to have very acute senses compared to the senses in Humans as well— particularly in his hearing.


- Endurance/Stamina: Years of 'conditioning' has made Karys capable of taking large amounts of punishment that most would wince at.


Proficient Survivalist: Karys is proficient and well versed in survival tactics, natural medicines, poisons derived from plants and in how to survive in the wild for days on end.


Guerilla Warfare & Regular Warfare Tactics: Karys has been taught a variety of tactics, taught to teach him one thing...how to kill. Be that without the enemy ever knowing what hit them or if they do.


Lightsaber Abilities:


Shii-Cho (Intermediate) - Form I, also known as Shii-Cho, The Way of the Sarlacc, or The Determination Form, is usually the first of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. This combat form establishes the basic motions and target zones utilized with a lightsaber. Shii-Cho is usually an extension of traditional sword-fighting styles, retaining basic attacks, parries, and body zones established by such ancient methods. Shii-Cho fosters an emotionally-heated mindset, which results in the considerable temptation to execute combat with lethal intent, requiring great restraint to exercise the form without going too far. Despite the pull to kill, the style is designed for the purpose of disarming without seriously injuring.


Shii-Cho swordplay is simplistic and raw. In the hands of a master, the bladework is often described as "like watching water flow over the falls." However, less adept practitioners display much more basic and somewhat clumsy performance. In combat, Form I encourages deliberate tactics, calling for continuous, step-by-step advancement while cutting off the opponent's angles.


Shii-Cho also specializes towards engaging multiple opponents, the wide, sweeping motions being ideally suited towards attacking numerous adversaries. However, Form I has a weakness. It's not as useful against single opponents, as such in those situations, enemies may have complete mobility and can find a weakness in Shii-Cho's comparatively clumsy bladework if another tactic is not used to counter this. When utilizing this form Karys employs either the Disarming Slash, A strike directed at the opponent's weapon in an attempt to rip it out of their grasp or destroy it or when facing multiple opponents the Sarlacc Sweep. Which uses wide sweeping attacks and the massassi usually mixes in combination with other basic lightsaber techniques to counter the forms traditional flaws.


Juyo (Proficient) - Karys preferred lightsaber style (hoping to lead on to a darkside influenced version of Vaapad). After having used this lightsaber form several times since he was initially introduced to it, Karys has taken to it quickly due to a natural aggression and rage born of a lifetime of fighting on the frontlines of war, and a perceived injustice he believes the jedi have done upon his people.


Juyo described as the most vicious form of lightsaber combat, and is said by some to be filled with both fury and "malignant grace."The form is given the title of the most difficult and demanding form in all of saber combat, at least according tthe Jedi. Skilled combatants such as Karys while using Juyo are said by to be able to "eviscerate a lone enemy." According to the deceased Sith Lord Darth Traya, the form is both chaotic and erratic, with a heavy focus on offense.


Utilizing bold, direct motions....Juyo, uses movements that are more open and kinetic than Form V, but with a less elaborate appearance than Ataru. The tactics of Juyo as not nearly as graceful or linked as those of Ataru, instead being referred by some Jedi or Sith as "seemingly unconnected staccato sequences. One notable strength of the form is it's unpredictability. The form is said to necessitate greater energy than Form V, due to a broader wielding of a user's focus and a deeper emotional link. Despite the challenges inherent in the use of the form, it can serve as a pathway to considerable power.


Karys has been developing it into a potent hybrid variant, mixing it with Massassi-Raka...his people's brutally efficient martial art making the form that much more unpredictable, powerful and chaotic to those unused to seeing it.


Force Abilities:


Telekinesis (Proficient) - Push, Pull, Throw etc Karys displays a natural aptitude and particular potential in using this ability. The primary purpose of telekinesis is to manipulate physical matter, allowing the user to touch, hold and otherwise move a target. Force-users can use this ability to push, pull, and lift targets, as well as to stop or redirect projectiles. Karys often utilizes telekenesis to this effect...and in much more lethal ways. In particular his favourite applications include 'Rend' a dark use of telekinesis that allows him the ability to move a single target, be it creature or object, in two different directions simultaneously and tear then in half or Force Grip/Choke and Force Crush which by some is considered to be one of the most violent applications known to the Sith and the Jedi of telekenesis. This deadly technique lifts the opponent into the air and, as they are floating, their body implodes as it is crushed by the Force.


Force Rage/Hatred (Beginner) - Karys is able to tap into his innermost fears, pain, hate and feelings of loss to convert them into an intense rage. This in turn enables him to channel the anger to increase his own speed, strength, and ferocity but at a cost. His body cannot handle such rage for long periods of time, so after extended use Karys can become greatly weakened if he is not brought out of the rage soon after using it.


Force Scream (Intermediate) - A Force scream is an involuntary Force exertion that manifests in a intense situation and is inherently dark in nature that services as a scream, of strong frustration, rage, or grief, emitted through the Force.


Force Fear/Horror (Intermediate) - A ability that allows Karys to strike directly at the deepest parts of the target's mind, causing an uncontrollable shaking fear that wreaks havoc with the target's capabilities. Through pure force of will alone, he can cause them to lose their courage completely, and if left undefended, the effects can be severe...going so far as to rapidly demoralize the enemy with a feeling of hopelessness and regret. Depending on the victim, this can result in them either cowering defenselessly or fleeing from the massassi outright. He often utilizes this ability against rivals in conjunction with his naturally imposing presence to intimidate opponents.


Force Vision/Farsight (Untrained) - Karys is a Force user who has the potential to see events that could happen in the future. However these Force visions are rare, and uncontrollable. At most when they do occur, the massasssi only gains vague impressions of events happening in other places or times using the Force but cannot directly alter them. These visions are usually focused on strong imagery and emotions. The future is always in motion, however, and is thus subject to change.


Force Speed (Proficient) - Using the Force Karys is able to increase his speed...a common ability among many Force-users throughout history, with many able to both use the Force to increase their muscle speed and to slow down their perception of the world. The increased speed allows Karys to see the world and the entities around him in slow motion, and as such dodge attacks easily and attack more quickly with greater accuracy.


But at a cost. Using this power has a draining effect on a Force-user's energy and metabolism, and requires a longer recovery period after extended use.


Force Leap/Jump (Proficient): Karys can leap several force assisted metres in front of him, or above. This technique also helps assist in lightsaber combat or leap behind an enemy to gain a advantage. 



Background: Few details are known about Karys iv-Narat Adas and he prefers it that way at least until the time is right. Karys iv-Narat Adas was born to the Clan Lord Uryu Kallig iv-Narat, and his mother Naile Sekat iv-Adas a descendant of King Adas I. Both were members of one of the near extinct race of pureblood sith of one of the few clans, which had survived each attempt to destroy them millenia ago and since then, thus o ne of the few spared of extinction proving yet again how resilient the race really was at survival despite the apparent conception that they were all dead. A misconception which is preferred as it keeps away most prying eyes from their remote villages and settlements around the galaxy, any that do get too close often find themselves made 'guests' and are never seen again often becoming slaves to those in the political circles of the clans or being forced to fight in the arena against various dangerous wildlife or even sometimes massassi and kissai themselves.


Karys was born a few years before the start of the war between the first incarnation of the empire and the alliance, a time when Luke Skywalker still lived. The young prince is one of a royal bloodline, he is a Adas and grew up in a time when the galaxy was ravaged by war, the Alliance and Empire were just starting to crumble at the hands of the A'rachtar, and darker clouds still loomed on the horizon.


As a youth, Karys began his training in combat at the early age of 7 in a spartan-esque regime designed to weed out the weak and create strong, capable massassi warriors among the clan that would one day reclaim their right and heritage as part of the sith. Failure was not a option should he starve or be horribly beaten by a bamboo or metal rod and as a result due to such training he became a proficient swordsman and martial artist capable of stopping even the most powerful foes, it proved to many that he was to be the one whom would remake the blood pact between the sith and them one day and many came to know him by other names 'soulless one' being but one of these as was it often commented he was ruthless and showed no pity or mercy to his foes. No doubt due to his heritage and bloodline. Under the tutelage of Kaleval Narat iv-Adas, his cousin, a man whom was jealous of his success but forced to tutor him none the less, Karys was inducted into the politics of the clan at the young age of 19 and learnt a great deal. A ceremony was held on Korriban at the Palace of the City of Ur, a hidden city upon the planet that was based deep in the volcanic mountains and made almost inaccessible to outsiders. It was there that Karys was given one of the unholy crushgaunts said to have been used by Adas, to have been imbued and forged by him called 'Chaosas' in sithese or in basic was understood to mean 'Chaos' sending chills down many spines.


Despite his rash and headstrong behavior, Karys has become a renowned warrior for many years. One of his more famed exploits was counterattacking a group of invading A'rachtar and keeping them from entering the city.


It was during this time that Karys met the youngest daughter of a Kreshh, the sorceress Menuo Sadow iv -Hekk. Over the years, they grew close as friends, and then romantically. They were very much in love with one another. But, eventually Karys would question whether the two of them were ready to be together. Karys would abruptly end the relationship so Menuo could focus on her magical studies and he could focus on his commitments. Shortly after, they would agree to rekindle their romance, but this was during the beginning of the recently ended Empire/GA war that would change both of their lives forever.


Karys was away on Dromund Kaas in another of the hidden cities sorting out some political rivals and worries when he got word of Korriban's destruction. This was the beginning of the end, when he heard of it and of how his love had been stolen from him he snapped. All within the city were witness to the horror he unleashed as the darkside took hold for the first time, completely unrestrained, un-trained and unfocused he went on a rampage in a trance like state, his eyes pitch black and his heart filled with blood-lust towards whomever got in his way. His was enough to disturb even his enemies and his roar was so blood curdling and deep that it was more potent than the loudest battle drum. Those that survived knew he would never be the same, and they were right. He soon took a ship and disappeared from the sight of the clans, at least for now.


Karys used his time learning the language of the galaxy and eventually took on a mercenary role throughout the rest of the war. When a truce was called he simply returned to a now rebuilt Korriban, but it was just not the same as he remembered it. It was during his return he also learnt that Ziost had gone silent but none of the clans had checked to discover it true fate as of yet. Seeking guidance and a means to stem his growing rage he entered the tomb of Adas restored much like how he had previously remembered it. He was answered by the spirit and it was then he was told and learnt of his ancestry by stumbling by the former Dark Lord Adas, as his force ghost told of how Karys was descended from him and that he was prophesied to one day become a force to be reckoned with. That the day had come to reclaim his blood-right and seek out the inheritor's of his people's power in the sith.


It was this that sparked his journey, for he searched for the sith and it is this which brought him to Coruscant. For he had heard word they had been seen there. His instincts were proven right when he was taken under the wing of Raynuk Montar otherwise known as Darth Quietus in the presence of the then Dark Lord, Furion. Eventually Raynuk entered a coma...not once but twice entrenching feelings of betrayal from the young apprentice. On the second coma however Karys forgave his former master, and placed him in cryogenic stasis aboard a stolen ship while he searched out a replacement tutor. This quest was cut short by the plans of Vladimir Faust or Darth Luciferian when he tried to destroy the galaxy and create a wound in the force, in the end he fought alongside the Jedi in a temporary truce and was present when Onderin Starlisk and Darex Travelian defeated him, however he died shortly before their victory over him. Yet this was not to be his end...the force resurrected young Karys and thrust him back into Emily/Darth Eris life after a brief first encounter aboard the casino liner Shadow's Gambit a few months earlier. After a rocky start he begun his ascension among the sith anew when she accepted him as her new apprentice.


The apprentice did not last long. After being delayed by those seeking to collect on the Force-User bounty, expert hunters, Karys found himself late for a scheduled meeting with her....suffice to say his apology was not accepted. He found his body ripped apart inside by telekinesis in punishment and sent to chaos again. But his journey never ended there, in fact it was a new start. A better start.


When his spirit escaped again, Karys found himself not where he once was but aboard a space yacht belonging to a Hutt. A powerful Hutt who held great power in the Force he found. Sheog The Mad. After a little nudging, Karys lived again and was soon taken to his homeworld, Korriban. It was here his true rebirth came about.


Again a apprentice, this time to Sheog, Karys learnt more than he ever had before. Or so he felt. Sheog revealed to him his true nature, destroying his previous saber and explaining what loss could do...when his father was killed during a trial set by the Hutt. The loss tormented Karys and it was only upon the words of Sheog's underling...Hayley Fieldgrey and the hutt himself that he used that the massassi awoke from his torment and pain, using it as a draw. Upon the volcanic peak of a mountain, Karys unleashed his feelings and molded a new lightsaber. One that was him, crafted from a tuk'ata claw.


As time went so did Karys grow with his new saber at his side, under his new masters tutelage and unorthodox methods. Making new allies in the most unlikely of ways until eventually he was sent to Myrkr where without the force both Karys and Hayley were forced to survive, with Hayley herself loosing an eye in the process. On that volatile planet, whilst battling first vornskr and then pirates...Karys and Hayley soon learnt the lesson Sheog was giving them. To find their own strength so that they were able to carry on if the Force abandoned them.


Soon after the two eventually were able to escape and again were sent on another trial. This time to hunt a Jedi and fight them. If successful Karys was promised a position long denied him...he would be reborn a Sith Lord and as such be viewed a proper sith in the eyes of the Order and his people. He made a silent promise, he would do all in his power to ensure his success and repay Sheog for the debt he felt he now owed.


Several years later, now dubbed Darth Akheron, Karys died during one of the many Sith campaigns...for several more years he remained that way. That was until for reasons unknown, the force saw fit to let him free of Chaos again in unknown surroundings. He had no memory of how he died of the events surrounding it, only with the Darkness calling to him, willing him to seek answers to his Wrath. And how to truly control it. 


Leaving soon after acquiring a new ship, weapons and reconstruction of a lightsaber, Darth Akheron began a vast sabbatical across the stars. For years more he went place to place, never staying still for long. He searched the darkest corners of the universe...all in his search. Spending time with various cults and dark groups. Time made him wise, humbled him. Many old tendencies fell to the wayside but despite it all this, his loyalty to the Sith remained and his Wrath was a constant. Soon enough and the Darkness redirected him again.


Ths time back to the heart of the Sith. Back to Onderon, at least for now. It seemed Darth Akheron's time to return had come.


Ship Registration


Name: The Ahriman


Class: Assault Starfighter


Model: Preybird Class Starfighter


Manufacturer: Sorusuub Corporation (original designer), Cavrilhu Pirates (manufacturer after 19 ABY)


Length: 21 meters


Armaments: Heavy laser cannons (2)


Concussion missile launchers (2; 1 fore, 1 aft)


5 concussion missiles each, standard load


Armor: Hull: 6'' Cortosis Ore


Anti-Personnel Defenses: DNA/Retinal Scanner, Droid: B1 Battle droid 'Thamuz' (also serves as gunner)


Appearance: Black


Modifications: Lightweight foils, 2 dual fire linked laser cannons (modification one for either side of ship)

Edited by Karys Narat iv-Adas



"The universe started in darkness at a time when light didn't exist, and that is how it will end. Chaos and suffering is what brings us together. In chaos a man or woman will show who he or she really is and in suffering they will speak the truth. We are darkness incarnate, we are the evil. This cannot be denied, even by me. But without us there is no redemption, passion or order." - Darth Akheron


I survived the Great JNet Outage of 2012

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